Monday, July 31, 2017

Transition / Transformation PT. 7

We're in transition but spotted the staff meetings that were attended;  they were similar to a G20 Summit or a  cartel gathering.

Check the transformation!! math is dropped in these greetings!!! plus, per the drumkit  beats blended.; we also collected thoughts that were scattering.

Breakbeat science dropped straight from the institute!!! it's bruising and battering the opposition!! we told them we would get them one way or another.

The opposition will be dropped!!! they'll be fired like Anthony Scaramucci for trying to act brand new with me!! they were Shady Like Grady..they tried to play a brotha.

What can they say to a brotha? the conversation was toxic  like e-coli in the Chattahoochee!  all I heard was gossip, lies and innuendo.

Iceberg Slim calming down? please!! check the transition / transformation as  icebergs melt.!! we're dealing with the internal inferno and the external innuendo.

This Louisville /  Newburg alumnus is doing it!! check the transition / transformation per a message we send to you in the songs!  rights or wrongs? what were the karmic repercussions? 

We roll up with a small army, bringing the good word and the percussions.

Holding on like Jeff Sessions!! you heard? but this dude's persona in the total opposite..

Classic aggression is taking place, they'll say this dude and his people match the composite...

...sketches; but class is in session as we cosmic slop it, per being in transition / transformation...

Class is in session, we didn't quit and didn't stop!! excuse the overload of information..

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Otis Clay - The Only Way Is Up (Dj XS Extended Edit)

Sunday Jazz Continues!! We're listening to some soul jazz from Otis Clay with The Only Way Is Up (Dj XS Extended Edit). Check it out!!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Sure Thing ‎– Holding You Tight (Dr Packer Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Saturday afternoon!! a dude was headed in one direction and ended up in another..

A dude was soul jazzing it on the Afternoon Jazz tip after rolling out on I-20 in Atlanta!! but I  ended up in another.. another direction, in pursuit of beat perfection, rocking your section from NYC to out in the San Francisco / Oakland Bay Area...

Checking out jazz, funk, hip hop, house music and disco, this how it'll go as we fight the mass hysteria...

Checking out some soul music / disco from  Sure Thing with Holding You Tight (Dr Packer Remix)

Check this out!! oh yes, it's the sure thing to help you get your mind right!! breakbeat science? that's what this dude kicks..

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Jamiroquai - Electric Mistress (Kraak & Smaak Remix)

Digital crate digging continues per HumpDay Extravaganza!! We're listening to some of this  disco funk from  Jamiroquai  with a track called Electric Mistress (Kraak and Smaak Remix). Let's Go!

The Outback Chronicles

Once again it's on!!  it's hot like this 90 degree  ATL weather!!  check out these Outback Chronicles. 

Once again it's on!!  naysayers say /  tell me whatever!!  I'm told to take responsibility for these and those. 

Once again it's on!!  I say prayers before I walk into the tall grass with snakes mentioned by Midnight Star!  now I'm going in /  getting it in. 

Summer storms did damage,   plus lawns are overgrown!!  class is in session, so whatcha knowing? I'm going in / getting it in. 

Funky drummer storms upcoming / approaching? oh yes,  per digital crate digging and this HumpDay Extravaganza!! 

Runners? they aren't the norm!! they said they were bossing but just weed and water carriers!!  who's fair with us? I wasn't fronting and flossing so some didn't understand a brotha.

Water is carried outback on the deck!! pundits and experts said stay hydrated during this hot weather!! jokers hated they said whatever!! the sun is in Leo season,  I spot the treason in the sun rays. 

What's up with the public transportation/  transformation per Trump vs Sessions?  who's stressing?  part of the reason?  it's based on how one plays. 

Classic aggression a factor? I see how one plays similar to the scenario outback as I see the red cardinal and the blue jay giving each other the side eye about claiming territory..

Similar to plays made per the  Louisville Cardinals vs Kentucky Wildcats; jokers get wild with that as they tell the story!!

Rocking a Louisville Cardinal hat and t-shirt after cutting grass and cleaning up!! blessed!! I'm chilling out / cooling out while a corrupted one prays for a favorable outcome. 

What's up with it? why start with a bro!!   time will reveal like DeBarge, menawhile O-Dog will pull out the drum. 

Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Quantic Soul Orchestra - Something Thats Real (DJ Nappa mix feat Life and Mr Thing)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I call Saturday Night Fever; hot music is on the menu..

Digital? analog? the saga / struggle continues!! let the music play!! so what's next on the menu? 

O-Dizzle is digging in the crates looking for something real / he mentioned authentic in a previous mix..

Drizzle preceded the reign, hate is looking some in the face, it's real!! my constituents are caught up in the mix / matrix..

What's the dizzle? maintaining!! listening to The Quantic Soul Orchestra with Something Thats Real (DJ Nappa mix feat Life and Mr Thing

Handling business bro!! we're getting breakbeat scientific!! it's real!! that's what's up when a brotha does his thing...

Friday, July 21, 2017

Ralphi Rosario with Linda Clifford 'Wanna Give It Up' (Full Intention Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday; I have that kind of vibe, somewhat...

My mind flashes back to past episodes and how I played them; sometimes corrupt...

Environmental residue from street codes dominated; I prayed about them but they're still 

Instrumentals / dubs played in my head!! did the music have my mind? that's the deal..

Had to keep it real!! Ralphi Rosario with Linda Clifford mentioned  'Wanna Give It Up' (Full Intention Remix) 

Had to keep it real!! check the scenario as I deal with it!! so what's up? breakbeat science is what I kick!!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Monstercat: Call of the Wild Ep. 161 | Dirtyphonics, DROELOE & RIOT [#COTW161]

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday, as I deal with things from the past...

But I'm retro-futuristic!! on what I call Throwback / Thirsty Thursday I go back and move forward due to being hungry / thirsty!! I take it back to the future as futuristic sounds blast..

Letting go: a mystic will pray / fast for a favorable outcome; in the meantime and between time O-Dizzle will pull out the drum..

O-Zone? he'll do the mathematics per the ways / means of these fanatics!! equations have the product / sum..

What's really going on? check out my conduct son!! listening to  Monstercat: Call of the Wild Ep. 161 | Dirtyphonics, DROELOE & RIOT [#COTW161]   

Check out the playlist and the mix!! check out my conduct son, wild is how I'll have to play this!! survival has me on one...

🎹 Tracklist
00:00:42 Razihel - Children Of The Night
00:05:09 Case & Point - Error Code
00:08:01 Reach x Slips & Slurs - That Sound [Monstercat Exclusive]
00:10:31 Case & Point - Paradigm
00:15:00 Seven Lions & Echoes - Cold Skin (Intercom Remix)
00:19:44 Summer Was Fun - Love Back On (ft. Emelie Cyréus)
00:23:07 DREOLOE - Bon Voyage
00:27:00 Mindsight & Duumu - What Feels Right [Monstercat Exclusive]
00:28:50 Protostar - Scorpion Pit (VIP Mix) [Monstercat Throwback]
00:32:20 Rootkit - Ambush
00:35:39 Melano - Don’t Fight It
00:39:46 Conro - Close [Monstercat Spotlight]
00:42:38 WRLD - Echo (ft. Richard Caddock)
00:46:03 San Holo - Victory
00:49:46 Dirtyphonics x RIOT - Got Your Love
00:53:11 Savoy - Your Time (ft. KIELY)

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Transition / Transformation PT.6

Losing? winning? per the ongoing Transition / Transformation  Local, National, International and Intergalactic battles go either way!! in these hoods? Plan Z implementation has some stealing and robbing.

Some keep it pimping player!! advice given to a cat down here in Atlanta, but it's going down everywhere!! I told some about the Chicago game, Pimping Ken / Bishop Don Juan and them..

...Mentioned by R Kelly;  stepping in the name of love as he gets his game on? 

What can they tell me? slick players like Trump and Putin continue to get their game on!!

What can they tell me? special interest groups get their game on! they're lobbying to get paid, using hedge funds!! 

It goes down, some are acting real special!! per the ongoing Transition / Transformation check the episodes in Local, National, International and Intergalactic hoods everywhere!! per Obamacare repeal it's all about the funds!!

Some act irrational!! fanatics say it'll have to be that way!! what?  they'll have to get paid!!

Some act irrational!! fanatics said don't blame the player for how the game is played...

