Sunday, May 31, 2020

Gil Scott Heron - Fast Lane

Sunday Jazz Continues, check these menus as this Sunday meal is served; eat it up!!

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on!!  O-Zone chills but others  swerved out in these American streets because of the George Floyd situation; things are about to heat up!!

Scenes are observed as O-Zone still shelters in place, this coronavirus hasn't went anywhere, worldwide?  we're still dealing with it

Scenes observed? oh yeah!! your dude swerved out in those Atlanta streets for a minute checking out the damage done here in Atlanta, from CNN to Lenox Mall protesters were real with it...

Others swerved, they played it like this Gil Scott Heron track;  in the Fast Lane, check out the players and the track...

Science is dropped, check the plot of the production about fast lane corruptions; somebody might be able to feel that..

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Richard "Groove" Holmes - Down Home Funk

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Saturday evening; we've got this Saturday night fever thing going...

Chilling out in the lab, menus developed for these meals as we deal with shady deals; worldwide they're showing...

From Minneapolis to Louisville to Atlanta and all points around / in between  protesters are showing / proving per the aftermath of Ahmaud Arbery / Breonna Taylor / George Floyd incidents..

We'll holla back with this breakbeat scientific by-product showing / proving, check my conduct as we deal with all this..

We'll holla back with this Down Home Funk, courtesy of Richard "Groove" Holmes!! check out the players and the track...

Coronavirus medicine / vaccine? more for the mental / spiritual which can help the physical Holmes!! once again it's on!! "holla back"

Friday, May 29, 2020

Heatwave - "The Star Of A Story" (DJ Spivey's 4am Edit)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday, might as well say it's a Fabulous Friday also..

Counting our blessings as society keeps stressing; fighting back by dropping this good word, good music will play also...

..y'all should know how it go by now!! stressing us from Louisville to Minneapolis; peep game; "y'all know what the haps is" 

..y'all should know how it go by now!! stressed in this midst of the coronavirus pandemic? for some living life is hazardous!! naysayers claim this is hazardous material but what we have is spiritual; not hapless in the midst of the ongoing madness..

These players are chilling out in the lab!! checking out  Heatwave's   "The Star Of A Story" (DJ Spivey's 4am Edit) it's some soul music to house music business!!

Thursday, May 28, 2020

We're Not Quitting / Stopping!! (Part Three)

It's going down on this Throwback Thursday, your dude is having "reflections of the way life used to be"

It's appropriate, for this Throwback Thursday!! borrowing a line from Diana Ross and The Supremes; wondering what it all means?  it's also a Thankful Thursday! progress has been made from "the way life used to be"

No opioids / opiates or barbiturates to have me loss out there in the extremes or in the fringes due to the binges..

We're not quitting / stopping / taking a loss!! these teams out here in the mainstream of mathematics didn't think we would do the knowledge!!

We're not quitting / stopping / taking a loss! we're trying to work through our issues,dealing with this and that!! we're out here in the midst of this coronavirus pandemic with over 100, 000 deaths!! it's rough out here!! problems? everybody has their share!

We're not quitting / stopping / taking a loss! feeling the pressure dealing with some that have the smile on their face the Undisputed Truth told you about it; they're uncouth!!  per Covid 19 we're social distancing and wearing a mask  but we'll need a good mask to wear in spiritual warfare!

As we go there!!  not playing the Truth Game like Trump on Twitter needing to be fact checked!! check out how we we proceed and continue as the saga /struggle continues.

As we go there!! in the ATL?  its international!!  excuse this dude but I'm down with  Jews / Muslims / Christians  / Mexicans / Asians /  Indians and Hindus!

Check us out as the melting pot brews like tea, but jokers can lose me if they're showing hatred,

Check us out, we're all up in the spot handling business!! please!!  the Brotha O-Zone minded and tended.

Beats are blended plus this good word is dropped as we cosmic slopped following these universal principles..

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Billy Ocean - Pressure (U.K. 12'' Extended Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this HumpDay Extravaganza edition; at the moment? this is how we're living...

