Sunday, September 30, 2012

Moonchild - Possible Worlds

Sunday Jazz Continues...venturing into the drum and bass side of jazz...oh yeah!! they're related!! "you ain't knowing" ??  do the knowledge

...stare off into the galaxy..check out the Full Moon that was in Aries that occurred this weekend...pondering Possible Worlds per Moonchild...this will take you out there...check this out!!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Damn!! Still Caught Up In The System / Matrix

They were caught up in the system / matrix...what did they Discover? banks were shady per the FDIC...but some said they were amazed by the beauty! 

Meanwhile in Louisville / Newburg this brotha was brought up with jokers hustling / stealing and drug dealing; they told me they were doing their duty!

The whole World Is A Ghetto per War; or George Benson's version..whichever one is working...but diplomatic immunity kicked in for this intergalactic mystic!

 Brotha from another planet?  please!!  the mothership has landed;  freedom? I don't take for granted...that lesson? I think some missed it!

Another joker told me he had the gist of it...but beauty was in the eye of the beholder!

Now he brokers for rights and privileges after finding out what the deal is; due to the information overload when he saw beauty he also saw issues; as the world became colder!

Some became rebels in Syria...but it was just a set up;  soon they're road kill! 

After being thrown under the bus; MARTA / Greyhound or even The Mega Bus;  or even a short one..didn't know that the correct mode was to chill! 

Whats the deal? other jokers faked it....sick like the hantavirus..they didn't know the proper protocol! 

....Now caught up in the system / matrix;  but they still look like a pro to y'all! 

They were trying to ball!! BET Awards going down...whose swerving through the streets of Atlanta? 

 Meanwhile I was chilling / observing the scene; been there and done that.....but some still don't understand a bruh!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Colman Brothers - Sem Amor (Scrimshire Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out this jazz / funk with a Latin kick being put down by The Colman Brothers with a cut called Sem Amor...the (Scimshire Remix) ...nice and smooth!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

All Up In The Spot /Some Were Waiting In The Dark

We were all up in the was like Israel mad at Iran...we're surrounded by unhappy campers! 

Global warming led to glaciers melting in the Arctic...the situation is hot;  now authorities want to bar code / stamp us!

Meanwhile I span the globe...brainstorming...the lamp is on top of the hardhat as I go in; actually I'm all in! 

Strobe lights flash in the disco; as  probes by Mars Curiosity Rover  spot water....I spotted jokers waiting in the dark / the abyss;  they'll fall in! 

Whose calling ghostbusters? ...please!!  was the Ghost Protocol followed....I think jokers were out of their jurisdiction! 

The host was down with Herbs and Busters that drunk the kool aid chilling reading pulp fiction!

Can't trust authorities...boasting about the drug interdiction when I see it still flowing or circulating!

Can't truss it per Public Enemy; so this entity stays in transition / circulating! 

Negative impressions made by those debating; sounding like Mitt Romney and the 47 percent! 

Negative vs positive?  plus vs minus? in the gray area others wear blinders; so who will circumvent?

How you living?  jokers said you can find us waiting in the dark following a hunch! 

.....with sinus problems from snorting coke and bath salts;  hot
wings and a cold Budweiser for lunch! 

Not aborting these missions!! dropping science and math with Sonic Assaults; were rolling!!  the vehicle is not waiting in park! 

All up in the sport? referees and officials bring the drama!! please !! even the replacements...rolling up on jokers waiting in the dark!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fragile State - The Facts And The Dreams

Digital Crate Digging Continues....rough day at the j-o-b...aka the grind ....

 cruising down I-20 on the way home listening to WCLK 91.9....the sound selector Jamal Ahmad was holding it down...

.....he put on this smooth track called The Facts and The Dreams by Fragile State...everything is alright now!! check it out...

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Checking The Scenario

I was checking the scenario...things were cutthroat like trout..shady corrupt ones were going all out like Ahmadinejad ....I'm seeing how the deal was playing out! 

The system was disrespecting weather satellites falling  their swag / steelo was playing out!

What were they expecting? change or be changed was the cliche; even though there's riots at Foxconn technology was something else! 

Now we rearrange the furniture after the storm comes through ....we're ready to rock them...but others were acting brand new like they've moved on to something else! 

Go on with your bad self!!  they were encouraged..they even got slick like Maserati Rick...but on another front progress was impeded! 

Check the scenario....what are some on? please!! jokers were high off that kratom...did they put away the bath salts?...everybody plays the fool sometimes per Main Ingredient!

