Saturday, January 31, 2015

Summed Up The Consequences

Moves are made!!  but during the ongoing charade they can have rippling effects. 

It's like throwing a rock into the lake!!  some said  they're rocking but they're fake!! soon they'll hear from DMCA Chilling Effects.  

There's a lot at stake!!  but we drop Run-DMC type mathematics when we're dealing with those disrespecting!  some even called themselves having Freedom Summits.

 I was once all up in the spot but I get free and stay free deploying drum kits!!

...They're used as weapons in the ongoing spiritual warfare as we run this conglomerate. 

Sonic Assaults are unleashed!!  Random Thoughts are expressed as we let you know what's going on with it

Those caught up in the system / matrix are stressed!!  pressures of the world even got to Bobby Christina! who'll know what the scene will do? they're out here coming and going. 

Who faked it?  I see ya!! claiming they were blessed and highly favored when they participate in the madness that's ongoing. 

The fresh view / fresh vision enabled me to see *it is what it is* 

What it do?  breakbeat scientific business enabled us to sum up the consequences.  

Refusing to be caught out there!! beheaded by ISIS types due to crisis hypes!!  debatable circumstances will have you wondering are you being built or torn down?

Refusing to be caught out there!! *it ain't nothing nice* after I summed up the consequences per jumping and recognizing!! please!! these devils won't turn the level of scorn down!!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Soul Deeper Vol. 23 (Deep and Soulful House Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Friday Night!! We're checking out this Soul Deeper Vol. 23 (Deep and Soulful House Mix) from eXogroove .    Check out the playlist and the mix. 

Kevin Yost - Rize (KY Deep Diligence Mix)
Coeo - Native Riddim
Twism and B3RAO - Jump to It (Original Mix)
Portia Monique - Cloud IX (Reel People Vocal Mix)
Reverendos Of Soul and Heston - Love Is All Around (Micky More & Andy Tee Vocal)
Dj Able feat. Andrea Love - Your Love (Original Mix)
London Grammar - Sights (Dennis Ferrer remix)
Ann Nesby, DJ Spen - I Feel (Sahib Muhammad Original Mix)
Soulpersona and Princess Freesia - Keep It Working (Joey Negro Disco Blend)
Roland Nights - Let It Rain
Juliet Fox feat. Kellie Allen - Blame
Soulful Session starring Chelsea Como - Back and Forth (Schooly’s Single Re-Edit)
SuSu Bobien and Andrew Hartley - Survivor (Andrew Hartley and Andrzej Legierski Main Mix)

Positive vs Negative; Please!! It's Gotta Be Good!!

How were they living? over here in Decatur jokers said it had to be hood!!  I spotted the poster children for ghetto fabulous. 

Please!! it's tight in these hoods!! spotted the deliberate falsehoods!! I was forgiving,  hopefully vice versa per errors of the mind not the heart!!  positive is how I'm living,  that's what the deal is. 

Out here where the real is!! struggling like Tiger Woods but the posterior stays in motion!!  we kept it moving.

Out here where the real is; it's Gotta Be Good!! but we were posterized by reality on the fast break;  damn!!  what were we proving?

Some Knock on Wood per Eddie Floyd but blessed and highly favored per the Clark Sisters was the flavor!! now moving on to the next!!  why make the simple complex? 

Over in Louisville / Newburg dude looked like Sleepy Floyd!! damn!! negativity had us out there where the sport was already complex!!

Relativity had us per time that kept on ticking!  ticking!  ticking!   per Steve Miller. 

Positivity? Negativity?  what will the deal be?  check the knowledge I'm kicking!! I believe things have *gotten realer*

It's Gotta Be Good!! Just Like That!! Positive reinforcement received from the Real Deal Holyfielders that were out here on the front lines!!

Super Bowl Seattle Seahawk / New England Patriot style!! it's crunch time!!

See how I role!! I'm not out to lunch with mine!! It's Gotta Be Good!! it's also *gotta be hood* but these so called patriots / oath keepers foul me and my kind!!

Ready to roll? oh yes we're on our way!! representing positivity when I go for mine!!


Thursday, January 29, 2015

Monstercat Podcast Ep. 043

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out the best in house music, electro, drum and bass, and trap music from the  Monstercat Podcast Ep. 043. Check out the playlist and the podcast!!  

00:31 Haywyre - Insight [Monstercat Spotlight]
04:08 Grant Bowtie - Clockwork
06:31 Laszlo x WRLD - You & Me
10:33 Fractal - Duality
15:45 Rogue - Dreams
19:25 Muzzy - Letz Rock
23:05 Hot Date! and Chrisson - To The Sun (feat. Roufaida)
27:36 Grabbitz - Here With You Now
31:41 Rootkit - Against the Sun (feat. Anna Yvette)
34:21 Mystery Track
34:49 7 Minutes Dead - Delayed Friend Request
40:47 Au5 and Fractal - Smoke
45:25 Eminence and Redmoon - Changes (feat. Holly Drummond)
50:32 PIXL - The Escape
54:32 Nitro Fun - Soldiers
57:47 Insan3Lik3 and Throttle - Better Than Expected [Monstercat Throwback]


Attica Blues Feat. Roger Robinson / The Quest

 Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out some broken beat / house music / spoken word from the Attica Blues feauring Roger Robinson…with a track called The Quest.
Attica Blues Feat. Roger Robinson / The Quest | Whats Really Going On?

Chill Out Deep House Lounge Mix by JaBig - DEEP and DOPE 2015 Smooth Playlist

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out this  Chill Out Deep House Lounge Mix by JaBig - DEEP and DOPE 2015 Smooth Playlist. Nice and Smooth y'all !! Check out the playlist and the mix..

