Saturday, September 30, 2017

D Train - You're The One For Me (Disco Purrfection Version)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the Saturday Night Fever!! I was on some hip hop earlier, but then I started digging through the crates. I said hold up / wait a minute!!

 I ran across this classic from D Train  called You're The One For Me  (Disco Purrfection Version). 

I just had to put it on!! I first heard the long / extended version of this song in 1982 at Kentucky State University's homecoming!! It still sounds good!!  check it out / let's go!!

Mobb Deep "Waterboarding"

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the Saturday Night Fever!! More music / heat  from the hip hop perspective!! 

We're listening to  Mobb Deep with a track called Waterboarding!! This is  produced by Alchemist,  off the Black Cocaine project!! 

Prodigy was doing what he do!! R.I.P.  Check it out / Let's Go!!!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Monstercat: Call of the Wild Ep. 170 | Kayzo & Gammer Takeover

Digital Crate Digging Continues as I take it back to the future on a Throwback Thursday...

Digital? analog? the saga / struggle continues!! go back? move forward? let the music play..

Jazz / funk / soul music / house music; those are in a chef's secret recipe along with other ingredients..

I spaz on those who can't use this!! probably part of a deep state / secret society trying to impede this..

God Speed with this!! listening to  Monstercat: Call of the Wild Ep. 170 | Kayzo & Gammer Takeover

Launching sonic assaults with electronic weapons!! a monster with that; wild!! check out the playlist and the mix!! the game's not over!!


00:00:42 Zero Hero - Bass Drop

00:03:53 Pegboard Nerds & Quiet Disorder - Go Berzerk (Gammer Remix)

00:06:53 Darren Styles - Us Against the World

00:11:03 Jay Cosmic - Ascend

00:15:20 Kayzo - This Time

00:18:07 Kayzo & Gammer - Frequency [Monstercat B2B] 

00:21:57 Pegboard Nerds - Here It Comes [Monstercat Throwback] 

00:25:22 Mindsight & Duumu - What Feels Right

00:27:53 Astronaut - Champions (ft. Harry Brooks Jnr) (WRLD Remix)

00:31:18 Ookay & Fox Stevenson - Lighthouse

00:34:43 Slander - Superhuman (ft. Eric Leva)

00:39:13 Soupandreas - Sprite [Monstercat Spotlight]

00:42:40 Mr FijiWiji - Out On a Limb (ft. Jonny Rose)

00:46:50 ID - Who I Am [Monstercat Exclusive] 

00:48:22 Grabbitz - Told Ya So

00:51:33 Puppet & Foria - I’m Here

00:54:34 Slander & Kayzo - Without You (ft. Dylan Matthew) [Monstercat Exclusive]

The Combo Meal PT.3 (The I-20 and Outback Chronicles)

Still rolling down I-20 in Atlanta!! now I'm back at the compound hunkering down!!  the saga / struggle continues!! as I mentioned before?  it's an uphill one. 

You'll get played by these gamblers out for a fast buck,  check that bad hand!!  they'll deal one. 

Per this combo meal we're serving? they're messing with the wrong one / a real one!!   astrologers blame it on my Moon in Capricorn

Especially,  since as I write this the Moon is in Capricorn, so what's really going on? people are stressing!!  actually?   all of us are!! astrologers blame it on today's station of Pluto in Capricorn

We're stressing!!  being built or torn down?  the circumstances are debatable. 

Trump didn't turn the level of scorn down!!  he pumped it up,  hating on a bro? 

Scores down? please!! they were turned up to another level like Vanderbilt and Alabama!!  I'm mad like Vandy's coach Derek Mason!!  word from a brotha!! 

Scores putting down the Ville? the amount of hate was turned up to another level!! I've got my guard up, Marty Blazer type of jokers jokers will play me like Chuck Person with audit trails leading to Rick Pitino;  who's snitching on a brotha?

After another escapade out on I-20 in Atlanta the mothership landed a brotha back at the compound..

I'm outback raking leaves and cutting grass as seasons / reasons change due to the Fall Equinox; it's time to get down!!

I've got work to do!! I can't go on strike like workers at the Chevrolet Equinox plant in Ontario, check the scenario; it's time to get down!!

