Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Feeling Some Kind Of Way About It...PT.9...The Saga /Struggle Continues

I can see whats going down; you'll get left out on the lawn like at Rick Ross's I'm feeling some kind of way about it! 

O-Dizzle is throwing down...check it out..he's not a complete idiot like Freeway Ricky Ross says the imposter is..a bruh is consistent; persistent...still going all out for it!

Plans fizzle like Rick Santorum's ...please!! they go up in smoke!! you'll have your doubts about it; but you have to keep it moving! 

Things come to a standstill like North Korea nuclear moratoriums; but God is still blessing us; that's the kind of business he's in; now check the kind of business were in...breakbeat science is going down; as we keep it grooving!

Haters play us like Tiger Woods...but we know its tight in these hoods..Nasdaq doesn't have to tell us... but we keep proving to the masses that were capable..even though they're skeptical! 

They still have their doubts about it; points are deducted like Nascar did Jimmy Johnson...whats the response man? please!! you see how they play President Obama! 

Society will doubt a know things are stereotypical; I can see how these jokers try to play me!

I'm feeling some kind of way about it; but I'm healing my broken spirit; I pray daily! 

The Lord surprises me daily!! sometimes all wasn't well and I didn't expect it to end well! 

Especially when the wise and otherwise were just informants; just snitches providing intel! 

There is even counter intelligence; based on ecological ignorance that will alter the fate! 

Like Republican primaries I couldn't count on the belligerence that's heard.. all is does is conceal the hate! 

Now I'm feeling some kind of way about it; but its not too late to do something about it! 

We realize its all about freedom!! so we go all out for it!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Planet Asia f. Raekwon "No Apologies [Prod. Oh No]"

Planet Asia and Raekwon....two of my favorites...check out this No Apologies track produced by Oh The Black Belt Theatre CD...due 2/28/2012..courtesy of Hip Hop DX...

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Reading Between The Lines (The Random Thoughts Edition)

Something wasn't a doctor checking a patients pulse...I was peeping game!

Secret knowledge was revealed...Illuminati never chilled while others were sleeping in the game! 

Rolling discrete in the mothership; from out on 101 in the Bay Area / Oakland to I-75 in Cincinnati...the mothership got good mileage while I was rolling through the universe! 

...Now I'm back down to earth....check the by products of travels through the universe..chilled out on Pluto and rolling through the streets of the enabled me to reverse the curse! 

The plan? it doesn't always unravels; that's word from the Republican Primary...the universe serves up repercussions based on the karma! 

Pitchforks and shovels were used by devils advocates; but we fight back with this!! the good word and percussions sound like a small army is coming after ya!

The funky drummer is drumming!!  plus we had this math for ya; read between the lines!

Afghan protestors were rolling up like a runner dipping on a marathon; read the signs!
Whats the deal? dude at the QT station in Decatur asked whats up man? some were acting like they knew a bruh..peeping the steelo! 

Whats the deal? I was chilling...drinking Honduras fair trade coffee..but everything is not what it seems..nothing is fair in the ongoing charade..even though they're caught up in the swagger; some accused me of being a fly negro! 

Whose being cloak and dagger with it? like Vladimir Putin and them...I had to tell those fools to back up off me!! they're on some I Spy they know whats up!

Some didn't read between the society will put you in a chokehold; check the high gas prices...things are based on policies that are corrupt!

That's whats up!!...we need to read between the lines...I told homie to make his next move his best move! 

.....Had to tell him I was chilling; I didn't have anything to prove! 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ital - Over The Clouds

...In a house / electro mood again...check out Ital with Over The Clouds...

McCoy Tyner Fly With The Wind

Just browsing around...ran across this track while I was looking for something else...

....damn!!  I usually post jazz music up on Sunday..but this is an exception...this is some great  music...McCoy Tyner with Fly With The sounds like a movie soundtrack..

...dude is rolling with a big band and string section....but the main quartet is Hubert Laws on flute...Ron Carter on bass and Billy Cobham on drums...with Mr Tyner on piano...that's like a jazz "A" team....check this out!!

Feeling Some Kind Of Way About It PT.8

The ways, means and procedures change; its like Qurans burning; now I'm feeling some kind of way about it! 

Observing these scenes; now I'm ready to roll...I'm on my way; its all about Syrians I'm going all out for it! 

