Saturday, March 31, 2012

Peeping Game...It Ain't Nothing Nice...

It wasn't Midnight at The Oasis...keeping it real..we couldn't fake this... we didn't have time for a siesta! 

....Just trying to get our mind right; check the attention paid to Herman Cain types....we ignored the court jester. 

Ignored Uncle Fester; his mind was blown...he was up in Louisville smoking weed and drinking brown liquor!

Hopping around like Festus Hagan from Gunsmoke; plus that heroin had him!!  it made him sicker!

O-Dizzle is dropping the sound; as we get we get with ya....check the word from this hot messenger...this hot mess won't get the best of us; as we figure the cipher out!

Dropping it down a thousand while the jury of our peers is deliberating; will Louisville beat Kentucky? they didn't..they didn't have enough firepower....meanwhile we fight until the final hour..they didn't know....we might just go all out! 

Without a doubt;  " it ain't nothing nice" ...I kept it revolutionary like Brotha Abdullah! 

Without a doubt; "it ain't nothing nice" word from this futuristic mystic; but able to recognize the old schooler!

Listening to some old Dougie Fresh and Rick the Ruler; next up is the Tribe Called Quest. 
O-Dizzle didn't Dougie or beef it up...hes coming out fresh with a brand new batch; representing the tribe that's on a quest! 

Per Trayvon Martin....brothas are an endangered species..some are caught up in the system / matrix....what are they starting? full metal jacket or bullet proof vest needed due to the chain of events? 

A fool meddling in the racket disrupts the food chain; like bloggers shut down in China ...its one who circumvents! 

Word from a brotha shut down by Blogster...who was wiki-leaking? ...snitched on a a fool is in pain after serving stints behind bars!

Meanwhile we school some...streaking across the universe in the Mothership is the business; the hooptie is out past Mars!

A brotha gets scientific; behind the scars is beauty...behind the beauty was a lot of scars in need of healing! 

As we kick it!! some need to take EPMD's advice; they need to be chilling!

Friday, March 30, 2012

8Ball Premro

Check out this mix tape from 8 Ball ...repping da dirty..Memphis / Houston...back up in this game!! featuring Waka Flocka Flame...Styles P...Bun B...Killer Mike and others..

Dipping Through...Acting Like I Knew...(Part Two)

So whats the deal? the game was over...but those haters tried to run up the score!

Its real!! whats that?  the word on the curb about global warming per Al Gore! 

Haters bring the drama to your front door like a special delivery; mail bombs from Yemen?

Spotted another acting foul when they came through with the daughter of chaos;  big homie was pimping like Herman Cain; said he will share his semen! 

Checked out the offspring; these folks are tripping!! this brotha reacted another way!

Dipping through..acting like I knew!! going off in this thing!! a veteran now coaching..I didn't just get here the other day!

Ignored what another had to say; I even caught them ripping pages out of my swag / steelo book! 

But points are scored; wasn't skipping pages or steps during the process...but haters stressed; they said dag!! that Negro is a crook! 

The fashion police didn't like the look;  plus the thought police at Blogster didn't like thoughts that were expressed. 

...Just because we tried to get free and stay free; refusing to be stressed. 

Actually....we can't be at ease; some can tell us what being thrown under the bus is like! 

Can't be at ease...were on guard 24-7; like Kid Cudi its day and night! 

The lease has expired so whats up with me? dipping through..I had to find a new place! 

I knew the situation was critical; I spotted the enemy flying in a my air space!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Feeling The Backlash

Whats the deal? I already knew what it do...jokers will flip out like the Jet Blue pilot...but I was expecting the backlash!

But this brotha is unbought and unbossed like Hosea Williams I gave back the cash! 

The Sonic Assault goes down!! based on weapons held in the stash; beats and rhymes? I has plenty! 

Hell was caught as some were like the Supreme Court concerning the health care law...too busy discussing the basics instead of laying it down!! now they ask; what's the deally?

Things are obvious!! they should know what the deal is; you don't need Asics or Adidas on when the apparatus runs you in circles! 

As we rock this!!! please!! this soul food provides nourishment for those wondering how we work it; or how we work those! 

....Or these....please!! the mothership has landed back on earth..but we weren't wandering around Babylon aimlessly! 

...Couldn't be at ease; please!! its seems like the Final Four in New Orleans; all up in the game is not where the shame will be! 

Please!! some will feel the backlash...their name will be mud!

Once winning like Charlie Sheen or maybe Syracuse at the Carrier Dome; now feeling the backlash..a carrier pigeon had the knockout message; oops upside the head!! I heard the thud!

Whose winning a war firing played out scud missiles..soon feeling the backlash...The Wrath of The Titans?

As we heal the scar...let the healing process we drop this math that enlightens...