I've got work to do like the Isley Brothers but reality has a surprise for these brothas!! I talk about them in this combo meal!! this is how I get down!!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Eric Gale - Ginseng Woman

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the HumpDay Extravaganza! We're checking out this Eric Gale classic called Ginseng Woman!! 

He's  rolling with a little help from Bob James on the keyboards, and of course Eric Gale plays the shxt out of the guitar!! They had help from Grover Washington too!! Check it out!!

The Drop - A Jump Up Drum and Bass Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the HumpDay Extravaganza!! breakbeat science dropped in every stanza!!

Digital? analog? the saga / struggle continues!! as this breakbeat science is dropped? maybe somebody will understand a brotha!!

What it do? the saga / struggle continues!! the madness didn't stop!! but we're back on the set like Bill O'Reilly at Fox on the Sean Hannity show!!

What it do? the saga / struggle continues!! players drop to that one knee lashing back at Trump!! Ray Lewis dropped to two to pray!! said he was going for what he know!!

O-Zone is going for what he knows! beats thump and this good word is dropped!! at the moment? we're listening to The Drop - A Jump Up Drum and Bass Mix courtesy of Confused Bi-Product of a Misinformed Culture

It's on!! check out the playlist and the mix!! dude said he liked singles not the mix!! apparently he's confused or misinformed about the culture!!


0:00 - Dangerous - Baby Ruth

02:08 - Dub Berzerka - Challenged 

04:16 - Heskk - Clickbait 

05:09 - Eko - Ready Or Not

06:34 - Bassline Terrorist - Death Rattle (Majistrate Remix VIP)

07:28 - Aclypse - Dominate

08:53 - DJ Guv - Slice & Dice 

10:29 - Hyptic - Invasion

11:22 - Kahlil - Final Destination

13:09 - Hizzleguy - Butcher

13:51 - Levela - Impulse

15:38 - Keys N Krates - AWF ( Avé Bootleg )

17:46 - Majistrate - Quarantine 

18:28 - Shrust - Vanille

19:43 - Syndicat - Alpacca Slappa

21:19 - Substainless - Mash Up De Place 

22:01 - Upfront - Skank Riddim

23:37 - Macky Gee - L.I.E

25:03 - Majistrate - Carnage

26:06 - Levela - Human Race 

26:49 - Looney - Candyman

28:14 - Nectax - Headrush 

29:19 - Lymitless - Resident Groupy VIP

30:11 - Magenta - Ritual

31:37 - Heist & Pleasure - Endeavor

33:25 - Majistrate - The Sound

34:49 - Zero - Corrupt Cop (Nu Elementz Remix)

35:32 - Tchami - After Life (Captain Bass & Insert K Bootleg)

36:25 - DJ Guv - Butterfly Stroke

37:13 - Falco - Metro VIP

39:07 - Lyptikal - Gear Up

41:13 - Lymitless - Play It Dumb VIP

42:17 - Majistrate - Hypnotic

43:00 - Eazy - Pingu

45:18 - Sinja - Escape (Bou Remix)

46:33 - DJ Guv - Dead Man Walking

47:15 - Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Cobra

50:06 - Eazy - Ain't That Dumb

51:15 - Hedex - Inverted

52:02 - Majistrate - Watch Yourself 

53:07 - Looney - Swagga Like Us

54:22 - Magenta - Big Brothers

55:15 - Lymitless - Party Food

56:19 - Eazy - Vengeance (Dominator Remix)

57:01 - MQ - Death Blow

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Combo Meal PT.2 (The I-20 and Outback Chronicles)

I'm bringing this combo meal like it was Krystal's with three hamburgers, an order of fries and a drink for $2.99...

Check out these  I-20 and Outback Chronicles, working it all out!! yes!! I'm responsible for these and those!! just trying to maintain / not trying to lose my mind..

NFL owners say it's all about the money as as they show unity with the players, hopefully some aren't blinded by the light!!

That's per Manfred Mann, so what's really going on / happening? She Didn't Blind Me With Science like Thomas Dolby, even though O-Zone will use breakbeat science to drop this insight...

What's up man? O-Dog used Dolby noise reduction to fight the hate / corruption!! he wasn't through dealing! 

What's up man? the smoke / fog enhanced by mirrors is dealt with!! out here on I-20 in Atlanta? some can't see through the smoke and mirrors!! damn!! now they'll  run into us while we're out here  rolling!!

