Thursday, October 30, 2014

Breakbeat Scientific / It's All About Liberation PT. 2

Next level business is conducted but you'll be made into a defendant; caught out there like Eric Frein in Pennsylvania!! It'll be the state versus whoever!!!

We know what the deal is; actually some will even be a co-defendant per Kaci Hickox and her boyfriend bike riding in Maine!!  some people's life is dependent on whoever is  clever!!

Or is it whoever *thinks* they are clever; per the turmoil in Ferguson  man made endeavors fail!!!

Told you earlier **God Is In Control** at the end of the day? his will  prevails!!!

O-ZONE set sails; taking a *Fantastic Voyage* like Lakeside!!

...More like a mystical journey;  intergalactic out there in the galaxy or chilling by the sea or even the lake side!!

...As I ride off into the atmosphere: it's all about liberation!! the concept is universal!!

Praying; With No Delaying!! away!!  that's where the curse will go!!!

Not the first to know others...O-ZONE **Did The Knowledge**

Not the first to know this!! I Tried things...**Crashed And Burned** that I acknowledge!!! was like that NASA / Antares rocket!! so what was learned?? reality checks were cashed based on what I learned now I'm  **Getting Free And Staying  Free! it's all about Liberation**

Tried things!! Now It's Time For Us To Drop This Sound On The Nation!!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Blaze / My Beat (Swag Remix)

Sunday Jazz Continues; checking out some deep house / jazzy house from Blaze  with My Beat (Swag Remix) ..Let's Go!!

Everette Harp / All Jazzed Up

Sunday Jazz Continues; checking out these smooth sounds from Everette Harp with a track called All Jazzed Up. 


Engulfed In Flames PT.2

The structure was falling apart; damn!!  now like Ebola policies and protocol in NYC and New Jersey  it's on!! the fire was fully involved. 

That's fireman's lingo;  who's playing it like that James Brown / Bobby Byrd  single;  Get Into It / Get Involved? 

A gringo thought the problem was solved;  what occurred?  per zero footprint weapons were supplied to rebels in Syria by way of Benghazi. 

Now check the crisis;  the birth of ISIS!! it's based on how a crook will play.

 Check the crisis;  at the end of the day?  a crook will pray after they made a hot mess. 

They said that's what I come with;  just call me the hot messenger!!  this good word is hot off the press. 

How could jokers not feel the stress?  it was like running through a gauntlet. 

It seems these oath keepers / three percenters were feeling themselves!! they fronted and flaunted.

We're on top of it like the five percent nation;  were putting it down like this!! even though  everything around me is falling apart. 

We're on top of it;  were putting it down like this!!  representing the 99 percent!!  showing these haters that try to circumvent that we had heart. 

We're on top of it!! doing the mathematics!! even though the fire is fully involved!! soon the structure will be engulfed in flames!!

We stopped dropped and rolled then we dipped out!! this is word from a veteran in these games!!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Monstercat 019 - Endeavour (Aspire Album Mix) [1 Hour of Electronic Music]

Digital Crate Digging Continues /  it's going down!! checking out Monstercat 019 - with Endeavour (Aspire Album Mix) [1 Hour of Electronic Music] Check out the playlist and the mix...

01. Laszlo - Interstellar
02. Hellberg - Saviors
03. F.O.O.L - Keep On Rocking
04. Case & Point - Error Code
05. Stonebank - Step Up (feat. Whizzkid)
06. Draper - Coloured Glass
07. Hellberg & Rich Edwards - Hands of Time (feat. Jonny Rose)
08. Draper - With You (feat. Alby Hobbs)
09. Mr FijiWiji & Direct - Entropy
10. Varien & 7 Minutes Dead - Aeon Metropolis (Extended Mix)
11. Rootkit - Against the Sun (feat. Anna Yvette)
12. Rameses B - Dream Catcher (feat. Charlotte Haining)
13. WRLD - Triumph
14. Sushi Killer & Kevin Villecco - Anime Bae
15. Kasbo - Kaleidoscope


Breakbeat Scientific / It's All About Liberation PT.1

What's Really Going On? it's like my satellite station; what's the situation?  please; it's all about Liberation!

Picking locks like a burglar!! who'll work with a bruh? as we get free of the ill situation!

**I Get Free And Stay Free**  What You Facing?  Please!! a voice inside was telling me to *Let It Go*

Similar to Hunger Games District Voices?  what's the realization?? we make choices but God Is In Control!!! 

But Reality Is Chasing!!!! we try to get away, but it'll say **slow your roll**

Realities Are Interfacing; shooters roll up on the Parliament in Ottawa while we roll down I-20 in Atlanta listening to Parliament / Funkadelic; it'll touch your soul!

Authorities roll up; charges are trumped up; in Dekalb County Georgia? quotas are met; met!!

Beat Poetry per O-Zone? oh yeah!! plus  beats are drummed up by O-Dog; soul in these quotes is what you'll get!!

**As I Get Free And Stay Free** I'm breakbeat scientific with it!!  come join me on this mystic journey!!

It's of a spiritual nature!! Still, jokers play me like Vladimir Putin!!  there's some that won't work with me!!

In this material world? the truth some are disputing so I carry a sword!  plans to hurt me and you are implemented!!!

**Can You Stand The Rain**  like New Edition?? some are demented!!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Breakbeat Science Is Reloaded Like Dangerous Weapons

Visions revealed to me after bad cards were dealt me!! now the  fabric unraveled; where are the Haz-Mat suits per New York Ebola cleanups? damn!! I see the materials corroded!!!

