Thursday, November 30, 2017

The O'Jays - For The Love Of Money (Dj XS Edit)

Digging Continues on what my people like to call Throwback Thursday...

The saga / struggle continues!! this day? I like to call it Throwback / Thirsty  Thursday..

...a brotha is still hungry / thirsty!! that got me and my people coming and going...

What's up with me? I'm still maintaining!! I kept on running / going...

I wasn't like  The O'Jays mentioned  - For The Love Of Money people are tripping..

This is the Dj XS Edit;  he said he beefed it up /  reworked it!! hip hop beats are evident!! we're not tripping!! 

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Laying In The Cut Collecting Scattered Thoughts PT.2

We're laying in the cut on what I like to call Terrible / Terrific Tuesday,  collecting scattered thoughts!!  It's going down!! that's the catch phrase a dude likes to use. 

Not playing around with the corrupt!! after the holidays? not collecting debt at a call center that battered consumers! the pursuit of freedom continues!! it's Isley Brothers next phase business!!  we're exercising our right to choose. 

Listening to Eli Escobar's Happiness as the pursuit of happiness came up when I typed this into the iPhone;  not surprised,  it's a mitigating factor. 

Nappy was the hairstyle back in the day when I was laying in the cut, now I rock the baldy!! the lawsuit was filed against those faking the funk!! these days?  due to sexual misconduct the system is litigating politicians like Roy Moore plus actresses and actors.  

While collecting scattered thoughts I realized acting cute won't work, check the score!! chains will get snatched like Michael Crabtree vs Aqib Tali breaking the mold factors into the outcome.

 The pursuit of loot has some working day and night like Michael Jackson mentioned!!  O-Dizzle even went into funk mode!!  he batched up something fresh after he pulled out the drum.

 Once again?  it's on!! my people are  caught up in the action /  system / matrix;   check the condition.

Once again it's on!! due to dealing with systematic procedures an  interaction with a higher power made us send up a petition. 

Laying in the cut collecting scattered thoughts!  sometimes acknowledging space is the place per Sun Ra,  when dealing with the Ra! Ra! Ra!

Laying in the cut collecting scattered thoughts! chilling out in Donald Byrd type Places and Spaces!  there's no Delfonics La La La La La!

..which means I love you as jokers push and shove you for a dollar. 

What it do? how will we play? Marvin Gaye said it makes you wanna holla. 

Monday, November 27, 2017

Louie Vega presents The Elements of Life: This Is US (Roots Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Music Monday; please!! we're not worried about Cyber Monday,  it's going down like this..

The saga / struggle continues!! how will we play?  let the music play,  as we deal with this!! 

Real with this!! putting it down!! the street code is followed!! no need for honors from Donald Trump like Navajo code talkers..

Insults thrown!! he's still warring with Elizabeth Warren per the Pocahontas  remark!! vehicles aren't in park we're rolling!! word from these freedom stalkers!!

Cults are shown the door per these sonic assaults!! per Louie Vega presents The  Elements of Life we show them This Is US (Roots Mix)

Check out the performers and the track; this is all of that!! it represents the toil and strife of my constituents!! they're caught up in the system / matrix..

Backing Vocals – Lisa Fischer

Drums [Live] – Jerard Snell

Featuring, Voice [Spoken Word] – Ursula Rucker

Lyrics By – Ursula Rucker

Music By [Hook] – Luis F. Vega, Oveous Maximus

Soprano Saxophone – Ivan Renta

Sunday, November 26, 2017

St Germain - Sittin Here (Boddhi Satva Ancestral Soul Remix)

Sunday Jazz Continues on this Thanksgiving Day / Holiday Weekend...

Sunday Jazz vibes?  that's what we've been giving since Thursday ; soul jazz streaking..

I didn't spaz, wreaking havoc on the masses, that's not how a black man will play!! I'm just conducting seminars / classes..

I didn't razz my constituents for connecting Black Friday to slavery!! not studied in school classes?

Cyber Monday approaching, hyper on this Sunday / Monday? nah! actually I'm just sitting here chilling...

Listening to St Germain with  Sittin Here (Boddhi Satva Ancestral Soul Remix); I posted the Atjazz remix earlier!! I'm not through dealing!!!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Tony Allen - African Man (Villalobos - Loderbauer ZuHouse Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the Saturday Night Fever!! We're listening to some house music / jazz / afrobeat from Tony Allen talking about the African Man (Villalobos - Loderbauer ZuHouse Remix). Let's Get It Y'all / Let's Go!!!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Auracle - Tied Shoes

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday / Thanksgiving Day!! 

