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Kanye West "Christmas In Harlem" (feat. Vado, Jim Jones, Cam’ron, CyHi Da Prynce, Pusha T, Musiq, Teyana Taylor & Big Sean) [AUDIO] | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

....kanye with an all star cast...
Kanye West "Christmas In Harlem" (feat. Vado, Jim Jones, Cam’ron, CyHi Da Prynce, Pusha T, Musiq, Teyana Taylor & Big Sean) [AUDIO] | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

The Train Of Thought Is Still Rolling!! Ignoring The Distractions!! (Part One)

Starting off on the wrong foot..needing to get on the good one like James Brown talked about.

Your wrong fool!! that's what dude told little homie!!! acting like a zombie as he stalked about!

Suspended like Terrelle Pryor..or like that pitcher that balked out on the mound!! somebody's confused about things!

Foot fetish like Rex Ryan? or like that snitch trying to keep the rent paid because he knew about things!

Divorces like Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson? ..or like the opinion switcher acting brand new with things..rolling with another team!

Divorces from reality not granted by Judge Judy? act like you knew me!! or acting brand new with they were traded to the Orlando theyre floating upstream.

The train of thought is rolling!! courses are plotted up the stream of consciousness..or maybe down stream ..Float Float Floaters.

Deals were made with the other team !!like Obama pissing off the voters?

Drama caused by pistol toters from the hoods of your the mountains of Afghanistan.

..From Iraqi and Somali bomb exploders!! to capers put down by the Taliban in Pakistan.

Games were played by so called masters of the drastic measures are put down by a man down to their last dollar or euro.

Plus their freedom is in jeopardy...but not the TV Game show.

Tina Turner told them they didn't need another hero..but they appear to be looking for Chuck Norris.

Or maybe even Rambo!! but that's from another season!! things change..check out the full moon on 12/21/2010 and the Solstice!

As we approach this!! listening to Reasons by Earth Wind and Fire..rolling in the hooptie.

Coaching this based on the veteran status!! ignored the treasons..even though slick talkers said the truth was told to me!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

WikiLeaks Claims Kingston Mayor Collaborated With Alleged Drug Lord "Dudus" | News One

WikiLeaks Claims Kingston Mayor Collaborated With Alleged Drug Lord "Dudus" | News One

Prodigy Of Mobb Deep Lands Book Deal; Autobiography Due In April 2011 | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

Prodigy Of Mobb Deep Lands Book Deal; Autobiography Due In April 2011 | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

Still Collecting Scattered Thoughts

Here we go again!! thoughts that are scattered are selected at random.

Some are sculptured while flowing down the stream of consciousness..what's up with this? any carcinogens found? we're dipping through with reckless abandon!

What did the corruption do? now were told to abandon the ship!! it's sinking like the Titanic!

But I didn't evacuate the train of thought!! but other passengers started to act frantic!

A manic depressant chilled with homie that was bipolarized!! not surprised..could these hot messengers get through to them?

..Maybe..maybe not..because the message was a hot mess? but the cliche said don't shoot them!

Ignore those that loot them!! what? financial institutions..told to look away!

Like a pass from Jason Kidd when he was in his prime!! back in the day!

Meanwhile the prime rate lender said pay up or there'll be hell to pay!

Prime time players like Deion Sanders said dont tell them what to say!

Old girl said she didn't have to tell you what to pray about!! you can start by saying thanks for being blessed!

What it do? the drama unfurled!! now your heart beats out of control from being stressed!!

Blessed and highly favored on the tag in front of the Caddie Escalade up in Roswell Georgia.

O-Dizzles tracks? funk flavored..intergalactic influenced..straight from O-Dog's lab similar to Roswell, New Mexico..Area whats up with ya?

That's what they ask O-Dizzle!! it's like being out in Cali!! caught out in the's more than a drizzle!! but not packing like Plaxico Burress.

Plans fall apart!! fizzle like sodas!! but street codes are heard this?

Monday, December 20, 2010

Steve Francis checks into Chinese game with iced ankles - Ball Don't Lie - NBA  - Yahoo! Sports

..talking about falling off!!

Steve Francis checks into Chinese game with iced ankles - Ball Don't Lie - NBA  - Yahoo! Sports

Tyrese Attacks The Paparazzi [PHOTOS] | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

Tyrese Attacks The Paparazzi [PHOTOS] | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

Peace Is Disturbed, It Wouldn't Be Still!!

Peace was disturbed..the winds of change are blowing!! even setting off cheap car alarms.

Appetites aren't curbed!! some even make comebacks like the Eagles and Mike the wrong spot? you'll be a's not strange that jackers rolled up with rusty they beared arms!

Even had homemade bombs..innocent bystanders were placed in harms way..who had diplomatic immunity?

Some were geeked up by drumlines and trumpets..then highlanders tricked them with the golden plated opportunity!