Accidents like North Korea and the US warring?   outback some were probably asking who left the gate open?  this dude was lakeside chilling!!.

...on the lakefront in the gated community; God blessed us with diplomatic immunty!! soon taking  fantastic voyages like Lakeside;  the real thing?

 Fake like Stormfront?  stressed by authorities as they hated;  immunity granted by Trump per the endorsement?

Storms hit, I can't front; I'm still cleaning up outback due to damage caused by Hurricane Irma!! on other fronts it's rough on a slow learner!!  some of my constituents fake and front not realizing how complex the sport can get.

Storms hit, I can't front; Hurricanes hit up Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands pretty bad! the sport is even complex for the GOP trying to repeal Obamacare!!

The sport is complex, but no RICO charges are faced when O-Zone / O-Dog come through with this!! the combo meal? we'll prepare

Monday, September 25, 2017

The Combo Meal : The I-20 and Outback Chronicles

Like my people in this Atlanta Monday Morning traffic rolling up to Dunkin Donuts and McDonald's check out this combo meal,  per the I-20 and Outback Chronicles. 

Who'll understand a brotha? it's a good deal!! that's what I told G-Money,  still listening to West Coast G-Funk on these menus; a dude is still on these and those. 

Like Emanuel Samson  shooting up the church in Tennessee the devil will oppose,  even while I typed this on church grounds; as I make my rounds in Decatur  jokers were West Coasting like they're in Oakland but they're ATLiens. 

Followers of Immanuel under attack? this good word is composed while O-Dizzle works with the sounds / tracks!!   intergalactic with it,  co-signed by aliens

Cuts?  were laying in them!! damn!! we were  outback still cleaning up debris from Hurricane Irma. 

It blew through Dekalb County, while I was trying to tell you; what?  on your soul they had a bounty!! I schooled the slow learner. 

..You also found me rolling down I-20 from Conyers to the West End!!  maybe out on International in Oakland or Grand Avenue in Detroit;  dude was trying /  making it happen.

Representing like John Conyers up in  Detroit Michigan? oh yes!! check the combo meal per this good word and the funky blend!!  were trying to make it happen captain!! 

Trump was representing; his response to these players has my constituency in an uproar! 

He had to "holla"  at his constituency for Luther Strange down in Alabama,  it's where Vanderbilt bear witness to the Tide running up the score. 

We're rolling!! this combo meal is served!! there's nowhere to run or hide!!  these players know the score from previous episodes,  some are just now learning. 

We're rolling!! this combo meal is served!! but not acting brand new when we walked through the door,  reality checks were still earning. 

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Miles Davis (featuring Marcus Miller) - Tutu

Sunday Jazz Continues!!  We're listening to this classic Miles Davis track called Tutu,  featuring Marcus Miller plucking on the bass and  on percussion  Paulinho Da Costa !! check it out!!

Miles Davis - Pharaoh's Dance

Sunday Jazz Continues....checking out this classic Miles Davis cut called Pharoah's his classic Bitches Brew album..the players on this fine track?

Miles Davis (trumpet),  Wayne Shorter (soprano sax), Chick Corea, Joe Zawinul, Larry Young (electric pianos), John McLaughlin (electric guitar), Dave Holland (bass), Harvey Brooks (electric bass), Lenny White, Jack DeJohnette, Charles Alias (drums), Jim Riley (percussion)  ....

Saturday, September 23, 2017

G funk & West Coast Classics Mix.. Vol.4.

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the Saturday Night Fever!! it's going down like this!!

Earlier today? rolling down I-20 in Atlanta, now I'm back in the lab!! chilling out like this!!

Earlier episodes?  talking to West Coast kinfolk, I-80 in Oakland adventures came to mind...

From 82nd and International to Castro Valley / Hayward! West Coast  Bay Area ventures came to mind!

Now listening to   funk & West Coast Classics Mix.. Vol.4. courtesy of San Francischool1989. ; check out the playlist and the mix!

Mentioned episodes of West Coasting earlier; who's work with a bruh not trying to get caught up in the system / matrix? 

