Thursday, July 31, 2014

I Didn't Set Off The Metal Detectors When I Packed The Sword Of Truth

I rolled up in the spot!!  but I didn't set off the metal detectors. 

....Even though I'm packing the sword of truth as I bump heads with the uncouth!!  they were just enemy defectors

Rolling like Edward Snowden when he got open!! some of these jokers are disrespecting us and the culture.  

Trolling like the CIA spying on the Senate!! or maybe scheming on winning a pennant like the Oakland A's  trading for Jon Lester; so what's up with a brotha? 

Whatcha knowing?  things can fall apart like the Detroit Water Department!!

Whatcha growing?  that's what I was asked when a hater spotted my secret garden. 

Actually?  I'm providing proof for the  freedom pursuits!!  I'm actually considered armed and dangerous

Arrogant and aloof accusations are met!!  I see them but wouldn't want to be them!!  Cameo told us how strange the situation is. 

All up in the spot where the danger is?  I carry the sword of truth. 

In the midst of do many falsehoods?  jokers were acting false in the hood and it was deliberate!!  so I provide proof. 

The roof is on fire!! the fire is fully involved per fireman's lingo!!

The shot clock didn't expire!! the House delayed August recess to deal with the so called immigration mess; but you can't trust a gringo!!


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

All Up In The Spot / Circling The Block

Once again it's on!! damn!!  they have a brotha all up in the spot. 

I'm trying to keep a low profile or they'll have me like Stephen A Smith!! all up in the scheme or plot. 

They'll give us enough rope to hang ourselves but I went on with my bad self!! I circled the block in the hooptie trying to see where the truth will be!! but the morale was low. 

I'm trying to work it all out though!!  but stormtroopers will be patrolling like it's District 12 per the Hunger Games!! so whatcha know? 

I see how ya flow!! some are trolling  through the mainstream of mathematics like they're  extraterrestrials in District 9!! hunger and thirst is exhibited in the game!!  your soon caught in the dragnet and interrogated by thought and fashion police. 

They're trying to see what you knew!! didn't they blow your mind this time per the Delfonics?  fanatics attracted too much attention!! it ain't nothing nice. 

We're doing what we do!! Sonic Assaults are unleashed but we're  paying the price!!  actually we're due a rebate.

.... But not expecting corporate sponsors!!  they were too busy influencing the Federation!!  that's why we feel the hate. 

...or rather the hatred;  The Hague or Geneva Convention will debate it!! but they're probably in on the scheme or plot. 

The content was vague!!  misinterpreted by a non believer!!  but we were jumping and recognizing due to the stimuli when we're all up in the spot. 

Things have gotten hot like July which ends tomorrow!! I was still soaking up Leo sun rays...

I was all up in the spot circling the block in the hooptie!! jokers sweat a Negro!! wondering how this son of God plays!! 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I Checked The Clock; I Moved On

I checked the clock;  after I moved on from the satellite station!!  I didn't need Flavor Flav to walk in the room. 

 The clock read 9:11; like viewing satellite maps of Gaza's destruction some will flash back to 2001 when that time meant doom. 

Hustle knockers stay busy!! 9/11 corruption due to conspiracy theories?  but I don't let it consume me!!  I stay busy doing what I do. 

Hustle knockers stay busy!! countries tumbled like dominoes per the Congo!! whatcha know?  every now and then jokers might sweat what I'm trying to do. a brotha is lying to you; when 808's, snares, samples and bongos along with this good word shows them I'm dedicated to the truth. 

Had to admit?  I'm on some other other!!  so sometimes  I'm considered arrogant and aloof.  

Homie rocking the Boston Red Sox hat provided proof that I was on the right track!! everytime I looked up he was cockblocking

Plus when rocking the stripped Nautica shirt and khakis he said I looked like Tiger Woods!! that's where he lost one!!  he didn't know half the story!!  O-Deezy is block rocking. 

What's up with ya? man it's tight in these hoods!! that's confirmed  after I checked the clock; it's reading 11:11 and then 1:11 rolled around. 

What's the Dizzle / Deezy?  please believe me it's time to get down!!

The reign began with a drizzle but like Putin scheming up on the Ukraine it's going down!!  

I checked the clock!! plans fizzle!! some are disputing the truth when it is what it is!! I moved on!! that's how I get down!!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Monstercat Podcast Ep. 018

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out the Monstercat Podcast Ep. they put it down like this!! Check out the playlist and the mix!!


