Friday, March 29, 2019

Soothsayers - Blinded Souls (Titeknots Dub Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday, as we go back then flash back to the future..

The saga / struggle continues as we lash back at the apparatus check the status; we've been this way not acting brand new with ya!!

The saga / struggle continues we gave the cash back not sellouts!! unbought and unbossed like Hosea Williams!! 

Also a catch phrase used by Shirley Chisholm as we proceed and continue!! this is how we're living!!

Rebuking the shady dealing!! the Soothsayers mentioned Blinded Souls (Titeknots Dub Remix)

Check out the track as we fight back, this is how we roll!! we continue to get breakbeat scientific!!

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Soul Balance | Deep Progressive House Set | 2019 Mixed By Johnny M | DEM Radio Podcast

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday; retro-futuristic is how the work will be...

Past, present and future elements are dealt with that's how we'll move with this!! who'll work with me?

Shady? that's not how the work will be like Rahm Emanuel having a hissy fit about Jussie Smollett..

Earlier Rahm Emanuel and Chicago police withheld evidence about a police shooting, so what's up with it?

Working with a brotha who's damned if I do or don't? we'll just come through dropping this Soul Balance | Deep Progressive House Set | 2019 Mixed By Johnny M | DEM Radio Podcast

Check out the playlist and the mix they're not playing around with this!! check the retro-futuristic balance as the sounds blast...

Tracklist: 01. Adnan Jakubovic - Antheia (Original Mix) 00:00

02. Matthias Vogt - Higher Love feat Jonatan Backelie (Lucas Rossi Dont Fallin Bootleg) 06:40

03. MockBeat & Alexandra Pride - Frozen Towers (Mononoid Remix) 12:52

04. Jonnie King & Ido feat Shawni - Colors (Original Mix) 19:00

05. Hraach - Delirio (Original Mix) 24:36

06. Michael & Levan & Stiven Rivic - Whisper (Original Mix) 30:28

07. Fennec & Wolf, Bellville - Enter the Void (Freakme Remix) 37:24

08. BAAL - Cashmere (Nolah Remix) 43:48

09. Shamans - Morphe (Original Mix) 49:21

10. Goda Brother - Lunar Eclipse (Manu Riga Remix) 56:53

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

How Were They Trying To Play PT.5

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the HumpDay Extravaganza but we'll take a moment to pause for the cause..

How were we trying to play? setting the O-Dog Day Party off early, who'll work with me? beats will bump and somebody will understand a brotha when this good word is dropped!! the universe is vast / large..

How were they  trying to play? I told them don't start with me!! who else spars or shadow boxes with demons? can't shake them off /  in need of an exorcist? 

Is it as simple as Acts 16 :16-18 as these jokers keep hating!!  rolling like Demon Deacons from Wake Forest out here acting fake in the Banylon Forest; who's passing the collection plate? testing it.

How were we trying to play / act?  wasn't debating /  stressing it God is in control blessing it while  rolling through the wilderness / the forest; Republicans like Trump wanting to repeal Obamacare aka Babylonians and the Pharisees even said I  bit the hand that fed me!

How were they  trying to play? you know they won't play fair with these!! I wasn't trusted, might have told you I'm rocking the baldy but the persona is how a dread's will be.

Rastafarian? not holding my breath until everything is fair again but was it ever?  others acting like, what part of the game is that?

A nefarious one is just a devil's advocate!! like Geraldine and Flip Wilson the devil gets blamed for that!

Or maybe Obama per Mitch McConnell, they should be ashamed of that!! but there's no shame in the game.

How were they  trying to play?  peeping game from the ghettos to the so called corridors of's all  the same.

How were they  trying to play? they're all lame was heard from my constituents when referencing  William Barr and  Robert Mueller mentioning no collusion...

There's no exoneration, these jokers are game playing with that strategy that  launched  the Iraq War!! peep game, that's what they're using!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

How Were They Trying To Play PT. 4

It's going down on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way; it's still a blessing to be here..

It's going down!! see what it do per Robert Mueller to see how these folk will play;  per Rudy Giuliani check the conspiracy,  they'll take it there..

How were they trying to play? rolling like Ferris Bueller taking a day off while we're out here going off?

How were we trying to play? rolling like Fox Mulder from the X-Files trying to see what it do, conducting investigations!! jokers were playing me off..