The music helped chill me out!!! the struggle is real out here!! I pulled out my weapons like Jaylen Fryberg the homecoming prince in Seattle!!  now BreakBeat Science is reloaded!!!!

Sounds are uploaded to the podcast!! weapons blast per funky drumming!! like riding through Louisville / Newburg we're swerving /  rolling down the information highway!!!

Studied to show myself approved like Wall Street hip to Amazon !!! no information overload though!!  brought my way!!

Priorities shifted / moved on y'alls street!! what are peeps on? some prayed to Yahweh; Jehovah! some prayed to God in heaven!!!

What's up with it?  check out this Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare!! we're using music to communicate with my sisters and brethren!!

Yes Sir!! what's up y'all?  jokers act brand new with me!! the enemy advanced out there like Ferguson / oath keeper police!!!  check out the collision course!!

What will occur?? how's it working son? people conquered by division of course!!

But we stay on course; haters can't stop our mission!!! we're bringing the sound!!!!

Jazz, Rock, Hip Hop and Soul!!! breakbeat science is reloaded like dangerous weapons!! that's how we get down!!

How did some try to roll? they need to go somewhere and sit down!! they need to find a seat!! 

How did some try to roll? the webmaster was trying to hit alt-shift-delete!!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

PRhyme (DJ Premier and Royce Da 5'9) - U Looz

Digital Crate Digging Continues; still on some hiphop, checking out  PRhyme (DJ Premier & Royce Da 5'9) - with a track called U Looz


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Marinating / Soaking Up Game PT. 5

I'm marinating; it's like sticking cornbread into the pot liquor!!  I'm soaking up game. 

Check the circumstances; being built or torn down per the economy or Ebola? some smoked the weed / pot and drank the liquor!! now they're geeked up!!  some were misled by  NSA type cloak and daggering up in the game. 

This veteran in the game now coaching wasn't staggering from the Ken Norton type knockout punch!!

Cloak of invisibility type low profiles are kept while I do the math up in this thing!!  numbers I crunch. 

Questioned the ability; I checked the styles!! others had a hunch;  I saw them waiting in the dark

Questioned the ability;  money was handed over to dude from Lexington to go get the beer; but peeps were left in Louisville  waiting in Shawnee Park.

He left town!! probably caught Greyhound back to Lexington!!  now it's hard to stay down with these wannabes. 

I see how they get down!! game was soaked up like some hot sauce on wings from Applebee's. 

I'm in these games like athletes that'll be scoring touchdowns and finishing fast breaks with dunks. 

Marinating!! soaking up game!!  soon releasing clearance rack epiphanies along with cuts, samples, and breaks;  check the funk

Checked these ATLiens as they call themselves getting crunk; but they'll get gaffled like Atlanta Falcons vs Baltimore Ravens!!

 Marinating!! soaking up game!! winning? failing? please!! you'll get cut like Percy Harvin for misbehaving!!

Monday, October 20, 2014

The False Alarm PT.2 / They're Not Getting Off That Easy

Check out the concept combo!!  the false alarm goes off. 

Jokers aren't getting off that easy!! they'll get what's coming to them!!  O-Deezy will go off. 
O-Zone is off on another tangent damn it!!   some act squeamish!!  stomachs queasy!! now they're stuck in a rut. 

Danger zone business is hazardous to your health damn it!!  Ebola watch lists will have some stuck in a hut. 

..under quarantine;  meanwhile I come through listening to Serpentine Fire by Earth Wind and Fire.

...setting off the false alarm!!  the bass was booming in the Geo Storm but  the serpentine belt broke and then I got a flat tire. 

Genetically  modified food aka GMO food that's not the norm is flushed down the toilet. 

Social engineering is rebuked;  they're not getting off that easy!!  this breakbeat science will spoil it.
This brotha is not loathing and fearing!! I'll foil it!! what? the plot or scheme!! word from the Scorpion King per The Rock!! that Solar Eclipse on 10/ 23 will fall in my sign!!

Intuition is used like I was riding through Ferguson or St. Louis County; so I'll just have to read the sign!!!

What's the mission?? Get Our Minds Right!!!! please!! It's Gotta Be Good!! funky sounds will be dropped plus metaphysics and religion studied!!!

Plus I studied myself and others;  nobody is getting off that easy!! in the process? false alarms go off!!  it's rough out here!!  our egos get bruised and bloodied!!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Its Time For Transition (Circulating)

Sunday Jazz Continues; my last episode? we were talking about Expansion!! now we're checking out this O-Dog mix Its Time For Transition (Circulating)  ..Let's Go!!


Get your mind right!! I'm trying to increase my territory per Donald Lawrence!!  it's all about expansion!!!

From the slums of Detroit to Atlanta!! home of the chemtrails!! it's also where you can buy a fake mansion!!

...and make an impression on someone who doesn't know better!!

Imagination stretching!!  they'll actually think your a a go getter!!!

A DON'T STOP GET IT GETTER!!! but reality will say whatever!!!

Now reality checks are cashed; If endeavors are not righteous?  repercussions are felt by the so called cunning and clever!!

As I collect scattered thoughts?   soon I unleash Sonic Assaults!! addictions to percussions are addressed!

O-DOG won't check into re-hab!!  even though he stands accused like Isaac Hayes and he even confessed!!!!

**** O-ZONE WAS ONCE STRESSED***** But I let it go!
I did the knowledge!!  many things are just out of my control!! so check out how I roll!! dipping down I-20 in Atlanta rocking Pro Keds or Converse All-Stars as I conversed with y'all!!

