Friday, November 30, 2012

Full Moon Madness / Gemini Sagittarius Edition

As we proceed and continue...damn!! its a couple of days later..but we still bear witness to the full moon madness! 

True indeed!! whats on the menu? falling off the fiscal cliff? please..anything can happen...that Full Moon was on the Gemini / Sagittarius axis! 

Catching hell? it's like Plaxico Burress catching passes again with the Steelers...the full moon was right along with the Lunar Eclipse! 

Dude had a story to tell...said that he goes back!! he was all up in Louisville riding down Broadway in the Mitsubishi Eclipse!

 Out of there he slips!! back in Jefferson County? Mitch McConnell and other jokers similar to him were tripping!

 Out of there!! Mitch is still tripping...drunk John Boehner is rolling with him..meanwhile my dude's now on I-285 in Atlanta caught in traffic behind the Toyota Prius authorities are tripping!

 Roadblocks set up in Dekalb County;  databases were checked boy!! any priors? soon dipping to the jail on Memorial Drive! 

Meanwhile O-Dizzle is in funk mode..he rocks!! check how the mothership landed on he's transmitting live! 

Trying to survive the onslaught of the Uranus / Pluto Square .....activated by the Solar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse here in November! 

Sonic Assaults blast on wannabe mafioso and cartel members clicked up with the apparatus..Bullish Like Chicago..Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah

Check the full moon madness; there's no joking!! even though chatter increased due to Gemini! 

Now the moon has move to Cancer..I'm standing alone against the world..I wasn't fooling with them..they're just a devil dancer...two sides to the game? the devil was a damn lie!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson - Nasty (feat. Planet Asia)

Digital Crate Digging Continues....checking out this underground hip hop

...Apollo Brown and Guilty Simpson..featuring Planet Asia....with a cut called Nasty Apollo Brown and Guilty Simpson's new "Dice Game" album now available to purchase in your favorite format. Check it out...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rameses B - Visionary

Digital Crate Digging Continues....getting my daily dose of drum and bass...checking out Visionary from Rameses B....its smoking!! check it out...courtesy of Liquicity

It All Falls Into Place..

Whats the business? some say we'll fall off a cliff like a fiscal one; but old girl said we were blessed; things fall into place! 

Previously the deal was shaky..flimsy like Rice and Benghazi arguments per Republicans.... jokers faked me!! had me stressed; endeavors failed...standing alone against the world...we were falling flat on our face! 

Obviously the rat race will take me and others out if we let it..some act funny with the money like China..manipulating it...but like the Space Shuttle Endeavour we float on!

......were on the case!!  history repeated or it was defeated?  chilling in the Smithsonian! 

Its on again!!  so whatcha knowing?  check the Fresh Vision; deleting his story and creating our own!

Its on again!!  but how were some living? old dude up at the Checker Cab stand in Louisville told the young dude to watch his mouth and watch his tone! 

A scientist was on it..connecting Hurricane Sandy and global warming; ..another spans the globe..warning!! he was a clone!! soon hit up by a CIA drone in Pakistan! 

 O-Zone rocks the baldy but understand me....the swag is like a dread..the blackest man! 

In danger zones domain awareness systems track a man;  information is processed in fusion centers.

Aided by Microsoft...check the total chaos; inside ourselves? that's where the confusion centers!

Some might be soft..but hard when holding artillery...whats the deally? that's how Jordan Davis  got fired on down on Southside Drive in the Jax...

O-Dizzle is going off with this Sonic Assault...O-Zone drops this good word...misbehaving with this? all falls into place like its supposed we put it down like this..going all the max..


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hank Mobley "Startin' from scratch"

Sunday Jazz Continues....checking out Hank Mobley.....Starting From Scratch!! I'm sure a lot of us know whats up with that!! check out the players and the track....

Hank Mobley (Tenor sax), Art Farmer (trumpet), Horace Silver (piano), Doug Watkins (double bass), Art Blakey (drums).

James 'Blood' Ulmer "Jazz Is The Teacher (Funk Is The Preacher)"

Sunday Jazz continues...checking out James 'Blood' Ulmer.....classic jazz / funk /rock cut called  "Jazz Is The Teacher (Funk Is The Preacher)" check out the players and the track...

