Saturday, December 2, 2023

Maxi Funky House 2023 by Philgood 5336 Mix

 Digital Crate Digging Continues as we come through on this wet Saturday morning but the science dropped is appropriate for any time frame, we're broadcasting live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta!

The saga  / struggle continues but it's all beautiful it's a blessing to be here I believe  somebody will understand a brotha!

Chilling in dark shadows after all these spiritual warfare battles, there's spiritual significance in this operation but it seems like I'm the last one standing.

Out of focus sometimes it seems nobody is checking for me or disrespecting me, already considered bogus due to lack of understanding.

Considered lackadaisical coming through with reckless abandon but per these breakbeat scientific renderings a light came on.

Brighter days ahead? oh yes they're on the way so I tell my constituents it's time to get their game on!

So once again it's on, unfortunately like the Israel Hamas War after the temporary ceasefire but we're on a higher frequency! the masses? we're trying to inspire setting this O-Dog Day Party off early with this Maxi Funky House 2023 by Philgood 5336 Mix!

So once again it's on! check out the playlist and the  mix as we continue doing what we do, getting breakbeat scientific!

1: Block & Crown - Who Is Billie Jean_ (Nu Disco Club Mix) 2: Block & Crown - Kiss (Original Mix) 3: Adri Block - Keep the Dance Floor Goin' (Original Mix) 4: Crazibiza - Keep It Comin' (Sante Cruze Remix) 5: David Penn - Losing You (84Bit Remix) 6: Afro Nation - Bamboleo (Afro House Extended) 7: Dubdogz - Everybody Wants To Party 8: David Penn - Fever (Extended Mix) 9: Milk & Sugar - Let the Sun Shine (Momo Khani & Meindel Extended Remix) 10: Jude & Frank - Clandestino (Crazibiza Remix) 11: David Penn - Get Loose (Extended Vocal Mix) 12: Luca Debonaire - Fonky House Music (Club Mix) 13: Block & Crown - Hold On (Original Mix) 14: Block & Crown - The Ultimate Stomp

Thursday, November 30, 2023


 Digital Crate Digging Continues as we proceed and continue with this O-Dog Day Party! this is the Thankful Thursday  / Throwback Thursday edition!

We're putting it down like this still out here getting breakbeat scientific it's a big world  / universe somebody will understand a brotha!

Especially since spiritual significance is in this operation that's how we're trying to connect with the people! 

Check out the sound plus per Throwback Thursday we take the advice of Les McCann; per dropping this good word we had to talk to the people!

Some things? they'll have to charge it to the game or chalk it up to experience, meanwhile we'll come through with this JAZZ HOUSE MIX SESSION #5!

Check us out as we check on past episodes, it's all courtesy of Maxim A, check out the playlist and the mix as we let the music play!! from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta as we broadcast all the way live!

Brooklyn Baby - Jazz Please - 00:00 Gavinco - Silver - 05:34 Jesse Bru - Bassment Dweller - 09:46 Jesse Bru - Dream Warrior - 14:24 Casino Times - The Glow (Estaté) - 19:31 Yumna Black - Magnolia - 25:00 Amanda Withing - Too Much (Kaidi Tatham Remix) - 30:11 Akabu, Dave Lee ZR & Jinadu - Highways - (Cody Currie Remix) - 32:45 Retromigration - Moondays - 36:47 Soufflé Caramel - Club de Jazz - 42:12 SMTHNG SMTIME - Geographic (Retromigration Remix) - 47:22 Milton Jackson - Closure - 52:00

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Breakbeat Scientific / Doing What We Do (Part Ten)

 We're still out here trying to get over the hump per this HumpDay Extravaganza! dropping this breakbeat science per doing what we do!

We're ready to testify like Hunter Biden in front of the House Oversight Committee but only in public! check out the public transportation  / transformation as we do what we do!

We're  spiritual hunting / gathering while in transition with a fresh vision as we broadcast live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta on a cold morning! but the polar vortex work ethic led to numb fingers, typing poems on a Samsung phone.

Also communicating with the drum as there's spiritual significance in this operation  so once again its on in a sport that's complex aka madness! it has me in zone.

Getting breakbeat scientific doing what we do reflecting  / pondering, the future foreboding? catch me out here rocking a coat of arms!

AKA prayer; check out this coping strategy for a player! its utilized for all these approaching storms.

Hate to sound negative but being realistic, we know storms are coming as long as we're on earth we can expect them!

Hate? per the Israel Hamas War we're fighting you can expect it using the good and the funky drummer is drumming courtesy of Brotha O, respect him!

When getting breakbeat scientific? usually rolling solo but naysayers ask was I alone too long, the reason for these regretful musings? 

AKA poetry; they act like they don't know me when I do what I do! sometimes its sorrowful or amusing.

But still handling business in local  / national  / international and intergalactic frontiers; sometimes cruising through the galaxy with a rejuvenated soul!

But  checking the clock as November comes to a close, winter's knocking per the Winter Solstice; seasons / reasons change so how will I roll? 

Monday, November 27, 2023

Breakbeat Scientific / Doing What We Do (Part Nine)

 The Thanksgiving Day Holiday Weekend is over with as Monday morning has arrived.

It's back to regular scheduled programming, a shock for some! over the past few days they shucked and jived!

These Ohio Players type of jive turkeys will find out how the work will be after losing some of their colleagues last week! during the ongoing fray we continued to get breakbeat scientific!

Just out here doing what we do, dropping this good word along with the sound to be specific.

Just out here doing what we do dropping mathematics helping with the ongoing healing process! those silent lullabies heard from my constituents? apparently they led to silent tears.