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Slum Village The Dirty Slums

Check out this Slum Village mix tape featuring Rapper Big Pooh, Phonte, De La Soul and more courtesy of  Datpiff..

All Up In The Spot....The Humpday Edition...

Were all up in the spot trying to get in where we fit in; but like the Supreme Court scrutinizing the health care law.....we couldn't be at ease! 

Situations get hot; whose on your team...Peyton Manning?  it'll take more than him to win...were monitored by the thought and fashion police! 

No justice no peace per the Trayvon Martin case is the cliche that comes to mind! 

Wheres the beef? old girl from the Wendy's commercial asked; the meat was just pink slime!

Wheres the relief? let the healing process begin.... check out this elixir....this good word and the funky sound; drink mine for nourishment!

Wheres the belief?  the positive one..that were gonna make it!! my peeps need encouragement!

Supreme Courage and maximum strength is the antidote as the beat and quote work in tandem! 

Stream of consciousness travels were intergalactic all out beyond Pluto and I spotted other "super earths" in the galaxies; this enabled me to select these thoughts at random! 

The mothership has landed back on earth...but I was once streaming live in the deuce and a quarter with reckless abandon in Louisville and Cincinnati! 

A high scorer like Kobe against Golden State; authorities were double and triple teaming..trying to holla at me!

Its easy to get caught up in the system..Illuminati even threw a dollar at me; like I would go along with the program! 

Whats up with me? while were all up in the spot... O-Dizzle will drop the funk he didn't play a slow jam!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Return Of The Hot Messenger (Once Again)

They said I was a hot mess; just call me a hot messenger!

The temperature is hot; its like wrestling with a bear...whose stressed out like Dennis Rodman? don't let them get the best of ya!

I even felt the pressure; plus the rest of ya felt it too!! but some fronted like they didn't!

Is this like the Jet Blue pilot restrained by passengers? another hot mess for ya when we came forth? we didn't stop or quit it! 

Plus we didn't forget it!! pain and anguish felt concerning that Trayvon Martin situation.. this hot messenger tells you about history repeating! 

Jokers thought they were eating real beef but it was just pink slime; entities were self defeating! 

Like Ben Bernanke said...."It ain't nothing nice" ...its not a sweet thing!!! its more like sour! 

Were paying the price; now bringing this hot message to you; just in we approach the last hour!

Have we seen the last of the fire shower as the CIA Drone War declines in Pakistan?  

Please!! the North Korea rocket launch is on the its not surprising...gunfire is heard over in Decatur Georgia...from Candler Rd to Glenwood Rd...its rough out here for a black man!!

But we're back man....the shot clock hasn't expired...we've been hood!! we have another hot message for ya...

Once again its on..were back man..we have another hot message for ya...

Monday, March 26, 2012

Mathew Jonson - Decompression

Digital Crate Digging Continues...back on that techno / electro / dubstep etc tip....check out Canadian musician / producer Mathew Jonson with's sick!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Kruder & Dorfmeister - Jazz Master [K&D Sessions]

Sunday Jazz Continues...Digital Crate Digging is part of the formula....we're out here swerving!! lets change lanes...taking it over to Vienna Austria..

...lets check out Austrian musicians, producers,DJ's Peter Kruder and Richard Dorfmeister, aka Kruder and Dorfmeister with their jazz /funk/ hip hop / drum and bass mixture..alright!! alright!! alright!!

We Thought We Had Something PT.4.....Still Tripping...

I guess its like Syracuse...we thought we were bad mother...hush your mouth!!  we thought we had something; but now the structure falls apart!

Like the word concerning the Trayvon Martin case...whats the news? shadetree mechanics roll up like Rick Santorum...running off at the mouth; they said they could fix it!! but a corrupt one doesn't have a heart!

Like North Korea ....why were they even starting? a corrupt one plays a part in the ongoing chaos and confusion!

We thought we had something;  but like Vinny Del Negro and the LA Clippers...whose really winning or losing? 

I had to tell a Negro to check the assignments concerning Missions Impossible that were choosing...following the Space Ghost Protocol... we've got that power like Snap!

Alignments and conjunctions like the Grand Earth Trine will knock some off balance; now their caught up in the system/ matrix; caught up in a trap! 

....They thought they had something but malice was shown when planets were retrograde!

Now like requests for Facebook passwords they're subject to the authority; caught up in the charade!

Jokers were fronting like Bats Global Market....they said they stay paid!! plus they were power brokers! 

They thought they had something; but wannabe mafioso roll up with Louisville Sluggers / bats swinging on them...they got played by some other foul jokers!

In Atlanta fronting at Magic City or Strokers...they kept it pimping player...encouraged by fellow ATLiens..

They thought they had something...but it was they get rounded up like refugees and illegal aliens...