Where is the game played? it's going down in ghettos, barrios, governments, corporations and churches everywhere.

Where is the game played? per the NFL Mike Vick mentioned Colin Kaepernick might need to cut his hair..

Meanwhile a fast chick said talk to me quick, soon she walked off into the sunset with another player..

Secret meetings like Donald Trump Jr and Jared Kushner with the Russians? per the ongoing Transition / Transformation some are feeling the pressure again!! overdosing on fentanyl laced pills, smoking dry kush and that loud pack was an option for a player..

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Beat Therapy 14 - Breakbeat World Culture Mix

It's what I like to call Terrible / Terrific Tuesday, the outcome can be either way...

Tuesday motivation needed? this dude will pull out the drum; let the music play!!

Progress impeded? sometimes, but Digital Crate Digging Continues as we do what we do...

Alt / shift / deleted? some crimes committed by the Matrix Architect and his crew..

Acting like we knew per studies conducted at the Institute  Breakbeat Scientific Culture..

It's going down!! we're trying to catch up on our pimping while undergoing / listening to the  Beat Therapy 14  Breakbeat World Culture Mix; check out the playlist and the mix courtesy of   Confused Bi-Product of a Misinformed Culture


0:00 - Farm Fresh Sound System - Roots Once Again
02:05 - Renegades Of Jazz - Hip To The Jive (Hugo Kant Remix)
03:56 - Apanemic - March Of Pads
05:24 - Deela - El Mechanico
07:12 - Horace Andy - See a Man's Face (Kill Emil Re-Edit) aka Don't Love With Hatred
07:58 - Skinshape - Sunday Morning (feat. Aaron Paul)
10:53 - Palov meets Ang. Angelides - Waste of time
14:10 - Sonidos Profundos - Tiro Al Blanco
15:47 - The Woohoo Revue - Van Boldrin (Skeewiff Remix)
19:43 - Max Pashm - Fight On The Streets (Savages y Suefo - The tolerant clarinet mix)
24:17 - Timewrap - Smoke Miash
26:59 - The Architect - Looking For Mongo
29:01 - Palov & Panama Cardoon - Basmati Rice
32:18 - S Strong - Whitestick
34:10 - Monetrik - Swing Flirt !
37:13 - Batsauce - Day 266
38:42 - Kaleidoscope Jukebox - Beambox
41:54 - Colman Brothers - She who dares (Lounge Mix)
44:44 - Panama Cardoon - Joshua

Monday, July 17, 2017

Beat Therapy Part 13 - Jazzy/Trip Hop /Breakbeat & World Culture Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues on some Music Monday type of business! some know what the deal is...

They didn't hate, digging the sounds as the saga / struggle continues!! some know what the real is...

They didn't debate like Ann Coulter vs Delta!! gunfire was like lightning bolts, fired  from jazz / funk / soul Delta Force spiritual warriors on the frontline..

They weren't  late like weed smokers and Colt 45 drinkers trying to tell us how high they were  up in Louisville on the TARC 23 Broadway bus line!!

I wasn't waiting in the dark, I'm going for mine!! undergoing beat therapy per Beat Therapy Part 13 - Jazzy/Trip Hop/Breakbeat & World Culture Mix courtesy of the Confused Bi-Product of a Misinformed Culture..

Check out the playlist and the mix!!  Beat Therapy 15 is already up, I'm trying to catch up!! breakbeat science we kick as we inform the masses about the culture...


00:00 - Apanemic - Silent Fountain
02:45 - The Herbalizer - The Next Spot
05:02 - Vintage Beats - Old Man
06:29 - Royksopp - So Easy
09:46 - Yppah - R. Mullen
12:40 - Adham Shaikh - Ohm (Transfix Remix)
18:05 - Membran - Ein Tanz Mit Dir
21:28 - Slowhill - Just a Phrase
24:56 - Y Society - Good Communication
28:04 - Wax Tailor - There is Danger
29:48 - 9 Lazy 9 - No. 2
33:38 - Maniax Memori - It's not Jazz
36:28 - Mr. Moods - Rockin' & Flippin'
39:11 - Smith & Mighty - Maybe for Dub
41:13 - DJ Krush - Do Dat Dance
44:46 - Smokers Blend 3000 - Overooped
45:00 - Gramatik - Balkan Express
48:29 - Musi Kai - Te Pico El Yaibi
51:41 - Quannum Projects - I Changed my Mind
54:20 - Panama Cardoon - Moliendo Cafe

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Opolopo Special Mix - DJ Ben Foster - 60 Min Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the Saturday Night Fever!! We're checking out this  Opolopo Special Mix by DJ Ben Foster - 60 Min Mix . Opolopo has all spectrums;  covered soul, jazz, funk and house music!  Check out the playlist and the mix!!