Spotted grandstanders holding heavy artillery in the community!! making plans like the Taliban in Pakistan or even Al Qaeda in Yemen.

Clogged arteries from high blood pressure, high cholesterol. and diabetes will get the best of some.

No rest for some!! the weary!! situations are salty and greasy! Like Church's and Popeye's chicken!! R.I.P Gary Andrews..what were some kicking? they need to fall back and be easy!

No rest for some..the weary!! ...the outlook is bleak..bleary!! knew what it sounds like when a dove cries like Prince said..some feel me..

No rest for some...but churches never stop the lies!! some needing to tell the truth and shame the devil!!

As we work this!! word from the intergalactic mystic!! rolling in like the Solstice!! after the lunar eclipse..we're on another level!

Dodging flagrant agents with the pitchfork and shovel!! I could see that the energy wasn't right.

Up In The Dodge Charger with blacked out windows..spotted at the intersection..fork in the road?....CrossRoads..Bones Thugs Harmony..evil spirits lodging in willing entities.."it just ain't right" ..

....20 20 hindsight combines with a Fresh Vision!!! now were coming out fresh with a brand new batch!

Getting my mind righ!!t funky fresh in the flesh..but hell I still catch!

Word from Natalie Cole!! but your boy got soul or else I wouldn't be in here!

Word from Bobby Byrd!! updated by Eric B and Rakim..we're rocking as we go there!

We're rocking time to spare..the train of thought is rolling..

Whose knocking it?..hell caught..feeling the pain..but we're still rolling!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tyrese "Media Whores" Twitter | Hello Beautiful

Tyrese "Media Whores" Twitter | Hello Beautiful

Bishop Eddie Long Target of Secret Service Investigation for Questionable Mortgage Loans

Bishop Eddie Long Target of Secret Service Investigation for Questionable Mortgage Loans

What It Do? What's The Business?

What it do? tried to make a connection..but systems couldn't interface.

Tried to make corrections to errors!! so thought and fashion police wouldn't be in my face!!

I was told to cease and desist with these live fire drills like South Korea!! but horror and terror seems to be the answer to the question.

...For those that ask what's the business? act like you knew this!! so there's no second guessing!

Others bask in the limelight!!! said their legacy was like Tron..soon realize what they thought was a blessing was really a curse!

Whose asking about 20 20 hindsight? word from Bernie Madoff!! whose stressing when fortunes reverse?

Get your mind right was the slogan used by up and coming philosophers!

Meanwhile..little homie gets his crime tight!! said he wanted to be prosperous!

...Said they need to break him off proper!! right and exact!! he wasn't trying to come up short!

God's property violated during the process like polluting the environment...we wonder how some came up in the sport!

...Universal laws violated!! plus my folk are still hated!! diplomatic immunity is invoked by this brotha!

Can't work with those all about evil!! I dipped back to the community..they said Im on some other other!

Who tried to holla at a brotha? those that show love will get love in return.

But I heard what was said!! a dollar was bet that this brothas would crash and burn!

But reality is a good teacher..class is in session..actually I did crash and burn!! but I rise out of the ashes like the Phoenix.

Now running like Phoenix Suns with Steve Nash assists!! what's up with this? players get traded...but staying persistent..breakbeat science is dropped when we kick this!!!

Reality's A Good Teacher /Class Is In Session!! - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster

Reality's A Good Teacher /Class Is In Session!! - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Didn't Need The Blue or Black Ink Pen...Once Again..

Damn!!! tapping on this Samsung need for the black or blue ink pen!! I've got another one..the saga /struggle continues.

Babylon is trapping some..but I'm not the one..this brotha won't come undone..I'm a chef in soul's kitchen..working on these menus.

In the lab..CD's are burned...MP3's processed..vinyl will snap, crackle and pop...cassettes flow like soda pop without the fizzle....

Messages? a bruh sends you in the songs..that's word from O-Dizzle!

Letting you know about the reign of began woth more than a drizzle..

Middle passagesdescendants will recognize what the business will do!

Solved the riddle with fellow mystics..they know what the deal is!! out there intergalactic, local or international!

Global dynamics like Dilated Peoples..what's the deal? global warming affecting my peoples..whose acting irrational?

O-Zone is molding these scriptures like ceramics!! but like the Air Force limiting web access due to the Wikileaks....some folk might not think it's rational!

In a zone..reflecting on winning streaks and losing streaks..listening to some old school..The Dramatics..whatcha see is what you get > but episodes will test love that's unconditional!

What were we on? some said slick like Gulf Of Mexico oil security clearance..access is conditional..

Old and new schools are fooled by the mathematics!! now they're caught up in the database!

Old and new fools were acting erratic!!like the Senate voting on the U.S. budget...but they told me they were on the case!

Now I'm watching slow and fast speed car chases like OJ on the six o clock some play it either way!

