Friday, July 31, 2020

Pure Deep House Music Playlist Mixed by DJ JaBig

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday!! also considered a Fabulous Friday since we're blessed to be here to enjoy it..

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on, as we take it back to the future; intergalactic battles fought out here on the frontlines; a sonic army? we'll deploy it...

Not toying with it!! what? the sonic weaponry!! the sound? we're weaponizing,  already mentioned the temperature is rising due to it being a cold word..

Not toying with it!! peeping game not sleeping in the game jokers will be October surprising like Trump with a vaccine for Covid - 19; shock the world?

Trying to shock the world like Muhammad Ali per the Flashback Friday reference? a fellow Louisvillian / Louisvillain putting it down? 

Trying to rock the world, you feel me? listening to Pure Deep House Music Playlist Mixed by DJ JaBig; check out the playlist and the mix as we do it real big!! O-Dog Day Partying, putting it down!!

You're In My System (Atmospheric Vocal) The System, Kerri Chandler, Jerome Sydenham Atmospheric Beats (Original Extended Version) Jerome Sydenham, Kerri Chandler Got to Be DJ Steaw Heaven DJ Steaw Get Out (Detroit Swindle Remix) Matrix (US), Detroit Swindle
Shotgun Detroit Swindle
Deeper (Original Mix) Reelsoul 2morrow (Original Mix) Reelsoul Forever Grateful (Rocco Rodamaal Venere Mix) Karizma, Rocco Someday (Summer Duck Mix) Rocco Eye Nyam Nam'A' Mensuro (Henrik Schwarz Blend) Ebo Taylor, Pat Thomas, Henrik Schwarz

Thursday, July 30, 2020

The Chambers Brothers - Time Has Come Today

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Throwback Thursday; this is how the work will be...

Retro - futuristic? that's on these menus as we go back to the future, not acting brand new with ya, so who'll work with me?

Check the movement as we get into Good Trouble per John Lewis, following the instructions he left before he went home, eulogized by Barack Obama..

Check the movement implemented by others, catching some brothers out there like Herman Cain; damn!! now he's gone home, Trump will say charge it to the game;  a victim of the ongoing drama? 

..I guess it was their time, so O-Zone will continue to go for mine; spot me out on I-20 in Atlanta rocking an old San Diego Chargers hat..

Realizing time is precious, in a zone cruising passed up by a 100 mph dude in the Dodger Charger, "going on with that"

Chilling!! my time is spent wisely! now checking out this classic jazz / funk / rock tune from the The Chambers Brothers - with The Time Has Come....

Check us out as we rock out!! going off in these chambers! communicating with the drum..

What's That Noise? (Part Eight)

What's that noise? damn!! sirens are heard as the thought and fashion police try to pull up on the spot..

What's that noise? gunfire heard like Louisville narcs rolling up with reckless abandon on Breonna Taylor's spot the temperature's rising the block is hot; a defining moment for Louisville? we'll say how it all plays out..

It's not surprising me, hustle knocks were the norm for this Louisville / Newburg dude,/ society is rude but a dude still goes all out..

It's not surprising me per Throwback Thursday thoughts; Louisville? I had to get out of there!! Mitch McConnell  had things screwed up as the Jefferson County CEO; now the saga / struggle continues in the Senate..

It's not surprising me per Throwback Thursday thoughts; what's that noise? Mitch McConnell praising John Lewis when he blocked everything John Lewis stood for? what's the deal with it? 

It's not surprising me per Throwback Thursday thoughts; Barack Obama delivering the John Lewis eulogy at the funeral down here at Ebenezer in Atlanta while Trump is absent..

It's not surprising me per Throwback Thursday thoughts that back in 1973 Donald Trump and his pops Fred Trump we're accused of housing discrimination; fast forward to today, the so called Suburban Lifestyle Dream is promoted..

It's not surprising me per Throwback Thursday thoughts, but back to that noise I heard? sirens blare as the thought and fashion police pull up!! my status demoted concerning Laura Ingraham's  fake concern for Bernie Trammell a black Trump supporter in Milwaukee? 

What's that noise? probably Laura Ingraham playing games, soon called out by Lebron James; reckless is how her talk will be..

What's that noise? I hear basketballs bouncing as the NBA season resumes; games are played in the bubble down in Orlando..

What's that noise? class is in session y'all;  teaching some a lesson with the sonic blackjack, good trouble per John Lewis? somebody will understand a bro!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

George Benson - Off Broadway

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we try to keep the HumpDay Extravaganza segment going!!

