Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Wale is getting busy on this #MMG Is Epic mixtape.....featuring Rick Ross...Maino, Roscoe Dash, Jim Jones, Ace Hood, Red Cafe ,Travis Porter and others...

Monday, January 30, 2012

...At The End Of The Day

Whats the deal? like Romney or Gingrich...some will find out at the end of the day! 

....Finding out whats real..what will the response be..to glitches in the matrix?...caught up..caught out there like were in Damascus.. realizing its on us to run the play! 

Can't Runaway like the Roy Ayers joint!! there's no where to run or hide! 

The mothership rolls down the runway...just landed on earth..whats it all worth? now I'm on I-85 in Atlanta stuck behind the Pontiac Bonneville Brougham; dude even had the gangsta lean going!! I can see how he will slide! 

Trying to slide like Slave..trying to misbehave? this brotha is no slave..this freedom rider is swerving!! based on observing the scene! 

....Scientific like Large Hadron Colliders!! plus intergalactic...all out there near Pluto and Mars..came back with battle scars....an ATLien; but I'm not so fresh and so clean clean!

....Like OutKast and them!! but realizing its on me..whats it going to be? ..the situations like Peyton Manning's..but I'm outlasting those that didn't have the stamina! 

....at the end of the day? I'm realizing that its on me; but I'm not trying to get caught up in the drama!

...Like pythons in the Florida Everglades..hip to the charades..realizing its on me..a brotha is gonna work it out like Willie Hutch!

What it do at?  the end of the day they'll see I came through in the clutch!

At the end of the day? player playas light up the cut up Dutch Masters altered with contraband...

At the end of the day they thought they accomplished something...but it was nothing..coaches were heard saying..c'mon man!!

Venetian Snares..Affectionate

Check out Venetian Snares...aka Aaron Funk...a Canadian electronic musician/ composer /producer...hitting us up with a mixture of drum and bass, jungle,techno....all on one EP...check this out..

Sunday, January 29, 2012

They Were Telling Me....Please Be Advised..

They told me...please be advised... I was told to go along with the program..I was told must embrace the confusion! 

Please!! me surprised that they're going off like Occupy Oakland? haters were trying to get open...plots and schemes were devised for our demise; that assignment? haters were choosing!

Word from Newt Gingrich...whats the deal with it? please!! like Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible...whats the Ghost Protocol?  they're trying to stop a bruh...my intuition was working overtime!

It was telling me..please be advised!! whats up y'all? haters were dirty and grimy...working!! trying to get over on mine! 

But its not over for mine!!! even though sometimes we come up short like Tiger Woods..check out how were coming through! 

Once again its on!! even though things are tight in these hoods..the smoke and mirrors show is in full affect...similar to the smoke and fog causing accidents in Florida...but we bring this good word and funky sound through!

So whats up...whats the deal? please be advised was the order from so called powers that be...but check the status!

Its way too real for some of these players out here...they were put in check by the apparatus!

Its like Evans beating Davis in the UFC...whats the deally? check us out...were back with this!! how did we behave with this? check the vibe from this player that once cruised down Broadway in Louisville in the deuce and a quarter!

How did we behave with this? checked in with the tribe..but things got ugly in the Ville...from Southwick to Iroquois Homes..on out the ParkHill... so whats up Holmes?  its elementary like Watson..I had to dip across the border!

Let The Healing process begin...I'm down here in Georgia...but they're tripping!! they were telling me; please be advised...embrace the confusion...but I wasn't down with it!!..things are out of order...from Damascus in Syria... to the sinking off the Costa Concordia..to the Africa Union Summit in Ethiopia..

They were telling me...please be advised...but they'll leave you hanging...others will hang themselves..they'll give enough rope to ya...

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Swag / Steelo

I had to laugh!! like Herman Cain endorsing Newt Gingrich ...but the deal was these jokers were sweating a brothas steelo! 

I had a staff or cast of thousands..damn!!! some were arrested like the ones at Murdoch's tabloid office..I heard some were in pain due to glitches in the matrix...heard Curtis Mayfield sing if there's a hell below were all gonna go...

I had the math; plus I had the swag!! supposedly considered a fly Negro! I had to chuckle when I heard it..

I had the math...based on chilling with an intergalactic staff.. Plutonians and Martians..now back down to earth..couldn't find anybody to work with...

