Saturday, May 31, 2014

Monstercat Podcast Ep. 005

Digital Crate Digging Continues...I'm catching up on my pimping...checking out the Monstercat Podcast Ep. 005.....I think they're up to Episode 10 or 11 now..but I'm going to catch up!! 

This podcast features PIXL, Fractal, Razihel, Astronaut and others. Check out the playlist and the mix.


00:31 Lets Be Friends - FTW
04:47 Favright - Nerve
08:48 PIXL - Astrocat
13:29 Fractal - Itvara
18:14 Favright - This Time
22:28 Razihel - Renzokuken
27:57 Atmozfears - State of Mind (feat. In-Phase)
31:02 Astronaut - Quantum (Spag Heddy Remix)
34:46 Tut Tut Child - Power Fracture
37:57 Tristam - Truth (Candyland Remix)
41:23 Falcon Funk - Leophant
45:31 Rogue - From The Dust
49:47 Droptek - The Covenant
53:06 Tut Tut Child - Maelstrom
56:24 Rootkit - Do It

Synchronization PT.3

All up in the spot!! ...stumbling around / knocked off balance like the Indiana Pacers;  there was no synchronization.

 All up in the spot..dipping down I-20 in Atlanta in the hooptie..rumbling the sound as we rocked the palace with the sonic instigation. 

Like Ray J out in Beverly Hills some are fumbling around in an unpleasant situation;  dude said we should have taken drama class. 

That's expected from an academic not out there where the shady deals were per Carl Icahn, Phil Mickelson and William "Billy" Walters....please!!  we were out there where the drama was. 

....dealing with fanatics..knowing what the response was or is!!  wannabe power brokers were trying to flex. 

Sonic Assaults are the response to the madness..knowing the sport is complex. 

Reality checks caught some of us off guard!! damn!!  now there's an overdrawn account. 

 Reality disrespects those that don't do the knowledge!! arms were too short to box with God..they'll get knocked out for the count. 

Actually?  this brotha disconnects from the mainframe..but I still maintain a relationship with the higher power. 

Lance Stephenson types disrespect the game..but synchronization is eventually restored at that critical hour. 

Circumstances debatable?  please believe's a shame..being built or torn down? 

Hurting chances by going against the grain? experts and pundits mentioned lack of synchronization..

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Monstercat Podcast Ep. 004

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out the  Monstercat Podcast Ep. 004....I think they're up to Episode 10 now so I'll need to "catch up on my pimping" the meantime and between time check out the playlist and the mix..

00:31 Trivecta - One Night Only (feat. Yohamna Solange)
04:30 Fractal - Duality
08:54 Muzzy & Day One - Black Magic
13:19 Going Quantum - Hello (Centra Remix)
17:22 Astronaut - Rain (Rootkit Remix)
22:55 Stephen Walking - Animal Instinct
26:09 Hot Date! & Chrisson - To The Sun (feat. Roufaida)
31:02 Rameses B - Timeless (feat. Veela)
34:59 Haywyre - Time (feat. Coma)
38:57 Insan3Lik3 - Bliss
43:12 PIXL - Sugar Rush
47:19 Pegboard Nerds - Bassline Kickin (Dzeko & Torres Remix)
49:49 Case & Point - All On Me (feat. Gamble & Burke)
54:56 Soulero - Seconds Away

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

DJ Disma : Funktionality 3 - Deep Funky Beats (2014)

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out DJ Disma with  Funktionality 3 - Deep Funky Beats (2014)..this mix music from Crispin J. Glover & D'Musick, Dogo Argentino, James Brown, and others. The full tracklist is not available at this time. Sit back and enjoy the mix..

Young-Holt Unlimited - Bumpin' On Young Street

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out the Young-Holt Unlimited -with a track called Bumpin' On Young Street..check out the players and the track..

The Outback Chronicles / Still Posted Up

Once again it's on!! check out these outback chronicles!!  as I post up outside on the deck.

 Other propositions weren't Sabu's FBI collaberations; some even showed a lack of respect. 

...for these missions that were on..unlike Boko Haram..breakbeat science is dropped...once again it's on and popping! 

Please!! opposition is met similar to Syria or the Ukraine type ..but were not quitting or stopping. 