We're checking out some classic jazz / funk a group called  Auracle  with a track called Tied Shoes.

 This was recorded in 1979 and  features a "new on the scene" Rick Braun. Check out the other players and the track!!

Guru Feat. Donald Byrd / Loungin'

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday / Thanksgiving Day. Per Guru Feat. Donald Byrd  we're Loungin'!! Let's Go!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Axiom Funk - Cosmic Slop

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the HumpDay Extravaganza!! We're listening to some soul jazz / jazz funk from Axiom Funk with their version of Cosmic Slop!! 

This is from the Funkcromomicon album released by Axiom Funk which features the original players of Cosmic Slop along with other members of Parliament Funkadelic!! 

Axiom Funk  was the name of a record label ran by ran by Bill Laswell!  Check out the players and the track!!

"Cosmic Slop"
  • Vocals: Garry Shider, Gary "Mudbone" Cooper
  • Guitar: Garry Shider, Bootsy Collins, Michael Hampton
  • Organ: Bernie Worrell
  • Fairlight: Nicky Skopelitis
  • Bass: Robbie Shakespeare
  • Drums: Sly Dunbar
  • Congas: Aïyb Dieng
  • Material Strings Arranger & Conductor: Karl Berger

Bernard Purdie - Theme from Shaft

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out some soul-jazz from  drummer Bernard Purdie - with his version of the Theme from Shaft. Check out the players and the track.

Monday, November 20, 2017

George Benson - Love Ballad (Joey Negro Jazzy Reprise)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; oh yes!! Music Monday have rolled around again?

O-Zone? digging these venues!! down here in the ATL!! I-20? I rolled around it again!!

It's on!! rolling down I-20 / I-85 caught in #ATLtraffic, trying to work magic, sliding through the portal!!

We keep rolling! please!! we studied the mathematics!!  we know how the sport will go!!

*What we have is much more than they can see* per George Benson with Love Ballad (Joey Negro Jazzy Reprise) 

As some can see we're into the jazz, funk, hip hop and house music; loving music!! that should be no surprise!! Let's Go!! 

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Cal Tjader - Guachi Guaro (Carl Cox Dub Mix)

Sunday Jazz Continues!! It's going down like this!! We're listening to some house music / Latin jazz from Cal Tjader with a track called  Guachi Guaro (Carl Cox Dub Mix). Check it out!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Hardrock Soul Movement - Just The Way You Like It..

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I like to call Saturday Night Fever..

Jazz / funk / soul music / house music on the menus; rebuking a non-believer..

Hip Hop is also on these menus; nuking jurisdictions with the snares, 808's and scratches...

We didn't stop!! the pursuit of beat perfection was the mission!! flares shot into the darkness while coming with fresh batches..

Funky fresh when you catch us out there!! who knows, like Hardrock Soul Movement it might  Just The Way You Like It..

It features  Deborah French on the vocals!! it's their version of the SOS Band song written  and produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis!! check it out / act like you knew this!!  you just might like it...

Friday, November 17, 2017

The Hot Messenger Is Back PT.10

The hot messenger is back!! this is the concept finale but the hot mess will keep on coming,,,

Scorpio season is drawing to a close, the devil will oppose!! it got lonely out there but we kept on running..

O-Dizzle kept on funky drumming, the beats will thump!! they're based on "memories,  sweet sweet memories" ; O-Zone borrowed a line from the Temptations song.

Appropriate for Flashback Friday!! so how did some play? Donald Trump, plus  Roy Moore and Al Franken types are  reminded of when the temptations went wrong. 

..Soon down a wrong path;  studied the wrong math? per America with the moral vacuum we're soon caught out there. 

Like the GOP Tax Reform Bill  shady deals were made in the back room!! soon this hot messenger is caught up in the system / matrix with the rest of my constituents claiming life isn't fair. 

What's the deal? it's another hot mess; damn!!  it's rough out here! I'm trying to tell myself to calm down and be easy. 

What's the deal? I'm trying not to stress but it's rough out here!! per Flashback Friday?  the elders were telling me it wasn't going to be easy.

I don't feel "noways tired' per James Cleveland but it's not easy like Sunday morning per the Commodores!! the news at six will give you the scores.