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on per this rainy afternoon in Atlanta as we shelter in place per this coronavirus pandemic; at the moment? this is how we're living!!

Check these menus as we prepare this midweek meal, recognizing the deal; my people from Brunswick Georgia to Louisville on up to Minneapolis can't eat..

Rocking these venues is the mission as we feel the pressure!!  we're dealing with the chaos and confusion by setting this O-Dog Party off!! we're taking it to the street!!

Listening to Billy Ocean with a track called Pressure (U.K. 12'' Extended Mix) ; it's sweet!! it's bumping!!

It's going down from across the ocean over in London to here in Atlanta!! Tommy D laid down the remix, like I said it's bumping!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

We're Not Quitting / Stopping!! (Part Two)

We're not quitting / stopping!! check us out on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday, so called because things can go either way...

We're not quitting / stopping!! claiming the terrific outcome but being realistic; things haven't gone well in this year of 2020..

..from my kinfolk Young Nitt leaving the scene to this Covid -19 things have been off the chain..

Some are done with it but the devil is happy!! please!! y'all should know he wants to see God's people in pain!!

We're not quitting / stopping!! diplomatic immunity is exercised as we play it like Drake following God's Plan; that'll work for me..

Memorial Day? homage and respect was paid to those that made the ultimate sacrifice; now Trump wants his constituents to reopen America; collateral damage per the Herd Immunity?

Memorial Day weekend? I was peeping game; rolling through the Atlanta metro area from Holcomb Bridge Road in Roswell  to Candler Rd in Decatur: a bruh spotted Camaros and Dodge Chargers sported by the wannabe cartel members!

Priorities shifting, they're out here drifting when previously they were Donk / Boxing and Bubbling in Buick Regals / Cut Dogs and Chevy Impalas, the situation getting fouler? it's troubling but I wasn't sleeping in the game, please!! I've chilled with corporate executives plus the crook that got busy; doing the knowledge / studied the history  / a dude remembers..

Priorities shifting? some memories your dude was bubble wrapping, a bruh Remembers The Time like Michael Jackson; but it wasn't the time we fell in love.

We're not quitting / stopping!! now we're all up in the action!!! our constituents told us to play on player /  get your hustle on!! for a dollar?  another will push and shove! my people are dropping, but they'll  tell you that its all love!!  saying its business not personal!

That's a funny way to show it!!! but we're not quitting / stopping!! told some to do the knowledge,  as you go through it; trying to find somebody to work with you!

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Late Nite Tuff Guy - Love X Love

Sunday Jazz Continues!! we're coming to you live on this Memorial Day Holiday Weekend..

Much respect to those who paid the ultimate price, also to those who we're victims of Covid_19...

Much respect!! we keep praying!! mentioned earlier The Battle Cry Is Still Used; Lord Help!! Lord Help!!

Still sheltering in place, plus social distancing / masking when out in these Atlanta streets; guarding spiritual / mental / physical health...

Failure in the race due to social engineering? Trump said reopen the churches as the collateral damage lurks in the background...

Meanwhile the pace picks up as we boost the morale check the style; beats bump!! we're listening to the  Late Nite Tuff Guy with his version of George Benson's Love X Love; check us out!! we came back around with the sound!!

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Deep House Mix 2020 · Valencia City · Grau DJ

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this Saturday Night Fever segment; once again it's on!!

O-Dog Day Partying? we're doing it!! "holla at me" if you're feeling it!! once again it's on!!

Y'all have to excuse O-Zone, still sheltering in place plus social distancing and wearing the mask when out in those streets per the coronavirus pandemic...

Ignoring Trump with his reopen America rhetoric, trying to tell churches to reopen when some that did like in Arkansas, Georgia and Alabama; becoming a petri- dish?  it's academic..

Beats will bump and this good word is dropped on ya!! we're out here listening to Deep House Mix 2020 · Valencia City · Grau DJ

Beats will bump!! check out the playlist and the mix!! in the midst of the ongoing chaos and mayhem this is how we're playing this!! y'all feel me?

