Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Rahsaan Roland Kirk ‎– Blacknuss

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out this classic track from Rahsaan Roland Kirk ‎– called Blacknuss....B-L-A-C-K-N-U-S-S ....whatcha know about it? its even got Cissy Houston...Whitney's mother singing background vocals!! check out the players and the track...

DJ Krust & Saul Williams - Coded Language

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out DJ Krust & Saul Williams - with their classic track Coded Language....check it out y'all!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Class Action – Weekend (Larry Levan Weekend Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out some of this classic house music from Class Action   with a cut called Weekend (Larry Levan Weekend Mix) 

I know...its just I'm posting this....but you can tell where my mind is!! word!! Check this out courtesy of  Slayd5K

Monday, July 29, 2013

The Family Stand –Ghetto Heaven (Jeff Ishmael 12″ Mix)

 Digital Crate Digging Continues…checking out some of this soul jazz from  Family Stand with their classic hit Ghetto Heaven (Jeff Ishmael 12″ Mix)

The Family Stand –Ghetto Heaven (Jeff Ishmael 12″ Mix) | Whats Really Going On?

Lost In Translation / Transition PT.2

I heard what was said!!  please!! its like Matthew 24:6..check out the wars and rumors of wars..cultures were clashing!! now the message is lost in translation! 

I heard some were misled!! they were acting like they knew; found waiting in the dark;  now vultures are cashing in on the casualties while others were acting casually;  no sense of urgency!!  they'll be lost in transition!

 Dude even lost the transmission when he was dipping down I-75 trying to get back to Atlanta from Louisville! 

I guess the old Crown Victoria had seen better days; these days things are way too real! 

I had a story for ya..about being lost in transition due to fast breaking...but I knew the way to deal Lebron James finishing with a layup or dunk! 

Laying up..barbecuing Oscar Mayer weiners in the backyard down here in the ATL..contemplating..using a fresh view or fresh vision;  these beat blenders drop the brand new funk!

 Avoiding pretenders with agendas like Weiner in New York..or jokers supposedly getting crunk in the ATL ....or  over in Egypt and in lands beyond! 

The system renders a verdict like the George Zimmerman trial; or maybe the Bradley Manning trial..validating and confirming the status quo..who understands?  check the Sonic Assault to see how we respond! 

But some is lost in translation..."everybody ain't able"  per old girl in the back of the Checker Cab conversating! 

But we kept it moving;  not lost in transition..remaining stable; God is blessing us..check this product from the lab based on solid rock standing;  no thin ice skating!

Whats up cousin? with some I'm relating..down here in the ATL with the Louisville / Newburg swagger...

I wasn't lost in transition...jokers from Decatur said I fit whats happening? some things are still lost in translation....eyes are kept on an O-Jays style backstabber...

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Gerald Albright / Hey Young World

Sunday Jazz Continues......checking out some Def Jazz...listening to Gerald Albright...with his version of Slick Rick's ....Hey Young World...its jamming y'all!! 

Paco Fernandez – Mani

Sunday Jazz Continues...checking out Spanish guitarist  Paco Fernandez with a cut called Mani. This is from the  CafĂ© Del Mar - Volumen Cinco project released in  Germany1998....Its a combination of Spanish flamenco music mixed with electro and jazz elements. Check out the players and the track....

 Keyboards – Juanma Redondo Mixed By, Co-producer – Don Benjamin Percussion – Yaron Marko Vocals – Mansour Zaeni Written-By, Producer, Guitar – Paco Fernandez

All Up In The Spot / Some Had To Raise Up

I was all up in the spot...breakbeat scientific with it...they see I'm dedicated to the truth or I see jokers break north; they had to raise up! 

They'll raise up like a caste of 1000' Benghazi the snares were like shots being fired....the 808 was like a bomb;  a haters days are up! 

Check the steady bombardment of the enemy position;  some might consider this hazardous weren't fail safe ...cartels,  cliques, and sets will split up! 

