Friday, September 30, 2011

They Said They Had The Hook Up

I was told they had the hook up!! but they sounded like workers at the Boeing plant near Philly..what's the deally?  I found out otherwise! 

A Boeing 787 Dreamliner? where did we find ya? whose caught up or caught out there?  subject to the authority!! the policies of the wise and otherwise! 

Whatcha knowing? the bright lights can blind ya..what hook up? ..word from Living For The City mentioned by Stevie Wonder..this brotha was wise to the set up based on being a veteran in the coaching! 

Who'll rise to the occasion? repelling the hostile takeover..the home invasion!! whose encroaching?

....As were caught in a moment of time..soon approaching that point; the critical stage of development!

Check the transformation mentioned by Nona Hendryx and Teri Lynne Carrington; like a postal worker whose daring me to push the envelope? 

Whose going postal without paying the postage? because they can't cope with that and this..their strategies left them woefully unprepared!

Postal workers fight possible layoffs....Atlanta Braves were knocked out of the whose caught up or held hostage after they truth or dared?

Al Qaeda running scared? their leader in Yemen gets hit up with a drone... 

How will some play ya? they said they had the hook your stranded out there in the danger zone...

...As we adjust bass, treble, and tone...O-Dizzle will hook up a funky track...

O-Zone will drop this good heard? as we continue to fight back....

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mixed Emotions

Dealing with mixed emotions while caught in this moment of time!

This is a critical stage of development; whose caught up? I was wise to the set up!! not using Bank of America debit cards..haters try to make it hard for us...they nickel and dime ya..I was realizing that evil is an opponent of mine! 

Breakbeat science is a component of mine; Red Light Love per Those Darlins?  playing on like Florida Marlins..or maybe even the Tampa Bay Rays..emotional after they win the wild card...trying to get over the hump like the middle of the week!

As we continue to deal with the madness; what's up with this? for some emotions are shown.."so hard to to say goodbye to yesterday" per Boyz To emotional...their outlook is bleak! 

....As we streak through the galaxies like space junk crash landing on earth! 

Brought back this Pluto Intergalactic Space funk; knowing what its all worth! 

....Plutonium and uranium have a space in an anarchists heart from Iran to Libya.... I noticed the business being conducted was Shady Like Grady..

A fanatic tried to delay the rebirth!!  like Alabama immigration laws I said....I noticed the business being conducted was Shady like Grady! 

...Not homie from Sanford and Son; blues like Bobby Blue Bland will cause some to come undone!! now at University Hospital in Louisville or in the ATL at Grady! 

Jokers nixed notions on making me fail; but they're trying to play me another way! 

Broken beats and English reflect my mixed emotions; as I put it down like this and like that!

Pain and anguish kicked like bad habits during these promotions; as we put it down like this and like that!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Freddie Gibbs- Anything To Survive Feat. Freeway

Freddie Gibbs representing G.I....Gary Indiana..the new voice of the Midwest?

Secret Knowledge PT 2

Whats the knowledge for the day? some will try to keep it a secret...time will reveal like DeBarge..or like Obama's job plan..we realize like Gaddafi..sometimes we can't go home! 

The mothership gets good mileage; energy efficient....not crash landing like the NASA satellite..throughout the galaxies we roam! 

 Chilling out..low key...doing the knowledge...some of it was exposing fallacies that were on the dome; then I hit the purge button! 

I didn't Watch The Throne; it was too shiny!! I'm out here where its grimy and gritty; surviving, but not saying it ain't nothing! 

Watch that tone!! watch your mouth!! speak when your spoken to and come when your called! 

....Knowledge dropped by old schoolers on Broadway up in Louisville up in the spot where I balled!

Secret knowledge revealed about Illuminati skull and I adjusted bass levels and tones up in the Buick deuce and a quarter or Buick Regal...that hauled a brotha through the streets of the Ville! 

....On up to Nap Town...over to Cincinnati..down to Nashville actually worldwide..on over to Syria where there's mass hysteria....the system will use abuse and confuse..but I did the knowledge; I had to dip to the ATL! 

