Friday, January 31, 2020

Cashing Reality Checks and Making Sound Effects PT.10

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Fabulous / Flashback Friday; you know O-Dizzle is all about those sound effects...

The saga / struggle continues also; life goes on!! "holla at us" / "holler if ya hear me" per 2Pac, O-Zone will rock! especially after cashing those reality checks..

This  saga / struggle continues even though this is the concept finale; check the perpetual motion, O-Zone had a notion!!!

January is coming to a close, in 2020 we see the devil will still oppose per the weird energy exhibited!! dealing with it!! drinking a hot cup of coffee, like I told you earlier old dude form East Saint Louis said get in the fray after you drink your elixir / broth / choose your poison...

February; Black History Month? please!! this Louisville dude is making history every day  like that Louisville Legend Dave Cee aka Young Nitt aka Nitt Pitino was; chill!! that's what I told a dude over in Newburg after he lost his poise rolling in the Ford Torino...

...back in the day per Flashback Friday; now what's the deal? Lord's will I'm doing things my way; now cashing reality checks and making sound effects!! your dude is on the scene bro!!

Dipping down I-20 in Atlanta, we're not out of these hoods yet!!  it goes down from out here in Decatur to East Point / College Park!

Understand a brotha, my constituents are cashing reality checks From Louisville / Newburg to Charlotte / Mecklenburg;  from Yemen / to the Mideast per the Trump / Netanyahu so called   Palestines peace con game on down to Johannesburg!! who's still waiting in the dark?

Understand a brotha,? when making sound effects O-Dizzle consulted with aliens from Pluto to Mars who told him how the funk should go!! meanwhile on earth some were acting dysfunctional  like they're geeked!!  just a bunch of eager beavers? 

.....soon caught out there in the Trumpism Cult paid off by the corrupt; time will reveal,  we found out they're under achievers.

Cashing reality checks and making sound effects as this good word is dropped and beats  bump but they're accusing us of being non believers when things are what they are ;  it is what it is!!

Cashing checks and making sound effects like Doug E Fresh and Slick Rick? oh yes!! in 2020 and beyond? Lord willing we're coming out fresh with a brand new batch!! that's what the deal is!!

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Cashing Reality Checks and Making Sound Effects PT.9

It's going down on this Throwback Thursday so I've got on my standard uniform for the occasion; rocking the blue number 20 Barry Sanders jersey plus an 05 Fubu hat...

Who'll work with me? this breakbeat science considered weird / quirky? those hating said "you need to go on with that"

Who'll work with me? we're on that!! acquiring that universal currency; reality checks were deposited into our accounts..

Confirming dude's attitude that his constituents  aren't worried about the Trump impeachment?  distracted / more concerned with rent or mortgage payments / car notes and payrolls deposited into their accounts?

Learning another's attitude about the constitution will soon have them  pumping brakes, tires screeched after realizing some will circumvent their freedom...

Learning another's attitude? an ill institution is hit up by beats that are bumping!! O-Dizzle is in the lab with the sonic assault, making sound effects!! soon y'all will see him!!

Check the attitude after cashing reality checks and making sound effects; out on the edges / out on the margin with this!! but still had Sunshine like Avery!! 

Check the attitude after cashing reality checks and making sound effects; out there / on the edges; in Babylon? no telling how the behavior will be!

Cashing reality checks, the game / life? your dude respects!! like the Trump Impeachment defense revealing their ill strategy it's something a dude expects; one thing for certain;  nothing is enslaving me, please!!  knowledge is power!

Making sound effects up in this game!! work is put in blue collar style!!  check the lab techniques that are enhanced,  check the behavior!! it's going down all the way down to the last hour!

Out there in the fire shower!! not waiting on Jusitce John Roberts or John Bolton to save us, survival techniques are enhanced out here in the Babylon wilderness.

