Saturday, July 21, 2012

Still In This BreakBeat Scientific Business

Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta...chilling at Lenox Mall..I circled the block in the hooptie trying to catch fast black;  but my timing is off! 

Meanwhile gunshots and bombs blast in Aurora per James Holmes; whats up Holmes? peeps in my circle will rock at a high velocity; fast when we came back!!  its not a crime thing when O-Dizzle is going off! 

Who will work with ya?  who do you know off in this piece? the mass hysteria is like Syria....I even asked myself who can I lamp with?

Who will work with a bro? like South Sudan vs Sudan talks were suspended...I'm all up in the spot with a bunch of unhappy campers! 

Who will work with a bro?  whats up man?  the amps are adjusted by O-Dizzle ...along with the bass, tone, and treble! 

Breakbeat scientific business is going down; its tight in these hoods... O-Zone lets you know were in a world of trouble!

That's per Lou Rawls; but we try to comeback like Tiger Woods; but jokers sing like Reuben Studdard...flying without wings.. while the baby is trying to run before it crawls! 

What it do?  jokers / ATL players from "up top"  try to dip in the old Acura Legend...its smoking;  soon it stalls! 

What it do? we're all up in the spot handling this breakbeat scientific business...soon a suburban / urban legend...but the empire falls like Rome or Greece;  legendary! 

The umpire or referee is cheating!! rolling like Jamie Dimon?  throwing salt in the game so we keep it revolutionary! 

Evolutionary or intelligent design? please!!  this is breakbeat scientific business! 

Who said this is scary because the truth hurts? please!!  that's what were dedicated to; that's what the deal is!

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