I had to laugh!! they were fascinated by the swag or steelo..sweating me like I was Tiger Woods..

Please!! I fly below the radar...especially after haters raise the bar..now things are tight in these hoods..

Some are physically and emotionally scarred..doing without the right goods and services...so these revelations are disturbing! 

As we go for what we know!! paying the price..I was out on I-20 in Atlanta trying to swerve with this...."it ain't nothing nice" ...cashing reality checks is sobering! 

Through the ATL we roam...chilling down at the Georgia Dome; at The Honda Battle of Bands; afterwards...rolling through Vine City near the Bluff....jokers had rocks and powder...I hear the downtrodden crying for pity...soon after the intoxication or euphoria wears off! 

I even felt the pressure..plus some are going through they're own personal hell..now in rehabilitation  for a spell...stimulants? you swear them off!

Now they're going off!!  that's what they said about these brothas; they said check the swagger! 

Now they're going off!! that's what they said about these brothas!! but theres no satisfaction like Mick Jagger! 

...and The Rolling Stones...meanwhile in danger zones O-Jays Backstabber disciples rolled up with the dagger ready to conduct business! 

Some checked our swag or steelo!! they thought we were part of the corrupt business! 

....Knowing whats up..what the deal is!! we govern ourselves accordingly! 

Peeping the steelo; aware of where the boundary or border will be!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Check It Out!!!

Check it out!! as we do this; intergalactic...international or  local; were flying like Red Tails! 

Check it out!! just got back from Plutonian / Martian journeys..now the mothership has landed on earth where these earthlings were affected by chemtrails! 

These are no happy trails...were acting like we knew this!! as we work things like Greg Schiano...going for what we know....but some are hoping a bruh fails like they hope Obama does..but he prevails...putting it down like this! 

Check it out....as we go for what we know...like a Facebook IPO.. we found the fuse as we light this!

The train wreck fascinated the onlookers...meanwhile the pain get rough for  the innocent bystanders hit in the drive by!! Costa Concordia survivors getting paid? who got played?...the bus? some were thrown under! 

Plus there was no where to run or hide; who dipped down I-85 in Atlanta in Toyota Highlanders with soccer balls on the back? others chilled in deep waters with shark and piranhas..who else is going under?

High winds of change blow across the waters; thunder and lightning provide background music! 

She's strange...but I like her!! that was the word from Cameo...so whatcha know? some didn't back down...but now they're ready to lose it!..

Check it out!! like Afghanistan...the drama doesn't quit and it doesn't stop!

Check it out!! whats up man?  Al Gore mentioned global warming; but was a cold day in Atlanta!! actually its a cold word; check how the temperature will drop!

Check it out!! whats the score? we span the globe brainstorming...who understands the good word and the funk dropped by these brothas?

Check it out!! as we come through the door..into the lights like aurora borealis...knowing what the deal is....after being caught out in the rain..where it was storming..waiting in the dark with others...

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Maino I Am Who I Am

Back On This Hip Hop....Check out this mixtape from Maino...I Am Who I Am...courtesy of Datpiff..

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Joe Henderson featruing Alice Coltrane- Water

Here's the final cut off the Joe Henderson Elements album called Water...check three previous episodes for the other cuts ...I tell you what...it's been a "journey" listening to this great piece of "work" ...the players? 

Alice Coltrane playing the harp and piano on this cut with him...plus Kenneth Nash (vocals, wooden flute, drums, congas, percussion, gong) .....Michael White (violin)....Ndugu, Leon "Ndugu" Chancler (drums)..... Baba Duru Oshun (tabla, percussion)...Charlie Haden on the bass...nice...nice...nice!!! 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Joe Henderson / Alice Coltrane... Fire

Here's another cut off of the Elements album by Joe Henderson...elements of the universe....the previous episode was Earth...Mr. Henderson has Alice Coltrane playing the harp and piano on this cut with him...plus Kenneth Nash (vocals, wooden flute, drums, congas, percussion, gong)  .....Michael White (violin)....Ndugu, Leon "Ndugu" Chancler (drums)..... Baba Duru Oshun (tabla, percussion)...Charlie Haden on the bass...nice...nice...nice!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Alice Coltrane & Joe Henderson - Earth

...Sunday Jazz Continues...now this is a deep track by Joe Henderson from his Elements album!!