What's the deal? any respect for these styles? jokers try to play a brotha like Obama vs Republicans saying he's unworthy.

What's the deal? any respect for these styles? how will they feel when I'm spotted out on the fast break like James Worthy?

Rolling like back in the day Los Angeles Lakers!! it's Showtime!! rolling with Magic and Byron Scott!! these days? over here in Decatur the block is hot.

How were they trying to play,  like I'm back in the way? not fronting like I'm Bobby Axelrod on Billions on Showtime!!  I'm just bearing witness to the scrimmage between a have and have not.

How were they trying to play? who had a scheme / plot like they're at the AIPAC confererence? spiking the tea at the party!! brought back memories of Jim Jones.

How were they trying to play? not liking me?  wasn't spotted at the party!! and my cell didn't have ring tones.

How were we trying to play? didn't sing on the hook like Bruno Mars or maybe Drake;  somebody said that's a good way to get cake!

How were we trying to play? damn!! the Mothership crash landed as lights blinked on the instrument panel!! damn!! the shuttle is broke down, couldn't make the championship bouts out on Mars but check the karma;  the bell will ring for a crook,  it's time to put up or shut up!! that's how things get for the fake!

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Boom Bap Vibin'

Sunday Jazz Continues on a nice sunny spring day in the City of Atlanta!! we're chilling out / cooling out..

The saga / struggle continues!! everybody's waiting on a summary of the Mueller Report but we know how the apparatus will do in this sport; the fix is in?  cover ups? they're not ruling that out..

Others act brand new in the sport, excited about Trump Golan Heights announcements like Ted Cruz, they're hoping Benjamin Netanyahu won't lose..

Others act brand new in the sport, but these beats will bump plus these  insights from O-Zone are something my people can use..

Down  I-20 in Atlanta we cruise, we're  Boom Bap Vibin' courtesy of the Axian You Tube Channel..

Check out the playlist and the mix, they're not playing around with this!! check out the playlist and the mix!! oh yes!! it's some of that good boom bap / jazzhop!! somebody will understand a brotha..

Tracklist: 0:00 : Mr. Käfer - Cosmic Harmonies 2:48 : Damu The Fudgemunk - Movin' On 5:09 : Sicknessmp - Rest In Bluesky 8:41 : Jhas x Loop holes - New Year 11:04 : Gazz - Sampler 2017 13:38 : B/Class - Back To The Class 16:07 : Snares - Passt 18:51 : Sicknessmp - Cloud Prophets 21:08 : Natural Doc & Jinsfake - Roam 23:42 : Gazz - Sampler 2017 26:48 : Devaloop - Holzige Süße 29:11 : Bones The Beat Head - Downtown Bustle 31:48 : Kunfu - Here i come (feat. Eto Paranoia) 34:46 : El Jazzy Chavo - Dungeon City 37:28 : Mz Boom Bap - Fast Life 41:51 : Klaus Layer - Into A Sky 44:20 : Herb Percy - Spring Bump 45:47 : MF Love - More Drastic 48:00 : Thor Kvisgaard - Drifted 49:28 : Smuff Tha Quiz - Dawn 52:19 : Loop.Holes - Stop Frontin' 56:11 : Damu The Fudgemunk - Overthrone 01:02:01 : CoryaYo - It's A Blue World 01:04:05 : Klim Beats - Leto 01:07:46 : Loop.holes - Hold On 01:12:46 : Klaus Layer - Natural Commune 01:15:12 : Klim Beats - The Other Side Of Midnight 01:20:13 : Devaloop - Ceylon 01:23:08 : 90sFlav - Seven Of Nine 01:25:09 : Klaus Layer - Slow Down 01:29:43 : KarmawiN - La Riscatto

Friday, March 22, 2019

Chillhop Essentials - Spring 2019・chill hiphop & beats to relax

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this Flashback Friday forum; points? like NCAA March Madness we're scoring them..

The saga / struggle continues as my mind flashed back to the future after visiting spots where reason gave way to madness; residents? we're ignoring them..

We're back with this!! sonic troops? deploying them to the front lines where society continues to front on mine..

We're back with this!! responding with loops and this good word for my constituents to soak in; in front and in back of mine..

Digital Crate Digging rocking a lime green safety vest or Yellow vests like France? entered the mine / front line,  now rolling with this Chillhop Essentials - Spring 2019・chill hiphop & beats to relax

It's courtesy of the You Tube Chillhop Music channel; per the Spring Equinox we'll take a gamble!! check out the playlist and the mix!!

