Sunday, June 30, 2013

Kruder & Dorfmeister –High Noon

Sunday Jazz Continues...checking out Kruder & Dorfmeister with a cut called High Noon.

This is from a Various Artist collection called  Give 'em Enough Dope Volume One released in 1994...its funky y'all!! check it out!! 


Lee Ritenour / A Little Bit Of This And A Little Bit Of That

Sunday Jazz we put it down like this!! were going to hit you up with a A Little Bit Of This And A Little Bit Of That....per Lee Ritenour...Check out the players and the track...

Saturday, June 29, 2013

[Mega Trap Mix] - Trapped Summer By Benasis

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out this [Mega Trap Mix] - Trapped Summer  By Benasis ..courtesy of the JustTrapMusic· You Tube channel...check out the playlist and the mix...

1 Trapped By Benasis
2 Make The Crowd Go(Slink Remix) By Alvaro
3 Rattle(luminox remix) By Bingo Players
4 Sweet Nothing(Grandtheft & Diplo Remix) By Calvin Harris
5 Lost In Your Love(Benzi & Aylen Remix) By REDLIGHT
6 Clique(gLAdiator Remix) By Kanye West, Jay-Z, Big Sean
7 The Don(Tom Wrecks Remix) By Nas
8 NYG By Ookay
9 House Party By Hucci
10 Shake that ass By Zooly
11 Brick Squad Anthem By Antiserum & Mayhem
12 Trippy By Antiserum & Mayhem
13 Lazy Twerk By Butch Clancy
14 The Chi Town Bounce By Benasis
15 Make It Bun Dem(Bro Safari Remix) By Skrillex
16 All Gold Everything(Protohype & Carnage Festival Dub Remix) By Trinidad James
17 Bass Salt By 12th Planet & Antiserum
18 Relapse(Benasis Remix) By Alex Young
19 Vava Voom ft. Lupe Fiasco (Bassnectar Remix) By Bassnectar
20 Spaceman(Carnage Festival Trap remix) By Hardwell
21 Bonafide hustler (trap vip) By Datsik
22 Rework By Callisto
24 Original Don(Luminox Remix) By Major Lazer
25 Superior By Rell The Soundbender
26 It's a Trap By UFO!
27 Turn Up By Gent and Jawns
28 Tunamelt(Grandtheft Remix) By A-Trak
29 Not In Love(Grandtheft Remix) By Crystal Castles
30 Rumble in the Jungle By Zeds Dead
31 My House By Grandtheft
32 Real Ruckus By Benasis
33 You a Lie(CRNKN Remix) By Rocky Fresh
34 JWLS is Bored By JWLS
35 Becky By Loudpvck
36 Amdam IV By FKi and Sliink
37 Pop Out By Katie Got Bandz

Catch Phrases and Cliches PT.4

As we put it down like this!! once again its on!! another day in the danger zone / the reign of terror.....but we have more catch phrases and cliches! 

Its like a preacher / rapper....or politician; coming with the phrase that pays? 

Trying to reach ya...Transmitting Live from the ATL...home of the smash and grabs per Lenox Mall and even Villa a hustler hustles and a player plays!!  a strong arm muscler was mean mugging! 

Whats up with us?  we were hip hop representatives before jokers started thugging!

"Repping"  the hood!!  before Reagan started drugging it per Iran Contra! 

As we put it down like this!!  the reign began with a will they respond to a bruh? 

Whose responsible?  whats the dizzle? I'm standing alone against the world..jokers said they had my back..but now there's a knife in it!

Whose responsible?  jokers were "skinning and grinning" ..meanwhile like Pierce and Garnett as Brooklyn Nets...whose losing or winning?  toil and strife?  I'm in it! 

But I'm in it to win it; all up in the spot!! in the heart of it! 

Catch phrases and cliches come to mind; as I finish what I started! 

Summer started as I wrote this!! due to the Summer Solstice;  check the timing! 

Don't even start it!! I put my heart in this!! I'm  just doing my thing!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Ten Steps Ahead PT. 3 / But Behind Schedule...

I had to admit;  like peace in the Middle East per Egypt...I'm behind schedule..but I'm still ten steps ahead! 

Wasn't with the status quo; some are still waiting in the dark after being misled!