*living in Georgia too long; picking up the accent* .... yes yes y'all  / yes yes y'all

To the beat y'all !!  O-Dizzle will rock it while O-Zone is about expansion!! from the last to the first; but not trying to go from first to last!!!

What's up y'all? what's the dizzle? the reign began with a drizzle now it's falling!! somebody said something about expansion!! per ISIS in Kobane the guns blast!!

It's Out Of Control; But Next Level Business Is Still Handled

I was on some next level business;  so you know the devil is mad. 

Ear shattering gunshots exploded like I was in Ferguson Missouri!!  who'll work with me?  I'm trying to find the peace I once had. 

Irrational fears were battering egos!! now some feel like they're losing control. 

Local national international and intergalactic fanatics are battling these Negroes!! the methods are physical, mental and spiritual!! the situation is out of control. 

Plus these Asians Caucasians Arabs and Jews try to see how a Negro will roll!! now pimp / player accusations are met. 

They say I'm out of control during these occasions!!  Day and Night per the Deele because I know the deal!!  ATLiens said keep it pimping player!!  so expectations are met. 

I break out in a Cold Sweat per James Brown; but it seems like I'm standing alone against the world.

It's me myself and I per De La Soul when the drama unfurled. 

Rocks were hurled and rockets were fired like the Gaza Strip;  now the storm approachs like Cristobal!! out of control is the prognosis. 

The situation is out of control like Ebola;  who administered lethal doses?

The situation is out of control as 6.1 magnitude earthquakes hit the Bay Area; I already told you the devil opposes per the Grey Area / Bay Area Scenarios...

The situation is out of control but check the attitude!! we're not fake with this as next level business get handled!! check the scenarios..

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Colonel Red / Rainfall (FALQ 1979 Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out some of this jazz / funk from Colonel Red  with a track called Rainfall (FALQ 1979 Remix) ..Let's Go!!

False Alarms

Jokers will roll up;  you'll get accosted!!  its like Hurricane Gonzalo hitting Bermuda!!  your caught in a storm. 

 Authorities will roll up; they'll get foul with a bro!!  damn!!  you just got swatted due to the false alarm. 

During outback chronicles?  mosquitoes get swatted for trying to roll up with the West Nile!!  yo!! it's Fall!! they're trying to get their last bites in.

 How did some respond to these and those?  misery loves company check the corporation!! some celebrate like Kool and The Gang!! it's so exciting!!  

How did some respond to these and those?  fool!! it's not strange!! lightning bolts strike those that told a damn lie!!

Usain Bolt type moves were made due to the false alarm;  is that what it sounds like when doves cry?

 Thats per Prince;  check the circumstance  / who's being built or torn down?

It's debatable;  Obama found out what the hate will do as Republicans run the ship aground. 

I even thought I was getting down but it was a false alarm.

 CDC mentioned a false positive!!  now in the midst of Ebola I try to stay positive!!  even though all the bells and whistles go off due to the false alarm!

Who paid attention?  they tried to act like they know a brotha!! but I knew it was a false alarm!!

Who paid attention? jokers threw up the peace sign like ceasefires in Nigeria; then they get attacked by Boko Haram!!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Monstercat Podcast Ep. 031

Digital Crate Digging Continues; once again it's on!!! we're checking out the Monstercat Podcast Ep. 031 as we put it down like this!! They're laying down the latest in electro / drum and bass / dubstep. Check out the playlist and the mix.


00:31 Vicetone feat. Collin McLoughlin - Heartbeat (PIXL Remix)
05:58 Pegboard Nerds - Emergency [Monstercat Spotlight]
09:58 Droptek - Jukebox Nightmares
14:43 Nitro Fun - Cheat Codes
17:45 Rogue - Atlantic
19:44 Hellberg & Deutgen vs Splitbreed - Collide (Astronaut & Barely Alive Remix)
24:13 Case & Point - Prism
27:32 Noisestorm - Sentinel
31:17 Stephen Walking & Soulero - Ampersand
35:25 Rootkit - Real Love (feat. Danyka Nadeau)
40:07 Astronaut - Apollo (SLDGHMR Remix)
42:50 Rameses B - Full Force
45:16 Muzzy - Draining Atlantic
50:08 Astronaut & Eyes - Pinball (Bluescreens Remix)
53:26 Tut Tut Child - Breathe (feat. Danyka Nadeau) [Monstercat Preview]
55:51 Haywyre - Everchanging

Thursday, October 16, 2014

How Are They Living?

How are they living???  the architect of the matrix was manipulating things!! they'll  try to **Schedule The Pleasure and Pain**

**Contributing To The Confusion In The World**  just like in Ferguson!! now check how the drama unfurled due to those that faked it; What Did We Gain?

I'm just trying to maintain!! breakbeat science is one of the weapons I'm using  * *Keeping My Head Above Water**.....water!!

**Making A Way If I Can**.... hmmm ....that sounds familiar; familiar!!!

Oh Yeah!!! Good Times!!!!!! .."Jimmie "JJ" Walker" real comedian?

Good Times!!! like Chic?  please!! like missing hikers  in Nepal / The Himalayas trouble will stalk ya!! issues are unique!! try to remind myself; purposes we're defeating!!

Files?  players from the Himalayas are deleting!! erasing evidence after wreaking havoc!! but it's still on the hard drive!!!

Me and my people will survive!  showing a lot of heart and drive; drive !!

