Friday, May 31, 2024

Deep House Mix | Summer 2024 | Refresh Yourself #26 | Carlos Grau

 Digital Crate Digging Continues on Flashback Friday!! these sound curators / selectors will also call this a Fabulous Friday! 

We'll play it both ways; per this Friday Night Fever edition? this good music plays; this is how a dude will play...

Didn't play with these jokers; damn!! they'll have you like Trump catching charges but I am down on I-20 trying to dodge jokers in Chevy Camaros / Ford Mustangs and Dodge Chargers down here  messing up traffic here in Atlanta on a Friday!! 

Like my Pops would say, jokers are acting wise and otherwise man!! soon facing opposition like this Israel Hamas War racing the bar!  it's a travesty but you know how these institutions play!!

O-Dizzle? he's still in party mode; listening to Deep House Mix | Summer 2024 | Refresh Yourself #26 | Carlos Grau!

Check out the playlist and the mix as O-Zone works these angles, continuing to get breakbeat scientific! this is what's up with a brotha! 

1 - Giuseppe Antonito - So Low (Original Mix) - 00:00 2 - Frank Fonema - Streets - 07:05 3 - Jullian Gomes feat. Bobby - Love Song 28 - 12:08 4 - Gino Josh - Skill - 17:03 5 - Roben Bucks - Answers - 21:03 6 - Larry Heard - Dreaming Of Better Days - 25:35 7 - Miroslav Wilde - Strange (Re Master) - 30:45 8 - Phil r. ft Dihann Moore - Agape Love (Main vocal) - 34:35 9 - Sebas Ramis, Tutsi Girl Play House - Cupid's Arrow (Original Mix) - 39:39 10 - Limyth - Little One (Original Mix) - 46:13 11 - Rousing House - Enjoy Life - 49:41

Thursday, May 30, 2024

Best Chillout Lounge Relaxing Music Feat. BT, The Chemical Brothers, Massive Attack and Zero 7

 Digital Crate Digging Continues on that Throwback Thursday / Thankful Thursday  tip; to the game? we're hip..

The saga / struggle continues as we go back to the future; through the galaxy we'll dip! 

The saga / struggle continues; Throwback Thursday?  reflecting on past episodes that didn't take us under!

The saga / struggle continues; getting my flow back after being caught out in this and that storm. the lighting / rain / thunder! 

 But per Throwback Thursday / back in the day? sometimes we still play that way per rolling down I-20 in Atlanta!  beats will bump like we dipped past Victory Park in Louisville...

....maybe down Broadway or Muhammad Ali Boulevard, riding down memory lane like I knew the deal!

Now I'm coming through with something real, Afternoon Jazzing per this  Best Chillout Lounge Relaxing Music Feat. BT, The Chemical Brothers, Massive Attack and Zero 7
 courtesy of Karismadnb2!

It'll work for me,  for getting your mind right it was conducive; know what I'm saying? check out the playlist and the mix to see what it do! 

Tracklist 00:00:00 Les Negresses Vertes - Face a la Mer (Massive Attack Remix) 00:05:24 Henry Lawes - Jah Jah Is Coming 00:09:00 Vanessa Daou - Sunday Afternoons 00:12:44 Zero 7 - Distractions 00:17:58 Afterlife - Deeper 00:22:14 Afterlife - Miracle 00:28:01 Zero 7 - I Have Seen 00:32:53 Levitation - More Than Ever People 00:40:12 Afterlife - Blue Bar 00:47:03 Hybrid - Until Tomorrow

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Heard Them Laughing; But Nothing Was Funny! (Part Seven)

 I heard them laughing but nothing was funny, maybe they have a warped sense of humor.

I'm working with them though dropping math up in this thing on a Terrible  / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way, observe the scene / peep game / do the knowledge; reality will act brand new with you!

Brotha O is not acting brand new with you, check me out! a nightshift wordsmith with poems etched in moonlight.

Dropping math up in this thing after I heard jokers laughing; writing love letters from home or is it another type of insight?

Jokers were talking junk that others thought was funny but want to say we're acting funny because thoughts are way way out there like an exoplanet.

Get it? the good sister up in Louisville said Everybody Ain't Able so I'm sorry but not sorry, if I do or don't somebody will damn it!