Letting It Go PT.2

As we proceed and continue....were letting it go like turds in the toilet! 

Flushing it!! meanwhile O-Dizzle is cold crushing it!!  but knowing how the system works...the endeavor?  the system will try to spoil it! 

The caper? detectives said they'll foil like Sherlock Holmes..even if they trump up charges! 

The caper goes down!! much respect to James Holmes victims ...ignoring Donald Trump types with their charges!

....needing to let it go Holmes! another was like Morsi in Egypt; said he's taking over!! interim was the title for a joker sitting on the throne! 

All the faking is over for Agenda 21 conspiracy theorists; as they come near this...actually..the system / matrix tries to deceive us...but the Sonic Assault is like being hit up by a CIA drone! 

Once again its on!! outside raking leaves on a fall day in Atlanta..but out in the backyards in these hoods jokers were letting it go....the AK47 was loud! 

Jokers were just letting go!!  like John McAfee?  high off bath salts and backwoods...out in the backwoods..heard them talking loud! 

Once again its on...Wall Street and hood stock brokers were back at it!! you'll get played....but you should have known that from the get go! 

Who'll fall after the defeat? ...the deliberate falsehood did them goes down in in government corridors..check the mass hysteria from Syria to the Gaza Strip...a brotha will even flip in the ghetto..

Plus there's word from M23 in the we let it go and Let God; its not odd..his will is done!

What's the deally? letting it letting a joker know;  that O-Zone is not the one!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pendulum & DJ Fresh ft Spyda and Tenor Fly - Tarantula

Digital Crate Digging Continues....checking out some reggae / drum and bass...with a track from Pendulum & DJ Fresh ft Spyda and Tenor Fly called Tarantula...massive!!

Joe Budden / A Loose Quarter

Digital Crate Digging Continues....checking out this Joe Budden mixtape called A Loose Quarter; 

It features Ab-Soul, Royce Da 5'9, Kobe, Emanny, Beewirks, araabMUZIK, Cardiak, and more.

This will hold us over until Budden's upcoming No Love Lost album, due January 22. Check it out!! 


Friday, November 23, 2012

French Montana / Mac & Cheese 3

Digital Crate Digging Continues...still on some hip hop...checking out Part 3 of French Montana's "Mac & Cheese" series. Hosted by Big Mike & Evil Empire. 

Features include Diddy and Red Cafe, Chinx Drugz, Fat Joe, J Cole and Rick Ross. Courtesy of DatPiff.


Rites and Rituals / The Black Friday Edition.

As we proceed and continue...chilling on this Black Friday..I had to admit; were caught going through the rites and rituals!

True indeed!! Scorpion planetary alignments plus solar eclipses knocked us off balance... no Diwali festival of lights...just residuals!

Whatcha know about these and those? dude from the Ville wore dashikis and spoke swahili...but others were fake...they were on a negative assignment...trying to hook up a USB or an extension cord...trying to purge!

..Now caught up in the system / matrix...the funk? they couldn't fake trying some James Brown Escapism;  out of the darkness they're trying to emerge!

 How were they feeling? found out so called powers that be were similar to the Architect on the Matrix; they told you to merge your company like Wall Street takeovers!

...that proved to be hostile; some said they had a hot need for Oprah or Maury makeovers! 

The break is over now...the situation is critical / check the blue collar style work that's put in! 

The brakes were bad on the vehicle...can't call Manny Moe and we can't pump brakes...who has the dollars to fix them? 

...damn!! and they need to be pumped;  rites and rituals have some flabbergasted! 

Jokers pumped shotguns... plus now they have drones as the IED's blasted!

But were rolling like in NYC..after gas rations were lifted...but in these danger zones? we stay on point...

But were rolling...local, international..even intergalactic...but knowing were dealing with a fanatic..that's not checking for us...were not the ones they'll anoint... 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

All Up In The Spot / Chilling Out..Hard!!!

Chilling out...all up in the spot.... but its like Gaza Strip cease fires..I see some look perplexed!

More than global warming is making it hot..its like Congo's M23..I noticed how those with so called muscle flexed! 

All up in the spot hustles were knocked!! somebody is wrong though...the situation was complex ..I heard gossip, lies, and innuendo! 

There were careless whispers per George Michael; but there's no love during this whatcha know? 

