Monday, August 31, 2015

Monstercat Podcast Ep. 071 (WRLD Takeover)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; we're checking out some electro, house music, drum and bass and other flavors per this Monstercat Podcast Ep. 071 (WRLD Takeover)..Check out the playlist and the mix..

00:31 Jauz & Pegboard Nerds - Get On Up
04:25 PIXL & Pairanoid - Bring It
06:25 Tut Tut Child - Made It For Me (feat. Kendall Morgan)
09:23 PIXL & Pairanoid - Bring It [Reprise]
10:40 Televisor - Old Skool (Fractal Remix)
15:53 TVDS - Bumblebee
19:45 Mitchell Claxton - Koh Samui (feat. Angie Coombes) [Monstercat Throwback]
23:11 Au5 - Blossom
26:09 Noisestorm - Together
30:15 Varien - Snowlight
34:28 Kasbo - Again
37:50 PYLOT - Blurred Vision [Monstercat Exclusive]

WRLD Takeover [Monstercat Spotlight]
40:11 WRLD - Chase It (feat. Savoi)
44:10 WRLD - Echo (feat. Richard Caddock)
48:01 WRLD - Style
51:32 WRLD - Little Too Close (feat. Veronika Redd)

55:33 Summer Was Fun - Run To You (feat. Meron Ryan) [Monstercat Exclusive]


Sunday, August 30, 2015

Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro - Yellow Soul Force

Sunday Jazz Continues; in conjunction with digital crate digging; A funky soul brother had to dig deep for this jazz funk gem!! 

 I had to travel to Japan, to *holla* at the  Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro - as they bring the Yellow Soul Force. Check out the players and the track!! Let's Go!!

This Is For Real!! This Is For Real!! PT. 6 ( It's Out Of Control)

Dude said he was Going In / Getting It In, but just as soon as he came through the door?  *Suspicion Was Aroused*

Ear Shattering Gunshots Exploded!!! it was like bombs exploding in Bangkok, haters said they'd rock!! somebody would get housed..

Ear Shattering Gunshots Exploded!!! all up in the house? the situation is out of control!! it's like lockdown situations / capital punishment facing  Shannon Miles down in Texas for  shooting the deputy...

Some stay devoted, somebody mentioned the Stockholm Syndrome; now jokers were micro-chipped / bar coded!!  *All Up In The House*  carrying water / carrying weed, true indeed; so what can you expect from me?

This is for real!! this is for real when this breakbeat science is dropped!! the Capitol is astonished by it so Hunger Games Peacekeepers roll up, but they're not beauty beholders!!

True indeed!!  some are tripping out in pursuit of the capital per Wall Street  / Capitol per GOP Presidential candidates!! the devil and his advocates will try to fold us...

True indeed,  but some are trying to act bolder like Al Jazeera reporters; but Egypt will come hotter..
This is for real!! this is for real!! who's in NSA folders per Edward Snowden? in the database?  or maybe fifteen minutes of fame in the police blotter? 

This is for real!! this is for real!! you'll get jacked up / folded like Reggie Bush!! but some will talk jump like they're quoting scriptures from the #TrumpBible  like they smoked that dry kush; it gets stereotypical..

What it do? others are like TrumpDisco with the War Horn; who's liable? what's really going on? from Iraq to Syria per ISIS  *The Situation Is Critical*

What it do?  this is for real!! this is for real!! even old dude, security like Otis on Martin shouted...."look-a-here"

What it do? this is for real!! this is for real!! yes!! yes!!  this thing is serious!! looked at with vision that's clear...


Saturday, August 29, 2015

Pucho and His Latin Soul Brothers - Friendship Train

Digital Crate Digging Continues; we're checking out some Latin Jazz / Jazz Funk from Pucho and His Latin Soul Brothers as they ride the Friendship Train. Check out the players and the track..

This Is For Real!! This Is For Real PT.5 (The Saga / Struggle Continues)

Going In;  now I'm *All Up In The House*  in here *Taking Care Of Business*  actually? we're already in it now, up to our necks...

Going In; but This Is For Real!! This Is For Real!! they caught me on the way back in,  *caught up in the system / matrix?* now I get taxed, plus the economy is jacked up, now all I'm cashing is Reality Checks...

I deal with it, I'm intergalactic interacting with extraterrestrials!! now down on earth slipping through the cracks, knowing opposition will be met!! some haven't *Stopped Hatin*

....In The Spot Where *Reason Gave Way To Madness*  like the GOP Presidential candidates some haven't stopped debating..

Plus they scheme and plot, but I stopped waiting for the truth to be told, plus I didn't hold my breath!!  some we're boisterous like Donald Trump!! that's how they act...

They scheme and plot like Federal Reserve at Jackson Hole!!  I became suspicious,  I see how they roll!!  shady business is going down!!  *Shady Like Grady*  networks they hack.. Ashley Madison!! shady business from Wall Street to Madison Avenue, This Is For Real!! This Is For Real!!