...the name of this cut is Earth....featuring the piano and harp of Alice Coltrane ,  with violinist Michael White, bassist Charlie Haden, percussionist Kenneth Nash and Baba Duru Oshun on tablas...

....other cuts on this album are Fire, Air and Water....Elements of the universe...will feature the other tracks at a later date...if y'all ready for it!!..check out this...


Ornette Coleman - Law Years

Sunday Jazz Continues..check out this Ornette Coleman...Law Years....featuring Ornette Coleman-alto saxophone; Dewey Redman-tenor saxophone; Bobby Bradford-trumpet; Charlie Haden-bass; Ed Blackwell-drums. Recorded September 09, 1971, New York City...this is a hell of a crew..playing a hell of a track!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Acting Brand New...But We Keep It Moving / We Had To Sacrifce

They were acting brand new it; cocky like Newt Gingrich...was it because 2011 is gone and we move on to 2012? please!!! good luck with that! 

Others were slacking; but that's what they do!!! so we know what to expect! 

Check out how we do!! but the thought and fashion police were running stings!! soon were disrespected by drama queens and kings! 

Check the mass hysteria like Islamists attacking in Nigeria..please!! hell was caught like Natalie Cole!! especially for those that roll with crime syndicates and rings. 

Some remember the time they fell in love like Michael Jackson!! but like the Pacific Northwest the weather was inclement; unsettled! 

Casualties were similar to when the Costa Concordia sank...during the train wreck bodies were dismembered!! it was like a TV reality show...during the wreckage spectators meddled!

Some were casual like Friday...some acted brand new with it!! but we question their motives! 

They damn you if you did or did it!! now were at the railroad crossing waiting...damn!!  the train had three locomotives!

Meanwhile like Rick Santorum..society will promote that or this one.. now they're acting brand new!

Questions answer themselves when rolling with these earthlings; I  was asking myself...damn!! where did the mothership land you? 

O-Dizzle is getting busy in the lab....its a new year..2012..we're moving forward with this Breakbeat Science thing..

...but we know we'll have to sacrifice..we're paying the price; dealing with these jokers acting brand new....but here we come!! lets get it on!! we drop this good word.. plus check out the funk we bring....

Trying Not To Get Caught Up

Whats really going on? I'm trying not to get caught up...how will you end up? like Republican candidates scrambling for votes in South Carolina...you'll be caught out there! 

Whats really going on? so called powers that be would neither confirm nor deny..sounding like the Iran Revolutionary Guard...so I'm like...why go there? 

Who did you know out there anyway? is Bain Capital holding your money?...word from Mitt Romney..what will the response be? we found out some were rolling with the other team! 

I was trying to chill...laying in the cut..but interrupted by the Onslaught..I spotted another as they plot and scheme! 

Whats the deal? its real!!! its not a dream..it's serious...its not like Shaq vs Dwight Howard...whats the deal with these players? 

Spotted some at the rookie / free agent combine; trying to get put on!! now they're saying prayers! 

Spotted the coaches....please!! its like  the blind led the blind; hmm!! naysayers might have a point! 

Who rotted due to confinement? didn't receive the assignment..they weren't the ones society will anoint! 

Questions answer themselves....we peep game like the Air Force's X-37B spacecraft during the ongoing chaos or confusion!

Rolling up with force..please!! were all up in the space with this math...red or blue pill for the matrix?  the oracle said its just an illusion!

The mind blowing decision was made like Heatwave....trying not to get caught up with those that fake it like Newt Gingrich... saying or doing anything just to get power...

How are you living? as we all misbehave...its easy to get caught up..we'll all be caught out there...at the last hour...

Friday, January 20, 2012

K'naan feat. Nas - Nothing To Lose

...."Chucks and a Charlotte Hornets hat on" ...K'naan peeped my wardrobe....swagga jacking? check out this cut from him and Nas...

Disrespected PT.2

Old school players were disrespected; now they're scrambling like Mitt Romney.. what will the response be? these new school students didn't understand the game! 

...Word from this next school player!! OMANXL1 the original man; an extraordinary one....for those that didn't understand the name! 

The hood is taking some under!! all up in the game...old dude was 77 years old still selling heroin...other old school cats in their 60s and 70s still smoking weed, drinking cognac and taking Viagra! 

