Sunday, October 31, 2010

In The Meantime and Between Time.....

This is off the top!! like my post at the Sonic Assault..putting it down when moments were the meantime and between time.

Didn't drop!! still up in this piece!! not trying to regroup like jokers similar to Al Qaida operatives plot and's a bad dream!! but I wasnt injured at the scene of the crime.

Going off with mine!! trying to get on the good foot like James Browntalked about!

Trying to stay a step ahead of Babylonian stormtroopers that stalked about.

Surviving...instead of getting white chalked out!! surrounded by yellow tape.

...Indicating a crime scene..usually where mine are seems some can't escape.

Otherwise? mine are in shape!! some spotted at smash and grabs in Atlanta..showing physical and mental fitness.

The wise and otherwise are ignored!! sanity restored? thats word from Pops!! fates not altered by ecological ignorance.

Surprised about your circumstances..due to campaigns that are ongoing?

Not surprised that the roof is on fire from the disco inferno..but dances with the devil are ongoing!

Whatcha knowing? from sporting John Hardys or Jarmans shoes to rocking Ed Hardy..well pardon me!

Whatcha growing? haters ask about my secret garden..they're starting with me!

Whose knowing what it do? soon parting with me..but a branch on the family tree of my disciples.

Recognize the's all natural!! whose interfering with the ongoing cycles?

From Pluto to Saturn...even out on Mars....from the ATL to Louisville..priorities shift.

Whatcha know? from Newburg to Charlotte / Mecklenburg stay on point..avoid the identity theft!

Damn Shame | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

baby's mama drama from Maury!!!

Damn Shame | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

Tyler Perry’s ‘For Colored Girls’ Ripped by Major Film Critics; It’s Just Senseless Hate

hollywood hating on tyler perry? bashing the movie for colored girls...

Tyler Perry’s ‘For Colored Girls’ Ripped by Major Film Critics; It’s Just Senseless Hate

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Al Reynolds Says Black Men Prefer Drug Dealing To Education | News One

what the what?

Al Reynolds Says Black Men Prefer Drug Dealing To Education | News One

Jay-Z On "Big Pimpin'" Lyrics: "What Kind Of Animal Would Say This Sort Of Thing?" | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

Jay-Z breaks down the lyrics from big pimpin...

Jay-Z On "Big Pimpin'" Lyrics: "What Kind Of Animal Would Say This Sort Of Thing?" | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

Breaking You Off Something!!

Secret knowledge was revealed...but I didn'y say much..a brotha kept it to himself.

Discrete: might break you off a chunk, good mileage on the Mothership..even able to see dark matter...tried to go on with my bad self!!

Break you off this funk and good word..told to watch myself like MystikMystikal, Shake Your Ass - Vinyl LP Recordal sometimes our own worst enemy.

Word from this futurisric mystic!! fortress built around my entity.

Knew how the blend would be!!in the Babylon wilderness? wolves were coming to the door.

Drama brought to our Tsunamis and exploding volcanoes in Indonesia..some loving it they want more.

But this brotha knew the score..were caught up in the storm.. matrix glitches were the real deally.

Heard the crowd roar!! but some were faking it..weren't shaking it!! in the dark is where they'll be.

Plus there's always something there to remind me just like the pop song.

Had a little something something for them..but knew how there mind would be!! they said Pops? your wrong!

What's really going on they ask? told them the euphoria is gone..BB would have said the thrill is!

Used a zone in hoops..but haters still score on ya!! that's what the deal is!

In this zone? you'll find out what the real is!! like Rand Paul opponents..soon bearing witness.

Whose impressed with a clone showing physical and mental fitness?

They're programmed to do that but eventually theyll burn out.

O-Dog never slow jammed!! lighting the disco inferno with the roof on fire we turn it out! Kanye West and Jay-Z More Influential than Obama

what the what? Kanye West and Jay-Z More Influential than Obama

Bin Laden in warning to France - Europe - Al Jazeera English

Bin Laden telling France to fall back..