Whose ready?  what we have is spiritual...but folks are flipping out!! without a doubt.. like over in Egypt...who started it?  how were they living?  please!!  this brotha was wise to the set up! 

Knocked down but I get up....dipping out..West Coasting for a minute...I had to raise up;  now moving forward! 

Rocked the sound!! plus I had this good word; dues?  please!! a brotha pays up!  but damn near bankrupt like due a rebate from a coward!

...that was price gouging; more on the way per Keystone a corrupt crook is in some exotic spot lounging while everyone else is struggling!

"It ain't nothing nice"  ..but O-Zone aka OMANXL1 and the Sonic Assault will make them raise up; check out what a brotha will bring!

Doing the damn thing!!  Just trying to maintain...but a brotha prays up in this piece! 

Doing the damn thing!!  surviving the reign of terror...making the devil raise up!!  the only way to find justice and peace!

Doing the damn thing!! similar to justice and peace for Trayvon Martin and all the forsaken..

Doing the damn thing!! whats up with us? what were jokers starting? they'll get whats coming to them...we made them raise up before they even started faking....

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Incognito / "Fearless"

Digital Crate Digging....checking out this classic track from Incognito called Fearless

....this funk soul / Broken Beat, Future Jazz is perfect for this time of night...or any time for that matter!! Check it out!!

Black Jazz Consortium –Forward Elevation

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out some of this jazz / funk / soul from the Black Jazz Consortium with a cut called Forward Elevation...

The Deepblak Presents BLAKTROPOLIS Vol.1 project from 2008...check it out..

Statik Selektah feat. Raekwon, Joey Bada$$ & Black Thought "Bird's Eye View" (Audio)

Digital Crate Digging Continues....back on some hip hop for a minute..checking out Statik Selektah feat. Raekwon, Joey Bada$$ & Black Thought "Bird's Eye View" (Audio)'s popping baby!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Grandmaster Flash – Turntable Mix (Flash Got More Bounce)

Digital Crate Digging Continues....well....yesterday I mentioned DJ Jazzy Jeff was cold on the wheels of steel...

Well...much respect to Grandmaster Flash ...check out his Turntable Mix (Flash Got More Bounce)....he's getting off y'all!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

DJ Jazzy Jeff - Mastermix

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out this Mastermix from one of the greatest DJ's of all time...DJ Jazzy Jeff...check out the playlist and the mix..

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - The Magnificent Jazzy Jeff
Sweet Tee - Its my beat
Salt n Pepa - My Mike Sounds Nice
Worse 'Em - Triple m Bass
MC Shy D - I've Gotta Be Tough

Catch Phrases and Cliches PT.5

No justice no peace is the catch phrase that is dominant per the George Zimmerman case! 

Justice For Trayvon is another one..protests occur at court houses so the Feds can get on the case!

I even felt the pressure!! its like Feds on the case pressuring web firms for encryption keys per the that's a problem! 

Whats up with us?  whose still playing games? please!! race relations are still a problem! 

Its all about tolerance; but for economic reasons powers that be will stir up a problem! 

The debatable circumstance occurs in some seasons;  being built or torn down?  now that's a problem! 

O-Dizzle will rock them;  teaching them a lesson as the music plays!

Whats the  deal /dizzle?  hustles?  the system knocks them!!  more of those catch phrases and cliches! 

Catching Leo sun rays!!  chilling...drinking a cold glass of OJ.. getting supreme courage and maximum strength;  soaked up like game was when I was on the West Coast! 

But I'm trying to like Fred Hamilton at the Checker Cab stand in Louisville per Taxi Cab Chronicles..having no regrets like OJ did others respond to these and those?  others were stressed..but they still tried to brag and boast!

But I'm trying to chill..whose wishing it was a simple thing? I wasn't dipping like that train in Spain that crashed killing eighty people...

But I'm trying to deal with the apparatus...dipping one step ahead just trying to maintain...society still hates on my people...