Mathematics like multiplication and division are pondered..reality was dropping equations on us.

Fanatics hinder synchronization..but check how we respond to the situation!! realizing that it's on us.

Fanatics send us back to square one..but I was reminded of the original funk when old dude in the dreads rolled up in the hooptie listening to Bootsy Collins

Now we come with the brand new funk!! but we didn't bring it out of the closet like Michael Sam and Jason Collins

The garage was full of vinyl, cassettes and Cd's !! while outback I contemplate and reflect on this good word. 

A former city dweller but now a suburbanite..nobody was standing on the block saying they had the good herb. 

You heard? the goodfella role is not played..I've been there and done that..please!!! in the hood? I was posted up...

What can I tell ya? now I'm outback on the deck chilling out...posted up...

Monday, May 26, 2014

Bernard Purdie / Cold Sweat

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out drummer  Bernard Purdie  with his version of James Brown's Cold Sweat. Check out the players and the track..

The Outback Chronicles / Sliding Through The Portal...

A portal opened up..I slide through!!  like I slide through the ATL.. down I-20. 

Per the what's up with these and those? the sport will open up and swallow you like it did Gucci Mane...what's up mane?  what's up money? 

Just trying to maintain...not beefing like TI vs Floyd Mayweather ...I'm chilling out outback on the deck enjoying the May weather...after hearing what's up Uncle?  that's what the young cat asked me hanging around the Shell gas station over on Panola Road..he was bumming change. 

It's rough out there from Myrtle Beach to the Ukraine..I'm showing them what the funk will do!! it shouldn't be hard to tell!! O-Dizzle is funky drumming...the beats will bang. 

O-Zone is showing them things are dysfunctional;  "she's strange"  like Cameo said!!  but we like it.  

...talking about life!! it's a bitch!! out back on the deck I reflect..contemplate;  check the toil and we continue to fight it. 

What?  the apparatus..check the status!! O-Jays type Backstabbers were on the prowl!!  they're devil's advocates. 

Check the status...we slid through the portal..soon running plays after we regrouped in the lab or attack were back with this. 

Check the status..we should know how the sport's complex..that's the forecast we give you like were on the Fox5 weather deck...

Check the like July or cold like the polar vortex? we contemplate / reflect out on the deck..


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Ken Rhodes / The Profile

Sunday Jazz Continues...checking out this classic jazz / funk  from pianist Ken Rhodes  with a song called The Profile. Check out the players and the track..

The Outback Chronicles / The Saga-Struggle Continues

It was a nice Saturday afternoon in Atlanta...I was out back on the deck chilling out..check these chronicles...

How did they try to play me? I'm hood based on default settings but at the moment I'm a suburbanite..trimming tress and cutting grass!! meanwhile jokers dipped by swerving in the old school Chevy Suburban smoking trees or grass...Gucci Mane was thumping up in the response to these and those...

How did they try to play me? jokers were skinning and grinning during previous episodes all up in the spot...but the sideways glances told the true story...the drama doesn't quit and doesn't stop!!  the saga / struggle continues. 

As we proceed and continue to the next chapter... I'm all up in the spot looking at these menus. 

I feel like busting loose per Chuck Brown;  every now and then I duck down per Elliott Rodger types out in Santa Barbara as the ear shattering gunshots exploded around me. 

It's like I'm in Nigeria ducking and dodging Boko Haram..but during the mass hysteria O-Dizzle will get down ...funky is how the sound will be. 

I retreated to the compound per these Outback Chronicles!! on this Memorial Day Weekend!! haven't found me at the Atlantic Beach Bike Fest at Myrtle Beach..

The drama would surround me there!! three dead and two injured on Ocean Boulevard...the arch nemesis was on the premises...during the getaway?  tires will screech...

The drama will surround me where I am!!...the devil stays busy but I'm working it out!!  but sometimes it seems like an exercise in futility.

No secret handshake from Obama with the presidential challenge coin!! these jokers question the ability.

Plus check the technical earth sign struggling  during this Gemini air/ fire season...the saga / struggle continues. 

Recognizing what it do!! I'm high or low technical!! I'm chilling out....outback on my deck...reflecting / contemplating...utilizing drop down menus. 