Progress is made, but in 2020 jokers are still  out here robbing and stealing on so many different levels / rolling with different devils!! were not out of these hoods / woods yet!! O-Zone "is  knowing"  what the deal is.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Young Nitt feat Mac-D - Hump Thang

Digital Crate Digging Continues  per this HumpDay Extravaganza; broadcasting live and direct from Atlanta!! 

The saga / struggle continues; life goes on!! getting over the hump is the business, somebody will understand a brotha!!

The saga / struggle continues; life goes on!! beats bump and this good word is dropped in response to the toil and strife; it's on!! we're all up in the spot where reason gave way to madness

Once again it's on as we get breakbeat scientific!! O-Zone already mentioned it's a method to the madness...

Once again it's on!! from I-65 up in Louisville to out here on I-20 in Atlanta we're back with this!!

Once again it's on!! all the way live with this Louisville business; listening to Dave Cee aka  Nitt Pitino aka Young Nitt feat Mac-D with the  Hump Thang; this is what the deal is..

He's gone home now, that's real deal business and he's missed; we're paying homage / respect we're going to keep the legacy going!

O-Dog Day Partying with a purpose is how we'll work this; "going for what we're knowing"

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Jack Back and CeCe Rogers - Freedom (Low Steppa Boiling Point Extended Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can play out either way..

The saga / struggle continues; life goes on as we claim the terrific outcome, celebrating with the drum as we let the music play...

Let us pray was the movement, then we'll take action;  rocking check the celebration / O-Dog Day Partying...

You can bear witness, no need to go before the Senate in the Trump Impeachment Trial even though John Bolton should; the Ukraine business? he was around when they started that thing!!

You should know what the deal is when we're on the set; beats bump and we'll reach out to our constituents in the heart of this thing by getting breakbeat scientific...

We're all about freedom, even listening to Jack Back and CeCe Rogers with Freedom (Low Steppa Boiling Point Extended Mix)

Cashing Reality Checks and Making Sound Effects PT.8

The saga / struggle continues, one of my favorite catch phrases!! just another way for me to say life goes on...

O-Zone? in 2020 it seems I'm cashing more reality checks than usual, direct deposits made into the account?  damn!! another episode? once again it's on!!

Toil and strife on another level was we try to make it to the next level? it plays out either way on this so called Terrible / Terrific Tuesday..

Oil for the anointing? we'll pray for the terrific outcome, then celebrating with this good word and the drum, as we let the music play!!

Society wasn't anointing / appointing us but you can spot us "all up in the spot" ; its more than a cameo appearance when O-Dizzle makes these sound effects / bangs these breakbeats.

Society wasn't anointing / appointing us, disappointing us!! O-Zone will cash these reality checks after taking these clearance rack epiphanies to the streets.

Taking it to the streets  like Doobie Brothers, maybe like  protesters in Paris France, mad about the circumstance!! still out here taking a chance,  avoiding narcs and undercovers trying to trump up charges.

Knowledge gained under church steeples, in colleges and on the streets!! hip  to mafia moves made by these Donald Trump types; please!! when cashing these reality checks I realize its all game; that's where you should charge this!

Doing this for my peoples!! the collage is considered hazardous material but what we have is spiritual!! 

Knowing you'll reap what you sow!! reality has us out here cashing checks so we can buy a clue!!

O-Zone wouldn't lie to you, plus when O-Dizzle is making sound effects he'll put a "message in the music"

In this zone? rolling like the O-Jays when we make these plays!! for positive effects? it's conducive..

Monday, January 27, 2020

Cashing Reality Checks and Making Sound Effects PT.7

We're back on the set again on this Monday morning after a brief hiatus, we were dealing with what fate has in store for all of us..

Bringing it back, affecting how we'll play this!! oh we're like the Side Effect or the Crusaders keeping that same old feeling / intensity;  realizing a lot of things are on us...

No justice no peace was the outcry, especially after  jokers tried to fade us; we heard the lie from a Democrat or Republican politician..