Doing it our way!! making hard drives to the basket like Lebron James or maybe use his new weapon the sky hook!!

Doing it our way? of course!! hard lives are experienced by those going along with the program!! check the mess your in!! victimized by a crook!!  

Doing it our way!! hook lines and our own beats is our rebuttal to the madness!!

How did others play it? how were they living? it's rough out here in these streets!! check out the total chaos / mayhem / madness!!


Liquid and Beyond #18 [Liquid DnB Mix] (Priority One Guest Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out some of this liquid drum and bass from Liquid and Beyond #18 [Liquid DnB Mix] (Priority One Guest Mix) courtesy of Kasger  ...Check out the playlist and the mix.

 ► Liquid & Beyond Mix:
00:00:00 Kasger - Kenshō
00:02:12 Forren - This Time (ft. Sam Wills)
00:03:42 Pablo Nouvelle - You Don’t Understand (Calibre Remix)
00:04:04 SKS & Peyo - Without U
00:04:47 Manoeuvres - Mad World (Station Earth Remix)
00:07:00 J Majik & Wickaman - Crazy World ft. Kathy Brown (Monrroe. Bootleg)
00:08:06 Raise Spirit - When You’re Ready
00:08:51 Fatboy Slim - Right Here, Right Now (Wavelen Bootleg)
00:11:03 S.P.Y ft. BCee - Stardust
00:12:31 Sampha - Too Much (Intersoul Bootleg)
00:13:36 Evocativ - The Lovers (Whiney Remix)
00:15:27 Netsky - Young And Foolish (Nexus & Tight Bootleg)
00:16:53 Avizura - Red Sky
00:19:48 Crissy Cris - Create The Future
00:21:28 Xilent - Falling Apart ft. Grimm (Rameses B Remix)
00:23:07 Static & Dan Guidance - From The Art
00:24:34 Labrinth - Let It Be (Matrix & Futurebound Remix)
00:26:24 Logistics - As Sure As Sunrise (ft. Hugh Hardie)
00:27:30 Bryzone - Wonderlight

► Priority One Guest Mix:
00:29:03 Rameses B - Dream Catcher (feat. Charlotte Haining)
00:29:52 Champion - What I Need
00:30:34 Camo & Krooked - Climax
00:31:17 Matrix & Futurebound - Control
00:32:54 Wilkinson - Need To Know
00:33:36 Netsky - We Can Only Live Today (Camo & Krooked Remix)
00:34:40 Banks - Warm Water (Barbarix Remix)
00:35:02 Fred V & Grafix - Maverick Souls
00:36:27 Metrik - Want My Love (feat. Elisabeth Troy)
00:37:30 Bingo Players - Knock You Out (Champion Remix)
00:38:34 Wilkinson - Afterglow
00:38:57 Maduk - Avalon VIP
00:39:40 Sub Focus - Safe In Sound
00:40:22 Fake Static Noise - Fall (Maxin & Ruben Remix)
00:41:46 Priority One & TwoThirds - City Needs Sleep
00:43:22 Fred V & Grafix - Forest Fires (feat. Etherwood)
00:44:27 Break - Groove With It
00:45:52 Eastcolors - Toys
00:47:39 Priority One & ???? - ?????
00:48:43 Dimension - All I Need
00:49:05 Sub Focus - Out The Blue
00:50:30 Astronaut - Rain (Priority One Remix)
00:52:16 Example - Kids Again (Dimension Remix)
00:53:20 Wilkinson - Take You Higher
00:54:24 Wilkinson - Half Light
00:55:29 Oliver Heldens & Becky Hill - Gecko (Matrix & Futurebound Remix)
00:56:53 Hamilton - Be There
00:57:57 Culture Shock - Ohrwurm

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Loco Dice - Pimp Jackson Is Talkin' Now!!! (Luci Gets Loco Remix By Luciano)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out some house music from Loco Dice - Pimp Jackson Is Talkin' Now!!! (Luci Gets Loco Remix By Luciano

Soul Deeper Vol. 21 (Deep & Soulful House Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out this  Soul Deeper Vol. 21 (Deep & Soulful House Mix) courtesy of  eXogroove ; It's going down y'all!! Check out the playlist and the mix..

Son Of Sound - Violent Mood Things
MG Select, Cece Peniston - Love Don't Take Over (Frankie Knuckles and  Eric Kupper Director's Cut Signature Mix)
Heather Johnson - Love Alive (Feliciano New Dark Mix)
DJ Fudge - It Began In Africa (Orignal Mix)
Demarkus Lewis - In The Spot Tonite (Original mix)
Spiritchaser, Orlando Vaughan - All I See (Main Mix)
Pray For More, Barbara Douglas - Mjuzieekal Freedom (Pray For More Mix)
Angelo Ferreri - That Soul (Original Super Mix)
Marsha Bond - Whatever It Takes (Earl TuTu & John Khan Mix)
Lifekiss and Hoover, Pascal Dior - Kissin' Me (Original Mix)
Bewbz, Glamaraz - Heere 2 Moove (Original Mix)


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Breakbeat Science / Reloaded Like Minutes On A Cell Phone

The future is now! like those Snappening whose the next clone?  micro chipped and bar coded!!!

Act like you knew!!!! Oh Yeah!!! like minutes on a Family Dollar TracPhone BreakBeat Science is reloaded!!!

Hold It Now!!! Hold Up!!! O-Zone will holla atcha from attack zones!! now wait a minute; it ain't safe!!  just wait one minute!!!

