Tuesday, November 29, 2011

DJ Cam Quartet - Think Twice

 Rolling down I-85 in Atlanta Listening to WCLK  91.9....they played a cut by the DJ Cam Quarter that consists of DJ Cam on scratches, strings, drums and programming; Alexandre Tassel on the Bugle; Christian Brun plays guitar and Jerome Regard is on bass; InLove on the vocals..check this rendition of Donald Byrd's Think Twice..

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Kenny Garrett - Happy People - Part 2

Sunday Jazz Continues.....You don't quit and you don't stop!!! even Kenny Garrett followed that philosophy..the party don't stop!! ...check out PT.2 of Happy People!!

Kenny Garrett - Happy People - Part 1

Sunday Jazz Continues....check out Kenny Garrett on that sax!! live from The North Sea Jazz Festival in the Netherlands..he's got Vernell Brown on the piano....Kris Fnn on Bass and Ronald Bruner Jr on the Drums...check this out!!

It's Still Hard To See In The Smoke and Mirrors PT.2

The smoke and mirrors show was in full effect; whose putting it down like Newt Gingrich...or even Vladimir Putin.?..we were dedicated to the truth..others are disputing it...whose waiting on the fog to lift?

Whose dealing with these glitches in the matrix?..as snitches fake it..the joke was on us the comedians said; now were caught out there after the priorities shift! 

Authorities were like Israel over in the Gaza Strip..they will or won't lift the embargo in some spots; so knowledge wasn't dropped! 

Hostile territories representatives try to start with a bro!! they're flagrant agents hoping that are endeavors are stopped! 

The fire was fully involved!!! I stopped dropped and rolled like I was advised to! 

The smoke was heavy!! plus it was enhanced by mirrors..it was hard to see!!  I know it surprised you! 

..as broken beats and English are the essence of this discipline; R.I.P Heavy D....so how are my peeps living? it's hard to see in the smoke and mirrors!! that's how it is in the swamp lands; out in the marsh!

What's the deally? please be advised some have had enough...check the Occupy movement...some are ready to get amped out there where conditions are harsh! 

The static will cling even if you starch those jeans!! were you observing these scenes?  everything is f@cked up!

Its electric out there in the smoke and mirror show; they'll  make a mockery of yours; its mucked up!

Breakbeat scientific resources and materials are trucked up into this piece; we took Eddie Kendricks advice...we didn't pump breaks like Bendix or Wagner...even though "it ain't nothing nice"

Of course cultural and spiritual warfare are still going down...even though it's still hard to see in the smoke and mirrors..some will have to think twice..

Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's Still Hard To See In The Smoke and Mirrors

Its still hard to see in the smoke and mirrors; plus the fog is heavy like it is in Atlanta when I wrote this! 

...Plus others are waiting in the dark about to black out; you'll get jacked out there!!  found out by the river in Montreal like the mafia boss Salvatore Montagna...the drama goes down from Tripoli to Cairo; on out here to Atlanta; you can quote this! 

...Plus others are hating; whatcha know about this?  they're telling you your vote was worthless; Obama won't accomplish much! 

....Plus others are debating irrelevant issues like Republicans; please !! they won't accomplish much! 

.....So on and such and such!! what's the cliche?  it is what it is!! plus its like this and like that! 

It's hard to see in the smoke and mirrors...but once again its on!!  were at the Critical Stage of Development...another battle in culture and spiritual warfare?...you know we had to fight that! 

.....Easy to get caught up..caught out there..what's happening man? please!! like NATO in Pakistan you'll get hit up..so I dipped for a minute; but I came right back...mystic voyages were taken..had to admit I tried to get lost on purpose! 

...In it to win it!! dedicated to the truth...work is put in blue collar style..as I show a sense of purpose!

As we work this....paying the price to be free..actually overpaid..but like the NBA Lockout ending the game will be played..even though I almost crashed the train of thought...it almost derailed!

...Let the games begin!! but it was hard to see in the smoke and mirrors; so some of my endeavors failed! 