Dropping knowledge like Lez Parnas or Adam Schiff as priorities shift per the paradigm shift? it's rough out here, so how're you living? 

Veiled threats made to Adam Schiff by Trump? opposition is met when trying to get over the hump like it's the HumpDay Extravaganza..

Still bring beats that bump, relaxing our minds / getting our minds right per the 20 /20 hindsight, especially after cashing reality checks; somebody will understand a brotha...

Oh yes!! cashing reality checks!! direct deposits into minds / accounts, similar to a cash app? O-Zone mentioned the electronic thoughts transfer earlier...

Oh yes!! still making sound effects but your homie also collects sounds and  mixes from around the world; DJ's worldwide will put in work too..

Oh yes!! O-Zone still connects with the Lord, but I had questions about his moves when Nitt Pitino died...

So what's really going on in 2020? no disrespect but your dude was asking the Lord after Kobe Bryant died!!

Authority is not defied as far as the Lord's business is concerned; his will is done on earth as it is in heaven per Matthew 6:10..

Hostile territory survival tactics are enhanced; that's the business!! we're still cashing reality checks and making sound effects reflected per these transcripts, dropping knowledge like John Bolton..

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Joshua Redman - Leap Of Faith

Sunday Jazz Continues on this Sunday afternoon; we're just trying to get back in the groove after a brief hiatus...

Chilling, not spazzing or rolling with comedians razzing, Afternoon Jazzing is the move we'll make / how we'll play this!!

What more can I say about this? not hazing new recruits soon lost due to disputes plus we're not being cute with this; no denials like the GOP concerning Trump / Parnas recordings..

Not in denial or being defiant, rest in peace / power / paradise to Nitt Pitino and Koby Bryant; on the Lord? we're reliant trying to increase our faith but 2020 is already off the chain!! we'll relieve the pain with this good word and jazz recordings..

Not in denial or being defiant, per this jazz recording? Joshua Redman mentioned a  Leap Of Faith; we'll leap like we have that vertical like Kobe Bryant in his prime or like Darrell Griffith aka Dr. Dunkenstein...

...especially since we just got back from Louisville, check out the players and  listen to this smooth track to know the deal!!  increasing our faith trusting in the Lord as I continue to go for mine..

Bass – Reuben Rogers

 Drums – Gregory Hutchinson

Guest [Special Guest], Tenor Saxophone – Mark Turner

Piano – Aaron Goldberg 

Tenor Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Producer [Produced By], Composed By, Arranged By – Joshua Redman


Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Cashing Reality Checks and Making Sound Effects PT.6

Check us out as old concepts are revived based on how we're living; we're still out here cashing reality checks and making sound effects..

It's going down on this so called Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can play out either way,  but we survived previous episodes per the Lord's blessings even though we're dealing with the side effects..

Per the Side Effect we're trying to Keep That Same Old Feeling but we're out here dealing with the GOP and Mitch McConnell shady dealing per the Trump impeachment..

Jokers try to wreck the already shady system, the GOP and Midnight Mitch aka Moscow Mitch  clock Russian cash / digits per the shady dealing!! somebody told O-Zone to preach it!!

Jokers try to test the system, Nas and AZ tried to school them back in the day mentioning Life's A Bitch then you die...

Jokers try to test the system, O-Zone even tried to school them telling them it's rough out here!! rest in peace / power / paradise to Nitt Pitino, I even questioned the Lord; why did he die?

Another test from the system, danger zone residency?  the evidence presented to me; I'm out here cashing reality checks..

The Lord blessed them and those that kept the faith, now your dude is dipping down I-20 in Atlanta; in the Aquarius sunbeams we'll now bathe!! soon dropping this good word and making sound effects..

Damn!!!  I'm tapping on this Samsung or iPhone once again; next up was the Yamaha keyboards and the Roland drum machine; 20 /20 vision per 2020 clashes with 20 /20 hindsight; was there too much free time on my hands?

Listening to some old Brotha Lynch Hung? next up the Steve Miller and Buddy Miles bands? 