What's happening Captain? logs are updated at my satellite station to let you know the deal!!

It get's way too real!! the Sheriffs Deputy is shot out in Harris County Texas!! Police and Security guards speak into walkie-talkies /  security cameras capture images..

It get's way too real!!! some find out how complex the sport is, but we continue to do what we do!!  the saga / struggle continues!! stamina is needed to fight the ongoing scrimmages..

We were damned if we did or didn't do this!!! please!! we know there'll be adversity..

This is for real!! This is for real!! there's always something there to remind us like Hurricane Katrina's ten year anniversary!!

Friday, August 28, 2015

This Is For Real!! This Is For Real PT. 4 (But We're All In)

What's really going on? This is for real!! this is for real!! we're all in,  trying to snatch victory out of the jaws of defeat. 

Sometimes it's vice versa;  what did the curse do?  matrix architects will hit alt shift delete. 

Damned if  you did ot didn't? oh yes!! they'll still curse you!! word on the curb?  Wall Street will rally, but its still rough out in these street!!  we're ball hawking on defense like we're old school UNLV per Jerry Tarkanian or Georgetown with John Thompson, but sometimes were our own worst enemies.

This is for real!! this is for real!! from my street to *y'alls  street* check out what we do to ourselves, with the self inflicted injuries. 

This is for real!! this is for real!! R.I.P to Darryl Dawkins / Chocolate Thunder I heard he checked out; we also checked out so we could renew ourselves but we're still here / we're all in, but back on Louisville / Newburg default settings after we hit the reset button. 

O-Zone is studying black hole mysteries like Stephen Hawking but he almost wrecked out on the information highway!!  was there an information overload for a knowledge glutton? 

What's up son? from Baltimore to Ferguson to Charleston it's rough out here!!  the Rabbi rolled up preaching to the choir,  but I didn't cut him off. 

What's up son? how was it working?  he didn't lie so I didn't shoot the messenger and then we said a prayer; please!  I wasn't trying to be cut off! 

...from God's unchanging hand / he has a plan! what's up man?  I'm all in,  learning to let go. 

This is for real!! this is for real!! we're playing the odds;  He had the winning hand!!  damn!!  I knew that from the get go!!

This is for real!! this is for real!! we're playing these squads of devils advocates that roll up;  he had a caste of thousands. 

It's going down! now *we're all in*  dropping this good word;  O-Dizzle will hip hop / funk them /  rock out or even house them. 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

This Is For Real!! This Is For Real!! PT.3

What's up money? what's up homie? checked the vibe when I was walking down Boulevard down in the Old Fourth Ward,  down here in Atlanta

What's up with the money? Jackson Hole participants act funny with it, now it's hard on the boulevard; understand a bruh?

Haters try to see how a black man will roll, they became suspicious especially after Bryce Williams aka Vester Flanagan shot Alison Parker and Adam Ward up the spot!!

Had to tell Pharoah to let my people go!! I'm sending the mothership for them!! more than global warming is making it hot!!

Usually? I stay low; This is for real!! this is for real!! you can win like Usain Bolt but get run over by the cameraman!!

My head was high and low while walking down Boulevard,  spotting empty Newports in the green pack, plus empty Aleve cartoons as some tried to relieve the pain...

Moving straight ahead; high and low, victories and defeats!! not acting brand new in sport!!

Moving straight ahead; This is for real!! this is for real!! ESPN /  Ashley Madison track the scores up in the sport...

Moving straight ahead!! no mission aborts, so Planned Parenthood won't sell the parts, plus the videos accusing them of those transgressions were altered..

Moving straight ahead!! not acting brand new, transparent in the hood!! I've been around the world, but my ego wasn't altered..

This is for real!! this is for real!! earlier today? Negroes altered by the system stepped up to defend it...

This is for real!! this is for real!! meanwhile this Negro will bring Sonic Assaults, O-Zone will drop this good word; O-Dog will take a beat and blend it...

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Karisma Drum and Bass Minimix 97

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! we're checking out this Karisma Drum and Bass Minimix 97!! 

Karisma said he was facing copywright issues from the so called powers that be, so he didn't know how long he would keep the mixes coming. Much respect to the bruh!! Check out the playlist and enjoy the mix. 


00:00 Maduk & Nymfo - Crossroads
00:22 Paul SG - The Last Ceremony (Big Bud Remix)
02:56 Tidal - Swing Out (Aquasion Remix)
05:53 Flare - Truth Untold
07:43 Severity Zero - Remedy
09:11 DJ Clipz - Hold Tight
12:08 Dramatic & Dbaudio - Revolution Groove
12:08 Distant Future - Changes
14:20 Pendulum Feat. Fats & TC - Plasticworld
16:55 Big Bud & Greg Packer - Raining Dub
19:50 Total Science - Dramaz
22:35 Jonny L, Black Noise & Wizard Sleeve - Back To Your Roots
23:52 Break - Headz Up
26:03 La Roux - In For The Kill (Subsonik Bootleg DNB Remix)


Scattered Thoughts Selected At Random After Reckless Abandon

Thoughts were scattered, but a brotha had to regroup;  now thoughts are selected at random.