Some holla at us;  I heard what was!! played like George Zimmer at Men's Wearhouse?  quid pro quo was the format! 

Some throw a dollar at us!! like that will make things right!! while George Zimmerman types roam the frontier..others get stepped on like a door mat! 

This scholar is back with this!! I floored that pedal to the metal in the hooptie! 

Carrying a sword or machete in the Babylon wilderness;  you can find me where the truth will be! 

...or find me where the proof will be; that the saga / struggle continues! 

But don't mind me; even though arrogant and aloof was the prognosis...but not as bad as Aaron Hernandez; so like I told "shawty" down here in the ATL;  the saga / struggle continues! 

Raising the roof with this brand new funk; after the mothership landed! 

Playing the roof,  basement, or backyard; out on the deck..check the chronicles...I  moved on to the next;  refusing to be left stranded! 

...found a portal to slide through; dipped with reckless abandon ...staying ten steps ahead! 

Knowing how the sport will do; traded like Garnett and Pierce?  the game is a beast / had me behind schedule;  deep waters I tread! Pops once said up in Louisville / Newburg;  I'm on those default settings! 

A bruh never quits and never stops;  bearing witness to history repeating!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Doing The Knowledge / Jumping and Recognizing

Like George Zimmerman's attorney battering the witness..excuse me for jumping to a conclusion after recognizing the pattern! 

Whats happening man? I'm blue collar!! humping like the middle of the week;  intuition is strong!!  now evil forces are scattering! 

Whose all about a dollar per G8 and G20?  that's what got us in trouble in the first place! 

Not trying to hate; but I let the hustlers hustle and the players play!! I'm not trying to come in first place!

 I'm not even in the race; especially after jumping and recognizing! 

Like the drama still going down in Iraq..I'm acknowledging the ongoing reign of terror;  but that situation I'm rectifying!

Acknowledging I was reckless;  no sense in lying!!  but these days?  O-Dizzle will I put it down like this! 

Dropping this good word;  and the funk is supposed to sound like this! 

You heard? but is it going down like its supposed to?  it seems everybody is going through something! 

You heard?  others were like Edward Snowden...dressed up with no where to go!! I thought they were going to something! 

....some kind of function; but like Stuxnet all I see is dysfunction leading to the malfunction! 

Whats up son?  after jumping and recognizing O-Dizzle will rock the function;  dropping the funk son!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

They Weren't Checking For Me / Standing Alone Against The World

They weren't checking for me like they are Edward Snowden..but that could be a good thing!

I was way way out there for a minute!! but like Paula Deen I'm back on default settings; those observing the scene will see this is a hood thing! its not a knock on wood thing;  God is blessing us. 

Its Gotta Be A Good Thing!!.....but like the Supreme Court gutting the Voting Rights Act were knowing the apparatus is knocking hustles when we do the damn thing!! its not odd their stressing us! 

The faculty and staff of the school of hard knocks was testing us; damn!  it seems like were standing alone against the world! 

They get foul with me..check the ongoing reign of terror..they knew I had this math..knowing the golden rule was null and void!! now hearts are broken!!..meanwhile O-Dizzle rocks in response to it; especially after the drama unfurled! 

Whats the dizzle?  rocks were hurled at a brotha like it was the Gaza Strip! 

...before they ran out of them...whats the dizzle? so called hard rocks "earled" the brown Kentucky liquor!! out of it!!  but the alcohol causes another brotha to flip! 

Plans fizzle for a brotha!! I even felt the pressure...I even had to dip back to the lab! 

Plans fizzle; but like the caper at Mayors in Lenox Mall others dip back to the lab after the world famous ATL smash and grab! 

Others coping strategies fail!! they're strung out...dipping back to rehab was the next move! 

Playing spades back in the day in the student center at U of L;  jokers said make your next move your best move! 

Ongoing charades fail to impress me; so I was on some other other!

I guess I'm standing alone against the world;  but after the drama unfurled they could see I was a funky type of soul brother!


Monday, June 24, 2013

Coldcut feat Lisa Stansfield - People Hold On (Full Length Disco Mix) (HQ)

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out some house music / disco..trying to shake things up on a Monday night!!