Cashing reality checks as "time keeps on slipping / slipping / slipping into the future" / plus "my mind is going through them changes"

Making sound effects,  dropping this breakbeat science..but life is a bitch;  Cameo told me how strange she is!!! 

Sunday, January 19, 2020

DJ Cam Quartet - Raise Up

Sunday Jazz Continues, you'll have to excuse a dude but you've caught me "cold chilling"

Sunday? it's a day of reflection / internal inspection; The Seventh Day? I mentioned earlier, even there's work to do but there's no shady dealing!!

Running away from responsibilities? naw, but jokers were  disrespecting,  questioning the abilities but it's going down at the proper time and place...

Gunning away!! sonic assaults will be launched connecting the dots as we deal with these!!  it's going down at the proper time and place...

This is not hazardous material what we have is spiritual!! peeping game connecting the schemes / plots; told a devil he'll have to raise up..

Back with this!! so what it do? we're not sleeping in the game we're jazz hopping; check out the players and the track, per listening to the DJ Cam Quartet with a track called Raise Up

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Jazzanova - Heatwave (with Olivier St. Louis) (Jazzanova Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this Saturday Night Fever Edition; at the moment? this is how we're living..

The saga / struggle continues, life goes on!! holla at me if you're a believer!! knowing reality is unforgiving..

Reality? we're remixing what did you expect DJ O-Zone /  O-Dizzle to do? now check this good word and the sound!! this is how we're living..

Really? who's kicking us out of the program  like Prince Harry and Meghan, said we're misbehaving!! 

Really? who's kicking us when we're down!! mentally enslaving? we'll play it like Ted Lieu told Devin Nunes to "shove it"

Rocking the skull cap, it's cold outside and supposed to get colder, it's a cold world we'll have to get bolder if we're going to make it; the drama? some love it!!

What's up with it? we're rocking, it's about to get hot in here per Jazzanova with Heatwave  (with Olivier St. Louis) (Jazzanova Remix)

What's up with it? we're rocking, Saturday Night Fevering!!  getting over the hump!! this Louisville brotha is getting breakbeat scientific!!

Friday, January 17, 2020

Funky Techy Classics Jan 2020

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday / Fabulous Friday; of course your dude will be retro - futuristic with it..

Check me out as I take it back to the future like I'm rolling in a time machine, observing the scene; some thought your dude missed it..

Worldwide with it, circling the globe like the Australian wildfire smoke my spirits not broke, even though the saga / struggle continues

Riding for it! what? freedom!!  strobe lights blink at the O-Dog Day Party but naysayers start with me!! similar to  jets shot down like the Ukrainians in Iran with the point of impeding? the madness continues..

Riding for it, back with this!! listening to Funky Techy Classics Jan 2020 courtesy of DJ Steve Adams..

Riding for it, back with this!! dropping funk, ignoring technicalities introduced!!  check the playlist and the jams..

1. House Of Virus vs Jimi Polo - Better Days (Hoxton Whores Remix)
2. Hotkey - Let The Music (Nick Hook Remix)
3. Candi Staton & Yuga - You Got The Love (Incognet Remix)
4. Kevin Andrews - Say Mumma
5. K69 - Get Up
6. Hoxton Whores - Gotta Think
7. Katta - Ultra Flava (The Cube Guys Mix)
8. Simon Doty - Downtown
9. Danny Clark & Jay Benham - Wondrous (David Penn Remix)
10. Lissat & Voltaxx - Release Yourself (Arbre Blass & Adam Reeves Dub)
11. Rough Cut ft Jeris Spencer - Somebody (Hoxton Whores & James Hurr Remix)
12. Kevin Andrews & Jason Chance - Cubism
13. Peter Brown - In Da House (Dolly Rockers Remix)
14. Hoxton Whores - Everybody Dance Now

Thursday, January 16, 2020

As We Proceed and Continue!! (Part Ten)

As we proceed and continue, it's a Throwback Thursday but of course we'll be retro- futuristic with it..

