Thursday, July 2, 2020

We're Not Quitting / Stopping!! (Part Eight)

Due to the Covid -19 resurgence you'll find us sheltering in place, but we're not quitting / stopping..

Not reopening too quick like some of these states then having to hit the pause button; fools rush in then become collateral damage,  soon dropping..

Low key with it, no Russian bounties paid to the Taliban for us; peeping game, so who's for or against us? those supposedly looking out for us play us like Bobby Rush,  lounging in our office like Chicago police officers..

Low key with it, but cold crushing like the Cold Crush Brothers per Throwback Thursday but avoiding slush fund operatives like Atlanta, Louisville and Minneapolis police officers..

...shooting up brothers and sisters, Rayshard Brooks / Breonna Taylor  / George Floyd deaths shed light on matters..

Looting treasuries was the focus of crooks in these corporations, billionaires get richer while null and void was my constituents status

We're not quitting / stopping!! here we are, back at the scene of the crime; earlier? per Throwback Thursday  I circled back around the block in The Olds Cutlass Supreme aka The Cut Dog on 26's to see what One Adam Twelve or  CSI /Miami was up to!

We're not quitting / stopping that's whats up with us!! winning like Trump said he was going to do but derailed by coronavirus / economics / racial injustice?   suicide bombing like a wannabe martyr? whats up with ya?  who did you let corrupt you?

So whats up with ya? that's what  they ask the brotha O-Deezy!! told them I'm not quitting / stopping  I'm trying to be easy. Commodores on Sunday Morning, check the Throwback Thursday reference in the midst of no benevolence!  in the details is where the devil is!! knew what the deal is, now I'm chilling!!  picked up the order at Waffle House with  hash browns smothered and covered; eggs over easy!

We're not quitting / stopping but situations get salty and greasy like Church's Chicken!!  a brotha can't have any peace!

Drama goes down everywhere, on to the streets, churches, corporations and government ; so whats up with it? check the catch phrase,  no justice no peace! 

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