The mothership has landed, but now the vessel was bruised and battered out there in the stream of consciousness;  due to reckless abandon? 

Was there a mutiny on the bounty? damn!!  where have you found me?  I'm down here on earth trying to cash a reality check.

What it do?  earthlings were really  devil's advocates; they're opposing!! I heard ear shattering gunshots!! they were exploding  while this captain was on deck.

This is the next chapter; * Moving Forward never backwards*  dipping through the galaxy at a High Velocity but with the speed you need.

O-Zone was like Stephen Hawking studying black holes and dark matter as the Dark Mystery of Time and Space is contemplated and reflected on, while O-Dog is the chef in souls kitchen;  the hungry he'll feed.

Rebuking chefs in Hell's Kitchen, playing with black souls like Ben Carson vs #blacklivesmatter!!  you know they'll feed the masses meals that lack nutrition

Please!!  my people find out there are no free lunches even though they had hunches, they were out there waiting  in the dark;  I didn't roll with these jokers I kept the vehicle in park; I didn't play a part in the John Dean type Blind Ambition

Blind ambition like a Republican!!  Jeb Bush vs Donald Trump? meanwhile I'm trying to get over the hump, and it's not the middle on the week as I type this..

What's up brother man? dude asked me, acting like he was high off that dry kush, stumped by reality with the bleak outlook, finding out what the hype is!! 

Ripe is the product of this secret garden; hush!! somebody is calling my name...

Check the conduct, staying a step ahead of the devil with this!! check out this next level business!! word from a veteran in the game..


Monday, August 24, 2015

This Is For Real!! This Is For Real!! PT. 2

*Funky Fresh In The Flesh*  entering attack zones with this Sonic Assault!!  check the O-Dog's Podcast; that's what's up...

We were fired on  like ISIS in Palmyra destroying temples!! ear shattering gunshots exploded!!  like North Korea conducting tests  rockets even go up...

During the ongoing crisis? I'm low on cash / cashing *Reality Checks* any resolution like North vs South Korea?  check the Wall Street mass hysteria as the corrupt have the economy messed up worldwide..

This is for real!! This is for real!! after the Mothership crashed on earth I see how these earthlings slip and slide!! but we'll proceed and continue to get you open / check out how we ride....

Broken beats and broken English collide in the mix as we get *BreakBeat Scientific*  this is for real / this is for real..

Broken spirits per the pain and anguish have me asking questions like Jay Gruden vs RG3, so what's the deal? 

Shady Ashley Madison type deals will leave some out in the cold..

It'll be over with like Pink Floyd, back in the day they said homie looked like Sleepy Floyd!! damn!! that's cold... 

It's cold out here!! we're wishing it was a simple thing, but this thing is for real!!

It's cold out here!! we couldn't sing a simple song like Sly and The Family Stone!! this thing is for real!! 

That's the deal!! the player / pimp had it all wrong in this danger zone, the system had him geeked up, telling him to play on player!!

This is for real!! this is for real!! jokers were worried about *getting fleek*  up in this thing, I had to say a prayer..

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Kerri Chandler - Coro (Kaoz 6:23 Dark Mix)

Sunday Jazz Continues!! we're checking out some jazzy house music from Kerri Chandler - with a track called Coro (Kaoz 6:23 Dark Mix). Let's Go!!


Friday, August 21, 2015

We've Got A Lot Of Work To Do

Trying to get the cream like Mayfield Dairy in Atlanta;  reality or fantasy for ya?  lactose intolerant?

Reality checks is what I play the field with, understand a bruh? the good word and the Curtis Mayfield type funk is what we come with..

As we come with it;  relatives were aliens like Apollo 14 veteran Edgar Mitchell talked about!!  intergalactic!! we broadcast from a remote outpost in the galaxy..

As we come with it;  this is no Showtime At The Apollo when the Sonic Assault is dropped!! class is in session!! we rebuke those that get foul with me...

What will the style be? some will play that Apollo Creed or maybe that Ben Carson role, but where's the soul?  authorities mentioned please be advised, a request was made for backup..

What will the style be?  baby girl needed an Apollo Nida, meanwhile we're out here,  I told you *Intergalactic*  we pondered The Dark Mystery Of Time and Space, we weren't up in the rat race!! we dropped back down to earth with the funk;  turn the track up...

You know what? you'll get jacked up!! spies came out of the cold like Edward Snowden....

You know what? you'll get jacked up!! Ashley Madison hackers got open!! 

You know what? this might be the one!! North Korea threatens South Korea concerning the propaganda broadcast...

You know what? O-Dog  was not the one!! he's  transmitting things coast to coast on the O-Dog Podcast...

Not trying to brag or boast; but actually? it's world wide; actually? it's universal...