Checking the pulse like a doctor; now I'm ready to rock ya!! O-Dizzle is about it..... dropping this funk on the masses!

Checking my impulses; jokers were talking out the side of their necks like I'm ready to pimp slap somebody; or start kicking asses! 

Instead I'm conducting classes...peeping game...staying on'll get robbed like Carnival cruise passengers in Mexico; whatcha know?...I recognize the pattern....its based on my Louisville / Newburg upbringing! 

...It taught me to peep can't be sleep in the game...this is no Ohio Player's Love Roller Coaster...or a carnival tilt-a-whirl...please!! the drama can jump off like Afghanistan...I can smell the drama when it unfurls from a mile a way..if its coming! 

That's why I stay in conflict with this world....please!! a snitch will run and tell it!! foul with it!! but the funky drumming repels the attack! 

Meanwhile....the story about the opposition? I tell it!!  but some don't hear me though!!  maybe there's a learning disability; so I cut them some slack! 

Some will holla back!! but they were shady like I'm feeling some kind of way about It! 

A preacher? a scholar? a mixture of blue and white collar? all of the above....realizing its not all about a dollar; its all about freedom..for that I'm going all out!

Friday, February 24, 2012

DJ Mehdi - Signatune (Thomas Bangalter Edit)

On my other blog I posted a Wayne Shorter track...Footprints that DJ Mehdi remixed..

...further research revealed that DJ Mehdi a French hip hop and electro producer of mixed French and Tunisian origin passed away in September 2011 at age 34 when he was fatally injured after falling from the roof of his Paris home during a birthday party. 

One of Mehdi's publicists said the party at the DJ's home was a birthday celebration for pal DJ Riton, according to the French newspaper France Soir. Check out Signatune from DJ Mehdi remixed by Thomas Bangalter of Datf Punk

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Otis Jackson Jr. Trio -Free Son

Check out the Otis Jackson Jr Trio...AKA Madlib...holding it down..with a jazz/ soul/ hip hop track from Jewelz on the Stones Throw label...

We Thought We Had Something PT.2

We thought we had something on deck...its like the Whitney Houston joint....didn't we almost have it all... but we used it up!

As we take the fall....damn!!...but we get back now whats up? we'll just let the healing process begin..our soul, spirit, and ego?  we bruised it up!

As we take the fall.. damn!!...but we get back up...even though our teammates were hating on us like Brady Quinn on Tim Tebow..or like Romney vs Santorum...but were not through dealing; we cruised up in the hooptie...aka the mothership! 

...Now were back down to earth...going for what we know..what will the response be? whats happening? just left GJ we're showing these earthlings how scientific we can get! 

Still fighting like over in Syria!!  we didn't back down during the mass hysteria...we found out what its all worth; we even thought we had something! 

Still fighting like Kobe Bryant ....trying to win...putting work in!! we turn nothing into something! 

Enlightening the masses with this good word; plus the sound is bumping!! as we put it down like this! 

Frightening the apparatus when we came back like this!! funky is how the sound is! 

Now where have you found us? damn!! its like the Mardi Gras in New Orleans..were right in the middle of the hot mess!

It seems like it can't be cleaned up by janitors who tried to make it lemon fresh! 

Meanwhile in the midst of the drama were Coming Out Fresh with a brand new batch..but spin masters tried to clean it up; now the story is twisted! 

Whose trying to mess with us? but couldn't understand us..we didn't worry about they're left disoriented! 

From the ATL to the Orient; some of us thought we had something!

But it was nothing!! but we've gotten good at turning nothing into something!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Slaughterhouse - Monsters In My Head

All over the place with this music...yesterday I had the jazz thing I'm back on that hip hop...check out this Slaughterhouse...Monsters In My Head!! check this out...

All Up In The Spot...The Saga / Struggle Continues!!

Once again its on...this is no Mardi Gras / Fat Tuesday type of deal...the saga / struggle continues; were all up in the spot! 

Whats up with ya? whose acting brand new with ya? rolling like Rick Santorum trying to tell ya what it do; now your subject to the authority; they're making it hot! 

Whats up with ya? where have we been? some asked...just released from a sanatorium? told them to check the forum..its like Iranian warships docked in Syria; were in a hostile territory..but some said they're not; they go along with the program

Whats up with ya? that's what they ask this man...we're ready to go to war for it!! O-Dizzle will drop hip hop, jazz, or funk; he seldom plays a slow jam!