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bobby Womack; I CAN UNDERSTAND IT (Original Full-Length Album Version)

Digital Crate Digging Continues...rolling down I-20 in Atlanta listening to Youngblood on Kiss 104...he pulled out this old dusty classic..its the long version too!! check it out!!

The I-20 Chronicles....Scattered Thoughts Selected At Random...

Scattered thoughts are collected like credit card companies or even Bank of America trying to collect debt! 

Let the healing process begin!! a bruh is bruised and battered from ongoing battles in spiritual warfare with the system; they're mad at me!! I didn't connect with it! 

Used and abused when I was caught up in the system...jokers in Florida mentioned standing their I'm staying on point in this piece!!..understanding how they get down...meanwhile these gamblers out for a fast buck act like they're in Monte Carlo!

...Meanwhile I Getaway like Earth Wind and Fire I cruised down MLK Blvd in Atlanta...all up in the Monte Carlo!

...Until jokers stole it...they found it on fire over on Constitution Ave!!
How did the system play?  word from MLK!! waiting for rights and privileges under the Constitution? word from Trayvon Martin; things will unravel you!

Knowing how they'll play!! soaking up game...that's what cruising or traveling down Broadway in Louisville will do!

Contemplating and reflecting on things while cruising from Shelby St to Shawnee Park and back  over to Muhammad Ali Blvd; listening to up was Stanley Turrentine; all over the place with the music..that's what it do! 

Winning games like Louisville Cardinals; even though its not easy or pretty! 

That's how life is!! " it ain't nothing nice" ...its all game..somebody just might feel me! 

No standardized test is needed...the real will be revealed when these scattered thoughts are collected! 

Whats the deal? I chilled for a minute..but now Sonic Assaults are unleashed on those who disrespected!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

E-40 f. Kendrick Lamar & Droop-E "Catch A Fade"

Digital crate digging continues....taking a flight out to the West Coast....Bay Area...LA....check out E-40..Kendrick Lamar...Droop E....messing around? you'll Catch A Fade...

Mechanical Engineering / Industrial Strength (Random Thoughts Edition)

Mechanical Engineering is still ongoing; check out these products that are industrial strength! 

Loathing and fearing due to social engineering is eradicated; not dealing with dimwits down in Florida like Trayvon Martin had to..O-Dizzle conducts his self in orderly fashion...I don't stop; even though I had to sacrifice..but will still go the length!

Approaching that point..success is imminent;  others ask whats the deal with it? might have to etch a sketch it...check the breakbeat science dropped! 

Coaching!! after being caught up in the on point after acquiring the veteran status..coming with this good word; plus the  jazz, funk, and hip hop are dropped!

Haters were encroaching.. the beast has to eat!! as I bear witness to eyes bulging and the salivation!

Haters were poaching on our territory..the safe haven safe harbor; are we dealing with the Terminator Salvation? 

All up in the spot dealing with a hater that brought the foul situation; they're doing Babylon's bidding!

All up in the spot!! somewhat like a danger zone...whose wearing a black hoodie while being young and black?   history is repeating! 

Whose defeating the purpose? cocaine problem and a bad heart like Whitney Houston? what or who are you using?.. a friend or stranger like Ronnie Laws?

Mechanical engineering / industrial strength type products are used..but these haters still accent the imperfections and flaws...

Steering the mothership to a safe haven / safe harbor...but  down here in Dekalb County Georgia John Law is setting up roadblocks and obstacles...

Some are fearing; as a brotha gets scientific with it..some say I'm misbehaving..its just hatred they harbor...hustles? the system knocks...but we proceed and continue to rock these and those...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

John Talabot - Depak Ine

Digital crate digging continues.....WRAS here in Atlanta has been playing this John Talabot a lot..he's a Spanish DJ / Producer/ electronic musician has a new CD out called..Fin on the Permanent Vacation label...check out Depak Ine

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

808 State - Pacific State

Digital Crate Digging at its finest moment...I had to dust this one off..."pulled out alcohol to clean the vinyl off" ..this came out around 1989 /1990...classic house track still sounding good....

Slum Village f. De La Soul "Turning Me Off [Prod. Young RJ]"

Two veteran groups combine forces...Slum Village....De La Soul...putting it down....

I Could Show Them Better Than I Could Tell Them

Breakbeat scientific business is conducted...I had this good word for them; but they didn't hear me though!

Gimme a break!! whats the business? some thought I was corrupt with it like George Zimmerman shooting Trayvon Martin; whatcha starting? the end of the day these folk wanna know whatcha know!

I could show them better than I could tell them; its oops upside the head like the Gap Band!

Whats up with it? if they don't know now they know; that's whatsup man! 

Intergalactic journeys were taken...we didn't practice like NASA and the mock Mars Mission...but now I'm stranded here on earth!