Bin Laden in warning to France - Europe - Al Jazeera English

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kanye West Runaway Full Film [VIDEO] | News One

Kanye West Runaway Video...

Kanye West Runaway Full Film [VIDEO] | News One

Trying To Get In Where I Fit In!!!

Trying to get in where I fit in!! wasn't trying to pimp like Brett Favre..saw others couldn't even find the right size!!!

Some even followed the yellow brick road!! but couldn't find the right prize.

Under the influence like Angelina Jolie? in the hood the "goodfella" had bricks purchased from Zetas...sold or flipped them!! rises to the top!!

...Like Doug E Fresh.."there was no half stepping" don't quit and you don't stop!

...Funky fresh in the flesh!! homie said he and his crew would rock!

Meanwhile were coming out fresh with a brand new batch!! but staying on the hood? the Impala circled the block!

Hustles get knocked though!! Chevy Impalas, then Hondas..and even more Toyotas get recalled due to the flaws.

Who'll get rocked? the games not over!! Giants and Rangers are in the World Series..but some concede...confused by the laws.

Who'll get rocked? I cruised in the Cut Dog..listening to Ronnie Laws Friends and Strangers.

Who'll get jocked? cruising down Broadway in the West End of Louisville..where the danger is!

Choosing the sound as a weapon!! the podcast is banging The Sonic Assault..our way of dealing with the madness!

Back with this..stretching the imagination but the truth is found while floating down the stream of consciousness..

Back with this..pain and sorrow dealt with..rain and storms dealt with..breakbeat science is the response to all of this!!

..Stepping into tomorrow like Donald Byrd as we come back with this!

Back to the future!!! might act like I knew ya!! the Good Word and funk is used!

Whose with ya? might have been held back!! rules and regulations were used!

Through the galaxies I cruised!! but the ride is bumpy plenty of turbulence!

Fallacies were exposed!! Tea Party receiving money fron crooks..even I was opposed nobody would work with this.

Observed this and that...basically tried to get in where I fit in.

It's rough in the game..couldnt hit curve balls and sliders their pitching!

The Sonic Assault Mix

The Sonic Assault Mix

Thursday, October 21, 2010

CNN’s Black In America Explores How Debt Places Blacks In The Red

CNN’s Black In America Explores How Debt Places Blacks In The Red

Tyler Perry Opens Up On 'Oprah'

Tyler Perry Opens Up On 'Oprah'

I Heard What They Said!!

Heard them singing falsetto!!! like they were in that group Switch.

...."There'll never be another love"...or is it Debarge? Time Will Reveal..what's the deal? who'll swing at the pitch?

So what's really going on in this zone...things are crazy!! but it didn't amaze me!! Kool and The Gang Hollywood Swingers end up in a ditch they were fronting too hard.

Cool ones in the gang were hood drama bringers!! couldn't change!! NPR fired them like Juan at home on Fox News.. they were too scarred.

The golden rule one follows!! please!!! I was out of line too!! whaty it do? I didn't burn the mall down like in California..but I was barred from the premises.

Beauty was in the eye of the beholder..they ignored the blemishes.

Hope diminishes for some..ready to close up shop like Jesse James.. but I was going all out!! but the deal goes sideways.

Now I try to regroup...just laying in the cut in secret hideaways.

Cash I try to recoup like Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae!! but hoopties were in the driveway Manny Moe and Jack cant fix them.

O-Dog is the mack!! he had a stash!! beats he'll loop!! beats and rhymes? he has plenty!! problems he fixes them!

..In the mix meanwhile O-Zone gets scientific..flowing like water on the moon; game recognizes game.

Fighting championship bouts with fanatics because I refuse to accept the blame.

Shame Shame Shame!! Gomer Pyle said it on the Andy Griffith Show.

...also on his own show..whatcha know? blame the game not the player was the cliche!! I told them I dont know!'ll show!! Devils advocates seem to enjoy it!!running off at the mouth like Virgina Thomas.. causing chaos and confusion.