Witches and warlocks tried to caste a spell; but no weapons formed would work! 

O-Dizzle rocks out like he was in the Band Of Gypsys with Jimi Hendrix...some thought he would fail...pumping brakes like Bendix..but he did the knowledge; now he's putting in work!

O-Zone is putting out the good word...he had a whole sack full...we did the knowledge...but some of it? we have to be discrete with it..

Danger zone residency is no that's no secret...

Monday, September 26, 2011

Watch Yourself PT.2

Spiritual warfare is going down..its in full effect; you'll have to watch yourself!

Lord help us all is the new battle cry; Lord Help Lord Help is the old we keep moving; what's up? a moving target is hard to I went on with my bad self! 

Lord help us all!! the NYPD will shoot down the it's a falling satellite...or even an Air Race plane in Reno..what's up with it? I'm observing the scene bro!!  as I see casualties fall all around me!

Summer madness is over with..Autumn is here!! now check how I fall through with the good word; plus I'm taking it to another level; I brought the sound with me! 

Back with this!! O-Dizzle is rocking them while O-Zone will call you out if your a hater; you found me on the front lines! 

The old school Baptist Preacher up in Louisville Kentucky told me to watch myself!! Buju Banton will amen that's word from Troy Davis..hustles? the system is knocking them...they'll try to front on mine!

...Like they do Pres. Obama; he tried to work with the Republicans but they tried to throw him under the bus! 

Check the ongoing drama like your in yourself!! please!! once again its on!! one more time; that's whats up with us! 

No justice no peace is the catch phrase; but we should know that by now! 

Watch yourself its not all love even though in the background I here Luther Vandross singing here and now!

Buju to spend his jail time in Texas -

Buju to spend his time in Texas - Entertainment - Jamaica Gleaner - Monday | September 26, 2011

The Undergods (Canibus & Keith Murray) feat. Crooked I - Show & Prove

......Keith Murray and Canibus together as The Undergods...they brought Crooked I of Slaughterhouse along for the ride...listening to some of this at the 9 to 5...It's from a couple of years ago but it still bumps...the version I heard had Eric Sermon with the track..but this one's OK!! check it out..

Sunday, September 25, 2011

John Coltrane Blue Train

Sunday Night Jazz...classic jazz from one of the masters....rolling on the Blue Train


They said it didn't make sense; there was a lack of understanding! 

Artificial turf identified on the other side of fence; I checked the it's respect were demanding!

Israel vs The Palestine Authority type circumstances arise..turf wars are fought worldwide!! out good and evil  collide..producing energy! 

It's way too real!! whose subject to the authority? earthlings far and wide are  affected by Hadron Collider type techniques also know as the big bang theory! 

...Combining with the chaos theory;  I told some acting chaotic not to come near me!! please!! who felt the pressure?  there's usually a misunderstanding! 

Its easy to take a loss in this hostile territory; I dipped..the Mothership is like a Boeing 787 Dreamliner..but I told some to miss me with the drama; jet setters are like satellites crash landing! 

Corporate masters of the universe were stream lining so they could maximize profits parked offshore..subjects to drama royalty are soon understanding their fate!

They're subject to the authority!!  drama kings and queens expected loyalty; but ecological ignorance will alter the fate! 

Where you at?  worldwide..from Afghanistan to Libya these earthlings show hate; but I'm understanding what the deal is! 

Where you at? what's the deal with ya? caught up when good and evil collide? I noticed how some will work things due to their conditioning; at the critical stage of development some find out what the real is!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Not Trying To Waste Your Time Or Mine PT.2

Doors and windows of opportunity were only open for a few moments; then security locked it down! 

It was for a limited time only like fast food commercials; but O-Dizzle will continue to rock the sound! 

Time is funny..that's why I'm not trying to waste yours or mine.. sometimes lonely because we had Work To Do like the Isley Brothers; that's the dizzle! 

Revolutionaries and counter revolutionaries were operating like the Arab spring; trying to overthrow the reign that began with a drizzle! 