00:31 Falcon Funk - Pounce
02:25 I.Y.F.F.E - Love Hangover
04:52 7 Minutes Dead - Peacock (Haywyre Remix)
09:04 Varien - Gunmetal Black
11:28 Au5 - Follow You (feat. Danyka Nadeau) (VIP Mix)
16:44 Stephen Walking - Motions
19:49 Laszlo x WRLD - You & Me
24:20 Nitro Fun - Soldiers
26:50 Case & Point - Prism
28:27 Chris Ramos - Emergency (feat. Natasha Waterman)
33:16 I.Y.F.F.E - Jurassic
37:12 Tut Tut Child - Made It For Me (feat. Kendall Morgan)
42:27 7 Minutes Dead - Delayed Friend Request
47:33 Fractal - Itvara
52:33 Rundfunk - A Dream
57:14 Project 46 - Reasons (feat. Andrew Allen)

Sunday, July 27, 2014

They Weren't Checking For Me; But I Was Cool With It

They weren't checking for me;  like Obama impeachment talk they were trying to play me the other way. 

Some were even disrespecting me;  like a brotha got here the other day. 

But I was cool with it;  like Lebron rocking number 23 I usually play things another way!!  I'm an outside the boxer

Like the Gaza Strip?  iron fists try to rule it;  what are they on? thought and fashion police enforce the doctrine "against ya" 

A brotha could flip but these Israeli Iron Dome types resist the madness!!  this brother is allergic to the B.A.S. 

Otherwise known as the "bitch ass sh@t"  plus the wise and otherwise talk a lot if BS. 

Trying to impress the next when nobody is flawless!!  so why bother? 

Folk are stressed from Chicago to the Gaza Strip;  jokers are rolling lawless!!  I told big homie I can't call this!!  I'm on some "other other" 

I'm cool like that!!  I'm different!!  I wasn't cloned or bar coded. 

Plus I wasn't  micro-chipped;  micro and macro economics hipped me!  the information wasn't overloaded.

 But I'm over it; so I let the hustlers hustle and the players play.

 I'm cool with it; they weren't checking for me anyway!!  I just play things another way. 

It Seems Like I'm Standing Alone Against The World; Sunday Jazz Continues; Check The Mix Out!!

Hiram Bullock- Cactus

Sunday Jazz Continues..checking out the late great guitarist   Hiram Bullock- with a track called Cactus

This is from his  From All Sides album released in 1986. Check out the players and the track..

 Hiram Bullock (Guitar), Will Lee (Bass), Charley Drayton (Drums), Clifford Carter (Keyboards), and Dr. Gibbs (Percussion), Kenny Kirkland (Keyboards)

Dedicated To The Truth Mix PT.2

Sunday Jazz Continues. As we deal with the truth, or reality as we know it!! Checking out O-Dog's hip hop jazz mix  called the Dedicated To The Truth Mix PT.2 ....once again it's on!!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Outback Chronicles / It's All Natural

It's all natural when we kick this!! check out these outback chronicles. 

We "holla atcha"  with this breakbeat scientific business!! it's the response to these and those. 

What?  similar to Russia in the Ukraine it's the response to these policies and procedures that hold us back!!  plus those flagrant agents that enforce them? they'll be dealt with.

What's up mane? that's what the ATLien asked me; may the force be with you!!  the architect of the matrix encouraged them!!  it seems the masses felt it.

Of course we spell it out like were in a spelling bee!! we couldn't fake it like Ted Cruz blaming Democrats for congressional dysfunction as we reflect on past episodes while sitting outback on the deck.

But we're intergalactic like a coronal mass ejection as we cruise through the galaxy!! we gaze into the future due to projects we have on deck. 

Call us retro / futuristic as we try not to go ballistic!! chilling out on the deck drinking cold Coronas on a hot July day!! we're trying not to flip.  

Word from this futuristic mystic!!  the drama can go down  from Tripoli to the Gaza Strip

We stay on top of it while were chilling out outback on the deck. 

Thinking of a master plan per Eric B and Rakim!!  yo!!  so what's next?

Trying to follow the master's plan knowing that the sport is complex!!! that's the only way I can play it!!

Chilling out outback on my deck; a few months ago it was cold out here out here due to the polar vortex; actually this world is still cold!! I have to pray about it!!

Inside Jokers

I was out there dipping!! I was running fast like an Olympian;  Usain Bolt style

I stumbled; tripping!! a hater put their foot out in the aisle!! I was tripped up by the insane!!  lightning bolts flash after the lie was told!! damn!!  the situation is foul. 