***Track List: 

 1. Nate Dogg & Warren G - Nobody does it better.

2. Snoop Dogg Feat. Daz Dillinger & Raphael Saadiq - Midnight Love. 

3. Mack 10 - Foe life.

4. Kam - Way a life.

5. Big Mack - Microphone.

6. Snoop Dogg Presents Tha Eastsidaz Duces N' Trays - I Don't Know. 

7. Tymatale - So sexy.

8. Dj Battlecat - Waterdrop.

 9. A-1 Swift - 03. Don't Cry (It's Gonna Be Alright). 

10. Skoota - A Winner. 

11. K-Maxx - Get my thoughts.

12. Tupac - To Live & Die In L.A. feat. Val Young. 

13. C-Bo - Groovin' On A Sunday. 

14. Boo - Real playaz. 

15. Kock D Zel - Dreams (Smooth G-Funk). 

16. South Central Cartel - Stay Out Da Hood.

Friday, September 22, 2017

RUDIMENTAL (DJ Set) at Mixmag Brooklyn

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what my people like to call Flashback Friday!! it's all good..

Digital? analog? the saga / struggle continues!! I gave the cash back, doing it my way!! now I'm back in the hood!

Let the music play!! that's what I told them when they asked me, what's good? damn!! here we go again!!

Jazz / funk / soul / hip hop  / drum and bass /  house music? my people can use it!! damn!! here we go again!!

All the above elements are present per listening to  the  RUDIMENTAL (DJ Set) at Mixmag Brooklyn..

Retro-futuristic business is evident per this Flashback Friday!! check out the playlist and the mix!! is Brooklyn in the house? oh yes!! they're cooking!!

1. Rudimental - Healing (feat. Joseph Angel) 

2. Shadow Child - So High (Extended Mix) 

3. Ebo Taylor & Pat Thomas - Ene Nyame 'A' Mensuro (Henrik Schwarz Blend)

4. Steve Lawler - House Record 

5. St Germain - Rose rouge (Live Edit)

6. Ruffneck feat Yavahn - Everybody Be Somebody - (UNKNOWN REMIX)

7. Sun Comes Up - Rudimental Feat. James Arthur ( House of Mizchif Official Remix )

8. Kanye West ft Post Malone & Ty Dolla $ign - Fade (GotSome Edit) 

9. ID 

10. Rudimental & The Martinez Brothers - No Fear 

11. Rudimental Rumour Mill feat Anne Marie & Will Heard (Machinedrum Mix)


12. Sub Focus & Rudimental - Trouble (ft. Chronixx & Maverick Sabre)

13. Jessie Ware - Midnight (Goldie Remix) 

14. Swindle - Elevator (ft. TC) 

15. Rudimental - I Will For Love (Roni Size Remix)

16. J Hus - Common Sense - (UNKNOWN REMIX)

17. Deekline & Ed Solo - No, No, No (Serial Killaz RMX) 

18. Reggie Stepper - Drum Pan Sound 

19. Rudimental ft. Ed Sheeran - Lay It All On Me (Calyx & TeeBee Remix)

20. D'Angelo - Brown Sugar

21. Deekline & Ed Solo feat. Top Cat - Bad Boys

22. Rudimental - Feel The Love ft. John Newman

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Monstercat: Call of the Wild Ep. 169 | Gammer, Soupandreas and Bad Computer

Digital Crate Digging Continues in the Throwback Thursday portal; how will the sport go?

Going back to the future, I go back then make the next move bro! you didn't know how it go?

These are retro-futuristic New Moon in Virgo / Fall Equinox type of moves!! we're doing what we do even though lights blink on the instrument panel...

It can work both ways;  in the vehicle it's detrimental but on the sound box? it means it's a funky instrumental!!

The  Brotha O plays this electronic music from  Monstercat: Call of the Wild Ep. 169 | Gammer, Soupandreas and Bad Computer

Oh yes!! it's part of the Sonic Assault along with jazz / soul music / hip hop ands other genres!! check out the playlist and the mix!! somebody overheard they sound; they said son you have a bad (as in good)  computer!!

