Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Going Through It (Random Thoughts Edition)

It wasn't hard to tell like the Nas song;  please!! Bernanke mentioned a recession....but check the ongoing session...my peeps were going through it! 

It wasn't hard to fail due to the set up;  but my peeps still said they're going to it! 

They're trying to get paid like they're Mitt Romney!! or so they said ....but they keep going round in circles per Billy Preston! 

They're struggling!! last thing I heard they were up in Louisville in a cheap apartment out off of Preston! 

Highway.....and Egypt Lane;  meanwhile in Syria and Egypt pain is felt! 

Meanwhile check how some deal with it..like going on a shooting spree in Tuscaloosa...what's up with ya? the pain is felt in Babylon after the bad cards are dealt! 

What did they choose to do? gamblers out for a fast buck aka so called powers that be...aka HSBC officials dealt the masses a bad hand! 

Jobs are overseas...the housing market has a disease; please!! I heard the guns blast..suburbs turn into the badlands!

The mothership strands a brotha on this forsaken planet where earthlings look for closure;  Manny Moe and Jack can't fix the hooptie!

A brotha gets scientific like Northern Lights...dropping these insights...I spotted those one step away from foreclosure..
Some found out its over like Jeremy Lin in New York...the dramatics during the show of force? dude said he's going to it!!  pistols shot in the air! 

Frustrated...shooting at God? ....that's odd...but check our squad...were also going through it / to it;  check the telepathic messages that are sent with Sonic Assaults...it's like a show of force by North Korea shooting missiles in the air!

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