He's on a roll man!! the saga / struggle continues..some say he's out of control!! man please! 

Its like this and like that!! we're all up in the spot; morale is low..some are talking out the side of their neck like Newt Gingrich; my peeps can't be at ease! 

Whats the profile? the saga / struggle continues..check the glitches in the justice no peace is the catch phrase! 

Whats the style? things get Rajon Rondo you'll get suspended..whose caught up in the databases?

...Due to the dollar chases; needing another bailout like Greece...please!! you know they've got us coming and going! 

Its a rat race...its dog eat dog; that's word from Mr Cole...a cool brotha from up in Louisville... so whatcha knowing? 

As we roll up; the ship hasn't capsized like the Costa Concordia; no cocaine is found in this Captain's we go there..we continue flowing down the stream of consciousness! 

As we roll up...some are surprised..O-Zone rocks the baldy proudly; no need for rogaine...breakbeat science is dropped when we come with this!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ronny Jordan - Cool and Funky

Sunday Jazz Continues.....rainy day in Atlanta...just a Cool and Funky mood like this Ronny Jordan cut..check it out...


All Up In The Spot / The I-20 Chronicles..

Concepts combine...we're all up in the check these chronicles based on cruising down I-20 in Atlanta; who'll understand a bruh? damn!! once again its on! 

We're all up in the spot...winning or losing down here in Atlanta? just like the Atlanta Hawks..this is considered the so called promise land; but sometimes a danger zone! 

We're all up in the'll inspire O-Dizzle to come up with a banger; bass, treble, and tone is adjusted. 

Damn!! here we go again...plans fizzle!! now some are living in a bottle like Gil Scott Heron talked about; while I rode down Peachtree St..zombies walked about...PE said you can't truss it! 

Word from Flavor Flav and Chuck D!! you can't trust the system! 

Gamblers out for a fast buck deal you a bad how you living? 

Please!! we're all up in the spot dealing with the loose ends, scraps, junk, and fragments!

...Not just global warming making it hot!! word from Al Gore; jokers left us hanging on a string like Loose Ends..but O-Dizzle is dropping the funk...he's getting loose with the blends; meanwhile O-Zone is floating down the stream of consciousness..but the waters were stagnant!

All up in the spot!!! my forefathers found out the fouls were flagrant...actually they still are! 

All up in the spot!! rolling down I-20 in Atlanta...portals I slide through; changing styles like a chameleon...but still a real one; for the course I'm par! 

But up in this sport bruises and scars are par for the course; let the healing process begin!

My mission? I wont abort it...I'm not through dealing; going through this process...its all about a win!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Thievery Corporation - Unified Tribes

Check out this Thievery Corporation featuring Mr. Lif with a cut about the "Unified Tribes" ..talking about the people / the 99%  coming together...featuring footage from various Occupy protests around the country...

Trying To Get In Where You Fit In PT.4

The drama will jump off like in Damascus...whats up with us? these jokers need to get in where they fit in; they need to play their position! 

Whats up with us? some should stay out of the low post..others can't score like Kobe....they'll have nine turnovers like Jeremy Lin.. what's happening? ESPN mentioned a chink in the armor...they need to see what condition their condition is in!

Word from Kenny Rogers and The First Edition; but I might alarm I rock the LA Dodgers hat! 

But I'm living in the ATL...rolling down I-20...West Coast riders will roger that! 

R.I.P to Whitney Houston...word from the amen corner!! where the old deacons were chilling!

Up in Newark, New Jersey.. in the old school baptist church; who'll work with me? the new school ones wrap the Book of Torah around you plus they have corporate type dealings!

Corporal punishment has some catching they're feeling some kind of way about it...after they were persecuted! 

Feeling some kind of way about the ICE agent shooting..some dumbfounded..astonished by it; after the truth was disputed!

Check the drum sound and the good word; what occurred?  were dedicated to the truth!!  plus dedicated to getting in where we fit in! 

Underground railroad type trains are rolling!! but history is not repeating!

Where were we found?...once intergalactic but back down to earth..these earthlings were defeating the purpose...

Where were we found? moving at a high velocity...were back with it..trying to get in where we fit in..check out how we work this...

Friday, February 17, 2012

Tyga f. Nas & Wale "Kings & Queens"

....New Tyga...with help from Nas and Wale....Kings and Queens....check check it!!!

