Monday, May 31, 2021

DOOMSTARKS (MF Doom and Ghostface Killah) - Victory Laps

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday, we’re in the lab chilling!

Memorial Day is coming to a close! celebrated since Friday by some, I saw how they were dealing!

Jokers tried to smoke something / drink something meanwhile O-Dog was day partying / getting it in!

It’s been a great day / long weekend, oh I had my ups and downs like tomorrow’s Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way! Y’all can see what I’m saying!

Check out this single from the back in the day  Doom Starks project featuring MF Doom and Ghostface Killah called Victory Laps..whatcha know about it?

Check the celebration of life as we take Victory Laps! we’re going all out for it!

Sunday, May 30, 2021

I Wasn’t Feeling It ( Part Seven)

 I’m bearing witness to the many blessings from the Lord  that are received on this Sunday morning!

It’s a blessing to be here to see it, now we have another chance to be it due to the anointing! 

I know, being realistic? some people aren’t feeling it due to the disappointing Ways Of The World mentioned by Earth Wind and Fire!

It’ll show as some go ballistic per the increase in gun violence plus things are out of balance from Covid 19 in India to the violence in the Gaza Strip to here in Atlanta; maybe somebody will understand a Brotha that’s trying to inspire!

But I heard what was said; a joker said I wasn’t feeling it plus they said it’s all game...

... plus they said the apparatus will change the rules then they’ll change their minds and find some fools to blame!

Had to admit; checked the status and I didn't like how some things went down, I wasn’t feeling it but I’m up in here! things taking a toll? some say a dude is a weatherworn effigy! ...whose style is old school like it’s a Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday! Check the style, this good word is dropped but others say an old fool with the drunken gibberish! Per being breakbeat scientific we drop the funk with this; intelligent design? Lost his mind? is that what the deal is?

If I wasn’t feeling it? this is the response to it as we keep fighting back!

We’re still launching off from this universal runway out here in Atlanta out on I-20 bringing this insight back!

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Deadmau5 - Not Exactly

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we proceed and continue with this Saturday Night Fever edition!

Chilling out in the lab on this Saturday Night / Memorial Day Weekend, actually still quarantining, this is how a dude is living?

Shady dealing? rehab awaits some after they find out it’s all game plus the rules were changed!

We’re still playing this good music and dropping this good word in response, getting breakbeat scientific; are tools haven’t changed!

Beats banged! we’re listening to this classic track from Deadmau5 called  Not Exactly called Not Exactly!

That’s what I told a naysayer that was fronting on a player thinking they would impede progress; not exactly!


Friday, May 28, 2021

I Wasn’t Feeling It (Part Six)

 Chilling out in the lab on a Flashback Friday reflecting on past episodes!

It’s also a Fabulous Friday due to the fact that it’s a blessing to be here! thankful are this dude’s modes..

But while interpreting the codes / signals I could tell something was wrong with the energy!

Winds of change we’re blowing like Solar Winds type crooks were messing with the coding again with their hacks; Microsoft said they’re back with that same old energy..

I wasn’t feeling it, I have a lot on my table I’m dealing with; amped up by that Super Full Moon Eclipse  in Sagittarius?

That energy is still present even though the moon is now in Capricorn  as some feel like they’re being built or torn down due to the debatable circumstances!

That energy? I wasn't feeling it! that smoke and mirrors energy was present, my constituents are soon swallowed by the haze!

I visualized the sequence, some vision was out of sequence per the psychedelic scenery, like back in those days? Throwback Thursday / Flashback Friday type of energy but sometimes not feeling it I’m a forward moving entity, now conscious! I go back in the past sometimes but I vacate the premises before hope diminishes I told you I’m a forward moving entity, it’s our response to this!

I wasn’t feeling it but I’m dealing with it/ working through it blue collar style!

I wasn’t feeling it but knowing who and what were dealing with, some these jokers are rolling foul!

Thursday, May 27, 2021

NY Finest - Nas, AZ, Mobb Deep, Big L and Rakim - DJ CLAFRICA -

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday, this is how the work will be!

Also Thankful Thursday vibes are exhibited can you dig it? it’s a blessing to be here even though we’re unworthy!

So who’ll work with me as we put it down like this? breakbeat scientific business will get handled!

Coming through doing what we do, good word and good music dropping! I thought I told 

Coming through checking out this NY Finest Mix - featuring Nas, AZ, Mobb Deep, Big L & Rakim -by DJ CLAFRICA -

Check out the artists and the tracks used in the mix; I know somebody can work with a Brotha!