Rode through Atlanta yesterday down by Piedmont Park and the Atlanta Jazz Festival as the singer did her rendition of an Eryka Badu song will the street preacher told festival attendees they need to repent.

I can understand another, Brotha O sounding like Bobby Womack?  check the Throwback like Thursday but who'll work with me? it's rough out here, corporate greedflation makes it hard to pay rent!

I heard some laughing but nothing was funny, even the young sister was discouraged; she didn't want to get up but she has a date with the future / a rendezvous with destiny, this didn't involve witchcraft or astrology, no superstition!

She had to proceed and continue  / keep it moving even though she had to sacrifice; she can't stop.

I heard some laughing but nothing was funny it's just chaos and confusion; the chain of events need a transfusion, her mission?

She needed to drop math up in this thing, her presence is needed so the madness would stop.

Sunday, May 26, 2024

HOUSE elements | Deep Soulful Fix | May 26, 24

Sunday Jazz Continues on this Memorial Day Holiday Weekend so O-Dog Day Party type of business also comes into play..

The saga / struggle continues!! honor and respect paid to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice! letting the music play is how we deal with things plus we'll pray..

hese days? it ain't nothing nice!! we're all trying to get over the hump like it's Wednesday and our HumpDay Extravaganza!  from rolling down I-85 up in Charlotte,  I-20 in Atlanta to I-80 in Oakland to 101 in San Francisco fueled by the sound! jazz / funk / hip hop / house music / drum and bass and even disco all play! weaponized!  all up in a jokers face that wasn't knowing..

Check out how we're pulling up, spazzing on those all up in the house blocking progress / they stopped streams of consciousness from flowing..

Razzing from comedians / hustle knocking? it's growing along with snitching; who's really down for the cause / up in the mix? analyzing the situation / what's the prognosis? we ponder / reflect while listening to this HOUSE elements | Deep Soulful Fix | May 26, 24 courtesy of beyond72! 

Check out the playlist and the mix! we're on the one!! listening to this  soul / jazz influenced house, for getting our minds right it's conducive this is what's up / what it do!


Zulumafia, Deep Essentials - Wonder (Main Mix) DeeNostalgic - Groove Behind Me (BlaQ Soulful Vocal Mix) Roque - You are the reason (Original Mix) Roque - Astrogalactic Flow Zulumafia - Love Of My Life (Original Mix) Roque feat. Les-Ego - Below - Below (Instrumental) Brian Power, Lucita Jules - Get Here (Extended House Mix Mark Francis, MERLIN BOBB - WHAT DO I (VOCAL MIX) Dj Punch - Spell On Me (Baby Powder Afro Congo Mix) Dj Punch & BOP Ronald Overby -BLACK ELEPHANT - Ronald Overby - The Court Jester (Black Elephant Mix) Dj Punch - LOU R. - Good To You (DJ PUNCH Baby Powder R&B Afro Mix) Mark Francis - COLD SHOWERS (EARLY MORNING VOCAL MIX) KingTouch, Andy Keys, Angie Stone - I Wish (Club Mix) Hakeem Syrbram - Glenn Jones - Good Thang (Keemix) Zulumafia - Get A Life (Album Mix)


Saturday, May 25, 2024

Late Nite Tuff Guy - Get It Right (Tuff Cut #6)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Saturday evening, it's time to set our Saturday Night Fever off!  it's hot, that's the kind of vibe exhibited...

It's also a Memorial Day Holiday Weekend, all praises due to you and yours!  those in the amen corner can work with me!! according to universal laws it's not prohibited..

Thankful!! of course We've Got Work To Do, we're trying to deal with it!! what? the by- products / aftermath of the  ongoing chaos and mayhem..

..caused by wars and rumors of wars check the scores;  the verdict;  who'll render it? these karmic repercussions keep us praying!!

Cause and affect? O-Dog Day Partying!! it's on us to jam on it  armed with percussions for the ongoing fight!! listening to Late Nite Tuff Guy with  Get It Right (Tuff Cut #6)

Check out their edit of Aretha Franklin's Get it Right, as we try to get it right by getting breakbeat scientific..

Friday, May 24, 2024

Heard Them Laughing; But Nothing Was Funny! (Part Six)

 They were loud and boisterous like Trump with a so called campaign rally in the Bronx but it was all off!