Check the scenario...I take them back to school;  I seeded the secret bear witness to the harvest! 

Check the scenario...jokers drunk all the drank and then got weeded; now they want to start this! 

Checked the scenario...spotted the ongoing nonsense; some blame it on the Pluto / Uranus Square! 

Checked the scenario....other planets were aligned to make it form a T-Square! 

Checked the mass hysteria like protestors in Madrid..we didn't expect things to be fair in love or war!

Let the healing process begin!! as we heal the physical or emotional scar!

Checked the scenario...some are through dealing...meanwhile like Seattle Seahawks others are trying to win...even with replacement referees... 

Checked the scenario...somebody asked me what it do? told them about this breakbeat science...that's the deal with these....

Monday, September 24, 2012

DJ Big Bud - Darker Than Blue (Feat. MC Conrad)

Digital Crate Digging Continues...still on that drum and bass..checking out LTJ Bukem protege DJ Big Bud..  with some help from MC Conrad....with a cut called Darker Than Blue...from LTJ Bukem's Progressions 4!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Manu Dibango, Courtney Pine - Aye Africa

Sunday Jazz Continues....checking out this African by way of London style jazz....Manu Dibango featuring Courtney Pine..with the Maraboutik Big Band, coming with a song called Aye Africa. This special concert called Lion of Africa took place in London in 2004 as Manu celebrated his 71st birthday. Check this out!!

The Saga / Struggle Continues /We're Still Trying To Hold On

So whats up? I'm just trying to hold on for another minute or two!

So whats up? I know its we proceed and continue.. we kept it moving...towards the breakthrough! 

Authorities interrogate... they're trying to break you...might even shoot you like dude in the wheelchair in Houston..I think we have a problem.....homie mentioned debatable circumstances!

Being built or torn down? as hostile territories similar to Syria show hate;  whose really making advances? 

What will the response be? found a joker like Mitt Romney; one good at faking dances with the devil...all at the disco inferno! 

Meanwhile O-Dizzle is the one breaking beats; while O-Zone makes scientific advances like Higgs Boson...just trying to learn more! 

Whats the dizzle? jokers say my militia is illegitimate like in Libya; but its not about the money...I'm not big bossing...but trying to earn more..survival is the key! 

Please!! more money more problems!!!  trouble wonders when your arrival will be! 

Please!! check us iPhone 5 were Transmitting Live...that  will be the ticket..bringing the hardcore style! 

Please!! All the way live like Lakeside is how we kick it!! were out here in this danger zone..just trying to hold on..but the process is made hard by the foul! 

Driving to the hoop? the hard  foul was given by a Metta World Peace disciple! 

Or is it Ron Artest?  as we take the the system / matrix  haters pulled out the scan sheet! 

....wanting us to bubble in the answers;  but were not sleeping in the game...the saga / struggle continues...were just trying to hold on...wise to the set up!

We're peeping game...check us out.. like the hubble telescope or even the Mars Curiosity Rover.....the game is not over; we can't let up!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Coldcut - Beats & Pieces (Mo'Bass Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues...rolling down I-20 in Atlanta listening to 88.5 WRAS ...they have a program on Saturday nights called The Soul Kitchen ....playing old school soul /funk  music

...heard this track from Coldcut I had forgot about called Beat and Pieces....jazz / funk /hip-hop / breakbeats at its finest!! check this out!!! 

They Were Going Through It PT.7

My peeps were going through in Benghazi running away the jihadists...looks like they were hung out to dry! clothes on the clothesline in the the prosecution rolling with Mitt Romney..check the tax returns...authorities know you hung out with somebody that will lie! 

....or somebody that will cry wolf....fronting on Tiger Woods like Greg Norman....when nothing was popping! 

....or somebody was in sheep's clothing but they were a wolf... now things are tight in these hoods....on the block jokers had contraband..the goods....spectators are looking / stopping!

 O-Dizzle peeps game; cut from a different Clark Howard I spotted speculators price gouging!

 The reign began with a drizzle...some were waiting in the dark like Wall Street  gamblers who were out for a fast buck are lounging! 

We're managing to stay afloat....that's the dizzle...we kept it moving ...we're way way out there! 

......please!! we're transition...others were micro and macro managing like the Taliban...why did they go there? 

Whats up man? who do they know out there? they said they're going to it!

Now whats up? damn!!! now I see them going through it!

