Thursday, June 14, 2012

Soaking Up Game

Like Mac Dre ......were soaking game the upcoming Fourth of July chicken and ribs marinating before they're put on the grill! 

Cloaking devices were used;  Invisible Man style!!  word from Ralph Ellison...some people know the deal! 

Whose joking?  please!!  I've been paying high prices...dealing with these shady characters! 

No joking!! nothing nice about this like Chris Brown and Drake whose fair with this? 

This is love and war like Russian helicopters in Syria..but we were told an orderly fashion was the proper protocol! 

Its all love? but why were they pressuring?  please!! its tight in these hoods due to security breachs; the thought and fashion police are posted up ready to roll up on y'all! 

I was laying in the cut....I felt the pressure....whats the deal with it? .. like Tiger Woods doing his thing at the US Open there are no insecurities;  but I never preached, bragged or boasted up in this piece; please!!  that makes you a target! 

Not playing around with the corrupt;  tires screeched after the caper was pulled..but game? I soak up..damn!! why did they start it?

Were in the heart of it; minds were occupied...but what happened to the movement? jokers beseeched us from the ATL to Louisville / Newburg to San Francisco / Oakland to Charlotte / Mecklenburg ! 

Were in the heart of it like Obama and Romney in Ohio..they said its on and popping; they said we need to merge! 

Glad I grew up in Louisville / Newburg; like checking 2012 LZ1.. I'm able to spot game from a million light years away! 

Spotted the state of emergency when soaking up game; knowing its all game...I know how to play!

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