Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Look

I was chilling...laying in the the Higgs Boson I was getting scientific.. but jokers were giving me the look!

But it wasn't the look of love per Isaac didn't blossom.. sideways glances made me feel like I was a crook! 

The saga / struggle continues....just trying to maintain.. this chef in soul's kitchen continues to work on the music plays...the street funk is a weapon...hook lines and my own beats plus a good word verse or two is utilized! 

The saga / struggle continues like suicide bombings in Afghanistan;  alt shift delete? a haters prime mission!! expect a curse or two...don't be surprised!

Its based on the look...the sideways glance... haters give you a curse or two non verbally! 

Its based on the look....stereotypical patterns exhibited by thought and fashion police;  like Romney at the NAACP meeting..haters expect the worse from you..what it do? who will work with me? 

The good word will be extracted from the sack like we just got back from the grocery store!

What occurred? the look some gave us was a omen...but were not crooks like JP Morgan / Jamie Dimon getting whose knowing the score?

I continue walking through the door....the Dark Knight Rises...even though security gave me that look! 

What it do?  the whole game is shady!!  they could be the one that's a crook!

What it do? the whole game is shady...the look / sideways glance revealed the whole story...

But we keep it moving like solar flares heading towards earth.. we keep rolling through this hostile territory...

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