... Plus my constituents are hot and spicy!! like the Rude Boys  it's written all over their face!!  plus that Cajun food smell was in their pores. 

The hot messenger is back but the doors were locked so I'm still outside the box..

Another hot mess? this dude won't stop the press!! we'll continue to rock...

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Dj XS London Classic Soul Disco Funk & House Mix 2018 - 2 Hours of Classic Jams

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday; we're trying to follow those principles...

Usually accused of being futuristic with it, a true mystic out here bumping heads with the so called invincibles..

At the moment? I'm chilling with these and those; I've got other battles to fight and fish to fry.. I didn't have a dog in this or that fight, check this insight; I'm not going to lie..

For those trying to  Come Meet a Black Person check out this music a black dude will play..

Listening to  Dj XS London Classic Soul Disco Funk & House Mix 2018 - 2 Hours of Classic Jams!! check out the playlist and the mix; let the music play!!

Dj XS Classic Soul Disco Funk & House Mix 2018 Tracklist

1. Al Green - Let's Stay Together (M+M Mix) 

2. Barry White - Ecstacy (Dj XS Edit) 5:47 

3. Stephanie Mills - Sweet Sensation (Dj XS Edit) 10:01 

4. BB&Q - Dreamer (Dave Allison Edit) 13:43 

5. Serge Ponsar - Out in the Night (Dj XS Edit) 18:40

6. First Touch - Toe Jammin' 23:02 

7. Boogie Cafe - Nothing to It 26:36 

8. The Mighty Ryeders - Evil Vibrations (Serge Gamesbourgh Rework) 29:54 

9. NFC, Key Sokur - Coming From the Congo 35:20 

10. Yoruba Singers - Black Pepper (Petko Turner Edit) 39:20 

11. Stevie Wonder - Another Star (Bosq of Whiskey Barons Rework) 44:01 

12. Carolyn Harding - Sing a Song (Dj XS Edit) 50:45 

13. Dj Pierre - Get Ya Buzz On (Dj XS Edit) 54:50 

14. Sandy B - Feel Like Singing (BOP Disco Mix) 57:50 

15. Frankie Knuckles - Workout (1992 Vocal Mix) 1:03:37

16. Adeva - Respect 1:06:16 

17. Afika Bambaataa - Get Up & Dance 1:08:18 

18. Candido - Jingo (Dr Packer Rework) 1:11:05 

19. Lux Experience - Street Disco 1:16:40 

20. Hot Chocolate - Back Seat of My Cadillac (Dj XS Edit) 1:21:57 

21. Cole Medina - Make Your Body Move 1:27:32 

22. Dj James Ingram - Can You Dig It 1:31:00 

23. Gino Soccio - Dancer 1:34:20 

24. Sheila & B Devotion - Your Love is Good (Dimitri from Paris Edit) 1:39:01 

25. Diana Ross - The Boss (Dj XS Edit) 1:45:11 

26. Barbara Blow - Throughout Your Precious Love (El Barrio Recipe) 1:50:12 

27. Kenny Bobien - You Are My Friend 1:56:37

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Amp Fiddler ‎– I Get Moody Sometimes (feat. Moodymann)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the Humpday Extravaganza!! Excuse me, but like Amp Fiddler  I Get Moody Sometimes (feat. Moodymann). Check it out!! Let's Go!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Hot Messenger Is Back PT.9

The hot messenger is back on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday!! the  saga / struggle continues!! damn!!  we even have to deal with glitches in the matrix. 

 Roy Moore and Harvey Weinstein types say it's hard out here for a pimp!! that's per Three Six  Mafia!!   they'll also  blame it on #metoo ,  plus snitches will fake it. 

Observing the scene,  ready to roll!! I took a break from it now I'll make a break for it!!  I told you earlier about those I-20  Chronicles. 

Swerving?  no,  I don't roll like that!!  battles are fought  by this spiritual warrior,  the response to these and those! 

It's the response to the  Brexit like hot mess! obstacles / roadblocks and setbacks implemented by systematic procedures. 

The hot messenger is back with these Sonic Assaults!! we'll take a beat and break it!! the response to the hustle knocks,  after our constituents beseech us. 
The hot messenger is back, out here getting breakbeat scientific!!  it's business as usual. 

Not like Jeff Sessions with the passive aggressions, but it's subliminal and specific!! we're out here trying to deal with it!!   acting like we knew.