I was humbled by the experience; Jamal Bryant and Chris Brown tried to say "those hoes ain't loyal"  damn!! the situation was foul!!

I was humbled by the experience!! some are defiant when they get down!! but now I'm wise to the whole set up or hip to the style..

I stumbled across the program while turning the dial or supposedly moving forward!! now inside jokers laughed at episodes like it was a Nephew Tommy Style prank. 

The response? the bass rumbled during Sonic Assaults!!  broken beats and English were the essence of this discipline!!  I wasn't out here fronting like "Big Bank Hank" 

...the persona and not the rapper;  during ongoing episodes? I was broke but remained dapper!! the case?  I stumbled through it until I had an epiphany. 

Now I put them on the clearance rack like the gear I purchase at Target or Macy's.

But avoiding the shop and frisk per Macys and Barneys; I wasn't in the race...when I was I met interference from inside jokers who were cock blocking!!  you see?  I let the hustlers hustle and the players play. 

These inside jokers were rocking Steve Harvey and Stacy Adams suits with kicks to match!! plus they take Steve Harvey relationship advice!! that's how they play. 

Inside jokers were affilliated with armchair quarterbacks trying to run a play or shadetree mechanics trying to fix something...

Inside jokers made me real with it as I go there!! they provided material for these inside jokes I tell in this breakbeat science!  as I kick a little "something something" 


Friday, July 25, 2014

Genuine / Authentic PT.2

Some of these ATLiens are "Real Deal Holyfield" type of characters. 

I'm not playing!! they're certified!! they have those papers!! they're card carrying members. 

The machine doesn't care about them!! it folds mutilates and dismembers!! damn!! they're even dissing members of the secret society. 

So fresh and so clean were the suit wearers!! that's per crooked businessmen, lawyers, and preachers;  all of them said I needed to pay a tax, tithe,  or tribute to be blessed; why lie to me? 

We continue to clash with so called Titans; or is it the Clash of Clans?  as a brotha enlightens the masses. 

Were authentic with this!! when the mothership lands?  we're  genuine when we conduct these seminars and classes

Scientific when we kick this!! meanwhile the ongoing class warfare will get rationalized.. 

Fanatics are sick with this!! WTO and European Union types chop up game!! the money is "internationalized"

Fanatics are sick with this!! even Ukraine scenarios are on the agenda!! you didn't know? I'm not surprised!! 

What's up mane? that's what the rookie from New Orleans asked? as plots and schemes were devised....

.... while trying to run his weak game that us Louisvillians / Louisvillains already know about; please!! we've been pimping like Ken!! like I said  I already knew!!

We're humping like the middle of the week!! real dealings are going down from these genuine / authentic ones!! jokers need to act like they knew!! 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Vibrations

Spider senses were tingling like Spiderman I was checking out the vibrations. 

...AKA the vibes;  who has sense in these tribes?  check the Trail Of Tears type migrations. 

Irrational fears in these transmissions?  they were slipping like in my old Cutlass Supreme. 

....Or was it the Olds Delta 88;  when I pulled up to the pump?  I had to get supreme. 

Polar vortexes show us how cold it is;  now Delta Force type teams roll up like they're looking for Bin Laden

The sport is complex;  referees and other officials have been hating!

The sport is complex;  but we're official!!  even though we've been skating on thin ice due to global warming.

But check the vibrations we send out!! we're not talking crazy like James Harden and Dwight Howard as we show supreme courage!! we're not rolling like cowards as we span the globe brainstorming. 

Check the vibrations!! hearts were hardening!! turning cold per the Earth Wind and Fire Ways Of The World...

Check the vibrations!! who's faking? armchair quarterbacks thought they knew the plays of the world...

Who's waiting in the dark? we shine rays of light into the world but I'm not to be confused with Aaron McGruder's Black Jesus.. 

We cruise through the universe!! the dark mystery of time and space is unraveled; now check out the insights dropped after checking out the vibrations!! not acting brand new when this black man drops this thesis... 

Check Out The Vibrations; Circumstances Are Debatable; Being Built Or Torn Down? Check This Mix Out!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cannonball Adderly / Leo

Digital Crate Digging Continues......Well? the Sun has slipped into Leo as of 7/22/2014...joining Jupiter.

Cannonball Adderly  and with his song Leo will break it all down for you. Check out the players and the track..

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

All Up In The Spot / The Thrill Was Gone

I was chilling out!! all up in the spot!! but I noticed the atmosphere shifted. 

It wasn't per Jason Nelson coping strategies failed again!! even for the young black and gifted.  

