Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Laying In The Cut / Incognito

A brotha is laying in the cut chilling; as we watch Venus Transit; I was incognito! 

Taking downtime; like Romney and Latino voters;  I'm asking...whose down with mine?  as I analyze the information; chilling...but I'll soon be circulating..its time for transition..I'll be rolling  "incognegro"

Was there an information overload? I had to tell a Negro please!! its tight in these hoods...its like that; plus I showed them whats up!

 Actions speak louder than words....coming back like Tiger Woods; ...whats good? if they observe the scene they'll see...that's whats up! 

Something fresh is what we batch up..were coming with it..check us out! 

....With so called Titans we clash; but the funky drummer is drumming; O-Dizzle is the funky type of soul brotha...please!! were going all out!

Some were like Russell Westbrooks and Kevin Durant..gunning all out in the game!! celebrating like Kool and The Gang! 

With hooklines and his own beats O-Dizzle has that Street Funk;  who thought he would change? 

Who said he was strange?  distant..Distant Lover like Marvin Gaye!

O-Zone was off in a zone...coming up with a game changer...he didn't have time to play!

 But he took time to pray;  Lord Help was the battle cry! 

Laying in the cut; I heard what they had to say; they and the devil were a  damn lie!

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