Fallin' (Darius and Crayon Remix) Alicia Keys
You've Got the Love (Antis and Le Croquant Remix) Florence + The Machine
Hideaway (Bixel Boys Remix) Kiesza
If (Moon Boots Remix) Janet Jackson
For the Very First Time (Dirtytwo's Midas Version) HNNY
Cairo (Moullinex Remix) Kamp!
Take My Pain Away (Gigamesh Remix) Moullinex
Walking On A Dream (Treasure Fingers Remix) Empire Of The Sun
So Good To Me Chris Malinchak
Awake (Vincenzo Remix) Shakes Milano
Latch (feat. Sam Smith) Disclosure
La Madrague (Antis Remix) Brigitte Bardot
Younger (Kygo Remix) Seinabo Sey
Wicked Games Parra for Cuva, Anna Naklab

Observing The Scene / Peeping Game / Doing The Knowledge PT.5

We're not throwing shade we make it hot for ya!! we  Visualized The Sequence / analyzed past episodes....

What's the prognosis? who administered lethal doses? we looked into the future as we approach this!!  checking out the sequence of events; we even reached thresholds...

Like ISIS in Syria / Iraq I Spotted strongholds;  per Ferguson / NYC chokeholds? we're not having it / we're unraveling it!! we  unleashed The Sonic Assault!! Check The  Steady Bombardment Of The Enemy Position..

Sonic medicine!! provided after we spotted salmonella symptoms!!  some are Caught Up In An Unpleasant Situation...

We weren't meddling!!  we're observing the scene / peeping game / doing the knowledge...

We weren't peddling on the bicycle like the drunk / smoked out old dude over here on Candler Road in Decatur!! we rebuked a hater as the mothership gets good mileage!!
Now the mothership has landed on earth; asked myself, *Whatcha facing?*  these earthlings *ain't right*  Hostile Takeovers are rebuked!! we Visualized The Sequence..

There will be Repercussions!!  these discussions / plus O-Dog's percussions!!  check out how we freak this.... 

Bleak is the outlook!!  but a crook will still get paid due to the chaos and confusion...

Slick like Alibaba!! or maybe slicker like Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves;  who under or over achieves? who's out here winning? losing?  

Slipped out of trick bags when we were Carolina Cruising!!  observing the scene from the low country to the Queen City / Charlotte!!

Peeping game; obscure rags and hoopties rocked per the apparatus not amusing me!! that's after doing the knowledge here in Babylon; out here in the heart of it!! 

Observing The Scene / Peeping Game / Doing The Knowledge

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Observing The Scene / Peeping Game / Doing The Knowledge PT 4

                       *visualizing the sequence of what transpired*

After visualizing the sequence? The Conspiracy Theory was confirmed; lessons were learned after this brotha was peeping game...

Priorities shifting? please!!  my folk still do the heavy lifting!! after doing the knowledge we realize it's all game..

My peeps catch the blame, some things never change!!  but per the so called Freedom Summit some are faking..

Now Rubio, Cruz and Rand Paul meet at the Koch Summit, while O-Dog gets free with the funky drum kit per the Sonic Assault!!  back by popular demand; no need for Black History Month this is history in the making!! 

In history? there was a lot of faking!!  O-Zone is black by popular demand!!  *representin*

Beats we're breaking / splitting like atoms / Fermi bubbles and dark matter?  spirit was led in this direction..

After doing the knowledge? Spirits were fed this soul food; no indigestion!!  nutrition is what it do..

Old school, new school,  and next school combine!!  as we act like we knew...

Old School Puma,Converse or Adidas on!!  observing the scene?  I wasn't seen with a clone;  so what did they know?

 Who acted like they knew a bro? so what it do? after peeping game I spotted the chameleons!! true colors will show..

Karma Charmeleon; Culture Club / Boy George; True Colors; Cyndi Lauper; haters spotted by Doppler.

They can be under or over the radar; if it's about evil; this brotha will spot cha..


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Floating in Space - Chill Drum and Bass Mix Vol. 10 by Woof Life

Digital Crate Digging Continues; in a chilled out mood but my vibe still has an edge to it!! I guess this Floating in Space - Chill Drum & Bass Mix Vol. 10 by Woof Life will create the right atmosphere!! Check out the playlist and the mix..
0:00 Contra - Lucky Strike
3:30 Jakwob - Blinding (Hybrid Minds Remix)
6:00 Sade - No Ordinary Love (LSB Bootleg)
11:00 DJ Marky and S.P.Y - Yellow Shoes (Calibre Remix)
15:00 BT feat. Christian Burns - Paralysed (Joakim Carley Remix
18:00 Matrix and Futurebound - All I Know (Maduk Remix)
21:00 Ji Ben Gong and Kalum - Looking Forward
24:20 Joe - Good Girls (Ledge Bootleg)
28:00 Submorphics - Summer Soul
29:30 SATL - Untitled77
31:30 Everything But The Girl - Blame (Silence Groove Bootleg)
34:00 Four80East - With You (Funkybits' Edit)
37:30 Nelver - Memories of You
41:00 Colossus - What I Want
44:30 Nelver and Stereotype - Evermore
47:20 satl - You've Changed
50:30 Chris Turner - Liquid Love (Kasper Remix)
53:00 Silence Groove and Satl - Move On

I Like The Way Its Going Down PT.2 (But Still Staying On Point)

As we stand on the brink of disaster!!  it's high noon; High Chaparral type shoot out?