What's the deal with it?  the thrill was gone per BB King!!  everything is not working. 

What's the deal?  some were desperate!! similar to Miley Cyrus twerking. 

Or maybe J Lo;  whatcha know?  Billy Ray Cyrus type mullets / shags were rocked like an old episode of Cops.

I stay low;  check the steelo!! I didn't act a fool with it!!  I wasn't selling bags of rocks or heroin like hustlers in the Bluff or over on Boulevard!! they're trying to stay a step ahead of the ATL cops. 

This Negro knows it's hard on the boulevard!! I'm not trying to bluff you!! the madness fails to stop!! it's ongoing. 

We knew from the get go it would be like the Gaza Strip!!  the drama is ongoing. 

We continue going for what were knowing!! even though another will flip out because the thrill is gone. 

What it do? funk is on the menu!!  plus this good word from O-Zone. 

What it do? this is what we're on!! as we continue to put it down like this!!

We're all up in the spot where the thrill is gone..but we already knew what the deal is..

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Benefit Of The Doubt

It's rough out here!!  similar to the Gaza Strip?  so I'm giving these folk the benefit of the doubt. 

As I go there? I'm trying not to flip as I forgive my enemies!! that includes me..without a doubt. 

I still kept the squares out of my circle;  that way the process can run smooth. 

The Uranus Pluto Square will work you!! damn!!  even though we're blessed things haven't run smooth. 

What's up with this?  like Kanye West act like you knew as we show and prove!!  we're going all out. 

We recognize the pattern!! some are stressed so everybody ain't we give them the benefit of the doubt. 

We recognize the pattern!!  after jumping to the conclusion due to the confusion? everybody ain't stable!! this world will knock you off balance. 

Please!!  the sport is complex!! you'll get suspended like A-Rod!!  the league will show malice. 

The suspense and intrigue? it didn't surprise me;  there's no Mamby Pamby or Alice in Wonderland type of business. 

I give jokers the benefit of the doubt;  it's rough out here!!  that's what the deal is !

I give jokers the benefit of the doubt as they find out what the real is!! they're out here cashing reality checks...

This is no joke!! we're serious about this thing!! somebody has to be as society disrespects...

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Billy Cobham - Magic (Full Album)

Sunday Jazz Continues....checking out some jazz fusion from drummer  Billy Cobham - with Magic (Full Album). Check out the playlist and the players....


On A Magic Carpet Ride 0:00
Ac/Dc 5:09
Leaward Winds 10:36
Puffnstuff 14:14
Antares The Star 20:39
Magic 25:52
Magic (Reflections In The Clouds)
Magic (Magic - Recapitulation)
Indigo 39:16
Guernica 46:03

Bass -- Randy Jackson   / Clarinet -- Alvin Batiste 

Guitar -- Peter Maunu   /  Piano -- Joachim Kühn , Mark Soskin 

Drums and Producer -- Billy Cobham  /  Synthesizer [Oberheim] -- Mark Soskin 

All Up In The Spot / Analyzing The Information

I was all up in the spot chilling out;  but I see the morale was low.

What's the prognosis? I analyzed the information..I can see the temperature was hot as I did the math;  results were dismal. 

The information overload aka lethal doses per Danny Glover and Mel Gibson Lethal Weapons were fired like surface to air missiles in the Ukraine...

Lethal doses per heroin from the Bluff in Atlanta? the devil will oppose ya; the game is over mane!! 

Plus these cults will try to get with ya; they're more mysterious than an X-File;  misery was trying to start a corporation. 

These cults of personality were negative!! they were foul!!  you were told to abort your operation. 

But right to life people won't be mad like Hobby Lobby types; please!! those situations were just a smokescreen. 

Right wing activists / lobbies influenced the thought and fashion police!!  harsh is how the joke will seem. 

It can be an inside or outside one;  it can be from alpha to omega

I'm all up in the spot but still outside the box!!  back in the day?  I stood outside the bodega. 

...with the other crooks in these danger zones;  I'm all up in the spot where beggars try to be choosy. 

Like Rolling Stones some are chilling at the Beggars Banquet!! these ATLiens were supposedly grown and sexy but like juveniles they're delinquent;  so it's easy to lose me. 

SUNDAY JAZZ CONTINUES: CHECK OUT THE What's The Prognosis Mix? by O-DOG aka O-Deezy...

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Groove Collective - Fly

Digital Crate Digging Continues...were checking out this smooth jazz / funk track from the  Groove Collective - called Fly. Check out the players and the track...