True indeed!! the saga / struggle continue as we go back to the future, life goes on!! like I mentioned before old dude from East Saint Louis said drink your elixir / choose your poison and deal with it..

So what's up? I had a moment or two, like walking the Articles of Impeachment over to the Senate we're dropping this composition to let my peeps know what it do.

The corrupt have a chokehold on the operations, any impartiality in the Senate? like in baseball jokers like Boston Red Sox and Houston Astros will cheat to win a pennant!!  check the collateral damage, now my people are out here in the ATL rush hour traffic trying to meet obligations / they're going through.

As we proceed and continue, bold with it even though we're going through it; reality? cold with it,  rest in peace / rest in power to Nitt Pitino still in his prime, damn!! he wasn't old with it!! meanwhile some are still out here acting like they knew it / know it based on previous episodes.

 As we proceed and continue, old enough to know God is good and he's in the blessing business even when we're going through it!!  even though some are  acting like they knew it; we're still out here dealing with fanatics who were in devious modes.

 As we proceed and continue!! it bodes well to rock the Armor of God  per Ephesians aka  rock the armor and shield as the devil and his advocates our waging spiritual warfare.

As we proceed and continue!! it's not odd if  motherlodes of supreme courage and maximum strength exhibited!!  taking it there!

Let the church say amen and say amen again!! check the declarations / quotes heard from the baptist preacher!

Who's putting in work trying to solve the riddle? transitions / transformations plus Lex Parnas type of information will introduce the baptism in fire that will teach ya!

As we proceed and continue, on this Throwback Thursday? were back with this/ trying to reach ya! who's waiting in the dark?  check these instigations, they'll  get hit up with this breakbeat science!

This is Breaking News from these BreakBeat Scientists, after we did the prognosis / we analyzed the information; using our minds.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Monstercat Uncaged Vol. 8 (Album Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; mentioned before, so named because things can play out either way...

The saga / struggle continues; life goes on as we claim the terrific outcome!! of course, we follow our our motto; "Let The Music Play"

...the celebration is underway; told a joker life is good because God is good, the toil and strife is par for the course, just good for a season or two...

O-Zone elaborations to go along with this sound? it's not odd, of course that's how this squad will get down / toil out here, we've got a good reason to..'s all about survival now check the arrival as we pull up listening to some drumstep , dubstep, electro, house music and trap music courtesy of Monstercat Uncaged Vol. 8 (Album Mix)

Check the arrival!! check the playlist and the mix these cats are a monster with that!! check the sound!! don't know how we missed them but  we'll have to catch Vol 6 and Vol  7 on the flip side as we continue to ride /   as we go off on another tangent;  still getting breakbeat scientific..

0:00:00 Eptic - Power 0:04:15 Bossfight - Beat Down 0:08:05 Crankdat - Who I Am 0:11:04 Justin OH - Don’t Bring Me Down 0:13:49 Justin OH & Xilent - Assemble 0:16:25 WHIPPED CREAM & REAPER - Shouldn’t 0:18:47 Aero Chord - The Sound 0:21:39 Pegboard Nerds - Computa Hakka (ft. Ragga Twins) 0:24:45 REAPER - OBLIVION 0:28:00 REAPER - SAWTOOTH 0:30:37 Crankdat - Falling 0:34:56 Notaker - From Dust & Ashes 0:39:56 Habstrakt - Real 0:43:08 Tony Romera & SQWAD - St Tropez 0:46:30 Tony Romera - Heat Wave 0:50:14 Tokyo Machine - TURBO 0:52:48 Stonebank - Life & Death 0:56:11 Julian Calor - Galactic Trumpet 0:58:45 Slushii & Dion Timmer - Test Me 1:01:32 Nitro Fun - Addicted 1:05:03 Pegboard Nerds - Exterminate 1:07:43 Gammer - Brostep Strikes Back 1:10:42 Dirtyphonics & Bossfight - Evil Inside 1:13:16 Slushii - Watch Yo Back 1:16:03 Pixel Terror - Bittersweet 1:19:22 Koven - Your Pain 1:22:33 Protostar & hayve - Isolation 1:26:41 Mazare & Philip Strand - Battlecry 1:30:35 Mazare & Essenger - Berserker 1:34:30 REAPER - SICK FLOW 1:37:41 Eptic - Violence 1:41:56 Eptic & Dillon Francis - Let It Go 1:44:50 KUURO & Clockvice - All Night 1:48:11 RIOT - Blackwater 1:52:57 Habstrakt - The One 1:56:36 Stonebank - To The Top 2:01:14 Tokyo Machine & YAKO - BAD BOY 2:04:10 Stonebank - Want Your Love (ft. EMEL) 2:08:18 Julian Calor & Aiobahn - Time 2:12:03 Gammer - This Is The End (ft. David Spekter)