Jackers rollin!! ISIS hijacking oil trucks plus fields in the Mideast; on the street jokers make you pull the loot out..

Outlaw Josey Wales?  please!! the Somali pirate sails for Fistful of Dollars!! on Wall Street a crooked stock broker hollas!!   weapons used? phones, computers,  bullets, missiles, lasers; even harsh chemicals!

Media outlets and their pundits come with it; using sound bites; words; phrases harsh subliminals..

In the midst of the chaos and confusion?  a brotha chills because life is good,  but I stay on point!! Weapons used by O-Dog for this Sonic Assault? beats and rhymes; Hazardous Material when we get with ya?  naw!! this is used to fight the harsh conditioning...

Heard the belligerence; was it due to Ecological Ignorance?  hearts are heavy out here; the Lord we're petitioning...

Life is good though!! I like the way it's going down!!  throughout it all we're blessed but adjustments are made!!  I Pulled the plug to interupt the programming; not slow jamming; O-Dog has the funk..The Mothership has landed...

....Spotted by the  NASA's Kepler mission who realized these brothas were on a mission; now on earth is where we're stranded!!

Per Ferguson / NYC chokehold missions a brotha will be taken for granted; but please believe me; It's Going Down..

O-Zone / O-Dog / The Brotha OMANXL1; not in the  Confederacy Of Dunces; these brothas are throwing down...

Throwing this sound into the universe; rebuking Debatable Circumstances; being built or torn down?

I like the way it's going down but I stay on point; Please believe me!!  *The Simple Is Made Complex* It's Going Down...It's Going Down....

Monday, January 26, 2015

I Like The Way Its Going Down!! PT.1 (Chilling Out For A Minute)


I like the way it's going down; damn!! I'm wishing I could pause or rewind...

A brotha prayed it would go down like this!! don't get me wrong it's rough out here!!  peace is on my mind..

A brotha stayed Down For The Cause; we had to put it down like this!! 1,000 victories like Mike Krzyzewski? now check out the clearance rack epiphany!! now a piece of mine is given..

The Brotha O-Dog played the sound like this!!  BreakBeat Science is what we're giving..

How you living? situations enhanced by the moon illusion?  the Leo February 2015 Full Moon on the horizon..

Reflecting due to the February Black History Month; doing an external and internal inspection; Sequence Visualizing...

How you living? black history making is ongoing!! perpetual!! but per Eric Garner institutions have a chokehold on!!  like this was pro wrestling..

#icantbreathe; the economy is bad; morale is low; the middle class keeps shrinking!! 

Crooks not letting up; my folk get hit up; Gamblers Are Still Out For A Fast Buck...

Fashion Boutiques and ATMs in the A-Town hit up; Big Homie Smashed and Grabbed in a fast truck..

Think fast!! duck down!! the situation is out of control!! automatic weaponry blasted on the block; choose a city..

NYC; LA; A-Town; Chi-Town; Detroit; Bogota; Beirut; Mogadishu; even Sadr City...

So what's the deally? throughout it all we prevailed; we overcome per the civil rights anthem!! 

So what's the deally? at the moment we chill out in a safe haven / safe harbor!! but we keep our guards up!! the saga / struggle continues!! this we're understanding!! 


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Pleasure : Straight Ahead (Kyoto Jazz Massive Remix)

Sunday Jazz Continues: checking out this track from Pleasure   called Straight Ahead (Kyoto Jazz Massive Remix) ..Let's Go!! 


The Sport Is Complex PT.12 (But We Move On To The Next)

Simple / But Complex;  knowledge dropped per The Sonic Assault; we're blasting back like it's Boko Haram in Nigeria..

What's up next? we won't get charges dropped like George Zimmerman and Darren Wilson types;  the system will play you..

The sport is complex!! meanwhile we'll play you this funk; that's how these brothas ride....

Climbing the mountain like a Capricorn during this Uranus Pluto Square; admit the Simple was made Complex; we came up the rough side...

...Had a rough ride up in the hooptie / The Mothership;  squares tried to get in the circle per Rocko while taking Mystic Voyages; a lot of turbulence....

But the loop will be funky;  we weren't L7 Square per Rick James!! word from these veterans in the game?  we let you know what the scoop will be!!  that's how we work this..

That's how we work this son!! but we'll face drama like Ferguson due to the sport being complex!  

How will we work this son? we need to move forward to another level!! on to the next!!

We're out there moving on to the next;  intergalatic like Rosetta spacecraft but a hater thought we were on the last path!!

We're out there moving on to the next; a fanatic practiced withcraft but they were on that last math!!

We'll get the last laugh but we stay on point knowing that the sport is complex!!

We stay strong!!  knowing we're not the ones society will anoint; but we continue to come with the next...


Moody ‎– Ol' Dirty Vinyl

Sunday Jazz Continues; checking out some jazzy house music from Detroit's own Moodymann aka Moody ‎– with a track called Ol' Dirty Vinyl (U Used To Know)

I like the way he manipulates / plays with  that old vinyl!! To an old DJ / breakbeat scientist  like me it's like processing raw material, manufacturing somethng new!! 

It's similar to an Old school  steel mill / factory / foundry style with machines making loud noises and smoke everywhere!! Detroit or Pittsburgh style!! But I Digress!! Check out the track!! 


Saturday, January 24, 2015

Fudge Fingas / Mmm Hmm

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out some future jazz / house music from  Fudge Fingas with a track called Mmm Hmm, a line I'm always saying as I bear witness to the madness in this world!! Anyway, enjoy the track!!