Al Qaeda said they sparked it like lightning in inclement weather! 

Whose the freedom fighter? they said it was hard hitting like Floyd Mayweather! 

Junior or Senior? meanwhile the Chi Lites sing have you seen her; after she took another piece of their heart like Janis Joplin! 

Act like you knew a bruh!! so whatcha know about him? he's a Rider of The Storm like the Doors and Jim Morrison; tearing things up from Birmingham all the way to Joplin! 

It's even going down in Birmingham over in heard man? time keeps on moving; murdering the best of them that hit the fast forward button!

Some kept getting up every morning punching the time clock at the salt mine; a punishment glutton? 

At the end of the day? left with nothing..time frames caught up with them! 

Thirty year mortgages; sixty and seventy two month car notes ...not trying to waste your time or mine with the beats and quotes..time frames? citizens worldwide are caught up in them! 

Poignant with the beats and quotes while another votes; word from Herman Cain!! but whose drinking the poison mixed with the cherry or grape Kool Aid? that gets them every time! 

Or maybe drinking the Gatorade or Powerade will make you beat Usain Bolt's time! 

I'm even going all out for mine before the shot clock expires! 

Then time will be up..that's why I wont waste yours or I go for mine..even though the hooptie wont get far on slick tires!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Falling Through...Moving Forward...

What it do? we're falling the falling satellite? moving forward never backwards! 

Trying to move past the roadblocks and obstacles; you know some folk "still ain't right"....word from Troy Davis...we're peeping game; seeing how that works! 

How will some behave with this? will they get knocked out like Mike Vick was? who'll last until the end of the game..showing stamina? damn bruh that hurts is heard from those with excuses! 

O-Dizzle rocked out during the ongoing chaos and confusion..damn!! I thought that was normal; I've got all kinds of cuts, scars, and bruises!

Intergalactic cruises were taken across the galaxy in motherships without help from NASA; an updated version of the Smokey Robinson agenda! 

A fanatic loses his money, mind, body, and spirit; he was supposedly a playa playa..but we found out he was just a pretender!

What's up with it? Post office cutbacks delay the letter being returned to the sender!

Going postal was an option for some; thrown in the melting pot after being in the blender! 

This sonic defender is through with the fiesta!! now its time to fall through! 

Listening to R Kelly's is'll get the best of judges render a verdict like I was a Sandinista; but I found a portal to slide or crawl through! 

Judgements were passed because I wasn't fashionista; balling wasn't what I do! 

....I wasn't subject to the authority..thought and fashion police were out of their jurisdiction; this bruh knew what it do!

.....Now I move forward never backwards; as we proceed! 

Work is put in blue collar style!! that's how it works; true indeed!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The New Sheriff In Town...

They wanted to be the new sheriff in town; with methods to the madness that were supposed to be new and improved! 

Penalties, taxes, and tariffs await us as the stock market we come back with this!! haters sweat the technique because previously we showed and proved!

But we know what the deal is; down here in Georgia where the real is... Troy Davis was executed..please!!  actually devious ones proved it to us in earlier episodes!

....Once caught up but now wise to the set up..Ahmadinejad of Iran said he was peeping game...whose sleeping in the game? we roll up faster than the speed of light in discrete modes!

....Plus we follow all applicable street codes; as we put it down like this! 

No mistakes were allowed like Rakim mentioned; like Pakistan said no boots on our ground!! but we knew how the so called sheriff would get down! 

..No fakes were allowed on the squares in the circle...check the work we do..letting it do what it do....where were we found? 

....rocking out down here in the ATL;  mafioso types try to make one big trap out it! 

Where were we found? down here in the ATL..home of bass getting crunk and snap out of it! 

The new sheriff in town said snap out of it!! said we need to get over it like Dr. Phil...but they lacked authority..please!! whose really running things? the mayor of Atlanta is Kasim Reid!

Ups and downs? we had our share of the Gladys Knight and the Pips song...your the best thing that ever happened to we get down!! going in getting it in? true indeed!

As we get this hostile territory....seeds are planted in secret were taking it to another level..this is how were putting it down..