Monday, January 13, 2020

As We Proceed and Continue!! (Part Nine)

It's going down on this rainy Monday Morning in Atlanta; didn't quit / stop, we'll proceed and continue!!  somebody will understand a brotha!!

This knowledge dropped is good for any day; utilizing a Fresh View / Fresh Vision in every way / every day; somebody will understand a brotha!!

Your dude hip hopped back in the day, actually? still  today!! funky fresh in the flesh was the old school hip hop slogan..

....along with As We Proceed and Continue!!  check the menu for the meal this is the Real Deal Holyfield, another old school hip hop slogan!!

As We Proceed and Continue, questions are asked per Music Monday; like the Lords Of The Underground who's  the chief rocka / chief rocker? I see O-Dizzle jams like Teddy Riley: Aaron Hall and Guy and them!

As We Proceed and Continue, questions are asked; who's the hustle or belief knocker? acting like those that criticize Lamar Jackson when we're up in the action; getting foul with me; trying to say I'm rolling like Trump concerning Iran,  I lie to them!

As We Proceed and Continue  everybody from hall monitors to gatekeepers to Hunger Games Peacekeepers jock us!! questioning us like Matt Rhule concerning  Cam Newton; not acting brand new with them!! we can be in the old or new schools!

As We Proceed and Continue, we're asking,  who started the ruckus? fronting like Newt Gingrich back in the day to Mitch McConnell with the Trump impeachment cover up today; it can be old or new fools!

As We Proceed and Continue? Old or new rules are ignored, we'll reach for it throwing TD passes like Patrick Mahomes, so what's up Holmes? like Bill O'Brien coaching the Houston Texans was erroneous information dispersed? 

 As We Proceed and Continue old or new tools are deployed to the work site!! will we blessed or cursed?

Roles are reversed!!!  360 degrees comes into play, old and new school attendants learn that what goes around comes around!

In the midst of the chaos and confusion? we proceed and continue, we're trying to achieve!! the bruh  O-Dizzle throws down!!

Sunday, January 12, 2020

As We Proceed and Continue!! (Part Eight)

Sunday Jazz Continues, but excuse a dude as I wax poetic for a minute or two, letting my peeps know what it do...

As we proceed and continue, this good word is on the menu, soul jazzing / jazz funking even jazz - hopping later, launching Sonic Assaults on a hater is what we'll do..

As we proceed and continue!! moving forward after the Cancer Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse, your dude still dips down I-20 in Atlanta aka the intergalactic junction, it's the runway / gateway to the universe..

The Pluto Martians Chronicles was our response earlier but we've got more work to do per todays Saturn Pluto Conjunction, so what's up son?  we'll drop the sound and the verse..

..or two so what it do? some will be stunned like the Tennessee Titans beating the Baltimore Ravens, please!! Lamar Jackson couldn't save them!!

So what it do? we're moving forward, as we proceed and continue we're checking the score though; some will say we're like Prince Harry and Meghan, misbehaving..