.....just like the deficit panel; who'll understand a brotha?  like the Space Shuttle Endeavour on it's final voyage  or even the Mars Rover  about to take off I sailed across the universe!

....Now using a fresh view fresh vision...a bruh will reverse the curse!

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Wishing It Was Simple Mix

.....chilling...pondering...reflecting...contemplating....wishing it was simple....

The Wishing It Was Simple Mix

All Up In The Spot...Posted Up

Were all up in the spot...posted up...you'll get pepper sprayed like at that Wal-Mart in LA..were we back at the scene of the crime?

Peeping game...please!! you'll get played...whose knowing how these clowns will do?  like Michael Jackson we remember the time! 

.....It wasn't when we fell in love; we remember the crimes perpetrated against the people! 

...As people push and shove like Black Friday....pushing and shoving for a euro or a dollar..both which are the root of evil!

What's the deal? is there any love shown? please...whose all up in the spot?  the Occupy movement mentioned a Black Friday Blackout.. 

What's the deal? some are following hunches...waiting in the dark...about to blackout...meanwhile I'm posted up in the hood..Decatur Georgia..all up in the spot..I heard the playa playa in the Cadillac Escalade back out..

.....beep beep beep!! ....dude said he was cold crushing them!!! spotted in the flowered or paisley shirt, polyester slacks, and Stacy Adams kicks!

...Whose trying to creep..what's the attitude? service employees were rude!! they showered customers with spit..plus like Van Damme the breath kicks! 

Whose at your service with this? ready to roll after observing the scene;...the whole scenario was viewed..a politician was stealth!! he had more tricks than Richard Nixon! 

All up in the spot posted up.....some called themselves shrewd...cunning and clever...how did they work this? mental, spiritual and physical health is threatened with this mess they're kicking!

I even heard dude was even talking about it ain't tricking if you got it! 

We're dedicated to the truth...other jokers were sticking to their stories; that's how it is in these hostile territories....all up in the spot; that's how it will get!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

DJ Jin & Mark de Clive Lowe - Wind Parade

..Another one from Mark de Clive Lowe with DJ Jin...doing their rendition of Donald Byrds Wind Parade..from BLUE SPIRITS - THE 65TH ANNIVERSARY OF BLUE NOTE RECORDS

The Strategy / Part Of A Bigger Plan PT.2

Man makes plans but God will laugh!! he already knew the outcome! 

Check the strategy; this is all part of a bigger plan...we try to align it with God's will; check this math..O-Zone had the good word; O-Dizzle will pull out the drum! 

Transmitting Live from Atlanta; what's up with ya? were down by the Five Points Marta Station...or Georgia State University...jokers hum and bum; the previous strategy they had didn't work! 

Admitting...I haven't really arrived yet; bypassing Cyber Monday
 and Black Friday.. will it be boycotted? progress was impeded..purposes defeated; a hater said it didn't hurt.

A snitch said they didn't blurt out the answer; but the drama is back like in Tunisia...I see authorities roll up! 

Some will switch strategies in these hostile territories;  they'll negotiate like NBA owners and players...they fronted earlier; said they had it sown up!

Jokers came back with that and these; now spots get blown up from Tripoli to on over to Nigeria! 

What was the strategy? what's the deally?  apparently it led to mass hysteria!

Peace wouldn't be still..that's the only way God can speak to some...

What's the deal..what's the strategy? check our weapons of choice..we're dedicated to the truth...we fight with this good word and the drum...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Strategy ; Part Of A Bigger Plan

Whats the deal..who had a plan? like the Black Eyed Peas splitting up?  whose plotting or scheming; coming up with a strategy?

Whats the deal?  spots get occupied like Troy Davis Park in Atlanta...during the battle between the haves and have nots?  haters even tried to holla at me!

Whats real? how did your boy behave with this?  up in the spot somebody lied!! sounding like Donald Trump talking about his wealth....more lying than the Republican debate...another still shows hate...its not me they told the prosecutor!

Whats real? what's the strategy up in the spot?  what's the word from Troy Davis? in Georgia you recieve the lethal injection or they'll electricute ya! 