🎹 Tracklist 

00:00:41 Stonebank - Droppin’ Low

00:04:06 Botnek & I See Monstas - Deeper Love (Duko Remix) 

00:07:51 PIXL - Buzz Kill [Monstercat Throwback]

00:12:30 Bad Computer - New Dawn

00:16:53 Noisestorm - This Feeling

00:21:14 Soupandreas - Sprite [Monstercat Exclusive]

00:23:19 Candyland & RICCI - Touch Me

00:27:13 Topi - Swapping Things

00:29:50 RICCI Boom 00:33:34 MYRNE - Afterdark (ft. Aviella) 

00:36:34 Conro - Lay Low (ft. David Benjamin)

00:40:17 MYRNE - Confessions (ft. Cozi Zuehlsdorff [Monstercat Spotlight]

00:43:59 DROELOE - Jump (ft. Nevve)

00:47:21 Draper - Joyride 

00:50:46 Gammer - Lets Get Crunk [Monstercat Exclusive] 

00:53:10 Pegboard Nerds & NGHTMRE - Superstar (ft. Krewella) 

00:56:32 Grabbitz - Follow Me

I Gave Them A Thumbs Up PT. 10

It's going down as usual!! excuse me but I have this Throwback Thursday mindset. 

I gave a thumbs up to past episodes,  they made me who I am today! blessed by it?

I signed a peace treaty with the past,  now I'm going through renovations. 

God is not through with me yet , please be patient per Sis. Albertina Walker and Rev. James Cleveland, so what were you believing?  the masses will be impressed by the innovations. 

Like Kyrie Irving leaving Cleveland or Kevin Durant tweeting,  odd behavior exhibited by being caught up in unpleasant situations?  oh yes!! I was even a hot mess. 

Damn!! I still am,  check how I'm swerving!!  but some may give a thumbs up to this hot messenger!!  like Hurricane Maria? strength we gathered to deal with the stress

We kept it moving / we keep on trucking per Eddie Kendricks on some Throwback Thursday business!!  

We kept grooving!! we kept on rolling like an interstate trucker, the backbone of commerce / business..

But what's the business? per Throwback Thursday did love abandon us like Rose Royce? games were played, but I didn't participate.

..Didn't like how some of those folk rolled up, I couldn't give them a thumbs up!!  per the Graham-Cassidy /  Obamacare repeal and replace I see how some are contributing to the debate!! 

..It's those who were full of hate!! some of my constituents gave me a thumbs up for blasting with the Sonic Assault!!  hitting up those that try to prevent this or that from going down!! haters doing their job? 

Throwing salt into the game!!  I couldn't give them a thumbs up!! they're  hustle knocking  / planting roadside bombs / IED's or grenades they lob.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Outback Chronicles (A Terrible / Terrific Tuesday Edition)

Check out these Outback Chronicles as I clean up the remnants of Hurricane Irma that hit Dekalb County. 

I'm not out of it!! chronologically writing this Rembrandt!! I heard some are in pain, plus on their souls the system had a bounty. 

Psychological and sociological factors were mitigating advances! jokers were cavalier like Trump at the UN..

Hustle knocking was like disturbing the earth, now Hurricane Maria advances and  check the earthquakes in Mexico!  jokers need to quit playing..

We're rocking,  but what's it all worth?  you've found me out here picking up tree limbs and raking leaves.

It's rough out here in more ways than one! it's like I'm out here hanging on a tree limb hearing chainsaws beneath me after a fake one deceives. 

Was it a by product of the ill conduct? I guess one believes what he wants to believe. 

I continue doing what I do!! trying to conduct or govern myself accordingly / in an orderly fashion trying to achieve. 

Still clashing with thought and fashion police!! from Georgia Tech to St Louis I still hear cries of no justice no peace!!

I'm cashing out while some play themselves selling out or cashing in; disrespecting themselves, acting brand new with this? please!

The trash is out as Dekalb County Sanitation rides through collecting debris...

Mashing out for freedom is the usual business but at the moment practicing stewardship of the Lord's blessings!! of course haters are still stressing like the GOP and Obamacare!! others are out there mixed in the cosmic debris..

Monday, September 18, 2017

The Crusaders ~ Merry Go Round

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Music Monday!! We're listening to some classic jazz funk from The Crusaders with a track called  Merry Go Round!! Check out the players and the track..

I Gave Them A Thumbs Up PT.9

Oh yes!! it's going down!! we're all Riders of The Storm per The Doors!! I gave my fellow constituents a thumps up!!

We dealt with Hurricane Harvey / Hurricane Irma now we've got  Hurricane Maria knocking on doors, trying to run up!!

Who'll start with me? Tears For Fears said Everybody Wants To Rule The World now some are caught up in the system / matrix /   woven into the fabric. 