00:00:00 Blue Wednesday - Murmuration ft. Shopan 00:02:36 Cloudchord x G Mills - Sunlit 00:05:40 plusma - Marmots Dance 00:08:05 masked man - Ish Happens 00:09:29 santpoort - Rosemary Whispers 00:11:45 Aso - Sunsets 00:14:43 oddfish - Hazy... 00:17:55 Nokiaa - Blending In 00:19:46 Moods x Philanthrope x Yasper - Bucket List 00:21:59 H.1 x stream_error - City Lights 00:24:34 Eli Way - Daydream 00:28:18 Flitz&Suppe x Gas-Lab - Slice of Life 00:30:58 Psalm Trees - Meadows ft. Guillaume Muschalle 00:33:28 SAINT WKND x No Spirit - Changed My Mind 00:37:48 B-Side x Yasper x Philanthrope - Last Snow 00:40:36 Strehlow - Poke Date ft. Ian Ewing 00:42:47 invention_ - Levitating 00:45:46 Vhsceral - Alamein 00:48:24 weird inside - Sinkerator ft. quickly, quickly & Dilip 00:50:42 Ian Ewing - leaving 00:54:04 Flovry - Laze 00:55:42 cocabona, Monma - Pyra 00:58:34 fantompower - Morning Dew 01:01:05 sleepy fish - I Wish It Would Never Stop Snowing 01:04:22 harris Cole - Birds

Thursday, March 21, 2019

The Outback Chronicles (Another Spring Training / Spring Cleaning Edition)

Concepts are revisited, as we drop these Outback Chronicles related  to the Spring Equinox..

Neocons and their moves are revisited 16 years after Iraq  but we have the gist of it / the knack ; spring training / spring cleaning will be a factor, O-Dizzle is not an actor the dude does his thing; he'll rock..

He'll come with the grooves as Digital Crate Digging Continues, especially on this Throwback Thursday..

Reflecting on past moves? O-Zone was digging through internal files in his mind realizing my kind are still hungry / thirsty...

Practicing stewardship of this zone the Lord blessed me with; digging up / disturbing the earth so seeds can be planted; feeding the hungry / thirsty? we'll see, deer, rabbits and squirrels are like the arch nemesis on the premises..

Acting brand new with it like Trump wanting Robert Mueller's report released to the public? or maybe speaking up, asking questions like Clarence Thomas?

Acting like we knew, beats bump and this good word is dropped in response to this and that!! no need to question us like Hope Hicks..

Acting like we knew, getting over the hump like it's the middle of the week; chores / repairs around the house we tweak; mentioned seeds planted, a Harvest for the World like Isley Brothers per Throwback Thursday? we'll hope and pray  for it...

Who's hating, acting brand new with me as I float down the stream of consciousness? outback I hear the birds chirping and the crows crowing, it sounds like they're talking junk as I navigate through the Babylon wilderness without GPS!

Who's hating, acting brand new with me as I float down the stream of consciousness? outback breathing God's breath and soaking up the sunshine trying to match my intuition with God's will; but you know these earthlings will stress!

Red cardinals we're outback tweeting / chirping  trying to "holla atcha homie"  from Louisville, they knew the deal!! he's dealing with the madness!! please!! it's rough out here!! but due to this spring training / spiring cleaning dude said he had a strategy!

Appetites are curbed after the scene was observed;  it's fresh batches that we come with..didn't embrace the confusion / we knew how that would be!

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

In Da House Vol. 5 (House Music Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Terible / Terrific Tuesday where things can play out either way..

The saga / struggle continues, we pray and keep it moving / showing and proving / grooving; letting the music play...

Plus, check the electronic thoughts transfer as  O-Zone always something to say / type even though he didn't believe the hype; these politicians are just trying to get elected..

In this zone? they're all the same, collecting checks or electronic funds transfers from corporate sponsors, the game has been perfected..

Beats haven't been perfected, we're searching  per Afika Bambaataa, the response will have us rolling out In Da House Vol. 5 (House Music Mix)

Much respect to eXogroove for providing the groove; Check out this O-Dog Day Party,  once again it's on!! check out the playlist and the mix!!

