Sunday, June 10, 2012

I Started Another One / Acting Brand New?

As we proceed and continue; checked the clock...I had time to start another one! 

I guess you can say I'm acting brand new;  rocking the " up top" style..wearing Union Rags like the Belmont..but I'm down here in  Dixie..The ATL..dropping this good O-Dizzle will rock... even though the devil wants to see me come undone!

Word to Manny Pacquiao...whatcha know? I guess I'll give some a clue; I am not the one!!!  so there's no future in their fronting! 

Word from MC Breed; what did they need?  I might get it while I'm out gathering and hunting! 

Next thing you know I'm dropping funk on them; this  brotha is Social Networking minus all the porn... plus check the math I I put it down like this! 

But considered anti-social...everything is not working...spiritual warfare is going down and we continue to fight this! 

...And we fight that and we light that; for those who were waiting in the dark! 

Dipped for a minute; out on I-20 in Atlanta / Dekalb Po Po had vehicles waiting in park! 

They were posted up in Dodge Chargers and even Chevy Suburbans...catching jokers swerving...who slipped for a minute?  now hackers and jackers were just waiting to start something;  wannabe like Michael Jackson! 

"Its too high to get over... to low to get were stuck in the middle" ....of the action! 

Some are in the middle with their faction; Taliban or Al Qaeda at the church over in Nigeria...they're ready to do damage! 

...Plus shootings on South Hairston at the church in Stone Mountain Georgia...whose trying to start with a brotha? check the mass hysteria from Blood / Crips to Wall Street brokers and corporate CEO's; even the Mexican Cartels... others are ready to do damage!

Sometimes are coping strategy fails..but we manage to stay a step ahead; even took time to start another one! 

Putting it down like this!! acting brand step ahead of a devil that wants to see us come undone!

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