Gordon "Nappy G" Clay - Bongos, Composer, Percussion, Talking Drum, Timbales, Vocals
Jonathan Maron - Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Electric), Memory Moog, Vocoder
McBabee Power - Vocals
Vinia Mojica - Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Fabio Morgera - Flugelhorn, Trumpet, Vocals
Jay Rodriguez - Bass, Berimbau, Clarinet, Composer, Gaita, Sax (Alto), Sax (Baritone), Sax (Soprano), Sax (Tenor), Vocals
Adam Rogers - Guitar (Electric)
Josh Roseman - Guitar, Keyboards, Trombone, Vocals
Itaal Shur - Fender Rhodes, Organ (Hammond), Piano, Producer, Programming, Synthesizer, Vocals
Genji Siraisi - Drums, Guitar, Producer, Programming, Vocals, Vocoder
Bill Ware - Fender Rhodes, Piano, Vibraphone, Vocals
Richard Worth - Flute (Alto), Kalimba, Piccolo, Shakuhachi, Vocals

Bootsy Collins / Ahh...The Name Is Bootsy, Baby!

Digital Crate Digging Continues....the Mothership Connection has landed y'all !! checking out Bootsy Collins with  Ahh...The Name Is Bootsy, Baby! ...but check out the all star players he has rolling with him and the track...

All Up In The Spot / Damn!! It's Business As Usual!!

Were all up in the spot!!  what it do?  damn!!  it's business as usual. 

..More than July weather was making it hot!! now like Israelis vs Hamas in the Gaza Strip some will act brand new with a brotha. 

You're a lie like the devil I was told!!  forces teamed up like they were Al Qaeda and ISIS..even fighting each other!!  they're creating the ongoing crisis. 

Institutions plotted and schemed up in this piece!!  no rebates were issued after paying high prices. 

Confusion is the norm;  players will get dropped like Dan Uggla ..there's nothing nice about this!!  you'll get hemmed up like an old school pimp / player's polyester slacks by the seamstress or tailor. 

Confusion is the norm;  I tried to put some up on the sport / game! who's to blame when the coping strategy fails ya? 

Now losing is the norm;  like cruise ship trapped off Tybee Island the sailor couldn't see the shore due to the harbor mist. 

Last week around this time? we were cruising on Tybee Island with the donks, boxes and bubbles!!  we were Seaboardng while others arent on one accord with this thing!! they're looking for a safe haven or safe harbor!! but it's hard for them to get the gist of this. 

Like Phaedra Parks vs Apollo Nida the bleak outlook had morale at an all time low; hatred some harbor, now demands are made; the list of this and that was presented at the staff meeting...

Wreaking havoc seem to be the habit of thought and fashion police; what's up they asked me? this intergalactic / Apollo 15 type of brotha dropped math on them during the greeting...

Tweaking beats and this good word when we came back with it!! but this is no Showtime at the Apollo type of business!!  breakbeat scientific business is going down as usual!!

I guess that's what it do when were all up in the spot...this is busines as usual...

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Synchronization PT.5 (The Saga / Struggle Continues)

It's going down!! but minds, bodies, and spirits aren't on the same page. 

Oh!!  I can see some are in conflict with the world..but they don't feel the same rage.  

Is it global warming or the Ice Age?  who'll use the same gauge?  the shade tree mechanic didn't know anything about calibration. 

Who's rolling unethical like Nathan Shady Deal down in Georgia?  if they are?  there's no synchronization. 

Who's on the scene? keeping it real compared to what per Les McCann and Eddie Harris?  jokers aren't fair with this!! who's  caught up in an unpleasant situation?  they're out here swerving. 

I'm considered obscene because I didn't truth or dare this..I stay in my lane!!  rolling in an 18 wheeler /  tractor trailer!!  a real dealer!!  no time for swerving. 

But I am observing the scene occasionally;  at the moment?  I'm parking lot pimping..eating a ham and cheese sandwich. 

Observing the scene;  no synchronization with these jokers trying to "ham and cheese"  their way to satisfaction per the Rolling Stones;  they can have it.

No synchronization with the B.A.S ...aka the bitch ass shxt that's going down in these zones...that can lead to drama like Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 getting shot down by a missile in the Ukraine..

No synchronization? please!! the saga / struggle continues...they're still looking for Malaysia Airlines what's the deally? what's up mane? 

Please!! Israel is trying to gain ground with the offensive in the Gaza...I'll need to do like Lebron James and bring my shooters to the battle..