Not trying to brag and boast we put in work blue collar style; like Isley Bros? we've got work to do!!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Cameo - I Just Want To Be (12" Inch Version)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; a brotha is in funk mode!! we're checking out  Cameo -with  I Just Want To Be (12" Inch Version). Let's Go!!


Hungry and Thirsty On This Throwback Thursday

It was like  Donald Trump on the bully pulpit or stump; we heard belligerence!!  some are damning us if we did or didn't;  but we keep moving due to the hunger and thirst  / we won't stop / *we get it get it*

We're all up in the these debatable circumstances;  being built or torn down? *Feeling The Vibe*  sideways glances / side eyes tell the story, plus ongoing episodes;  we get it....

Devil dances were going down at the disco inferno; it's all the way live like Lakeside!!  so what's up?  it's like North and South Korea exchanging fire..

Devil dances were going down at the disco inferno!! like Pops would always say somebody lied!! like Serena Williams said, some are not worried about  Cookie and Lucious they're worried about the other Empire!!

Next level advances are made based on what we learned bro!!  we're in survival mode  like we're dealing with ISIS in Cairo! we noticed some were trying to live without light; that's not part of the Natural Process..

Next level advances are made based on what we learned bro!! check out the arrival, during the ongoing crisis we're not trying to be a *Fly Negro*  I heard some say "the light will blind us"

Don't mind us though;  We're just going through it / coming through it; what? the Grey Area Scenario;  check the style, funky fresh in the flesh?

Doing what we do; acting like we knew it, as we're *Coming Out Fresh With A Brand New Batch*

Things warm up like Ashley Madison clientele, it's like catching hell; it's like being in the  Western Wildfire...

*We're Going In* actually in it now up to our necks!! but we're doing what we do!!putting it down until the shot clock expires..

Whatcha knowing? officials, umpires and Hunger Game Peacekeepers disrespect; gunfire erupts!! ear shattering gunshots exploded!! 

Whatcha knowing? hunger and thirst shown on this Throwback / Thirsty Thursday; information wasn't overloaded...

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

This Is For Real!! This Is For Real!!

What it do? we're *Coming Out Fresh With A Brand New Batch*  this is the response to the hell we catch; this is for real.....

Some act like they're funky fresh in the flesh like Donald Trump catching Hillary but we know what the deal will be!! Times are hard on the boulevard!!  folk in Bangkok know the real deal..

Wall Street will wheel and deal; in Georgia Nathan had a shady Deal supported by Kasim Reed in Atlanta?  will constituents like the proposal?

This is for real, but we're not all street / hood when we bring the hip-hop, jazz, funk, rock and house music at our disposal...

Going for what we know, but we're discreet!! the deliberate falsehood is rebuked by these Intergalactic residents that dropped back down to earth;  what's it all worth? we noticed everybody is struggling..

*Ecological Ignorance Will Alter the fate*  so where you at?  that's the question asked by those struggling with the English, but that's due to them feeling the pain and anguish; everybody is gambling..

This is for real!!  this is for real!! some were gambling with fate like Ashley Madison constituents...

This is for real!! ths is for real!! jokers were rambling off at the mouth about cash made on Madison Street up in Louisville, cons had opiates and barbiturates!!

The economy had them gambling with fate!! Plan Z stategizers acting brand new with it, but there's consequences for the extraordinary behavior!!

What will the response? it's authentic when we kick it!! but there's consequences for the extraordinary behavior!!

Circumstances are debatable; being built or torn down? it's going down!! this is real!! this is real!! reality checks are issued!!  

Dances with the devil are taken by some; they're heard saying this is real!! this is real!! they eventually had to fall back, they were subdued!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Pop Workshop - Point Of Junction

Digital Crate Digging Continues; we're checking out some jazz funk from the Pop Workshop -with a track called Point Of Junction. Check out the players and the track!!

Jumping and Recognizing / The Random Thoughts Edition

Out There!!  Intergalactic with it like chilling at the International Space Station with the shuttle;  developed a rebuttal so do not attempt to adjust your dial...

Out There!!  rations were low, relationships slow,  I recognized the pattern, I was checking out the style...

On Terra Firma? the situation is foul!! I recognized the pattern, so I jumped to that conclusion!! checking out how these New Type Gangsters are doing what they do!!  you know *Gamblers Are Out For A Fast Buck*  they'll make a pile of money off you...

Trying to work an angle on you!! bruising and battering egos!! then they dipped in a fast truck, some were in the Dodge Rams that got recalled!! some will get what's coming to them per the karma;  see what it do?

NYC Chokehold strangle you per Eric Garner? we warn ya, they're bruising and battering Negroes from Ferguson ro Charleston, that's why we're broadcasting from a remote outpost...

Behold!! Intergalactic, worldwide,  from the hood and the suburbs!! ATLiens, but a Louisville / Newburg / Midwest representative!!  putting it down coast to coast...

Funk is dropped!!  recognize the pattern / it stanks like burned toast!! or when toasters burned as ear shattering gunshots exploded..The Situation Is Out Of Control..