Checking out Coldcut feat Lisa Stansfield - with People Hold On (Full Length Disco Mix) (HQ) 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Catch Phrases and Cliches PT.3

I heard what was said!! my response? like Obama at G8 or like Paula Deen down in Savannah...more catch phrases and cliches! 

Intergalactic!! Pluto / Mars capers...dipping through Cancer Sun rays!! while earthlings deal with armchair quarterbacks calling plays!

Check out how this son of God plays..dropping mathematics  on fanatics who act like they know!! these days there's a lot them! 

Erratic was how the game was played per Russell Westbrooks;  where's the rest of the crooks?  its easy to spot them!

The Sonic Blackjack will level the playing field..all up in the game!!  considered hazardous material when O-Dizzle came through with the drum! 

Trying to get over per Curtis Mayfield in Superfly;  like civil rights theme songs?  we shall overcome! 

Check the episode / the drama; trying to get over one!! now trying to let the Lord order my steps!

Check the hood / street mode per Louisville / Newburg default settings; bouncing through in black Nike Air Maxes..sometimes taking the wrong steps! 

Now climbing up long steps!! Louisville Ladder or maybe Jacobs?  Lord Help is the Battle Cry! 

Climbing out of the abyss; heard the catch phrase / cliche;  its all gravy baby!! but that's a damn lie!

The whole game is shady like we rock this good word; more catch phrases and cliches are on the menu! 

The system will knock this per NSA Prism or even Echelon programs;  I had to tell "shawty" down here in the ATL;  the saga  / struggle will continue!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Coldcut- Last Night A Cliche Saved My Life

Digital Crate Digging Continuess...still checking out this DJ type "shxt" ..with the cuts and scratches...808 booming...turntablism...

Checking out  Coldcut with Last Night A Cliche Saved My Life co-produced by  Grandmaster Flash, and  Strictly Kev Featuring – DJ Food, Grandmaster Flash

This is from the Let Us Replay album....check it out....

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hazardous Material? What We Have Is Spiritual...

First responders are going all out!! like Feds pulling out haz-mat suits over in Avondale Estates at the ecstacy lab...they're to deal with the hazardous material! 

Please!! these Sonic Assaults are like preachers and deacons pulling Memorial Drive D and K suits out!! what we have is spiritual! 

....As we get with  you..still teaching lessons with the blackjack!

From Louisville / Newburg to Johannesburg;  intergalactic..from Pluto to Mars..from the ATL to Charlotte / Mecklenburg..were back jack! 

The good word is in my backpack; I had a whole sack full! 

The brand new funk is dropped!! the style is blue collar /manual labor;  my back I pull!

.........ATLiens get crunk...they act a fool!! but like in Brazil...jokers are like that worldwide! 

Actually universal..aliens cut up throughout the galaxy; I can see how they ride! 

We had work to do; per resident aliens..World Refugee Day representatives like Syrians...caught up in the hysteria again? please!! we weren't playing around!! how did they slide through the portal?  they were talking about us...that's what a hater will ask! 

Were setting off alarms!! the funk is considered hazardous material as we get with ya!! we had to multitask! 

Default settings based on Louisville / Newburg upbringings has us cruising through the ATL like dude in the Fisker Karma on Peachtree street! 

Sonic Assaults are what haters are getting; now they're walking brisker down the street..bad karma? as we rebuke the alt shift delete!


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Quentin Harris ft. Cordell McClary - Traveling (Vocal Mix)

Digital Crate Digging we proceed and continue...needed a change of scenery..we dipped on them...moving forward...please were Traveling per Quentin Harris ft. Cordell McClary  ...check this out!!

Change Of Scenery / Dipping On Them PT4

I needed a change of I was dipping on them;  I had to keep it moving! 

True indeed!! going green will be the strategy for those all natural like Whole Foods;  so I "holla atcha" ..but I see old fools keep proving...

...that a mind is a terrible thing to waste per Negro College Fund commercials! 

Haste makes waste!! per catch phrases and we slow walk it down / we kept moving;  that'll work for these bros! 

O-Dizzle kept grooving;  was the sound hazard material?  see how everything will flow!! we made sure it all fits! 

The change of scenery was needed ...spots were scoped out by the mothership; like "shawty"  that was 5-2 in the Dodge Ram doesn't fit!