Per Mike Miller and James Jones to's real!! but I'm not in sync with this thing...the saga / struggle I continue to roll down I-20 in Atlanta....


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Monstercat Podcast Ep. 017

Digital Crate Digging Continues....checking out the  Monstercat Podcast Ep. 017....finally caught up!! this is the latest episode!! 

Finally caught up on my least in this realm...a lot of work to do in others...anyway...check out the playlist and the podcast for the best in electro, dubstep, drum and bass and other facts of life...


00:31 Au5 - Follow You (feat. Danyka Nadeau) [Remix Mini Mix] [Exclusive Preview]
09:36 Rezonate - Shake It Off (feat. Jeff Sontag)
14:17 Stereotronique - Stock & Pull
18:44 Mr FijiWiji & Direct - Hysteria
21:58 Project 46 - Catalyst
27:20 Eminence & Redmoon - Changes (feat. Holly Drummond)
31:50 Televisor - Neon
36:25 Rogue - Night After Night
40:15 TVDS - Soulseeker
43:11 Tut Tut Child - Yockenthwaite
47:12 Rameses B - Serenity (feat. Charlotte Haining)
50:48 Noisestorm - Surge (Drum & Bass Mix)
54:49 TwoThirds - Glimmer (feat. CoMa)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Monstercat Podcast Ep. 016

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out the Monstercat Podcast Ep. they put it down like this...dropping, electro, drum and bass, dubstep and other spices of life...check out the playlist and the mix...


00:32 Pegboard Nerds - Here It Comes
03:57 Trivecta - One Night Only (feat. Yohamna Solange)
07:41 Razihel & Virtual Riot - One For All, All For One
11:41 Droptek - The Covenant
15:25 Pegboard Nerds - Pressure Cooker
18:11 Muzzy & Roniit - Pegasus
22:56 Stonebank - Holding On To Sound (feat. Concept)
28:09 Atmozfears - State of Mind (feat. In-Phase)
32:37 SCNDL - The Munsta (AlphavibeZ Remix)
35:00 Tut Tut Child - Power Fracture
38:10 PIXL - Rat Twist
41:27 DotEXE - Battle Cry
44:27 Stephen Walking & Soulero - Ampersand
48:49 ??????? - Prism
50:20 Vicetone ft. Collin McLoughlin - Heartbeat (Rameses B Remix)
54:18 Au5 & Fractal - Secret Weapon

The Outback Chronicles / Smoke and Mirrors Edition

This is business as usual...sitting outback on the's the Terrible / Terrific Tuesday Edition...

What it do? society will still drama in the Gaza Strip check out the ongoing Reign of Terror...jokers act brand new with me...the Lord I'll have to petition..

Sitting outback on the deck...feeling the July heat..downtown in the plaza? some just might flip!! smoke and mirrors is in affect from corporate boardrooms to the street!!   I told you it's business as usual..

What can you expect? the American manufacturing industry decreases but supposedly help is on the way..meanwhile drama is manufactured...similar to the  Republicans and the immigration issue..

What can you expect?  now Jose Antonio Vargas gets caught up in the system / matrix...the smoke and mirrors reminds me of  the fog in San Francisco..dealt with last year around this time...when I was West Coasting...

What can you expect? jokers will get what's coming to them like  Antonio Bays Priest Father Malone in The Fog...I even had to update this Captain's Log...based on Seaboarding...

Based on chilling in Savannah...the most haunted city in America...Spanish Moss hang from oak trees in Forsyth Park..

Chilling outback on my Atlanta wannabe macks and divas  fronted, flaunted; still trying to get their swag on...while O-Dog's bite is worse than the bark...

What can jokers expect if they bark up the wrong tree?  the drama will drag on and on and on!! it seems the smoke and mirrors have them confused...

Steve Harvey or Dr. Phil tell them how things should be....but horror and terror were the usual tricks of the trade...that's what is used...

What's up with me? a Louisville brotha cruised through the galaxy...intergalactic with mind travels while I'm sitting outback on the deck...

What's up with me? still dealing with the real... it's hard on the bricks..the boulevard!!....please!! these jokers will scheme up on the masses  like BRICS....but we pray like Pastor Sheppard at the TMBC on the Boulevard in Savannah..who'll understand a bruh? reflected on in these chronicles...based on sitting outback on the deck..


Monday, July 14, 2014

Dirty Worx / Ipanema Girl

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out some Bossa Nova / House Music from Dirty Worx  with Ipanema Girl...their interpretation of  the popular song The Girl from Ipanema...The version performed by Astrud Gilberto, along with João Gilberto and Stan Getz, released during the 1960's ...check it out y'all !!!