Whats good? back in the day old dude was ready to blast on fools at the old hole in the wall club at Clay and Lampton up in Louisville..in the Smoketown area...whose to blame?  its all game!! meanwhile others ventures were corporate like Con Agra!

Disrespected!!! when some tried to put it down they laugh at ya...said you were like Rick Perry...they said your wasting your time! 

Disrespected!!! when we try to put this math on ya...it's real...this is no Pretty Ricky type of mess...but haters say its like the old school  Negro College fund commercials; a waste of your mind! 

Dots are connected...now you get a taste of mine!! as this breakbeat science is dropped! 

Similar to old school ballers!!  still up in the game...they didn't quit and didn't stop until they dropped! 

True to the game!! they never flopped like Vlade Divac ; they played strong defense! 

Whose brand new in the game? word from Vlad TV...who disrespected the veteran? but didn't know the circumstance!

At one time the veteran was running things like Vladimir Putin... meanwhile we're back..the truth we're not disputing...were dedicated to it...

Quantum computer style..but disrespected by the foul...just like old dude was..were still hated..as we go through it...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Robert Glasper.....Ah Yeah feat. Musiq Soulchild and Chrisette Michele

Check out this smooth track from Robert Glasper.. Ah Yeah feat. Musiq Soulchild and Chrisette Michele...from his Black Radio project coming in February...


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Glenn Underground -- Forgotten Art

Digging this Glenn Underground!! check out the title track from his just released CD....Forgotten Art..

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Corea, McLaughlin, Holland, DeJohnette - Gordies Boots

OK...I kept messing around...now I'm caught up in some jazz!! ....but this is something different....more like some jazz / rock..

with Chick Corea - acoustic & Wurlitzer piano....John McLaughlin - guitar....Dave Holland - bass....Jack DeJohnette - drums...

...blame it on the drummer Jack DeJohnette..I was doing some research on him and ran across this classic piece..

..always liked the guitar work put in by John McLauglin.....of course Chick Corea and Dave Holland are pro players!! .

..this is from the same time frame as Miles Davis Bitches Brew when he was on the jazz/rock tip....this is some "mind blowing" music....classic material!!

DJ Cam - Seven

Chilling out....cooling out...lounging....usually on some hip hop...or maybe jazz....why not mix them up? checking out some of this DJ Cam...a DJ / Producer from over in France...told ya...I'm worldwide with this!!


All up in the spot!!! unlike Newt Gingrich receiving standing ovations in South Carolina....I see dude in the Members Only jacket..naysayers were mocking the old school player!

Like Rev. Raphael Warnock going in on Newt I heard the mockingbird sing!!! while The Raven was saying nevermore!! word from Edgar Allen Poe!!  meanwhile at the baptist church for members only I heard the old school church deacon say an old school prayer!

Meanwhile we're rocking this thing...Transmitting Live....you heard? hitting like a Baltimore Raven...Ed Reed or Ray Lewis...as we do this! 

But haters were knocking this thing...this hustle..acting like sharks and piranhas....there was no where to run or hide...its just like they were mocking the old school player..they're being disrespectful!! just like Republicans taking shots at Romney...trying to act like they knew this!

As we go through this and that....its like this and like that...when were all up in the spot! 

Whose parking lot pimping?  I took a look around...I see they left you a spot! 

Big homie said its hot!!!  but now he's wishing it was a simple thing; after he was disrespected! 

The structure will rot!!! now it'll fall apart...the ship will sink like the Costa Concordia...whats up with ya? from the mainframe we disconnected! 

The atmosphere wasn't dynamic...even the dude that's corporate will bear witness to that fact...things were controlled by a fanatic...its business as usual! 

As we go there...dropping these mathematics..but like the old school player were disrespected..but that's not unusual!

We're disrespected...but a foul joker tried to front..acting like he knew a brotha...

Were disrespected when we give this forecast like Al Roker...whats going on in your neck of the woods? any respect in this hoods?...breakbeat science is dropped by this brotha...

Monday, January 16, 2012

Change - Searching

Researching ..studying music...the styles...doing the knowledge...ran across the jam by Change..

I listen to so much music I forgot about them!! This was the group where Luther Vandross got his start singing lead and background vocals..

Change was an Italian / American pop/ funk /disco band led by executive producer Jacques Fred Petrus & producer Mauro Malavasi...

...they were influenced by Chic..who was hot at that time (1980 /1981) ..check this out!!