SoulParlor - Real Feat. Colonel Red (Opolopo Remix)

Candy Coated Perfection feat Sacha Williamson

Choklate - The Tea (Opolopo Remix)

Just Feel The Music

Round and Round feat Diane Charlemange

Mario Biondi - This Is What You Are (Opolopo Remix)

So Good feat Keni Burke

Pablo - Feels Like (OPOLOPO Remix)

Opolopo Presents ACTUAL PROOF - The Grit (Original Disco Mix) 


The Sunburst Band - In The Thick Of It feat. Angela Johnson (Opolopo Boogie Remix)

The Best feat Colonel Red

Tomson & Benedict ft. Bantu Soul - Blind (Opolopo Boogie Radio Edit)

Drop Out Orchestra feat Vinny Vero - Be Free With Your Love (Opolopo Dub)

Top lounge and chillout music - Ibiza Funky Groove (Deep Funky Downtempo House Tracks Beats)

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! the venue goes down on this Saturday morning!!

Chilling out instead of running up and down I-20 in Atlanta per debatable circumstances; either we built or tore down the thing!!

Shady dealing going down like Trump Jr meetings with Russians? players score points in these things / spectrums / on these different levels..

Meanwhile? beats thump and this good word is dropped as the pressure is dealt with; it's applied by these different devils..

Blue collar style work is put in; tools / shovels used while digging in the crates!! we're listening to  Top lounge and chillout music - Ibiza Funky Groove (Deep Funky Downtempo House Tracks Beats) 

As we "holla atcha"  check out the playlist and the mix!! its courtesy of  irmachannel1,  spirits we channel son!! ancestors fought a system that hates son!! like Doobie Brothers we're taking this to the streets!!

01. Big Mojo - As I Feel Myself [Dario Piana Remix] 00:00
02. Ltj Xperience - Plug Me 07:39
03. Michael Allen - Deep Inside Funky Dog Version 13:06
04. DJ Rodriguez - Taste 17:17
05. Jazz 2 More - Feel It 23:10
06. Acusmatic Group - Inst4action 27:21
07. Funka 7 - Burglar 31:30
08. Funk Revenge - Saturday 36:12
09. Jestofunk - Colour [Remix] 41:00
10. Montefroid - Da Funk 46:47
11. Bendata From Disc - The Filter Box 51:08
12. Groove On Commission - Roller Wave 55:53
13. The Groove Regatta - Hey Brother [Groove Mix] 01:02:55
14. Funka 7 - Funky Soup 01:08:26
15. Black Mighty Wax - Shake Your Heart [Chili's Freedom Re-Shake] 01:12:56
16. Public Invasion Project - Celebrate Your Life [Afro Rework] 01:17:51
17. Ltj Xperience - Go Down 01:23:52
18. Maria Power - How Do You Feel 01:27:41
19. Two Channel - She so the First 01:34:19
20. Funka 7 - Drop the Bomb 01:38:48

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Monstercat: Call of the Wild Ep. 160 | Dion Timmer, Dirtyphonics & RIOT [#COTW160]

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this so called Throwback Thursday, but you know how we do!!

We take it back to the future due to being retro-futuristic!! but this is how we do!!

Excuse a player for being outside the box!! listening to some electro, house music or some drum and bass..

Excuse a player as he rocks out, unleashing the Sonic Assault!! these jazz / funk / soul warriors are on the case...

Checking out   Monstercat: Call of the Wild Ep. 160 | Dion Timmer, Dirtyphonics & RIOT [#COTW160]  it's going down like this... 

Train of thought wrecking out? a monster with that when Sonic Assaults are going down!!  check out the playlist and the mix!!