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Synchronization PT.2

Once again it's on!! no more net neutrality?  pundits and experts refer to interfacing networks. 

Glitches in the matrix reflected the abundance or comedy of errors ..rat racing led to the pains and hurts. 

A snitch that faked it blurts out incriminating evidence...these days? whistleblowing seems to be in fashion. 

A switch was flipped ..a  button pressed,  or mouse clicked;  now jokers are wet and dry snitching.  

I didn't lie about the check out how curve balls,  knuckleballs and sliders keep coming. 

There's no synchronization..but we didn't quit or didn't stop..these freedom riders keep coming. 

Dealing with these negative situations..some get what's coming to them while O-Dizzle was funky drumming for them while this good word is dropped. 

Soon we'll be back in sync..because we never quit and never stopped. 

..even though the madness never stopped...some are out of sync..out in Isla Vista California Elliott Rodger went on a rampage after being rejected by women..

..even though the madness never stopped..another dude checked into the Hotel California..he was supposedly a "player player"...with the daughter of chaos he shared his semen..

Now he can't check out..but on another realm others have checked out due to lack of synchronization..

The drama is going down from the ATL to Nigeria to Somalia..whose acting foul with ya? check the negative instigation..


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Funk Mix 2014 - Dj XS Summer Vibes Mixtape

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out this Funk Mix 2014 - Dj XS Summer Vibes Mixtape ....

Dj XS is a London based Dj playing everything from, lounge & funk to deep house mix 2014. Check out his description of the mix..the playlist and the mix!!

"Funk Mix 2014 - Summer Vibes Mixtape - Back with some of my favorite classic tracks, edit and remixes featuring classic funk, soul, hip hop, house and nu disco blended in no particular order.

Thanks for the support so far and like always your likes, shares and comments are always much appreciated and don't forget to subscribe for more mixes.

Dj XS keeping the funky vibes strong in 2014 mixing up the best in deep house, hip hop, funk & nu disco for your listening pleasure"

Funk Mix 2014 - Summer Vibes Mixtape Tracklisting

1. Soul Mates - Inner City Travellin' Man
2. Roman Gian Arthur - i-69 (SteEdgeExtEdit)
3. KS French - The Groove
4. GMGN, Opey Tha Poet - We Got Now
5. The Rebirth, The Sunburst Band - Face The Fire feat The Rebirth (Joey Negro Revival Mix)
6. Rafael Fernandez - Your Love
7. Timothy Wisdom - Dance With You
8. The Allergies - React (feat Figure Of Speech & The KPS Horns)
9. Dj Kaos - Swoop (Lexx remix)
10. Cosmonauts - El Toro (Rayko Disco Bull Fighter remix)
11. Dj Zeph Feat Raashan Ahmad - Floor Wax
12. Dr Packer - My Buddy Caught The Heartbeat (Dr Packer Mash Up)
13. Alkalino - Comic Rust
14. Pablo & Shoey - Raw Human Emotion
15. Richard Seaborne - Is This Acid
16. Kerri Chandler - Yellow
17. Motor City Drum Ensemble - Raw Cuts 3
18. Inland Knights - Situations
19. Stereo.type - Momento
20. Gigi Testa - Anikulapo (Souldynamic 'Black Panther' Vocal Mix)
21. Rassek - Riders On the Storm
22. Mr. Carmack - Grapevine (Mr. Carmack Remix)
23. Paqua - Late Train (Idjut Boy's Late Brain Version)
24. Ten Walls - Walking With Elephants


Damn!! everything was off by a few degrees!! there was no synchronization. 

Donald Sterling types flex...reminding us that the sport is complex!! even  Mark Cuban says those feelings are who's caught up in an unpleasant situation? 

 I see how some are working;  devil's advocates with the instigation!! throwing salt into the game!! now the teams vibe is messed up like the LA Clippers.

 I see how some are working;  next level dramatics occur from Louisville / Newburg to Nigeria per Boko Haram..on out to Pluto and Mars ...intergalactic!! who'll dip with us? we make next level maneuvers; during the mass hysteria? some say we're still blessed..the old church girl said amen. 