But O-Dizzle is batching up something a bruh is dipping through..found an escape route now calling a play!

...A veteran now havens and harbors I'm approaching..dipping! was I wrong because I left?

Armageddon is soon approaching..whose strong as priorities shift?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I Didn't Need The Blue or Black Ink Pen This Time..

What it do? I created a new one without the loose leaf and black or blue ink pen.

Tapping on the Samsung cell phone.little homie asked what I'm on? told them I'm a new man!

What was I on? the train of thought is rolling!! but not out here chasing comes to me..even when I get played like Obama..fellow team members running away from me!! ...I'm a veteran who recognized the pattern.

Now erasing my name from the coaching!! games go down from Louisville / Newburg to Johannesburg..from Pluto and Saturn.

Systematic procedures were bruising and battering my ego!! from the ATL to the Jax Charlotte / girl said I need to get my mind right!

Mystic Voyages are then taken from this land that's forsaken..whose shaking? after I spotted meteor showers and lunar eclipses approaching.. the Mothership stays in flight!

Ackonwledging that the 20/20 hindsight makes some sound like a genius or prophet when episodes go down!

Meanwhile I'm chilling in Sagittarius sun rays..soon leaving when the Solstice goes down.

Peeped the mean style by a nefarious one..the plays ran didn't make any sense!! souls will get played like a clown!

Various ways and means are explored in response..O-Dizzle plays the sound!

Tired of playing around with these folks!! it's time to get serious!

But not getting serious like Jermaine Jacks.falling in the other its not funny like Eddie Murphy..Delirious!

Were caught up in the action!! it's fast and furious like Vin Diesel..Ludacris and them!! plus it's a cold word..I pulled out the scully and the old school First Down jacket.

That's the steelo..who asked what's up with this? now slacking..first to go down in the racket!

What's the steelo? Wikileaks backers were hacking sites..meanwhile I'm tapping on the Samsung providing insight..

What's the steelo? haters get Sonic we told those that were out there..waiting in the have a good night!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Jay Electronica Records Tribute To Guru [AUDIO] | The Urban Daily

Jay Electronica Records Tribute To Guru [AUDIO] | The Urban Daily

Taking It Off The Top....The Train Of Thought Is Rolling!!

Damn!! here goes another one!! the train of thought is rolling!! as I bring it to you off the top.

The saga/struggle continues..but I'm not done!! that's word from this brotha from the Midwest..up at the top.

Now down south..but the drama doesn't stop!! there's even reruns like TV Land..TBS or Law & Order episodes on the USA network.

Meanwhile a brotha drops funk, jazz, hip hop and rock on another network!

Noticed one gets hurt...out there..might try a bipartisan approach like Obama..or history repeats itself...but I'll just to change the channel!

Dipping through on the mothership...lights blink on the instrument panel.

Was I stuck on earth? in the hood where Dickies khakis, skull caps, Converses and flannel shirts were uniforms worn by those putting work in.

What's the deally? upgrades to Nike Air Force OnesPolo shirts..or even Crooks and Castle t-shirtsand True Religion jeans..when everything is working!

Do whatcha like per Digital Underground!!! may the force be with you!! meanwhile like Bernie Madoff..a Wall street crooks true religion concerns money.

We're all about the sounds!!! hooks bars and our own beats..not a damn thing is funny!

What's up with me? things were ragged..wretched..I had to fall back for a minute.

The structure was falling a apart...why did they even start? shadetree mechanics couldn't fix it!

What's up with a bruh? I made some I'm back in it to win it!

Can't trust it like Public Enemy.they said the apparatus was run by a dimwit!

Wasn't with it!! can't live like this!! so I get free and stay free.

What it do? not much a flagrant agent can say to me!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Raiders stun Chargers 28-13 - NFL - Yahoo! Sports

...the raider nation is back in full effect....gotta pull for them since they have Micheal Bush from the Ville playing for them

Raiders stun Chargers 28-13 - NFL - Yahoo! Sports

Falcons outmuscle Bucs

Falcons outmuscle Bucs

Birdman Speaks; Addresses Lil Wayne’s Return and Nicki Minaj’s Beef

...birdman on what's up with cash money records..

Birdman Speaks; Addresses Lil Wayne’s Return and Nicki Minaj’s Beef

Sunday LOL: LeBron James’ List of Haters

per Rolling Out...Lebron's list of haters?

Sunday LOL: LeBron James’ List of Haters

Louisville women's basketball rolls by No. 8 Kentucky 78-52 | | The Courier-Jour

Louisville women's basketball rolls by No. 8 Kentucky 78-52 | | The Courier-Jour

League takeover of Hornets to come by Wednesday | ProBasketballTalk

move them to louisville!!!

League takeover of Hornets to come by Wednesday | ProBasketballTalk

It Was A Bootleg Situation...