Erick Sermon f. KRS-One "Clout [Prod. Erick Sermon]"

Erick Sermon and KRS-1? veterans or "vechrans" in the game (like they say down here in Atlanta) ...check out the single Clout off of Erick Sermon's Breath of Fresh Air mixtape...  they're going in!!! the single is courtesy of Hip-Hop DX!!

Trying To Get In Where You Fit In PT.3

I noticed they weren't checking for me; but that could be a good thing! 

The vote isn't challenged!! even the payroll tax cut extension passes Congress!!  at the end of the day?  they'll see that this is a hood thing!

The boat isn't capsized like The Costa Concordia...whats up with ya? its like the ICE agent shot out in Long Beach...some are surprised that others would bring the drama to your doorstep!!

The wise and otherwise our surprised that O-Dizzle came through with jazz, funk, hip hop, and even dubstep!

As we rise to the occasion; we ignored a government informant..they were doing Babylon's bidding! 

As we rise to the occasion; just trying to get in where we fit in...just like JR Smith going to the Knicks; check us out ...these brothas are putting it down like this..stopping history from repeating! 

Those hating were defeating the purpose; or at least they tried to! 

But I didn't believe the empty promise..word from Newt Gingrich; I knew we were being lied to!!

The arch nemesis is on the premises...creating glitches in the matrix..we were even cried to!!! they tried to Cry Me A River like Justin Timberlake referred to....

The beauty was overcome by the blemishes..snitches just faked it...trying to get in where they fit justice in these situations...there's no where to run or hide...the fake are mad because they weren't deferred to..

During these ongoing scrimmages the lines are blurred too!! all out there in the gray area..from Syria to even Newark New Jersey...

Bobby Brown allowed to go to Whitney Houston's funeral...meanwhile we're going for what we know..had to tell you....were wishing it was simple...just trying to get in where we fit in...who'll work with me?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

MF DOOM & R.A. The Rugged Man "Coco Mango Rmx [Prod. Maticulous]"

Back on that hip hop are two of my favorites...MF Doom and RA The Rugged Man..calling themselves The Union....underground all stars...whatcha know about them?? check out Coco Mango...dropping this courtesy of hip hop dx!!

McCoy Tyner and Gary Bartz - Fly with the wind

Let me warn you...I'm gonna be all over the place with this music for the time being...I might jump from hip hop to jazz, to house or even dubstep...its like that..

...check out the McCoy Tyner trio with McCoy Tyner: piano, Gary Bartz; saxophone,  Gerald Cannon on bass and  Eric Gravatt: drums ....all of them are representing!!!! live at Festhalle, 21st International Jazz festival Viersen Germany, 22nd September 2007..check it out..

Going Through The Motions

Check us out...once again its on...were chilling in Babylon...but feeling some kind of way about it...were just going through the motions! 

....But not through Nicolas Sarkozy..we were left to our own devices; so we had other notions!

But things are far from cozy...were paying the prices while others show emotions; actually were due a rebate! 

Chilling like were in Islamabad like Karzai and Ahmadinejad..but realizing its not all love; they try to tell me how nice it is..but I feel the hate!

How did some deal? due to the global warming they skate on thin ice with sharp skates on! 

The so called mover and shaker was like Santorum..he said its awesome!! they'll do whatever..trying to be cunning and clever; but its my kind society hates on! 

The prices and rates are on for snitches!! or whistleblowers as they're called today! 

The crisis is now full blown!! word from Majid its on...after the armchair quarterback called the play! 

Whatcha knowing? as we go there...R.I.P  Don R.I.P to Whitney Houston and others..

...soldiers were called away after fighting on the frontlines of spiritual warfare! now check how we go there...breakbeat science is dropped by these brothas...

As we roll up with this...going through the motions...but we had other we proceed and continue...

Check the sonic lotions...whose ashy or classy? breakbeat science is on the menu...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kim Waters - Empire State Of Mind

Just left the Jazz On Peachtree event.. featuring saxophone player Kim Waters...Kim Waters has been heralded as “simply one of the planet’s best saxophonists”...I bear witness to that fact...check out his version of Alicia Keys Empire State of Mind from his This Heart Of Mind CD from 2011...

I Caught The First Train That Rolled Up

Chilling at the Five Points Marta Station in Atlanta; the street preachers were dropping knowledge! 