The madness never stopped as hustles get knocked!! explosions were like Bangkok!!  Nicolas Cage tried to tell you it was dangerous, so it's not strange for us to keep hitting you up with, funk, jazz, house and hip-hop soul..

Ready To Roll after  jumping to the conclusion!! now we're on our way!! please believe me; *Once Again It's On* .

*Scriptures and Mixtures*  was the series ran previously, that's what we're using!!  Funk dropped by the brotha O-Dog / this prose is brought to you by O-Zone...

Small victories and large defeats and vice versa occur, lines blur out here in the *Smoke and Mirrors*  like it was the Western Wildfires!!

We recognize the pattern now we jump to conclusions, putting it down like this before the shot clock expires!!  


Monday, August 17, 2015

Scriptures and Mixtures PT.10 (Writing A Letter To Myself)

 It's going down!! we had to come back with more scriptures and mixtures!!

It's going down!! our backs are against the wall; trying to use a fresh view / fresh vision, but something is wrong with these pictures!!

Check these scriptures; I'm playing this like that Chi-Lites song,  I'm writing a letter to myself. 

This is not playeristic, plus no copyright infringement intended!! I'm not claiming rights or privileges!!  not enough money to bet on myself!! 

Not being selfish, but I'm trying to encourage myself  per Donald Lawrence, but I'm facing interference!! stop lights flash out here on the fringes when I try to move to the Eastside like the Jeffersons

Parliament Flashlight styling and profiling was opposed by authorities racial profiling!! it's going down from Sandra Bland in Texas to Samuel Dubose in the *Nati*,  preceded by Mike Brown in Ferguson. 

Insights provided by Oath Keepers in Ferguson? How's everything working son?  that's what I asked myself. 

Everything is not working son!! that's what this scripture is about!!  per writing this letter,  as questions answered themselves. 

Check the mixture!! funk is still pulled off of shelves!!  plus O-Zone still writes that code.

Breakbeat scientific business is still handled,  as we follow the street code. 

Rolling in a discreet mode!! hustles will get knocked like explosions in Bangkok!! I'm  writing this letter to myself as a reminder. 

Telling myself to stay on point as history repeats!! haters will clock,  where will we find ya?

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Walking In The Dark , But Not Waiting In The Dark

I'm Out There, *Outside The Box*  New Horizons out by Pluto thought it took my picture!! I'm broadcasting from a remote outpost...

 It was like I'm at the International Space Station spotting the Aurora Borealis, a  brotha knows what the deal is!! I'm not playing it like Donald Trump, trying to brag or boast..

Taking a walk in the dark; it's like Walking In Space per Quincy Jones!!  walking through danger zones that are *all the way live like Lakeside* coast to coast / sea to shining sea!! universal / Intergalactic..

Some were waiting in the dark, but it was easy to be misled by Democrats and Republicans per election season!!  I spotted how the fake ride!! what was the reason for the treason?  I avoid a fanatic...

Out In The Mainstream of Mathematics aka reality, so what it do? seasons / reasons were contemplated / reflected on while taking my walk...

Walking in the dark ignoring threats made by other teams full of  fanatics like North Korea, with all that slick talk!!

Who's on your team compiling statistics  like the AT&T / NSA collaboration? 

Is it a dream? what pills were taken?  caught up in the system / matrix where some fake it; feel me on this elaboration?

Walking in the dark, now check the by-product per this system integration, as I let you know what the deal will be!!  nobody can be me but me,  word from Steve Arrington...

Waiting in the dark? oh yes!! I spotted some *Out There*  in the gray area!! Angels and Demons collide / coincide!! we use this breakbeat science to provide Illumination...

Walking in the dark, where reflection and contemplation provided a conduit for information to be downloaded from the Higher Power..

A portal opened up, soon the sport will open up even though it's complex, similar to Perseid Meteor Showers.

Sunday Jazz Continues / Check out O-Dog's Misled Waiting In The Dark Mix PT.3 , You Heard? You Feel Me?


Chillzac - Chillout Deephouse ( Full Mix)

Sunday Jazz Continues; we're checking out some jazzy house music per Chillzac - a Chillout Deephouse ( Full Mix) courtesy of DJ Disma

Perfect for this Sunday afternoon or whenever. Check out the playlist and the mix. Let's Go!!


01 00:00 Tomato Jaws - Be With Me
02 06:15 Frann Delice Dj Garces - Sunny Star
03 12:05 Tojami Sessions - Night Moves
04 15:05 DJ Dealer ft. Lisa Millett - Cool Lovin
05 19:55 James Curd - Sea Of Faces
06 24:15 Kelvin K - Dawn Song
07 27:25 Shadow Life - Silence is His Name
08 31:25 S.W. - Move It
09 34:45 Luna City Express - Seven
10 40:45 Eriq Johnson - Berin Night
11 45:25 George Mena & Franke Estevez - Moody Nites
12 49:35 Notenshun - Soul Music
13 52:25 Adam Jace - In Brazil
14 57:50 Nevil Rickard & Prunk Le Funk - La Musica


Saturday, August 15, 2015

Sciptures and Mixtures PT. 9 (Taking Care Of Business)

Writing this on a Saturday evening in the ATL; back in the day? I learned to spell but still making mistakes, but I'm still taking care of business....