Meanwhile were at least acting like we knew...we're not acting like we know it all per Cam Newton...

...word from Steve Smith....and from this wordsmith...all of us are going through it..damn!! whose acting brand new again?

Friday, September 21, 2012

Marcus Miller - Detroit

Digital Crate Digging Continues....checking out some jazz / funk from bassist Marcus Miller...with a cut called Detroit....the Big "D" ....Live at Jazz in Marciac 2012.....the players on this track? 

Bass : Marcus Miller .....Trumpet : Sean Jones .....Saxophone : Alex Han

Piano & Rhodes : Kris Bowers......Guitar : Adam Agati.....Drums : Louis Cato

Thursday, September 20, 2012

LTJ Bukem - Unconditional Love

Digital Crate Digging Continues....checking out some laid back ...jazzed out, funked out drum and bass from LTJ Bukem...with a cut called Unconditional Love...from his Journey Inwards project..

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rawkus Presents: Soundbombing II (Full Compilation) (1999)

Digtal Crate Digging Continues.....checking out some classic hip hop from...Rawkus Presents: Soundbombing II (Full Compilation) (1999).....probably one of the greatest hip hop compilation's ever made. ...featuring the hip-hop classic '1999' by Common & Sadat X. Appearances were also made by Mos Def...Mad Skillz...Pharoah Monch...Pete Rock....Reflection Eternal (Hi-Tek and Talib Kweli)   mixed by J-Rocc plus Babu from the Beat Junkies...check out the playlist and the mix!! 
0:00 - Intro, 1:58 - Any Man (Intro) (Feat. The Beat Junkies), 3:02 - Any Man (Feat. Eminem), 5:55 - B-Boy Document (Feat. Mos Def & Mad Skillz), 10:03 - WWIII (Intro) (Feat. The Beat Junkies), 11:04 - WWIII (Feat. Pharoahe Monch & Shabaam Sahdeeq), 14:34 - Stanley Kubrick (Feat. R.A. the Rugged Man), 18:06 - A Message from J-Live & Prince Paul, 18:55 - Crosstown Beef (Intro), 19:45 - Crosstown Beef (Feat. Medina Green), 24:15 - 7XL (Intro) (Feat. Marley Marl & Pete Rock/The Beat Junkies), 25:12 - 7XL (Feat. Sir Menelik, Grand Puba & Sadat X), 29:02 - Chaos (Feat. Reflection Eternal & Bahamadia), 33:14 - Soundbombing (Feat. Dilated Peoples & Tash), 36:19 - Brooklyn Hard Rock (Feat. Thirstin Howl III), 37:44 - Mayor (Feat. Pharoahe Monch), 41:13 - Patriotism (Intro), 41:52 - Patriotism (Feat. Company Flow), 47:01 - 1999 (Intro) (Feat. Q-Tip & The Beat Junkies), 48:23 - 1-9-9-9 (Feat. Common & Sadat X), 52:34 - When It Pours It Rains (Feat. Diamond D), 54:38 - A Message From Mos Def & The Beat Junkies, 55:45 - Next Universe (Feat. Mos Def), 58:51 - Every Rhyme I Write (Intro), 59:35 - Every Rhyme I Write (Feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq & Cocoa Brovaz), 1:03:31 - On Mission (Feat. Reflection Eternal), 1:07:48 - Outro

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

BreakBeat Scientific Business / It Is What It Is

Letting the hustlers hustle and the players play; it is what it is...I'm cutting them off like NATO did the Afghan police...I'm too busy handling breakbeat scientific business!

Mental and physical muscle is exercised by this futuristic mystic; please!! I'm knowing what the deal is! knowing what the real is / who it is / and where it is!

Dude said it is what it is..Mother Jones told you about Romney; what will the response be?  in love or war whose fair with this? 

Everybody gets a share of this; from Chicago teachers on strike to  like Florida on Good Times; everybody is saying Damn Damn Damn! 

Some will truth or dare with this..doing what they like per Marc Leder...blowing through like Tropical Storm Isaac in Florida; meanwhile like Teddy Riley O-Dizzle will jam! 

The rain will slam the parade; plans Peyton Manning some even throw three we have to regroup! 

The Nike swoop represented no pain no gain for Air Force One or Jordan representatives; what's happening?  khakis plus Crooks and Castle white tees were part of the soup! 

...or business suits like Wall Street with tassels...facing no hassles...check the flavor / check the behavior;  as the hustlers hustle and the players play! 