Breaking It Down A Thousand

..I was out there...running hard for a minute or two!! I'm trying to break it down a thousand...

Turning the dial after seeing what it do along the Seaboard or Atlantic Coast...not trying to brag and boast..I'm not cool with a loud one....

Talking loud and saying nothing per James Brown....some say the loudest one in the room is usually the weakest..

Dark clouds from tropic storms roll in over Savannah, Jacksonville plus Miami..Lebron James is gone...but Pat Riley makes move...he said once again it's on!! the roster? he'll tweak this....

Waiting in the dark? the crowds were soon Breaking Dawn from the Twilight Saga...bleak is the outlook..that's what the style will Israel and Hamas battling...

Tybee Island police had vehicles waiting in park....the saga / struggle continues...jokers "ain't right" ..not all brothas are crooks...even though we're riding through in donks, boxes and bubbles...the sound had the trunk rattling..

Feel me? some are foul up in this thing!!...the Church Covenant mentioned no tattling or backbiting but that seems to be the order of the day...

Feel me? some are foul up in this thing!! right wing anti-government radicals try to bring disorder our way..

Feel me? some are foul up in this thing!! the drama? they're loving it!! when they need to break it down a thousand..

Whose real with me? whose down for the cause? Outback Chronicles reflection and contemplation are part of the I break it down a thousand...

From public housing in Beecher Terrace up in Louisville to the plush suburbs of Atlanta...who'll understand a brotha? 

We're arousing the masses with this breakbeat science...after breaking it down a thousand they'll rise like the Costa Concordia...but I'm still on some "other other"

Sunday, July 13, 2014

All Up In The Spot / You Can Catch Me Seaboarding...

Were all up in the spot!! dipping down I-95!! were chilling out!! were in that kind of mode!!

In Savannah aka the S-A-V? thunderstorms and  90 degree temperatures make it hot..actually? in more ways than some shuck and jive!!  they're in that type of mode.  

The Savannah Harbor Expansion?  who'll understand that by talking crazy and acting brand new with it Jack Kingston almost blew it? ...but who'll understand a bruh? this is not the norm!!...but I'm all up in the spot!! ...Seaboarding from Charleston to Jacksonville aka the First Coast. 

Who's on one accord in this thing? please!!  attitudes and opinions differ;  who's the first to brag or boast? 

...All aboard the Party Train per the Gap Band!! but check those attitudes...there's blues like Bobby Blue Bland. 

Savannah!!  aka the most haunted city in America!!  spirits from strange fruit roam the Seaboard?  somebody might understand. 

Who'll understand a brother?  I didn't pass out leaflets to South Americans to rush the Mexican border like Republicans did. 

Unlike peeps rushing through the V103 Car and Bike Show..whatcha know? ....I discussed it with the brother from Philly;  that knew the deally like some brothers did. 

All up in the spot!! some have the story twisted!!  but my Louisville / Newburg default settings lets them know what the deal is. 

We're all up in the spot;  who knows?  I might merge with those that know what the real is!  

We're all up in the spot!! who knows what the deal is? the homie / pirate from Pooler ..outside of Savannah said for a small treasure he would drop knowledge...

...hip to the scheme or plot...but when I drop this breakbeat science who will understand a bruh?  catch me Seaboarding..the saga / struggle continues...the mothership gets good mileage...


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Curtis Mayfield / Get Down

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out this classic soul music from Curtis Mayfield  with Get Down...Get Down!!

Marinating / Soaking Up Game PT.4 :The Saga / Struggle Continues

Chicken wings were in the ice box aka refrigerator with honey and brown sugar on them...marinating..

In these games? wings, power forwards and  centers run up and down the court plays were run for them..point guards were hating...

Like Lebron James were moving forward like free agents..but we noticed hope was diminishing for others..

...As the clock ticks...Carmelo Anthony hopes he signs with the New York Knicks..meanwhile  agents of the apparatus  per Citigroup mortgage schemes try to be slick with these brothers...

..As the clock ticks...some understand me...this breakbeat science is based on doing the knowledge aka soaking up game...

I was marinating..whether I do or don't somebody will damn me..they'll even bomb the compound like Israel vs Hamas in the Gaza Strip..who's cloak and dagger in the game?

They were playing the Truth Game while I was marinating..thinking of a master plan per Eric B and Rakim..not trying to stagger through the'll get gaffled like Brazil by Germany in the World Cup..