Class is in session but we didn't have all the answers;  not yet!!  and we probably won't ever get them. 

Flames are lit like an arsonist, dancers affected by the disco inferno!! we lit them. 

The hot messenger is back!! we lit them up!!   turned up all the way up? that's a matter of opinion. 

The hot messenger is back on this Terrible Terrific Tuesday!! we hit them up with that and this,   from another dimension or dominion.  

Monday, November 13, 2017

Terrace Martin Presents The Pollyseeds - Funny How Time Flies

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Music Monday!! We're listening to some soul jazz from  Terrace Martin Presents The Pollyseeds with their version of Janet Jackson's  Funny How Time Flies. Check out the players and the track..

Backing Vocals – Wyann Vaughn

Drums – Robert "Sput" Searight

Featuring, Producer, Piano – Robert Glasper 

Featuring, Producer, Synthesizer, Vocoder, Saxophone –Terrace Martin 

Guitar – Marlon Williams 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

DJ Smash - Makin' Love, Makin' Music

Sunday Jazz Continues!! check us out!! this is how we do things during this time frame..

The madness continues, so I spaz on these menus with the sonic assault; a mind game?

Jazz funk / Soul jazz on these menus? our moves  made in this game!! this is how we do it..

Letting the music take our minds away from the confusion, acting like we knew it..

Rolling like DJ Smash;  Makin' Love, Makin' Music , it doesn't get any better than this..

Lisa Shaw helped on vocals, on trumpet was  Fabio Morgera; somebody will understand this!!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Songs From Way Back Then. (An Old School Dance Music Mix) by DJ Spivey

I've got this Saturday Night Fever thing going; it's another edition of digital crate digging..

Holla at me!! that's what a non- believer told me wanting me to show and prove; the scenario? they're digging..

Saturday motivation provided with the sound / groove; excuse O-Dizzle, but that's how he does things...

What it do? rocking the nation / universe with the sound and a verse or two is how we do things..

Acting brand new with these things? naw, we're listening to Songs From Way Back Then. (An Old School Dance Music Mix) by DJ Spivey

Check out the playlist and the mix!! perfect for this Saturday Night or whenever!! you feel me?

Songs From Way Back Then:

0:00:00 All Night Passion (JAMES ROD Soul Machine Edit) by Alicia

0:07:00 You Are In My System (Extended Vocal) by The System

0:13:20 Hold Me Tight by Dr. Packer 

0:19:32 Running Away (Dr. Packer Remix) by Belezmusica, Dr. Packer 

0:26:40 Love Sensation (Dr. Packer Rework) by Loleatta Holloway 

0:33:05 Funk Me (Nelson Leeroy Remix) by Marvin Gaye

0:38:38 You Know How To Love Me (Joey Negro Extended Disco Mix) by Phyllis Hyman

0:47:55 Inside Out (PBR Streetgang Remix) by Odyssey

0:54:41 Haven't You Heard (Joey Negro Extended Disco Mix) by Patrice Rushan

1:00:51 The Bravest Man In The Universe (Afrshin & Alex Finkin Remix) by Bobby Womack

Friday, November 10, 2017

Beat Therapy 19 - A Groove Laced Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz & Trip Hop Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Flashback Friday in conjunction with New Music Friday..

Friday Night Fever is also a factor; jazz / hip hop and funk will play because that's how we play..

That Friday Feeling is exhibited, we're uninhibited!! just out here doing what we do...

I got that feeling like James Brown would say; damn!! just trying to act like I knew...

In need of therapy? listening to Beat Therapy 19 - A Groove Laced Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz & Trip Hop Mix..

It's provided by  Confused Bi-Product of a Misinformed Culture ; check out the playlist and the mix!!

