Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pete Rock Gives Details Of Police Brutality At Album Release [VIDEO]

....drama unfolds during the release party for Pete Rock's..Smif & Wesson's Monumental CD in New York..

Pete Rock Gives Details Of Police Brutality At Album Release [VIDEO] | News One

Summer Breeze by The Isley's...Live...

...summer madness continues...feeling the winds of change blowing...could they be the summer breeze mentioned by the Isleys?....check this live video from the homies..

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Plutonian Intergalactic Maneuvers PT.3 ......

They left for a minute; I saw them out there while I was taking Plutonian Intergalactic journeys.. then they came back thinking they could get the same spot they had!

Plutonium or uranium stockpiled by a fanatic?...Stuxnet will render the supply useless? some said they're in it to win it;  but soon they became a target ...seeing how hot it can get!

Yellow caking...wannabe good fellas were like Sara Lee...cake baking;...what's up with it? ..soon seeing how hot the spot can get; now like the Herbie Hancocksong they'll come running to me!

....looking for answers...even waiting for I drop this good word on them; while O-Dizzle is drumming for me!

Justice and peace running from me? I chased it through the galaxy...damn!! it got away just as I was about to catch it!

Whats up with us? I guess if its something fresh I'll batch it!

Can't blame it on them some respect!!..please!! .it was these shadetree mechanics that made the vehicle retched or my people call it!t

Ratchets, screwdrivers and wrenches used to make adjustments; some people will fall for it!

Some will now call for it!! The Messenger  like Ramsey Lewis!

Others said they're all of it and then some!! rolling like Michele Bachmann!!  but the word from this hot messenger?  we found out they're clueless!

Not acting brand new with this; they said I was a hot mess with wonders how a brotha copes!!!  so joints get cased!

A hater acting like they knew this hits alt shift delete; so dreams and hopes are erased!

Plots and schemes were exposed after known issues were raised to the so called powers that be!

PE said Fight The Powerface the fire shower; who knows when the last hour will be?

A coward said they epitomized what real would be; but at the end of the day we found out otherwise!

....Said he was posted up like Dwight Howard but really out there with the wise and otherwise; so intergalactic journeys were to the occasion these brothas had to rise!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Plutonian Intergalactic Maneuvers

What it do a bruh? is making Plutonian Intergalactic Maneuvers; doing what behooves us..we're even stomping through lunar paths!

.....tripping on these earthlings...please..we might be on Mars or Earth rocking Nike Boots; exposing Undisputed Truths about Smiling Faces..a lunatic with this math?

Who else is on this path due to the deception?  it caused some to drive reckless..running into Amtrak with eighteen wheelers..told you Summer Madness is ongoing..they had us caught out there!

Who else is on this math? jumped to this conclusion due to untruths during the reception; word is born!! during the conception? we find out in love or war  nothing was fair!

Who else provided proof during the math class?....soon last to first and first to last? if we keep living we'll see role reversal...what it do? act like you knew!! those on top need to go to the rehearsal..what will the dirty work do? during the inception? they'll be like residents from Missouri the show me state; soon providing evidence..

......Uncouth behavior is what we get from...rolling like jokers from LulzSec?  much respect..skills shown..but from others... from them? no benevolence!!

....Truth provided by the Decatur Georgia resident? the devil is a liar was the word old girl gave us!

Gluttons for punishment were happy!! they said they love what enslaves us!

Another runs from it...scrappy..misbehaving with us when we bombard the enemy position!

Now roofs are on fire from the disco inferno;fires are fully involved using fireman lingo; so how you living?

The time frame for burdens of proof expire; whose forgiving a gringo for trespassing?

Mind games some are playing; working it!!! the scan sheet multiple choice test is given;  whose failing or passing?

The O-Dog Podcast is blasting!!  Summer Madness had us dipping out to were back...check out our response to all of this; what did they expect?

We clashed with so called Titans all over the galaxy...why did they disrespect?

We slashed our way through the Babylon wilderness on the mothership with a sonic machete!

We cashed our reality checks; knowing what the deal is knowing what the real is;  knowing the deally!

Plutonian Intergalactic Funk

.......Summer Madness continues..just got back from Pluto...Intergalactic funk is dropped...

Plutonian Intergalactic Funk

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Elzhi.....It Ain't Hard To Tell

...Elzhi..A Slum Village alumni has a mixtape out called Elmatc....saluting the Nas's his take on It Ain't Hard To Tell..

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Do It Fluid...The Blackbyrds

summer madness....talking about do have to watch me...I might post any kind of jazz,funk,hip hop or whatever track!! check it out!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I See Them Wouldn't Want To Be Them....Concepts Revisited..

I see them but wouldn't want to be them!!  they were in pursuit of super stardom!

Now black holes penetrate the star; gamma rays are produced.. now who'll try to free them before the situation becomes martyrdom?

Not trying to start with them!! I'm a freedom rider....either out on I-75 in Tampa Bay like Rays or  rolling up on I-77 in Charlotte up in the hooptie!