Dude tried to bum change from me; he was rocking fresh Air he had a nice watch!! he needed to go to Pawn Mart!! rolling like a man on a ledge! 

....Walked downstairs...I caught the first train that rolled up!! now I'm westbound to the Hamilton E Holmes station!

Whats up? check how O-Dizzles sound is similar to Westbound Parliament Funkadelics Holmes!!!  that's the situation! 

Plans fizzle here in Babylon...from Louisville to the ATL to Charlotte; up in the heart of it...snitches run and tell this and that!

The reign began with a drizzle...all up in the spot...up here in the danger zone; haters told you to choose your poison like Black Sheep; you can get with this or you can get with that! 

.....This black man will creep up on success!! I told a hater to go on with that!! they were trying to delay me! 

I caught the first train that came by; these jokers won't play me!

Some don't even know what to say to me..they were waiting on me to politic like I'm Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney...

...with the auto industry mad at me...maybe because I'm rolling in a Toyota instead of my usual Buick..please!! your boy is dealing with glitches in the matrix....check out what the response will be.. 

Cool like Fonzie even though these aren't Happy Days? ehhh!! I caught the first train that came by...

What will the response be? please!! its rough out here!! some saw Momma Get Thrown Off The Train..some get off on the pain..others got thrown under the bus...transformation during public transportation? some said blame it on the game not the player...told them that's a damn lie!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Jeru The Damaja - Come Clean

Songs I Was Thinking About....for some reason or another I was thinking about this song...had to pull it out of my files...I had the head nod thing going while rolling down I-85 in Atlanta...

Monday, February 13, 2012

Visioneers - It's Simple

Still checking out these Visioneers...with their combination of jazz and hip sounds so nice!!

All Up In The Spot....But We're Surviving..

Were all up in the spot...we're making it...but some of those surviving seem to have sold out!

But not us...realizing there's no peace or justice..were all up in the spot!! on I-285 in Atlanta...I even noticed driving school students had rolled out!

All up in the spot...some wonder about they wonder how Whitney Houston died...they think somebody lied..meanwhile we're arriving in the just landed on earth! 

Spotted the mass hysteria like Syria' these earthlings jockey for position...bearing witness to the power struggle; what's it all worth? 

As we participate in the funk rebirth; putting in work...we just got back from our deep space outpost like NASA wants to build..check the intergalactic principles that are followed!
Some tried to start Iran targeting Israeli diplomats..they're full of hate..fanatics think they're invincibles!! they're policies didn't make sense to a their rules are not followed! 

Some tried to start it..whose all up in the the heart of it? no mistakes are allowed'll get robbed like Justice Stephen Breyer..who saved ya?

....No need to be hazed like FAMU band members...the doctrine / kool aid is not swallowed; I don't care if its grape or Cognac flavored!

....Like Swishers or Cigarillos; how are they trying to deal with these Negroes?

Swish goes the three point shot!!! did Jeremy Lin shoot it?  now swagger jackers sweat the steelos! 

Jokers minus the halos..aka devils advocates were all up in the spot !! might even shoot a laptop....haters didn't stop causing chaos or they're wreaking havoc! 

Ain't no way around it!! that's per Young Jeezy and Future; act like you knew bruh!! there's no where to run or hide..were all up in it!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Let The Healing Process Begin / The Random Thoughts Edition

Let the healing process begin!! so we all can make it to the other side!

R.I.P Whitney'll be we pray for Bobby, Bobby Christina and the rest of the family...but we've got to keep on moving...were not through dealing..for freedom? we had to ride! 

Haters weren't through have to watch your ass like your out in Damascus...admitting we had to hide during the warlock /  witch hunt! 

Some were rolling like Belichick.. they weren't through stealing our signs and signals in the game!! during this war O-Dizzle will rock; meanwhile a snitch will pull a stunt!

So whats up? a glitch will stunt the growth of the matrix...damn!! now the grid is shut down! 

Some were peeping game like Jimi Hendrix...all along the watchtower; but it was cut down! 

As we come with the sound...we weren't sleeping in the game!! we didn't pump brakes like Bendix we kept it moving! 

The healing of the spirit was not complete!!! so O-Dizzle kept grooving!

The healing of the spirit is not complete...were just trying to win like Jeremy Lin... 

