Monday, August 31, 2009

Transcend & Transform

...........act of the greatist courage............

Databases were flawed..glitches in the matrix were the cause of it..

But we transcend and transform..crawled walked and now running..while witches and warlocks fake it in this enchanted forest..

The hustle one knocks...for this or against this? snitching to authorities.

Others bailed out..others balled out of control..said it's not tricking if you got as usual in these territories..

It gets hot in these territories....Random Thoughts I tell these stories..casing the joint..taking care of business as usual..

Not the one others anoint..but Moving Forward..Transcend and be loved by anyone is not unusual..

Word from Tom Jones..O-Zone is behind enemy lines in Babylon Wilderness..not lost out at sea..flowing down the stream of consciousness..

Not lost..acting like I didn't see, hear, didn't remember..bear witness to work put in by this conglomerate...

Not lost..knowing how the drama can get..saw the blueprint as it didn't dry..what's up with it? easy to get caught out in the storm...

Like New Orleans and Katrina...evacuated to the Bay Area..on Highway 101 listening to Andre Nickatina..had to Transcend and Transform..

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