As we save the day conducting this breakbeat scientific business;  let the music play!

The old school baptist preacher said let us pray...while the new school preacher conducted business...corporate style...

The old school combines with the new and the next...check us out..were in transition / we come with the next...but it is what is...we know the sport is foul...

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Adventures In Paradise

The moon was in Sagittarius when I wrote this;  astrologers said be adventurous! 

Now its in Libra...we just had the Virgo New jokers go all out!! per Minnie Riperton....check the adventures in paradise to see what the deal is!

 I see ya!! what are you dealing in? some jokers can feel this..they spotted the Bernie Madoff or Jim Donnan type game / shady venture before it was put down!

Broken beats and English explain this; but not beating a dead horse that's already put down! 

Below par is how we play the course; like Tiger Woods when he was in his prime! 

Below par is results for the American adventure in paradise; but its even rough in France...check the "ain't nothing nice" ...its tight in these hoods!! word from Dekalb County authorities that rolled up on the stash house.. just check the crime! 

Circumstances are debatable...being built or torn down? just check the grime / the dirt;  plus the smoke and mirrors when your caught up in the system matrix! 

Atlanta was supposed to be the promised land for adventures in paradise; but these jokers just fake it!

As we take a beat and break check this good word...were trying to take it Up A Step like Hank Mobley.. 

As we take it to the streets like Doobie Brothers...this is what it do with these brothas...some will act like they know me!! 

We're in survival mode...but hip to the Deliberate unintentional participant in these Adventures In Paradise...

Check the arrival...still in street mode while others act false in the hood...whats good? some will tell you "it ain't nothing nice"

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Osunlade - Envision (Âme Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out this tech house track from Osunlade called Envision remixed by A'me  ...nice and smooth....check it out!

Ransom, Various Artists Bully The Block 14

Digital Crate Digging Continues...back on that hip hop; checking out this Bully The Block mixtape....featuring Ransom, Bishop Lamont, Slaugherhouse, J Hood, Styles P and others...

Friday, September 14, 2012

Kanye West, Pusha T & Ghostface Killah "New God Flow"

Digital Crate Digging Continues....on some hip hop...checking out Kanye West, Pusha T & Ghostface Killah with the "New God Flow" ....

Thursday, September 13, 2012

BreakBeat Scientific Business / Thats What The Deal Is..

Whats the deal? not fooling with Nakoula Basseley Nakoula type jokers making anti-Muslim movies...were letting the hustlers hustle and the players play!

Things are way too real!! I'm like the old school baptist preacher..let us pray! 

Not like that old fool Pastor Terry we proceed through these danger zones...Lord watch over us!!  some are thrown under the bus...the apparatus is trying to get over on us...Pontius Pilate and them! 

In these danger zones jokers will get foul with it over for us?  check the I dip in the Pontiac Grand Prix down I-20 in Atlanta; I'm through with them! 

....Acting brand new with them?  I don't know...but I did spot a joker trying to snow the snowman! 

....I'm not talking about Young Jeezy but please believe me!! others were high off the second hand I go for what I know man! 

Whatcha know man?  I was hip to the inside joke..knowing what the deal is! 

Secret knowledge was revealed...I studied it while others erupts like a volcano in I pass it on while conducting this breakbeat scientific business! 

Whats the deal? I'm dropping knowledge after dealing with the madness... the Total Chaos;  I was outraged by the destruction / corruption! 

Spots get hit up like Haiti by Tropical Storm Isaac;  plus I was wise to the justice obstruction! 

Whats up son?  old dude at the Checker Cab stand asked me....he mentioned being too heavy for light work and too light for heavy work. 

Now the attitude is rude after cashing reality checks; some might work overtime; handle your business!!  check this breakbeat scientific business as O-Dizzle does the heavy work!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Here It Is

Damn!!!  I was Bush receiving pre-9/11 warnings  I thought it wasn't coming..but here it is!

Now Sonic Assaults...are unleashed;  Teena Marie type Square Biz! 

Please!!! O-Dizzle gets Random Thoughts are expressed by the Brotha O-Zone! 

Whats the dizzle? little homie asked...I told him to bear witness to what it its in the Mideast...Israel vs Iran...whats up man? we're chilling  in the danger zone! 

Pay attention to the stranger; just a clone..he's ready to blast like James Holmes in Aurora Colorado!

Psychiatrists said he was about to blow his top because hard luck piled on...he was just trying to maintain...but Sherlock Holmes / One Adam Twelve and other authorities didn't bother! 