Whose trying to get cute with ya? spotted taking glamour shots or doing video shoots for MTV or 106 and Park! 

Whose handling the dispute for ya? what's the strategy..sounding like Conrad Murray's attorney; they had you waiting in the dark! 

Now your about to blackout; who'll work with me? some will back out; found out they're hating when we got to the end of the day!

Its easy to get jacked out here in the Babylon wilderness; check the weather...what's the deal with this? what's the forecast? we had Arab Spring..now Arab Autumn is upon us...how did we play?

We're coming real with this...doing the damn thing!! putting it down like this!! we fight back with this good word; plus we let the music play!

We're coming real with this...holla at me!! just check the strategy..we're dedicated to the truth...plus we go into action after we pray....

Check the strategy...this is all part of a bigger plan...no shady business conducted..not hazing like the FAMU band...

Check the strategy....moving forward...like Dr. Phil said..we got over it...no more blues like Bobby Blue Bland..

Sunday, November 20, 2011

George Benson - The World Is A Ghetto

Sunday Jazz at it's finest....hoping you don't mind..as  I do this...check out George Benson doing War's World Is A Ghetto...check it out!!

Feeling Some Kind Of Way About It PT.5

Noticed I was out of sync with these earthlings; it's like the clash of the titans...like the clash between police and protesters in Egypt..I was feeling some kind of way about it! 

Rolling through..trying to link...the mothership landed back down on earth;..doing my thing..listening to Egyptian Lover's Egypt....but I was given a notice of eviction; I consulted with the old earth; I was advised to pray about it! 

Whose subject to the authority? ..soon facing a conviction after falling prey...how about it? we need to recognize the pattern! 

Subjects to drama royalty? not hardly..please!! these jokers remind me of Darth Vader claiming land in the Ukraine...meanwhile O-Dizzle puts it down from Louisville / Newburg to Johannesburg; from Pluto to Saturn! 

Any loyalty?...please!! you'll get thrown under the bus like the Republicans are doing Herman Cain...plus you'll play yourself..meanwhile the prosecution objects when diplomatic immunity is mentioned..now evil forces are merging; whose losing or winning?  it's like the BCS chaos..the whole process is bruising egos! 

The persecution has me feeling some kind of way about it; as I go all out for it!! the machine?  I see they're choosing Mexicans, Arabs and Negroes! 

...But I might be losing Negroes and others; the message might be lost in translation! 

...Feeling some kind of way about it..but this brotha is defiant like Occupy Oakland; going all out for it!! as I transcend..check the transformation!

As we transfer this information...breakbeat scientific principles are used as the vehicle...

But I'm feeling some kind of way about it..sometimes seeing, hearing and knowing too much for my own damn good..so what's good? the smoke and mirrors? I see through...

But I'm feeling some kind of way about it..nobody can be you but you per Steve Arrington...

Damned if we do or don't...love? war? please believe me..nobody will be fair in them..

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Transcend and Transform Mix (Changing The Game)

...changing the game up...as we transcend and transform...

The Transcend and Transform Mix

Changing The Game

A bruh had to change the game up; it's a shame how some act up in this piece..rolling like Newt Gingrich..I could see these folks weren't going to act right! 

Plus things were strange; no Black Friday? will the Grinch steal Christmas?  plus theres a lot of glitches in the matrix; its hard to get your act tight! 

Too many takes during the rehearsal; the director said were gonna be up in here all night!

Plus too many fakes with curses.. acting like they knew; getting beat like Denver Broncos did the New York Jets...but they said everything was alright! 

....Uptight and clean out of sight; word from Stevie Wonder..but this is a critical stage of development....I wonder..is the joke on them?

Like Compton's Most Wanted whose letting the hood take them under? needing to change the game up..or needing to Tighten Up like Archie Bell and The Drells from Houston Texas; now finding out how complex it is...wishing it was simple..the jokes on them!

Houston? we have a problem...the machine? it broke on them!!  even the deficit panel will fail..it was hard to put their order in; no FedEx deliveries! 