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

GQ Podcast : Liquid Dubstep Mix & The McMash Clan Guest Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues..checking out the GQ they put it down like this...

Its the GQ Podcast : Liquid Dubstep Mix & The McMash Clan Guest Mix [Ep.102]..check out the playlist and the mix..

00:00 Oxylice - Signs (feat. Katie's Ambition) [Simplify Recordings]
02:02 Dabin - Mirrormask (feat. Koda & CoMa) [Kannibalen]
04:05 Evilwave - No Future (Spaarkey Remix) [Funkk Sound Recordings]
07:14 DKS & Mojo - A Different State (feat. Katie's Ambition) [Free DL -]
12:03 Edgewoode - Me x You [Deceast]
14:19 Konec - The Void (feat. Anna Yvette) [Firepower]
16:19 Keyed Up - Trek [Forthcoming Neo Tokyo Bass]

18:09 Adam F - Kaos Main Title ft Royal Symphonia [Breakbeat Kaos]
19:31 The McMash Clan & Million Dan - Jericho [Circus]
21:48 Kill The Noise - Jump Ya Body (feat. Mercedes) [OWSLA]
22:17 Funtcase - Ghosts [Circus]
22:44 Loadstar - Black & White (Instrumental) [RAM]
- Carasel - Get Rowdy (Acapella) [AFT Records]
23:39 Caspa - Techno Terry (feat. Dismantle) [Dub Police]
24:34 Utah Saints vs Drumsound & Bassline Smith - What Can You Do For Me? [Ministry of Sound]
26:06 Rockwell - Detroit [Shogun Audio]
- Sub Focus - Rock It [RAM]
26:45 InsideInfo & Mefjus - Mythos [Virus]
27:47 Friction & Skream (feat. Scrufizzer, P Money & Riko Dan) - Kingpin [Shogun Audio]
29:40 Far Too Loud - Lightbringer [Funkatech]
- Freestylers v Pendulum - Painkiller (feat. MC SirReal) (Acapella) [Against the Grain]
30:44 Carvar & Clock - Misatonik (Joe Ford Remix) [Firepower Records]
31:30 Dean Anthony feat. Katies Ambition - Set Me Free (Bustin & Skampy Remix) [CLSM]
32:57 The Prototypes - Blackout (feat. MC ID) [Shogun Audio]
33:45 The McMash Clan - Shere Khan [Circus]
35:31 Shock One - Lazerbeam feat Metrik & Kyla (SKisM Remix) [Viper Recordings]
36:06 Noisia - Tommy's Theme (Munchi's Fear is Weakness Remix) [Mau5trap]
- Million Dan - Dogz N Sledgez (Acapella) [Gut Records]
36:42 The McMash Clan - Swing Break [Circus]
The McMash Clan - Rain [Circus]
- Torqux feat. Leshurr - Blazin' (Acapella) [MTA]
39:40 The McMash Clan - Dr Pill [Circus]
44:12 Excision & Far Too Loud - Destroid 8 Anihilate [Destroid Music]


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

They Were Restless

Chaos and confusion reign like Detroit going bankrupt...check the ongoing reign of terror; the natives are restless! 

Taking a loss or losing is real!! but were champions... check our team out chilling at the White House...these Louisville / Newburg natives refuse to let matters get the best of us! 

Bloodshed on the old rugged cross took care of real matters; issues? put a stamp on them!!  but Babylon continues to stress us from Sanford / Orlando aka O-Town to Oakland / Oaktown! 

Misled!! waiting in the dark!!  business as usual for earthlings;  I noticed this after the mothership broke down! 

I noticed my folk were going down!! it didn't matter if they were at the top or bottom! 

It seems like its open season on a brotha; like over in Egypt its shoot first ask questions later if you spot them! 

But we kept it moving; we weren't quiting or stopping!! even though techniques were sweated!

Especially after Eric B and Rakim told them not to!! now candidates are vetted! 