As we get down...we refused to be subject to the drama royalty!! also known as the new sheriff in town..

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Big Humpday Question; What's The Deal?

As we proceed and continue; I took a look around...damn!! I said to myself...this doesn't look too questions are asked; whats the deal with it? 

True indeed....the Hell's Kitchen menu doesn't look to good..where's Chef Ramsey? who understands me? after the ten year anniversary of 9-11 Americans were told to be vigilante! 

True you feeling? I heard the belligerent were talking junk; now the vigilante were ready to get busy! 

True indeed!! is this the tipping point? the jump off? who'll get bumped off like Metta World Peace?  on Dancing With The Stars..meanwhile we just got back from out in the galaxy...riding through the planets and we use the intergalactic funk and good word to get busy!

We avoided the falling space it's tip off time in the game..jump ball; on World Peace Day?..questions are asked; who is he is heard? it's O-Dizzle ...he'll get busy...he'll solve the riddle! 

Questions are asked; out there in the sea of inquity...when will we jump the shark? please!! some are still waiting in the minds we spark.....whats the dizzle? like Typhoon Roke... the reign began with a drizzle!

What's the deal? there was a full house in the temple of doom...whose jumping the broom? out their in the storm parades get rained on; plans fizzle...they fall through! 

Whats the deal? ask Troy Davis...storm troopers down here in Georgia or worldwide stay busy...what's the deally?  O-Zone was on his own like Patti Labelle and Michael McDonald; how will the world respond to a bruh when he falls through?

Whats the deal? I thought y'all knew!! I told some they acted like things were phat and all that!

Whats the deal? I took a good look at things...I asked them what can we call that?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

No Sympathy From The Devil

Some were looking for a breakthrough; trying to get clemency like Troy Davis!

But you know theres no sympathy from the devil on any level.... so how will some behave with this?

Whose enslaved to this or that? now trying to fight back like rebels in Libya...but what's the deal with ya?  theres no sympathy for the devil per Rolling Stones!

Who misbehaved? then said they ain't!! like Dinah Washington...but they were caught out there; rolling with those clones!

The drama is going down from Kabul to Washington...the structure caved in due to the earthquake or tsunami; or maybe even Typhoon Roke hitting up Japan! 

The corrupt one said they can fix it but they were just a shadetree mechanic; so whats up man?

Whats up son I?  heard some say they're trying to take it to another level!

Soon facing setbacks, roadblocks, and obstacles when dealing with another devil!

As we get back to basics; dropping this breakbeat science; sympathy from the devil ? please!! a bruh is not expecting it!

These stream of consciousness dream chasers couldn't fake it; this is authentic..even though haters are disrespecting!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Reggae Artist Denroy Morgan Busted

Reggae Artist Denroy Morgan Busted for 300 Pounds of Pot - The Boombox

The Train Has Left The Station....Once Again....

The train has left the station; Westbound like the old Funkadelic record label? 

Five Points Marta Train Station in Atlanta....Westbound like Hamilton Holmes stations? after street merchants and street preachers try to reach us? they were acting shell shocked; mushroom psychedelic like..the style was unstable!

Speed merchants pass us up like planes in the Reno Air Race...but the train of thought is rolling !!!the Brotha O-Dizzle O-Zone is analyzing surrounding thought patterns;  fables, fairy tales, and urban myths were spotted!

We fight back against those we can't work with...the drama is like Libya...they ask me...what's the deal with ya? The Sonic Assault is unleashed on those who schemed and plotted!

The fabric is knotted; it wasn't smooth...interactions were affected by the Pisces full moon madness!

A fanatic conducted business as usual; seasons change but the crisis will continue!! it started during the summer madness!

Fanatics were corrupt with it!! just like they say about the Mayweather-Ortiz Keith Sweat said something just ain't right!!  they thought they had this and that under control!

Mathematics are dropped by this brotha; now bear witness to how the train of thought will roll!

As we come back with this; the train has left the station ...The Sonic Assault is what we roll up with!

As we come back with this;  rebuking those that thought they had control of it!