Whats up with a brotha? here it is!!  ...but they caught me off guard! 

Discombobulated due to glitches in the matrix; but I take it to the hoop like Rondo or Chris Paul....a real point guard! 

Its hard out here!! everybody is going through something..some blame it on the Pluto Uranus Square....its like here it is! 

Whatcha know?  as we go there...whats up y'all?  whether were ready for it or it is!

I don't like the way its going down; but Winston Churchill said there's nothing to fear but fear itself! 

Whose dealing with the church on the hill? maybe an entity that will fear itself! 

You heard!! lets be real... it is what it is and its gonna be want its gonna be! 

Here it is!! as we try to deal with it..meanwhile authorities say they're on to me!

Monday, September 10, 2012

GQ Podcast - Dirty Electro Mix & Hashtag Guest Mix [Ep.59]

Digital Crate Digging Continues.....I know the weekend is over...but still in a mood for some DJ mixes....checking out out these electro mixes from GQ (Going Quantum)   ...and Hashtag check out the playlist from both;

00:00 Jibberdee - Pipano (Tiako Remix) [Hard Granada Records]
03:06 Rocket Pimp - I Think It's Me [Free Download]
04:06 Alex Mind - Facelift [Bazooka Records]
06:35 Parisyte - Push [Big Fish Recordings]
07:51 Deorro J-Trick feat Dye - Can You Hear Me [Club Cartel Records]
08:22 Savage Skulls - Adrum Drum [U&A Recordings]
09:51 Vodge Diper feat Jay Jacob - Next To You [Big Fish Recordings]
13:50 Parisyte - White Sun [Big Fish Recordings]

14:54 Hashtag - Take Control [Technique Recordings]
16:00 Metrik - Drift [Viper Recordings]
17:29 Kove - Stellar [Viper Recordings]
19:19 Tantrum Desire - Reach VIP [Technique Recordings]
20:47 Dimension - Digital World [Cyantific]
23:00 Hashtag - Paralysis [Technique Recordings]
25:08 Hashtag - Law & Order [Free DL via Technique Recordings]
26:39 Fred V & Grafix - Decades [Talkin Beatz]
28:07 2DB - Blunderbus [Technique Recordings]
29:57 Tantrum Desire - Get With It [Technique Recordings]
31:25 KG - The Day She Walked Away [Talkin Beatz]
32:52 2DB - Ghetto Boy [Technique Recordings]
33:34 Hashtag - Hurt & Pain [Technique Recordings]
35:27 Dimension ft Cyantific - Detroit [Cyantific]
37:27 Tony Anthem & Axl Ender VS Erb N Dub -- Rise (Urban Assault Remix) [Heavy Artillery]
39:49 Danny Freakazoid & Strobe - Follow Me (KG Remix) [Talkin Beatz]

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Stanley Turrentine - Sunny

Sunday Jazz Continues....summer is over with....Labor Day holiday just passed...I tell you...the summer of 2012 was hot!! Sunny..per Stanley Turrentine...check this out!! on this track the players are;

Stanley Turrentine - tenor saxophone * Blue Mitchell - trumpet * Julian Priester - trombone * James Spaulding - alto saxophone, flute * Pepper Adams - baritone saxophone * McCoy Tyner - piano *  Bob Cranshaw - bass, electric bass * Mickey Roker - drums * Joseph Rivera - percussion  * Duke Pearson - arranger...enjoy!!

Doing The Math / Solving Problems

I was doing the math; like retirees trying to budget and cut costs; now emotions are mixed...feelings are bittersweet! 

Old dude at the Checker Cab stand in Louisville was tripping...whats up with it? he had notions...he said you have to take the bitter with the sweet...

.....remembered that philosophy...checked it out during the economic smash and grabs like student loan collections, during other hi jinks, and glitches in the matrix! 

Meanwhile colleges increase their endowments...foul with it..similar to dealing with Pirates from Somalia hijacking ships and the retaliation..a foul situation, or similar to being down here in Atlanta building with snitches that just fake it! 

This is no Pirates Of The Caribbean type of dealing...the ditches out in Newburg will take it;  the body of a busy body that was running off at the mouth!

 ....similar to dealing with authorities over in Johannesburg / South Africa where miners were slaughtered..meanwhile politicians run off at the mouth...

Similar to dealing with these jokers here in the ATL from NYC;  after capers were pulled they're running down south! 