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on, getting over the hump is the business!! we're trying to keep this thing going!!

A brotha is just "going for what he's knowing" not stumped by the questions on the multiple choice test..

God is blessing us, it's showing even in the midst of this ongoing chaos and mayhem!! it's all just a test...

Oh yes!! it's a just a  test of the emergency broadcast system, to the Lord we're praying!! Lord Help Is The Battle Cry!!

Oh yes!! now who'll work with me? it's like George Benson On Broadway work was put it, trying to make it happen captain? why ask why?

Feeling spry!! grateful, chilling like this George Benson  Off Broadway track, I'm back!! check out the players and the track!!

Noticed it was written by Rod Temperton  and produced by Quincy Jones, back in the day they were pimping in these  musical zones man!! but it's not a simple thing! those that know will "holla back"

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

What's That Noise? (Part Seven)

What's that noise? Oh!! O-Zone has that music turned up, that's how he makes it through a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday... named because things cam play out either way so he'll just let the music play and drop this good word, you heard? "somebody will see what I say" I can see what they're saying so we're coming through with no delaying "it's going down like this"

Not losing my poise I'll keep praying even utilizing The Battle Cry; Lord Help!! Lord Help!! borrowed from the old school preacher up in Louisville who knows what the deal is..

Cruising; what's that noise? damn!! sirens heard while up on I-64 in Louisville as Kentucky State Troopers pull a black man over for driving a nice looking Buick Lacrosse..

Bruising  the ego, reminded of the noise heard back in the day as Narcs up in Louisville  trashed the Oldsmobile Delta 88 looking for contraband but I wasn't that kind of man, not ready to tale a loss..

Negro please!! that's the noise heard as I told myself  "I'm really gonna have to get up out of Louisville"; reminded of the decision after Narcs up in Louisville shot up Breonna Taylors spot..

Not at ease, trying not to lose my poise, trying to see what's up with Trump's Secret Police up in Seattle and Portland, making it hot!!

What's that noise? oh!! they're back in the sport again, already making it hot for South Americans at the border and  post 9 / 11 Muslims

What's that noise? oh!! we're back in the sport again making it hot, scrapping / scraping / hustling..

What's that noise? it's all falling apart  / falling down but we're falling through with the sound,  we're breaking beats and the so called Kings English; who will work with me? its a rough job but somebody's got to do it!

A hater brings pain and anguish; ingredients to an meal like some kind of chef from Hells Kitchen!! so act like you knew it!

Monday, July 27, 2020

CTI All-Stars - Rock Steady

Sunday Jazz err wait a minute; Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday; I lost track of time..

Maybe I need to get out of that Time Machine mentioned by Chocolate Milk over at my What's Really Going On website while I was dropping insight; is that a crime? 

Still going for mine getting the machine set working it all out without a doubt; others try to bilk the masses like the GOP with their Corornavirus Relief Bill...

Still going for mine, on the scene dropping this good word and the sound; my constituents know the deal..

Coming through with that real jazz from the CTI All-Stars with their version of Aretha Franklin's  Rock Steady, courtesy of Jazz Vinyl..

Representing CTI Records lovely!! Ron Carter / George Benson / Grover Washington and other all stars coming through!! check out the other players and the track, if you're ready!! let's go!! this conflict is not final!!

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Jack McDuff - Pressure Gauge

Sunday Jazz Continues, we're broadcasting live from a remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta as a hot afternoon morphs into a hot evening...

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes as a brotha survives / arrives rolling down I-20 earlier behind a Dodge Charger with  Pennsylvania license tags with  a The Marathon Continues sticker in the back window, in honor of Nipsey Hussle? probably not, but not knocking the hustle even though they were  misbehaving.. the Ford Mustang that almost hit the Honda Passport, no pass given in the sport even though they were cutting it close...

They're not home on the range, no passport is given in hostile territories!  in Portland constituents will tell stories about the Trump Secret Police that'll oppose..

Cutting it close up in Louisville as NFAC shed light on the Breonna Taylor situation  while John Lewis crossed the Edmund Pettus Bridge for the last time...

Cutting up?  rocking Louisville Cardinal gear showing solidarity, on the Resistance Task Force opposed by thought and fashion police? they'll act brand new with us / acting petty with us when we're trying to take it to the bridge one more time!!