Plus journeys were taken from Atlanta to rocking the Louisville Cardinal t-shirt....ATLiens thought the Cardinal looked like an Angry heard? I was played like a fanatic when I tried to tell them what it do...what its all worth! 

So now whats the deal? I guess I can show them better than I can tell them; so intergalactic funk is dropped!

So now whats the deal? they should know what it do!! the brotha O-Dizzle cosmic slopped! 

Like Tiger Woods is wondering..will the cosmic karma harm ya?  naw!! soon the madness is stopped; then we move on to the next! 

Damn!! its tight in these hoods...were wishing it was simple; but things in this world are complex!

As we move on to the next...we knew we could show them better than we could tell them...

As we move on to the next...there's no where to run or hide; their coping strategies will fail them...

Monday, March 19, 2012


Digital crate digging continues...Warning!! I might be all over the place with this music...check out Photek with Avalanche...a dubstep / drum and bass / funk expedition is taken...check it out...

Sunday, March 18, 2012

El Chicano - Viva Tirado

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Music Monday!! We've got that Latin Jazz flowing with this classic track called Viva Tirado from El Chicano!!  

This is from their album Viva Tirado released in 1970!! Still sounds good!! Check it out!!

The State Of Emergency

The arch nemesis is on the premises...moves were made...but doors and windows of opportunity were locked..whats really going on? this is an emergency! 

Check the mass hysteria like Syria..the thought and fashion police try to monitor situations; who will work with me?

Its going down!!! we're all up in the the fashionistas get rounded up; who heard me when I told them I was dedicated to the truth? 

This is not the Final Fantasy; but some act like they can't understand me as I provide proof!

Is Louisville headed to the Final Four...understand me?  O-Dizzle will raise the roof; while O-Zone brings the math that enlightens! 

Now these jokers are mad at a brotha; will I feel the Wrath Of The Titans?

Feeling the Cosmic Karma because I tried to warn ya about these charlatans?

Cosmic slopping!! after chilling with Plutonians and Martians...rocking the shield and armor during this ongoing spiritual warfare; why did they start with this man? 

O-Dizzle is rocking this; its an Space X a brotha is  preparing vehicles...we're going in! 

Rocking the hardhat with the lantern on top...we don't stop..we keep it moving... I wasn't waiting in the dark whatcha knowing?

Even though we had a warm winter this world is cold; just check the weather / vibe / morale....I'm trying to ride the storm out! 

Exercising my veteran status during this state of emergency..who'll work with me? I'm now coaching with new and improved strategies; the old ones have worn out!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

It's Disturbing

The episode goes down...its crazy...just like the US soldier that killed the civilians in Afghanistan...what goes on? the outcome is disturbing! 

The mode is now discrete; even though a brotha was mad like Hamid Karzai..I had to regroup; my appetite? I'm curbing! 

I heard what was said...jokers sounded like Romney or Santorum; a Gus or Herb will bring the drama..on Blogster they even accused O-Zone of spamming! 

I had to laugh at that!! haters will get kicked to the curb; please!! The Brotha O-Dizzle is going all out in this danger zone; he's jamming! 

I had the math for that....but whose understanding? I'm observing the scene; soon I'll be ready to roll...I'm on my way! 

The mothership is soon landing on earth; the aurora borealis didn't blind me...but its a disturbing scene..I'm seeing how these earthlings play!

A brotha gets scientific like a see through solar window..that's how I work these things; but I can see its all messed up! 
As I kick it ..I'm out of order with the fashion; Charlotte Hornets Starter hat...Phat Farm button down with jeans; they said I looked tacky..messed up!

But a bruh is blessed up in this piece!! plus I govern myself accordingly; so to some its disturbing!

Both A-Town players and Rush Limbaugh types are mad at me because I'm not in the rat race; my appetite I was curbing!

Following Mr. Cole's advice; he said this world was a dog eat dog rat race! 

A brothas rolls like he knows these scenes are disturbing; I try to keep my name out of the database! 

But I am a brotha that's on the case; the work put in is blue collar style!

Industrial Strength!! rocking the hardhat with the lantern on top; going in!! but finding out things are disturbing..the situation is foul!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Da Peoples Street Radio - Loudcaster Radio

 Friday Night Mix Show? check out Da Peoples Street Radio.....

Da Peoples Street Radio - Loudcaster Radio

I Wasn't Feeling It PT 4

.....feeling like Karzai over in Afghanistan about how things are going on around me...I didn't like how it was going down; I wasn't feeling that energy!

A fanatic said it was kinetic like the aurora borealis...said I needed to get in sync with the synergy! 

Whats the deal with me? like Albert Einstein I'm using this brain that the Lord blessed me with! 

Going for mine...but dealing with glitches in the snitches that fake it...whose being real? dude was even  pimping like Herman Cain;  but never confessed to it! 

