Monday, June 6, 2022

At The End Of The Day? It’s Gotta Be Good (Part Ten)

 Caught in a moment of time on this Monday morning; at the end of the day? it’s gotta be good!

This is a critical stage of development, once again it’s on as we interrupt very briefly with this word that’s good!

Who’s putting that work in that’s good? I see some,  with the part time fantasies downloaded while out there..

Local / national / international and intergalactic frontiers affected but even in the arboretum; some are out there starting something like Michael Jackson mentioned but is there a sinner’s grace? Or Garden of Eden expulsions? some were cutting up, soon they’re kicked out of there! Pleading for mercy, but who are they fooling; at the end of the day they’re really out of place.

How will this work be? we’re not out of the race, at the moment we’re chilling out in our remote outpost out here off of I-20 in Atlanta!

Visualizing the sequence, looking into the past, present and future; somebody will understand a brotha!

Soon we’re trying to take things to another level, at the end of the day? it’s gotta be good!

Doing the damn things! but another devil will get in the way impeding progress and that’s not good!

At the end of the day? its gotta be good, so we’ll keep putting work in / paying the price!

But that’s business as usual, but we’re being realistic out here staying on point, knowing that “it ain’t nothing nice”.

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