🎹 Tracklist
00:00:42 Rich Edwards - Inferno
00:04:20 Tokyo Machine - PARTY
00:07:42 Tokyo Machine - HYPE
00:10:27 Pegboard Nerds x Quiet Disorder - Move That Body
00:14:00 Pegboard Nerds & Spyker - Extraordinary (ft. Elizaveta) [Monstercat Spotlight]
00:17:21 SMLE - Halo (ft. Helen Tess)
00:21:12 Snavs - Into The Wild (ft. Sebastian Lind)
00:24:50 Dion Timmer - Till I Make It (ft. Tima Dee)
00:28:02 Dirtyphonics x RIOT - Got Your Love [Monstercat Exclusive]
00:29:57 Muzzy - Spectrum
00:35:48 Excision & Pegboard Nerds - Bring the Madness (ft. Mayor Apeshit)
00:38:45 Noisestorm - Breakdown VIP [Monstercat Throwback]
00:42:36 Slips & Slurs - Divided VIP
00:45:33 Hush - Pilvorm
00:49:06 Nitro Fun - Home
00:52:32 Pegboard Nerds - Talk About It (feat. Desirée Dawson)
00:56:11 Summer Was Fun - Love Back On (ft. Emelie Cyréus) [Monstercat Exclusive]

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Outback Chronicles (Another HumpDay Extravaganza Edition)

They were rude!! I was told to log on to the website so I could respond to these and those.  

Check the attitude; I'm Outback cutting grass and trimming bushes,  soon coming with these Chronicles. 

The devil will oppose per the old school Baptist preacher!!  I'm dodging snakes in the grass,  plus Atlanta is known as Mosquitoville. 

The devil will oppose!! out on I-20 in Atlanta?  Dodge Chargers driving fakes with the sound bumping  smoke grass / loud or kush; further down south?  others chilled in Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville..

Flashback Friday business?  I was rolling On Broadway in Louisville  like George Benson in a Caddie Coupe Deville.  

..That was the way the hustlers hustled and the players played,  up in Louisville. 

..Rolling in Brown Brothers Cadillacs!! listening to Herbie Hancock's Watermelon Man!! now this Louisville brotha does the mathematics...

Fast forward, history was repeating itself!! deja vu?  I'm rolling down I-20 in Atlanta listening to Morris Baxter on WCLK play  Herbie Hancock's Watermelon Man!! trying to stay a step ahead of these fanatics..

Moving forward while another entity will defeat itself, like the squirrel that let the crow creep up on him in my backyard...

Moving forward, started working outback on a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday that morphed into this HumpDay Extravaganza! now I'm back out there!!  like the Fat Boys we're coming back hard...

Moving forward!! a man's work is never done but another questions a dude's abilities! I heard them ask what is that boy doing? per the hip hop cliche, I'm keeping it real. 

The sun hovers over my head on a hot Atlanta day!! damn!! I dealt with a few technical difficulties but now I'm outback at my remote outpost in Atlanta,  trying to get peace to be still.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Freestylin' - A Jazzy Downtempo Trip Hop Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues! what I call Terrible / Terrific Tuesday is coming to a close..

Digital? analog? the saga / struggle continues!! some are terrified!! the devil will oppose...

As I compose this the HumpDay Extravaganza is approaching!! I'm trying to get my mind right...

Check the prose, maybe somebody will understand a brother as I drop this insight...

I suppose Freestylin' - A Jazzy Downtempo Trip Hop Mix  by Confused Bi-Product of a Misinformed Culture  will get some minds open..

Styling and profiling!! check out the playlist and the mix!! this is edutainment for those confused and misinformed about the culture!! soon some are in motion!!