 0:00 - Bootman - To the Hip

01:48 - DJ Krush - Endless Railway Feat. Questlove (Sentiment Remix)

03:39 - Quantic - Fresh Rhythm

05:58 - Hidden Chipsters - The Herb

08:24 - Rocky Marsiano

10:50 - 9 Lazy 9 - No. 2

12:18 - The Beatles - Come Together (DJ Prince Remix)

14:00 - Lou Reed - Walk on the Wild Side (fdel Edit)

17:24 - Little West - Rainy Sunday

20:39 - Kruder & Dorfmeister - Love Your Life

23:18 - Roger Molls - Ghost Town

25:48 - Amy Winehouse - You Know I'm No Good (Skeewiff Mix)

28:20 - DJ Krush - Do Dat Dance

29:54 - Paper Plane Project - Don't Hold Back

30:52 - La Funk Mob - 357 Magnum Force

32:36 - Raymon Lazer Trio - Lola 

35:33 - Bonobo - Light Pattern 

37:05 - Blindspot - Reminder 

38:29 - Cut Chemist - The Garden

41:34 - Akasha - Akasha Theme

44:03 - Quantic - Life in the Rain

46:38 - Scott Free & Cybil Ant - Mango Maracatu

48:13 - MONOLIFT - Earth Fragments

49:27 - Rob Dougan - Clubbed to Death (Kurayamino Variation)

The Combo Meal PT.4 (The I-20 and Outback Chronicles)

I was on this Outback Chronicles type of business;  outside cleaning out gutters and raking leaves. 

...Plus cutting grass;  an A / B / C student still cutting class? back in the day I was out in the streets /  gutter faking it with the thieves. 

Listening to the Sporty Thievz?  guess that's Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday business but your dude knows what the deal is so he couldn't front. 

Hungry and thirsty out here in Babylon!!  swapping jerseys /  running like Ezekiel Elliott before he was suspended  plus that dude from the Kansas City Chiefs named Kareem Hunt?

Flashback Friday? the Kansas City Chiefs were owned by Lamar Hunt,  back in the day!!  NFL owners back in the way like Bob McNair and Jerry Jones? 

Meanwhile I'm back in the action like Lamar Jackson!! I still  gather and hunt!!  outback chasing away rodents / varmints trying to infiltrate these zones.

O-Zone is back in the action! just trying to be a good steward of this land the Lord blessed him with.

This zone is a sanctuary,  away from what the system stressed me with!

Soon I'm back out on I-20 in Atlanta in rush hour traffic  dealing with these dollar chasers caught up in systematic procedures..

It's Veteran's Day;  cold crushing!! that's how this veteran in the game will play! now coaching after constituents beseech us..

Let the music play plus this good word is dropped, that's how this Louisville brotha will play!! I'm not out here like Louis CK!!

Still rolling down I-20 in Atlanta not like LiAngelo Ball over in China trying to snatch Louis Vuitton; that's not how I play!!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

The Outback Chronicles (A Throwback Thursday Edition)

Check out these Outback Chronicles,  it's the response to these and those!! you know what?  we're blessed to see these days and times.

Not out it!! per Scorpio Season excuse me for undergoing internal and external inspections while caught up in these moments of time. 

Outside / outback? undertaking internal and external inspections of the property the Lord gave me stewardship  over /  blessed me with.  

Per Throwback Thursday? I'm not faking it !! a few years ago?  I was ghetto / alley / in the gutter;  but now I'm cleaning out gutters!! acting brand new with it?  reflecting on what the system stressed me with!!

Actually?  the attack is still underway, you know how they play!!  damn!!  it's like these rodents trying to find a way into my house. 

Like the Texas church shooter the arch nemesis was on the premises; we're not in denial,  there are no doubts.

A bad shooter like Lonzo Ball? he has his doubts but it's early in the season he'll be fine..

A bad looter like LiAngelo Ball caught out there in China? will he pay more than a fine? 

Balling out there in China like Trump making deals , out there by the Forbidden City? 

Falling,  out there /  outback like these tree limbs I'm trying to pick up!! spotted ants building a fortress / city..

Falling off out there / out of it? peeped across the fence; all my neighbors have brand new cars while I'm still dipping in hoopties..

Check out these Outback Chronicles as I do my due diligence but some will say it's belligerence!! the doctrine? there's truth in these!!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

DownTown | Lofi & JazzVibes

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the HumpDay Extravaganza!! your dude is putting it down like this!!

Hip Hopping, we weren't stomping until we're over the hump, understand a brotha? it's like this!!

Jazzing it up, that's how I was brought up!! cool like that per the Digable Planets, or is it the Rebirth of Slick? 

Spazzing up in this piece?  naw!! I'm all about peace but we're prepared for war, so what's up with it?

Jazzhop up in this piece? oh yes!! we're listening to DownTown | Lofi & JazzVibes courtesy of Fantastic Music

Check out the playlist and the mix / the sound!! they're getting down!! this is fantastic music..

