Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tito Puente - Oye Como Va

Sunday Jazz Continues...checking out some Latin jazz with Tito Puente and Oye Como Va...a song written by Tito Puente in 1963 and popularized by Santana's rendition of the song in 1970. ...also from Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories....check it out..

All Up In The Spot..Still Out Here Trying To Maintain

Caught up caught out we go there...trying to steer the mothership to a safe haven / safe harbor...whats up?  me and my people are trying to maintain!

Caught up in a drought like America is...they've got us praying for rain!

The drought is also spiritual...but that's another story as some of us are playing in pain like veterans trying to get the glory...meanwhile some are even dancing for rain; cool!! as long as they don't dance with the devil! 

Some are even understanding the reign /pain; part of the rule concerning no gain..when your trying to take things to another level! 

Some experience James Holmes in Aurora..a guy blows his top when hard luck piles on..his mind cracked...yeah!! that's what happened baby girl said...dealing with another devil that fakes it? whats up Holmes...out in those streets?  snitches were in disguise; a wolf in sheep's clothing?

Dealing with matrix glitches..orchestrated purposely by The Architect...searching for respect vs The Oracle...whatcha know? dealing with Agent Smith when matters were discussed at the staff meeting; some are fearing / loathing!

Information overload due to sales pitches? meanwhile I didn't fake it....I'm in the lab hitting switches; check this math we bring...similar to mechanical engineering! 

Not social we approach that point...some won't figure things out anymore...they don't think they just push on...we even kept it moving...threatening the earth's ozone layer with the mothership? back on earth it lands...O-Zone is steering! 

From the ATL to Louisville we knew the score...but considered anti-social because I was clearing my path of naysayers;  losing instead of gaining was their vision for this man!

Whats the deal? a brotha is maintaining...its a trip some don't understand!!

They won't play me like Michael Phelps..wondering whats happening... we proceed and continue...

Were out here where gamblers out for a fast buck dealt marked cards..but we're maintaining...whats next on the menu? 


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Goldie: Sea of Tears

Digital Crate Digging Continues....still checking out cuts from Goldie's Timeless album...listening to Sea Of Tears..classic material...Timeless indeed!!

We're Still Hanging Out / All Up In The Spot

Were all up in the spot; we didn't play it like the Down To The Bone song; we didn't cut and run! 

Like old girl over in Decatur says; we stick and stay...we're not falling off like Michael Phelps...we're refusing to come undone!

This is like the Battle Of Aleppo in Syria...refusing to be the one to take a loss..even though its happened before!

 Like Charlie Sheen I let go and move on...using this breakbeat science as a vehicle to slide through the portal; the door! 

At our front door? there was the drama... so you know the spot was fortified / reinforced! 

What did they front for? they let things go to their head...authority figures tried to flex laws...and by- laws were enforced!

Dipping down I-20 in Atlanta I was forced out of the left lane by Dekalb Police...rolling in the Chevy Suburban! 

Whats up money?  I see you were forced to change your swag / steelo by the thought and fashion police; they caught you out there swerving! 

G8 and G20 got it all messed up....being built or torn down? circumstances were debatable...observing the scene always reminds me! 

Those that hate have the money tied up plus somebody lied up in this piece so trouble finds me!

...Heard the debate as the Lunar Eclipse and Venus Transit had an influence! 

All up in the spot...others blame it on Mercury was the game played? I heard some we're late due to mass transit; but I know where the conduit is! 

Doing it fluid per the Blackbyrds is the business;  as we put it down like this! 

Acting like we knew it; breakbeat science is what the deal is..check the good word and the funky sound; its like this!

It's like this and like that and a...we're all up in the spot still hanging out....still hanging in here...

Just trying to maintain..we even went through the storm..rain was there was thunder and lightning...but soon there was sunshine and blue skies...its clear...

Friday, July 27, 2012

Mandrill - Livin' it up

Digital Crate Digging Continues....Friday Night....I guess some will take Mandrill's advice...they'll be Livin It Up!! check this out....

Thursday, July 26, 2012

O-Dizzle Is A Funky Type Of Soul Brotha

O-Dizzle is the funky type of soul brotha;  but not offensive due to lack of soap or deodorant! 

Whats the dizzle?  check the sound to see how the odor will get! 

Whats the dizzle?  old girl will grab the Lysol and start spraying! 

....Might even pull out the Lemon Fresh Pine Sol and start wiping..with no delaying!

 O-Zone is not playing around with them; its like Syria...check the mass hysteria... souls get kidnapped and held for ransom! 

Just like the priestess said citizens of Haiti are done; face to face with a crook? not selected at random?