...."Something Has To Give"

In search of a breakthrough..man!!! it's like divers looking for survivors of the Costa Concordia sinking....something has to give! 

What did it cost ya? where did  Roy Ayers  type mystic voyages take you? that's what somebody asked a brotha!! I told them I've just got to live! 

Letting the hustlers hustle and the players play...who was victimized?...who fell prey? money was and is wasted..like on Solyndra..somebody told me I have to forgive but I didn't forget! 

Whats up with me? I let it go...packages were returned to senders..us Scorpios roll like this!! like New York Giants  were just trying to win; not lose or forfeit! 

Whats up with me? I'm all up in the spot...but whats up with it? they said I wasn't compliant..the whole situation was wack! 

Something has to give!!! even though were surviving...we didn't quit like Jon Huntsman...whats up man? survival? we have the knack! 

Somebody was trying to live the jet set life!! but it was full of toil and strife..like the Russian Roscosmos  spacecraft they crashed and burned!

Plus the structure was rusted..materials from Steel City disintegrated!! plus the brotha Roscoe felt the bad karma from the cosmos..lessons were learned! 

Trivial pursuits corrupt ya!! natural like osmosis...the big picture vision shows theres still no pity!! still being hated? who earned favorable karmic repercussions?

A hater disputes the truth...but we're dedicated to it..but "something has to give" reality checks are now cashed!! plus we sound clashed with the enemy...weapons used? the good word and percussions...

Breakbeat science is dropped in these discussions! whats the word on the curb? no justice or peace is found in Babylon..even if you win a Golden Globe Award like Idris Elba...

What were we on? searching for a breakthrough "something has to give" we're just trying to live..found the message in the drums played by Idris Muhammad....what will they tell ya?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

George Benson - So What

Sunday Jazz Continues....check out George Benson's version of the jazz classic So What...off the album Diggin' Deeper - The Roots Of Acid Jazz - Vol 1....this cut does have a acid jazz / drum and bass  feel to it...of course George Benson is on the guitar... Clarence Palmer on the organ, Ron Carter on the bass and Jack DeJohnette on the drums..check this out...

All Up In The Spot....Once Again....Back At The Scene Of The Crime...

Were chilling in the ATL...we're back at the scene of the crime; were all up in the spot! 

Dealing with the madness...some are ready to abandon ship like the captain of the cruise ship that sunk in Italy..whats the deally? its a cold morning in Atlanta...but the vibe is hot!

What were you told? like the Republican primary...or maybe unlike it...the saga struggle continues; it seems were at a stalemate! 

What were you  told? some are all up in the game...said they're rolling like Tom Brady not Tim Tebow!!  while others tailgate! 

Systems weren't really fail safe!! European debt downgrades let us know that..whatcha know about that? now we have glitches in the matrix! 

...Charades are exposed...plus strategies were unraveling ...crashing and burning like that Russian space probe...approaching hell or heavens gate? as some still hate...we were sold out by snitches that faked it!

All up in the spot!! we span the globe brain storming...we come back with these at a high velocity; time traveling; 2012 is here! 

Left some behind in 2011...R.I.P to Tammy, Rodney, and Gavin and all others; chilling in heaven as we go there! 

I had to tell New Orleans Saints fans life isn't fair!!! that's baby girls line..sometimes I agree with her! 

That's how it is all up in the spot....we were hip to the scheme and plot...it gets extremely loud and incredibly close...as we go there!

Who do you know out there? all up in the spot..back at the scene of the crime..

Check out these clearance rack epiphanies...these random thoughts move to the front..from the back of my mind...


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Putting It Down Like This Mix

.....OK....we're not playing around....alright? we're about to put it down like this...

Putting It Down Like This Mix

Natural Elements

Check us out...like this cold day in Atlanta?..its all natural when we "holla atcha" with this! 

Check us out...rolling up listening to Earth Wind and Fire ....the natural elements!

Whats it all worth? damn...the devil will get all up in the details; I mentioned matrix glitches earlier! 

Theres a lot that needs to be done..word from MLK on this holiday weekend!!...but nobody will work with ya! 

Whats it worth to ya? France and Italy find out after Standard & Poors debt downgrades...during these ongoing charades some of us will have to go the extra mile! 

Will there be a rebirth for ya? everything comes to a halt... like the cruise ship that run aground off of the coast of Italy...whats the deally? some will need to let go..or have an extra style! 