Whose observing us? ready to run and tell it..we're admitting were broke but we paid attention; especially during the ongoing technical difficulties!

Cults of personalities were partying to the break of dawn!!..others watching Breaking Dawn... 

Results from previous episodes are analyzed...what's the prognosis? chilling out...low key..not overdosing..choosing to take the assignment..were Ready To Roll..changing the game up..we're moving faster that than the speed of light...breaking on them!!

Let the healing process begin...were taking them on..check the steady bombardment of the enemy position.. 

Changing the game up..no shame up in this piece..we're coming at them in another form or fashion...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dj Premier ft. Rakim , Nas & KRS One - Classic(HD)

What I Listen To At Work..listening to some old Gangstarr..R.I.P Guru....listening to some other tracks produced by DJ Premier...ran across this classic..named Classic with Rakim..Nas...and KRS-1...check it out...

Pete Rock - "Hop, Skip & Jump"

What I Listen To At Work....listening to some hip hop produced by Pete Rock...forgot he had a CD out in 2005 playing a hip hop / jazz hybrid...The Survivng Elements....check this out!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Colonel Abrams - Trapped [12' inch version ]

OK....I'm caught up....D-Train on the last episode...digging in the crates a little further...pulled out this Colonel Abrams...whatcha know about him?

Feeling Some Kind Of Way About PT.4

Caught in a moment of time as we fall back; I was feeling some kind of way about it! 

Its a critical stage of development; we were asked to leave the premises like Occupy Wall Street protesters...haters try to get the best of ya!! meanwhile O-Dizzle will play the funk; he's going all out with it!

Still bumping heads with the arch nemesis...hurt like Mike Vick; admitting I'm not all bout bout it like Master P mentioned back in the day! 

Whose tricking because they've got it? meanwhile authorities schemed and plotted...that's why I'm not fronting and flossing; too much attention is drawn that way! 

....Then you'll be subject to the authority; you can drown that way...swimming in the deep waters! 

....On shores off of hostile territory...Montezuma to Tripoli? or even out in Sirte....the brotha Gaddafi can't tell you the deally.. meanwhile I'm deep in the stream of consciousness; they wonder why a brotha bothers!

A hater smothers the flame..when I tell this story...trying to say I'm unfit for the job like Herman Cain...but I know about Libya..but I'm not mad at the player just the game! 

But brothers are gonna work it out like Willie Hutch mentioned; the path others chose was their reaction to the ongoing madness...plus the devil will oppose; some realize that its all game! 

Check the math we chose after feeling some kind of way about it! 

Breakbeat science is in full affect; we go all out for it!

No doubt about it...we're paying the price..but we're feeling some kind of way about it...let the healing process begin..

No doubt about it..."it ain't nothing nice" but it's on...once again...

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Stanley Clarke-School Days (Live)

Sunday Jazz Continues...Putting some more bass in your face!! classic material from Stanley Clarke..School Days..Live from The Newport Jazz Festival!!

Feeling Some Kind Of Way About It PT.3

Whats the deal?  that's what they ask a bruh..I told them I'm feeling some kind of way about it! 

Let the healing process begin...I tried to tell some its like this and like that!! but there will always be skeptics..like some towards Manny Pacquiao boxing..you know they had their doubts about it! 

The economy is bad; some are trying to do without it!! they had to sacrifice! 

Some decisions were bad..what's up with it? some will be inactive like DeSean Jackson..missing in action..whats up with me? I was peeping game; I had to tell you..."it ain't nothing nice"

"It ain't nothing nice" ....I heard those bad inside jokes...were they told by Republicans at the debate or by wannabe comedians?

"It ain't nothing nice" ....the so called insider took tokes off the crack pipe; then they wonder whats impeding them! 

...I'm using sonic crock pots..I'm feeding them and those this breakbeat science; wishing it was simple..what's on some of these folks minds? I was feeling some kind of way about it! 

But breakbeat scientific business gets handled!! as we go all out with it!

Not fake with it....were dedicated to the truth...but feeling some kind of way about it..from Atlanta  to wherever you landed...we know it's tight in these hoods...