Whose fair with this in love or war? please...I noticed they weren't checking for a bruh;  I was standing alone against the first I said damn!!  but suddenly I feel like a giant....that could be a good thing! 

As I go transition..all up in the spot;  religious, street, corporate, or government..but at the end of the day? not compliant..its still a hood thing! 

 As I go there..circulating / in transition..rolling in the old school Toyota Camry with leather and wood grain; on Google Maps when dipping down Candler Rd in Decatur?

As I go there....all up in the spot;  society still hating like  Romney mad at me...what will the response be?  please!!  I ignored a hater!

As I go there...all up in the spot chilling...but like a Solar Tsunami I'm soon blowing up...

All up in the spot...low key...seeing what it do...observing the scene...but soon rolling up....

As we go there...soul controlling up in the we put it down like this..

All up in the spot with the good word....while O-Dizzle will work the sound like this....

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gap Band - Early In The Morning (12" Version)

Digital Crate Digging Continues....checking out this funk classic from the Gap Band....Early In The Morning

...its the 12" version...more bounce to the ounce. 

This song has a disco /funk / rock to feel it...In fact I've heard some rock bands play it in a couple of clubs I've been in!! check it out!!

Jumping After Recognizing / Doing The Knowledge..

Whats the deal?  dude jumped to the conclusion after recognizing the pattern! 

Checked the attitude..some will flip!! drama is like the Gaza Strip  ...meanwhile I dipped out beyond Pluto / Mars or Saturn!

Didn't dip in the Saturn Aura..on earth I recognized the pattern of terror and'll get thrown under the in Tel Aviv the bus can even explode...its business as usual!

Strengthening my aura...rolling down Broadway up in Louisville in the Buick Lucerne / LeSabre..soaking up game...already learned the American Dream type fable..the outcome was unusual! 

Knowing how the system will Jesse Jackson Jr some take themselves out of the play...patterns were recognized! 

Soon I jumped to conclusions..the right ones? if so..everything's a go...I'm back in the action..situations will get rectified! 

Jacking up shots like Jack Taylor from Grinnell...word from O-Dizzle...refusing to fail...sounds bumped to rectify the confusion and Total Chaos! 

The saga / struggle continues..check the Sonic Assault attacking jokers that wanted us to take a loss!

A brotha has the good word and funk on these menus..but haters think this breakbeat scientific business is similar to M23 Congo type of business..

You heard? jumping and recognizing...but having to all wrong..word from the Georgia GOP and Agenda 21?  one wonders what the deal is...

You heard? meanwhile were jumping and Newark residents concerning Cory Booker... 

You heard? were jumping to conclusions after recognizing the pattern..we knew how it would work!! ..knowing how a crook would do...



Tuesday, November 20, 2012

All Up In The Spot / Still Bearing Witness

Were all up in the spot...its rough out here...check the drama...its like the Gaza Strip..Sharon's son said flatten it like Hiroshima; bearing witness like an old school deacon in the amen corner!

Steering the mothership back to earth...its landed nothing has changed!! an old fool said he was a beacon of light but he was still up in Louisville hanging out on the corner! 

Checked the loathing and drama in the ugly did it get?  whats it all worth? some wonder what the deal is! 

Dude said he was coaching like Coach K!!  steering the team towards a gold medal ....told us to bear witness to mental and physical fitness! 

The attitude was foul though; checked the old school swag or style;  though he claims its updated!

The longitude and latitude was calculated by GPS...satellites were tracking this;  folk watched security cameras in fusion centers  supported by Microsoft..jokers are still playing games..were still hated!

Jokers were rude like Rand Paul..said they're hard not soft..egos were inflated; some were trying to kiss the sky per Kenny Garrett! 

Understand y'all? but Negroes were late with it; please...but some know what the deal love or war whose fair with it? 

Swags / steelos revealed the thin and thick of this like old school players socks worn with gators!

 Doo rags held down the waves enhanced by Murray's or Blue Nile pomade; as we bear witness to the charade..scorn was shown by these haters!

What it do? snags and glitches in the matrix interfere with how we work these...any word from the Architect?  the situation is foul due to the charade...