I heard some laughing but nothing was funny the Full Moon in Sagittarius might have thrown everything off!

Meanwhile we're using the vision  / going off, digital crate digging continues but I also wrote a poem; the loose leaf bathed in the blue ink.

It's posted to the internet that keeps proving its undefeated soon archived by the wayback machine; so what's up with invisible ink?

It won't work;  jokers change their minds like Nikki Haley but their original or more authentic viewpoint is  calculated by another machine!

I heard some laughing but nothing was funny but when this writer calls them out is he a villainous usurper causing trouble on the scene?

I heard some laughing but nothing was funny, while observing the scene  / peeping game / doing the knowledge I see how foul it can get!

Doing the math up in this thing as the mothership gets good mileage as we proceed and continue into Gemini season seeing how it will get!

Living in the present, soaking in these Fabulous Friday  / Flashback Friday vibes! I'm here, but sometimes needing a calculator to figure things out.

Naysayers won't bless it I heard them laughing but nothing was funny plus like I mentioned earlier they'll  claim I'm just a villainous usurper!

Outside of the mainstream of mathematics is where I need to be they said or I'll start a riot.

That's their viewpoint and is entitled to one but we're not quitting  / stopping I'm just trying to work for you!

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Criminal Element Orchestra - Put The Needle To The Record

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Throwback Thursday, Thankful Thursday vibes are also recognized; it's a blessing to be here!! 

Still doing my due diligence per the time frame, rebuking any ongoing mind game, weaponizing this good word and the sound, using the vision / taking it there!

Out here where these jokers aren't playing fair from South Carolina gerrymandering to Trump FBI slandering with jokers using politics for pimping / pandering! 

Out here doing what we know, from Atlanta to the Gaza Strip we see what it do but we'll proceed and continue check these breakbeat scientific rendering! 

Check out how we're coming through,  listening to the Criminal Element Orchestra (Arthur Baker) with his classic track  Put The Needle To The Record! 

Check it out / Let's Get It / Let's Go!! we're jamming, let it be reflected it's in the record! 

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Perspective - A Trip Hop Mix

 Digital Crate Digging Continues as we proceed and continue with this HumpDay Extravaganza, somebody will understand a brotha putting it down like this! 

The saga / struggle continues but we'll proceed and continue to rock these venues by using the vision, putting it down like this! 

The saga / struggle continues but we'll proceed and continue even though it got rough out here, knowing that as we go back into the fray where  these jokers won’t play fair but we’re used to it so we govern ourselves accordingly like the phrase used by the old school Baptist preacher!

We’ll proceed and continue, progressive moving forward never backwards, hopefully we can reach ya!

But I will beseech you to check out our breakbeat scientific perspective as we come through listening to Perspective - A Trip Hop Mix courtesy of  Confused Bi-Product of a Misinformed Culture!

Check out the playlist and the mix as we come through Afternoon Jazzing / O-Dog Day Partying representing the culture!

Tracklist - 0;00 - Oddly Humes - Oxygen 3:10 - Ghost Funk Orchestra - What Now 6:38 - Oddly Humes - Cobalt 9:45 - DJ Frane - Lonely Orbit 14:05 - DJ Frane - Old Souls 16:20 - DJ Frane - I am Dreaming 19:50 - DJ Shadow - Midnight in a Perfect World - (Jenova 7 Remix) 24:31 - DJ Wally - Space People 27:37 - Ancient Astronauts - Shade Of A Tree (feat. Hannah Thiem) 30:25 - Systemics - Within Shadows 33:54 - KABANJAK - Follow the Storm 35:56 - Darkside - Trumphession 38:20 - Moderator - Bind You To My Spell (feat. Jeanette Robertson & Witness) 40:58 - Nyctophiliac - My Least Favorite Life

Monday, May 20, 2024


 Digital Crate Digging Continues we proceed and continue with this Music Monday segment!

The saga / struggle continues but we're fighting back with this Afternoon Jazz / O-Dog Day Party vibe, can you dig it? 

The saga / struggle continues but work is put in it's time to clock in, this word from a nightshift wordsmith! The saga / struggle continues but work is put in we're rocking check the sound but poetry is also cascading, this is how we'll work this! Check out these menus, truth evading? maybe uncouth evading Trump hush money trial type of defendants; they're out here bringing toil and strife.