Multi-dimensional..flexible..what will you pretend to do? whose caught up..caught out there..as we bring the next school..the next style; based on natural elements! 

...Winds of change were whispering in my ear...its a new year; lets see how 2012 gets! 

History repeats itself like over in Basra...whats up with ya? one forgets so they need to stay on point! 

Check his story O-Zone brings this good word; but I'm not the one they'll anoint! 

O-Dizzle will rock this funky joint!!! hes all natural with it!

Whats the dizzle?  a fanatic will call this organic when I holla atcha with this!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Back From The Hiatus ; Caught In A Moment Of Time...

Chilling for a minute..caught in a moment of time; so I hit the reset button! 

Whats up with it? its a critical stage of development!! just like European debt downgrades;  is it retribution for a punishment glutton? 

Now I'm back up in this thing!! rolling at a high velocity..with the speed you need....but not dipping down the Long Island Expressway aka Heroin Highway; that's not how I play...things got ugly..I had to take a brief hiatus! 

Now I'm back up in this thing!! like Jeff Fisher with the Rams..but whether we do or don't someone damns...I see society still hates us! 

....Heard Republican debates about us; the messages were blatant and  subliminal! 

...Plus corporations play us!! there was no where to run or hide; just check the high gas prices plus  the student loan and the real estate fiascoes..seeing how it goes!! so whose the real criminal? 

As we get with you; we proceed and continue..refusing to abort operations; we take it up another notch!

As we get with you..we proceed and continue..others were like GOP candidates in Virginia..they had to abort operations; the assignment? they'll botch! 

Were coming out fresh with a brand new batch; that's how were gonna play this! 

A bruh is funky fresh in the flesh!! based on doing the knowledge while I was in hiatus! 

Plus we prayed about this..receiving our blessing; Gods will is done on earth as it is in heaven! 

We played this like a crap game up in Victory Park up in Louisville back in the day; will we roll seven or eleven?


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mandrill "Fencewalk" Live Montreux 2002

What I Listen To At Work.....OK.....one of my co-workers was listening to this...of course I got the CD and made a copy of it....came home and found this live version!! check it out!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bobby Hutcherson - Little B´s Poem

Sunday Jazz Continues...check out Little B's Poem from Bobby Huthcerson on the vibes...with help from Herbie Hancock on the piano...Ron Carter on the upright bass.....James Newton on the flute...with Tony Williams on the drums....damn!! he's rolling with the big dogs!!! check this out...all of them were representing!! it sounded so nice I had to play it nice!! check this out..

Feeling Some Kind Of Way About It PT. 7

I was feeling some kind of way about it!! something just ain't right ....that's word from Keith Sweat! 

What kind of play did armchair quarterbacks run? will they win, lose, draw, or even forfeit? 

They were no where close to being like Drew Brees...but they going all out for it with reckless abandon...using the scorched earth theory! 

They said its all this and that!! sounding like Republicans at the debate..but I had my doubts about it to me the outlook was bleary!

In hostile territories? that's business as usual!! from Iran to over in Syria and all points in between..check the mass hysteria..a crook was running things! 

Thought and fashion police were fronting..they enforced the laws!! plus gamblers were out for a fast buck...I'm just about done with things! 

Please!! I'm usually chilling with royalty; under the reign of kings and queens...but it seems some may have fell off!

Peeping game; Watch The Throne..what were some on? they either sell out or sail off! 

Old girl told some to watch their mouth...watch their tone!! she had to tell off or read somebody their rights! 

From the Philippines to New Orleans the drama will unfurl; some will lose privileges and rights! 

Check these clearance rack epiphanies...whats on my mind? these insights are dropped after I felt some kind of way about it!

Lights are shining; will those waiting in the dark move towards them? I doubt it!

We're shining...but not fronting...were feeling some kind of way about it...

We're shining...but still hunting and gathering...going way out for it...

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Freestyle Fellowship - "We Are"

Freestyle Fellowship is back!!...veterans in the game from the West Coast..consisting of . Aceyalone, Myka 9, P.E.A.C.E., Self Jupiter ....they came out in the 90's with The Hieroglypics...Pharcyde and others representing the West Coast underground...back on the scene with a new CD called Promise...check out We Are...