Some are still hating...who'll work with me? some will be baffled after they get whats coming to them like David Letterman walking out on Joan Rivers...that's what's up!!

Some are still hating in this world that's we deal with these new type gangsters...the saga/ struggle continues...

Check out this by product from marinating / soaking up game...this good word and brand new funk is on these menus...

Those hating will drop ten years on you like Ray whatcha saying? soon you'll realize its all game...

We were jumping and recognizing after doing the  knowledge..marinating / soaking up game...

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Monstercat Podcast Ep. 015

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out the Monstercat Podcast Ep. 015 ...for the latest in electro, drum and bass, dubstep and other genres...check out the playlist and the mix...


00:31 Nitro Fun - Soldiers
04:01 Stereotronique - Sexy Beast
07:42 Tristam - Truth (The Dirty Tees Remix)
13:01 Astronaut - Apollo (Electro Mix)
17:16 Insan3Lik3 & Throttle - Better Than Expected
21:16 Au5 - Follow You (feat. Danyka Nadeau)
25:31 Mr FijiWiji - Let Me Out
28:47 Mystery Track 1
31:24 Televisor - Strut
34:49 Feint - Phosphor (feat. Miyoki)
38:04 Rameses B - Full Force
41:03 TVDS - Black Sky
45:27 Skifonix - Flatline
50:24 Insan3Lik3 & Rob Gasser - Open Hour
54:03 Tut Tut Child - Fat Cat Adventures
56:57 Insan3Lik3 - Rescue Me (feat. Jonny Rose)

Code Enforcement

Once again it's on...the Outback Chronicles and other concepts come into play during this time moment in time..

Caught up in it..check the response to these and those...still fighting like Israel and Hamas..evil is an opponent of mine...

It's real...elements and components are deployed to fight the arch nemesis that rolled up on the was hiding in the tall grass from the property next door...where's the code enforcement.?

It's real..Atlanta is one of leaders in were abandoned like Rose Royce mentioned about other realms some push and shove...but that's how the sport gets...

It's what's next? like Kevin Love or Carmelo Anthony voices mention your name in trade negotiations...

It's complex ...that's how the sport gets...some might understand me...even though I'm intergalactic like Apollo 11 ...Buzz Aldrin....

Its complex...that's how the sport gets...some might understand me..word from Apollo Nida.. maybe Phaedra Parks can tell you what's happening..

It's complex...what? the street code...thugs enforcing it? some were misled...waiting in the dark so they can't really tell you what's happening...

We move on to the next...coming correct when this breakbeat science is dropped...some are jumping and recognizing they want me back like Lebron James in Cleveland...

We move on to the next...some were politically incorrect but that's how they do 2016 GOP convention in Cleveland...

Code enforcement is needed for those deceiving the masses..but don't expect things to improve...

During the ongoing sport? we conduct seminars and classes....hopefully it'll make the crowd move...

Monday, July 7, 2014

Booker Ervin / Tyra

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out this smooth track from Booker Ervin  called Tyra..check out the players and the track..

We're All Up In These Spots / We Surprised Some

We're all up in the spot like Donald Sterling in court to keep the Clippers;  some are surprised to see us here. 

The mothership has landed;  but who will understand? how will we work things? who'll dip with us?   we're from way way out there ! 

Shorty said...we understand;  they were heard saying we would figure it out. 

I guess that's a vote of confidence in a sideways manner;  it's like John Boehner suing Obama...earlier they showed doubt.  

What's up with us? we checked out the drama like 14 killed and 82 wounded in Chicago over the holiday weekend..sideways glances asked the question; but we proceed and continue to go all out;  the saga / struggle continues. 

True indeed!!  this good word is dropped..along with the funk that's on these menus. 

When the mothership lands?  we're rocking these venues!!  like chilling at 4th of July fireworks at Lenox Mall with Party On The Moon..we cosmic slopped them. 

A brotha gets scientific like NASA spotting solar fireworks!! plus God's hands molds and shapes things !! those that were rolling with him?  he never dropped them.

A brotha gets specific per these breakbeat scientific principles;   hard nosed defense is played in these games!!  I never flopped in them. 

A brotha gets specific;  not fronting and flexing!! hoopties?  I hopped in them. 

All up in the spot!!  I dropped them off..what?  packages like UPS and FedEx. 

All up in the spot!!  what it do? we surprised some...I told them the sport is complex.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Aquarian Dream - Phoenix

Sunday Jazz Continues...checking out some disco / jazz from Norman Connors proteges  Aquarian Dream - with a smooth track called Phoenix.....check out the players and the track...