Nas - Survivin the times (Verse)

joell ortiz - hip hop
marley marl - the simphony 2
ras kass - goldyn chyld
showbiz and ag - next level
rakim - when i b on da mic
macy gray - i've commited murder
gangstarr - full clip
heather b - steady rockin
check the ryme - atcq

AZ - New York (Verse)

still shining - mobb deep
nas is like - Nas
deep cover - dre ft snoop
the format - az
royce 5'9 - boom

Mobb Deep - Quiet Storm (Verse)

mobb deep - shook ones
mop ft gangstarr - half and half

Big L - M.V.P. (Verse)

if i ruled the world - nas
kool g rap - first nigga
das efx - real hiphop
it ain't hard to tell - nas
memory lane - nas
az - the come up
gangstarr - mass appeal
dj premier - set me free

Rakim - Guess Who's Back (Verse)

mobb deep - survival of the fittest
geto boys - mind playin tricks
7days remix - craig david

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

It’s All Game! Plus They Keep Changing The Rules (Part Ten)

 Still trying to get over the hump per this HumpDay Extravaganza, this is business as usual!

But like America selling weapons to Israel and then promising aid to Palestine playing both sides of the fence  we can see it’s all game, which is also business as usual!

Plus the system will change the rules per GOP voter suppression, a power grab is the mission!

Who’s part of the conspiracy concerning the Trump Insurrection? usually found opposing the 1-6 Commission!

We’re still on our mission dropping this breakbeat science on my people!

It’s based on being out in those streets in Louisville / Newburg to knowledge gained under the church steeple!

Doing the knowledge, similar to random access memories per Daft Punk? it’s all game as I check on the drop down menu...

Right clicked? I see the webmaster aka the matrix architect changed the rules! it revealed another menu! It contradicted joyous memories revealing a frayed history that’s not elegant more rancid! What’s the deal with it? it’s far from classy, but it won’t interrupt the ambition I have!

That’s the deal with it as I deal with it! just keep living was the advice from the old school Baptist preacher up in Louisville!

Aware that it’s all game plus they keep changing the rules! now that’s the Real Deal Holyfield!

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Extremely Relaxing & Satisfying Deep House Music DJ Mix by JaBig

Digital Crate Digging Continues check these menus as we put this down on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday!

Things can go either way, but we’ll claim the terrific outcome now pulling out the drum to let the music play!

Part of life’s celebration, O-Dog Day Partying doing our due diligence by dropping this breakbeat science!

Check the elaboration and beat dropping not quitting / stopping during these critical times!

This Extremely Relaxing and Satisfying Deep House Music DJ Mix by JaBig is booming out of the system!

Check out the playlist and the mix as the sound is weaponized , we’re booming up in this corrupt system!

Playlist Tracklisting: 1.) Tsunami (Inside My Soul) (Richard Brown Mix) Sven Van Hees
2.) Calypso - Vince Watson 3.) Fall - Ron Trent's Africa Hi-Fi Dub - Buki Cole & Free Radikal

4.) Weekend Love (Louie Vega Dance Ritual Dub) - Mike Steva, Motty, Siobhan, Louie Vega

5.) Black Concept - Tommy Bones

6.) Taton - Sebastian Davidson

7.) Voyage - Don Carlos

8.) Upset - Above Smoke
9.) Down In My Soul (Pammin's Sunshine Remix)- Raffa You And Me F89
10.) Children At Play - Mr Fingers


Monday, May 24, 2021

It’s All Game! Plus They Keep Changing The Rules (Part Nine)

 As we take a look around on this Monday morning we’re jumping / recognizing that it’s all game!

...Plus they keep changing the rules, pundits and experts said the pandemic was changing fools! like I said it’s all game!

Y’all will even try to blame a dude like me when I’m over here in a remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta “minding and tending”. this breakbeat scientific; scientific like trying to get Americans vaccinated but with this good word issues are debated plus beats we’re blending!

Blind faith is sending some out there to conquer the world, it’s all game but it led to infidelities and submission.

I told you the system keeps changing the rules as some levitate then fell / fail; now Going In Circles like the Gap Band, woozy due to the mission! It’s all game plus they keep changing the rules, now others are trying to remove the shackles as naysayers heckle! Trying to move on, times they are changing per Bob Dylan!! fighting back like a back in the day Marvin Hagler trying to forget the spectacle!