1 - Cedric Salander - Vamos (Darles Flow Dub Mix) - 00:00 2 - Sebas Ramis, Tutsi, Girl Play House - Body and Soul (Original Mix) - 06:31 3 - Dantiez, David Penn, KPD feat. Kwedjatey - We Are Human (Deep Mix) - 11:47 4 - Poussez - Harmony (Original Mix) - 18:18 5 - Tidy Daps - Give a Damn - 26:07 6 - Bucher & Kessidis - Again (Deep Mix) - 29:43 7 - Alexander B - The System - 36:55 8 - Spiritchaser ft Terry Grant - A Thousand Dances (Extended Mix) - 41:18 9 - DJ Monique - Music On Hold - 47:02 10 - Marco Grandi - Back to Earth (The Stain Remix) - 51:51

Friday, May 22, 2020

Hospital Records Drum and Bass Lockdown Mix 4

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Flashback Friday; of course we'll take it back to the future..

Especially since it's a Fabulous Friday, check us out as we make a play!! not acting brand new with ya..

Friday Feelings are exhibited while we're in the midst of this coronavirus pandemic; we're trying to stay strong...

Shady dealings are on the rise as jokers try to reopen America in pursuit of the prize; others will get shutdown like Hong Kong..

...others are only so strong; some asked Is There A Doctor In The House? they were looking for some medicine....

Doctor O hospitalized some per this Hospital Records Drum and Bass Lockdown Mix 4; check out the playlist and the mix!! The Hesh Besh did the mixing...

Grafix – Stutter
Nu:Tone - Hyper Hyper (Original)
Urbandawn - Together Again (I Pray) (Original)
Camo & Krooked - Loving You Is Easy (S.P.Y Club Remix)
Metrik – Terminus
Krakota – Elastic
London Elektricity - Telefunken Lizard Filter
Blu Mar Ten - Starting Over
Etherwood - The Rain Will Fall (feat. LSB)
Netsky - Moving With You
Hugh Hardie - A Deeper Blue (feat Charli Brix)
NU:Logic - Side By Side
Danny Byrd - Changes (Calibre Remix)
Polaris - Distant (Original)
Keeno - Lost For Words (feat. Walk:r & Natalie Wood)
Radiax - Tech Trick (Original)
Royalston - Black Cloud (feat Victoria) (Original)
Krakota – Irregular
Inja, Whiney, Queen Zee - Crooked Flex
Basement Jaxx - Buffalo (Dub Phizix Remix)
Royalston - People On The Ground (feat. Hannah Joy) (Anile Remix)
Nu:Tone - Kitsch N' Sync
Polaris - Blue Sky Thinking (Original)

Thursday, May 21, 2020

We're Not Quitting / Stopping!! (Part One)

This is how it's going down on a Throwback Thursday / Thankful Thursday; check how this work will be!! the whole world is eligible for it...

...not just my constituents! we're not quitting / stopping!  they're already feeling it; the question is, can you dig it?

We're not quitting / stopping! we're out here dealing with it as some like Florida and Georgia will try to rig it; what? the game!! coronavirus pandemic numbers were erroneous?

Manipulating the data when they "holla atcha"; we'll still shelter in place like those in the path of cyclones in India and Bangladesh..

O-Zone? feeling the pain / anguish but staying strong; others were asking me if there was a doctor in the house!!

In the zone bringing the pain per this sonic assault!! O-Dizzle is the sound selector in this sector rocking the house!!

We're not quitting / stopping! jazz / funk / hip hop and house music are weaponized for the ongoing spiritual warfare.

..The Battle Cry Is Still Used: Lord Help! Lord Help! weaponized for the ongoing spiritual warfare!! 

The weaponized good word and percussions are something else!! we're putting it down like this!! damn!!! these breakbeat scientists are making progress!

 We're not quitting / stopping!  knowledge is dropped all up in the spot where reason gave way to madness...per the ongoing sessions?  enhancing the healing process!

Let the healing process begin!! from the red clay of Georgia where a brotha  like Ahmaud Arbery can catch it out in Brunswick to drama with Breonna Taylor on up to Louisville!!