Whose being real? they're rude..snitching like its a simple thing..meanwhile we're wishing it was a simple thing...others were stressed by it like the cat that made the Joseph Kony video...after it all became complex! 

Meanwhile crooks were ditching the weapons and stolen vehicles after the caper...things were over in Decatur on Glenwood Rd  at the apartment complex!

Hooklines and his own beats are put down when O-Dizzle comes with the next; please!! he's been hood!! who started it? now they're bitching and moaning! 

Life is a bitch on a period!! check this thing..what are you on? as we do the damn thing! 

Damn this thing is off the chain!! like ipad can switch from good to bad in a minute! 

Some get off on the pain..they're just punishment gluttons...but like Duke or maybe Michigan...they tried to tell me they're in it to win it!

....Going off on tangents...caught out there in the reign; but I'm not feeling that energy! ..

Were going off on them!! haters damned it if we did or didn't; but they're ignored..I wasn't feeling that energy!

The Wishing It Was Simple Mix

 .....reflecting...contemplating....wishing it was simple...

The Wishing It Was Simple Mix

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Robert Glasper Experiment - Afro Blue (Feat. Erykah Badu)

Digital crate digging continues...checking out this new Robert Glasper with his version of Afro Blue...Erykah Badu  on Vocals.....Robert Glasper  on Piano & Fender Rhodes....Casey Benjamin  on Flute...Derrick Hodge on the  Bass and Chris Dave on Drums...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"An epic story" - Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics

Digital crate digging....check out some of this Ethiopian / UK jazz from brotha Mulatu Astatke flutist/ percussionist...with the Heliocentrics....with An Epic Story.from their Inspiration Information 3 album; listening to this?  it feels like an epic story is being told....word!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pete Rock - Da Villa (ft. Slum Village)

Still listening to Pete Rock Soul Survivor 2..check out Da Villa....featuring Slum Village...

Pete Rock - Head Rush Ft. GZA , RZA

Back on that hip hop...pulled out some of this Pete Rock from his Soul Survivors project....listening to Head Rush with GZA and RZA providing the verbal fireworks..check this out...

Monday, March 12, 2012

Triplexity - Afro Blue.

What I Listen To At crate digging at its finest....found this gem on Last-FM....Triplexity is Nikila, SaReGaMa and Hamelin BĂ©rengnier.

Triplexity is a virtual band; dabbling in jazz,funk,electro and other spices of life... its members have never met each other face to face, all the collaborations came to live thru the Internet.

Check out their rendition of Afro Blue..

Getting Back In Sync; The Random Thoughts Edition

Check these random thoughts; I'm trying to get back in timing is way off! 

Check out this random thoughts edition...Blogster denied permission; check this one...we reached that point of no return; was it the brink of disaster? life is hectic!! but I try to play it off! 

Whose distracted by chefs in Hells kitchen that had the recipe for disaster? I even felt the pressure...I strayed off the path; then went off my diet!

It wasn't the Special K one;  meanwhile I interacted with referees, umpires, and officials that were crooked; fouls were called..they lied about it! 

What can I say to one? crooked fools cried about it; after talking junk like Rush Limbaugh..whats up y'all..some even supported Joseph Kony; others snitch to the thought and fashion police!

Crooked schools of thought are mad at me; it's like at the Five Points MARTA station in Atlanta...they see the train of thought go by; I told ya...some are mad at me because I'm not a fashionista; please! 

Possessing crooked tools like a Sandinista? coming through in the tricked out Honda Civic..listening to R Kelly's Fiesta Fiesta at the Plaza Fiesta on Buford Highway in Atlanta; but I wasn't at ease! 

Meanwhile hook lines and his own beats is what O-Dizzle holds..check the Street Funk...will he get down? please..

Looked both ways before I crossed the street..please!! its like the Republican Primary..some aren't on the same page; whats the symptoms?

I'm down here in Atlanta; but not on the same page...I didn't keep it pimping!

Knocked down but I got up limping; just got off the injured reserve list! 

Now like Peyton Manning I'm looking for a new I float down the stream of consciousness....I rocked the sound and the good word; but out of sync...soon swerving when I get the gist of it!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dela - Long Life ft Talib Kweli Instrumental

Sunday Jazz Continues....hooked up a track earlier  called Long Life by Dela featuring Talib Kweli...check out the has a hip hop / jazz feel or vibe to it...

The Recovery Mode

The gap between the haves and have nots remains...due to ongoing glitches in the matrix I'm in recovery mode!

Whats happening Captain? please!! I'm trying to re-establish my database...but still caught up in the rat race; still in discovery mode! 

A brotha will be following Mr Cole's advise; he said its a rat race; dog eat dog world!

A brotha rolls through Babylon; paying the price!! but it "ain't nothing nice".....I stay in conflict with this world! 