Trying to move on but the world is cold even though the temperature is supposed to reach 90 degrees here in Atlanta; back in the way? please! check how we put it down, now futuristic and classic materials combine; check the by product!

It’s all game plus they keep changing the rules but this futuristic mystic gets it in but under trial, like it's  from those that are questioning my conduct!

....Admitting that I usually don't conduct myself in an orderly fashion; rules are broken!

Jokers aren't usually checking for me anyway; low key / quiet is kept, only the truth is spoken!

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Charles Earland - Aquarius (Instrumental)

Sunday Jazz  Continues!!  that  Sunday Jazz mood is dominant. 

Chilling out, hitting you up with these  jazz posts!! that's what this is about...

 Keeping me out of those streets!! please!! I'm not trying to get caught up in the commotion..

Alt-Shift-Delete is the webmaster type business!! bets are faded while your out there trying to get open!!

We had a notion; lets check out Charles Earland...with his version of Aquarius!! oh yes!! he's got the knack..

This song is off of the Black Talk album by Mr. Earland!!  I posted the title song of that album earlier. Check out the players and the track...

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Miguel Migs featuring Evelyn Champagne King - Everybody (Arco Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues as a Saturday afternoon morphs into a Saturday evening!

It’s a hot day in Atlanta, it’s got a dude chilling in the lab for a moment watching NBA playoff games  even though I’m serious and don’t play games while I’m out here achieving!

It’s all game  plus they keep changing the rules is what O-Zone was saying earlier but now we’ve got other work to do!

Y’all ain’t changing some of these fools out here, I spotted some of them swerving out on Georgia 400 earlier but we know what the shady work will do!

Will it work for you! O-Zone mentioned Everybody Ain’t Able  but I'm trying to put it down like this Miguel Migs featuring Evelyn Champagne King called Everybody...

This is the Arco remix as we continue to be all up in the art getting breakbeat scientific and per this Saturday Night  Fever we'll rock your body!!


Friday, May 21, 2021

Kevin Yost and Peter Funk - Return to the Deep

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Friday night as we come through with this Friday Night Fever edition!

We’re broadcasting live from a remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta, at the moment this is how we’re living!

O-Dog Day Partying earlier so we’re staying in that vibe, a good one like my earlier post. 

We’re in the heart of this thing, ground zero in the battle for liberation; actually it’s going down from coast to coast!

Check us out as we post up in the lab listening to Kevin Yost and Peter Funk - Return to the Deep

This is how it’s going down! through the portal we’ll creep!


Tuesday, May 18, 2021

It’s All Game! Plus They Keep Changing The Rules (Part Eight)

 We’re coming through on this so called Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way!

Claiming the terrific outcome but peeping game because it’s all game we know how this apparatus will play!

Jokers will try to scam you like Cyber Ninjas In Maricopa County  / out in Arizona. 

...or they’re rolling like Benjamin Netanyahu over in the Gaza Strip trying to drop bombs on you!

The Gap Band mentioned dropping the bomb, plus Charlie Wilson dropped science about the massacre in Tulsa

It's hard to just move on like the GOP wants America to do from January 6th even though we felt the pressure..

It’s hard to just move on, the Main Ingredient mentioned Happiness Is Around the bend; we’re trying to get there!

Happiness is around the bend? Brian Auger even had a version that was working / taking it there!!

 But is happiness under attack? who's impeding it? will it be lost to a dark spell?

It's all game plus the apparatus will change the rules, evidence is found per the arch nemesis being on the premises, we spotted the shadows plus debris and glass as the door fell. It's all game plus the apparatus will change the rules, haven’t you heard? naysayers hoard various weapons! ....various ways and means? they had the latest! a prayer? saying it, due to the mess we’re in!

Monday, May 17, 2021

The Glow Of Love ♫ Funky & Disco House Mix ♫

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a hot Monday afternoon / evening here in Atlanta!

We’re enjoying life, living our best one as folk like to say; somebody will understand a Brotha!

...that’ll put it down like this, spirits we’re trying to uplift as we come through with this sound!

The drama is going down from The Gaza Trip to here in Atlanta near Home Depot and Quik Trip on Sidney Marcus Boulevard! 

It’s rough out here but you already heard me say it’s hard on the boulevard!

