Tuesday, September 20, 2011

No Sympathy From The Devil

Some were looking for a breakthrough; trying to get clemency like Troy Davis!

But you know theres no sympathy from the devil on any level.... so how will some behave with this?

Whose enslaved to this or that? now trying to fight back like rebels in Libya...but what's the deal with ya?  theres no sympathy for the devil per Rolling Stones!

Who misbehaved? then said they ain't!! like Dinah Washington...but they were caught out there; rolling with those clones!

The drama is going down from Kabul to Washington...the structure caved in due to the earthquake or tsunami; or maybe even Typhoon Roke hitting up Japan! 

The corrupt one said they can fix it but they were just a shadetree mechanic; so whats up man?

Whats up son I?  heard some say they're trying to take it to another level!

Soon facing setbacks, roadblocks, and obstacles when dealing with another devil!

As we get back to basics; dropping this breakbeat science; sympathy from the devil ? please!! a bruh is not expecting it!

These stream of consciousness dream chasers couldn't fake it; this is authentic..even though haters are disrespecting!

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