....or homie that was 6-2 in the Nissan Versa; damn!!  were trying to work with ya....but opposition is met! 

Were trying to act like we knew; but it was like James Brown they had us in a cold sweat! we get down; but like the mass hysteria in Syria this world is cold...history repeats...but we didn't stop or quit...even though it'll have you caught out there!

 That's why were dipping on them; we needed a change of scenery ...check out how we go there!

Who do you know out there? thought and fashion police ask me..they'll try to jam me up like Whitey Bulger...

But we continue to go there..trying to win game seven like the Miami Heat..told haters were not even trying to fool with ya... 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Groove Collective / Everything Is Changing (Baby Mammoth Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues....checking out this classic track  Everything Is Changing (Baby Mammoth Mix)..from  the Groove Collective  

Dropping some of that jazz / house music on the masses..from the ''Ocean's Eleven'' soundtrack...check it out!!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Catch Phrases and Cliches PT.2

I saw what went down....maybe Edward Snowden will tell you no justice no peace was a catch phrase or cliche that comes to mind! 

Whats up with us?  trying to get open like Danny Green guarded by Lebron?  swagger jacking Rev Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson while catching Gemini sun rays / soon catching Cancer sun rays at the Summer Soltice; oh yeah I'm doing fine! 

....about as well as can be expected!! the good word and brand new funk is perfected!! heart, spirit, mind and soul in this...a mind is a terrible thing to waste! 

...per Negro College Fund commercials; as we work that cliche or catch phrase! 

Negro please!!  check out how we work these and those!! there's a time and place for everything! 

Everybody wasn't ready / everybody ain't able per old girl up in Louisville!! plus you can catch a case for anything!

That's per shawty in the ATL!!  posted up behind the scenes!! even confirmed by Montreal's mayor Michael Appelbaum; everything is not what it seems!

 Don't start with me!! I'm not the one!! the picture is large / study the mathematics out in mainstreams!

 Don't start with me!! like Obama vs Putin...don't start none won't be none! 

Another cliche or catch phrase?  please!! dedicated to the truth...not disputing it..I'm not done!

The brotha O-Dizzle will play the funk...its considered hazardous material..

So whats the dizzle? this is real..what we have is spiritual..

Sunday, June 16, 2013

High Contrast - Return of Forever (Swell Session remix)

Sunday Jazz Continues...checking out some electrojazz from drum and bass artist High Contrast - with Return of Forever (Swell Session remix). 

This is off the Out Patients 3 project from  Hospital Records .. 


Lee Ritenour - Captain Fingers

Sunday Jazz Continues...checking out some jazz / funk / rock fusion from Lee Ritenour - with his classic track Captain Fingers from the album of that name...check out the all star players he has on that album with him and the funky track...

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Grown Folk 45 Minute Mix / Boiler Room; Montreal

Digital Crate Digging Continues....were back up in the  Boiler Room...up in Montreal!! checking out Montreal Canada house music artists / producers Grown Folk; ...well only one is rocking the house tonight...check out the playlist and the mix..

TRACKLIST Grown Folk - Breathe Slow /  Kresy - Day Into Night  /Grown Folk - Just Wear It  /Cromie & Sage Caswell - Vines / Grown Folk - High Tide  /  Martyn - Newspeak  / Bok Bok & Tom Trago - Lil Ma Bonus Beat / Grown Folk - Freak Dis  / Global Communication - The Way (Secret Ingredients Mix) Iron Galaxy - Giving You /  Grown Folk - Observations  / Grown Folk - Keys Open Floors 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Kosmic Messenger (Stacey Pullen) - Sea 2 Sea (Mr.C remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out some Detroit style techno / house music...

The Kosmic Messenger ( aka Stacey Pullen)  is putting it down- with Sea 2 Sea (Mr.C remix)..check it out..

Ten Steps Ahead PT.2

I kept it moving!! staying elusive in Babylon!! in this forest / wilderness you have to stay ten steps ahead! 

Fires burn like Black Forest's hot bruh!! whatcha knowing? somewhat like Edward Snowden? naw!! but I'm doing whats conducive to maintaining my freedom;  don't start the revolution without me!! that was word from the dread! 