We’re still going hard / partying hard listening to The Glow Of Love ♫ Funky & Disco House Mix ♫

Check out the playlist and the mix as we put it down like this in a Monday extending the weekend!

01. Young Pulse, Funky French League, Natasha Watts - Keep the Fire Burning (Dr. Packer) 02. Delia Renee - You're Gonna Want Me Back (Moplen Disco) 03. Lux Experience - Dance Dance Dance 04. Jkriv, The Disco Machine - Make It Hot (Ray Mang's Warm Front Extension) 05. Superlover - Retroverb 06. Greg Gibbs, Steve Silk Hurley - The Glow Of Love (Nico Heinz, Max Kuhn & Fabio De Magistris) 07. Paul Simpson Connection - Treat Her Sweeter (Dr. Packer Dub) 08. Kelli Sae - Believe In A Brighter Day (Michael Gray Dub) 09. Ross Couch - Wanna Go Higher (Richard Earnshaw Re-Edit) 10. Harvee - Take It Back (Kevin McKay Edit) 11. Softmal, LLølita, Lucenamusic - Sing It To Me 12. Twism feat. Kathy Sledge - Thinking Of You (Sandy Rivera's Classic) 13. Zonum, Carolyn Griffey, Christopher Williams, Steve Silk Hurley - You're The One For Me (Shane D) 14. Prospect Park - The Kinda Love (JKriv) 15. DJ Meme, Double Dee - Everything (Club) 16. David Penn feat. Sheylah Cuffy - Scream 4 Love (Micky More & Andy Tee) 17. Stoim feat. Laura Jackson - Dreams Come True (Groove Assassin Classic) 18. Ron Carroll - Gimme What I Want (Classic Vibe) 19. Manuel Grandi - Its Not Right But Its Ok (Silk) 20. Svet - Felt So Right (Juloboy) 21. Tommy Glasses - Tonight (Birdee) 22. 84Bit - Dancin'


Sunday, May 16, 2021

Blue Six – Pure (Mig's Petalpusher Vocal Mix)

Sunday Jazz Continues as we rock these venues on this Sunday evening!

It’s been a beautiful day here in Atlanta, a good day to get our minds right so we can keep believing!

Chilling out away from the fray after seeing how these folk play; jokers will annex your aura / soul like Israel in Palestine lands. 

Peeping game; I Can See What They’re Saying  but we come through no delaying serious no playing, somebody understands.

We’re checking out this nice and smooth track from Blue Six called Pure (Mig's Petalpusher Vocal Mix)....

It’s remixed by Miguel Migs with vocals by Monique Bingham; RIP to her, back in the day she was bringing it! check out this jazz dance / house music as we get breakbeat scientific!

Friday, May 14, 2021

It’s All Game! Plus They Keep Changing The Rules! (Part Seven)

 On this Flashback Friday? from here in Atlanta to the Gaza Strip we can see that it’s all game!

Plus they keep changing the rules like the CDC mask guidelines  but like I said it’s all game!

On this Fabulous Friday where it’s a blessing to be here? we’re not changing ours tools! we’re still getting breakbeat scientific while we’re all up in the game!

I see how they’ll play though, sometimes jokers will shut the whole system down like the Colonial Pipeline so they can get paid, like I said it’s all game!

Oh yes!! it’s all game! we recognize the  tactics that were austere, now some are left with crumbs!

...due to the change of rules? some will live a life of despair, but others will continue to beat war drums! The evil leader? like a vampire no reflection is spotted in the mirror or water! ..or even in the summer haze as the apparatus will make smoke and mirrors type of plays but the conniption gets way out of order!

O-Zone? realizing that it's all game, I'm peeping game like the Mars Perseverance Rover but I noticed morale was low!

Society is changing he rules!  sleeping in the game? not hardly!!  I didn't rush in like other fools; I took my time but the style is not slow!

Were cold crushing / krush grooving check the Flashback Friday terminology as old / new and next schools of thought are utilized we flow down the stream of consciousness!

We were cold back in the day!! bum rushing the spot like Public Enemy.."po pimping"  ....dipping in Cut Dogs, Buick Regals, and Jeep Cherokee Classics!

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Tatham , Mensah, Lord and Ranks - Cascade

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday, this is how the work will be!

Also acknowledging that it’s a Thankful Thursday, it’s a blessing to still be here even though some of us are unworthy..

So who’ll work with me as we come through Afternoon Jazzing or even O-Dog Day Partying..