What it do? snitches fake it...but were bearing witness to their downfall..after the game was played.. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

The I-65 / I-75 Chronicles

As we proceed and continue....this is word from an intergalactic / mystic I restore order! 

True indeed!! whats on the menu?  I dipped down I-75...getting out of Atlanta / Atlantis...I had to cross the border! 

Rolling down I-24 towards Nashville; soon on I-65 headed towards Louisville...was I out of order listening to  classic rock WSKZ up in Chattanooga? 

Peter Frampton was jamming!! hip to the sound; lessons learned while cramming..act like you knew a bruh! 

All up in the spot...there was no happy camping!! jokers were mad about Benghazi talking the hood missiles / pistols were fired back and forth like Hamas and Israel! 

All up in the spot....the mothership has landed on earth; as we go there...noticed these jokers stalking..trouble anoints one due to the deliberate some are cutting up from the ATL to Louisville! 

That's the deal... as a brotha gets scientific with solar flares; while a hater truth or dares... let the healing process begin! 

Word from Pastor Billy Burke up at Evangel putting in work..just trying to win! 

As we all fight sin...trying not to yield to temptation; but caught up in the system / matrix!

As we fall through...acting like we knew...bringing the light in like a Diwali festival of lights;  around the solar eclipse down...meanwhile on Broadway up in Louisville a brotha dips..never fake with it!

As I shake it off..the negative spirit..that bad deal these players want me to have....from Louisville / Newburg to Johannesburg! 

From the Appalachians in Tennessee where I see fire Obama signs;  to the Klan marching in Charlotte / Mecklenburg!

Shorty urged me to hook up the quiet storm with some Trey Songz while in the heart of it but O-Dizzle is the funky type of soul brotha! 

Hip to the quiet before the storm ....after jumping and recognizing; dipping down I-75..I'm rolling back in the ATL word from a brotha!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Fantasy in D / Freddie Hubbard Quartet

Digital Crate Digging Continues....checking out the Freddie Hubbard Quartet with their classic cut called Fantasy in D.... Live at the Village Vanguard, NYC, 1982....check out the players and the track..

Freddie Hubbard (trumpet)  ...Cedar Walton (piano)

Ron Carter (bass)    Lenny White (drums) 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Jumping and Recognizing Mix

 Digital Crate Digging is going we proceed and continue...back on this breakbeat scientific business


..check out the Jumping and Recognizing Mix from's all about jumping to a conclusion after recognizing the pattern / doing the knowledge / doing the math...check it out..

The Jumping and Recognizing Mix

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Marinating / Soaking Up Game PT.3

Chilling out ...marinating like ribs in the Frigidaire..still soaking up game like I'm soaking up these  new moon / solar eclipse / Scorpio sun rays!

Out here in this frigid ATL we go there...were dealing with individuals caught up in the system / matrix;  soaking in the reign like Hamas in the Gaza Strip!!  but I know how the sport goes; check out how this son of God plays! 

This son of God prays so I can get through this madness...the Total Chaos!

 Its not odd...I'm hip to the game..knowing what the deal is; just like the Petraeus / Benghazi mess...jokers want us to take a loss! 

Its not did jokers try to play us? referees and officials fake the coin jokers that didn't shake the dice! crap games up in Louisville project / Las Vegas Sheppard Square and Parkhill back in the day;  it still ain't nothing nice! 

I had to Think Twice like Donald Byrd; then I spotted the First Light per Freddie Hubbard! 

The by product from soaking up game; please!! we get scientific like hadron colliders;  this is how a bruh will get!

 That's how my conduct will get; even though Donald Trump  type peeps seem to be mad at me! 

I had the audacity to conduct myself in an orderly fashion; responding with sounds that thump and this good word;  ignoring thought and fashion police trying to "holla at me"

Please!! I soaked up enough game to peep game; while others were like Europeans and austerity...they let the system toy with them! 

Cloak and dagger type movements take place because some were pimping like Petraeus ...some will come to the end of the road like Boyz To Men!

Cloaking devices?  I deployed them!!  they were used by this Ralph Ellison Invisible Man type of brother! 

Marinating....soaking up game /doing the knowledge; but had to admit I'm on some other other!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Intelligent Realms Atmospheric Drum and Bass Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out this drum and bass mix from Outway...featuring some 90's drum and bass. Check out the tracklist and the tracks....