Going on with mine!! releasing the pressure gauge listening to Jack McDuff with a track called Pressure Gauge

Check out the players and the track,  my constituents will "holla back";  so rough so tough like Roger and Zapp!! from Portland to Minneapolis and from Louisville to Atlanta they're feeling the rage..

What's That Noise? (Part Six)

Lightning was seen / spotted, then someone asked what's that noise? the ground was shaking due to the thunder..

Enlightening; those that scheme / plotted? they  made to much noise like Trump's Secret Police when they entered the spot, plus they drew too much attention with their uniforms; from Lafayette Square to Portland up in the sport again trying to take us under

Even Lt. Gen. Russell Honore calls out Trump for abuse of power,  recognizing the pattern concerning no honor among thieves..

Well, their appears to be some honor as GOP keeps quiet as it all falls apart; meanwhile we're making a new start; a dude achieves ..

A naysayer is heard asking,  what's that noise? thought and fashion police said we're rude with these, plus they spotted us rocking Louisville Cardinal gear..

A player is trying not to lose his poise, Breonna Taylor's murderers still run free, now the NFAC pulled up on the Ville trying see what's there..

What's that noise?  heard what a con was trying to tell ya!! they said it's the right time, but whats the real  deal?  I don't know maybe Attorney General Daniel Cameron wasn't  looking in the right place!

What's that noise?  sonic assaults will blast per this Sunday Jazz, we're trying to get our minds right like,  whats the deal? we're we  looking for the right space?

What's that noise?  lessons are taught by reality;  some will spaz; Damn! Damn! Damn! like Florida from Good Times is heard!! we're trying to get our mind right like true players for real!! O-Zone drops this good word,  .meanwhile O-Dizzle will get down!! were these brothas making the right moves?

What's that noise? soon falling into place; Right Place Right Time? whats the by product;? soon falling in the right groove?

Right Space...Right Frame of Mind!!  the train of thought keeps rolling even on this Sunday morning, did we have the right to prove that we were worthy?

Whats that noise? tapping on Roland / Yamaha and HP keyboards like typing on calculators doing the mathematics; doe's it qualify us for sanctification? we're  pulling up, fast breaking like old school LA Lakers!! Magic Johnson and James Worthy

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Spandau Ballet - Chant No. 1 (I Don't Need This Pressure On) (Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this Saturday Night Fever segment; my constituents are eligible for it..

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on!! please believe a brotha we're trying to deal with it...

....also trying to be real with it: O-Zone is not playing with it in these days and times he's dropping science..

Facing opposition like Sinclair Broadcasting vs Dr Anthony Fauci concerning a Plandemic; dammit!! some of these folks are out of their minds..

Facing opposition like opposing militias standing off in Louisville where Breonna Taylor's murderers haven't been arrested;  wondering what's on  Attorney General Daniel Cameron and others minds!!  plus what are Trump and Bill Barr up to in Portland? 

Meanwhile we're coming with it, rocking Louisville Cardinal gear as I type this listening to rock / funk / house music from Spandau Ballet with  Chant No. 1 (I Don't Need This Pressure On) (D- Bop Remix); respecting because the pressure was felt by O-Zone, but once again it's on!! check out the players and the track!! we're all up in the sport again!!

Flute, Saxophone: David 'Baps' Baptiste Horns Arranger: Gary Kemp Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals: Gary Kemp Engineer: Gary Langan Engineer: John Etchells Drums, Vocals: John Keeble Trumpet: Kenny Wellington Bass Guitar: Martin Kemp Vocals: Martin Kemp Trombone: Nathaniel Augustin Engineer: Nicholas Froome Engineer: Pete Walsh Horns Arranger: Richard James Burgess Producer: Richard James Burgess Percussion, Tabla, Vocals: Steve Norman Vocals: Tony Hadley Writer: Gary Kemp.

Friday, July 24, 2020

1 Hour Boom Bap Hip Hop Jazz Chill Beats

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday, that's the kind of vibe exhibited can you dig it?

Also recognizing it's a Fabulous Friday, it's a blessing to be here so we'll put it down like this, can you dig it?

Jokers not surprising me, they'll "holla at us" with the madness!! the outcome? they'll try to rig it "so I'm staying on point"

....using that old school hip hop catch phrase, catch me these days listening to that 90's hip hop, just posted some at my satellite station; thought and fashion police interrogate me, they're asking me what's your point?  

Catch me these days Afternoon Jazzing / jazz hopping listening to 1 Hour Boom Bap Hip Hop Jazz Chill Beats per Nicola Armellin

O-Dog Day Partying? another fashion displayed check the playlist and the good music played to see how we're living!!

