Sunday, July 29, 2012

All Up In The Spot..Still Out Here Trying To Maintain

Caught up caught out we go there...trying to steer the mothership to a safe haven / safe harbor...whats up?  me and my people are trying to maintain!

Caught up in a drought like America is...they've got us praying for rain!

The drought is also spiritual...but that's another story as some of us are playing in pain like veterans trying to get the glory...meanwhile some are even dancing for rain; cool!! as long as they don't dance with the devil! 

Some are even understanding the reign /pain; part of the rule concerning no gain..when your trying to take things to another level! 

Some experience James Holmes in Aurora..a guy blows his top when hard luck piles on..his mind cracked...yeah!! that's what happened baby girl said...dealing with another devil that fakes it? whats up Holmes...out in those streets?  snitches were in disguise; a wolf in sheep's clothing?

Dealing with matrix glitches..orchestrated purposely by The Architect...searching for respect vs The Oracle...whatcha know? dealing with Agent Smith when matters were discussed at the staff meeting; some are fearing / loathing!

Information overload due to sales pitches? meanwhile I didn't fake it....I'm in the lab hitting switches; check this math we bring...similar to mechanical engineering! 

Not social we approach that point...some won't figure things out anymore...they don't think they just push on...we even kept it moving...threatening the earth's ozone layer with the mothership? back on earth it lands...O-Zone is steering! 

From the ATL to Louisville we knew the score...but considered anti-social because I was clearing my path of naysayers;  losing instead of gaining was their vision for this man!

Whats the deal? a brotha is maintaining...its a trip some don't understand!!

They won't play me like Michael Phelps..wondering whats happening... we proceed and continue...

Were out here where gamblers out for a fast buck dealt marked cards..but we're maintaining...whats next on the menu? 


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