1.) Seba & Lotek - Sonic Winds         2.) Big Bud - Mystique.    3.) Aural Imbalance - Astral Forest

4.) Big Bud - Rafiki                5.)  PFM - Dreams   6.) New Balance - Reflections

7.)  PFM - Wash Over Me   8.) Blame - Alpha 7     9.) Big Bud - Memories

10.)  PFM - One And Only   11.) Big Bud - A Way Of Life  12)  Voyager - Mysteron  13.)  Big Bud -  Pure (Rmx)

Chilling..The Quiet Before The Storm PT.4 (Monday Morning Blahs Edition)

Damn!! I'm asking this the quiet before the storm or like David I in the middle of it?

Whats the deal with this? Superstorm Sandy type of business? peace can be still in the eye of the storm; but reality will make a riddle of it! 

As we deal with it; Superman and Mike D'antoni in the building? maybe the Lakers can start winning..meanwhile this breakbeat science is not the norm...who will understand me?  we figure the cypher out then put messages in the songs! 

As we come real with Jeff Gordon vs Clint Bowyer..bring ing fights?  naw!! we're bringing insights;  hopefully the rights balance out the wrongs!

 As we come real with it; spitting game like Cornel West vs Obama? naw!! but we realize its a sad state of affairs! 

As we come real with it...during the quiet before the storm; chilling for a minute but in love or war? we're realizing how fair it is! 

As we come real with it..check the Sonic Assault..flexing muscles like Iranian military exercises...truth or dare is the strategy used by wannabe weather manipulators! 

As we go there; dealing with it...right now its quiet...the evening before the New Moon / Solar Eclipse in Scorpio...whatcha know?  its like whatever? I don't know..check the turmoil..but a bruh is hip to these haters!

 Ill issue debaters stir up the ruckus now we have another storm!

 I even felt the pressure!!  jokers bring the drama to your doorstep;  as they attack the dorm!

The quiet before the storm is disturbed..please!! we knew it would happen...

As we proceed and continue to the next episode...but we'll put work in blue collar style....making it happen... 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Last Of A Dying Breed / Blue Collar Style

As we proceed and continue...a last of a dying breed..letting you know what it is put in blue collar style! 

True indeed!! dark blue uniform with my name on it..recognizing evil is the opponent...not pimping like David Petraeus.. whatcha going through?  even though he got paid Mike Brown can tell pursuit of a dollar?  it gets foul! 

Someone might get this foolishness like Donald Trump; calling for a revolution? 

Somebody might get this style...check the funk seminar...back to school with this...sounds thump..but not having a meltdown like Karl Rove...check the groove...the Sonic Assault on the institution..

.....somebody might get this style...please!! check the moves..this is not a  deliberate falsehood..breakbeat science is dropped when we get down...its hard work but somebody has to do it! 

Not acting false in the collar is the style....not fake with it....last of a dying breed...that's the dizzle with O-Dizzle;  as I continue to do it! 

Check the style; acting like I knew it....dipping down I-20 in  Atlanta in the Buick LeSabre / Lucerne  or on 101 out  in San Francisco or even the Dan Ryan expressway in Chicago! 

Check the must learn per KRS-1..but jokers get foul like Republicans wanting Obama to go back to Chicago! 

But I know how it Amadou folk will take 41 shots!

But I go for what I know / doing what I do; blue collar style like machine shops!

A bruh is observing the scene;  he stops drops and rolls;  the fire is fully involved!

.....per fireman's lingo..ignored a gringo;  too busy putting work in blue collar style..until the problem is solved!

Soft Machine - Drop

Sunday Jazz Continues...checking out some jazz / psychedelic rock from Canterbury England group Soft Machine...with a cut called Drop. This is off of their Fifth album recorded in 1972 ...these cats were ahead of their time!! check out the players and the track!!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Richie Hawtin 50 min Boiler Room DJ Set at Bloc Weekender

Digital Crate Digging Continues...I'm crazy about DJ mixes!!

...checking out this Boiler Room  mix show...featuring Richie Hawtin with a 50 min Boiler Room DJ Set at Bloc Weekender a  jam / mix show on a fishing boat / turned German nightclub...its hot!! 