The Sport Is Complex PT.11

                             *but coming with the next*

The sport is complex!! this is more than what the New England Patriots and deflategate is!! a  brotha bears witness to what the real is!!  like an old school deacon I'm up in the amen corner...

What's up with this? I saw a long line due to Patriot Act type tactics!!  agents have some caught at the border...

Some may be caught by the New World Order; now they're Caught Up In The System / Matrix!! some fake it like it'a all good but they  couldn't be at ease..

Change is good? please!! the sport is complex!! some were  brainwashed by that movie; Who Moved My Cheese?

Change in the hood? please!!  like Beecher Terrace in Louisville per gentrification check out the plush homes that'll replace the projects...

Strange in the hood? please!! in love / war these peeps aren't fair with this!! so what's the deal? boxes are full of ghetto pass rejects... we come with the next; strange? naw not really!!  but It's Gotta Be Good!!!  a wannabe even asked me what's good? I told them it's  Simple / But It's Complex..

Check out the Deliberate Falsehood!! strange ones per Marco Rubio or even Ted Cruz  threw rocks at glass houses but they live in one!  but have a superiority complex...

So what comes next? rocks were thrown back at them as they get what's coming to them per karmic repercussions...

OMANXL1; aka O-Dog; aka O-Zone rocks; bringing the Good Word and percussions...

We heard the discussions; some talk junk like Donald Trump but we drop funk making sure the sounds thump... 

We heard the discussions; some soon learn the sport is complex!! they're wishing it was simple but damn!! it's hard to get over the hump!!


Friday, January 23, 2015

Mos Def - Universal Magnetic

Digital Crate Digging Continues; excuse me while I check out some of this classic hip hop from  Mos Def - with a track called Universal Magnetic..Let's Go!!


Problems / Issues and Other Things PT.2 (The Saga / Struggle Continues)

The Saga / Struggle Continues;  it doesn't matter what zone your in!! no need to check the doomsday clock!!  It's On!!  Once Again..

What's on these menus? full blown drama!!  after the holiday season? it even comes cheap!! but it's no bargain.

Whatcha startin? right after the MLK Holiday jokers play Obama the other way per the State of The Union Address; you know haters will stress!! I  mentioned earlier; Praying? That's How I Make It!!!

Whatcha startin? they say the holiday was a day of service meanwhile we try to swerve with this!! naysayers said it's all love; please!! That's How Some Fake It!!!

How come some take it?    they're accepting status quo;  *Thinking Problems Will Go Away*

They Must Be Worked Through!! like Crown Prince Salman succeeding King Abdullah we  proceed and continue to a better day...

Searching for a better way;  moving at a high velocity with the speed you need taking *The Express Route*  a brotha goes all out..

....Exploring other galaxies; dipped from earth!! flew past Asteroid 2004 BL86  before the nuclear fallout..

Calling out a hater or two before we dipped!! what's it worth? some try to get slick like New England Patriots but knowledge is flipped!!  like Isleys we had work to do...

*Dealing with Problems That Won't Go Away*  Issues? They Must Be Worked Through...

These haters will try to work you; contributing to the confusion!!  they'll get whats coming to them just like Obama said about the Republican arranged visit by  Netanyahu..

Who's really down? will they help you or hurt you? going through these problems and issues we see what it do!!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Monstercat Podcast Ep. 042

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out some drum and bass,trap music,  house music and electro from the  Monstercat Podcast Ep. 042. Check out the playlist and the podcast!!

00:31 Astronaut - Champions (feat. Harry Brooks Jnr) (Laszlo Remix)
04:37 Hellberg and Rich Edwards - Ashes (feat. Danyka Nadeau)
08:40 PIXL - Broken Bones (feat. Cassandra Kay)
14:53 Astronaut - Feronia (feat. Danyka Nadeau)
19:08 Project 46 - No One (feat. Matthew Steeper) [Monstercat Throwback]
23:46 Rich Edwards - See It All (feat. Jonny Rose) [Monstercat Preview]
26:09 Draper - With You (feat. Alby Hobbs)
30:00 Mystery Track
32:29 I.Y.F.F.E - Love Hangover
35:34 DotEXE - Hipster Cutthroat
39:38 TVDS - Rada
42:16 Muzzy - Lost Metropolis
46:16 Astronaut and Eyes - Pinball (Bluescreens Remix)
49:46 Pegboard Nerds - BADBOI
51:07 Pegboard Nerds - BADBOI (Snavs Remix)
52:17 Rootkit - Ambush
55:36 Excision and Pegboard Nerds - Bring The Madness (feat. Mayor Apeshit) [Monstercat Spotlight]


Problems / Issues And Other Things: The Saga / Struggle Continues

                                              *they won't go away*

The Saga / Struggle Continues;  one of my favorite relevant cliches along with the FBI probe of the Michael Brown shooting confirming  no justice and no peace...

Problems? Issues? they won't go away!!  you know how these haters play!!  will they throw you under the bus? man please!!!

You already knew!!  reality will hit you up like Dick Butkus or even Brian Urlacher!!

You already knew!! if you were Sony they would hack ya!!  problems or issues delivered by a friend or stranger...

Imminent or able danger? the NSA will track ya!!  out in the cold some shivered like Edward Snowden in Russia; that's how reality will play...

What's going on? I felt the pressure but some didn't fight back *Thought If They Waited Long Enough The Problem Might Go Away*

Please!! not today!! if you wait too long it just takes a life of it's on...

What it do? What it does? That's The Good Word from the brotha O-Zone...