Not trying to start with them!! damn!! I hate the games they play!!  they were lying like Rep. Anthony resigning...but once said they're residing where the truth will be! 

But proof will be lacking!!! like Casey Anthony  I just see them digging a deeper whole for themselves!

Yellow tape surrounds the construction site; the corrupt provide insight;  told some to go on with their bad selves!

Good and bad elves were under the wizards influence after they went off to see him!

Whats good? thought I told you...I see them but wouldn't want to be them!

Who'll free them? while I was peeping game questions answer themselves!

During the disco inferno some were like Gaddafi..they will dance with themselves!

.....Or get them a Private Dancer like Tina Turner or maybe the updated version; Beyonce!

Consultations with the doctor in private about the cancer; what will the response be?

Consultations with the financial advisor?   the ponzi scheme is in full effect!

Confusion and frustration is the norm in this world!! whose team are you on; what did a fool expect?

As I collect these thoughts that were scattered like the crowd after they heard gunfire!

Ear shattering gunshots exploded..damn!!  somebody was chasing the umpire!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Buju Banton Asks For Reduction In Minimum 15-Year Sentence

Buju Banton Asks For Reduction In Minimum 15-Year Sentence | TheBoxHouston - KBXX 97.9 Houston's Home for the Hip-Hop Community

Life Is Hectic....The Random Thoughts Version

Jockeying for position; Life Is Hectic....whose trying to get prime territory; the prime spot?

Whose knocking hustles? Rep Anthony Weiner was until everything fell apart; some were trying to shine up in the time slot!

....Mine our hot they said; shaking their hands rolling the dice!

But life is hectic...the Dow Average drops..allotments come up short; now some are owing the price.

But life is hectic..paying the price to be free on credit with high interest rates!

What's up with it? life is the knowledge..recognize the pattern.....predatory lending is what it is; so who really believed the empty promises? the end of the day they see its hard to make escapes!

What's up with it? is hectic..who felt it?  who dealt with it? please!! ...whose at ease? ...........of course some souls are mortgaged, bankrupted or get foreclosed on ; please!! we're residing in a danger zone..

What's up with it? is hectic...recognized it....your homie felt it..even I dealt with it.up in Louisville I was real with it......of course I learned at an early age that the devil opposed the Brotha O-Zone!

What's up with it? is hectic...recognized it...your homie felt it..of course I learned at an early age that danger zones are the City Country City like that group War!

Clones said they're done with me; weren't checking for me because I didn't jump over the bar!

....Said I wouldn't go far if I didn't jump through hoops or hurdles that they placed in front of me!

These sonic troops were deployed to the front lines like it's over in Libya  because haters tried to front on me!

Like Nowitzki coughing spell per Lebron and D Wade; haters were in back and in front of me trying to stress; but I refuse to let them do it!

....Came back with the Sonic Assault...the steady bombardment; so they can act like they knew it!

As we go through it;  incognito!! its a lost cause trying to make contact!;

I heard they tricked a fly negro; thought it was funny to make anti gay jokes like Tracy Morgan... lost because of a clause in his contract?

...As we come back; sticking to the original plan...refusing to be a victim of circumstances!

I didn't go along with the program; whatcha know man?  now a hater says I hurt my chances!

But a bruh is making advances; please!! check out the brand new funk that's heard!

Rebuking the ongoing madness..dances with devils occurred.

Nowitzki calls spoof by LeBron and Wade childish

.........after Sunday's game Nowitzki might get the last laugh...

Nowitzki calls spoof by LeBron and Wade childish | Reuters

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Minding and Tending PT.2

Chilling out; laying in the cut; minding and tending..they said I was being anti social with it!

Wasn't through dealing!! actually I'm going all out..I just know how social engineering can get!

Dealing with socio-economic problems; some are loathing and fearing...soon down to Plan Z!

Whatcha know? I fight back with this mechanical engineering aka breakbeat science; somebody might understand me!

Whatcha know? heard the jam from Today; asking was it Him or Me?< Word from this man? I see whats going down; damn!! I wonder is it them or me?

O-Dizzle hooked up a blend for me; while I bring this good word!

Bear witness to what the biz will do!! as we put in this good work!

We found a portal to slide through...seeing what the deal is!!  we're partying until the < Seeing what the deal is!! others are Breaking Dawn...some are on the sidelines snoking and joking!

Seeing what the deal is...others had the choking kind; word from Joe Simon! Others were brokering shady deals; forget about finding a warm heart a kind one!

Didn't know? you better find one and do it as quickly as possible!

Whose choosing to take the assignment? even though the mission is impossible?

Whats stopping a bro; whats the prognosis? I paid visits to the depths of my mind!

Whats stopping a bro? climbed out of the abyss..the love is one of a kind.

....Like the Spinners; now I'm dipping down I-20 in Atlanta; the hooptie didn't have spinners on it; but that's cool!

That style has played out anyway!! but just as soon as I say that I see somebody rolling on them; damn!!  that fool!