We weren't through dealing...were way way out there in the mainstream of mathematics...refusing to fail...Sonic Assaults are unleashed...this is how we roll...we had to tell a joker to watch their mouth!!

We were dealing with a team of fanatics...jokers were uncouth......they didn't follow the protocol...they didn't exercise due diligence; they didn't work the math problems! 

...tripped up by truth or reality; let the healing process begin!!  ..finding out what the deal is after following wrong paths!!  now like the bomb blasts in Iraq they have problems! 

Were doing it!!  but haters said were wrong with this math; they said this wouldn't qualify us for sanctification..please!! this good word plus O-Dizzle rocks them!!  check the steady bombardment...part of our Sonic Assault strategy!

 Doing the math....solving problems... breakbeat scientific?  that's the dizzle for shizzle!!  those caught up in the system / matrix should holla at me!


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Way Out There....Intergalactic With It

Whats the deal? from Pluto to Mars...from Louisville / Newburg to Johannesburg...the Brotha O-Dizzle is intergalactic with it!

Taking his own picture like The Mars Curiosity Rover..  the game is not over...out there like the Battlestar Galactica; check the battle scars when I holla atcha; as I just deal with it!

Way Way Out out beyond the Atlanta metro area...O-Zone is not just busting gas and talking feces..just real with it; others were fanatical like Syria vs the rebels...the reign of terror is ongoing; the saga / struggle continues!

I'm just real with it....not out here stealing HCFC-22...the ozone busting gas....please!! check us out as smoke and mirror activities continue! in Babylon? like presidential campaigns representatives babble on; telling you what you need to do!

.... but some jokers live in glass houses; yet they throw stones ...needing to get their lives right; whats up man? that's what they need to do! 

Authorities tell you what you need to do!! they'll even say we tampered with the glove like Johnnie Cochran...but they're out of their jurisdiction! 

Territories were ripe for the hostile takeover due to the pulp fiction!

What district were you in? please!!  the federation will send storm troopers! 

Intergalactic when we kick the severe weather in the Northeast ...we're knowing what the storm will do for us! 

.....but we're intergalactic...energized by the Aurora Borealis aka the Northern Lights!

....not surprised by South African miner killers.....or even those Aurora Colorado killers like James Holmes; when you deal with us we drop these insights!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Letting It Go

I'm letting the hustlers hustle and the players play; I'm even letting the divas trick the non believers! 

They didn't believe she was the daughter of Hurricane Isaac..aka Tropical Storm Leslie...I tried not to let things get the best of me...I even tried to tell some it was all game and that the system would try to deceive us! 

Check out foreclosures and underwater mortgages...whose trying to achieve? us...but we realize the terrain is the waters are rough like off the coast of Costa Rica...please!!  there's no smooth sailing! 

....Plus non-believers are disputing the truth; trying to provide proof that were failing! 

But were prevailing; we let go and let God per Marvin he orders our steps! 

Were prevailing; even though rungs are missing on the ladder and slick oil from the BP oil spill uncovered by Hurricane Isaac is on the steps! 

Were floating...sailing down the stream of consciousness; please!! were way way out there;...but others weren't checking for brides audition like for Tom Cruise.....jokers were saying we're going to sleeps when we come with this! 

Were letting it go like were shooting weapons in the hood just to flex...O-Zone has this good word and O-Dizzle brought the drum with this!

Were letting it go like Mitt Romney talking out the side of his neck about the growing debt and food stamps...

What will the response be? authorities roll up on dude brainwashed by gangsta rap...on the corner with drugs is where that fool lamps..

What will the response be? please!! dude was going postal..a fool puts stamps on the envelope he was trying to push.. 

Meanwhile were letting it go...letting it unfold naturally..bear witness to how we cold crush...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Large Professor - "Key to the CIty"

Digital Crate Digging Continues....checking out another cut from Large Professor off his Professor@Large project...this one is called Key To The City...

Large Professor "M.A.R.S." (feat. Cormega, Action Bronson, Roc Marciano & Saigon)

Digital Crate Digging Continues...rolling down I-85 listening to 88.5 WRAS they didn't!! did they just put on some Large Professor? that's the real hip hop!! 

this track is called M.A.R.S of Large Pro's Professor @ Large project....on this cut he has Cormega..Action Bronson...Roc Marciano and Saigon riding with him...check this out!!