....also from Jesse heard me?  naw!! instead some will listen to jokers trying to run the "okey doke"

Bernie Madoff style!! maybe even Bernie Mac style; R.I.P....but this is no joke! 

O-Dizzle will go off...hazardous material  when Beats and English are broken?  please!! its like hearts and spirits are here in Babylon! 

What we have is spiritual...typing into this Samsung phone or hitting the loose leaf with black ink; electronic thoughts transfer!!  jokers wonder what I'm on!!

....down here in a section of the danger zone!! chilling in the ATL with that Louisville / Newburg style! 

Ten steps ahead in the game!! some wonder why I wasn't caught up in the game!! please!! that's not my style! 

Check the style; building the most elaborate fantasy when the old and new schools combine to bring the next school?

Official / authentic with this!! avoiding shadetree mechanics with old and new tools breaking the next rule! 

Were ten steps ahead!! simple / complex?  like Bashar al-Assad in Syria the next fool will reflect on that! 

We kept it moving!! God is in control!! at the end of the day we have to respect that!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tek 9 - You Got To Slow Down

Digital Crate Digging Continues....checking out some of this old Tek 9 from back in the day- You Got To Slow Down is the name of the tune...flipping a sample of Stephanie Mills....check it out..

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Mass Order – Lift Every Voice (Take Me Away) (Bumped Up Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues..checking out some of this classic house music from Mass Order with Lift Every Voice (Take Me Away) (Bumped Up Mix).

Mass Order is ...Eugene Hanes & Marc Valentine; know they're rocking it!! check them out!!

Doing The Knowledge / But Thats Business As Usual

This is business as usual...I took a break for a minute..but I wasn't frustrated like Edward Snowden...I did the knowledge;  so now I keep it moving! 

....had to acknowledge; good things usually happen that way!! so check out how we play...O-Zone has this good word and O-Dizzle will keep grooving!

The mothership gets good mileage!!  from Louisville / Newburg to The ATL or Charlotte / Mecklenburg! 

From Pluto to Mars;  now down back to earth..from Jam Rock aka Jamaica to Johannesburg! 

To even Pretoria..hoping Nelson Mandela feels better...whatcha know?  scars undergo the healing process..a brand new me will emerge!! these earthlings are in trouble now!

But you know the story bro!! haters raise bars and put up glass ceilings for me to burst through; these earthlings are in trouble now! 

Shady dealings like the NSA Prism program?  I had to pray and curse through!! but blessed double for the trouble!! even though I had to sacrifice! 

I kept it moving!! even though I felt the pressure...feelings and emotions tried to get in the way.."it ain't nothing nice"

Doing the knowledge....checked out the ongoing Reign Of Terror; maybe some will think twice  like the Donald Byrd joint!! but the sideways glances I received told the real story! 

I kept it moving / low key with it; please!! I was hip to the debatable circumstance;  being built or torn down? check out how its going heard?  I wasn't about the fame and glory! 

But its business as usual; we're still doing the knowledge..please!! characters get defamed in the story!! that's why I'm not all up in it!

I kept it moving...perpetual motion like I mentioned at my other site...but that's business as usual;  were in it to win it!

Monday, June 10, 2013

More Chaos and Confusion / The Reign Of Terror

The reign of terror is ongoing...I was outraged by the destruction; the cloth was tattered....the fabric unraveled!

Smoke and mirror shows are ongoing..NSA Prism program was knowing; I was cut from a different cloth...check this math..I outraged by the corruption!! especially when the judge hit the gavel! 

....striking the bench; now they're after Edward Snowden...the apparatus is ready to lynch!! they even want to fire the Attorney General Eric Holder! 

Players were on strike!!  plus these old ATL players were in the news like Otis Nixon and Mookie nobody had game off the bench like Miami Heat!!...they couldn't get open!! a joker out in the street fronting was in a DEA folder! 

....out in the street?  I see some are picking.. they say they'll rock!! other major capers are pulled!

From Wall Street to yawl's street!! the weather got colder! but when some got older after papers are pulled! 

Jokers were out of order!! fooled by spirits trying to get familiar! 

Jokers were out of order!!  player papers pulled!!  found out they were a third wheeler!

Supposedly a wheeler dealer!! but just contributing to the chaos and confusion! 