The healing of the spirit is not complete...but we continue to we hit you up with the good word and the blend...


The Healing Process Mix PT.3 by omanxl1

Still Conducting This BreakBeat Scientific Business

Check out this breakbeat scientific business; as we put it down like we shine lights like the aurora borealis! 

Checked out the homies faking it..whats the business? a playa playa over on Candler Rd in Decatur was dipping in the Oldsmobile Aurora trying to tell me what the deal is!

Stacy Adams hard bottoms heels click like Dorothy's heels did three times...trying to get back to Kansas!

Shady Like Grady type business is conducted!!! please!! you should know how the sport will be...check that Isaac Hayes joint...maybe By The Time I Get To Phoenix somebody will understand this! 

The sound plays as we rise like the Phoenix...landing this mothership on earth! 

Earthlings have us running like the Phoenix Suns once did when they had Steve Nash feeding Amare were dealing with glitches in the matrix...bearing witness to the catch phrase; " no justice no peace" whats it all worth? 

As I catch these Aquarius sun rays...avoiding a nefarious one and their a snitch will fake it! 

Various ways and means used by this brotha...check how this son of God we take a beat and a word and break it... 

...Various ways and means are used by the devil; but this son of God prays about it! 

Now bear witness to this breakbeat scientific we go all out with it!

We aren't about the shady business like dubious mortgage practices and foreclosure abuses.. 

How about it? were still conducting this breakbeat scientific business..the beat and good word is what a brotha uses...


Friday, February 10, 2012

Black Star - Knowledge of Self

This is a classic here!! Mos Def...Talib Kweli....Knowledge Of Self...

Grandmaster Flash The Message HQ

Classic hip hop from Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five...The Message "don't push me I'm close to the edge...I'm trying not to lose my head" ..check this out!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sick and Tired Of Being Sick and Tired...

A bruh is sick and tired of being sick and tired; you've heard the cliche before! 

I'm feeling the hate as we go through it; dealing with that!! this is no Blue Ivy type of mess....but it's deja vu like I've been here before! 

Knowing the score; ESPN or Fox Sports are not Fox News talks sideways! 

Talking heads cut up President Obamas' State of The Union address; you know they'll try to play a brotha sideways!

A brotha caught the sideways glances; some even tried to bring up irrelevant issues like contraceptions ...I felt the negative vibe..the skepticism!

Check this conception from secret gardens and hideaways;  I developed coping strategies and mechanisms! 

Others were wishing and hoping!! but now I'm wrecking systems with this Sonic Assault...check the crossovers used like Tim Hardaway Senior and Junior! 

I was even wishing it was simple...but its complex!! but I'm pimping through the complex; but not acting brand new with ya!

...Its like the US government making a deal with banks concerning their abusive mortgage practices...I'm just rebuking the shady deal for ya...this is the rebuttal! 

As we put it down like this!! no armchair quarterbacks are in the huddle!

As we do what we do...realizing its not fair...Suge Knight will tell you that... 

Sick and tired of being sick and tired...moves were made before the shot clock expired...others accepted the status quo...I see they fell for that...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Here We Are Again...We're All Up In The Spot... we go again...intergalactic journeys were we're all up in the spot...back at the scene of the crime!

Damn!! were fighting like its the Duke-North Carolina its not just global warming that is making it hot; I was even accused of being obscene with mine! 

Others were seen crying like dude beaten on videotape in Atlanta... I heard they were in pain...things didn't go well!

Others got played like Herman Cain!! what when down? I'm like ...what the hell? 

Snitches ask...can they get a what what? so now they run and tell that!

All up in the spot...some are like Black Americans...they have an identity empty promises are made...some even fell for that! 

The arch nemesis is on the premises...I smell that; plus I heard them scurrying around!

...Rolling like secret squirrels!! habituals going through rites and rituals..during the rush hour hurrying around! 

O-Dizzle had secret hitting you with this funk...cold crush grooving!! some might have heard the sound at the podcast! 

Its going down!!! all up in the spot...improvised explosive devices explode and guns blast!

...Like its the City of Horns in Syria....or over in Afghanistan; who runs this? left to our own devices?  the street code is followed! 

Whats up man? tweeting on devices like Roland Martin will have some paying the price for this; its easy to get shutdown like Megaupload; when doctrines get swallowed!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

OVERWERK - Odyssey

What I Listen To At Work....still checking out this Overwerk ..with their electro / dubstep sound...this kind of stuff keeps me going at the 9 to 5!!