Its Going Down / Behind The Scenes

Its going down; like at Republican conventions...the truth was bent per Pres. Obama.. check out the deliberate falsehood...plots and schemes were being hatched behind the scenes! 

Its going down; plots and schemes were hatched; money was the motivation behind the dreams! 

Its going down; O-Dizzle Runs It...he's going off.... something fresh is batched in response; streams of consciousness were harvested! 

Its going down; O-Zone is going off with these good words..I had a whole sack full...but whose checking for me?  there's no response...ready to leave this solar system like Voyager 1..I was almost done...but when my team comes with this others will want to be a part of this! 

Were all up in the heart of this; caught up in the system / matrix; spotted others trying to fake it until they make it...but we're not trying to be card carrying members!

Like old dudes that were retired...rocking Members Only jackets with polyester slacks; were trying to avoid jacks and the machine is hard on us; it folds, mutilates, and dismembers! tries to crush us like Syrian rebels... but O-Dizzle is cold crushing it..bass, tone and treble is adjusted behind the scenes; similar to timber that's cut by lumberjacks; but these trees were like an endangered species!

Behind the scenes plays were called by armchair quarterbacks; but plans fizzle due to lack of execution...we found out they were just talking feces! 

Please!! some will get hit up like the Godmother of Cocaine.. Griselda Blanco...motorcycle assassins roll up..please!! behind the scenes is where it was all going down! 

The motivation behind these dreams? getting paid..please!! from the South Pacific to Charlotte its going down...whatcha know man?

Meanwhile were getting breakbeat scientific with it;  O-Dizzle is throwing down! as we put it down like this...

This is the rebuttal to those that fake it...behind the scenes they get slick with we continue to fight this...

Monday, September 3, 2012

Lil Wayne Dedication 4

Digital Crate Digging Continues....back on that hip hop; checking out this Lil Wayne mixtape Dedication 4 hosted by DJ Drama.....courtesy of DatPiff....check it out...

Nas - Stillmatic (Album)

Digital Crate Digging Continues....checking out some hip hop...always go back to it...listening to a stream of the classic Nas Stillmatic album...check  out the playlist....

 Starting times:
01. Stillmatic (The Intro) - 0:00    02. Ether - 2:14  03. Got Ur Self A - 6:49

04. Smokin' - 10:37  05. You're Da Man - 14:25  06. Rewind - 17:51

07. One Mic - 20:05   08. 2nd Childhood - 24:34  09. Destroy & Rebuild - 28:25

10. The Flyest (Ft. AZ) - 33:50   11. Rule (Ft. Amerie) - 38:28  12. My Country - 43:00

13. What Goes Around - 48:13  14. Every Ghetto - 53:13

Matthew Shipp - Rocket Shipp

 Digital Crate Digging Continues..checking out some jazz /funk....riding out on Matthew Shipp's Rocket Shipp... from his Nu Bop album...the players are....

Matthew Shipp on piano w/ William Parker on bass, Daniel Carter is on the sax, Guillermo E. Brown on drums, FLAM on percussions)

BreakBeat Scientific Business / Labor Day Edition

So whats the deal? whats really going on? please!!  I'm all about this breakbeat scientific business! 

Like the cliche / catch phrase;  I'm keeping it real!! I ignored those jokers who were Obama I'm not mad at them...I'm just letting folk go on about their business! 

ATL an east side hood...what's good? avoiding the drama like Aleppo or Damascus in Syria...letting the hustlers hustle and the players play;  some might feel this..they know what I'm talking about! 

Whats the deal? letting go of the madness /Total Chaos...mental and physical muscle is exercised as we deal with these clones that are stalking about! 

Whats the deal? whats the word on the curb? it's like jokers shooting miners in South danger zones they're talking about this and that;  running off at the mouth!

Chilling in Atlanta suburbs; business conducted with the Mexican cartel and the Arabs....guns and products stolen due to smash and grabs up top; then jokers were running down south! 

Even Joe Biden's U-Haul got jacked...others slacked....Gus and Herbs were just birds flying south during the winter and summer storm!

 ...brothas like me curb appetites; with this good word I'm dropping lights blink on the instrument O-Dizzle will give the drummer some!

We were able to solve the riddle after the mothership landed;  peeped game...the base runner was done!! he tried to steal second base..but was thrown out by the catcher! 

The facebook feed of a brotha was blocked;  face to face with a crook? please O-Dog rocked..putting it down like Roger Federer..he was a big beat batcher!

