Sunday, June 26, 2022

Doing The Knowledge / Jumping and Recognizing (Part Five)

 On this Sunday morning, or actually every day? so there’s spiritual significance in this operation!

We’re doing the knowledge, catch us jumping to conclusions after recognizing the pattern!

But reality is bruising / battering! we tried to get away showing desperation!  the  camper van? it was transformed into a mothership, refurbished for space travel.

Check out the blue collar / mechanical engineering / widget manipulation used to rebuke the ongoing social engineering but soon it all unravels. Lost in space like the Robinson family? check out these lamentations like the book in the Bible! Necromancy? some offered their services but ancestors will laugh at you and me, they said the ongoing proceedings aren’t their fault they’re not liable.

Democracy? it’s under attack, the GOP will swerve with Trump insurrectionists but some in the meadows are asleep! drifting dandelion wishes blow in winds of change.
Will serendipity slip from you and me? from John Robert's and The Supreme Court's Roe v Wade revocation to the lack of real gun legislation it’s all strange. The town drunk’s or even the local crack or meth head’s visions of doom / prophecy seemed to be manifesting. Some were incredulous, caught up in so called post pandemic and corporate induced inflation renderings, soon they’re out here stressing.

Doing the knowledge, jumping / recognizing realizing that God is still in the blessing business!

Just have to acknowledge it, put the work in!! it's usually done by visualizing the sequence!

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