Please!! they knew you had money like up!! but O-Zone selected these thoughts at random! 

Now they're put on the clearance rack; check these epiphanies ....maybe you'll understand them!

 Motherships? please!! I land them on different planets as I transit like Venus; out beyond Pluto and Mars! 

A brotha gets scientific like Higgs Boson...that's what I'm on..that's the essence of this discipline; as I see peeps go through it..trying to heal the emotional scars!

.... Heard what was said...promotions go far? like Mitt Romney talking out the side of his neck..but some fell for the okey doke! 

.....Heard what was said...emotions?  par for the course..but of course I ain't no joke!

Word from Eric B and Rakim and them; O-Dizzle is rocking!! going for broke...going all out! 

Whats the he rocking them?  without a doubt!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

All Up In The Spot / Some Were Corporate With It

Were all up in the spot...jokers were corporate with it..others were player players...please!! I'm surrounded by players rocking khakis, Steve Maddens, Stacy Adams, and Hush Puppies! 

Hot like the Mojave in July...or like St. Louis this summer..but jokers were high scorers per the John Madden;  its happening down here in the ATL..home of the Buppies! 

Whats up with these and those? I had to tell some I'll see you when I see you!

Do ya thing kid!! like Steve Arrington said nobody can be you but you! 

O-Zone will see through the deception...whats the reception?  like Republican Islamophobia;  whatcha know about a brotha? do ya thing kid!! that's what little shorty told O-Dizzle! 

Danger zone residents gave me a bad reception like Latinos in I go for mine...but I knew the reign began with a drizzle! 

Whats the dizzle? some are infamous like Joe Paterno..what did you learn bro? information overloads were bogus due to erroneous data...all up in the spot some were corporate..jokers were like Mitt Romney over in Europe...going through the motions!

 Please!! whats up with it? what will the response be?  I wasn't down with the program..I had other notions! 

The Sonic Assault will be the answer...but corporal punishment was introduced...the defense and the prosecution introduced motions; but the judge wasn't hearing it!

 Privates and corporals were gluttons for punishment..others will defect like diplomats from Syria....whats up with it? please!! the debatable circumstance led to persecution by the institution; but I wasn't fearing it!

 Public or private corporations limit rations per the stock market; so whats up with it? I'm steering it...the mothership; to a safe haven or harbor!

All up in the spot a brotha gets breakbeat scientific with these fools;  hatred they harbor!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lloyd Banks V6: The Gift

Digital Crate Digging Continues.....checking out this Lloyd Banks mixtape V6: The Gift..featuring Jadakiss...Schoolboy Q...and others..courtesy of DatPiff....

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Deliberate Falsehood Mix / Sunday Jazz

Sunday Jazz Continues....lets hit you up with another O-Dizzle jazz, funk, hip hop mix called Deliberate know what I'm saying? when the bold face straight up lie is told...a deliberate attempt to keep one from the truth....check this mix's massive!!

Horace Silver - The Natives Are Restless Tonight

Sunday Jazz Continues....checking out the Horace Silver Quintet...with a cut called The Natives Are of his Song For My Father project....The Horace Silver Quintet consists of

Horace Silver - The natives are restless tonight by zyril

The Transcend and Transform Mix / Sunday Jazz

 Sunday Jazz Continues....kicking things off with one of my jazz / funk / hip hop mixes....Transcend and Transform..relevant for today....check it out.....

The Transcend and Transform Mix

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mandrill "Mandrill"

Digital Crate Digging Continues....much respect to Neftali Santiago and the group Mandrill for providing an education in how jazz / funk / rock / jazz was supposed to sound when they're fused together; 

Check out this classic footage with them playing their "theme song" ..Mandrill...

Still In This BreakBeat Scientific Business

Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta...chilling at Lenox Mall..I circled the block in the hooptie trying to catch fast black;  but my timing is off! 

Meanwhile gunshots and bombs blast in Aurora per James Holmes; whats up Holmes? peeps in my circle will rock at a high velocity; fast when we came back!!  its not a crime thing when O-Dizzle is going off! 

Who will work with ya?  who do you know off in this piece? the mass hysteria is like Syria....I even asked myself who can I lamp with?

Who will work with a bro? like South Sudan vs Sudan talks were suspended...I'm all up in the spot with a bunch of unhappy campers! 

Who will work with a bro?  whats up man?  the amps are adjusted by O-Dizzle ...along with the bass, tone, and treble! 

Breakbeat scientific business is going down; its tight in these hoods... O-Zone lets you know were in a world of trouble!

That's per Lou Rawls; but we try to comeback like Tiger Woods; but jokers sing like Reuben Studdard...flying without wings.. while the baby is trying to run before it crawls! 