O-Zone was a secret knowledge snatcher /interceptor..then I hit you up with it! 

Danger residents can go on about their business; as these brothas get breakbeat scientific!


Sunday, September 2, 2012

LTJ Bukem Featuring MC Conrad - Progression Sessions 4

Sunday Jazz Continues..checking out some drum and bass with a jazz / soul  and hip hop feel to it...checking out LTJ Bukem Featuring MC Conrad  with  Progression Sessions 4 

We're Just Trying To Hold On

Were still trying to rebels in Syria..we're trying to hold on! 

Wishing it was a simple thing...but the machine is trying to get their staple / mutilate and fold on! 

I wasn't impressed by the sales pitch...even if it was by Mia Love...its not all love..Republicans try to get their hate on...some say it was all about the messenger and not the message!

 .....Whats up with another man? the coping strategy fails a snitch; they ran their mouth one too many times; pushed and shoved into back of the Chevy Suburban..they'll get gaffled like it was the middle passage! 

Check this hot message from a gets heavy...but I'm not out here swerving...its not the church of Scientology..creating a Deliberate Falsehood! 

Plus its not an Elaborate Fantasy; understand me?  at the Jackson Hole plots and schemes are devised...whats up with it?  whose acting false in the hood? 

...Telling us its all good;  but all I see is Total Chaos and confusion! 

But we keep it moving; will the Unification Church do so without Rev. Moon? R.I.P ...meanwhile we keep holding on; its all about winning; were not about losing! 

Some are choosing to take the assignment like Mission Impossible..but didn't follow the Ghost Protocol?  

Meanwhile were cruising down I-20 here in Atlanta..with plans to bring this breakbeat science to you...based on jazz, funk, hip hop and soul...

We're on a roll..just like Democrats on their way to Charlotte..

Meanwhile Wall Street South gets hit up...please!! people are struggling...Occupy Wall Street / Charlotte is on the move..people are just trying to hold on..caught up in the system / matrix; in the heart of it... 

Curtis Fuller - 'Five Spot After Dark'

Sunday Jazz Continues...checking out trombonist Curtis Fuller with this smooth classic cut called Five Spot After Dark...

the lineup / players are Curtis Fuller, trombone; Benny Golson, tenor sax; Tommy Flanagan, piano; Jimmy Garrison, bass; Al Harewood, drums. Check it out!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

DRUM 'N' BASS - REGGAE MiX {VOL.4} by FaxCool

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out  this Drum 'N' Bass- Reggae Mix  {VOL.4} (by faXcooL) 

....a good thing for this Labor Day weekend.. check out the playlist!!

 00 (00:00 - 00:21) C'Daynger - Spliff Right Now   01 (00:21 - 02:37) C'Daynger - Lets Get High (Ganjahburnfyah Remix)

02 (02:37 - 03:59) Baga Sound - 2012 (Babylon Shall Fall)  03 (03:59 - 05:38) Baga Sound & Yami Bolo - Inna Di Jungle

04 (05:38 - 08:01) Gregory Isaacs - Night Nurse (Cain 1 & Wakcutt Remix)  05 (08:01 - 08:56) High Flow & Lyricson - Bad Load

06 (08:56 - 10:02) J Bostron - Its A Pity  07 (10:02 - 12:08) Million Stylez - Born In Da System (EPeak Rmx)

08 (12:08 - 14:37) Mooncat - Nyabinghi    09 (14:37 - 16:24) Mooncat - Strictly Roots

10 (16:24 - 18:34) Probe & Sylo - Dreadnaught  11 (18:34 - 20:03) Viniselecta And U Stone - Bless I

12 (20:03 - 22:10) W.A.R - Reggae Killaz   13 (22:10 - 24:43) Wobble T - Soundbwoy

14 (24:43 - 28:42) General Levy - We Progressiv (Betabass feat. Epeak)
15 (28:42 - 30:36) General Levy - Jah Love

16 (30:36 - 32:44) Corners Crew - Anthem  17 (32:44 - 35:20) Alix Perez - Dubrock

18 (35:20 - 37:45) Baga Sound - U centru Džungle  19 (37:45 - 42:43) J Bostron - Nuttin A Go So (aim JBostronuk)

Bootsy Collins - I'd Rather Be With You

Digital Crate Digging Continues....rolling down I-20 in Atlanta...much respect to KISS 104 for putting on this classic...Bootsy Collins / I'd Rather Be With You...sounded so nice I had to hear it twice...enjoy!!