Usually deacons in the corner will say that!! but they were sleeping after being up all night...creeping. 

I was peeping game;  it's all messed up!! the astrologist said it's because Mars was retrograde in Libra. 

Plus the Sun is in Gemini...two sides to the game? no synchronization!! but now Mars in moving forward..check the situation;  now who's real with ya?

Check these clearance rack epiphanies..I had a deal for ya...not trying to clock dough like X-Men: Days of Future Past... 

Check the interference from those and these..they'll try to pull a coup like the army in Thailand..check out the ear shattering gunshots that exploded as the guns blast...

Check the interference as mouths blast out the latest e-mails and texts are sent...

Check the information things are out of sync..haters will try to circumvent...

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Michal Urbaniak / Body English

Digital Crate Digging Continues...still in a jazz funk mood...checking out Michal Urbaniak and his called Body English...from his album of the same name..check out the players and the track...


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Outback Chronicles; Still Looking At The Big Picture

 Check out these Outback Chronicles..this is like Bonanza and the Cartwrights..I'm chilling out at the Ponderosa....

Sitting out back on my deck on a warm day in Atlanta.. I'm reflecting..contemplating..peeping game; this world "ain't right" ..drama will get with ya!!...up until the game is over..

I'm watching the big picture like looking at the 72 inch flat screen TV from Best Buy or HH Gregg. 

Going big with this scripture after observing the scene; it's like the Koch Brothers vs Detroit..a hater told their best lie!! they're trying to pull your leg.

 Knowing how a snitch will do...even my grandson knew.. "every brotha ain't a brotha" authorities dredge the lake looking for the weapon. 

Knowing how a bitch will do per Nas and AZ..because that's how life is!!  class is in session. 

Knowing what the pitch will do; some will strike out due to the fast ball,  curve ball,  knuckleball or slider!! 

What's up with y'all? we're  fighting for freedom..but not like Boko Haram; check this word from an updated freedom rider! 

...Plus I'm a big picture watcher....peeping game!!  so called authority figures were like Vladimir Putin...faking the funk. 

Check the mixture from O-Dizzle;  hip hopping plus breaking the beats!! dropping the funk

We get with ya;  we're not trying to hack the system like the Chinese Liberation Army. 

We looked at the big picture;  God is in weapons formed "will harm we"

Monday, May 19, 2014

The Sport Is Complex PT 10 (That's What's Up )

Those supposedly calling the shots like Donald Sterling find out that the sport is complex. 

Adam Silver types issue reprimands...the drama is intergalactic plus in foreign or domestic lands;  contestants are needed..who's next? 

Sterling silver and other contraband was stolen out of the apartment complex..the burglar / passenger was in the back of my cab up in Louisville trying to sell it to me!! 

 I picked him up in the Portland area..drove him to Okolona..while people in Georgia try to act brand new with me.

It's going down...dude was smoking those Thai sticks...but martial law was declared in I'm asking the question per my blog; What's Really Going On? 

I felt the pressure;  it seems my mind is going through them changes per Buddy Miles because I refused to be a clone.

The sport is complex..some were confused in this zone!! muddy files were found that should have been shredded. 

The sport is complex...that's what's up!! the Chinese People's Liberation Army was hacking the system used drones to delete flagrant styles...based on snitches that were embedded. 

The sport is complex...that's what's up!! please!! Liberation was mentioned by O-Zone...but history repeated itself;  jokers hit record and play. 

Plus I heard the story;  an entity defeated itself!!  an armchair quarterback called the play.

The sport is complex..that's what's up!! but  I enjoyed the small victory until the tool or instrument role was played. 

Haters tried to get with me;  safe havens / safe harbors were raided.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Fuse One - Sunwalk

Sunday Jazz Continues...checking out this smooth jazz from 80's super group Fuse One - with a track called Sunwalk. 

This is a nice song to listen to on a cool / rainy day in Atlanta. But in a few days? we'll be up in the 90 degree range. That's how the weather is in the ATL..but I digress ..check out the players and the track...

Please!! I Can Here The Chants In The Background

Please!! it's like being at the Five Points MARTA station waiting on the train. 