My folk are suffering from Minneapolis  to the Gaza Strip they’re about to flip in the heart of this thing!

Like Tatham , Mensah, Lord and Ranks mentioned things can Cascade so when we come through this music and sound is played!

O-Zone? I’m pulling rank per being the Minister of Music and Defense rebuking those pulling the charade!


Wednesday, May 12, 2021

It’s All Game: Plus They Keep Changing The Rules! (Part Six)

 It’s all game as we cruise through these Atlanta streets looking for gas due to the Colonial Pipeline shutdown! 

Price gouging going down as jokers keep changing the rules as reality is changing fools and how they put it down!

Nice; so I’m lounging in the lab  getting breakbeat scientific ready to set this HumpDay Extravaganza off! 

Nice! hopefully the sound will be healing, my people are suffering from here in East Atlanta to East Jerusalem / over in the Gaza Strip, these folk are going off!

It’s all game, underneath the surface we’re trying to see how these jokers are trying to work it! it’s strange what a smile can hide! Trump the GOP puppeteer was a master as some kiss the ring and they kick Liz Cheney out of the ring but Pops said somebody lied! That was his way of saying the devil is a liar per the foolish games played by him and his advocates! per this HumpDay Extravaganza check the sound as we slide through these Strawberry Fields! Per the Beatles; but we’re hip to how the street does per Louisville / Newburg default settings and dealing with the drama the devil is begetting but it reminds us we’re blessed in cities and fields!

But alt shift delete was the Matrix Architects mission, it wasn't strange how suspicions were confirmed as so no bridges were burned!! I already knew what it do!

Please!! it's all game but it wasn't strange!! I knew about these fools and their rules as these shade tree mechanics make adjustments tightening screws so what's the news?.. O-Zone will provide this insight while O-Dizzle rocks...act like you knew..

Please!!  it's all game but it wasn't strange!!! what's the deal / what's the business? rules? these jokers will change like the GOP with voter suppression in Georgia / Florida / Texas and Arizona.. 

We already knew how they would act as we "holla back"  letting you know what it do!! this is not a fable check out what we bring to the table!! 

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Femi Kuti – What Will Tomorrow Bring (Joe Claussell’s Remix)

 Digital Crate Digging Continues on a  Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way!!

We're claiming the terrific outcome; that’s just the way we are, just doing what we do / acting like we knew!! this is the rebuttal to naysayers talking about we missed it just because we weren't in the middle of the fray..

We knew how these naysayers would play based on their history! we’re putting it down here in the present that’s a present!!

We’ll “holla back with this” / letting the music play after the let us pray movement now we’re grooving with it!!

Showing / proving it, O-Dog Day Partying!! listening to some afro beat / house music / jazzdance from Femi Kuti with a track called What Will Tomorrow Bring (Joe Claussell’s Remix)

That’s a good question, especially with the New Moon in Taurus in this ongoing Taurus season we’re wondering who's for or against us as nefarious ones roll up with the treason!!  check out the players and the track as we continue to get breakbeat scientific..

Bass – Abayomi Oladimeja Oluwole

Djembe, Drums [Dun Dun] – Joe Barnes

Organ – Brian Mitchell

Programmed By – Joaquin (Joe) Claussell

Remix – Funmi OnonaiyeJoaquin (Joe) Claussell

Saxophone [Altp] – Femi Kuti

Shekere – Deen Badarou

Monday, May 10, 2021

It’s All Game! Plus They Keep Changing The Rules (Part Five)

 It’s all game, you might need to  find a portal to slide through so you can do what you do!

But the apparatus will change the rules, check the status it’s like Trump vs Liz Cheney  the GOP has changed so what it do?

Check the status, y’all should know how we do! trying to roll out on I-20 in Atlanta but gas stations are already playing around with the prices due to the Colonial Pipeline shutdown.

Check the status, y’all should know how we do! somebody will understand the Brotha 0-Zone in these local / national / international and intergalactic fronts, they’ll understand how he puts it down!

...on this Monday morning as my constituents get back to their routines / rites / rituals..

...after the Mother’s Day Weekend; for some it was a rough one for some, blessings to you and yours! 

But it’s all game plus they’ll change the rules; now some are  caught out there, hoping for a voice from an angel.

..or a leprechaun? so what are you on? religious / secular / atheist? what’s the angle? Once again it’s on! there’s nowhere to run or hide! you’ll fall in the woods or slide on the ice! Once again it’s on out there! that’s how it is where Twilight Lives; it’s not nice..