 Tracklist -

0:00 - Innereyefull - Beats & Hypnotism
1:57 - Dee La Kream - Smell that Jazz
04:17 - David Caron - Fantasy on a Fantasy
06:28 - DJ Krush - Rust Feat. KK
07:20 - Morriarchi - Disguise
09:09 - Skull - Destroy all Monsters
11:04 - 3rd Floor - Cradle to the Grave
13:04 - Devaloop - Stop Thinking
15:14 - The Cancel - Space Call
17:00 - Kid Loco - Calling Aventura King
20:39 - London Funk Allstars - Funky Sweater
22:18 - Philanthrope - Leidenschaft
23:53 - deeB - E - type
25:15 - Molasses - Meditation (Sitting by the Purple Pond)
28:01 - The Jazzment - Moon Phase
29:50 - DJ Mentos - Paris
31:28 - DJ Krush - Only the Strong Survive Feat. C.L Smooth
35:03 - My Neighbour Is - Quiet Lake
36:40 - Planet Ragtime - Unfeigned
38:16 - Knowz & Darkside - Insane Method
39:58 - Dadamnphreaknoizphunk - Powerless
41:56 - London Funk Allstars - Chun Li Vs. Wah Wah Man

Monday, July 10, 2017

Blu Mar Ten - Titans (LowLight Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Music Monday!! Excuse me while I get into some drum and bass from  Blu Mar Ten with a track called  Titans (LowLight Remix). Check it out!!   

Sunday, July 9, 2017

NIGHTMARES ON WAX sunset set in The Lab IBZ

Sunday Jazz Continues!! We're listening to some funk, soul, soul jazz, disco jazz, jazz funk; house music and other flavors provided by  the NIGHTMARES ON WAX sunset set in The Lab IBZ!  

This is courtesy of Mixmag!  Check  the playlist and the mix!

The Fatback Band - Keep On Steppin 

Junktion - Visions of You

Fred Wesley - House Party 

George Soule - Get involved 

DJ Nature - Born Lifted 

Finger Man - Button Pusher (Dr Packer Remix)

Holiday 80 - Bez Tego I Owego

Belabouche - Star Wars 

Closed Paradise - Breakin' Down 

Gilad Kahan - Africa Sheli (Red Axes Remix)

Saine - Technique 

Yse Saint Lau'rant - Morning Star

Junktion - i'm Wishin' 

Chezz - Bossa (Admin Remix)

Jazzy Jens - Guarapera

KS French - Le ghetto

Nenad Markovic - Grace Records 

Nancy Azzurro - Grace 

Crazy P - Like A Fool (Fred Everything Lazy Dub)

Eddie Kendricks - Intimate Friends (Dj XS Edit)

Sunday Jazz Continues!! We're listening to some soul jazz from Eddie Kendricks with a track called  Intimate Friends (Dj XS Edit). Let's Go!!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Beat Therapy 15 - A Trip Hop Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues!!  Saturday afternoon is the timeframe on a hot day in Atlanta...

Hotlanta was the old school name; afternoon jazz massages the mind frame; somebody might understand a brotha..

The mothership stranded on brotha on this earth; the love / hate relationship continues with these earthlings..

A brotha gets scientific due to studies at the Institute Of Breakbeat Science, this is how I work things..

I heard things while trying to get my mind right!! undergoing / listening to Beat Therapy 15  A Trip Hop Mix courtesy of  a Confused Bi-Product of a Misinformed Culture

Check out the playlist and the mix!! Trip Hop / Jazzhop? check the insight, those are elements / cousins of jazz so my cousins? don't spaz!! some were confused after they were misinformed about the culture!!

0:00 - Enigmatical - Some Freedom
02:58 - Smooth One - A Warmer Spot
04:56 - Guts - Rage Against My Computer
06:57 - Kid Loco - Horsetown In Vain
11:19 - Sorem Sound System - Feeling It
14:23 - Groove Armada - Dusk You and Me
19:13 - Thievery Corporation - The Cosmic Game
21:13 - King Of Woolworths - Bakerloo
23:25 - Sin - Waiting
25:45 - Portishead, DJ Shadow & Unkle - Time has Come
27:57 - Colours of Melancholia - Bottom
30:13 - Massive Attack - Karmacoma (UNKLE Situation Mix)
35:03 - DJ Shadow - What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 2)
42:39 - Blue Monk - Smokescope
46:26 - FcKahuna - Hayling
52:09 - Soulstice - Wizard
56:38 - Mr. Moods - I Lost Her


Friday, July 7, 2017

Monstercat: Call of the Wild Ep. 159 | Dion Timmer, Rogue & Trivecta [#COTW159]

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Flashback Friday and Friday Night Fever! once again it's on...