Eastbound?  Westbound?  I can hear them coming down the tracks ...similar to me going in / slipping through the crack...the blues song by Betty Wright said no pain no gain. 

Drama jumps off like in the Ukraine..the script will play out like my mind tells me. 

No justice no peace were the chants heard in the background!!  as  the arch nemesis came back around just  like Nathan Shady Deal at Morehouse..but I continue to put it down hoping that my mind doesn't fail me.

Damn!!! there's always something!!  paying the price for a shady deal per the Republicans and Obamacare? ... the saga / struggle continues. 

Please!!  some of these jokers act like they don't care..they were cocky like Boko they knew they can read these menus. 

..written in another language...but I peeped their game;  pain and anguish flustered them!!......soon snake bitten after falling in love!! smitten by Cupids arrow. 

The fake will hit them up; like Republicans still worried about Benghazi...I saw some of their clients / constituents as they walk down that path that's narrow. 

Jokers were fugazi..but it didn't amaze me.. this math is not narrow minded / no tunnel vision;  my mind is open like a Shell 24 hour gas station. 

Please!! the saga / struggle continues!! I can hear the chants in the justice no peace!!.. it's easy to succumb to the frustration. chaos and confusion is the mission of these flagrant agents. 

Taking a loss...that's the plan they have for us!! they're acting like it's all love..but they just fake it. 

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Eric Essix - Prevailation

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out some smooth sounds from guitarist Eric Essix - with a track called Prevailation. It's rough out a little "prevailation"  is needed..check this out!!  

Concepts Are Combined: It's Rough / Hectic Out Here PT.2

The saga / struggle continues...concepts are's rough / hectic out here. 

What it do? it's monstrous like Godzilla...chaos and confusion is the order of the day!!  that's the business as we go there. 

Winning and losing is part of the process...that's the deal bruh!!  the mentor said don't be afraid to fail

Winning and losing is part of the process per the Thunder vs Spurs; but these devil's advocates stay busy!! these snitches were encouraged...they weren't afraid to tell. 

We refuse to go under...check out what occurs as bombs blast in Nairobi..act like you know me!! I wasn't afraid to sail off into the universe!! I'll play the intergalactic role. 

I wasn't afraid to bail out the family as I'm reversing the curse..a generational one? fanatics tried to play with their soul. 

...Wise to the set up per Generation Zero...please!! its easy to fail out here!! it's rough!! 

....Plus it's hectic!! adding another layer to the cake as we deal with the fake!! we said Negro Please!! as we call their bluff. 

....were disrespected by Nathan Shady Deal types...even have the nerve to speak at Morehouse graduations...

Similar to Donald Sterling recieving awards from the NAACP? is it about the money? some are caught in unpleasant situations...

I'm not working with these and those..not on one accord with those who have sold out...

It's already rough / hectic out here as it is...but jokers make empty promises...that's why were minding and tending...down I-20 in Atlanta...we rolled out...


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Concepts Are Combined; It's Rough / Hectic Out Here

It's rough out here per Pops!!  plus it's one of my favorite catch phrases.

Concepts is hectic!! the drama never quits and never stops!!  it'll catch you during different phases. 

Praises along with the worship was going down at these pep rallies called progress reports given at the town hall meeting. 

Days and Nights per Kid Cudi? O-Zone lays in the cut..that's what's up with me...please!!  it's like this and like that!!  this is still a hood or street thing. 

These days or nights? reality will issue greetings per Jill Abramson.. it might even cut you a check. 

Actually?  Donald Sterling types will remain..playing games!! that's  what's up!! but they'll get put in check. 

That's how we work things!! please!! life is it's rough out here. 

Check how we work things;  this good word is dropped along with the brand new we go there. 


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Scan-X / Futuristic Funk

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out some techno from Scan-X   with a track called Futuristic Funk ...

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

It's Going Down Like This and Like That And A..... PT.2

It's like this and like that and a!! as I use the old school hip hop catch phrase /  cliche.

..As I continue to fight this spiritual warfare against Donald Sterling types; while the hustlers hustle and the players play. 

What's on the menu?  let us pray per the old school baptist preacher while the new school one worries about the cash flow.