They Were Going Through It PT.10

They were going through it acting like they knew it..but it's like Mike Brown being let go by the Lakers...unlike O-Dizzle they were faking the funk! 

Phil Jackson or Mike D'antoni back in the action? some jokers were missing in down here in the A-Town;  left their hometown with their monkey ass!!  whats the dizzle? they said something about getting crunk! 

Back in the action? fast breaking!!  getting the dunk like Lebron / D Wade and them beating the ATL Hawks;  but like D Wade they've lost a step or two! 

Some are lacking...I'm through with jokers who are faking; but like George Bush economic policies were still dealing with the cosmic debris and residue!

Haters told me there's no rest for you; were going through it!!  its an uphill's not over because Obama won! 

Some of the constituents are mad..check the slurs on Facebook;  they're about to come undone! 

Whose going through it? face to face with a crook? or maybe it's the new type  gangsters...senators..congressmen...businessmen..even newscasters...Sean Hannity told them "let not your heart be troubled"

Meanwhile diplomatic immunity is exercised; even though we were stressed..blessings doubled! 

We dipped back to the community...NACA is in Atlanta to help..some are no longer on the east side like the Jefferson's due to underwater mortgages and foreclosures! 

Some slipped back into darkness per War or Marcus Miller; they were chilling...waiting...they were going through it!! underwater like Superstorm Sandy...they're looking for closure!

They're going through it!! the devil will oppose you...General David Petraeus will bear witness  ....letting you know what the deal is...but not talking out the side of his Mitch McConnell..

They're going through it...wishing it was simple...some can tell you what the deal is...what real is...they'll let you know what it do...

Friday, November 9, 2012

A-Trak 40 min Boiler Room DJ Set

Digital Crate Digging Continues....checking out A-Trak's  40 min Boiler Room DJ Set...something bumpin for Friday Night..or whenever...A-Trak is putting in work!! check it out!! 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Denroy Morgan I'll Do Anything For You (Extended Version)

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out this classic soul funk from Denroy Morgan .....I'll Do Anything For extended version...more bounce to the ounce ok? check it out....

Fizzyology ft. Bun B - Hustler's Ringtone

Digital Crate Digging Continues....back on this hip hop....checking out Fizzyology....Lil Fame aka Fizzy Womack and Termanology...they've got Bun B rolling with them....check out the Hustler's Ringtone..

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Kenny Garrett - Kiss To The Skies

Digital Crate Digging conjunction with what I listen to at work...checked out hip hop and some drum and some drum and bass. Now winding things down a little bit with Kenny Garrett's Kiss To The of his Beyond The Wall album. Heard this earlier today on WCLK....the players and the track?

saxophones...Kenny Garrettt and Pharoah Sanders,the pianist is Mulgrew Miller, on the drums Brian Blade and the it's Robert Hurst on the bass. vibraphonist Bobby Hutcherson also helped them out...

Jahlil Beats / Legend Era

Digital Crate Digging Continues.....on that hip hop!! checking out Roc Nation's Jahlil Beats mixtape Legend Era.....featuring Skyzoo....Yo Gotti...Jadakiss...Styles P...Chris Brown...Meek Mill and others...courtesy of DatPiff...

Monday, November 5, 2012

Nelly Scorpio Season

Digital Crate Continues..on some hip hip...checking out Nelly's  mixtape Scorpio Season ..featuring Trae The Truth...Murphy Lee...Bizzy Crook..Gucci Mane and others..courtesy of Dat Piff

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Byard Lancaster - Rib Crib II

Sunday Jazz Continues....the last post was Rib Crib PT.1 by Byard check out Part Two...more jazz / funk for ya!! 

Byard Lancaster - Rib Crib I

Sunday Jazz Continues....checking out multi-instrumentalist Byard Lancaster with some classic jazz / funk...with a cut called Rib Crib PT.1 ...from his Funny Funky Rib Crib album; the players and the track.....

Kenny Garrett - Wayne's Thang

Sunday Jazz Continues....checking out some supreme jazz / funk from saxophonist Kenny Garrett ..with a cut called Wayne's Thang.....jazz / funk at its finest......check out the players on this!!

 bassist Nat Reeves, pianist/organist Benito Gonzalez, and drummer Jamire Williams. In addition, he is joined by saxophonist Pharoah Sanders


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Jesse Fischer & Soul Cycle - Moon Ship

Digital Crate Digging Continues.....due to a previously planned engagement I missed the Jesse Fischer & Soul Cycle show last night at the Apache Cafe here in Atlanta....guess I check out Moon Ship off his latest album  Retro Future, released 10.30.12 on ObliqSound.'s hot!!