Similar to fragments of the New Testament found in the Mummy mask? oh this brotha will multi-task!! breakbeat science is dropped...

Rebuking stagnant mind frames due to flagrant mind games per New England Patriot Deflategates types!! please!! the madness never stopped... 

We cosmic slopped due to being intergalactic with it; but these so patriots couldn't get the drift...

Problems, Issues and other matters stopped them while we kept on rocking!! as priorities shift!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

At The End Of The Day? It's Gotta Be Good!! PT.2

Gamblers were out for a fast buck; stacking paper!!  dark money is  made off of clones, cyborgs, and other kool-aid drinkers...

Meanwhile big homie said It's Gotta Be Hood!! Empire on Fox style!!  check the profile!! similar to Glenwood Road in Decatur wannabe players, Swisher smokers and cognac drinkers..

Swerving in the Cadillac or old school *Stankin Lankin* or Lincoln Continental for those not thinking!!  no blinkers used while swerving!! It's Gotta Be Good  / all good in the hood!!

These intergalactic critical thinkers are dealing with  shady New England Patriot type fanatics out here In The Mainstream Of Mathematics!!  it's not natural how they're serving!! they're selling material that's not wood...

Synthetic materials?  the Perfect Storm wears them out!!!  then we face opposition per this breakbeat science being Hazardous Material when a spiritual message is delivered...

Towards the devil?  we're not sympathetic!!  no benevolence when the message is delivered!! it doesn't matter if its by UPS or Fed Ex; in the rain sleet and snow?  The Postal Service shivered..

Out in cold;  we shivered during the Ice Age!!   Stages were Critical...

Out in the cold haters get with ya!! shady like Standard and Poors!!  misery loves company!!  like Republicans at the State of the Union address everybody's pitiful...

Please believe me!!  when these Extra Terrestrials get with ya? ..It's Gotta Be Good..

Out There!! Intergalactic but,  local, national  and international;  so It's Gotta Be Hood!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Deep House Mix 2015 - Dj XS Deep and Funky Winter Vibes

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out this Deep House Mix 2015 - by Dj XS (Deep and Funky Winter Vibes). Check out the playlist and the mixes....

 Deep House 2015 Deep and Funky Tracklist

1. A1 Bassline - Outsider
2. UMEK, Mike Vale - All I Want (Dosem Remix).mp3
3. Rauwkost - Noord Houser
4. Crazy Brothers - Without You
5. Kovary - Hot Summer (Kinree Remix)
6. Mountal - Gold Digger (Mr. V SOLE Channel Mix)
7. Wild Culture - The Tide
8. Kevin Yost - Rize
9. The Revenge, Craig Smith - The Soul Part II
10. Loden in NY - The Magic Room (Dino Lenny Remix)
11. Format:B - Chunky
12. Aaron Smith, Luvli - Dancin feat Luvli (Tapesh Remix)
13. A Hundred Birds -Jaguar (Leroc Sportif Remix)

Dj XS Mixes
Lounge Beats 2015 -
Dj XS Funky Vibes Mixtape 6 -
Dj XS BBQ Beats -
Dj XS Lounge Beat 2015 -
Deep House Mix 2015 -
Funked Up Party Bombs #1 -
Funked Up Party Bombs #2 -

Dj XS Deep and Funky Winter Vibes - Deep House Mix 2015

At The End Of The Day? It's Gotta Be Good PT.1

 What did they know? like Fox Entertainment with the Empire they said it's *gotta be hood*

What did they know? arraignments were held for reality divorces; please!!! of course, at the end of the day? it's gotta be good!!

The hypnotist whispered in one's ear like he was the Ghost Whisperer; they said change is good!! but it is if you can control it...

O-Dog didn't change; still intergalactic with it but  still hood based on Louisville / Newburg default settings;  the sound? oh!! it's funky hip-hop plus it has soul with it..

Alter-Ego? O-Zone!! that's who I roll with on these mystic voyages!! and so on and such and such...

Per MLK Day 2015 speeches heard Negroes still aren't free so I'm not down with the status quo; please!! I've seen and heard too much...

Embellishments?  per oppostion to the Obama State Of The Union the apparatus will crush them unless they plan it;  heard them saying change is good..

Drama revisits like a family reunion as the establishment plants interlopers or agent provocateurs like in Oakland protests;  now whose acting strange in the hood?

Check out the deliberate falsehood; recognize where the bogus is!!  It's Gotta Be Good!!  don't accept anything less..

Maintain Focus? oh yes!! that's what we we do!! we're ready willing and able!! prayers are sent up!! what comes down? God will bless..

The ongoing process has some in glass houses trying to throw stones...

At the end of the day? It's Gotta Be Good! that's the standard  in all these  different classes and zones..


Monday, January 19, 2015

The Mighty Bop - Le Voyage

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out some acid jazz /future jazz from  The Mighty Bop - with a track called Le Voyage. 

5 Hour Brazilian, Old School 90s Hip-Hop, R&B, Disco, House, Chill Downtempo Lounge DJ Mix Playlist by JaBig

Digital Crate Digging Continues; we're checking out this  5 Hour Brazilian, Old School 90s Hip-Hop, R&B, Disco, House, Chill Downtempo Lounge DJ Mix Playlist courtesy of JaBig. He has the whole spectrum covered!! Check out the playlist and the mix. 