Check out these menus! that faceless enemy is attacked with these words and sounds / waves of life.

Check out these menus, told you earlier we're still Afternoon Jazzing / O-Dog Day Partying per this JAZZ HOUSE MIX SESSION #17 courtesy of Maxim A!

Check out the playlist and the mix as we follow our motto; we'll let the music play!

All Rights Reserved Mixed by Maxim.A Tracklist:

Maison Blanche - You’re Gonna Like It - 00:00 Maxime Groove - Walk Right Through (Farhad Remix) - 04:45 Moon Rocket - Jazzy Moon - 10:09 Brando Mennella & Carlo Micheli - Sax Experience (Jazz Dub) - 15:57 Walter G - A Kind Of Magic - 20:16 Kerri Chandler - Sunlight (Kaoz Harmonica Mix) - 25:40 Harry Romero, Todd Gardner - Mongobonix - 32:23 Darker - Piano Call - 37:12 Gokhan Yavuzkan - Tonight - 41:25 Boogie Rapture, Nathan G - Jazz Addict (Nathan G Jazz In The Attic) - 45:09 Dam Swindle - That’s Right - 49:46 Fouk - Cat Lady - 55:10

Sunday, May 19, 2024

Heard Them Laughing; But Nothing Was Funny! (Part Five)

 Check us out as we come through on this Sunday morning but the science dropped is appropriate for any time frame.

The saga  / struggle continues as we heard some laughing but nothing was funny; it was all a mind game!

Brotha O? dropping math up in this thing, an outlaw poet aka wordsmith all up in the game just floating through time.

Live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta aka the badlands, Brotha O is like Isaac Hayes I stand accused but not loving too much they had me accused of a crime.

I heard some laughing but nothing was funny, talking about Brotha O was a bad bad man! at least according to those naysayers.

Some understand this journey by Brotha O as we go for what we know, they're joining me saying prayers.

I heard some laughing but nothing is funny as Joe Biden speaks to Morehouse graduates  as the GOP in conjunction with Benjamin Netanyahu plots / schemes that are elaborate, due to ill maneuvers democracy is falling apart!

I heard some laughing but nothing was funny, jokers talk a good game but hypocrisy will play a part.

We're coming through doing the damn thing, and we're back! dropping this good word, a wordsmith or pseudo intelligence purveyor?

Sonic oddity also practiced, check out our Sunday Jazz segment Brotha O puts it down can you dig it? he's an obscure music curator.

I heard some laughing but nothing was funny we had to hit the reset button back on default settings; forgotten elaborate fantasies? we'll refurbish them.

Per dropping this science we cheered up the somber sisters as Brotha O puts it down, so who else will work with him?

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Get Down Edits - Do For Love

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this HumpDay Extravaganza as we  proceed and continue to get over the hump;  we're in that kind of vibe, check us out!!

The saga / struggle continues aka  life goes on; survivors? we're in that kind of tribe, check us out!!

The saga / struggle continues!!  we're all the way live with this, check these menus, we're O-Dog Day Partying!!

The saga / struggle continues!!  we're caught up in the system / matrix / in the heart of this thing!!

You might have caught us doing the damn thing in the midst of the madness!! listening to Get Down Edit with a track called  Do For Love

Oh yeah!! it's his version of the Bobby Caldwell classic; it's classic as we bear witness to what some won't do for love!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

The Long Road Home - A Trip Hop Mix

 Digital Crate Digging Continues as we come through on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way; we claimed the terrific outcome now work is put in to manifest it! 

The saga / struggle continues but we come through with this endeavor feeling like the Lord has blessed it! 

Others stressed that and this, asking what have you done for me lately out here sounding like Janet Jackson! 

Brotha O messed around with that and this, now I'm using the vision based on this good word and the sound! this is weaponized for the ongoing action! 

I was blessed by the old school preacher up in Louisville, told to go forth, act like you knew!! O-Zone? I've got the buzz like a Bloodstone Natural High so I'll proceed and continue...

I go forth, act like you knew!! clones and drones ignored, no weapons formed will work as I sound like Ray Lewis after the Baltimore Ravens won;  once again it's on!! so what it do? 

I guess I've digressed, my intentions? dropping this good word and the sound per The Long Road Home - A Trip Hop Mix courtesy of Confused Bi-Product of a Misinformed Culture!