What's on the menu?  old school like Brooklyn Nets or new school per the Miami Heat?  how will some play?  whatcha know?

So whatcha trying to grow in that secret garden?  Quincy Jones / Barry White style or secret squirrel like? 

How were others trying to flow?  baby girl said it's about the cash flow!!  said she's gonna get a white man so she can do what she likes. 

..per Digital Underground...what's the deal with it? O-Dizzle continues to fight the system..for some it seems to be a losing proposition. 

It's like this and like that and how you living? check out how we get down...using a fresh view / fresh vision...

It's going's like this and like that and a...some are told to stay home like health care workers in Orlando...

...they may have been exposed to MERS...out there in the grey area? the line blurs..check the yellow ribbons around old oak trees per Dawn and Tony Orlando..

From San Francisco / Oakland to the ATL to's going down!! dude told me he goes back to when Little Penny was in Orlando..he comes across like he knows it all... 

It's going's like this and like that and a..what's the deally? so called players get rushed like Solange did Jay-Z...somebody's about to fall...

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sea Level / Sneakers (Fifty-Four)

Sunday Jazz Continues...checking out this jazz / funk / soul from  Sea Level  with  Sneakers (Fifty-Four)..check out the players and the track...

Bass – Lamar Williams Drums, Percussion – Joe English Electric Guitar – Davis Causey Guitar – Jimmy Nails* Keyboards, Percussion – Chuck Leavell Keyboards, Saxophone, Percussion – Randall Bramblett 

Marc Moulin / Inner City Blues

Sunday Jazz Continues...checking out Belgian pianist  Marc Moulin  with his version of Marvin Gaye's Inner City Blue. This is from his  Placebo Sessions 1971-1974 project...check out the players and the track.. 

Dealing With The Good, Bad, and Ugly

Trying to use a fresh view / fresh vision while looking at the good, bad,  and ugly. 

Funky fresh in the flesh per Vladimir Putin was how some said they were living!! they even knew what the new drug would be.  

They didn't believe my side of the story even though I carry a sword....the truth? they're disputing!! but everybody had their own opinion.

 Living by the sword..dying by the sword?...the same way with the three point shot per the Atlanta Hawks?...some didn't achieve due to homicide, suicide, and genocide;  they were through dealing. 

God is in control of this and that dominion...some hawks claim they didn't know him.. somebody even said here I go with that again!!

It's odd..they didn't recognize the good, bad, and ugly is all a blessing..a loss can be a win. 

Damn here we go again!! I'm even  questioning the way things went down but not like Republicans and Benghazi!! second guessing but no panels are set up..when it is what it is. 

Damn here we go again!!  everything is fugazi when dealing with the good, bad, and ugly;  recognizing that it is what it is.

Damn here we go again!! during the ongoing process some of us are used as instruments or role players...

Damn here go again..dealing with the good, bad and ugly per Clint's famine or feast in the hood...I hope your aura or soul has layers...

Some jokers think their in the Players Championship per the PGA.. they're trying to stack paper like the European Central Bank...

I was trying to ride off into the sunset like old cowboy / western level manuevers will be the focus...but these outlaws keep shooting at me!!...ear shattering gunshots exploded..this situation was out of control...but God is still in the blessing Him I give the thanks!! 

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter and Billy Cobham - Walkin'

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out these champion jazzmen Herbie Hancock on piano, Ron Carter on bass and Billy Cobham on drums with a cut called Walkin'...

Blindsided PT.2 / The Saga / Struggle Continues

Taking a look at things; no Usain Bolt OG kush was I smoking..I have good peripheral vision...but I still got blindsided. 

Who's faking it?  a crook was out here dipping like Usain Bolt but ..thieves even stole his shoes!  who's running things like Rob Ford in rehab?   I tried to use a fresh vision out here where good and evil collided. 

Who's faking it? wet and dry snitching like ATLiens!!..but shaking it up like their smash and grabs!!  was it by the book like Ford Pintos and their gas tanks? 

 Faking up in this piece!! games?  jokers are playing them...they ate their gas stinks.

 Disaster brinks describe the present justice no peace was heard at the pep rally.

.. Rev Al Sharpton's before he started snitching or old school like Jesse Jackson..check how the style will be. 