The mission was impossible!! what?  that assignment they were choosing? 

They thought it was all gravy baby!! they were cruising like Smokey Robinson! 

Now caught up in the system / matrix;  found out the whole game is shady!! the robot from Lost In Space was saying Danger!! Danger Will Robinson! 

Check the grey area scenarios;  so many devils robbing and stealing ..on so many levels! 

Chaos and confusions reigns!! it began with a drizzle;  now its on so many levels!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Glenn Underground Presents The Soul Survivors– Ease Your Mind (Touchdown Mix)

Sunday Jazz Continues...checking out some house music seasoned with jazz

...lets listen to Glenn Underground Presents The Soul Survivors with Ease Your Mind (Touchdown Mix)

.....nice and smooth for a Sunday Evening...or anytime for that matter ...know what I'm saying? 

Universal Principles - Inspirational and Light Breaks (Original Mix)

Sunday Jazz Continues...checking out the Universal Principles - Inspirational and Light Breaks (Original Mix)...

The Universal Principles are a producer trio from Glasgow, Scotland. ...consisting of
Check them they do it like this!!

Stomu Yamashta... Man Of Leo (Live From Paris )

Sunday Jazz Continues....checking out   Japanese  percussionist, keyboardist,   Stomu Yamashta live from Paris....with some jazz / funk / rock.....playing a cut called  Man of Leo!!

He's got some heavyweights playing with him too!! check out the players and the track... 

Letting Them Do What They Do PT.7

OK!! I can see how this is going down; like the NSA Prism program...whatcha know man?  jokers were acting brand new! 

How did they play? I can see how they're living..I told them I'll see them when I see them; I'm letting them do what they do! 

Acting like I knew; like Boston Bruins I'm moving on to the next chapter with a fresh view / fresh vision! 

Other jokers were bombing like Boston Marathons..I smell something burning; I hope its not how you living?

Pass or fail?  its always something..lessons when I lost some battles? learning that knowledge is power! 

....per the cliche /catch phrase... check out how we we exercise power! 

Plus supreme courage and maximum strength is needed; is this word to Syrian rebels?  last minute or hour heroics only work in the movies at the Mall Cinema! 

A hater will try to Trayvon Martin was at fault instead of George Zimmerman....whats up man? ....some are acting ugly...but a bruh keeps it moving...others seem to lack stamina..

Supreme mathematics encouraged me to move forward;  after I got the grasp of things! 

Mainstream mathematics won't qualify man for sanctification!!  even though they thought they had a grasp on things!

 It seems these fanatics get thrills without the bills when total chaos and confusion reigns!

 It began with a check the reign of terror...but O-Zone /  O-Dizzle maintains! 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Grap Luva // Power Bars feat. Kev Brown

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out some so called underground hip please!! this is classic hip hop.... Grap Luva // Power Bars feat. Kev Brown 


United Future Organization / l'll Bet You Thought I'd Never Find You"

Digital Crate Digging Continues....another anything goes far as this music is concerned..checking out some Fusion, Acid Jazz, Future Jazz or jazz / soul from  United Future Organization  with their version of Les McCann's I'll Bet You Thought I'd Never Find's funky y'all!! check out the players and the track..

 Flute – Sanshiro  /Guitar – Hiroyuki Komagata  /Violin – Alex Gray  /Vocals, Written-By – Jon Hendricks  / Written-By – Les McCann 

Catch Phrases and Cliches

As we proceed and continue..check out this raw data...I'm  just using these catch phrases and cliches! 

True indeed!!  check the menu from Soul's Kitchen....its activated by Gemini Sun Rays! the New Moon in the sun will soon slide over to Cancer with Mercury and Venus...check out what the deal we move with a high velocity with the speed you need; this son of God prays!! thats how I make it! 

Soon grooving!! check the dancer!! tuning in to this mothership type funk; we didn't fake it! 

We didnt take it!! the Lord must be with us because we pray! 

We didnt take it!! check the cliche..thats why we let the hustlers hustle and the players play! 

 But we noticed the hustlers prey on the weak!!  like Indiana was out muscling the Miami Heat!

Now the Heat are beat up by San know how it go!! but its not just grey area scenarios going down out in the street!