Digital? analog? the saga / struggle continues!! give the cash back to the people? lies told by a deceiver!! soon over at G20 in Hamburg attacked by a drone..

O-Dog / O-Zone? rolling down I-20 in Atlanta after getting back from Louisville / Newburg!! rolling!! listening to jazz, funk, housemusic, electro and drum and bass!! I wasn't a clone programmed by the so called American Top 40..

Danger zone manuevers made, doing what behooves us!! others slow jammed while we looked for something mind expanding!! bumping heads with American Gods trying to tell me how the sport should be..

We move through the sport freely like NBA free agency! listening to  Monstercat: Call of the Wild Ep. 159 | Dion Timmer, Rogue & Trivecta [#COTW159]

Check out the playlist and the mix!! flagrant agents will be repelled!! weapons were like Kool and The Gang Wild and Peaceful!! peace bro!! that's what I try to tell mine!!  

 ðŸŽ¹ Tracklist
00:00:42 Pegboard Nerds & NGHTMRE - Superstar (ft. Krewella)
00:04:00 Reach - Throw Handz
00:07:12 Dion Timmer - Till I Make It (ft. Tima Dee) [Monstercat Exclusive]
00:08:55 Dirty Audio - Gorilla Glue
00:11:28 Trivecta - Break Me (ft. Karra) [Monstercat Spotlight]
00:15:03 Rich Edwards - We Are (ft. Danyka Nadeau)
00:19:29 Tokyo Machine - CRAZY
00:22:29 KUURO - Savage
00:25:44 Vicetone - Apex [Rocket League Exclusive]
00:27:29 Rameses B - Play To Win (ft. Holly Drummond) [Rocket League Exclusive]
00:29:44 Aero Chord - Drop It [Rocket League Exclusive]
00:31:21 Tut Tut Child - Power Fracture [Monstercat Throwback]
00:34:20 Mr FijiWiji - Thought Police
00:38:13 Grant - Weapon (ft. Baum)
00:41:11 Muzzy - Lost Forever
00:46:43 Rogue - Fury [Monstercat Exclusive]
00:49:16 Rogue - Ultimatum
00:53:15 WRLD - Everything (ft. Ashdown)
00:57:27 LVTHER - Some Kind Of Magic (ft. MYZICA)

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Monstercat: Call of the Wild Ep. 158 | Ephixa, Slander & Feint [#COTW158]

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Throwback Thursday, but excuse me while we handle futuristic business..

We're listening to Monstercat: Call of the Wild Ep. 158 | Ephixa, Slander & Feint [#COTW158]. We're trying to get caught up, episode 159 just came out. That's on deck!! Check out the playlist and the mix from episode 158!!

🎹 Tracklist
00:41 Feint - Outbreak (ft. MYLK) [Rocket League Exclusive]
04:10 Snails & Pegboard Nerds - Deep In The Night (Muzzy Remix)
07:50 Muzzy - Outsiders (ft. Charlotte Haining)
11:07 Grabbitz - Get Out
14:53 WRLD - Drift Away [Rocket League Exclusive]
18:32 Subtact - Call Me [Rocket League Exclusive]
21:46 Au5 - Guardians (ft. Fiora)
28:02 Puppet - Answers (ft. Koo)
33:47 Slander - Superhuman (ft. Eric Leva) [Monstercat Spotlight]
37:48 Televisor - Find The Someone (Tobtok Remix)
41:53 Rootkit - Real Love (ft. Danyka Nadeau) [Monstercat Throwback]
46:21 Eminence - 0202 [Rocket League Exclusive]
48:16 Ephixa - Skyforth [Rocket League Exclusive]
50:33 Zero Hero - Twilight [Rocket League Exclusive]
52:54 Richard Caddock & Hyper Potions - Distance
56:12 Seven Lions & Echos - Cold Skin (MiTiS Remix)

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Kool & the Gang - Hollywood Swinging (Dj XS Edit)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the HumpDay Extravaganza!! Some people had to go back to work after the holiday while some are still vacationing!! Do your thing!!

We're somewhere in between, in the lab checking out  Kool & the Gang with Hollywood Swinging (Dj XS Edit). Dj XS  extended , tightened, re-drummed, and boosted it up!! Fresh!! check it out!! 


Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Transition / Transformation PT. 6 (Once Again)

Damn here we go again!!! once again it's on!! we're in transition / transformation!!  its not a fire but I stop drop and roll.

We're in transition / undergoing transformation!! this is spiritual warfare frontline business!! in the background I hear fireworks and celebratory gunfire per Independence Day!! but that's not how I roll!!

I'm fighting for mind, body, spirit and soul; Independence Day? Frederick Douglass had his opinion about the matter..

Stone out my mind per the Chi-Lites? rolling like Will Smith per Independence Day? who's real with it, how will they play in the matter?

Check out these insights; situations are out of control but we're trying to deal with it even when the arch nemesis revisits us!! they play it like it's a Independence Day family reunion.

Lights aren't out per tainted opioids!!  I'm maintaining control, avoiding those devoid of funk!! ignoring Trump I'm the commander in chief!! using the loose leaf,  blue ink, then the iPhone when writing this state of the union.

Chilling out!! down south but beats thump while listening to West Coast hip hop per Opio and the Souls of Mischief while in transition down I-20 in Atlanta..

....Might even hook up some Opolopo so whatcha know? understanding my beliefs? they ask me what do you think? there's more than you can shake a stick at / or throw a brick at!! so check out the behavior.

Somebody said they knew what relief is!! but it's a matter of opinion,  it depends on the flavor.

Transition / Transformation  takes place!! once again I speak on it while rolling through the universe aka I-20 in Atlanta..

South Dekalb malling rocking a San Diego Charger cap: dude told me I need to update it because they moved to Los Angeles..

Visions of balling like North Korea testing missiles? we couldn't charge it to the game while in transition / transformation!! somebody might understand us!! 


Monday, July 3, 2017

Fort Knox Five - The Big Score (Original Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Music Monday!!!   We're checking out the Fort Knox Five  with their cut called The Big Score (Original Mix) 

Fort Knox Five is a Washington, D.C.-based recording artist consisting of Steve Raskin, Jon Horvath, Rob Myers, and Sid Barcelona. 

They have released their music on their own independent label Fort Knox Recordings. 

Their music style mixes elements of Funk, Reggae, Hiphop and Electronica. Check them out!!

Junior Walker & The All Stars - Still Water Medley

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Music Monday!! We're checking out some soul / jazz from Junior Walker and The All Stars with the Still Water Medley. 

This is classic material y'all; check it out / Let's Go!

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Me'shell NdegéOcello / Relaxin' At Camarillo (August 29)

Sunday Jazz  Continues on this July 4th Holiday Weekend!!

In the meantime and between time let's check out Me'shell NdegéOcello  with Relaxin' At Camarillo (August 29). 

This is from  Bird Up - The Charlie Parker Remix Project, where artists give their interpretations of Charlie Parker classics. Check it out y'all!!


Hugo Kant - Flying

Sunday Jazz Continues!! We're checking out this smooth track from Hugo Kant called Flying. Let's Go!!


Dizzy Gillespie / Matrix

Sunday Jazz Continues; checking out some classic jazz / funk from Dizzy Gillespie with this Matrix track. Sounds like he's hip to the game!! Know what I'm sayin? Anyway, Check out the players and the track...

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Soul Deeper Vol. 45 (Deep & Soulful House Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the Saturday Night Fever!! We're listening to Soul Deeper Vol. 45 (Deep & Soulful House Mix) courtesy of  eXogroove  .  Check out the playlist and the mix!!

Gershon Jackson, Sio Blackwidow - How Did We Get Here (Mike Dunn White Noise MixX)
Rubb Sound System - Cast A Spell
Purple Disco Machine - Body Funk (Original Mix)
Sonny Fodera feat. Alex Mills - Always Gonna Be (Mat.Joe Funked Up Remix)
Joey Negro, Linda Clifford - Won't let go
Micky More, Andy Tee - Moody (Original Mix)
Roog, Dennis Quin - Get Yourself (Original Mix)
Dave Anthony & Tasha LaRae - Live To Love (Quentin Harris Re-Production)
Souldynamic - In The Air (Original Mix)
Rhemi,Anna-Marie Johnson - Live Life Free (Original Mix)
Sue Avenue - Function

Selected & Mixed by eXo