Do The Knowledge!!! Get Your Mind Right per Oscar Pistorius!!! ear shattering gunshots exploded!! in the Safe House per Denzil Washington is where the pistol was!! fix your life!!  it's easy to lose it!!!

Funk will be provided by O-Dog; plus jazz, hip hop and house music!! he's a funky type of soul brotha!!  check the sound!! believe me, you can use it!!

Like a Mission Impossible assignment..should you choose it; choose it!!!

Check the sound plus this good word; like the NASA Mars Maven Orbiter caught in a solar storm breakbeat scientific principles are followed;   it's easy to choose this assignment!! 

Mind, Body, Spirit and your Soul will soon be in alignment!

Like signs of the zodiac: the current stellium in Libra!!  in Georgia? they'll have a Nathan Shady Deal for ya!!  who will run and tell it?

So called powers that be try to test; hoping I would fail it!!

My Soul?? I won't sale it!!! please, I'm not even  in the race!!!

Blessed with vision!! a fresh one!! now breakbeat science is reloaded like a T-Mobile phone!! word from O-Zone!!  I can see when others try to ***Set The Pace***

Monday, October 13, 2014

Don't Even Try It (Word From A Veteran In The Game)

Don't play me like that!!.. I didn't make the old drug dealer move!! I wasn't  like William Jefferson!! I  didn't have $90,000.00 hid in in my freezer!!!

O-Zone is a veteran in the game now coaching like Jason Kidd!! an elder statesmen!! my baby girl / kid calls me an **old geezer**

What's up man? pleased to meetcha!!! hope you can guess my name!!!

It's not Lucifer or Mick Jagger ; dagger in the back when playing the game?

What Game??  just pick / choose your poison, *Contributing To The Confusion *

What?? **Contributing To The Confusion In The World* ..the illusion!!

It's not amusing!!! This is not Comedy Central or Saturday Night Live!!!!

It's not amusing per Ebola breach of protocol; what's up y'all! like the BeeGees I'm trying to stay alive!!

Meanwhile I'm cruising through the universe like the Air Force space plane X-37B !! I knew the deally!! I know how the fake ride!

I've been here for a minute; check out how we roll!! breakbeat scientific with it!! I told a fool don't even try it! I'm wise to the whole set up!! aware of how the fake ride!

Please!!! I don't take sides; Republicans and Democrats are both crooks!!

What's their main objective?? they're just trying to make money off  the books!!!


Breakbeat Scientific / The Drama Is Revisited

Breakbeat Science is reloaded; like Tracy Morgan trying to recover after Wal Mart tried to blame him for the accident the drama is revisited!!!!

Breakbeat Science is reloaded; the mothership landed!! I wasn't drafted into spiritual warfare; this brotha enlisted!!!

The Vladimir Putin / iron fisted ruler from the school of hard knocks is confronted Tony Abbott style!! he was shocked that O-Dog rocks!!!

The truth? it's disputed in this game!! my number was listed!! soon I was subject to the authority!! damn!! they had O-Zone in a locked down situation!! but I tampered with the locks!!!

A brotha clocks his surroundings; like the Ebola breach of protocol investigation I   **Do The Knowledge** ;  that was the advice given to me; so I found a clearing!!!

I need to do like Oscar Pistorius I need to *Get my mind right* ; that way I wont be victimized by social engineering!!!

My vehicle has power steering:  now we dip through the galaxy!! we we're intergalactic with it!! extraterrestrials? we interacted with!! now the sound we bring uplifts the culture!!

Some are loathing and fearing!! it's no one of a kind love affair like the Spinners: the smell of blood will attract a vulture!

So we interrupt your regular scheduled programming  to give you this bulletin!!

*A Man Was Shot At A Cheap Hotel In The Gwinnett Area*, What was he pulling?

Pulling a caper, *trying to get that paper* of the negotiable variety!!!

Somebody said it's *All About The Benjamin's Baby* as we get breakbeat scientific with it the drama is revisited; don't lie to me!!!!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

BT Express - Express

Sunday Jazz Continue; checking out some jazz / disco / funk from the BT Express y'all!! Check it out!!


Breakbeat Scientific Plans Are Executed

On the thin line between belligerence and intelligence like Vladimir Putin at the G-20 meeting?  Check what O-Zone says!!

These days?  survival skills are enhanced!! some have plots; schemes; plans!! the truth ? some are disputing!! meanwhile in this danger zone? a bruh prays!!

Listened to the news; a cyclone hits India!! meanwhile another person took matters into his own hands; hands!!! he was trying to get free and stay free!!

Now ***Plans Are Executed***  like ISIS rolling up on Kobani homie went on a crime spree!!

**The Weapon Was Found To Be The Same Weapon Used*** that's what talking heads said on TV!!

**The Weapon Was Found To Be The Same Weapon Used**  it was fired on the Walking Dead by O-D-O-G!!!

The brotha O-D-O-G uses the funk as a weapon in this spiritual warfare!!!! feel me?

With the sounds were bringing? my folk will have a clearance rack epiphany!! they'll  find out about the  real me!!!

The sounds and good words  are uplifting as priorities are shifting;  these folk will take us there!!

It's like my baby girl keeps telling me and I agree with her;  life is not fair!!!

...Not taking us there like Staple Singers!!! please!! there was a breach of protocol per the Dallas Ebola infection; things aren't close to being spiritual!!!

Staying strong in the midst of chaos and mayhem;  I'm not trying to preach to y'all but soon the fear will go!!!