From Wall Street to the streets of Santa Monica; how ill they respond to a bruh? no justice no peace is the cliche;  as alt shift delete is the strategy used by the apparatus! 

....its just us strung out!!  some are bitter!! no need to check Twitter or Facebook for the status! 

The NSA is already doing that...act like you knew that!! hung out to dry is the cliche or catch phrase!!  a crook will try to play you out! 

The hung jury believed the damn lie!!  but the prosecution will try to lay you out! 

....on gurneys, electric chairs or whatever;  from old girl in Decatur? prayed up or prayed out is the catch phrase! 

Attorneys develop the nexy cliche; if it doesn't fit you must acquit?  relevant to these times an days?

Friday, June 7, 2013

Ghostface Killah - New God Flow & 4th Chamber w Killah Priest Boiler Room LA

Digital Crate Digging Continues..checking out some hip hop....with Ghostface Killah -performing  New God Flow & 4th Chamber w Killah Priest out in the Boiler Room / LA..its on!!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Change Of Scenery PT.3 / The Relocation

I dipped on them!! like Julian Assange  posted up in the embassy I was in another spot;  check the relocation! 

Some slipped on them...the slick surface; they didn't know how to work this!! what's up with the training?  what's the vocation?

Some flipped on them!! thats while  I was maintaining ...while others were whistle blowing like Bradley Manning! 

Some tripped on them!! found out jokers were armchair quarterbacks; unlike Eli or Peyton Manning! 

The devil is a liar!! like Nigeria and Boko Haram there's too much hating and no understanding!! that's why I needed a change of scenery!

 I'm on another level!! if I keep moving good things happen; now some act brand new with me! 

The revocation of my diplomatic immunity was imminent;  my campaigns were hacked like Obama and McCain by Chinese;  circumstances were debatable....being built or torn down? I saw haters plotting and scheming! 

Relocation or a change of scenery is how I deal with it; but please!!  its like dodging skinheads in France..when I post up the defense starts double teaming! 

I was posted up mainstreaming!! mathematics studied!!! but it doesn't qualify me for sanctification!

Audio is streaming from the O-Dog Podcast;  mathematics is dropped!! authorities issue sanctions! 

Going for what I know!! fast breaking!! banking in shots or sometimes dunking! 

Going for what I know!! changing up the scenery!! check the vocation; good word dropping plus the funk is what I bring!

Going for what I know!! changing up the scenery!! check the relocation as I do my thing!

 Whatcha know?  some act brand new with me as I rebuke the drama they bring!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Ambush PT.3 ...Caught Out There

Methods were high and low technical... but we were still ambushed! 

Disrespected after somebody lied!! the Deliberate Falsehood!!  now the spot was bum rushed! 

Disrespected!! jokers were acting false in the hood.....they bum rushed the show ....taking Public Enemy's advice! 

O-Dizzle still cold crushed them based on being public enemy number one; most brothas are...along with  Muslims / Arabs... it ain't nothing nice! 

Now some will think twice like the Donald Byrd song! 

Now some see I'm knocking down the shots like Otis Birdsong!

All up in these spots!! O-Dog is not rocking? somebody is wrong!! they've got the story twisted! 

All up in the spot!! its summertime in the ATL!!  jokers want us to fail...they play it like a family reunion;  the drama is visited! 

....and revisited; but I had the gist of it..the saga / struggle continues! 

As we repel the ambush!! this good word and brand new funk is on these menus!

Others menus included that dry kush per Usain Bolt;  or bath salts and synthetic marijuana! 

Others lie like George Bush!!  they'll neither confirm or deny; or ask for resignations like Eric Holder! 

We cold crush the opposition per that Louisville / Muhammad Ali style; were bolder than the average! 

Down in Decatur Georgia with Mohammad from Pakistan discussing politics and drone hits; check the ambush..who has the leverage?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Observing The Scene / Peeping Game / Doing The Knowledge

Doing the knowledge / peeping game; observations were made like Ralph Nader saying corporations run the country....damn!! the picture is far from perfect! 

But were blue collar style...we work through these situations ...O-Zone has this scripture / O-Dizzle has the sonic mixture; this is how we work it!

......after observing the scene;  I told "shawty"  down here in the ATL adjustments had to be made! 