 Left Behind Zero 7
Summer Madness (Feat Youssou Ndour) Kool and The Gang
Got 'Til It's Gone (Featuring Q-Tip And Joni Mitchell) Janet Jackson
Think Twice Erykah Badu
Wild & Peaceful (K-Dope Remix) Incognito
Electric Relaxation A Tribe Called Quest
Midnight Uncut
Suicidal Love (Eric The Tutor Edit) Sade ft The Notorious B.I.G.
Driving (Masters At Work Remix - Eric The Tutor Beefed Audio Edit) Everything But The Girl
Rock The Boat Aaliyah
Black Gold Of The Sun Nuyorican Soul+Jocelyn Brown
Cali To New York (ft.De La Soul) Black Eyed Peas
Canto De Ossanha Jurassic 5
Jungle Fever The Chakachas
Provider (Zero 7 Remix) N.E.R.D
Tom's Dinner Suzanne Vega
Close to You Maxi Priest
Everywhere Chaka Khan
Sometimes The Brand New Heavies
Fly Like An Eagle Seal
Also Sprach Zarathustra 2001 (Keep Schtum ReEdit) E Deodato / Keep Schtum
To Try Larry Heard
Let's Get It On (Da Producers MPG Groove Mix) Marvin Gaye
Step In The Name Of Love R. Kelly
Can't Knock The Hustle Jay-Z feat. Mary J. Blige
Loungin (Who Do Ya Luv) LL Cool J
This Is Your Life (Easy Life Mix) Banderas
Kharmalion Bossa Nostra
Mas Que Nada ('Say no More') Else Soares
Sexual Healing (Kygo Remix) Marvin Gaye
Full Moon (Rascal extended mix) Brandy
Thinking of You Sister Sledge
I Want Your Love Chic
I Can't Wait Nu Shooz
Number One Patrice Rushen
All I Do Stevie Wonder
I Want To Thank You One Way
Make It Happen (C&C Classic Version) Mariah Carey
Fallin' (Darius & Crayon Remix) Alicia Keys
History Groove Armada feat. Will Young
Policy Of Truth Depeche Mode
If (Moon Boots Mix) Janet Jackson
This Feelin (feat. Andy Allo) Miguel Migs
No Sun In the Sky (Henrik Schwarz Remix) Kraak & Smaak
Four Beats 2 the Bar Corrugated Tunnel
Sore Diogal
Sixth Non Sense Roberto Rodriguez
You've Got the Love (Antis & Le Croquant Remix) Florence + The Machine
La Madrague (Antis Remix) Brigitte Bardot
Respect (feat. Vinia Mojica) Alliance Ethnik
Just an Illusion Imagination
Out Of The Storm (Morales Sleaze / Instrumental mix Fist fusion) Incognito
I Wanna Sex You Up (Smoothed Out-Long Version) Color Me Badd
Feel The Music Guru
I Like It Grand Puba
Got My Mind Made Up 2Pac
Big Poppa The Notorious B.I.G
Regulate Nate Dogg & Warren G
I Keep Forgetting Michael McDonald
Don't Look Any Further Dennis Edwards
Virtual Insanity (Peace of Mind Mix) Jamiroquai
Desole Sexion D'assaut
Ascencion (Don´t Ever Wonder) Maxwell
Buggin' Out A Tribe Called Quest
That's The Way Love Goes Janet Jackson
Get Involved Raphael Saadiq & Q Tip
Lullaby For Robert (Bogdan Irkük Remix) Al Usher
Rise Herb Alpert
True Spandau Ballet
I See Fire (Kygo Remix) Ed Sheeran


Sunday, January 18, 2015

KB- El Musica

Sunday Jazz Continues; checking out this Afro-Cuban / Future Jazz / House music from  KB with a track called El Musica. Check out the players and the track....Let's Go!!
Guitar [Bahia] – Gumby  /  Beats / Producer – Osunlade / Saxophone [Baritone] – Skeeta  / Vocals – KB, Osunlade

Out There / Trying To Rise Above It

                     I wanna fly / I'd like a one way ticket

Out There!!  a bruh was In The Mainstream Of Mathematics calculating the equation...

Out There; in the mainstream with fanatics rolling like Mitt Romney; heard some laughing but nothing was funny!!  others are feeling frustration...

The appratus has got us all Out There!! what will the response be? much love and respect to all nations and tribes...

Per Charlie Hebdo type shenanigans some of us Caught Up In Unpleasant Situations;  not feeling the right vibes...

Unlike the right vibes played by Lionel Hampton; or even Roy Ayers.

Per Ephesians 6:10-18 we're having to put on the full armor of the Lord; infinite layers..

We're not pleasing them and those; we're letting the players play on and the hustlers hustle; letting them do what they do...

Rising Above It / I Wanna Fly taking intergalactic journeys;  any day will do....

I'd Like A One Way Ticket / Rising Above It;  what? where? the spot Where Reason Gave Way To Madness...

Drop knowledge when I kick it / plus the funky sound; that's How I'm Dealing With The Madness...

Coming back with this!!  admitting;  I Had A One Way Ticket / Out There in the Babylon wilderness..

But now the Mothership has landed / crash landed back on earth;  so we'll handle our business...

I Wanna Fly / With A One Way Ticket;  taking Mystic Voyages like a Kepler Space Telescope while some pray and hope but more work needs to be done....

My Motto? I though I told ya; Proceed and Continue!!  we put it down so my folk won't come undone...

On the one with my folk who have a vision;  O-Zone? one of the New Philosophers....

We Can't Let Up; plus haters need to give up plans to stop us!!!

Black Jazz Chronicles - If The Creator Came Today

Sunday Jazz Continues; checking out some jazzy house music from the Black Jazz Chronicles - asking the question; If The Creator Came Today? Let's Go!! 