Once again it's on per Music Monday, as the Twilight 22 jam Electric Kingdom plays in the background..

It's all game plus they keep changing the rules but we bring this insight and we'll keep rocking when we come back around!!

Saturday, May 8, 2021

As One - Contours

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Saturday afternoon as we chill out for a minute or two in the lab!

Afternoon jazzing or O-Dog Day Partying? coming through with a little bit of both as we provide sonic rehab...

...delivering like these were my Taxi Can Chronicles or rolling up like overworked Amazon and UPS drivers..

Dealing with the madness as the devil and his advocates try to tax us but we’re all the way live with this!

Jokers try to stop us from Georgia to Florida to Texas us with the Jim Crow 2.0 but we’ll continue to fight this!

 Came right back with this still getting breakbeat scientific dropping this good word and the sound!

Like Kirk Degiorgio aka As One check the Contours as we provide these cures with this sound!


Friday, May 7, 2021

Dynasty – Way Out

Digital Crate Digging Continues, check us out as we get into this Friday Night Fevering!

O-Dog Day Partying earlier but we’ve got other work to do; we’re going all out, we kept believing..

...we kept achieving in the heart of this thing, even though haters will try to block like GOP voter suppression!

Plus everybody is tripping because the unemployment rate   didn’t look right  and companies say they’re hiring but don’t want to pay anybody right; ignore the narrative the apparatus is scamming!

Meanwhile we’re jamming listening to this disco funk from a group called Dynasty with a track called Way Out!! 

Dynasty? oh yes!!  back in the day they were formed in Los Angeles by The Sylvers's producer and songwriter Leon Sylvers and Solar's head Dick Griffey;  y'all saw how the Solar Records scene played out!!

Check out the players and the track as we do this is, y'all should know O-Dizzle is "way way out there" with this digital crate digging!!

We're using this music as a weapon in this ongoing spiritual warfare, we're Sonic Assaulting!

Thursday, May 6, 2021

It’s All Game! Plus They Keep Changing The Rules (Part Four)

 It’s all game plus these jokers keep changing the rules so govern yourself accordingly.. I borrow a line from the old school Baptist preacher up in Louisville on this Throwback Thursday; not following the advice? out of order is how you’ll be.. Trump not allowed back on Facebook, up in Louisville / Newburg I was face to face with a crook or two because that’s how they do!

Beats bump no mistakes allowed per Eric B and Rakim when we’re O-Dog Day Partying per O-Dizzle's hook lines and his own beats per the street funk; this is what it do!

These are the breaks per Curtis Blow as we go for what we know! it's a Thankful Thursday per it's great being here but we stay on point realizing  it’s all game... they keep changing the rules; this pandemic has changed some fools! can’t blame the player blame the game!

 It's all game but we'll continue to get breakbeat scientific! how? it's like milk or flowers can be a Carnation!

It's all game!! O-Dog a beat breaker and O-Zone a bizarre storyteller? excuse me but it's me with a last hour reincarnation! Some stories told without a word, subtle / non-verbal is how it occurred! some are confused heard asking what in tarnation? I even gave empty goodbyes! Territories hostile? it's all game plus they'll change the rules!! Joe Biden mentioned bipartisanship but Mitch McConnell said surprise!!

I’m leaving, will the hate ever subside? your dude is ready to ride firing up the mothership blasting off from this runway on I-20 in Atlanta!!

Intergalactic! catch me out beyond Pluto and Mars showing Perseverance like the Rover until the game is over; somebody will understand a brotha!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Lou Donaldson. - It's Your Thing

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this HumpDay Extravaganza segment, maybe my people can dig it!

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on as the toil and strife goes; getting over the hump is emphasized but facing opposition from the system y’all should know they rig it...

What? the outcome but we’re fighting back pulling out the drum and dropping this good word!

Those are the weapons of choice as we fight the confusion / chaos per the ongoing spiritual warfare; you heard?

Basically we’re just doing our thing! even Lou Donaldson told us It's Your Thing!!

Check out the players and the track as we “holla back” at our constituents, just doing our thing!


Tuesday, May 4, 2021

King Britt - Spaces (Featuring – Quasimoto)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Tuesday evening, we're  just chilling out in the lab..

Digital? analog? crate digging coming up with something that's hitting!!  sonic rehab?

O-Dog wasn't late, rigging something up in the lab; retro-futuristic mystic still fighting it...