What it do?  jokers / ATL players from "up top"  try to dip in the old Acura Legend...its smoking;  soon it stalls! 

What it do? we're all up in the spot handling this breakbeat scientific business...soon a suburban / urban legend...but the empire falls like Rome or Greece;  legendary! 

The umpire or referee is cheating!! rolling like Jamie Dimon?  throwing salt in the game so we keep it revolutionary! 

Evolutionary or intelligent design? please!!  this is breakbeat scientific business! 

Who said this is scary because the truth hurts? please!!  that's what were dedicated to; that's what the deal is!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Above & Beyond - Stealing Time

Digital Crate Digging Continues...chilling out...but at the same time I'm putting work in...I'm not Stealing Time...per Above and Beyond...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Going Through It (Random Thoughts Edition)

It wasn't hard to tell like the Nas song;  please!! Bernanke mentioned a recession....but check the ongoing peeps were going through it! 

It wasn't hard to fail due to the set up;  but my peeps still said they're going to it! 

They're trying to get paid like they're Mitt Romney!! or so they said ....but they keep going round in circles per Billy Preston! 

They're struggling!! last thing I heard they were up in Louisville in a cheap apartment out off of Preston! 

Highway.....and Egypt Lane;  meanwhile in Syria and Egypt pain is felt! 

Meanwhile check how some deal with going on a shooting spree in Tuscaloosa...what's up with ya? the pain is felt in Babylon after the bad cards are dealt! 

What did they choose to do? gamblers out for a fast buck aka so called powers that be...aka HSBC officials dealt the masses a bad hand! 

Jobs are overseas...the housing market has a disease; please!! I heard the guns blast..suburbs turn into the badlands!

The mothership strands a brotha on this forsaken planet where earthlings look for closure;  Manny Moe and Jack can't fix the hooptie!

A brotha gets scientific like Northern Lights...dropping these insights...I spotted those one step away from foreclosure..
Some found out its over like Jeremy Lin in New York...the dramatics during the show of force? dude said he's going to it!!  pistols shot in the air! 

Frustrated...shooting at God? ....that's odd...but check our squad...were also going through it / to it;  check the telepathic messages that are sent with Sonic's like a show of force by North Korea shooting missiles in the air!

Monday, July 16, 2012

I Told Them....I'll See You When I See You

Little home had the old cliche for me; he said peace out!! I see you when I see you! 

Please!! I was busy going all out;  like Steve Arrington said nobody can be you but you!

Please!! the elder said nothing's fair in love or war....word to baby boomers ready to retire....meanwhile I was busy letting it do what it do;  the process is natural! 

...Like osmosis some interfered with the natural process; like Arizona or Colorado they'll start a fire... jokers think they have the God Particle...they thought they could fool mother nature! 

The celebrity or sorcerers apprentice had lethal doses; they were either Trumped or stumped...they couldn't holla back atcha! 

The server was acting had to be the source code was interfered with; it couldn't be fixed by an Inspector with Gadgets!

Whats the prognosis?  is there an information overload? the junkie or addict humped like the middle of the geek mode...the Surgeon or Inspector General and other authorities said bath salts were to blame! 

Whats the prognosis in these danger zones, sectors, and hostile territories? the mass hysteria was like spades some got trumped...I could see others were caught up in the game! 

The sound bumped when O-Dizzle warned about those folk that were caught up in the matrix;  jokers were faking it; now some are waiting in the dark! 

I told them I see them when I see them; as I bump heads with those hating..a sonic revolution I spark! 

I'll see them when I see them!! actually I wouldn't want to be them; 
they were chasing a dollar! 

They say chasing a dollar is like chasing the wind; that was word from a biblical scholar!

Some Cast Their Fate To The Wind like the George Benson version; holla at a scholar if you here me!

 I'll see you when I see you; meanwhile I'm up in the lab working on this good word and the funky blend! that's the deally!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Kenny Dorham Quartet - Lotus Blossom

Sunday Jazz Continues...checking out the Kenny Dorham Quartet..with Kenny Dorham (trumpet), Tommy Flanagan (piano), Paul Chambers (bass) and  Art Taylor (drums)....the song is called Lotus Blossom..this is classic jazz y'all!!

Bubble - Cold Sun

Sunday Jazz conjunction with my digital crate digging series....presenting Mushy Records artist Bubble...Karen Bagdasarov and Guy Smat from Jerusalem / Israel...with some Psytrance, Psychedelic Trance....with some jazz /funk / hip hop/  house music overtones...check out this cut called Cold Sun...which would be cool right about now in the midst of this heatwave...