Inciting a riot that way? from the Ferguson  unrest to North Korea making threats peace is not failsafe!! we're still dealing with fakes!! but we know what the real is..

Everything wasn't working!! stressed out feeling the pressure? I had to fall back for a minute and regroup,  my compound was under attack...

Now  I'm back with these mixtures; using samples, drum loops while  O-Zone had  the *Good Word* aka the scripture; we're taking care of business, we had the knack...

Something was wrong with the picture; ear shattering gunshots exploded!!  It Was Out Of Control!! but I'm firing back!! prime examples are made of clones...

Something was wrong with the picture!! Donald Trump telling Hillary Clinton she has a problem? some of these jokers are out of control!! Pops would tell them to watch their mouths / watch their tones!!

Something was wrong with the mixture? please!! they'll thump based on the George Clinton school of thought...

Something was wrong with the scripture? naysayers say I need to let it go like Teddy Pendergrass / another Love TKO? please!! O-Zone will continue to ride this train of thought!!

Something wrong with this retro / futuristic mystic? pain was caught out there by the masses!! it took a toll on this brotha!!   lab techniques are part of the rebuttal!!

Situations blew up like the Tianjin explosions in China!! where did you find a brotha? I wasn't with armchair quarterbacks in the huddle...

Situations have the masses befuddled!! iPhone vs Android? body mass built due to the roids?  flexing due to the elixirs / mixtures? 

Plans weren't scuttled even though the devil is opposed!! we're taking care of business, dropping this scripture and mixture

Dave Grusin ‎– Thankful N' Thoughtful

Afternoon Jazz Continues in conjunction with Digital Crate Digging Continues; we're checking out some soul jazz from   Dave Grusin ‎– with a track called Thankful N' Thoughtful.

This is from his album called  Night Lines. Check out the players and the track.

  • Backing VocalsGary Roda
  • Drums [Simmons]Buddy Williams
  • Electric BassMarcus Miller
  • Lead Vocals, Backing VocalsPhoebe Snow
  • Producer, Arranged By, Mixed By, Synthesizer [Yamaha Gs 2], Synthesizer [Obx-a], Synthesizer [Yamaha Dx-7], Drum Programming [Linn], Electric Piano [Rhodes], Synthesizer [Fairlight], Synth [Mini Moog], Piano, PercussionDave Grusin
  • SaxophoneDavid Sanborn
  • Synthesizer [Fairlight Programming]Ed Walsh


Friday, August 14, 2015

"Goin' Under" (A Detroit Techno Music Mix) by DJ Spivey

Digital Crate Digging Continues; we're checking out this  "Goin' Under" (A Detroit Techno Music Mix) by DJ Spivey. Just right for this Friday evening or whenever. Check out the playlist and the mix!!

 Goin' Under:

0:00:00 Starlight (The Mike Huckaby SYNTH Mix) by Model 500
0:07:01 Something For Myself by Delano Smith
0:11:40 As She Moves by Raybone Jones & Jon Easly
0:16:16 Darkness (Combo ReEdit) by Carl Craig
0:22:07 Beyond Deep by Patrice Scott
0:28:00 Glob (Claude Von Stroke Remix) by Kenny Larkin
0:35:43 Any Which Way (Dub Mug Mix) by Stacey Pullen
0:40:22 Finally (Louie Vega DJ Tool Dub Instr.) by Terrence Parker
0:47:40 The Sound (Jay Lumen Sacred Sounds Remix) by Kevin Saunderson
0:53:59 Through The Park by Kelli Hand
1:00:07 Below Radar (Mathias Kaden Rhythm is Rhythm Remix) by Terrence Dixon
1:05:15 Halogen by Sean Deason
1:10:00 Strings Of Life (Tom Middleton Remodel) by Derrick May
1:14:46 Celebration by Delano Smith
1:19:49 Detroit (c2RMX1 by Carl Craig) by Morgan Geist


The Outback Chronicles: Clean Up Hitting

Chilling out;  I was outback on the deck cleaning up, plus reflecting / contemplating. 

Also cleanup hitting like I was batting fourth in the lineup; cleaning up situations on so many different levels!! this is the aftermath after doing the math per I-20 Chronicles!!  there's no so called GOP issue debating. 

As I go forth!!  I'm last laughing then frowning after I found out about things; damn!!  there's always something. 

As I go forth I'm taking another path up in this thing!!  I was all up in the spot cleaning that situation up,  but now I'm On My Own like Patti Labelle and Michael McDonald!! oh!!  trying to do a little *something something*  

But coping strategies fail, so now I'm going through a little *something something* damn!! per Keith Sweat *something something just ain't right*  you know the devil is opposing!!  I'm winning and losing battles. 

