Sunday, June 17, 2012

Yeah!! That's What Happened..

Like the Canadian guard in the armored car robbery...a guy can blow his top when bad / hard luck piles on!

Once trying to fly like R Kelly said he could; probably if he was drunk or smoked out..maybe high off bath salts...actually just a gambler out for a fast buck; check the set he styles and profiles on! 

Whatcha trying to tell me a joker asked? Sonic Assaults are launched...the swags and styles in this danger zone vary!

Wall Street brokers multi-tasked; they're trying to hedge their bets like JP Morgan Chase ...the dog eat dog rat race can get scary!

Word from Mr Cole!! a hostile territory veteran / survivor...he and Pops taught me how to roll through Babylon...both are gone home now....RIP! 

Relevant for this Father's will I play?  whats the deal down here on earth?  were still subject to the authority! 

Subjects of drama royalty rise up ready to go to war like Syria..but like Kobe Bryant  they didn't have back up! 

Now like the Euro Zone...the bad / hard luck piles on;  now they're ready to crack up! 

Its all about the Euros and The the cards were stacked up by these slick ones...per G8 and G20... they're girl said yeah!! that's what happened!

Now some are caught up in the matrix system...due to the lack of money.. but we dipped on's time for transition...we're circulating..the mothership were strapped in!

Those trapped in the trick bag didn't listen to Robert Palmer... now they said they're in pain..

Yeah...that's what happened...meanwhile we just kick back..but we're also out here...just trying to maintain..

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