Tracklist: House of Glass - Disco Down (Angelo Ferreri Remix) Karl8 & Andrea vs The Messengers feat. Lisa Millett - Higher (Karl8 & Andrea Monta Mix) Henry Hacking & Inaya Day - Nasty Girl (David Penn Remix) Amorhouse - Revelin (Original Mix) Sergio D'Angelo & Aldo Bergamasco feat. Pierre Piccarde - Freedom (Othersoul Remix) Weikum - Let the Music (Original Mix) Buried King - That's Right (Original Mix) Shawn Christopher- You Can Make It (Alaia & Gallo Extended Preacher Dub) Kings Of Tomorrow feat. Julie McKnight - Finally (Dario D'Attis Extended Remix) Low Steppa - Close To Me (Original Mix)

Monday, March 18, 2019

Karisma minimix 77 [Liquid Drum and bass Mix]

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Music Monday; of course by now you've heard my motto;  Let The Music Play!!

The saga / struggle continues!! per Twitter a trending topic was Believe In God; the motto for me and my squad? "Let Us Pray"

The saga / struggle continues!! check out how we play, taking the bitter with the sweet per that old dude Walter Popham that ran the Checker Cab stand up in Louisville back in the day...

The saga / struggle continues!! this is word from a "don't stop get it getter" undergoing sonic rehab as the good music plays!! 

Music Monday? please!! it's a good time to check out this  Karisma minimix 77 [Liquid Drum and bass Mix]. 

This is how we're going to play / this is how it's going down;  using the sound to provide Monday motivation; setting off this O-Dog Day Party!! check out the playlist and the mix..


00:00 Monrroe - Embers
00:17 Kasio - Grand Damage
02:51 Malaky and Bone Man - Always
02:51 Sade - No Ordinary Love (LSB Bootleg)
06:54 Bulb & Cahb Feat. Coma - Nocturne
07:19 Chinensis - Tahiti Life
09:06 Holly Drummond - Forbidden (Vaizo Remix)
11:18 Blu Mar Ten Feat. Agne Genyte - Break It All Apart
11:18 Modu - Stealing a Broken Tear
14:38 Remood - July
16:49 Feint - Sparks
19:24 539 Limited - And She Said
20:08 Maysa - Motions of Love (Koschy Remix)
22:21 Intelligent Manners - Nothing Less
24:33 Tokyo Prose - Status Anxiety
24:54 Hybrid Minds Feat. BCee - Take It Away


How Were They Trying To Play? PT.3

It's still going down on this Monday Morning; I'm still "peeping game" wondering how these jokers are trying to play..

It's still going down on this Monday Morning!! some aren't awake or they're running late; sleeping in the game in more ways than one? how were they trying to play?

Out early on a Monday Morning; 5 / 6 am; spotted Uber and Lyft drivers going in / getting it in already!! just trying to make a living while others were suffering!! reminded me of when I played the big bodied Checker Cab up in Louisville back in the day..

Like Lyft IPO's are some being built or torn down per debatable circumstances? recognized the paradigm shift from the Louisville days / ways  to these ATL days / ways

In Louisville? Fort Knox soldiers were told to stay away as Louisvillian / Louisvillains got their hustle on!! but some were ready to play, soon caught up in the heart of it..

What's the deal? O-Dizzle goes hard,  the beat knocks the good music will play!! getting down!! CDs in the hooptie were the concealed weapons "all up in glove compartments"

Real Deal Holyfield is the expression like I was still back in the 90's; told some "don't start it / none and there won't be none"; it's not natural like blackbirds falling from the sky!!

Real Deal Holyfield!! why were they stressing this? they should want no part of it; it's not natural like somebody saying they don't Believe In God; man please!! why ask why?

Real Deal Holyfield? God is blessing this, so how were some trying to play?

Blessed in the city and the field per Fred Hammond, per Music Monday? we're jamming per our motto; "Let The Music Play"

Blessed in the city and the field!! let us pray is the move and then we'll keep it moving!!

Monday motivation provided in these Monday Thoughts as we drop this good word and the sonic assaults; how were others trying to play? good? evil? peep game as they're showing / proving..

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Sun - Light Of The Universe

Sunday Jazz Continues!! excuse us as we put it down like this / like this / like this!!

Let the music play!! included on these menus with this good word / word salad; check the style kid, it's going down like this!!