Told you how it goes in last episodes...still praying  ***That's How I Make It***

In the meantime we bring the sounds to rebuke those that fake it!!!

I couldn't take it!!!..So **Plans Are Executed** some of these folk will get what's coming to them;  check how we get down!!!

A **Frenzy Erupted**  the situation is out of control when we came through with the sound!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Monstercat Podcast Ep. 030

Digital Crate Digging Continues; were checking out this  Monstercat Podcast Ep. 030 for the latest in drum and bass, electro and other spices of life. Check out the playlist and the mix.


00:32 Aero Chord - Boundless [Monstercat Spotlight]
03:33 Pegboard Nerds - 20K
06:25 Muzzy - Letz Rock
10:05 Going Quantum - Hello (Ephixa Remix)
14:47 Rootkit - Do It
17:43 TwoThirds - Bring It Back
22:30 Rameses B - Dream Catcher (feat. Charlotte Haining)
26:11 Draper - New Rules
30:10 Astronaut - Apollo (Barely Alive Remix)
34:33 Haywyre - Synergy
37:36 Rogue - Forever
42:24 Mr FijiWiji - Cynical (feat. CoMa)
48:01 Case & Point - Error Code
50:34 Nitro Fun - Soldiers
53:16 Rezonate - Pump It!
57:04 Mystery Track


Lock It Down

It's going down!! like Mississippi State locking down the SEC by beating Auburn we lock it down!! then we throw away the keys!!

What went down? O-Dog was an unknowing benefactor of a radio station format change; it was strange! throw away these?

Throw away those?? what? 12" DJ dubplates?  please!! I'll take them!!  it was history in the making!! beats were broken and chopped up then put on O-Dog's Podcast!!

Please!!! I wasn't at ease!! I turned off the TV and  Radio!! now check out the alternative broadcast!!

Propaganda? Gossip?  Innuendo? weak comedy?  all of the above were broadcast by the media!!!

Understand a brotha; check out this Ferguson Weekend Of Resistance type rebuttal to subliminal messages planted that were meant to impede ya! they feed ya a pre-packaged meal with no nutrients;  it's not good for ya!!!

We were putting work in!! we weren't slack with it!! some say we're acting brand new with it when we rock ya!! the system attacks you like the Islamic State vs Kurds in Kobane!!  it knocks ya out of your comfort zone!!!

We weren't through dealing!! we repell the hate with broken words and broken beats; **Random Thoughts** are expressed by the brotha O-Zone!!!!

We weren't through dealing!! O-Dog rocks it!! he locks it down!!  once again it's on! like popcorn? it's on and poppin!!!!

*It's Not A Game* : please!!  *We Can't Let Up** ; we're not stoppin!!!!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Breakbeat Scientific Studies Are Conducted / Work Is Put In / This Is Not A Game

Breakbeat Scientific Studies are conducted **Work Is Put In** we're not partying and brawling like the Palins!! I'm  not accepting conditions I was put in!!!

Reality bruises and bloodied the ego; Felt Pain!!! hurting!! others were saying it's nothing!!!

O-Zone uses Timberland boots!! they're  muddied when walking through the Babylon wilderness!! jokers say I babble on when  I provide the **Blah, Blah, Blah** on O-Dog's CD...

What's really going on?  Ha! Ha! Ha! is heard from jokers skinning and grinning plus "kee kee keeing"  but a bruh gets the Last Laugh!! **Work Is Put In** Oh Yeah!!! please believe me!!!!

What's really going on? we're not suspended like Todd Gurley!! **This Is Not A Game** believe me, we don"t play them!!!

Lord Help!! Lord Help!! we pray to God!! you heard me? per the Ebola outbreak we pray for them!!

.... and those in this world that are going through the struggle!!

...Just trying to survive like Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, but some are like Hollywood; they're fake with it!! many roles they juggle!!
**It's Real...It's Real** this is genuine / authentic!! plus this is natural!! that's how these brothas put it down!!!

Avoiding hackers; attacking the mainframe!! it's like the K-Mart data breach!! ....they'll shut it down!!

Avoiding jackers, they'll put the smack down!! then get away with the goods!!

Las Vegas card stackers  put the hand down; they're up to no good!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Breakbeat Scientific Studies / Doing The Knowledge

Breakbeat scientific studies are conducted; but I'm not going to sit here and tell you I know everything. 

No!!  that's not the way!!  I play it like Donny Hathaway; or maybe even Lauryn Hill;   everything is everything.

I'm all up in the spot where kings of queens of drama want me to be under their jurisdiction. 

I mentioned earlier misery loves company;  they'll start a corporation.   

Like the GOP and the Secret Service Scandal they're all up in the sport with the instigation!! they're making things complex. 

Meanwhile were all up in the sport providing inspiration when we come with the next. 

Check the style;  a fresh view/ fresh vision is exhibited.

Breakbeat scientific studies revealed useful mechanisms;  now we deal with it.

Who's real with it? someone else will step up!!! there will always be so called **heroes** anointed / appointed...**The Great Man Theory**

Who's real with it? who had the Midas touch at the church? somebody said Heal Me!!! *Sprinkle Water or Oil On Me*  per Ezekiel 36.25   *Conspiracy Theory*?

It's linked to oil per ISIS attacks in the Middle East!!! the cliche? no justice no peace!!  it scares me!! corporations stay in my pocket!