Slum Village - Climax (Instrumental)

J Dilla at his finest!! this one was one of the best tracks he layed down...check this out!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Bob James - Angela (Theme from "Taxi") live, 1985

Last episode..I had Kid Daytona flipping this track on the hip hop you know I had to put this on!! but its Bob James doing a live version....

....he has help from..Dean Brown on the guitar, Kirk Whalum on flute / sax, Gary King on bass guitar, Harvey Mason on drums and Dennis Henderson on percussions...nice!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Duke Pearson - The Phantom

Sunday Jazz Continues..lets listen to some of this Duke Pearson with the Phantom..heard some of stuff earlier while riding around Atlanta listening to WRAS 88.5..They have a jazz show on Sunday afternoons..

...the late great Duke Pearson was a pianist from Atlanta who recorded on Blue Note record label...on this track he has Bobby Hutcherson helping him on the vibes..with Jerry Dodgion doing a nice flute solo..check this out...

We Thought We Had Something....

Damn!!! I guess we were like Newt Gingrich...we thought we had something..but nothing was there! 

Damn!!! here we go again...once again its on!! were dealing with glitches in the matrix....its like being in bombs explode..we're ducking and dodging the gunfire in spiritual warfare! 

As we go there!!! deals were shady!! documents were forged; government officials would neither confirm or deny!

Heard singers and rappers on the radio!!! wanted to tell them that's a damn lie!

Heard them say what they've done and what they're going to do!! just a damn lie coming out of their mouth! 

Heard some claiming they're  not African Americans...but they were in pain...about to cry; now they want to run down south! 

Once pimping like Herman Cain!!! but now they left Chi-Town, Philly, and NYC; now posted up in the ATL or Charlotte! 

Whats the word on the curb? man..whats the deally? why did they even start it? 

Whose part of it..the conspiracy? please!! at the end of the day they'll got played! 

Now left goes down from the Middle East to the motherland...on over to the Orient; whats up man? some will get delayed! 

They thought they had something...but its nothing!! now some prayed to the east! 

The Sonic Assault is unleashed by these brothas; were onto we bop down Broadway saluting Don we we come through letting my peeps know what the deal is...are we putting it down? yes!! to say the least!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Nas & The Roots "Nasty" Live On Jimmy Fallon in Indianapolis

Nas rocking out with The Roots at Jimmy Fallon's Super Bowl show in Nap Town!!

They Had Enough Rope To Hang Themselves...

What was the outcome?  I see they had enough rope to hang themselves! 

We pulled out the we had this good word..its mesmerizing like dope...others were waiting in the dark...misled; stranded out in somewhere like Syria...or even Bangladesh!

Otherworldly...listening to easy music like John Tesh; but like folk out in Moscow they're still dealing with the mass hysteria..they had visions of Utopia..but found out otherwise! 

Breakbeat scientific principles mesh; no veto from Russia or China like those concerning UN sanctions against Syria...we're schooling the wise and otherwise! 

My intuition told me...please be advised...but some will be surprised after singing kumbaya out in mamby pamby land! 

....Some might even lose hope when the drama jumps off; its like Pakistan or Afghanistan!

So whats up man? whats the deal? others were given an ultimatum like Bourne...somebody gave them enough rope to hang themselves! 

...Or they'll get hanged or gaffled by the other inmates in the danger zone; its like Republicans in the primary..what will a clone do to themselves?

From Florida to Nevada some will go on with your bad selves like Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney....what will the response be?  one who hates will geek up the masses! 

Next thing you know you'll be had given enough rope to hang yourself; reality continues to conduct classes!

Plus reality checks are issued by the paymaster..they'll tell you to play faster...go out amongst the traffic!!

Plus you were told to pay, check, credit or debit they took money orders..we were played by corporate raiders..given enough rope to hang ourselves...the outcome is tragic..

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kool G Rap FT.Nas....Fast Life

Check this remix of the classic Kool G Rap & Nas cut Fast Life....remixed by Big Malk from his Live From Malkatraz project

N.O.R.E. Ft. Busta Rhymes, Game & Waka Flocka - Lehhhgooo

N.O.R.E. ...with Busta Rhymes...Game & Waka Flocka rolling with him...Lehhgooo!!