Sunday, July 15, 2012

Being Built Or Torn Down? That Question Is Still Being Asked

Scientific with it; like a Russian Soyuz rocket an intergalactic traveler; but the mothership has landed...I'm stuck on earth where circumstances are debatable!

Being built or torn down? like Obama vs Romney...who will turn the level of scorn down?  some still hate on a bro! 

Is it to late for a bro?  mind blowing decisions led to head on collisions per Heatwave. 

Scientific like Hadron Colliders at CERN...searching for the so called God Particle...meanwhile from the ATL to the STL some will burn from the heatwave! 

Its odd....some will start with a bro...a fanatic said I misbehave!! please...these earthlings were Angels and Demons! 

Mathematical equations show me some are playing on both teams; manipulated by the league commissioner....during the intrigue I get with ya!!! working angles....rocking Rocawear polos and denims.

The daughter of chaos spawned from a devil's semen is wreaking havoc....funded by JP Morgan and goes down from Wall Street to Europe to the sands of the Mideast! 

Whats up with ya?  you ought to know by now there's no justice and no peace...not just in the Mideast! 

......From the east coast in Wilmington NC where the battleship blasted fireworks on the Fourth of July!

.....Up to where its real again;  Louisville and Nashville players were like why ask why? 

Word from big homie in the Brown Bros Cadillac Seville!!  he said put your game down! 

But whats the deal?  circumstances are debatable....are we being built or torn down?


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