....Like mosquitoes trying to turn my backyard into *Mosquitoville* the arch nemesis was on the premises; but  they'll get repelled when the O-Dog funk in the hooptie makes the trunk rattle.

This is no Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville!! ear shattering gunshots exploded!! now dogs that were in my backyard scatter!!  they were back here trying to fornicate. 

Plus squirrels were trying to get  a nut or two as  seasons / reasons change;  so this is how they do,  it's a natural thing so I can't hate. 

....As long as they stay off the roof,  not being arrogant or aloof;  that's not natural

Staying strong!! these outback chronicles provide scientific proof!!  like Monsanto GMO foods other endeavors weren't natural. 

Not playing the truth game when I *holla atcha* who'll understand a Negro? fools line up to be devil's advocates, now I'm batting fourth in the lineup!!

Cleanup hitting!! outback on the deck cleaning up; reflecting and contemplating!! going forth!! the devil / system was mad because I didn't sign up!!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Monstercat Podcast Ep. 070 (Mix Contest Finals)

Digital Crate Digging Continues: We're checking out the Monstercat Podcast Ep. 070 (Mix Contest Finals).

Eight selectors step up flexing their skills for about 15 minutes per set dropping the latest in electro, house music, drum and bass, future bass and whatever.  
Vote for your favorite Monstercat Podcast Contest Mix:

01:33 Challenger 1: Buttons
16:15 Challenger 2: Syphlix
31:16 Challenger 3: Rhakka
46:20 Challenger 4: Redza
01:01:11 Challenger 5: Sylente Night
01:15:50 Challenger 6: ZillaStorm
01:28:24 Challenger 7: Weasley
01:41:46 Challenger 8: Prime Ordnance


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Scriptures and Mixtures PT. 8 (The HumpDay Extravaganza)

 Check out these scriptures and mixtures!! it's going down!! this is the *HumpDay Extravaganza*

Checking out these pictures and images in my mind; per the Parliament / Funkadelic Bop Gun we're trying to get over the hump!! understand a brah? 

Endangered species like they mentioned? per Sandra Bland in Texas and Samuel Dubose in Cincinnati we shouldn't be stumped by that question!!

In danger because of this thesis? apprehension felt after realizing how complex the sport is! chilled in Texas and Cincinnati for a minute or two, but I wasn't feeling the vibe!! these days? this good word is dropped plus the beats bumped!! I'm on a mission!!
In the danger zone; now in the A-Town / ATL / Atlanta, that's where the mothership landed a brah!!  jack and dope boys carry burners or toasters;  I saw dude that was shot a few years ago, .he's only 28 years old  and now in a wheelchair....

In the danger zone like Ferguson, you heard son? a brotha will stay down for the cause!! admitting I had to pause for the cause after ear shattering gunshots exploded;  the Situation Is Out Of Control!! but I didn't leave, I'm still here...

We're working it out cousin, son or daughter!! check out what the Sonic Assault will do, we had work to do!!! we're moving on like Jupiter to Virgo!!

The Great Red Spot decreasing, but out in the street dude has the AK-47 / the stick;  the red dot is increasing,  so what will they do to ya?

Great Scott!! jokers are acting like they knew ya!!  we had to let you know what's up with these scriptures and mixtures!!

Jokers plot and scheme like wanting to see the Hillary Clintons server; on this Hump Day who will work with ya? they'll be like Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde with the potion / elixir!!

Images and pictures are uploaded after observing the scene; soon I'll be ready to roll, I'm on my way!!now check out this Humpday Extravaganza...

They tried to say me and my peeps didn't follow the protocol..but we proceed and continue!!  we're bringing the scriptures and mixtures; this good word plus  funk, jazz, hip-hop and soul to y'all!!  in spiritual warfare?..this is how I get down; understand a brah?

*Coming Out Fresh With A Brand New Batch*  we keep hope alive like Jesse once said, it never diminishes...

*Taking Care Of Business*  please believe me, what a brotha starts?..he finishes..

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

DJ Rodriguez - 4 Steps

Digital Crate Digging Continues; we're checking out this jazz funk, electrojazz / future jazz  from DJ Rodriguez  with a track called 4 Steps. Let's Go!!

Scriptures and Mixtures PT. 7 (Weapons In This Spiritual Warfare)

This dude is Droppin Knowledge, but from places like Blogster I receive eviction notices...

The mothership usually gets good mileage, but I'm barely hanging in here!! updating this Captain's Log, putting down these scriptures!!   I was drinking Grape Kool-Aid and eating ramen noodles when I wrote this..

But I made the Kool-Aid,  I didn't drink the Jonestown Jim Jones elixir that was offered!! .

It wasn't cool!! what? the charade!! O-Dog / O-Zone will fight back with the beat and the prose; check the scripture and the mixture!! we'll go off with it!!

What's Up With It? O-Zone had a host of ideas running through his mind!! he'll play with the Alphabet like Google!!