Caught up in an unpleasant situation but O-Zone steers the mothership to a safe haven / safe harbor!  I was cut from a different cloth or fabric. 

 I give my people a thumbs up!! dropping mathematics on the masses victimized by middle passages,  amongst other things.

 A fool rushed in or runs up but we're dropping fanatics per fighting stances!!  somebody might understand what a brotha brings. 

A brotha cold crushed them then rings the alarm for my people,  but some are already woke!! I gave them a thumbs up, they peeped game. 

Now some talk about boycotting the system (The NFL and their sponsors)  per Colin Kaepernick!!   some continue to trick, they didn't stay woke!!  they fell asleep in the game. 

Some had a shadow of a doubt, the money mesmerized them!!  they're caught up,  saying it's hard to cut ties. 

Some had to run out!! surprised when ear shattering gunshots exploded, some of them verbal like Trump Twitter rants!!  some are injured / cut by the lies. 

My people aren't done out here!! I gave them a thumbs up when I saw them moving, even though we had to sacrifice..

My people aren't done out here!! I gave them a thumbs up, even though the saga / struggle continues!! "it ain't nothing nice"

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Hardrock Soul Movement - Double Def Fresh

Sunday Jazz Continues, as we come out of left field with a little something / something!!

Still jazz hopping / wasn't quiting / stopping; I didn't yield!! I might be onto something!!

The sound is bumping!! wasn't quiting / stopping; I didn't yield!! I'm crossing borders / boundaries!!

Putting it down before Trump builds the Wall, so what's up y'all? check how the sound will be..

We're listening to the  Hardrock Soul Movement with a track called Double Def Fresh!!

Is O-Dog a hard rock with soul? check the movement!! it's funky fresh..

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Ivo Perelman Quartet ‎– The Hour Of The Star

Sunday Jazz, err I mean Digital Crate Digging Continues per the Saturday Night Fever!! 

Well, I have been in a Sunday Jazz mood!! We're listening to The Ivo Perelman Quartet ‎with a track called The Hour Of The Star!! Check out the players and the track..         

Friday, September 15, 2017

Laurence Guy ‎– Saw You For The First Time

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Flashback Friday!! we're trying to follow the principles...

Digital? analog? the saga / struggle continues!! we didn't swallow the doctrine from the so called invincible

We get with you!! what's on these menus? that was the questioned asked by those looking for a good meal..

Jazz / funk / soul and hip hop is usually dropped!! but it's been a rough week, some are trying to chill..

What's the deal? we're listening to some new school house music / jazzdance with some Flashback Friday / old school tendencies courtesy of  Laurence Guy with a track called Saw You For The First Time ...

What's the deal? it's a nice smooth track to chill to, capture the real you? maybe for the first time!   


I Gave Them A Thumbs Up PT 8

I gave my people the thumbs up while moving through different realms!  I'm back and forth like Cameo!! 

Yesterday?   Throwback Thursday! today?  Flashback Friday!  back to the future I go. 

...As I go for what I know; I'm  breaking beats and dealing with this broken English.

Not breaking bread like Trump, Chuck and Nancy then afterwards talk slick or fancy!! I gave a thumps up to  DACA constituents that feel the pain and anguish. 

They'll deal with it;  but some say how strange she is,  Cameo said they like it per the ode to Flashback Friday.  

Who is she? the daughter of chaos shows excitement per her cameo appearance!! now hustlers will hustle and players will play.

They'll give her a thumbs up but it's chaotic, after charges get trumped up!!  check the enlightenment as some fear this!!  let us pray said the man or even woman of the cloth. 

They'll rock it!! but check the politics!! like the Atlanta mayoral race everybody wants to be a boss like Rick Ross, soon drinking the elixir or broth. 

...Or they'll flex the strong arm muscle like Hoss Cartwright,  might even fire missiles like North Korea

The sport is complex!!  I gave a thumps up to rookies like Deshaun Watson as they lead their teams to victory but they'll learn lessons the hard way per the mass hysteria.

The sport is complex but this Louisville representative was hip to the plot and scheme son!! I didn't debate with them!! we're in the lab putting work in like it's the Large Hadron Collider!! please, we put it down cousin.

We move on to the next, I gave my people a thumbs up after It happens!! it's not tentative, per Kenny Rogers and The First Edition I've seen what condition my condition is in.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Monstercat: Call of the Wild Ep. 168 | Jay Cosmic, Stonebank, Topi

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Throwback Thursday, but I took it in another direction...