00:00 RudeManners - The Last Cherry Blossom 

01:49 Jinsang - Flow On

05:22 Nohidea. - Haiku

07:03 mr. käfer - Cosmic Harmonies

09:29 Gorila - takeshi

12:09 BluntOne - New Dawn

14:32 Flofilz - Dulce

16:36 Freddie Joachim - Breeze

18:50 charlie toØ human - Walk in the park 

20:55 Gorila - Vous

24:07 B-Side. - Pair

27:08 Gorila - Parttime 

29:30 Freddie Joachim - Autumn Rain

31:45 Oskar Hahn - Triggers

34:28 Pabzzz - Together

36:42 BluntOne - Sunny Side Up

38:30 Oskar Hahn - Anikawer

41:20 BROCKBEATS - Hot Spring

43:23 BluntOne - passing by.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

90´s East coast Hip Hop | Special Mix. |The best songs..

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I like to call Terrible / Terrific Tuesday. What's the mood? positive or negative? 

Maybe this   90´s East coast Hip Hop | Special Mix. |The best songs..courtesy of  San Francischool1989 will help us get our minds right!! Check out the playlist and the mix!!

1. Wu-Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M. 

2. Group home - Up Against Tha Wall.

3. Gang Starr feat K-Ci & JoJo - Royalty. 

4. Grand Puba - Change gonna come.

5. AZ - Sugar Hill Feat. Miss Jones. 

6. Lord Finesse - Hip 2 da game. 

7. Cap. D - Redemption. 

8. Keith Murray - The rhyme.

9. Rakim - Waiting for the world to end. 

10. D.I.T.C - Thick. 

11. The Roots - Section.

12. De La Soul - Brakes.

13. Pop Da Brown Hornet - Can You Wu-Wu-Wu (Street mix). 

14. A Tribe Called Quest - The chase part II. 

15. NaS - Nas is like. 

16. DJ Q-Fingaz ft Masta Ace - Progression.

17. Grap Luve - Work it out (Vocal version). 

18. Guru - Hustlin' Daze Feat. Donell Jones. 

19. Big L - The big picture. 

20. P.M Dawn - Set Adrift On Memory Bliss. 

21. Guru - Living in this world. 

22. J. Live - The best part.

23. Grand Puba - I like it. 

24. Pete Rock & CL Smooth - It´s a love thing. 

25. Kool G rap & Dj Polo - Under 21 not permited. 

26. Mobb deep - Hell on earth. 

27. Cormega - Love in love out. 

28. DL Incognito - ANR. 

29. Common - I used to love her. 

30. LL Cool J - Loungin´.

31. Rezidue - Inner city blues. 

32. Mos Def & Talib Kweli _ Redefinition. 

33. Rob-O - Mention me Ft Mecalicious. 

34. Black moon - Weight of the World.

35. Slick Rick - Teenage love. 

36. Biggie Smalls - Big poppa.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Monstercat Uncaged - Vol. 3 (Album Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Music Monday; some might even call it New Music Monday..

What it do? I'm all over the place!! back in the day sounds to just released exclusives? just doing what's conducive, let the music play!!

On a serious note let us pray for peace in this world; as I like to say? Lord Help is the battle cry!

A beat and a quote is how I do things!! mostly inspirational; Sly and The Family Stone? you can make it if you try!!

But I'm not going to lie, I like music with an edge; at the moment? listening to Monstercat Uncaged - Vol. 3 (Album Mix)

 It's going down!! oh yes, some electronic music!! they're a monster with that!! check out the playlist and the mix!!

00:00:00 Delta Heavy & Dirty Audio - Stay (feat. HOLLY)

00:03:46 Gammer - Stay Tonight (feat. Dylan Matthew)

00:06:55 Kayzo & Slander - Holy (feat. Micah Martin)

00:10:08 Bishu - Bomb (feat. LeyeT) 

00:12:50 Seven Lions & Kill The Noise - Cold Hearted

00:17:10 KUURO - Swarm

00:19:35 Reach - Nobushi 

00:22:21 Ookay & Fox Stevenson - Lighthouse

00:25:09 Savoy - How U Like Me Now (feat. Roniit)

00:28:20 Lookas - Eclipse 00:31:05 Dirtyphonics & Sullivan King - Vantablack 

00:35:10 Dirtyphonics & Sullivan King - Sight of Your Soul 

00:38:21 Slips & Slurs - Moving Hectic (feat. Harry Shotta)