But we're moving forward...going all out for it..they had us down for a minute..but we make a comeback like Tiger Woods..

Not stepping aside like Dmitry Medvedev for Putin...even though rations and resources are low..matters? some are disputing ..as some fight for goods and services..spots get occupied from Wall Street to Portland..

Peeps are ready to ride for freedom....I see some..they said they already had it..I wouldn't want to be them...I'm feeling some kind of way about it...check this word from a veteran now coaching in the sport..once again.. 

Once again it's on...as these brothers put it down like this....we're going all out for it...

Once again it's on....sometimes I wonder about things though..feeling some kind of way about it...

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Recognize The Pattern Mix

.....peep game...see what it do..recognize the pattern...

The Recognize The Pattern Mix

Recognize The Pattern..We're Still Doing Damage...

As we proceed; as we recognize the pattern..we noticed that were still doing damage! 

We wish it was simple..but it still "ain't nothing nice" ..like the situation in the Arab League..you'll get suspended like Syria..check out the ongoing scrimmage!

...."It ain't nothing nice" just check the seasons for the reasons....The Arab Spring....whose caught up in the mass hysteria?...caught up in scandals like Joe Paterno..whatcha know? as we win some and lose some; as we use the piano and drums as weapons during these battles! 

What were we on? we recognized the pattern..they accused us of terrorism when we play the brand new funk...they said the hooptie sounds like a car bomb when the trunk rattles! 

Whose dumbfounded after a snitch tattles?  they said it was their Call of Duty..like Modern Warfare 3..they even act like they knew me...I saw they were all up in those peoples face! 

....What's the deal?  we exercise diplomatic immunity; check out the Black Ops..dipping through the community in the hooptie...the piano or drum sounded the warnings to these and those...rolling  like the Black Sabbath reunion..they were in the database....

...Due to the dollars that they chase; in Atlanta chased by black cops that KRS-1 mentioned...they didn't even rest on the Sabbath..so you know the process was doing damage! 

Who hollas at us during the process? what's up with this? you'll be caught up like Conrad Murray...who'll work with me? whose seeing how we survive? we're paying the price to be free...we're still doing damage!

You heard me? as we come through....we try to rescue some folk like Wilson Ramos down in Venezuela..

You heard me? as the work we put in can be multi-dimensional..we can be a priest, scholar....or even a mobster / good fella

...we're still doing damage,,,,,

Friday, November 11, 2011

Murs & Ski Beatz f. Locksmith "S-K-I-B-E-A-T-Z"

Underground hip hop!! you gotta love it!! check out Murs & Locksmith over Ski Beatz soundscape...check it out!!..

What's That Noise PT.3....They'll Bring The Drama To Your Front Door

Strange noises are heard; now alarms go off...whose going off?  now it's like the Oakland Raiders in San Diego..comfort zones get raided!

Strangers lose poise; reason gave way to madness...you heard? it's like that..they're confronted by their arch nemesis; condolences were belated! 

Danger confronted due to artificial /astro  turf on the other side of the fences type circumstances!! who will accuse us? it's like the Los Zetas vs Twitter users situation..whose led by those who hated? maybe scandals like Penn State's were a determining factor! 

This art is official; refusing to be a ward of the state up in the pen..subject to the authority...breakbeat science is used to fight turf wars when safe harbors and safe havens are under attack; by an actress or actor! 

Issues will distract ya..like Herman Cain's..I heard some are in pain....now your caught up..now spots get sown up; like a seamstress! 

Were back with ya!! spots get blown up!! especially when we drop this breakbeat science..let the healing process begin..as we float through the stream of consciousness! 

As we come with this!! spots get fortified as we secure the safe haven the safe harbor!

Spots around America get occupied....from Wall Street ..from Oakland and even up in your land..meanwhile referees and officials in the sport lied!! its hatred they harbor! 

They'll try to shut it down like the NBA..please!!! this art is official ....we play it like the Regiment...as we keep it one hundred!