Saturday, January 17, 2015

Monstercat Podcast Ep. 041

Digital Crate Digging Continues; catching up on the Monstercat Podcast at Ep. 041. Check out the playlist and the podcast!!

00:31 Case and Point - Fugitive [Monstercat Exclusive]
03:22 Hellberg - I’m Not Over (feat. Tash)
06:36 Soulero - Aura
10:25 Rich Edwards - See It All (feat. Jonny Rose) [Monstercat Exclusive]
12:48 Draper - Coloured Glass
17:40 Fractal - Itvara
22:25 Teqq - In A Box [Monstercat Throwback]
26:55 Mr FijiWiji - Out on a Limb (feat. Jonny Rose)
31:04 Insan3Lik3 - Feel Alive (feat. Charlotte Haining) (Direct Remix)
34:31 Pegboard Nerds - Gunpoint (VIP Mix)
38:10 Pegboard Nerds - Bassline Kickin (Silverback Remix)
41:50 DotEXE - Inside Out
43:16 Astronaut - Champions (feat. Harry Brooks Jnr) (WRLD Remix) [Monstercat Spotlight]
47:07 Tut Tut Child - Plain Sight (feat. Rachel Hirons)
51:06 Noisestorm - Together
55:14 Draper - Pressure (feat. Laura Brehm) 


Automatic Pilot PT.6 (Dipping Down I-20 With It)

                          automatic like weaponry...

Dipping down I-20 in Atlanta; who'll understand a bruh? a Veteran In The Game now coaching like Jason Kidd;  It's Like This!!  but who am I trying to kid?  like terror plots in Europe Chaos and Confusion surround me...

Not accepting the blame; *it ain't my fault*  per Silkk The Shocker; O-Dog will rock ya!! up in the lab?  that's where you found me...

Like The New England Patriots Work Is Put In; the sound will be funky but it's part of a bigger plan...

Patriot Act was the blueprint for how patriots act; What else can you expect from them?  this is word from an original man...

It's Pitiful man!!  what? the way things go down!!  from Charlie Hebdo to Mexico these folk are fanatical...

It's Pitiful man.!! these folk are like clones;  the way they put it down is mechanical...

Automatic pilot; reflex!!  the apparatus will program them!!  play a slow jam for them...

O-Dog has it on Automatic Pilot;  check the status, Mechanical but in a another way;  the Sonic Assault will jam for them....

The funk is organic for those asking what's natural;   it's futuristic but based on retro-principles...

Per Parliament Funkadelic the code is genetic; some try to break it per Da Vinci but they couldn't convince me; authorities rush us; but that's how the mainstream flows!!

But Bill Cosby can testify how the mainstream goes; characters will get assasinated..

As we dip down I-20 We knew what the cost would be; my team already paid it; I.D's were laminated...

Friday, January 16, 2015

Kleeer ‎– Winners

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out this classic funk track from  Kleeer ‎  called Winners. They dropped basic mathematics;  *winners never quit*  *quitters never win* word up!! 


Automatc Pilot PT.5

So called invincibles were fronting like New England Patriots; they had it on automatic pilot while perpetrating the Deliberate Falsehood...

Caught up in blenders / melting pots; some called themselves running spots!!  now acting false in the hood...

We carried a sword of truth in the midst of so many falsehoods but pretenders were saying it's all good!! reality tells a different story..

It wasn't all hood!!  some sold out like Ben Carson talking crazy; to them it's all about fame and glory...

Some abandoned the territory!!! now like Boko Haram in Nigeria  it's controlled by pirates and bandits...

Goodluck Jonathan visits the area; but who'll tell the real story? please!! even Pope Francis said you cant insult anothers faith so who can believe the media pundits?

From NYC to Ferguson jokers tried to front on this / front on me and my peeps;  I had the mothership on automatic pilot; I thought I would book up!!!

Prayed!!! lights blink on the instrument panel as I touch down back on earth; what's it all worth? the answer was right in front of me / all I had to do was look up...

Played by these gamblers out for a fast buck!!   just like Nathan Deal inaugurated in Georgia you know crooks are up in this piece!! 

Played by those rambling off at the mouth with their shady dealing per Kasim Reed vs Kelvin Cochran?  meanwhile protesters were still rocking no justice no peace!!

Let The Healing Process began!! O-Dog is a chef up in soul's kitchen...

Damn!! Here We Go Again!! Blue Collar / Mechanical; we've got it on Automatic Pilot; Once Again / Once Again!!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Monstercat Podcast Ep. 040

Digital Crate Digging Continues: checking out some electro / drum and bass and other spices of life from this Monstercat Podcast Ep. 040. Check out the playlist and the podcast.  

00:31 Stonebank - Stronger (feat. EMEL) [Monstercat Spotlight]
05:37 Au5 - Follow You (feat. Danyka Nadeau) (Rhythmics Remix)
08:26 Au5 - Follow You (feat. Danyka Nadeau) (Rootkit Remix)
09:21 Droptek - Killing Time (feat. Isabel Higuero)
13:46 Tristam - Undercat (feat. Zealot) [Monstercat Throwback]
17:09 Pegboard Nerds - How U Feelin’
20:42 Haywyre - Doppelgänger
24:17 Pylot - After Dark
26:26 Rogue - Night After Night
29:25 Astronaut - Rain (Stephen Walking Remix)
34:11 7 Minutes Dead - Peacock (Original Mix)
38:54 Case & Point - Fugitive [Monstercat Exclusive]
41:10 Rogue - Atlantic
44:37 Astronaut - Champions (Feat. Harry Brooks Jnr)
47:36 Hellberg & Rich Edwards - Ashes (Burn Your Love) (feat. Danyka Nadeau)
51:53 Nitro Fun - Safe & Sound (feat. Danyka Nadeau)
54:55 Soulero - Aura [Monstercat Exclusive]


Carl Craig - Sandstorms

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out some classic house music from  Carl Craig - with a track called Sandstorms. Let's Go!!