The situation was bootleg..some aren't like Cam Newton!! armchair quarterbacks call shadetree mechanics were up to their old tricks!!

How were they playing a bro? like I was a foul flagrant agent..mafioso..shoot another in the leg..but it's breakbeat science that a brotha kicks!

Whose suffering from the sickness? talent agents told some to "break a leg" but I didn't like the way they fronted on this player from up at the top!

..Actually the Midwest....LA aka Louisville down south..knowledge is what I drop!

Actually the business is universal..intergalactic with my own spacecraft!!..I dropped down to earth to work it.

Whose back with me..the curse? oh no!! not this bro!! I'm not having it! please!! the train of thought is rolling!! that's not how I work it!

How did that work get? devil's advocates with pitchforks were was like reading the comics with characters making comments..but haters had horns on their head!

.....On so many levels haters were tracking this!! like I'm lacking this!!hacking this like China did Google so I dipped to the made right turns instead!

Wrong in so many ways or on so many levels!! whose backing this? had to thank the fellow mystic on this voyage for their assistance!

Wrong on so many levels!! with the wrong look? soon a victim of circumstance!

Whose at the dance listening to Kid Cudi..entergalactic you and me!

I couldn't advance while laying in the cut!! it was like Obama vs the GOP..a fanatic was acting brand new with me!

Whose understanding what this system is doing to me and everybody else?

Flying below the radar..from Pluto to Mars from..Louisville / Newburg to Charlotte / Mecklenburg...on over to Johannesburg.

Racing ahead with plans to go far!! one step of evil forces that merge and emerge.

O-Dog was submerged in the lab working on breakbeats..haters said I was acting like Iran with the yellowcake..

O-Zone was urged to go on with his bad self!! but minding and tending..not muach I can tell one whose fake!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Using The Blue Ink Pen..The Black One Broke..

Still using the blue ink pen...damn..damn..damn..all the black ones are broke!!

A bruh had blues like mo better and other blues singers..all the black ones are broke!

What's up with ya? I see the inside joke has some laughing their ass off!

What's up with ya?? they asked me..I was driving to the hoop..I tricked a joker when I passed off!

Assisting like Jason Kidd or John Stockton..I wasn't the last one off the boat!

Assisting like Rajon Rondo!! what's the response to a bro? getting off with a beat or a quote!

Had the gist of it...wasn't politicing..not in need of a vote!! seeing what it do? like Pay Pal shut down on the day turns to night!

Did others get the gist if it when I let the music play like Barry White? I had the insight!

....Plus the Mothership stays in flight!! every now and then it touchs down on earth.

A brotha gets scientific..studied this and that..saw that Mitch McConnell and them were stll hating..found out what it's all worth!

Back with it..winning like Cam Newton..evolutionary processes led to the rebirth of the brand new funk.

The train of thought
rolls off the rails..was it intelligent design? either way..revolutionary with this!! the speakers rattle in the trunk.

A pseudo intelligent one tattles on revolutionaries!! just because the system flunked them.

They'll run and tell on one!! systems get hacked like the Chinese hacked Google; in anothers army? somebody outranked them.

Outflanked them on the battleground..out there in the Babylon wilderness.

Society janked them!! meanwhile I use the blue ink to tell you what the deal is!

The Train Of Thought Mix

The Train Of Thought Mix

Jermaine Jackson Loses Driver’s License Over Child Support Delinquency

Jermaine Jackson Loses Driver’s License Over Child Support Delinquency

On To The Next; Dealing With The Aftermath

Recovering from the Thanksgiving holiday weekend...the aftermath..supposed to show gratitude? sometimes it's hard to do!

Now it's on to the next..the funk will continue to were we living? the devil was opposed!! affecting the attitude..but we recognize what it do!

Scientific with it..the essence of this discipline..this man calculated the longitude and latitude like I was GPS.

Knowing the foul still hated!! trying to set things on fire like in Israel.. but my altitude was not affected a bruh is still rocking this!

Haters were knocking this and that hustle..what's up with these and those? it's simliar to the ongoing Senate gridlocks concerning taxcuts.. I've got a problem with them.

Others were jocking this!! but they've got issues..they're just problem children!

They had the "he said she said" stuff going!! but like the Temptations in glass houses throwing stones!

I can see how they're flowing.."can't get no satisfaction" like Rolling Stones!

Meanwhile O-Zone is dealing with known issues..flowing down the stream of consciousness.

Check the style...It's like Chicago..a danger zone..other issues keep popping will we respond to that and this?

Clones were wannabe perfectionists!! when God is the only perfect being.

Clones said they're on to me!! said they know what me and my squad are doing!

It's not odd that were putting it down!!
they should be seeing what it do!! we didn't recognize the restraints.

Its not odd that were putting it down!! seeing what it do..showing gratitude..God is Good! we ignored a clown and their complaints!