Survival is difficult if not impossible for some; the drama will unfurl from Louisville to Kabul!

Even in Kandahar its going down ...let the healing process begin..whose trying to heal the scar? from the ATL to Libya; whats the deal with ya? whose still acting a fool? 

Who knows what goes on in the hood? can John Carter help? please!!  the rule wasn't golden! 

They'll shut the town down like whats good?  is it beauty your really beholding?

So whats up? its cold the way reality brings the drama; now were in recovery!

So whats up? we rolled up on success while we were in the zone of discovery!

Now a brotha will be holding it down..but wishing it was simple....its a rough job but somebody has to do it...

Whats up with another? folding down the tent...throwing their cards in..they didn't act like they knew it...

Longineu W. Parsons and Tribal Disorder ft Sam Rivers Too Tight

Sunday Jazz Continues; check out Longineu W Parsons and Tribal Disorder  from Tribal Records..based in Atlanta / Jacksonville....check out Too Tight..featuring Sam Rivers...

Nujabes - Psychological Counterpoint

Sunday Jazz Continues....while digital crate digging I ran across gem from Nujabes..aka Jun Seba (February 7, 1974 – February 26, 2010) R.I.P... a Japanese DJ / Hip Hop producer who dabbled in jazz.

Ran across this cut Psychological Counterpoint...which matches this blog Random Thoughts..because thats what I provide...the psychological counterpoint to all the madness going down!! check this out...

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dela feat. Talib Kweli -- Long Life

Still on that hip hop....check out French producer Dela....with Talib Kweli dropping the know how he does things!! check this out....

The I-20 Chronicles....The Saga / Struggle Continues....It Don't Stop..

The saga struggle continues....still rolling down I-20..these Chronicles are usually at the Sonic I was going to make this my blogster edition!

But a brotha was kicked to the curb because my appetite wasn't curbed for being dedicated the truth...I wasn't disputing it;...based on being in soul's kitchen; breakbeat science is on these menus!! based on a preacher, scholar, and mobster condition! 

Mobs were like those in Russia protesting against Putin; they sign the petition; they're waiting on the healing process to begin! 

The healing of the spirit is not complete!! its like Syria...check the mass we battle with the thought and fashion police; once again! 

Whats the deal with it? they're just a bunch of clones and avatars doing the system's bidding! 

Please!! I've got a bunch of battle scars like chilling at Gitmo with Taliban prisoners waterboarding...just trying to prevent history from repeating!

Let the healing process begin!! but I knew from the get go that defeating the purpose is the devil's mission! 

But were not through dealing; even though we were chilling for a minute... bear witness as we take this to another level; once again! 

Once again its on!! jokers were swagger jacking like Peyton Manning in Denver throwing salt in Tebow's I heard some talking about beefing it up! 

Broken beats and English were in our arsenal; haters? were stalking them with the Sonic Assault; like Drake vs Common...soon the beef is up! 

From the streets of Atlanta to the mountains of Afghanistan; the fake think they're running this thing!!..but relief is up to the beholder of beauty!

Rolling down I-20 reflecting...contemplating..we don't stop...we keep it the saga struggle continues; the street code is maintained; act like you knew me!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics - Masengo (Inspiration Information Vol. 3)

Digital crate digging with it!! check out Ethiopian jazz man Mulatu Astatke ...along UK jazz /funk afro beat group Helicocentrics...with a cut called Masengo..from their collaborative effort Inspiration Information Vol. 3....

The Invention of Truth - Movie-Kardinal Offishall & Nottz Raw

Digital crate digging...Since Friday night is usually a movie night .....I was ready to watch one those bootlegs little homie and them had on Memorial Drive over in Stone Mountain until I ran across this project by Kardinal Offishall & Nottz Raw..

It's from a joint album called "A.M.T.R.I.M (Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself)" due out soon. Check out this video / documentary / film ....

Just Chilling For A Minute...PT.2

Whats the deal with it? please!! I'm like Peyton Manning...after being released...I needed time to ease my troubled mind! 

Chilling for a minute; but whose understanding?  usually rolling local or international; whats up with it? I was even intergalactic...out there like the solar storm...but I wasn't on Cloud Nine!

Like the Temptations talked about; down here in the ATL as wannabe macks and divas plus junkies stalked about...geeked up!

Yield not to Temptation..for yielding is sin was the line from the gospel song; so whatcha on? in this danger zone either the winning or losing streak is up! 

This thing can go either way!! like the Republican primary....we just have to recognize the pattern! 

Its going down from Johannesburg to Louisville /Newburg; to Charlotte / Mecklenburg; on out to Pluto and Saturn!

Its going down....they'll let you go like Bruce Weber from Illinois; contracts are null and void...whose mad because we didn't merge with the apparatus? now they're bruising and battering our aura! 