Guarding the safe haven safe harbor..what's up with it? were dedicated to the truth...spotted the bus rolling...they'll try to throw us under it!

Going hard in the paint....betting like Vegas..paying the price..over or under with it..the saga / struggle continues...

No longer showing restraint....check it out..we couldn't take this any  longer...now breakbeat science is on these menus...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Groove Armada - Easy

What I'm Listening To At Work.....listening to 88.5 WRAS  The Georgia State University radio station...they play a wide variety of music....rock...hip hop...drum and bass...house music...folk music..they put this jam on...it was game over!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

All Up In The Spot...The Game Is Ugly

Were all up in the spot; but the game is ugly..please!! it's like the NBA Lockout.....even though some of us have it made and don't even know it! 

Its getting hot in here like Nelly mentioned; Herman Cain will tell you that...let the healing process begin!! I heard some are in pain...but in these comfort zones some will cool out; they won't show it! 

The old schooler will tell me don't blow it..but like Joe Paterno they'll end up having to roll out!! I can see that the game is ugly! 

....Told not to be mad at the player just the game; but a joker tried to mug me! 

....Then another joker tried to drug me; the food and drinks were laced with chemicals! 

Another joker accused me of being down with Chemical Ali when I kicked these subliminals! 

Coming through repping Louisville like Muhammad Ali...whose coaching? substituting criminals in the game when they're not keeping it one hundred! 

Now were approaching that point; ...who suffers the cruel and unusual punishment?

All up in the spot!! the game is ugly...they couldn't run from it!! now its the critical stage of development! 

Things have gotten hot!! can we blame it on global warming? heed the warning....the system will crush your embellishment!

That's why the Occupy movement bumps heads with the establishment..they knew these folks wouldn't act right...

All up in the spot..who'll rock with me? check out this movement..as we get our act right...

Monday, November 7, 2011

T.I. - I'm Flexin Ft. BIG K.R.I.T [Music Video]

The King Of The South is back....rolling through the A-Town in the hooptie!! And He's Flexin...with some help from Big KR.I.T...

All Up In The Spot..The Monday Morning Blahs Edition...

Once again it's on...we're all up in the spot; faking and juking on the run play like Emmitt Smith back in the day!

Or maybe Barry Sanders...as I rock the number 20 throwback jersey..who'll work with me? whose fair with us in love or war? please!! they didn't understand us as the mothership lands us back on earth; are we back in the way? 

Earthlings damn us if we do or don't; getting  played like Herman Cain...as I go back in history...doing the knowledge...are we back to play a part in the ongoing confusion? 

How did we work this? sometimes injuries were inflicted due to the mind blowing decision! 

Word from Heatwave!! did we misbehave? of course we did!! that's how its done when your all up in the spot! 

Plus the skeptics learned a lesson..the heatwave was due to global warming; check this...O-Dizzle even felt the pressure...so he'll make it hot! 

Plus its easy to be enslaved up in the spot; distracted and preoccupied...trying to survive..paying the price...meanwhile we globe trot; spanning the globe brainstorming! 

Plus ...like in Syria we deal with more than natural elements when it starts reign storming!

During the Arab Spring the weather was inclement!! but it was like that in the A-Town and even on Wall Street! 

Even in Oakland the Occupy movement got open; all up in the spot plans are put in motion..rebuking the call for our defeat!

The prosecution motions will take some off the street..that's how it is when your all up in the spot...

Persecution? we fight those notions...we're not the the ones...oh no were not!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Philadelphia Experiment - Ain't It The Truth

Sunday Jazz At Its Best!! Gave you The Catalyst version of Ain't It The Truth...now check out the Philadelphia Experiment's take on it...The Philadelphia Experiment Is Ahmir Thompson (Questlove from The Roots) on the drums..Christian McBride on the bass and Uri Caine on the keyboards....check this out!!

Catalyst - Ain't It The Truth

Sunday Jazz At Its Best....check out Catalyst...a jazz / funk group from Philadelphia..that included bassist Alphonso Johnson who was featured on a previous Sunday Jazz episode....almost forgot about them until WCLK 91.9 hear in Atlanta played a cut by them..check this out...