0:00 Kunfu - Boom
02:45 90sFlav - Moongirl
05:41 Mr. Käfer - Scarabeus
08:49 AK420 - Scorpion Style
12:06 Beatmaschine - Underground's My Style
15:29 Remulak - New Cone
18:43 Mvnitou - 3000 Long
21:47 Devaloop - Headnod Ish
25:28 JoDu - Rawness
28:10 Funki Flava - I Got Tha Goods
31:19 Philanthrope - Time Goes By
33:33 90sFlav - Seven Of Nine
35:41 Beatmaschine - Back To Reality
38:59 AK420 - Wake'N'Bake
41:53 Snares - Passt
44:45 Mr. Käfer - Blastin
46:50 Devaloop - About Jazz
49:23 Spaze Windu - Reality
51:43 12Vince - I'm Leaving
54:07 Beatmaschine - Steady
56:43 AK420 - I'm Like

(2004) Deep House Compilation.MP4

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Flashback Friday; excuse us but this is the kind of business we'll handle..

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on; I flash back to the future after taking an excursion into the pass; hitting the switch / getting the machine set / pushing the button / twisting the handle..

Working it all out!! trying to get rich?  placing a bet like it was Las Vegas or in the crap game up in Victory  Park in Louisville back in the day; feeling some kind of way, rocking the red and black Louisville Cardinal hat and shirt as I type this...

Working it all out, but it's rough out here!! up in Louisville nobody's been arrested for Breonna Taylor's death!!  life is a bitch but not calling a woman a bitch like Rep. Ted Yoho did Alexandria Ocasio - Cortez..

...she had to put him in check for the disrespect so now we'll move on to the next; listening to 2004) Deep House Compilation.MP4

We're still O-Dog Day Partying in the heart of this thing!!  this is a Grau Selection as we rock your section! check out the playlist and the mix to learn the score

Tracklist: 1 - Sasse - Kaiserlei Kreuzt (Original Version) - 00:06 2 - Falko Niestolik - Soulshaker (Original Dub Mix) - 06:09 3 - Mettle Music - Blue Song (Club Intro Mix) - 13:08 4 - Lisa Shaw - Let It Ride (Speakeasy Remix) - 17:10 5 - Arvid, Ernesto - Try (Andy Freaky Dub) - 22:32 6 - Fred Everything - Studio C - 28:15 7 - Rene Breitbarth - Mos Eisley - 33:13 8 - Kaskade - Safe (Original Vocal Mix) - 36:45 9 - Big Moses ft Agboola - Soulful Strings (Lite FM Mix) - 43:10 10 - Nick Holder - Return To The Paradise (Original Mix) - 50:20 11 - V Sexion - Say What! (DJ W¡ld Remix) - 55:00

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

What's That Noise? (Part Five)

What's that noise? trunks were rattling in the old hooptie, that 808 was booming!! it sounded like a Baghdad truck bomb..

Baghdad and bombs was mentioned previously by Outkast as sounds blast, that's what these ATLiens were on..

Years later?  once again it's on!! per Trump's Secret Police? bombs over Portland, Chicago or a city near you? what it do? so what's that noise?

A hater is ignored as we get over the hump per this HumpDay Extravaganza!! "all up in the sport again"  going for what we know!!  trying not to lose our poise...

What's that noise? up in Louisville my constituents still raise their voice, no justice no peace is heard regarding Breonna Taylor; even Tobias Harris will speak up plus O-Zone will continue to tell ya about the summer madness as it continues.....

What's that noise? was it the constitution being ripped up by Bill Barr? they're already not fair with us as the saga / struggle continues..

What's that noise?  during the ongoing illusion these so "partners in crime"  O-Zone and O-Dog were stepping out on faith with these breakbeat scientific principles; naysayers were like damn!! were they sliding into the abyss together?

What's that noise? my constituents were asking for help, drowning / swimming in deep waters that weren't  still like the Four Tops talked about? but some say whatever!

What's that noise? money machines running? PPP recipients /  companies skimming profits? .cunning and clever ones pulled out all stops so streams could flow!

What's that noise? jokers were gasping for their breath not in a mask or PPE so what's the deally? they were  running with mothers and fathers of chaos and confusion; even their daughter  "went for what she know"

O-Zone? losing my poise because I can't go with the flow I'm busy  "going for what I know" ; getting  breakbeat scientific..