The Mothership stays under attack!! like they shot at the Pentagon!!! but it's like over in France..heavy artillery is what these haters are using.

Choosing to take the assignment? check this by product from solitary confinement.. its on!!

Straight from the lab..we refined it..breakbeat science dropped by O-Dog and O-Zone.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Smoke Clears..

The smoke dissipates..but I'll keep my guard up!

A joker still fears!! even mentions a culture of poverty..hates on my kind!! ready to start it up!

....the it's rolling!! it's like the we have the drama!! some broke north!! my kind were left holding the bag!

Whatcha dealing with? before foreclosures? my kinfolk have been broke!! not like Fabulous..we couldn't throw it in the bag!

Whose in on the joke? heard them talk junk!!..wanted Anita Hill to apologize: then dipped in the Jag!

This is no joke..I let the queen bee know quiet is kept!! schemes will have a snag!

Seen and heard it!! black man..but they said I look like a beige crook..what it do? jokers get fragged like it's Iraq or Afghanistan.

On the scene!! even read the beige book...what's the outlook? I'm in the heart of and english are broken by this man.

Whose joking with this man? I'll close up shop like Jesse more West Coast Choppers? ..little homie said he knew what it do!

Whose caught out there!! outlaws like Doc Holiday or Jesse James..they said they're making it do what it do!

Acting like I knew!! actually, a brotha is not the one to be taken lightly!

Whatcha going through? if it's not one thing or another!! word from a brotha!! its like a rumble in the jungle ..whatcha know? ...or maybe in the mountains or cities of Pakistan!! that's how and where the fight will be!

Whatcha knowing?? I ask they sweat the technique like Eric B and Rakim talked about....can't get right with me!

Found out they didn't know what's up!! they're waiting in the dark..didn't know where the light will be!

The night will be comforting to some!! nocturnal!! they're in their comfort zone.

O-Dog got his mind right!! rocking the disco inferno with bass, treble, and tone.

Once again it's on!!! the smoke clears!! but drama never left.

A brotha did the I walk this path.. I see priorities shift.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Top 10 NBA Teams Of All Time | News One

Top 10 NBA Teams Of All Time | News One

Buju Banton Granted $250,000 Bail | News One

Buju Banton Granted $250,000 Bail | News One

The Drama Revisits..But It's No Family Reunion..

Guess whose back!! caught up in it..damn!! it seems like your boy never left!

Back up in the drama!! in the midst of foreclosures..souls mortgaged? they've got us coming and going!! priorities shift.

I fall back...prayed to the Lord to lift me up where I belong!

Called back again and again!! stayed on the line!! old girl said in this world? you've got to be strong!

How you living? sometimes you've got to be wrong!! sometimes you'll be right!

No timeframes will be given!!like Afghan and Taliban talks...what it do?...whose staying in the dark..or moving to the light?

No mind games? please!! whose decieving you like Republicans? you should know some "ain't right"!

My mind is in the game!! will Big Ben follow suit? word from a veteran now coaching ....whose game "aint tight"?

Get your mind right!!! can't be blind in the game!! not approaching the light? blind to the fact!

Didn't know and didnt find out!! now trying to front on me!! how were they trying to act?

Blowing your mind out!! this time like the Delfonics sing about?

A bruh breaks huddle after the time rolling up with Sonic Assaults..Going All Out!

Deceiving my kind? whose out of the loop? faults and imperfections accented!

Achieving? what did you find? the search for perfection left some demented.

Achieving? others spent it..the money..but I wasn't motivated by it!

Whose playing right into the system's hands? please!! you know were hated by it!

Didn't lie about it!! but some think I did!