Were rocking them!! but like Hezbollah staying in trouble  I can't stand when history is repeated... its reruns like TV Land! 

Were rocking them!! word from a funky type of soul brotha!! at the end of the day?  some will get whats coming to them! 

War drums are drumming for them!! after we noticed the natives were restless! 

War drums of the African and Indian variety; O-Dizzle made it a top priority!! this is what rocking with the best is!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

NuJazz DJ Mix by Sergo

Sunday Jazz Continues...checking out this NuJazz DJ Mix by Sergo Crucian  

Check it out the playlist and the smooth mix...
Nekta - What Nature Brings
Nick Holder - Sometimes I'm Blue
Duran / Garcia - Round Midnight
Doctor Abstract - Struck On Jazz
Sunaga T Experience - A Healing Blue
Mario Biondi and the High Five Quintet - Rio de Janeiro Blue
Re:jazz - Quiet Nights (Out Of The Cool Version)
Truby Trio feat Joseph Malik - High Jazz (Nicola Conte Remix)
The Dining Rooms - Thin Ice (Paolo Fedreghini & Marco Bianchi Remix)
DJ Cam feat. Anggun - Summer in Paris
Llorca ft. Nicole Graham - Indigo Blues
Mop Mop - Living Beat

Yesterdays New Quintet – Deja Vu

Sunday Jazz Continues....checking out Madlib aka  Yesterdays New Quintet with a track called Deja Vu..

Of course he has some "jazz cats" names for the different elements / instruments in the groove..check them out..then check out the funky track..
Bass, Percussion – Monk Hughes  / Drums – Otis Jackson Jr.  / Organ – Joe McDuphrey   
/ Percussion – Malik Flavors  / Producer – Madlib

Friday, July 19, 2013

Hemmed Up / Hemmed In

Jokers similar to Bradley Manning were played like a pair of polyester slacks;  they were hemmed up! 

Whose understanding that during The Reign Of Terror broken dreams and promises can get the best of you? sometimes they do..but blessings come down after prayers are sent up!

Like Pierce and Garnett to the Brooklyn Nets...broken teams were hemmed in!! they couldn't get open.. the competition was too strong! 

One who plots and schemes blends in the woodwork;  how will it work?  like the or intel was gathered...but they didn't stay too long!

Like Edward Snowden....whatcha knowing? please!! the haves and have nots clash like titans; some even fight among themselves! 

The fabric rots!! exciting some because they'll still get paid; others were in therapy asking; whats wrong with themselves?

Mathematics?  O-Zone drops; check the clearance rack epiphanies ..based on being hemmed in! 

Fanatics thought they had me!! but I get free and stay free!! beats?  O-Dog is blending! 

Considered hazardous material? fanatics aka a so called jury of our peers were rendering hell breaks loose from LA to Oakland..

No justice no peace was the slogan or catch phrase..observing the scene....bearing witness while I was West Coasting...

Whats up with us? some were stressed ...earlier bragging and boasting like Morsi in Egypt...

Now they're hemmed up or hemmed Dodge Ram trucks with Hemi engines they were once the gig is up..

Thursday, July 18, 2013

"Everybody Ain't Able"

Rolling in big bodied / old school Checker Cabs; previously mentioned in Taxi Cab Chronicles....I overheard the passengers conversation in the back seat! 

Old girl said "everybody ain't able" ..but check this product from labs in remote outposts; letting you know whats up!! like Usain Bolt we kept dipping through the track meat! 

...Wasn't juiced up like Asafa Powell.."everybody ain't stable"  but we fought back against the alt shift delete strategy! 

Everybody ain't a star in the fable...Sly Stone said they were!! but  jokers threw salt in the game..even when they holla back at me! 

What will the status be? whatcha knowing?  its open season on a brotha from Sanford Florida to the Fruitvale Station! 