Like at the Metro Mart in the ATL after it was raided....I still follow the Public Enemy philosophy; you can't truss it!!  please!! its easy to get played! 

Old girl over in Decatur said you better get "prayed up"  so the blessings will continue to flow! 

Drama will occur; its like an El Reno tornado...during the storm I spotted the hater...whose really down for the cause?  please!!  they're down with the status quo! 

The quid pro quo philosophy was followed!!! so called players were skinning and grinning! 

.....Out there in the grey area / the smoke and mirrors!!  like jokers in the Smoky Mountains with banjos!! picking and grinning! 

Way way out there!!  a bruh is observing the scene;  soon ready to roll!! but not in an early model Jeep Grand Cherokee...please!!  a bruh goes for what he knows!! winning is the main objective! 

Who got played out there?  they mortgaged their soul!! soon dealing with the foreclosure; not what they expected! 

I knew what to expect from it after observing the scene; but now I'm ready to roll I'm..on my way! 

I knew there would be no respect from the apparatus!!  that's not how they will play!


Monday, June 3, 2013

Rocking The Red and Black Louisville Cardinal Hat

Whose caught up / caught out there?  they see the system is not fair with that!

....I was brought up in Louisville and I'm not through dealing!! at this moment rocking the red and black Louisville Cardinal hat! 

Authentic..real with it!!  whose trying to start with it a bruh? the old school baptist preacher plus Fred Hammond mentioned no weapons formed would work!

 Its gotta be good!! and based on default settings its gotta be hood!!  at the end of the day I found out that'll work! 

Not getting caught out there like Whitey Bulger...I'm staying on the move;  that worked back in the day!! so I had to go back to it! staying in my lane;  that's what a bruh will do..its like dipping down Broadway in Louisville..acting like I knew it! 

Others were staying in pain / going through it;  but I had to leave that district! 

Others were like storm chasers..staying out in the reign instead of seeking shelter / loving the helter skelter;  but who felt this mystic? 

Staying out of the reign that began with a drizzle; they thought I missed it!!  but I was ten steps ahead!

Playing the red and black Louisville Cardinal gave me I'm rocking the baldy with the persona of a dread!

Others were misled / waiting in the dark..but they seemed comfortable...

Brothas like us handled business instead..championships are doesn't matter about Indiana or Miami...or San Antonio for that matter...we already know what it do...

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Narada Michael Walden - The Sun is Dancing

Sunday Jazz Continues...checking out some jazz / funk rock from drummer Narada Michael Walden - with The Sun is Dancing....check out the players and the track...

Bass -- Will Lee
Drums -- Narada Michael Walden
Guitar -- Raymond Gomez
Keyboards -- David Sancious

Change Of Scenery PT.2 Dipping On Them..

I can see how they were trying to act; playing me like Eric Holder;   so I was dipping on them!

I needed a change of scenery / some were acting brand new with me;  they said I was acting bolder...I was tripping on them! 

Others were flipping out on Hezbollah in Syria..whose bringing the Total Chaos and confusion?

I wasn't trying to live that kind of life;  it was a set up for me to take a loss!! please but like Louisville Cardinals I'm not about losing! 

Back in the day? up in Louisville..I was cruising down Broadway in the Buick Regal with the gangsters and pimps; was it guilt by association? 

Whats the deal? Wall Street, government agencies,  plus G8 and G20 act funny with the money!!  did Republicans win in the sequestration? there will be no appropriation! 

Whose on yawl's street acting inappropriate in the situations?  now like in Albany Georgia State Police use the pit maneuver! 

...Vehicles clipping ya!!  rights and privileges?  they're stripping from ya!! they said y'all was ghetto / street!! plus opiates and barbiturates enhanced the situation; doing what behooves ya!

 Act like you knew a bruh!!  I was dipping on them!! I needed a change of scenery! 

Act like you knew a bruh!!  but I don't know...these  jokers just act brand new with me!

Whats up with ya? society is tripping on them...then the brand new me will really throw them off..

Whats up with ya? they ask me...they saw me dipping on them..I needed a change of scenery..but O-Dizzle is still getting busy...going off!! 

We Kept On Running...Even Though It Got Lonely Out There..