00:41:59 Zac Waters - Freak

00:45:22 Tokyo Machine - SPOOKY

00:49:24 Bad Computer - New Dawn 

00:54:15 Tokyo Machine - BUBBLES

00:57:35 Soupandreas - Sprite

01:00:52 Notaker & Declan James - Who I Am (feat. Karra)

01:05:30 MYRNE - Confessions (feat. Cozi Zuehlsdorff)

01:09:33 Pegboard Nerds - Heaven Let Us Down (feat. Koda)

01:14:48 Muzzy, Koven, Feint - Worth The Lie

01:19:20 Topi - Got To Be

01:22:35 Gammer - Let’s Get Crunk

01:25:00 INTERCOM - Decoy World (feat. Park Avenue) 

01:28:46 Slander & Kayzo - Without You (feat. Dylan Matthew)

01:32:10 Stonebank - By Your Side (feat. EMEL)

01:35:36 Flite - We Are One

01:39:36 Jay Cosmic - Ascend

01:43:39 Grabbitz - Told Ya So

01:46:50 Puppet & Foria - Bigger Picture

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Willis Jackson - Do It, To It

Sunday Jazz Continues !! we're checking out some classic  soul jazz / jazz funk from  Willis Jackson with a track called  Do It, To It. Check out the players and the track!!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Through the Roof- A Jazzy House Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Saturday afternoon!! usually chilling out after a hectic week...

The saga / struggle continues as I like to say!! business as usual? for some it's all good but for others the outlook is bleak..

Another will wreak havoc, they mentioned something about they had to have it, they use the by any means necessary strategy...

This brotha is back with it!! considered arrogant and aloof because I didn't go along with the program, so some didn't check with me or "holla at me"

This brotha is back with it!! listening to Through the Roof- A Jazzy House Mix courtesy of a Confused Bi-Product of a Misinformed Culture

Jazz and house music? you can use it, it's conducive!! check out the playlist and the mix as knowledge is dropped on those confused about the culture...

Tracklist -

0:00 - Four Walls - Life On Easy Street

05:35 - Kerri Chandler - Relax Have Another Spliff

11:54 - Physics - Carry u Inside

16:05 - Renato Pearson & JoVoon - Soundmen On Wax (Optic Vision) (TranceMoov Mix)

20:38 - Boo Williams - Out of Sink Jazz

25:49 - Omar S - The Shit Baby (CP-1 Played By D.Taylor)

30:07 - Lego - Jazzmorphosis (Groovy Sax Mix)

34:02 - Edwin Oosterwal & Woodie S - Missing (Rework)

39:05 - Alankara and Jazzy D - Higher Love (Guitar Edit) 

43:55 - Art Konik - Mingpark (Steph's Deep Park Mix) 

48:43 - Shur-I-Kan - Jazz Club 

52:47 - Llorca - Wordless

57:37 - Herbie Hancock - The Essence (Joe Claussell - Sacred Opus Mix)

Thursday, November 2, 2017

The Hot Messenger Is Back PT.8

What's the deal? what it do?  per Throwback Thursday it's like Scarface, Jay Z and Beanie Sigel, Guess Who's Back? 

It's the hot messenger!! another hot mess for ya? you should know how we do when we bring it back..

I'm ready to roll / I'm on my way!!  like North Korea working on a missile I know how these fools will play after taking time to observe the scene. 

Check the scenario / collecting thoughts that were scattered / out there!! damn!! had to admit I was even influenced by what was heard / seen.

Check the scenario per these Thursday Thoughts; what does it all mean?  while recuperating the factors were determined. 

It was hard to let the healing process begin, no justice no peace was the outcome!!  bringing confusion?  these actors and actresses were determined. 

That's word from Harvey Weinstein; after his name keeps coming up, he says it's hard out here for a pimp.

I even lawyered up!!  my old attorney Weinstein is gone home so I moved on to another one;  I told you it's hard out here for a pimp! 

The hot messenger is back but who'll work with me? It's not a simple thing!!  simpletons wish it was,  but they find out the sport is complex. 

That's the message / word from LA Dodgers,  finding out Houston is strong so what's next?

The House of Cards will fall!!  word from Kevin Spacey and per basketball and the Louisville Cards?  Rick Pitino. 

The house will deal bad cards!! that's word from this hot messenger!!  gamblers are out for a fast buck but it's hard to beat the casino.