Proh Mic - Turn It Over feat. Coultrain

Listening to 88.5 WRAS here in Atlanta during the week..they turned me on to this Proh Mic....a producer / musician from out in Seattle...joined on the cut by Coultrain...the name of the cut is Turn It Over...a combination of jazz, funk, soul, dubstep and some other elements thrown in..check it out!!

Oh!! So Its Like That Huh?

Taking a look at things...Oh!!! so its like this and so its like that? 

Faking it to make it like GOP candidates...what's up with this?  these sacred grounds are located at ground zero; that's where you found a Negro!! as we continue to fight that! 

Like Bill O'Brien at Penn State we bring the light back to those who were waiting in the dark! 

There was no where to run or hide...as we fight those that continue to hate..that's the reason for this movement!! we didn't destroy the house like Tiger Woods ex-wife...the structure is up in flames..fires we spark! 

O-Dog didn't bark up the wrong tree!!  boy!! he's all up in the house!! I told little homie on Candler Rd in Decatur yes yes y'all! 

In the smoke and fog enhanced by mirrors I can understand where a hater is coming from; they'll try to stress y'all! 

Some will rise like Mitt Romney... the rest of ya' ll will fall!! now heard saying oh!! so its like that!  

Some will be surprised with y'all!! like Christians in Nigeria you were attacked..but you said no surrender and no defeat!!  they see that  you'll fight back!

Plots and schemes were devised when we dipped down I-85 to Charlotte..but we came right back to the ATL...not trying to fail..its all about winning...

Down streams of consciousness were floating...we were at rest like the Mars Rover...now fighting until the games over...its all about winning...

Nightmares? were dreams lucid?  whose doing whats conducive? or are they sitting back saying....Oh!! So It's Like That Huh?

Might get caught out there like the LA arson suspect...check the moves that are made...some are like..Duh?

Friday, January 6, 2012

Headhunters - If You've Got it, You'll Get it

Classic Headhunters...check the knowledge / name of the song..If You've Got It? You'll Get It...word!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

"Get Live" by Strange Fruit Project ft Erykah Badu.

This is from 2008...I still pump it up in the hooptie though!! .Strange Fruit Project with Erykah Badu rolling with them....Get Live!!!

Strange Fruit Project - How Strange Is That

What I Listen To At Work....check out this Strange Fruit Project....a hip hop trio from Texas..this is something off their A Dreamers Journey CD....

Word From Mr. Cole....

So hows it going? the economy is bad...its a rat race; dog eat dog!

That was word from Mr Cole...R.I.P....a cool brotha from Newburg / Louisville; whats the deal? this good word is from O-Zone!! beats are provided by O-Dog! 

Just left the smoke and mirrors show...the fog; now check this captains log....back in the day I was like Captain Kirk rolling down Broadway in Louisville in the Starship Enterprise aka the Deuce and A Quarter...hogging the road!

Now down here in the ATL....spotted homies in the old school Buick Lesabre....dipping down I-20..where jackers control the interior and perimeter....still following the street code! 

.....Back with this!!! there was no where to run or hide so I'm in a discrete mode; meanwhile like Republican primaries I see superiority and inferiority complexes clash! 

I didn't know about some of these peeps...whats up y'all? now feeling the heat; they'll get fired like Paul Westphal...its like airlines in Europe paying an emissions surcharge...global warming karmic repercussions are heavy for those using the wrong method to chase the cash!

Word from Mr Cole!!! whats up y'all? how did some roll?  were they large and in charge? whose snitching on them..now GPS is tracking them!! but check the steady bombardment; the percussions are heavy and samples are obscure! 

Word from Mr Cole!!! Gods will is heavy on some...whose macking? whose tricking? choose your poison as you come up with a cure! 

Out there in the smoke and mirrors show!! lines blur in the gray area; ground zero for the mass hysteria?

As we go there!! branches fell off the family tree..memories remain ...knowledge was gained from the history..now knowing how it go!

As we go there!! whatcha know? Mr. Cole prepared me for what it do... said it's a rat race...dog eat dog...like Lou Ferrigno I didn't need to be a celebrity apprentice...

As we go there...trying to be at least half as cool as Mr. Cole...a fly Negro...but still revolutionary when I do this...

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Grap Luva - Keywaves (Piano Waterfall)

.....More of that Grap Luva....this is a nice smooth track from the brotha...The EP Neva Done is on I-Tunes & at The Fat Beats website...check it out!!

