Thursday, July 12, 2012

Total Chaos / Things Were Out Of Order

Bearing witness to the total chaos...outraged by the destruction / corruption..things were out of disarray; I had to hit the reset button!

I dipped across the border...others were like Yahoo users..they were caught up in the system / matrix;  they were set up by a punishment glutton! 

Others were hushing up the confusion like Penn State...I mentioned earlier misery loves company; they tried to set up a corporation! 

Like a Facebook IPO;  whose face to face with a crook? whatcha know?  I told them to abort the operation! 

Chefs in hells kitchen were like Romney at the NAACP meeting; they felt it was their obligation to throw salt in the game!

Some felt I missing something; what will the response be?  please!! its not my obligation to be caught up in the game! 

Its all about liberation!! as I get free and stay free..not drunk off the money, power, and respect;  some say bath salts were the blame!

Others kept brothas tied up in know the situation.. like Obama vs the Supreme Court and Eric Holder vs Congress ....all those jokers show no shame! 

But we know its all game; but check the total chaos...things are out of we took time to hit the reset button! 

Ignored the game over sign that was flashing; we kept it moving ...refusing to be set up by a punishment glutton!

Ignored the talk..they said this is nothing..but we regroup like the New York Knicks..

Checked the total chaos and mayhem...outraged by the destruction / we move on like Steven Tyler..not trying to lie to ya..breakbeat science is what a brotha kicks...


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