Per Throwback Thursday? listening to Red Clay by Freddie Hubbard;  who tried to play a brotha? we're not quitting / stopping! now that's the deal

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Best Of Black Thought - The Features, Vol. 2 (2011-2020)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the HumpDay Extravaganza, getting over the hump is the business understand a brotha?

Check these beats that bump along with this good word you heard? breakbeat scientific business is handled by a brotha!!

From these streets of Atlanta where the mothership landed a brotha to Louisville where narcs will set you up trying to say you set up a drug deal then shoot up the house per Breonna Taylor the apparatus will start with a brotha....

Act like you knew it, per Ahmaud Arbery in Brunswick down here in Georgia the apparatus will fail ya! word from a brotha!!

Act like you knew it!! the Georgia shelter in place has expired per this coronavirus but it doesn't surprise us that  the numbers "ain't right"; it's all about the cash flow / work flow...

Going through it, but still sheltering in place listening to the Best Of Black Thought - The Features, Vol. 2 (2011-2020);  it's courtesy of A - OK All Day ok? check the playlist and the mix / check the flow..

1 The Imperial feat. Statik Selektah
2 Crowns for Kings feat. Benny the Butcher
3 Rapid Eye Movement feat. Pharaohe Monch
4 Bird's Eye View feat. Raekwon, Joey Bada$$ & Statik Selektah
5 Congregation feat. Talib Kweli & Ab-Soul
6 Art Imitates Life feat. Black Thought, Rah Digga & Albe. Back
7 Bad to the Bone feat. Salaam Remi
8 Roman Candles feat. Roc Marciano & The Alchemist
9 Education feat. Yasiin Bey, Freddie Gibbs & Madlib
10 Masters of Our Fate feat. Raekwon
11 Couldn't Tell feat. Statik Selektah
12 Money Makes Us Happy feat. Skyzoo & Bilal
13 Codes & Cab Fare feat. Black Milk
14 Riot feat. Thurz
15 NOIR feat. Adrian Younge
16 Too Long feat. Saigon
17 Diamond Cutters feat. Roc Marciano
18 Holdin' On feat. Black Thought, Yaw, & Khari Lemuel

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Best Of Black Thought - The Features Vol. 1 (1998-2010)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; my constituents "already know what it do"

...Tuesday referred to in this way  because things can play out either way as we claim a terrific / positive outcome, but we're acting like we knew...

Being realistic, this coronavirus pandemic has the world going ballistic; please!! it's rough out here!!

Being realistic? it doesn't surprise us, mathematics were done!! with fanatics? we're done!! taking social distancing to another level, not just "out there"

Going ballistic with this sound, sonic assaulting listening to Best Of Black Thought - The Features Vol. 1 (1998-2010)

This is courtesy of   A-OK All Day check out the playlist and the good music that'll play!! this is how it's going down!

1 Zen Approach feat. DJ Krush
2 Love Movin' feat. J Dilla
3 In the Ghetto (Wake Up) feat. The Roots, Rakim & John Legend
4 No Stoppin' feat. Larry Gold, Gene Mcfadden & John Whitehead
5 Nothing Ventured feat. Edo.G
6 Respiration feat. Black Star (Pete Rock Flying High Remix)
7 In the Sun feat. Common & Shaquille O'Neal
8 Live Forever feat. Cradle Orchestra
9 Philly Boy feat. BK-One
10 My Favorite Mutiny feat. The Coup & Talib Kweli
11 Ill Street Blues feat. STS Dice Raw & Truck North
12 Slow Down feat. Chiddy Bang & elDee The Don

Monday, May 18, 2020

Beat Therapy 31 - A Trip Hop Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this Music Monday format; we're on that!!

O-Dog Day Partying earlier but we've got other work to do y'all knew I would say that!!

Now we'll play that good music, following one of my mottoes ; "Let The Healing Process Begin"

Somebody asked if there was a doctor in the house?  please!! O-Dog will rock the house!! that's what's up / that's what's happening!! 