What it do? *The Situation Is Critical*  who'll respect ya? in light of what happened / per Ferguson  we'll have to step up security, but Oath Keepers act brand new with ya!!

But we're back with ya!!  we're able to Recognize The Pattern!! O-Dog realized he had other capacities, so it's going down, the cycle will be broken...

Back with ya, with the Sonic Assault!!  like Donald Trump vs the GOP foes are scattering!!  they'll get fragged with scripture and mixture;  the English and beats that are broken...

Bruising and battering the enemy!!  *Steady Bombardment Of Their Position* but it's just a token;  to the masses? we're showing appreciation...

The sport is complex; we're losing and winning on the homefront / frontines;  please!! it's rough out here!! who's  hip to the situation / the depreciation?

Tried to slide through the portal, but caught up a vortex!! damn!!  any deviation will be costly; things are Out Of Control..

*We're All Up In The House*  with the scripture and mixture!! dropping this good word plus house music, funk, jazz, hip-hop and soul..

Monday, August 10, 2015

The House Sessions: For Lovers Only (Soulful House Mix 2015)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a #MusicMonday. We're checking out  The House Sessions: For Lovers Only (Soulful House Mix 2015) courtesy of pulsewidth. Perfect for this Monday evening or whenever!! 

Check out the playlist and the mix!! 

0:00:00 Funk Mob - Out Of My Head | Makin Moves, 2014
0:06:14 SanXero & Asha Rae - Take You There (Terry Hunter Remix) | sXo Music, 2015
0:12:35 Gregory Del Piero feat. Latrice Barnett - Won't Stop (New Mondo Deep Vibe Remix) | Soulstar, 2005
0:17:30 Shino Blackk - Wat If (Shino Zoned Out Piece) | New Generation, 2015
0:23:59 Soulful Session feat. Tisha Monique - All I Need | Tony Records, 2014
0:29:57 Vincent Kwok feat. D'Layna - Love Is The Answer (Vocal Anthem Mix) | Eight Fifteen, 2002
0:36:41 Ultra Tone - Stars (Everlasting Love) (DeejayKul Meets Soultechnic Remix) | Deeper Shades, 2015
0:43:10 Fred Everything & JT Donaldson feat. Mr. White - Read My Mind (Original Vocal Mix) | Large Music, 2008
0:48:37 Nick Power & Mojito feat. Stephanie Cooke - Let Go (Soulfuledge Remix) | Soulplate, 2015
0:55:06 Distant People feat. Stephanie Cooke - Send Me (Reelsoul Full Length Mix) | Solid Ground, 2013
1:01:21 Namy feat. Stephanie Cooke - I'm Not Ashamed (I Need You) (DJ Fudge Remix) | King Street, 2015
1:06:33 Michelle Shellers - Love Letters (Michelle Shellers & DJ Marcuis Main Mix) | T's Box, 2014
1:12:16 Liquideep - You, We, I (Reel People Remix) | Mentalwave, 2015
1:17:05 Miza feat. Kabomo - Trust (Main Mix) | House Afrika, 2014

DJ Food - Dub Lion (Remake)

Afternoon Jazz in conjunction with Digital Crate Digging Continues; we're checking out some jazzdance / jazz-funk from DJ Food with  track called Dub Lion (Remake). Let's Go!!


Sunday, August 9, 2015

Life Is Hectic Due To Glitches In The Matrix PT. 2

Getting over glitches in the matrix;  putting in hard work blue collar style!! Mechanical Engineering takes place...

Who's caught up in the system / matrix due to hitting switches / turning dials per Social Engineering? check these styles,  Intergalactic like the Perseid Meteor Shower, but sometimes messing up due to the *Shadetree Mechanical Engineering*  that takes place!!

Some end up with stitches due to lack of power steering as they approach that last hour; snitches? they need to *Stop Chasing*  they can't catch what they can't understand...

We Keep *Going For What We're Knowing*  Moving At A High Velocity!!  please!! it's going down from  the ATL to Oakland to Ferguson!!

Rest in peace to Michael Brown! that's what's up man!! in Babylon,  can we get down? this brotha man is God's Property like that Kirk Franklin group...

Rest in peace to Sean Price representing that real hip hop; we're out here where the madness never stopped!! now we're out here schooling the masses!! this time using the drum loop...

No rest up in this piece!! paying the price to be free but I'm still not, plus I'm broke!!

Due a rebate, meanwhile Republicans debate but freedom was still not mentioned; was it an inside joke?  

Due to the hate? Donald Trump was left out of the RedState Gathering; something about the blood...

Due to the hate? please!! old girl in Decatur Georgia said she was blessed and highly favored and holds trump cards, she  wasn't worried about the hate from the cartel gathering!! per Ricky Dillard it was because of the blood!!

God Bless The Child Who Has Their Own per Blood Sweat and Tears!!

It's not odd; some are stressed by the wild antics of fanatics, Life Is Hectic!!  but we continue to put work in per these blood, sweat and tears!!