From Burrell Ellis in Dekalb County Georgia / Senator Burris in Illinois;  to Plaxico Burress in New York now in Pittsburgh;  whose caught up in the unpleasant situation? 

You heard this?  as I tell this story in a breakbeat scientific format! 

You heard this?  maybe not.." everybody ain't able" ..some that were unstable told me to go on with that! 

So I go on with that!! I kept it moving !! check out what this chef from souls kitchen will bring to the table! 

Were on that!!  were on a mission;  but some are through dealing ...."everybody ain't able"

Things are unstable like Detroit going bankrupt.. so whats up? back in the day Gil Scott-Heron told you we almost lost it....who can bear witness? they'll end up like dude in the Whitey Bulger trial..

Others continue to believe the fable...but thats not this brotha's style...

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

James Brown / Give It Up Or Turn it Loose Remix – Tim Rogers

Digital Crate Digging Continues...digging deep for this!! checking out James Brown  Give It Up Or Turn it Loose Remix by Tim Rogers

It's funky y'all!! give it up! or turn it loose!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

DJ RaSoul ‎– True Science

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out this deep house classic from DJ RaSoul ‎– called True Science...its rocking y'all!! check check it!! 


Monday, July 15, 2013

Kendrick Lamar / Kendrication

Digital Crate Digging Continues....back on some hip hop for a minute or two....checking out this  mixtape from Kendrick Lamar  called Kendrication by DJ Flipcyide..

This mixtape features Jay-Z ...J Cole...Kid Cudi...The Game..Scarface and others......this mixtape is courtesy of DatPiff...check it out...

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Nubian Mindz - Malfunction

Sunday Jazz Continues....checking out some electro jazz / future jazz from Colin Lindo aka Nubian Mindz - with a track called Malfunction from 1999....apparently refering to the condition of this world...anyway..check out the track...

Titeknots In the Mix - Mind Open

Sunday Jazz Continues...after a brief hiatus...

......doing something a little different...checking out some breaks / soul jazz / deep house music from Tru Thoughts record label artists Titeknots 

This is their introductory mix called Mind Open...nice!!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Shark Infested Waters

Damn!!  there's no where to run or hide!! it like the beaches off of Jacksonville Florida?   the Atlantic? the waters are full of sharks and piranhas! 

What about the Pacific Rim?  as we deal with her and him...nothing but fanatics..even baby girl said life isn't fair!! I said amen like a deacon in the corner!! I knew the deal....they ask whats up with a bruh? as he parks the mothership after cutting corners! the curves and hills on Highway 1 along the Pacific Coast in Cali ....or like the "stankin lankin"  aka old school  Lincoln Continental I saw over on Candler Road in Decatur! 

Jokers said they were big banking like Bank Of America!! must be crooked like them too!! check out the mortgage fraud... act like you knew about a hater! 

....or an ill issue debater like O'Mara defending George Zimmerman;  distracting Americans from know issues at hand! 

I even felt the pressure!! but I played better like Lebron James after he lost his headband! 

Check the response to these games played; check out the feedback! 

....per fireman's lingo the fire is fully involved!! over on 82nd Avenue in Oakland jokers give the coke and weed back! 

Check out the shark infested with high velocities with the speed you need are back in vogue! 

Votes and protests in Egypt confirmed atrocities committed in deep waters when haters went rogue! 

Holding on per En Vogue!! damn!! these sharks and piranhas were representing! 

Like the arch nemesis on the premises...were out here in these deep waters;  bearing witness to how hot it is...unlike the BART Strikers some sold out like those other unions ...they're not representing!

Friday, July 12, 2013


Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out the the Panda Drum and Bass Mix Show...they're laying it down!!

Checking out this one hour drum and bass mix from UK artists Silent Code...check out the playlist and the mix...