Spiritual warfare? we'll fight this using sonic weapons developed in laboratories as we drop the sound and tell these stories; we  continue to get breakbeat scientific..

We'll take it there! intergalactic like we're out at the International Space Station or on the Opportunity Rover peeping game out on Mars; universal,  as we get scientific.

We'll take it there! back with it, listening to some soul jazz / funk from Dayton Ohio's Sun with a track called  Light Of The Universe

They're sounding like  Earth Wind and Fire, who we're also dipping through Ohio around that same time period; that was the vibe!! check the players and the track, feel it as they light up the universe!!

  • Bass, Alto Saxophone, Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals – Curtis Hooks

  • Congas, Trumpet, Percussion, Baritone Saxophone, Chimes [Valley Chimes], Vibraphone [Vibes], Timpani, Backing Vocals – Ernie Knisley

  • Drums, Percussion, Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals – Kym Yancey

  • Electric Piano [Fender Rhodes], Clavinet, Synthesizer [Moog, Arp 2600], Guitar, Backing Vocals –Sonnie Talbert

  • Lead Guitar, Trombone, Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Percussion, Other [Special Effects By] – Keith Cheatham

  • Producer, Arranged By, Engineer [Additional], Concept By, Other [Theme, Special Effect, Saxitar], Photography By, Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Flute, Bass, Piano [Acoustic Piano], Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Synthesizer [Arp 2600], Timbales, Percussion – Byron M. Byrd

  • Trombone, Flute, Percussion, Backing Vocals – Gary King 

  • Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Flute, Piano, Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Percussion – Nigel Boulton

  • Trumpet, Trombone, Flute, Percussion, Backing Vocals – Robert Arnold

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Likwid Biskit - Sound Orgy

Digital Crate Continues on a Saturday Morning; at the moment we've got a jazz / broken beat set going...

....we're checking out Likwid Biskit - as they drop this Sound Orgy. 

Check it out / Let's Go y'all!!


How Were They Trying To Play? PT.2

How were they trying to play? were performances dominant like Duke's Zion Williamson? 

Going in / getting it in but circumstances were debatable; being built or torn down? how were they dealing?

Some are feeling the pressure again, fooled!! like by Russian hacking but we're back on the set again on a Saturday Morning..

How were we trying to play? O-Zone is serving these Saturday Thoughts that are appropriate for any day while O-Dog launched Sonic Assaults as the sound will play!! opposition provided to those "buking and scorning"

The Spring Equinox is a week away but it's a cold Saturday Morning in Atlanta, is it like the world? checked the persona, Iceberg Slim said he meant to be cold, plus that's word from Ice Cube and even Ice-T!

Throwback Thursday / Flashback Friday references but out here in these streets there's no benevolence; back stabbers stick the knife in so who's suffering setbacks? damn!!  now they're trying to come back like Vanilla Ice will be!

How were they trying to play? it's rough out here!! swagger jackers said the price will be steep if you want your style back!

How were they trying to play? O-Jays dagger stackers knew the scoop but wont give you your file back!

How were they trying to play? capers were pulled, haters dipped in the Jaguar!! they left you about a mile back!!

Papers were pulled, soon forged or altered!! you tried to haggle with them like Michael Cohen or Roger Stone but they wont give you the file back..

How were they trying to play? inspired by Tucker Carlson or Candace Owens a joker down in Christchurch / New Zealand set evil plans in motion; one plays Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones, talking about there's no satisfaction!

How were they trying to play? another Throwback Thursday / Flashback Friday reference? gamblers out for a fast buck were starting it with zest / zeal!! somebody will become a "mark" or  "vic"; spotted the trick staggering out of Village West apartments off Muhammed Ali in Louisville; baffled after he was gaffled / caught up in the action!!

Friday, March 15, 2019


Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday; that's the business that gets handled..

Plus the Friday Feeling is exhibited as we deal with it; what? that ill business!! from Christchurch in New Zealand to here in the ATL it gets handled..

Doing things my way after I pray; Lord Help!! God / Christ blessing the work after prayer warriors anointed it with zeal; now all weapons formed against us won't prosper, they'll fail, mentioned by Ray Lewis after the Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl back in the day..

A good Flashback Friday reference; providing receipts not acting brand new with this, that's not how we roll!! you feel me?

That's the deally, as I take it back in the day; listening to BOOM BAP 90'S RAP UNDERGROUND provided by Lou Dav...