Didn't cry about it!! said Lord Help! Lord Help! I put in a bid!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Marvin Austin, Greg Little, Robert Quinn all will not play again for North Carolina

Butch Davis had this same kind of drama in Miami

Marvin Austin, Greg Little, Robert Quinn all will not play again for North Carolina - Campus Rivalry: College Football & Basketball News, Recruiting, Game Picks, and More -

Suit alleges Bishop Long defaulted on property

more trouble for Bishop Eddie Long

Suit alleges Bishop Long defaulted on property  |

Grant Hill And Reggie Evans Ejected For Slapping Eachother's Butts | News One

Grant Hill And Reggie Evans Ejected For Slapping Eachother's Butts | News One

Peace Be Still....The Catch Phrase PT.6...

Peace be still was the catch phrase..Brett Favre is even looking for it..what's up with it? how long will it last..

What's the deal? you know these folk won't act right!! we'll have to pray and fast..

Running the play fast..not in slow motion..rolling like L.T.. but some know the deally..the drama flares up from Atlanta to Mogadishu..

Running the play..last time it was ran? authorities knew what it cameras see you..

Whose lacking stamina? I see some losing steam..running through red toxic it's Hungary..whose running out of gas?

The brotha is floatng down the stream of consciousness..rolling like Bansky..some say I'm running out of class..

...others asleep or running out of the class at school..check the behavior..overheard Biz Markie say nothing can save ya...

The fool couldn't save ya..played like a mark..what it do? the system enslaves ya...

Another fool saves you a dollar or two..just so you can keep your head above water..

The golden rule broken? the wicked witch of the west had a gets hotter..

Whose joking? blame it on global warming..or can we? whose "holding us down"?

Whose toking on the controlled substance like Drake? or whose out there acting fake? going for what they know..whose holding it down?

Broken beats and english go into the sound..breakbeat science..the main ingredient...

"Everybody Plays The Fool Sometimes" ..that's word from The Main Ingredient..

Whose impeding it? ...progress..damn!! another fool!! spotted the wolves at the door..The Nation mentioned Barbarians At The Gate...

New School? old school? spotted penny loafers, white socks, jheri curls...Beat It Jackets..stop the press!!! told little homie it's not too late!!

What's the deal? spirit of Michael Jackson back from the past..while some still justice no peace...even pulled in Lou Dobbs...

Peace be still? I doubt it..I'm back in the is put's like I have seven jobs!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ice Cube Accepts Common's Movie Offer |

Ice Cube Accepts Common's Movie Offer | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

Bugatti Boyz (Diddy & Rick Ross) "Another One" [AUDIO] |

Bugatti Boyz (Diddy & Rick Ross) "Another One" [AUDIO] | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

Chilling For A Minute!!

A bruh had to chill for a minute!! not trying to get fired like Rick Sanchez..I'm just trying to regroup.

Visualizing the sequence..up in Louisville..back in the day..riding in the Caddie Coupe. in the deuce and a quarter..a bruh was cutting the corner.

What's the deal? now praying and fasting!! in Europe "Bin Laden and them" are plotting and scheming..even got the word on the curb from Bin Laden..because they say things are out of order.

A bruh crossed the border...spotted freedom...but credit cards and layaway won't pay the price.

What's the credit rating? society still hating..patience crossed the border before I did..."now it aint nothing nice".

Who'll throw rice or jump the broom at the wedding when we're married to the game?

Recognize!! listening to Nice & Smooth....noticing how nice it milk from the dairy..but things can get scary..but who can you blame?

...when it gets eggs recalled but it's all game when progress is stalled...recognize.

The pattern? proof provided..from The ATL to Charlotte...from Louisville to Jax..from Pluto to Saturn...situations rectified?

Now I recognize what it's all worth!! even though there's no sticker on it.

Vehicles wrecked out when trying to ride with these earthlings!! authorities put a sticker on it.

Now it gets towed away..passes are thrown away!! so I wouldn't get racked up.

Wasn't blown away out in the stream of consciousness!! avoided the drones in Pakistan.. frequent flyer miles were racked up.

Cards were stacked up by these gamblers were out got a fast buck!!!

Consulted with Lutherans in Columbus, Georgia...Muslims had the Final Call on Beatties Ford Road in the old school Baptist preacher up in Louisville said God will bless!! it's not luck..