Grap Luva - Neva Done ( produced by Kev Brown )

What I Listen To At Work....In The ATL...I get tired of V-103...HOT 107.9 KISS 104.1 and Magic 107.5 playing them same "fiddeen or twenny" songs...of course I check out 91.9 WCLK...but sometimes I listen to WRAS 88.5 here in Atlanta....the Georgia State University student run station...they play rock,jazz, underground hip hop, drum and bass,dubstep...whatever!! they put this Grap Luva track on and I was like whoa!!..Grap Luva is Pete Rock's brother....the track is produced by Kev Brown...low budget soul y'all!! check this out...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

They Weren't Checking For Us...As Usual...

They weren't checking for me..playing me like Newt Gingrich in Iowa..but that could be a good thing!

Some were even disrespecting..trying to burn it up like that arsonist out in LA..whose introducing glitches in the matrix?..either they did or didn't know that this was a hood thing!

They didn't know I would bring these breakbeat scientific principles to the forefront! 

Others were just being fake with it...like Republicans in Iowa...what did they lie for?  when they came forth...they were trying to front!

I didn't have a stake in it; there was no future in their fronting per MC Breed! 

I just brought this Harvest for the World like Isley Brothers after I planted the seed!

True indeed...once again its on!! ignored the threats issued by jokers..just like Iran's...whats up man?  some weren't checking the steelo! 

True indeed...once again its on!! but I recognize the pattern; some aren't checking for a Negro!

As we go for what we know..still broke though..no Swiss bankers to hide any money for us.. 

As we go for what we know..we're still paying the price..but it's no joke out here..whats the deal with this? the reign began with a drizzle..now it's a meteor shower like Quadrantids..soon some will flip their lids..the healing process is needed..some are heard saying no peace...no justice...

Actually its no justice no peace...but that's business as usual...its getting tight in these hoods...

Please!! its easy to get caught up...otherwise jokers aren't checking for a brotha...until we make comebacks like Tiger Woods..

Monday, January 2, 2012

Raekwon - Chinese Marines feat. Mobb Deep

Check out Chinese Marines...from  Raekwon off the Unexpected Victory mixtape....Mobb Deep is rolling with him on this cut...

Fabolous - Bet f Jadakiss and Styles P

Check out this joint from Fabolous from his mix tape Death Comes In Threes....it's called B.E.T...featuring Jadakiss & Styles P...

Sunday, January 1, 2012

This Is For My Kinfolk and My Other Peeps

This is what it do..this is like the Iowa caucuses...I'm just trying to holla at my kinfolk and my peeps! 

Some wouldn't act like they knew the scholar and the gentleman; I heard the inside joke..things were stereotypical...they said I was cutting up like my other Cousins..like Demarcus....they played me like I was a brotha that creeps!

That's right to an extent cousin...who started this? I'm a revolutionary brotha that creeps up on the enemy! 

Check the steady bombardment of the enemy position!! I never was the type who sleeps on an evil entity!

So whats the deally? checked in with my kinfolk and my peeps from Louisville / Newburg to Charlotte Mecklenburg; spotted the Quandrantids meteor shower...while out on Pluto and Saturn! 

.....On over to Beijing in the Forbidden City...on over to Tripoli....Lagos, Nigeria and Johannesburg..as they really really struggle!!! especially folk that didn't merge with the apparatus; whatcha know?  the outcome is staggering! 

Word from President Goodluck Jonathan....whats up man? reality shows no pity..badgering all...even innocent bystanders...whose cashing reality checks?

Good luck with that son...accounts can be overdrawn..it'll be all over with like 2012 in the Mayan Calender....what are we on? as society disrespects...

Those that call themselves swagging end up taking a loss at the end of the day! 

Some make comebacks like Donald Trump filing bankruptcy and starting all over again; now they're back in the way! 

Meanwhile the O-Dizzle sound will thump!! let the music play!! plus this good word goes with it! 

This is for my kinfolk and my peeps!! as a bruh acts like he knows it!

Flying Lotus - Amazing Live Performance!!!

Sunday Jazz Continues....it's a new year...2012...lets do some Flying Lotus....Live... futuristic / nu school type jazz...well..you really can't put this in a category...its like breakbeat, trance, house...whatever you want to call it...the future is now!! check this out