We thought we had something; but safe harbors and safe havens get bum rushed!! haters introduced the horror and terror! 

Nothing was fair in love or war; its like Syria..jokers want to see us boxed in! 

We chilled for a minute; regrouped...soon we'll be  ready to rock them!

Knowing what the deal is with it...hustles? the system will knock them...I think I might have told ya...

We chilled for a minute...resting physical and mental muscle..soon I'll be at the service desk returning bogus merchandise that was sold ya....

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fourplay - 101 Eastbound

This time of night? I'm not in the club so I'm trying to "smooth things out" just trying to a relaxed I was out in the Bay Area / San Fran...on 101 Eastbound...just like this smooth track by Fourplay...

This is an all-star group!! -- comprised of keyboardist Bob James, guitarist Lee Ritenour, bassist Nathan East, and drummer Harvey Mason.....smooth!!

Just Chilling For A Minute

A bruh a is chilling for a minute; down here in the ATL.. I even took a ride in the hooptie...out on I-20....I went for an outing! 

Reflecting on previous episodes...there's something about riding down Broadway or Muhammad Ali up in's real..there's spiritual significance...once chilling in the juke joint or hole in the wall club in the California area; Isley Brothers were playing; jokers were twisting and shouting! 

Reflecting on previous episodes...Pops took me in those places when I was just six years old!! made a difference on how my persona would unfold...these days? I'm going all out with this thing!! California love / dreaming like Dr Dre and Tupac! 

Once rolling out on Highway 101 out in The Bay Area..but check the ongoing scenario..spiritual warfare is going down!! jokers with improvised explosive devices were  caused fragging!!! but O-Dizzle is still swagging; please believe me..a bruh will rock!

Corporations were fracking; what were some lacking? please!! ecological ignorance will alter the fate; check your environment! 

Corporations were stacking prisoners..part of the prison industrial complex..the so called justice system justice no will the last hour get?

Like Vladimir Putin's opponents were told...abort operations!!! others that were slacking were also told; some said the game was meant to be sold...word from Sabu the hacker? I heard some took a check for the empowerment! 

Evil is the opponent..whose up on it? or will they get caught up..caught out there like in a solar will the last hour get?

That last hour is gonna get ugly!! do we need to check Flavor Flav's clock?

....Or maybe The Time with Morris Day and Jerome; I'm chilling for a minute at home...but soon I'll be ready to roll; ready to rock! 

Whats the deal with it? you know some are ready to knock the hustle....that's what they do! 

But God's will is done; that's why I'm gonna chill for a minute; and let it do what it do!

Donald Byrd Think Twice (12 inch)

Hit you up with J Dilla's version of Donald Byrd's Think Twice find a  12 inch / remix of Donald Byrd putting it The Best Of Donald Byrd....check this out...

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

ScienZe & King I Divine - Happiness Is (feat. Sene, Blu & Britain Parker)

What I Listen To At Work....I'm back on that hip hop...WRAS 88.5 here in Atlanta has been pumping this ScienZe & King I Divine..its pretty nice...check it out...

Shining Lights

Were shining lights into the dark room; like a security guard..was it like old Otis on Martin?

Were shining lights like an x-class solar we go there..some were spotted waiting in the dark...about to blackout; halt!! who goes there? what were they starting? 

Plutonian and Martian Chronicles let me know what it do in another realm; but now I'm back down to earth...dealing with these earthlings!

Shining lights like a solar plasma!! whatcha know? the prophetess asked a did you work things? 

Told them its like this and like that...meanwhile the blinding lights got the best of some; they were Hollywood Swinging!!

Mentioned by Kool and The Gang..what a coincidence!! we're representing the hood..the street..check the type of funk were bringing! 

....Paid attention; spotted Republican Super Tuesday candidates;  lights were shining on them!! but things weren't cool; they were Strange like Cameo said about home girl and I didn't like it! 

Theres a strange energy or vibe floating around; I'm doing all I can to fight it! 

..As I light it; the torch!! its like the start of the Olympics..let the games began! 

Were going in!! check how we spark this!! O-Zone is rocking the hardhat with the lantern on top like were mining! 

Were shining lights into the darkness; realizing theres no justice or peace! 

That's how it is in Babylon....all up in the spot!! all up in this piece!

BreakBeat Scientific Business

BreakBeat Science is in full effect..The Brotha O-Dizzle gets scientific with it..jazz funk hip hop and house are the essence of this discipline...along with the good word from O-Zone...check this out!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

4 Hero - Universal Love (remix)

Still on this jazz/ house tip....this time mixing in a little drum and bass / jungle...check out this classic; Universal Love from 4 their Parallel Universe album..

Were All Up In The Spot; But Its All Messed Up!!

We're all up in the spot....damn!!! its all messed up!! they had my peeps coming and going! 