✖ Tracklisting (w/ est. times) ✖
00:00 - 1 - DJ SS - Black 2012 (Silent Code Remix) (Formation Records)
02:24 - 2 - Silent Code - Bassline Shut Up (Sliced Note Recordings)
04:48 - 3 - Kraze & Lymitless - Stolen Dice (Silent Code - (Why So Rotten)
07:12 - 4 - Dirty - Ragga Muffin (Silent Code Remix) (Free Download)
09:36 - 5 - Silent Code - Step Back (Easy Records)
12:00 - 6 - Silent Code - Play Pause Stop Rewind (Sliced Note Recordings)
14:24 - 7 - Silent Code - East Star (Physmatics / EA Games)
16:48 - 8 - Borka - Little Something (Silent Code Remix) (Forthcoming Elektroschool)
19:12 - 9 - Silent Code - Escape (Sliced Note Recordings)
21:36 - 10 - Bionic 1 - Manic (Silent Code Remix) - (Forthcoming Physmatics)
24:00 - 11 - Silent Code - Engaged - (Viper Recordings)
26:24 - 12 - Silent Code - Sanctum - (Easy Records)
28:48 - 13 - Silent Code FT MC Zadok - Cold - Free Download
31:12 - 14 - Silent Code - Powerslide - (Easy Records)
33:36 - 15 - Picota - The Beast (Silent Code Remix) (Forthcoming Rogue Beatz)
36:00 - 16 - Silent Code FT Jerome Price - Bounce Back (Easy Records)
38:24 - 17 - Silent Code - Pyhthagoras Theorem (Forthcoming Physmatics)
40:48 - 18 - Silent Code - Box Your Chimp (Easy Records)
43:12 - 19 - Silent Code - Alright (Forthcoming Sliced Note Recordings)
45:36 - 20 - Silent Code - Never Change - Free Download
48:00 - 21 - Silent Code FT Jerome Price - Forever - Unreleased
50:24 - 22 - Silent Code FT Ragga Twins - Dutty Gal VIP (Physmatics)
52:48 - 23 - Nebula 2 - Flatliners (Silent Code Remix) (Forthcoming Kode 5)
55:12 - 24 - Silent Code - 6 Million Dolla Man - (Dirt Lies & Audio)
57:36 - 25 - Divided By Zero - Silent Code Radio Edit - Panic Attack (Philosphy)

Kosmic Messenger - Kosmic Funk

Digital Crate Digging Continues..checking out some of that Detroit techno from the  Stacey Pullen aka the Kosmic Messenger - with a track called Kosmic Funk....Detroit is in the house!!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rocking The Red and Black Louisville Cardinal Hat PT.2

"Repping" the Ville hard!! I was out in the Bay Area...Oakland / San Francisco...I was rocking the red and black Louisville Cardinal Hat! 

Whats the deal? check the grey area scenario...jokers act like they don't know; like the State of Florida vs George Zimmerman...why were they starting that? 

Whats the deal?  unskilled like Asiana Airline pilots?  I'm not a part of that!! still going for mine..its on automatic pilot...I kept the squares out of my circle!

Whats the deal?  I heard what was said!! bribery and corruption was on the rise worldwide...I'm hip to plots and schemes meant to hurt a bruh! 

Whats the deal / dizzle?  whats the good word?  we had a whole sack full! 

Whats the deal /dizzle?  similar to Tony in Southwyck / Cotter Homes aka Little Africa...he said he had the good herb!! a whole sack full? 

My back?  I pull!! putting in this blue collar style work like I had on a dark blue uniform with my name stitched on it! 

Instead I rocked the red, black and gray Polo shirt with the Red and Black Louisville hat...but jokers act a fool with that!!  they're foul!! waiting in the dark!! check the storm;  my game?  they snitched on it! 

The mound?  I pitched on it like Bartolo Colon for the Oakland A's....but rocking the red and black Louisville Cardinal hat! 

A true champion; whats up man?  why did they want to start with that?

A true champion like cuz out in the Bay Area rocking their 2012 San Francisco Giant t-shirt...

West Coasting / lamping...check out the scenario..see how we work...