...before Jesse Jackson Jr convictions!! character and convictions didn't live here anymore. 

Similar to Rose Royce talking about love;  for a dollar?  jokers push and shove like under an NBA basket...check the score.

Some rose their voice after being blindsided!! morale was low like Los Angeles Clippers per Donald Sterling. 

Some things are obvious but life is still full of surprises!! but we still try to work this thing.

Check me I work this thing to my best abilities..I'm all up in the spot moving and grooving. 

At the end of the day?  somebody might see what's up...the Lord is using me as an instrument..a dude is showing and proving.  

...Plus I'm peeping game not sleeping in the game!!  I'm checking out all the scenarios. 

A dude is peeping game!!  but I was even  blindsided...the saga / struggle continues..I even spotted crime scene tape around once designated areas. 

We were blindsided...snitches confided with the enemy..but we knew how they were living...

Freedom? we ride for it...word from this entity using a fresh view / fresh vision... 


Friday, May 9, 2014

It's Out Of Control / So Now We're Going Off On Them

As we proceed and continue;  it's rough out here!!  but we're not stealing crabs like Jameis Winston

Whatcha need?  jokers like Boko Haram will call your bluff!!  besides kidnapping girls they saw you with the blood diamond /  gemstone.

Once again it's on!! true indeed!! it's rough out here!! it's out of control...survival techniques are enhanced!!  but some were ready to quit..they said they didn't care. 

It's out of control when O-Dog freaks this!!  hazardous material when we go there? 

It wasn't fair!! Mr. Cole said it's a rat eat dog!! then these Donald Sterling types revealed their true feelings. 

Of course they feel like that per Elgin Baylor!!  but some just collect their pay checks!! ignoring the shady dealing!! 
Oh!!  so it's come down to this? coping strategies will fail now O-Dog is going off on them

They were trying to play me and others the other way!! out here in the smoke and fog!! after the apparatus went off on them. 

Apps were off!!  then weather forecasters mentioned wet and dry weather. 

Slaps were administrated to those ATLiens wet and dry snitching!! we used a sonic blackjack!! ties we had to sever. 

Raps and snare snaps from this minister of information were part of the transformation..but a hater said whatever.  

It's out of control..but these laps around the track are ran!!  life is a marathon!! we ignored the information overload!! now we're going off on them and those..pundits thought they were cunning and clever. 

Check Out O-Dog's Sonic Assault / Out Of Control Mix

Thursday, May 8, 2014

John Scofield / Jungle Fiction

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out jazz / rock guitarist  John Scofield  with a track called Jungle Fiction. It has a drum and bass feel to it...check it out!!
Bass – Jesse Murphy Drums – Adam Deitch Electric Guitar – John Scofield Ensemble – John Scofield Band, The Rhythm Guitar, Sampler – Avi Bortnick


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Moment Of Truth?

I checked the had 11:11 AM on it!! was this the moment of truth? 

I had to pause for the cause at 9:11 AM on 9/11 ...somebody had to dial 911 per Flavor Flav..but  jokers were uncouth.

 Other jokers said they knew what the flavor was..they said something about a they had proof that the world was a ghetto per War. 

Drama? it comes with the territory!! plus brokers were hedging stocks and bets...profits were made due to the war or rumor of a war. 

 Whose acting brand new with a brotha?  the scars healed!!  but the enemy will try to open them back up.

 Let the healing process begin!! it's also a moment of truth!! O-Dog will turn the track up. 

 O-Zone is real with this thing!!  he didn't slack up!!  the style is blue collar. 

Danger zone business gets handled..but were not Boko Haram types..we're dedicated to the truth;  who said its all about a dollar? 

The moment of truth will make some holla;  *the way the system does their life*  per Marvin Gaye. 

per Inner City Blues...please!! ..we're due a rebate!! we overpaid dues!! at this moment we provide proof with this breakbeat science ....this good word is dropped plus the funk will play. 

Searching for clues..I couldn't be at ease..soon the clock read 1:11 PM....please..I'm not playing with those all about the deliberate falsehood..

Searching for clues as Donald Sterling types flex..some are hypocritical like Michael Jordan? once called himself racist but now gone the other way per Chamillionaire?  who's acting false in the hood?