Check out the playlist and the mix we're Afternoon Jazzing to this trip hop / jazz hop, another facet of the culture!

0.00 - DJ Ruka - Nikto Nezabudne 5:43 - Tree60 - Afraid to Fall 8:21 - Kill Emil & Mononome - Clear Skies 9:50 - Frenic - Femme Fatale 13:30 - Yousla - Holy broke 14:30 - Slam53 - May the Force be With You 16:35 - Oxydz Beats - Save Our Soul 20:44 - Nym - Spectre Detectre 23:49 - DeeB -Leiden Lowlife 27:28 - Gatekepper - From Tongues And Lungs (feat. Phlocalyst) (Mr.Fables Remix) 31:35 - Deeb - Daydream 34:10 - Robochop - Nikes on my Feet 36:16 - GooMar - Mister Jan Svank (Intro) 37:48 - Moderator, Oddly Humes - Haunted Tune 40:53 - Supafuh - Mission 42:00 - Boris Blen - Mellow 44:30 - Kognitif - Mon Amour 47:46 - Hugo Kant - Koka 54:20 - Kabanjak - Rubicon 55:53 - Mr. Moods - The Daunting - Empty child (Mr. Moods sad mix) 58:28 - Cujo - Popsicle 61:10 - Mazette & Eikonoklast - The Showdown 63:40 - Fmr2mars - The Hunter 65:12 - Degiheugi - Morning Girl 68:49 - Rob Steez - The Human Spirit 70:23 - Modern Scribe - Favorite Song 71:24 - HashFinger - Side B -6 71:57 - Systemics - The Siren 74:32 - Frenic - Metamorphosis 78:09 - The Herbaliser - Tripwire 83:21 - DJ Frane - Thought Seeds 85:22 - Ours Samplus - Le vieux programme (outro) 87:57 - Le MELODiST - Rouge Flow 90:32 - Nym - Nocus Pocus 93:40 - Grmmr.126 & Guzimi - For Better Days 95:55 - La Cantina - Time Travel 97:15 - Gadget - The Walkers 100:20 - Oldy Clap Recordz - Nothing Sounds Better 101:06 - LABØREAL - The Night is Long 102:15 - The Cancel & DJ Shon - Smokin Buddha 104:35 - Stereo Utopia - Always Young 106:35 - Travelling Day - Made in Space 107:07 - Mani Deïz - Many Days 109:41 - Lr-60 & Mr. Moods - Eh-Ruh 111:28 - KOGNITIF - PASSER LE TEMPS 113:31 - LABØREAL - Living in the Moment 114:51 - JIM & La Cantina - You & Me 117:58 - Degiheugi - Behind the Jukebox 119:31 - Neroche - Girl in the Lonely Home 120:31 - Systemics - Earths Outlaw 123:17 - radj - groove army 124:49 - Third Person Lurkin - The silver key 126:13 - JIM - Let sing the street 127:18 - Emapea - Laka 128:49 - Yeah - DJ Krush (Eriks MPC & 1200 Remix) 131:02 - Devaloop - Mother Sun 131:25 - deeB - E-type 132:57 - Hipcut - Chase 136:03 - Moderator, Oddly Humes - Twisted Thrill 139:13 - Emapea - Indeedy 139:30 - Hugo Kant - Secret Society 143:22 - Diabi - Les Princes De La Cuite 144:15 - Hashfinger - B5.June.12 147:01 - JIM - The Hunt 148:31 - J Create - Soundolosophy 150:07 - Art Aknid - Mad Clown 152:40 - STEREO UTOPIA - La Nuit 156:46 - Hugo Kant - In The Woods 160:22 - Nomadic - Virtual Recess & Psykter 162:12 - Moderator - Voodoo Kiss 163:41 - smallFall feat. Vassilina - Phoenix 165:39 - DJ Frane - Starfish Poplock 165:17 - Fmr2mars - Main Title 168:43 - Hugo Kant - Haydn Connection 170:25 - Madball Scientists - Sometimes It's Voodoo 173:26 - Kill Emil (feat. Savages) - Transformations 175:01 - Emapea - Queen Bee 175:38 - Degiheugi - Qu'attendez-vous de moi ? 176:37 - Ben Bada Boom - The Night you Left my Side Emapea - Last Thoughts