Hazardous Material? What We Have Is Spiritual PT.4

                               armed and dangerous?

Hazardous Material? what we have is spiritual!! but sometimes feeling like I'm fighting a one man spiritual  revolution....

We're back with this; what it do? Once Again It's On!!  it's the Sonic Assault!! bringing the good word and the sound;  part of my evolution..

My solution? also Intelligent Design!! I told you it's the Good Word and funky sound;  per Barry White Let The Music Play!!

..But God's will is done on earth as it is in heaven per Matthew 6:10;  so I won't get in His Way!!

Coming Through back around the way!!  Armed and Dangerous when I *holla atcha* equipped with the funk?

But that's just part of it;  per the podcast? O-Dog rocked / hip-hopped; even got crunk....

....Even got out on the fast break ended with a dunk / assist to Jason Kidd..

Just like him a Veteran In The Game now coaching;  putting it down per Armageddon Approaching; who they trying to kid?

Prying the lid off of Pandora's Box?  meanwhile O-Dog will rock!!  but he's considered a mysterious One...

...After the Mothership Landed back on earth where are brothas taken for granted;  but I'm not a delirious one...

....More like a serious one;  in the lab coming up with methods to deal with the madness!! a one man Spiritual Revolution is under way due to Going Through Them Changes like Jimi Hendrix and Buddy Miles

Process of Scheduling my evolution failed?  we rearrange this after we pump brakes like Bendix.; switched up!! a brotha had many styles....

Going to the hoop? .many fouls commited against me per Kevin Garnett vs Dwight Howard but none called by the officials...

Crossing borders and boundaries with this so called Hazardous Material?  what we have is spiritual but due to heightened security these haters even questioned my credentials...

The potential is unlimited not dimwitted!!  my motto?...Proceed and Continue...

Using Supreme Courage and Maximum Strength;  so what's next on the menu?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Status IV : You Ain't Really Down

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out this classic disco / soul music from Status IV  with a track called You Ain't Really Down!!


Who's Down For The Cause PT.2

So what's up? I hit the pause button;  I was chilling for a minute. 

Down for the cause!! but like Charlie Hebdo these punishment gluttons kept doing what they do;  something about *being in it to win it*

They're trying to play it like Ohio State!! but the fine print or the clause in the contract will get them every time!!

I heard alarms going off!!  some thought they were bells and whistles!!  old girl said *everybody ain't able*  to use their minds. 

The mothership has landed;  my mind was expanded due to the mystic voyages. 

A brotha gets breakbeat scientific / who will understand it? like Mike Huckabee vs Jay Z a hater discourages.

 Down here on earth? it's where my kind are taken for granted!! but we work this to our advantage.

 Earthlings are surprised!!  they see were on our way after pausing for the cause;  we put it down!!  if we did or didn't a hater damned it!!

Who's down for the cause? breakbeat scientific business? we handled it but there are no Golden Globe Awards

Who's down for the cause? folk marched in Paris but seem to overlook Boko Haram!!

I hit the pause button for a minute; chilling in the Carolinas from Charlotte to the low country...  

Now down for the cause per these breakbeat scientific actions; rebuking evil factions worldwide; actually universal, not just in this country..

Monday, January 12, 2015

Akrobatik / Remind My Soul

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out this classic / true school hip hop from Akrobatik  with a track called Remind My Soul. Let's Go!!!

Staying Strong (Supreme Courage and Maximum Strength) PT.2

..................critical stages of development................

Caught In A Moment Of Time;  who said we're not in our prime? please!! these are Critical Stages...

Evil?  oh!! it's an opponent of mine as I go for mine!! even though there's global warming I'm not quite thawed out from the Ice Ages...

Trying to be nice;  the transaction hasn't been processed so I turn pages;  sometimes politically correct;  maintaining / staying composed..

Like France on high  alert due to the Charlie Hebdo attacks  *Either they're with it or not* who's hip to the scheme or plot?  Those Seeking Freedom Are Exposed?

The devil is opposed;  like Charles Barkley talking the other way Some Were Even Betrayed By They're So Called Friends..

BreakBeat Science is composed;  why did they start with me? O-Dog has the War Drums and funky blends...

Calculating the latest trends;  seeing What It Do? seeing What It Does? What's The Flavor?

O-Zone? this brotha pays major dues;  I guess it's the *Consequences Of His Extraordinary Behavior*

Brothas posted up in the lab!!  *New Flavor For Your Ear*  playing it like Craig Mack..

Once Again it's on!! it's the Sonic Assault!!  haters consider it hazardous material!! they said theese brothas  are Armed and Dangerous when we're fighting back...

Bringing The Light Back...Some Tried To Live Without It;  it wasn't Natural...

Mechanical. A.K.A...Social Engineering dealt with;  Now we *holla atcha*

Exercising Power;  we come through with Supreme Courage and Maximum Strength!!

Prayed To The Lord;  *That's The Way We Make It* .now we'll go the length...

Get with it;  this is no Elaborate Fantasy when these brothas come with it..

O-Zone? check out this Good Word; O-Dog? he brought the War Drum with it...