Night Cruiser - Late Night Chillout Mix by DJ Dimsa

Digital Crate Digging Continues...Wednesday evening in the ATL...a perfect time for this Night Crusier - Late Night Chillout Mix from DJ Dimsa. Check out the nice smooth mix. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

David S. Ware Quartet / The Stargazers

Digital Crate Digging Continues. It's a Tuesday evening..but I'm in a Sunday Jazz mood. Checking out the David S. Ware Quartet  with a track called The Stargazers. Check out the players and the track..

David S. Ware (tenor saxophone)
Matthew Shipp (piano)
William Parker (bass)
Susie Ibarra (drums)

Monday, May 5, 2014

52nd Street / I'll Return [Extended Mix]

Digital Crate Digging Continues....checking out some classic British Soul music from 52nd Street with  I'll Return [Extended Mix]  ...also check out the song  I had from them earlier called Tell Me (Extended Version) 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Greg Osby / Man-Talk

Sunday Jazz Continues...checking out Greg Osby  with his hip hop / jazz track called Man-Talk.

The Pep Rally PT.2

Damn here we go again!! some said the morale was low..similar to LA Clippers per Donald Sterling..but they worked that  I spotted jokers chilling at the pep rally. 

Checked out the style / steelo..some of them were skinning and grinning!! but check the next thing you know they'll be trying to get foul with me. 

Check the style /'s rough out here!!  that last mile will be the longest when they try to walk in my shoes. 

....Bill collectors will be on the prowl;  jokers didn't want to pay my dues. 

The funk will play as I cruise down I-20 in Atlanta;  this past Easter Sunday?  the ATL hosted big pep rallies.

...otherwise known as praise and worship services;  how did they work these? Pharrell Williams Happy Song played in the background...information overload? whats's the mode?  now I'm back down in these hoods;  the apparatus is foul with these. 

The wise and otherwise were similar to Pharisees..they were that type holding huge pep rallies. 

Others rallied at the Staples Center; they mentioned no justice no peace per Al Sharpton..I told you!! the system is foul with these.

Foul with these and those per Al Sharpton and the FBI?  why lie! please!! the movement always had moles per Ernest Withers...

Foul with these and those? per the FBI trying to recruit American Muslims on the no fly lists...

What's up son? May the 4th be with you per Star Wars Day..get the gist of this!!... it'll take more than a pep rally to change the vibe..

Once again it's on..while some will celebrate Cinco De Mayo we shoot threes like OJ Mayo...we know what the deal is!!...for freedom? we continue to ride...

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Diplomatic Immunity / It's Out Of Control / Concepts Combined

Ear shattering gunshots exploded like drones hitting up Yemen...what's the deal man?  it's rough out here for a pimp / player. 

That's per Three Six what's up with ya? egos?  reality is bruising and battering!!  what's the deal man?  you might need to say a prayer.

Dodging hit  men from wannabe mafiosos; I used my master strategy;  moving targets are hard to hit!!  plus layers were on my aura for protection. 

Diplomatic immunity was also invoked;  other players choked!!  striking out like Prince Fielder!!  Cecil's son!!  I see you son!!  watch your back!!  horror and terror are in this section.

Snipers are posted up like it's the Ukraine..they're ready to take you out!! per this what it sounds like when doves cry?  I even had to run for cover.

 It's rough out here during the ongoing storm / reign of terror!!  it's rough out here for a brotha. 

Diplomatic immunity is invoked not revoked;  God is in the blessing business. 

I dipped back to the community when I heard the ear shattering gunshots that exploded...I laid low until the smoke cleared ..until it was I'm good focusing on what's mattering; what the real is. 

I dipped back to the community..chilling up in Louisville / Newburg..before the crowds got there on this Derby Day..

Diplomatic immunity is needed as the situation spins out of control..but we dip on them like California Chrome..I grew up in the California area in it's on!!...but nobody would work with me..

I deal with it...far from unworthy..we advance to the next round like the Portland Trail Blazers..

I deal with it...the next level we advance to the next level using these mathematics...but staying humble..success won't amaze us..

Check out the Sonic Assault / Out Of Control Mix