Reality truth or dares me per the truth game!! based on the breakbeat scientific studies / doing the knowledge?   me and O-Dog come to rock it!!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Deep House 4 Hour Mix Playlist 2014 HD. Best Deep & Acid Jazz Lounge Chill Music by JaBig

Digital Crate Digging Continues: checking out this nice  Deep House 4 Hour Mix Playlist 2014 HD. Best Deep & Acid Jazz Lounge Chill Music by  JaBig

This is a nice mix!! a little something to help you get your mind right!! Check out the playlist and the mix!!

 Playlist Tracklisting:
4 AM  / Alex Barclay
If You Feel  / Juliet Fox
Political Philosophy /  IndySoul
Spring Jovonn / DJ Deep
Violent Mood Things  / Son of Sound
Dance 4 You (C-Major SA Deeper Mix) ChiProfess, Cortney LaFloy
Fortran  /  Kerri Chandler
Seehunger Love Maax 52
Voice Of A Vibraphone (Main Vibra Mix) Mthi Wa Afrika
Dont Tell (Manoo Remix) Maya Jane Coles
HEAVEN Can Wait / IndySoul
Sky Hunt /  DJ Steaw
The Machine /  Kerri Chandler
Manbo /  Franck Roger
Shotgun /  Detroit Swindle
You Can /  Dale Howard
Homage / Soul Purpose
Eulers Number (Mia Dora Remix) Origins Sound
4 You (Maya Jane Coles Remix) 4th Measure Men
I Don't Know Huxley, Shenoda (REMOVED - BLOCKED BY YOUTUBE)
No G Train Service /  Jon Cutler, Raffa Scoccia
Ohh (John Ciafone Mix) Mood II Swing
All Night Long  / Mood II Swing
Time to Go (Demarkus Lewis Dub Remix) Marissa Guzman
What I Mean (Mood II Swing Vocal Dub Remix) Modjo
Want to Be (Chez Damier Dub One) James Barnsley
Spiritual Warfare  / Terrence Parker
Take Me Higher / Tony Lionni
Colt Dense, Pika
Awakening Brian Harden
Your Nativity (Native Piano Mix) Glenn Underground & Black Mamba
Maferefun Eggun Trinidadian Deep
Fly Away Alex Dimitri
El Camino Part 2 Shazz
Take You There Low Tone Priority
Klubtrance Blaze
Call Me DJ Fudge
Journey To The Sun (KlevaKeys Deep Mix) Klevakeys
Heavens Marlon D
The Level of Love (Party All Sax Mix) Fabio Tosti Feat Spencer Banks
Chasing My Dreams (Red Dub) /  95 North
The Finale Alix Alvarez
Rushing (Mood II Swing Dub)  / Loni Clark
Habits The Rurals
Lovely (Johnny Fiasco Mix) Soulstice
4 AM (Chillout Mix) /  Alex Barclay

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

But I'm Just Saying PT. 2

I was trying to hold that thought per knowing Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey wouldn't stay together;  you know what I'm saying? 

Somebody is lying showing that cold heart!! but they told me they had heart!! supposedly I'm understanding that they're fair with me!!  but I'm just saying!

Actions speak louder than words; no blurred lines per Robin Thicke!!  so these good words are backed up with O-Dog's street funk.

Actions speak louder than words;  it's going down from Louisville to the ATL!!  we're in these streets getting crunk. 

Actions speak louder than words;  the fast break is finished with a dunk per Cleveland's  Kyrie Irving dishing to Lebron James

Actions speak louder than words;  this is word from a coach based on being a veteran in these games!!

Meanwhile,  like citizens of West Africa and the Ebola outbreak society blames my peeps for the chaos and mayhem.

No justice no peace is the catch phrase / cliche;  I'm just saying. 

What's up with us? cutting up in your local ghetto; barrio; suburb; business!! might even be in your church!!

What's up with us? slick preachers / ministers were rocking gators  and flashy polyester suits as they counted the cash flow from the collection plate; putting down their hustle at the Macedonia Baptist Church!!
Next Level Dramatics occur per ISIS rolling up on Macedonia; the arch nemesis  never left the premises; so I guess it's the rebirth!!

These next level mathematics dropped during the ongoing crisis are just for ya!! word from the salt of the earth!! 

These next devils exhibit their dramatic skills; I told you before!!  this salt of the earth representative walks among royalty!!!

Actually?  those that represent drama; these kings and queens were  showing no loyalty!!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Monstercat Podcast Ep. 029

Digital Crate Digging Continues: once again it's on!! For the best in Electro, EDM, trap music, dubstep and other spices of life we're checking out the Monstercat Podcast Ep. 029. Check out the playlist and the podcast. 


00:31 WRLD - Triumph
03:17 Arion - The BASSEX
05:57 Astronaut & Eyes - Pinball (Twine Remix)
07:55 Aero Chord - ???????
09:07 Pegboard Nerds - BADBOI
12:01 Rootkit - Against the Sun (feat. Anna Yvette)
13:41 Haywyre - Back and Forth
17:05 Astronaut - Apollo (Dodge & Fuski Remix)
19:57 Pegboard Nerds - FrainBreeze
23:36 Rogue - Night After Night
27:27 Droptek - Boundaries
32:27 TVDS - Another Day (Alternate Mix)
34:27 TVDS - Another Day (Original Mix)
35:56 Soulero - Video Boy
38:57 Rogue - Moments (feat. Meg Dean)
42:39 Project 46 - Catalyst
47:42 Hellberg & Rich Edwards - Hands of Time (feat. Jonny Rose) [Monstercat Spotlight]
52:19 Mr FijiWiji & Soulero - Nebula
57:08 Mystery Track


Sunday, October 5, 2014

All Up In The Spot / Still Doing The Knowledge

Guess who's back? once again it's on!!  this brotha is back in the spot.

