Saturday, June 16, 2012

We're Up In This Piece....We're All Up In The Spot

Were up in this piece...we're all up in the spot; I looked the Egyptian vote for president.... the gang is all here! 

Just like the Moon, Sun, and  Jupiter are soon in Gemini....dude said there was nothing to fear!

Oh yeah!! he said "there's nothing to fear but fear itself" ...per FDR...without a doubt! 

Oh yeah!!  whats the deal?  I'm surrounded by a bunch of cynics like those doubting Tiger know they don't roll without a doubt! 

Whats it all about cousin? its tight in these hoods...check the slow recovery of the said if his hunch was right all he had to do was wait! 

So now he's waiting in the dark; vehicles were in park.. probably waiting for answers; but soon subject to the authority..consumed by the hate! 

....Like he was food; somebodys lunch!! actually the devil was waiting on dancers at the disco inferno! 

He likes it when he fools someone to do his bidding; his advocates... some never learn;  so whatcha know?

O-Zone schools them when he comes back with this...but some never learn;  they're sucker slow! 

Please!!  this danger zone fools one; false senses of security were disrupted like Pres. Obama was heckled at the immigration announcement...based on what another know! 

....Or knew; whose acting like they knew in this hostile territory?  soon they get gaffled! 

What it do?  that's business as usual all up in the spot;  that's why some look baffled!

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