Makoto - Music Has Never Let Me Down

Digital Crate Digging Continues.....catching up on my drum and bass music...missed a few daily doses...checking out  Tokyo drum and bass artist Makoto Shimizu, better known as simply Makoto, with a cut called Music Has Never Let Me Down...I have to give a bruh some dap on that!! music has never let me down either..check this out!! 

They Were Going Through It PT.9 / Its Like This and Like That

They were going through it like Superstorm Sandy survivors...some were even  asking questions like one of my other websites;  its like Whats Really Going On? I had to tell a joker its like this and like that! 

Reality incites the Sonic Assault on these danger zones; spiritual warfare is going down as we fight that! 

A brotha enlightens the masses..conducting funk seminars and classes..not to be confused with the Dark Knight Rises...coming right with that or at least trying to! 

As we come with the good word and the drum...the status quo is exciting to some...but they're caught up in the system /matrix where the beast is lying to you! 

Chilling /Zoning is the least we can do....but  damn!! the apparatus won't let us! 

Dealing with the drama royalty rolling like Kobe...trying to project their problems on us; but I was hip to their status! 

Its like this and like that and a...some are like the HMS Bounty captain...they'll go down with the ship...they were going through it...we could recognize the pattern! 

Whats up with ya?  a joker will ask..told them were hip to the game; its goes down from the ATL to Johannesburg; plus we peeped game while rolling on a NASA SLS Rocket from Pluto to Mars to Saturn! 

Rolling down Beatties Ford Rd in Charlotte / Mecklenburg in the Olds Cutlass with the 350 rocket engine...dude in the old Saturn was holding up traffic!

 I was back at it...time traveling..back on my home turf...up in Louisville / the old Buick old school dude said its like this and like that and a; the Ville was full of wannabe First 48 the outcome can be tragic!

I was back at it...time traveling..the mothership landed back on I drop these mathematics to my peeps who are going through it....

Its like this and like that and we exercise power like Cuomo and New Yorkers...showing supreme courage and maximum we proceed and continue...were going to it... 

Friday, November 2, 2012

I Told Them; I'm Good

They told me they had something for me..please!! during the storm the boat will sink like the HMS Bounty off of Cape I told them I was good! 

The skills are corporate or even governmental... but I'm still not the norm...where have you found me? you can "holla at this" while I'm all up in the spot... I'm still hood! 

I noticed that the deals were shady;  my vision was perfected while rolling around in the Checker Cab or even the Buick Regal through Louisville / Newburg!

Avoiding a legal eagle...the mass hysteria is like Syria ...roll on or get rolled on was the word on the curb; as I chilled out in the whats the deal at Bainport?   please!! Bain Capital type shady corporations will emerge!

Whose feeling the pain in the sport? like Marcus Lattimore...on the injured reserve list even though the jobless rate is 7.9 percent...from the banking capitol Charlotte / Mecklenburg to Wall Street in Manhattan..its happening! 

Meanwhile the "stanking lankin"  aka the 1990's old school Lincoln Continental was cruising down I-20 in Atlanta holding up traffic..damn!! whats the score? its  back in the way again! 

Once again its on!!  gamblers out for a fast buck are jacking you...offers were made by the apparatus; but they were detrimental...I told them I'm good! 

Chilled in corporate and governmental environments but check the status; like I said....I'm still hood! 

The sport will get ugly like running New York Marathons in the midst of the Superstorm Sandy crisis;  some moves are elemental...or elementary per Holmes / Watson....trouble will "holla at us"  empowerment was elusive!

 Didn't abort the mission..even though I Felt The Pressure...his brotha will rock an instrumental and the good word..exercising power;  doing whats conducive!

Didn't abort this mission..choosing to take this assignment like Mission Impossible; Ghost Protocol.... 

The Lord will bless this mission if I keep it we continue to fight this....check the outcome...damn!! I might look like a pro to y'all!!