I was still doing the knowledge; like Turkey fighting ISIS to clock the Kurds? I'm  keeping track of the scheme and plot. 

I'm dropping knowledge as O-Dog rocks and O-Zone has these good words; meanwhile the have and have nots do battle;  who's victimized? 

The situation is sick like Ebola from Dallas to Monrovia; ATL players said they're trying to get over like Superfly per Curtis Mayfield!!  a joker kicked those lies. 

They said they're the Real Deal Holyfield!!  but at the end of the day we find out otherwise. 

All up in the spot!!  a brotha had to deal with the wise and otherwise.

Surprise!  surprise!  surprise! that's  per Gomer Pyle!!  soon jokers cash reality checks. 

I kept my eye on the price even when society disrespects.

Meanwhile cops front like it's Ferguson!! the  flashlight meets the skull of a so called suspect!!

Turning the heat up like Miami?  featuring Bosh and D-Wade? what can we expect?

Meanwhile authorities collect stashes of meth and cocaine before they hit the street!!

Someone told me they'll take their cut out of it; then it'll be back on the street!!!

Making sure "mine" is tight; I make sure this breakbeat scientific  business is straight!!

I'm in conflict with this world!! trying to be righteous in a world full of hate!!!

But it's not too late!!! Me and O-DOG bring this sound  through!!

Oh Yeah!!!! were still doing the knowledge!!!! Making sure that it's thorough!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Last Laugh PT. 6

It's going down!!  It seemed like I was on a Hajj to Mecca when I was dipping down I-20 in Atlanta; but I heard the sarcastic remarks plus I caught the sideways glances. 

Busters Herbs and marks are still getting played!! there's no respect for ya!!  some are in debatable circumstances. 

Are they being built or torn down?  oh advances were made like   enterovirus D68 !!  but where will you find us? some will end up back at square one. 

It's going down!! but jokers are foul with this!! they're showing hate!! bad cards are dealt by these gamblers out for a fast buck!!  the game is not a fair one. 

Bad hearts?  scared ones were making bad decisions!! where's the Gone Girl?   apparently some didn't really do the math.

Bad parts in the reality show? the drama will unfurl? bad starts?  we recovered from them!!  we weren't on the wrong / last path. 

Drama will unfurl like Hong Kong!! but we have the last laugh as jokers plot and scheme like ISIS threatening military families

Plus this is not the last math as the saga / struggle continues!! check the crisis!! some will understand these. 

What it do? is this the last path? like checking out the Austin City Limits Music Festival the regular scheduled programming was interrupted.

What it do? is this the last math?  religious?  secular? spiritual?  I see the database is corrupted. 

 So what's up with it? I had the last laugh!!  jokers told me they're ready to ride out but I just saw them buy five dollars worth of gas. 

They were at the QT on Wesley Chapel Road in Decatur;  I'm rocking the Louisville Cardinals hat so I'm considered a hater!!  but I make it last..

Friday, October 3, 2014

Kerri Chandler LIVE @ Exit Festival

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out Kerri Chandler performing at Serbia's Exit Festival in July 2013.

No playlist it's just a world class DJ / Producer doing what he does!! Check It Out!! 


Thursday, October 2, 2014

Funky Destination - The Inside Man (Soopasoul remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out  Funky Destination - with The Inside Man (Soopasoul remix)..Let's Go!!


Change of Scenery PT.7 (Not Up In The Spot)

It's going down after jumping and recognizing!!   I had to change the game up. 

I had to change the scenery; I might shut it down per Public Enemy or even Burn Hollywood Burn;  and turn the flame up. 

It's all game up in this piece!!  but I'm at peace even though there's no justice and peace!! I'm not trying to burn any bridges. 

Acting the same up in this piece and that piece!!  any revelations? any tools used?  doing the knowledge is

Acting the same up in this and that piece? any fools used? of course they were!! but per Simon and Garfunkel bridges over troubled waters are built when we put it down like this. 

Unlike North Korea building tunnels to South Korea!! I see ya if your running the right route!! Teddy Bridgewater type passes are thrown after we find out what the deal is!

Those dealing with ISIS in Syria know what the real is!  they're out there on the frontlines!!

Those dealing with the crisis in Ferguson said that's ground zero..similar to George Zimmerman fronting on mine..

Where have you found this Negro? I'm putting work in son!! breakbeat scientific business as usual!! 

I even had the Throwback Thursday Edition!! check the steelo!! rolling like a gangster during Prohibition!! acting like I knew!!

What it do? being hungry and thirsty made me change the scenery like when I left Louisville to come to the ATL..

What it do? I'm broadcasting from a remote outpost!! I wasn't up in the spot!! I was wise to the set up!! like Obama vs Republicans jokers wanted me to fail...

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Luther Vandross Feat. Cassandra Wilson and Bob James / I'm Only Human

 Digital Crate Digging Continues; We're checking out this smooth track from Luther Vandross ft. Cassandra Wilson and Bob James - with I'm Only Human. Check out the credits and the track...

Drum Programming [Additional], Sound Designer – David Isaac / Electric Piano [Fender Rhodes] – Bob JamesProducer, Arranged By [Vocal] – Luther Vandross / Producer, Keyboards, Bass, Guitar, Drum Programming, Arranged By – Marcus MillerWritten-By – Luther Vandross, Marcus Miller