That's the deally!! check out the playlist and the mix and the beats  / boom / bap!! on a Flashback Friday? we're back in those 90's again!!  this is how we're trying to behave!!

00:00 abdominal - urban hermit 
04:26 criminal tactics
07:30 blaque spurm - nonoxynol 
12:04 hardwe're - pressure 
15:41 deep in da circule - so where i live at
20:11 olori rock- don't test me
22:18 trybal men- down like That 
25:46 obscure disorder - lyrically exposed 
29:32 creative ft hi tech - the presentation 
33:45 count bass d - violatin the mighty remix
36:27 breez evahlowin- grain

Thursday, March 14, 2019

How Were They Trying To Play?

It's going down on this Throwback Thursday, but of course we'll go back to the future...

Don't get me wrong!! per Thursday Thoughts I go back over previous episodes but soon a dude is into other modes as he rolls back to the future!

We're out here dealing with trolls with tropes acting brand new with ya!! they'll have you caught out there like Paul Manafort..

How were they trying to play? false hopes and empty promises when the arch nemesis came on the premises? I mentioned earlier, we're staying on point in this sport!!

How were they trying to play? false positives cause hopes to diminish during the ongoing scrimmage!! per Throwback Thursday? it's going down from the basement to Stairways To Heaven like Led Zeppelin or even the O-Jays version; how were we working?  getting  to the root of this after jumping to conclusions! 

Per Throwback Thursday, how were we working? back in the day rolling sevens or elevens in Louisville /  Newburg Park crap games!!  fast forward to today per the Georgia Lottery;  hitting jackpots? part of a brotha's illusions? 

Per Throwback Thursday, or any day the dollar and a dream concept  clouds minds!!  word from J Cole, so how were some trying to play / roll ?  out here contributing to the confusion and frustration? 

Holla if you hear me!! like Syria  feeling the artillery, some might have been caught up in an unpleasant situation!!

How were they trying to play? the styler or profiler was even cloud computing!! glamour shots stored for the next portfolio? 

How were they trying to play? racial profilers will have my folk stranded in gangsta or ghetto paradises like Coolio!

So whatcha know? the breakbeat scientific  style is in full effect, act like you knew a bro!! messages are put in the music..

Dipping Through at a High Velocity with the Throwback Thursday Edition,  on a mission like Smokie!! down I-20 in Atlanta we'll cruise with it..

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Staying On Point PT.10

It's going down on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way..

That's why we're staying on point!! dropping this good word and the music will play!! we'll keep it moving after we pray, this is how we'll play!! getting breakbeat scientific!! a strategy for Living In America per James Brown..

This is how we'll play, but bumping heads with fanatics!! Childish Gambino said This is America!! remixed by Kenny Dope and Louie Vega; this is how we'll get down..

A veteran now coaching as Armageddon is approaching, but teams like the Lebron James and the LA Lakers are struggling!! I told my team to run the pick and roll.

What were you getting? we're staying on point we're not playing games with these fakers!! check out this by product from the stream of consciousness; the good word, brand new funk / rock  / jazz / hip hop and soul.

This is the way we roll!! staying on point!! we're not the ones society will anoint so we stay breakbeat scientific doing the forensics..

Opposition is met from the thought and fashion police; CSI will roll up detectives investigate / elaborate; operating  like First 48 up in Louisville , so what's the deal?  where were the ballistics?

I see some balling with fanatics rolling like Tucker Carlson!! soon falling due to their antics; damn!! why did it end this way?

Here in Atlanta? we're not calling it but still doing the mathematics, observing the scene; seeing how another will play!!

Here in Atlanta? besides planes headed to Hartsfield Jackson Airport flying over my airspace leaving chemtrails the coping strategy fails; dramatics occurred due to the fake Craiglist deal; no merchandise meant to be sold!

Who'll understand a brotha who's wise to the set up? who'll be fair with us? oh, on a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday we can be blessed in the city and the field!! Craiglist pimps even come up!! said the game was meant to be sold!

We're staying on point!! pimping like Mr Nancy on American Gods while in Venezuela citizens will avoid fancy Venezuelan and American squads rolling like the Beatles ready to start a revolution? 

We're staying on point, but it's not a simple thing like Nancy Pelosi and Trump impeachment but we'll keep playing; catch us out in those streets, bear witness to the evolution..