Danger zone residents? voices are heard per dealing with Covid 19 and systemic racism and they're being specific..

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

What's That Noise? (Part Four)

Concepts are revisited unlike family reunions in 2020 because of the coronavirus,  it doesn't surprise us.

Cons visited the White House, moved in!! some tried to warn us like Hillary Clinton , outcomes  proved them right!! damn!! the advice was priceless..

The response? insight dropped "all up in the house / all up in the spot!! thought and fashion police spot us, heard asking what's that noise?

The response? Trump kept tweeting law and order, soon he dropped boots on the ground in Portland, now threatening Chicago! I guess that's "how it go" when you lose your poise..

..among other things but this brotha brings the noise like Public Enemy as digital crate digging continues in conjunction with this good word..

Now naysayers try to slow a players roll, making him lose his poise?   a hostile entity will plot a takeover check the menus as a fool like Trump tries to rule by executive orders and decrees, you heard?

What's that noise? saying prayers? others waiting in the dark? some will reach comatose; about to blackout! 

...others had on white tees for the white out but no fans are allowed in the game due to the coronavirus but cardboard cut outs were spotted!! meanwhile in another game I heard beep! beep! beep!  after others schemed / plotted!!!  soon I heard rubber burn like the Gap Band, the Dodge Ram truck will back out!

What's that noise? meanwhile over in Decatur Georgia some were boisterous,  but I thought the mack game was played  out?   we're in the midst of a pandemic but still seeing players in Stacy Adams kicks and "pimped stripped"  suits!

...with matching masks on even though Brian Kemp is suing Keisha Lance Bottoms saying Georgia residents didn't need them;  power /  rights and privileges stripped because of lawsuits? 

O-Zone multi-tasks on them with the sound and this good word!! making some noise like the announcer advised us to do at the high school football game!! realizing things can go either way on what I call a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday so I dipped in Timberland boots dirty and muddy from the Georgia  / Freddie Hubbard Red Clay; revolutionary, doing the dirty work!!

I dipped in the mothership; now some will ask, what's that noise? after it lands back down on earth, but what's it all worth? peeping an earthlings game, some were gluttons for  punishment!! as long as thy're in power they'll say it didn't hurt!!

Monday, July 20, 2020

Coldcut - Atomic Moog 2000 (Post Nuclear Afterlife Lounge Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday, we're pulling up / coming through clear the runway..

...aka I-20 in Atlanta, intergalactic but somebody out in these galaxies will understand a brotha that's done it his way..

'Doobie Doo, Run Run Run / Running Away" per Roy Ayers was cued up in the Kenwood of the mothership old school with it but not reporting to class / that reopening;   that Covid -19 is still out here..

Denied by Trump, seeing if he's sending  Barron and the grandchildren to school  see what's up!!  excuse us but we've been hood up in this sport; these days? sliding  through the portal, now way way out there..

Beats bump per O-Dizzle, retro - futuristic riding the Wayback Machine now back on the scene getting the machine set..

Working it all out!! listening to Coldcut with Atomic Moog 2000 (Post Nuclear Afterlife Lounge Mix) courtesy of The Herbaliser as this Winter Soldier is peeping a Nuclear Winter!! that's the deal with it, but these survivors will deal with it!!

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Shafiq Husayn featuring Bilal - Between Us 2 ·

Sunday Jazz Continues check these menus for the after Sunday service meal, we're trying to chill..

....on a hot Sunday afternoon; earlier O-Zone was swerving with this  let you know what it  was doing  / letting you know the deal...

Let the music play as we chill, sheltering in place trying to avoid this Covid 19 and systemic racism plus this 95 degree weather here in Atlanta..

Let the music play as O-Zone let's you know how these jokers play with that good word; somebody will understand a brotha!!

At the moment soul jazzing / jazz hopping listening to former Sa Ra Creative Partner member  Shafiq Husayn featuring  Bilal with a track called  Between Us 2 ·

I posted the instrumental version earlier, check out the all star players and the track partner to see what it do!!

Backing Vocals – Sunny Bey
Bass – Kelsey Gonzalez
Drum Programming – Josef Leimberg
Featuring – Bilal
Flute – Camille Martinez
Keyboards – Matthew "Honeybee" Little
Lead Vocals – BilalShafiq Husayn
Producer – Josef Leimberg
Saxophone – Kamasi Washington
Strings – Miguel Atwood-Ferguson
Trumpet – Josef Leimberg