Digital? analog? I go back then move forward into the future during this search for perfection...

O-Dog will start a sonic insurrection in your section as the music plays!! it's on!!

Mothership connection kinfolk who went for broke!! getting loose with it!! word from O-Zone..

It's on again!! checking out the latest electronic music from  Monstercat: Call of the Wild Ep. 168 | Jay Cosmic, Stonebank, Topi

Check out the playlist and the mix!! damn!! they're a monster with it!! it's wold!! please believe me!!

🎹 Tracklist

00:00:41 Dirtyphonics x Bassnectar - Watch Out (ft. Ragga Twins)

 00:03:54 Muzzy - Get Crazier

00:07:11 Rogue x Stonebank x Slips & Slurs - Unity

00:10:08 Stonebank - By Your Side (ft. EMEL) 

00:13:51 Topi - Got To Be [spotlight]

00:17:01 Haywyre - Moment

00:20:12 Direct - Memory (Mr FijiWiji Remix) 

00:23:46 MYRNE - Confessions (ft. Cozi Zuehlsdorff) [Monstercat Exclusive]

00:27:49 Conro - Chardonnay (ft. Karra)

00:30:50 Varien & 7 Minutes Dead - Mirai Sekai Pt 1, Neo-Seoul 

00:33:53 Topi - Bad Language

00:36:29 Seven Lions & Echos - Cold Skin

00:39:54 Razihel - Seeking of the Truth (ft. Taryn Manning) [Monstercat Throwback]

00:44:35 Jauz & Pegboard Nerds - Get On Up (Grabbitz Remix)

00:48:25 Slips & Slurs - Haunted 

00:51:56 Jay Cosmic - Ascend [Monstercat Exclusive]

00:56:02 Trivecta - Break Me (ft. Karra)

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

I Gave Them A Thumbs Up PT 7

I gave them a thumbs up!! it's going down,  as I like to start my post with this phrase.

I gave them a thumbs up!! then this good word is dropped and beats are drummed up!! breakbeat scientific with it,  hoping its the phrase that pays.

Who'll give me a thumbs up? probably nobody, but if not?  I'm still blessed, God is good!! thanks are extended. 

Like the Trump / Russia investigation?  society still stressed!!  I fight back with this good word and breakbeats that are blended. 

Ignored the instigation!! shady verdicts were rendered, dirty money /  bank notes were tendered!!  we fight back like North Korea threatened to do because of sanctions.  

..Even though Trump and Sen. Tim Scott were meeting progress is hindered,  no thumbs up extended check the scenario! these mathematics are dropped in response, qualifying us for sanctification? 

What it do? beats thumped as "The Stankin Lankin"  aka the old school Lincoln Continental cut the corner over off of Candler Road in Decatur. 

Damn!! I'm stumped;  did it pass the emissions test?  fumes and smoke filled the corner!! I couldn't give dude a thumbs up so now they said I'm out of order because I'm a hater.

No thumbs up extended when eight were killed at a Dallas Cowboy watch party!! it's like hackers hitting up the mainframe,  plus they contaminated the software.

No thumbs up extended when jackers hit up those in pain for being soft out there.

We're going off out here!! it's based on knowledge flipped at the Institute for Breakbeat Scientific Studies.

We're going off!!  thumbs up to those down for the cause!! there are no armchair quarterbacks in these huddles!  please.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Ron Trent - City Beat

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Terrible / Terrific ! lets get into some jazz / house / techno / electro with my dude Ron Trent...with a cut called the City Beat...Let's Go!!

Monday, September 11, 2017

I Gave Them A Thumbs Up PT. 6

It's going down!! I gave my people a thumbs up even though  storms blow through our lives like it's Hurricane Irma. 

...Currently blowing through Atlanta!! some might understand a brotha, saying we haven't got over Hurricane Harvey type of episodes!!  reaching thresholds? an earthling is a hard headed lesson learner? 

Reality check earners? street knowledge gained back in the day up in Louisville / Newburg hanging at Turners with my constituents. 

It's was like  attending Life University!!  during the adversity?  some couldn't take it even though I gave them a thumbs up!! some were drunk / smoked out / hooked on opiates and barbiturates.