Being Built Or Torn Down? That Question Is Still Being Asked

Scientific with it; like a Russian Soyuz rocket an intergalactic traveler; but the mothership has landed...I'm stuck on earth where circumstances are debatable!

Being built or torn down? like Obama vs Romney...who will turn the level of scorn down?  some still hate on a bro! 

Is it to late for a bro?  mind blowing decisions led to head on collisions per Heatwave. 

Scientific like Hadron Colliders at CERN...searching for the so called God Particle...meanwhile from the ATL to the STL some will burn from the heatwave! 

Its odd....some will start with a bro...a fanatic said I misbehave!! please...these earthlings were Angels and Demons! 

Mathematical equations show me some are playing on both teams; manipulated by the league commissioner....during the intrigue I get with ya!!! working angles....rocking Rocawear polos and denims.

The daughter of chaos spawned from a devil's semen is wreaking havoc....funded by JP Morgan and goes down from Wall Street to Europe to the sands of the Mideast! 

Whats up with ya?  you ought to know by now there's no justice and no peace...not just in the Mideast! 

......From the east coast in Wilmington NC where the battleship blasted fireworks on the Fourth of July!

.....Up to where its real again;  Louisville and Nashville players were like why ask why? 

Word from big homie in the Brown Bros Cadillac Seville!!  he said put your game down! 

But whats the deal?  circumstances are debatable....are we being built or torn down?


Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Look

I was chilling...laying in the the Higgs Boson I was getting scientific.. but jokers were giving me the look!

But it wasn't the look of love per Isaac didn't blossom.. sideways glances made me feel like I was a crook! 

The saga / struggle continues....just trying to maintain.. this chef in soul's kitchen continues to work on the music plays...the street funk is a weapon...hook lines and my own beats plus a good word verse or two is utilized! 

The saga / struggle continues like suicide bombings in Afghanistan;  alt shift delete? a haters prime mission!! expect a curse or two...don't be surprised!

Its based on the look...the sideways glance... haters give you a curse or two non verbally! 

Its based on the look....stereotypical patterns exhibited by thought and fashion police;  like Romney at the NAACP meeting..haters expect the worse from you..what it do? who will work with me? 

The good word will be extracted from the sack like we just got back from the grocery store!

What occurred? the look some gave us was a omen...but were not crooks like JP Morgan / Jamie Dimon getting whose knowing the score?

I continue walking through the door....the Dark Knight Rises...even though security gave me that look! 

What it do?  the whole game is shady!!  they could be the one that's a crook!

What it do? the whole game is shady...the look / sideways glance revealed the whole story...

But we keep it moving like solar flares heading towards earth.. we keep rolling through this hostile territory...

Friday, July 13, 2012

Goldie - Sensual

Digital Crate Digging Continues....getting into some drum and bass...checking out this Goldie track called Sensual...

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Total Chaos / Things Were Out Of Order

Bearing witness to the total chaos...outraged by the destruction / corruption..things were out of disarray; I had to hit the reset button!

I dipped across the border...others were like Yahoo users..they were caught up in the system / matrix;  they were set up by a punishment glutton! 

Others were hushing up the confusion like Penn State...I mentioned earlier misery loves company; they tried to set up a corporation! 

Like a Facebook IPO;  whose face to face with a crook? whatcha know?  I told them to abort the operation! 

Chefs in hells kitchen were like Romney at the NAACP meeting; they felt it was their obligation to throw salt in the game!

Some felt I missing something; what will the response be?  please!! its not my obligation to be caught up in the game! 

Its all about liberation!! as I get free and stay free..not drunk off the money, power, and respect;  some say bath salts were the blame!

Others kept brothas tied up in know the situation.. like Obama vs the Supreme Court and Eric Holder vs Congress ....all those jokers show no shame! 

But we know its all game; but check the total chaos...things are out of we took time to hit the reset button! 

Ignored the game over sign that was flashing; we kept it moving ...refusing to be set up by a punishment glutton!

Ignored the talk..they said this is nothing..but we regroup like the New York Knicks..

Checked the total chaos and mayhem...outraged by the destruction / we move on like Steven Tyler..not trying to lie to ya..breakbeat science is what a brotha kicks...


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Charles Earland "Leaving This Planet"

Digital Crate Digging Continues....still on the jazz / funk tip....checking out organist Charles Earland...Leaving This Planet

...Freddie Hubbard, Joe Henderson, and Eddie Henderson. were rolling with him on this project...classic material y'all!!! plus I feel him on this....I wan't to leave this planet myself....sometimes I do!! but that's another story...details coming the meantime check this out!!