No so called ceasefire , the saga / struggle continues until the clock expires;  I still feel the pressure, fighting it...

Peace? please!! the umpire will call us out on strike in these races! enlightening it? yes!! hitting up the constituency!!

At ease? please!! the empire will strike back, but I came right back!! listening to King Britt with Spaces featuring  Quasimoto, this is how it go!! this what true hip hop will be..

It’s All Game: Plus They Keep Changing The Rules (Part Three)

 It’s all game, plus the street knowledge dropped mentioned don’t hate the player hate the game....

....even when these players “ain’t playing fair “? personally that’s unacceptable but I was told to let it go it was another Love TKO per Teddy Pendergrass but damn who’ll accept responsibility / the blame?

Plus, as I mentioned before they keep changing the rules changing fools now we see how they’re acting!

Jokers will get caught out there like Rudy Giuliani and others in the Trump circle we see how they’re reacting!

...on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way; some will try manipulating the outcome.

Like Cyber Ninjas recounting votes out in Maricopa County Arizona  trying to help Trump out meanwhile per digital crate digging O-Dizzle is putting beats that bump out per pulling out the drum!

It’s all game, jokers are playing me too close; I’ll take some distance but it’s not Covid / social.

It’s all game, I needed some space! of course by now y’all should know a dude is intergalactic out in the galaxy where it’s colorful!

Advice from Mr Cole had me leaving the rat race / dog eat dog world / Hornets Nest! ...not the one in Charlotte where I’m sometimes spotted! still rebuking devil's advocates adjusting fate, at the end of the day the Lord will still bless!

Of course those not on one accord with those that still stress! it's all game plus they keep changing the rules!!

I was trying to drop some of this breakbeat science on some of them but somebody told me I'm wasting my time, you're not changing those fools!!

Monday, May 3, 2021

St Germain - Deep In It (1996 Official Audio - F Communications)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Music Monday on a wet evening in Atlanta!

A tornado blew through earlier now my constituents have work to do, trees fell everywhere in Metro Atlanta!

We’re in the lab utilizing breakbeat scientific techniques somebody might understand a brotha putting it down like this!

Sonic rehab will take place as we try to get into that space where we can get our minds right!

Intergalactic with it from Pluto to Mars, like this St Germain track we’re Deep In It!

Mathematics are dropped on these earthlings this is how we work things we’re deep in it!


Sunday, May 2, 2021

It’s All Game: Plus They Keep Changing The Rules (Part Two)

 It’s like we’re at a construction site; but our we being built or torn down?

A debatable circumstance, corruption at the site due to shade tree mechanics? it’s all game, crooks haven’t turned the level of scorn down!

Plus those that are in power will change the rules changing fools like Trump inspiring the insurrection. 

...on January 6th now jokers will plead the fifth but like in Maricopa County Arizona Cyber Ninjas still try to count votes; soon coming to your section?

It's all game, but what's our reaction? O-Zone will get breakbeat scientific but accused of being a bootleg scientist in the underworld of invention. The apparatus will change the rules like GOP voter suppression , but during a session we'll drop mathematics / engineering even biology and even other sciences unknown! Check the status on this Sunday morning; no weapons formed shall prosper per Isaiah 54 :17 so devils are prone to take a loss, it’s bad luck with those features! We're back with like I said getting breakbeat scientific, plus I’m always on defense battling otherworldly creatures!

The old school Baptist preacher up in Louisville said just keep living soon dealing with victories and defeats!

It’s all game was my interpretation, that’s the deal knowing that it’s rough out here in these streets!

It's All Game!! plus they keep changing the rules changing fools but the street code is still followed.. these dudes keeping the same attitudes / Keeping That Same Old Feeling per Side Effect so jokers will have to show respect: per Eric B and Rakim no mistakes are allowed!!

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Sat Night Sessions Vol. 12

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Saturday Night Fever edition; at the moment this is how we’re living!

We’re still partying in the midst of the madness! oh yes we’re back with this life celebration; at the moment this is how we’re living!

We hit the ground running on this first day of May 2021, naysayers will say we’re on one!

The funky drummer is drumming plus we’re good word dropping; might as well say we’re on one! 

It’s on! we’re coming through listening to Sat Night Sessions Vol. 12, trying to catch up on these past episodes from DJ Steve Adams!

Check out the playlist and the mix as we do it like this! on this Saturday Night we’re jamming!