Acting like we knew? some of these so called pundits and experts will say its due to no goodbyes said to irrational fears.

Some are like Isaac Hayes or even the Jacksons saying they never can say goodbye but I see one tries,  but loss and letting go was tough!

Brotha O plays it another way, getting breakbeat science doing what he does but Roger and Zapp told us how it was; "so ruff / so tuff"

Brotha O plays it another way, getting breakbeat science but I see how another plays; they're in transition but they entered the fray doe-eyed.
Doing what they do back acting like they knew, no stranger to the danger in the unwanted changes introduced by one who lied? Doing what they do back acting like they knew but outcomes? unknowable but so called pundits and experts said due to the adversity they would grow. Full Moon in Gemini energy was factored in so how were some acting? fear and courage were entwined so we'll see how it goes.

Sunday, November 26, 2023


 Sunday Jazz Continues check these menus as we serve this Sunday meal correlating to the Eastern Standard Time frame.

Thanksgiving Day holiday weekend is coming to a close for some it's a big mind game!

Some don't function well during these holiday seasons due to previous episodes  / treasons.

Your dude Brotha O dropped the science on it earlier when he mentioned Seasons / Reasons.

But let me continue with this meal, providing seasoning per this JAZZ HOUSE MIX SESSION #6 courtesy of Maxim A!

Check the menu / playlist and the mix as we continue with the jazz / housemusic vibe from earlier, O-Dog Day Partying! so who'll work with a brotha?

Jonasclean - Coltrane Jack - 00:00 Demuir - DaT Fonk (Get Into It) - 05:36 DJ PP - US3 - 10:50 Vincent Caira - Back Again - 15:39 Crazy P - Virtuality - 20:13 Zoura DS - Who’s To Say - 25:26 Robb Swinga - Beautifull Jazz - 28:59 Saison - Man Of Soul - 34:34 Armaury Trevino - Parte Escrita - 39:24 Leandro Di - Crazy About You (Instrumental) - 42:58 Black Loops - Like A Feather - 48:10

Saturday, November 25, 2023

Deep House Mix | This Is Deep House Afterhours 2023 Vol. 5

 Digital Crate Digging Continues as we proceed and continue with this O-Dog Day Party, this is a special holiday weekend edition!

Thanksgiving Day just left but priorities didn't shift too much we're still getting breakbeat scientific; this is how we're living!

Let the music play! we're dropping this sound plus writing poetry full of written and unwritten memories.

Its going down due to doing the math /  knowledge in reference to all these somewhat sacred allures , truths / untruths / histories.

Out on a different path / uncouth with these? I'm admitting, it ain't nothing nice  / sometimes it's not pristine.

It's based on chaos and mayhem but we're ready to roll / we're on our way after observing now describing the scene.

What's did, seen or heard is described in this good word, accompanied by this good music! check out this Deep House Mix | This Is Deep House Afterhours 2023 Vol. 5 courtesy of the Rhythm Republic!

Check out the playlist and the mix, for this or any time frame it's appropriate! I usually have a Saturday morning jazz vibe going so this jazz influenced housemusic will fit the bill! check it out to see what it do / what's up with it! 

00:00:00 1. Paul Rudder - Glue feat. Segilola (Jullian Gomes Dubstrumental) 00:06:25 2. Dwson - Nights On The Dance Floor (Original Mix) 00:12:09 3. Kid Fonque - 2SIDES (Crackazat Remix) 00:16:09 4. Art Of Tones - Secousse (Fred Everything Remix) 00:20:57 5. Mark Farina & Homero Espinosa - Everybody Dancing (Original Mix) 00:26:07 6. Prince Ivyson - Sweet Soul (Original Mix) 00:31:08 7. Ross Couch - Getting Closer (Original Mix) 00:36:52 8. Sebb Junior - I Never Know (Original Mix) 00:41:02 9. Glass Slipper - Running Out (Dub Mix) 00:46:14 10. Yan Gordo - Le Plaisir Le Plaisir (B&S Concept Remix) 00:51:26 11. Soledrifter - Giving You (Lucas Keizer Remix 00:57:25 12. Manuel Kane - No Sense (Original Mix)

Friday, November 24, 2023

Breakbeat Scientific / Doing What We Do (Part Eight)

 Check us out we're back to regular scheduled programming on this Fabulous Friday / Flashback Friday after Thanksgiving Day celebrations, even though now they're talking about Black Friday!

Check us out as we proceed and continue doing what we do getting breakbeat scientific; this is how this black man will play!

But as I keep telling y'all it's rough out here  / it ain't nothing nice like a Detroit Lions losing streak on Thanksgiving Day! we're measuring the immensity of this or that darkest hour.

Prayer? it's a coat of arms so once again its on now check us out as we know we can now exercise power.

Like Ashford and Simpson found a cure these  sacred allures will provide cures to this or that ailment.

But its not a simple thing!  while getting breakbeat scientific we realized we can't fake it; pure energy is needed or the test? we'll fail it.

It's not a simple thing! its hard to catch up on your pimping, Mayor Eric Adams up in New York plus Diddy and now Axl Rose, Cuba Gooding Jr and Jamie Foxx can bear witness due to new laws in the state of New York!

It's not a simple thing but we continue to get breakbeat scientific doing what we do! we keep it moving we're not waiting in the dark!

But from here in Atlanta to the Gaza Strip the atmosphere is dark; chaos and mayhem? it appears there is no immunity.

We kept praying due to our limited diplomatic immunity but the drama?  out here in this and that community some normalize it when life gets crazy.

The immensity or even the intensity? it seems like its business as usual, they're not worried about it! 

We continue doing what we do getting breakbeat scientific! we left shadows of acceptance to do something about it.