Damn!! my folk were stressed up in this piece; no justice or peace was how everything was flowing! 

My hand? I'm not showing to these Cheaters per Joey Greco!

They even had help from Khloe thing you know those big white vans will roll up; now somebody is ready to start acting ghetto!

Whose acting like they know me? but they don't even know the half!! actually not a fraction...actually they should let it go!

What were they trying to show me; loyalty or trust? even though I didn't trust them from the get go!

Like Lil John and the Eastside Boyz mentioned; some will need to get low after the next level dramatics occur! 

You know they're coming; everything is messed up out here in the gray area where the lines blur!

Based on what occurred one will concur..its all messed up! like the State of Texas advising against spring break trips to Mexico..

The lines blurred in the Smoke and Mirrors..out in the gray area...some waited in the dark....they stayed...they didn't want to go....

I knew from the get go these peeps wouldn't act right!!...they're were like politicians trying to impress voters for Super Tuesday...

Whatcha know? please!! its all messed up!! a joker was even like that hacker working for the FBI..he tried to act like he knew me... 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Shigeto - A Child's Mind

What I Listen To At Work...big ups to 88.5 WRAS in Atlanta for playing such a wide range of music...check out Shigeto (Zach Saginaw) and his mixture of jazz, hip-hop, funk and folk....with A Child's Mind from his Lineage project...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Louie Vega feat. Blaze & Raul Midon - Sunshine

Sunday Jazz Continues...Lets check out some jazz with a Latin / house flavor to it...Louie Vega with Blaze and Raul Midon with Sunshine...

We Thought We Had Something PT.3

Damn!!! we thought we had something!!! but its like Newt Gingrich;  I can see time was wasted!

Like the Italian shipwreck captain some didn't have his glasses on...they couldn't see...but I recognize the pattern...I even tried to save it to the database; but by accident I erased it! 

Now I get techno with it; I cut and paste it!! then I put it down like this! 

That other thing? I had to let it go!! it was a Love TKO like Teddy I noticed a snake in the grass will put it down like that and like this!

As we continue to fight this spiritual warfare; sonic weapons are stashed in the arsenal! 

Act like you knew!! we already did!! noticed nothing fair in love or I noticed they were booed up earlier; now they tried to start it with a bruh!

....Soon they'll get booed up in this piece!! I could here the Bronx cheer!

They'll slow down like Jeremy Lin!! damn!! Lebron and D Wade must be near! 

No they didn't go there!! some posted back up like Vladimir Putin; plus I see some are I know what the deal is! 

We thought we had something!! the truth? were not disputing..but now I see I have to love some from a distance! 

Bearing witness to a debatable circumstance like in Iran; were we being built or torn down? 

Actually...we thought we had something;  but like Israel vs Iran..I don't like the way its going down!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Planet Asia & Doo Wop - LEATHER GOOSE MUSIK

What I Listened To At Work.....still on the PA...had this joint on replay...PA's verse was nice!!....but Doo Wop "The Bounce Squad Capo" can flow too!! check this out...

We Already Knew

Whats the deal? we can see how its going's like the New Orleans Saints putting bounties on opposing players.. ..we already knew! 

Whats the deal? I'm down here in Atlanta with these true players...for real; but some will need to cash reality checks so they can buy a clue! 

What it do? acting like I knew..I came through listening to an old DJ Clue the Professional mix tape! 

What it do? confessionals were held at the catholic church; maybe Rush Limbaugh needs to go...whatcha know? some are bearing witness as the system tries to close loopholes; especially after we've being paying dues!! that's how it goes; these jokers still show hate! 

We weren't in the debate..not worried about Super Tuesday..were just putting it down..we kept it moving! 

Moving targets are hard to hit; act like you knew me!! check the sound....O-Dizzle kept grooving! 

No confusing orders are taken like the soldiers confused about Quran burning....unbought and unbossed...O-Zone kept proving to the masses that he was dedicated to the truth! 

In this danger zone haters played him the other way; accused him of being arrogant and aloof!

In this danger zone some joker said I was a spammer...a spam bot..I had to laugh at that!!

A bruh is not a stranger at going for's no joke....O-Dizzle is a Teddy Riley type O-Zone has the math for that!! 

Plus I knew where the path was at or is...the Dodge Ram will get in the way..but I dipped around it...

We already knew..heard what was said...but we didn't roger them..check how funky the sound will get...


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mackin - Ronny Jordan

This is the time of night when I'm ready to "smooth things out" ....listening to this smooth Ronny Jordan track is a way to do that...just "Mackin" ....I like the way he "gives the DJ some" ..with the cuts and scratches..kind of a hip hop / jazz type of thang!!

Nuyorican Soul - I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun

This Is Classic Material here....Nuyorican Soul..the 4Hero remix....I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun...word!!