Monday, June 13, 2022

Doing The Knowledge / Jumping And Recognizing (Part Three)

 It’s another Monday morning, what will the style be? do the math / knowledge, remember your training was the advice received. 

Being built or torn down per these debatable circumstances? the enemy will try to dismember your endeavor! recognize the pattern! maintaining is hard for those who are deceived!

What’s achieved? a voice from somewhere out there mentioned the zeitgeist.

What’s believed out there after doing the knowledge? a conclusion was jumped to! in the tempest of shadows some tried to pull a heist. Also smoke and mirrors a factor, recognize the pattern! there appears to be no truth in the reign. No Jacob’s Ladder, caught out there in the storm finding truth in the rain?

A Louisville Ladder needed in the construction? a Louisville Slugger needed during the corruption? that Louisville brotha mentioned teaching some a lesson with the blackjack!

Doing the knowledge, jumping to a conclusion after recognizing the pattern? we’re back jack!

Doing the knowledge? we have the knack! somebody even asked us about a passageway.
Leading to the The O'Jays or even Led Zeppelin’s Stairway To Heaven! supposedly many were using! It’s storming out here, while we’re traveling / mystery unraveling finding our way along the way! Fantasy vs reality? after doing the knowledge / jumping to a conclusion / recognizing the pattern we see there’s absolutely no comparison!

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