So what it do? we're moving forward, as we proceed and continue we're ignoring those like Trump starting things with Iran; misbehaving?  check the collateral damage when the Ukrainian jet was shot down!!

So what it do? we're moving forward, as we proceed and continue!! scoring points when beats bump and this good word is dropped? in 2020 this is how we'll put it down!!

Mentioned a Fresh Start in the last episode, a trip hop mix; tripped up when we try to move on to the next? I mentioned earlier the sport is complex..

Mentioned a fresh view / fresh vision in a previous episode while in breakbeat scientific mode, using that mode as we move on to the next!!

This is how we're living as we proceed and continue to move on to the next!! on into 2020 and this new 2020's decade..

This is how we're living as we proceed and continue!! Lord willing!!  mentioned earlier, check the menu as this good word and the sound is dropped!! soul food for the after Sunday morning service? this is the deal as we catch wreck exposing the world's ongoing illusion / charade!!

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Fresh Start - A Trip Hop Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Saturday afternoon, we were O-Dog Day Partying earlier..

Still on that same kind of vibe, but dropping something else on the tribe, O-Dog Day Partying mixed with some Afternoon Jazz, so who'll work with me?

Still on that same kind of vibe from 2019 into 2020? naw, I don't think we can go back to that; the portal closed due to the Cancer Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse from yesterday..

Still rolling with the same kind of tribe? it's on me to use discernment, lessons learned kid / knowing how the sport will go; spotted the devil dancer, a fool will swoon / hearts flip when the devil and his advocates run a play..

Meanwhile we'll let the music play, listening to Fresh Start - A Trip Hop Mix it's courtesy of a Confused Bi-Product of a Misinformed Culture

Check the style as we play this trip hop a cousin of jazzhop / hip hop; in 2020 we won't quit / stop!! check the playlist and the mix,  blessed to have a fresh start!! this sound and knowledge is dropped as we get breakbeat scientific!  check the conduct as we inform the culture!!

00:00 - Smokey Bandits - Subway Hustler (Renegades Of Jazz 'Breaks' Remix)
03:32 - Garaz - Spiral Glide
05:00 - The Allergies - This is Just a Ride
06:52 - Systemics - The Druids March
08:48 - Tosca - Boss On The Boat
09:50 - Tranquility Bass - Mya Yadana
11:44 - Boozoo Bajou - Under My Sensi (Thievery Corporation Mix)
12:13 - DJ Krush - Big City Lover
14:18 - Chu. - Brrrrrb
15:49 - Funki Porcini - Circle Line
17:04 - GrandHuit - Tournesol
17:59 - Lone Drum - Minnie
19:04 - Pretty Lights - Finally Moving
19:47 - Philter - Draw Your Weapon
21:33 - Sebo K. vs Kosma - El Nino
23:28 - The Breakbeat Junkie vs. DJP - Old Skool
24:44 - Boogiewood - Guy le arch
25:54 - Funky DL - The Nineties
27:42 - Knowz & Darkside - Mars Girls Naked And Aliens Smoking Weed
29:14 - Good Groove Orchestra - Back To The Groove
29:39 - Dusty Ohms - High Noon
30:30 - Doctor Evazan - Tulpa
32:05 - Poldoore - Moonshyne (Reshyne)
33:14 - Skin 4 - Maya
35:07 - Xploding Plastix - Funnybones & Lazylegs
38:08 - Boogie Belgique - Back To Nowhere
39:23 - Controller 7 - Unknown
41:05 - Urchin - Texas Yellow
42:57 - Psychic Soul Connection - Nux Vomica
43:54 - Skeewiff & Keith Mansfield - Effortless elegance
45:36 - La Funk Mob - Sans Remission
47:30 - 40 Winks - You (interlude)
50:30 - Jonathan Boyle - Moonlight Move
53:49 - Masterclass - Draw Out
57:14 - Boards of Canada - Music Is Math