 I gave them a thumbs up even though my people are struggling!! the opioids epidemic doesn't surprise me!! that's how constituents deal with the pain.

Paranoid schizophrenics were  prize chasing, but nothing was  guaranteed by the constitution!! these days?  some are just trying to maintain

The mathematics? I gave some a thumbs up as they studied scriptures like Matthew 5:6  that mentioned blessed are those that hunger and thirst for righteousness. 

The mathematics? check the mixtures provided by O-Dizzle!! they're  are based on being hungry and thirsty in the darkness,  but knowing where the light is.

I couldn't give some a thumbs up; they said the mathematics were leading to sanctification but others kept waiting in the dark  / vehicles in park;  but we kept it moving.

I couldn't give give some a thumbs up; others kept hating, riots they'll spark!!  per expanded sanctions? North Korea revolutionaries mentioned showing and proving. 

I couldn't give some a thumbs up; others kept debating irrelevant issues that were Trump Tweets; weapons of mass distraction. 

This brotha was not relating to them and those!  benevolence was absent like those derelict of their duties!!  plus authorities were like high gas prices due to the hurricanes; they  requested duties and fees,  they were taxing. 

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Leon Huff / I Ain't Jivin', I'm Jammin'

Sunday Jazz  Continues!! We're checking out this classic jazz /  funk / soul from Leon Huff  with I Ain't Jivin', I'm Jammin'....TSOP y'all !! The Sound Of Philadelphia!!! Let's Go!!

late night vibes...

Sunday Jazz Continues; my constituents are in chill mode on this day of reflection...

Much respect to my people in Florida dealing with Hurricane Irma; plus Hurricane Harvey victims we're respecting...

Reflecting on this day of reflection!! at another intersection NFL football is celebrated!! any Colin Kaepernick boycotts? 

Boy please!! the masses are not hearing that y'all; you know they'll fall for the latest scheme / plot!!

We're chilling out; we're not having it!! we're chilling out in the lab in the middle of the day like it's a late night, check the vibes..

We're dealing with it; out here with a flashlight in the daylight looking for it? we fired up the melting pot, cooking it!!  conducting sonic rehab!! check the playlist and the mix per late night vibes...

0:00 idealism - dont say a word 

2:22 through & through - mom. 

 4:52 Aso - Lucid Dreams

7:37 fujitsu - too far gone

9:21 Arbour - elusive 

10:54 Philanthrope - RealEstate 

12:32 idealism - midnight, somewhere 

15:47 Harris Cole - Louie's lullaby

18:39 fujitsu - azure

20:49 Knowmadic - Fade

23:26 jinsang - undersea 

24:36 KUPLA - Still Breathing

27:17 nohidea. - you don't have to cry 

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Monstercat: Call of the Wild Ep. 167 (Compound 2017 Soundbites)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Throwback Thursday; but I had my eye on the future...

Not going back too far, opening up the scab / scar!! not trying to do that bruh!!

My mind travels far;  way way out there!! finding myself outside the box..

The mystery unravels; at the end of the day? some might even say O-Dizzle rocks...

Monstercat: Call of the Wild Ep. 167 (Compound 2017 Soundbites) rocks in the background..

A monster with that? it's wild!! check out the playlist and the mix; some might get lost in the sound..


00:00:42 Tokyo Machine - OKAY

00:04:05 Nitro Fun - Final Boss 

00:08:45 Vicetone - Apex

00:11:15 Noisestorm - Eclipse [Monstercat Throwback]

00:15:30 Tokyo Machine - BUBBLES

00:19:19 Going Quantum x Psychic Type - Rare 

00:23:08 Slips & Slurs & Harry Shotta - Moving Hectic [Monstercat Exclusive]

00:26:44 Tristam - The Vine

00:30:23 Rich Edwards - For You (ft. Park Avenue)

00:33:47 INTERCOM - Decoy World (ft. Park Avenue) [Monstercat Spotlight] 

00:37:12 [Soundbites from Compound 2017]

00:37:35 Subtact - Tunnel Vision

00:42:41 Priority One & TwoThirds - Hunted (ft. Jonny Rose)

00:47:05 Topi - Got To Be [Monstercat Exclusive]

00:49:08 Stonebank - Ready

00:53:10 Rameses B - Neon Rainbow (ft. Anna Yvette) 

00:56:51 Haywyre - Endlessly