Doctor O has that medicine not scamming like Trump talking about hydroxychloroquine, we're jamming listening to Beat Therapy 31 - A Trip Hop Mix

Check out the playlist and the mix, this is courtesy of Confused Bi-Product of a Misinformed Culture as we school y'all on this trip hop / jazz hop culture by getting breakbeat scientific

00:00 - Komakino - First and Foremost
02:58 - nAvi the North - The Northern Entrance
04:35 - Darkside - The Sweet Motel
05:23 - Yousla - Freak Fender
07:51 - DJ Inzi - Jazz for Wind
9:40 - Dubble D - Ooff!
10:26 - GYVUS - Lemon Tea
11:54 - Sagesse - Zoombastic
13:51 - Ribbonmouthrabbit - Momento Mori
15:50 - The Silk Demise - Silkshatter
18:03 - Esbe - Midnight Ocean
18:50 - Nym - The Carpenter
21:44 - DJ Spinna - Starz
23:56 - Gasoline - Da Truth
28:05 - Geoslide - Slow Down
28:55 - Mr. Pakman - Left me with the blues
31:11 - Lark Daddy - Flip Flop
33:11 - Astro Ralph - The Protagonist
34:51 - GuiB - Rijsel State Of Mind
36:41 - Ded Tebiase - The Corner (Seventy Five)
38:02 - Ogi feel the Beat - The dark and the light
40:23 - Mr. Looper - Treasured clouds (feat. DJ Found)
44:13 - E.D. Swankz - Therapy Creep
45:51 - Shag - I've Been Waiting
47:49 - Mr. Moods - The Zombies
49:43 - Hypoetical - Devious Seduction
50:50 - Knowz & Darkside - Knowledge
52:18 - Philanthrope- Quintessenz un ihre Nuance
54:45 - The Flashbulb - Addict Swelling
56:09 - Mr. Moods - Corridors
57:36 - Induce - Systemic Mechanic
59:12 - P.R - Lavender
1:00:33 - Greeno - scratch
1:03:21 - Philanthrope & Devaloop - Float
1:04:50 - Vanilla - That Dream Again
1:07:10 - Mr. Woox - Nobody Knows feat. Rob KP

Sunday, May 17, 2020

The Blaxploited Orchestra - The Pursuit

Sunday Jazz Continues, check us out!! after the Sunday Morning service? check these menus,  as this Sunday meal is served..

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on!! O-Zone? a dude is at your service!! out on I-20 in Atlanta a brotha swerved..

...the scene was observed, everybody's acting like things are normal even though we're still in the midst of this coronavirus pandemic..

Don't get me wrong, we're ready to roll but not trying to sell our soul!! breakbeat scientific is how a dude will roll, an academic..

We're chilling out in the lab, checking out The Blaxploited Orchestra with a smooth track called  The Pursuit

This is courtesy of Compost Records; excuse us, but we're up next with it!!

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Blaxploited Orchestra - Realized

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Saturday evening, but this kind of vibe exhibited is good for any time..

The Afternoon Jazz / O-Dog Day Party morphs into my Saturday Night Fever segment, can you dig it? it's right on time... these trying times, as the sport gets complex per the coronavirus pandemic; your dude was masked up,  out in those streets for minute getting provisions..

Dangerous times inspired by dangerous minds? from DC per the  tepid Trump Administration response to the coronavirus to these Dodge Charger riders down here in Decatur Georgia  at the Shell Station without masks on buying beer and cigars, then at the counter acting like they left their money at home so their other homies that were balling can pay for it?  yeah!!  that's how they're living..

Dangerous times inspired by dangerous minds? this is not hazard material what we have is spiritual!! dropping this good word plus beats that bump are playing!! listening to Simon Garcia aka the Blaxploited Orchestra with a track called  Realized ....

This is courtesy of Superfly Grooves, excuse us as we make these moves!! mind expansions led to a brotha jumping to conclusions / recognizing patterns; reflections / contemplations per these smooth blaxploitation sounds? it's all game, that's what a brotha realized!!