Sunday Jazz at it's best....did some serious crate digging on this one...pulled out this Eddie Henderson Inside Out..Mr. Henderson is a trumpet and flugel horn player from San Francisco...and also a practicing doctor / psychiatrist!! he was influenced by Miles Davis...played with Pharoah  Sanders, Art Blakey, Norman Connors....and Herbie Hancock..who helped produce plus played with him on this CD...jazz / funk at it's finest...

Feeling Some Kind Of Way About It PT.2

I was feeling some kind of way about it all; as the earthquakes like Oklahoma...so I let the hustlers hustle and the players play!

Whatcha know about a bruh? I still had time for parking lot pimping; the complex is made into a simple thing...in the hooptie I let the music play! 

Let us pray said the minister; from Nigeria on over to Syria check the mass hysteria...things have gotten out of control in this world! 

Let us play the birds eye view; acting like we knew when the drama unfurled! 

The wide receiver played it like Terrell Owens...whatcha knowing? he curled when he should have ran the out route!! now the pass was intercepted....Decepticons were known to be mad deceptive!! so Transformers had their hands full! 

But blessings are still received from God..to a hater it seems odd..the critical stages of development transform us; the Brotha O-Zone understands a fool!

...Plus in this danger zone I'm like NBA players...I  understand a rule or two is meant to impede our progress! 

...As I adjust bass treble and tone; a tool used to fight the ongoing chaos and confusion! 

Especially when I'm feeling some kind of way about it; I work or play my way out of it!!  breakbeat science is what I'm using!

Visions of my team losing? that's had by these hustle knockers!

But were feeling some kind of way about how will we play; we go all out for it!! physical and mental muscle is used by these block rockers!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Feeling Some Kind Of Way About It

Shadetree mechanics didn't know what they were doing; now I see crime scene tape surrounding the structure!

Shady Like Grady fanatics handled their business as usual; you know they'll try to corrupt ya! 

Whats up with ya?  they ask a bruh...just paying the price..I told them I'm feeling some other kind of way! 

Peeping game..whose disrespecting this veteran? playing me like I got here just the other day!

O-Dizzle will let the music play while O-Zone soaks up Scorpio Sun Rays! 

The reign began with a drizzle; now a charlatan wonders how this son of God plays!

Whats the dizzle? were fighting like Spartans from ancient times; not like Michigan State!

Tom Izzo said they had pretty boy jump shooters meanwhile treasury looters still show hate! 

That led to the Bank Transfer Day..so how some will play? meanwhile so called truth disputers debate irrelevant issues that distract the masses! 

Were dedicated to the truth; God will boost us..lift us up where we belong; now we conduct seminars and classes! 

Checked out the ways of the world like Earth Wind and Fire mentioned....now feeling some kind of way about this and about that! 

Check us out...this is part of a bigger plan...we're real with this thing; going all out for this and that!

Friday, November 4, 2011

BreakBeat Scientists Putting It Down Like This and That..

Peeping game like the Hubble Telescope at the black hole..I see its like this and like that! 

Whose sleeping in the game? I dipped through listening to Freddie Hubbard..what's the magnitude..the scope? some are soon in a world of trouble like Lou Rawls mentioned...I paid attention..so  I dipped for a minute; but I came right back!..

...In a minute I'll be right on time; word from the Brothers Johnson!

...In it to win it!! sometimes the offense isn't working so the defense will create something! 

Wanna be starting something? word from Micheal Jackson!! you heard me? now defense attorneys hired like Conrad Murray... due to being caught up in the action!

Check the ongoing cycle; who jumped the fence where astro turf was put in? 

Meanwhile work is put in by these blue collar breakbeat scientists; were dedicated to the truth..its like this and like that! 

Check the style; while others were waiting in the dark were usually where the light is at! 

...Or is for the proper English; proper when we handle this breakbeat science business..its like this and like that!

Whose trying to stop the pain and anguish? its related to frontline spiritual warfare business; as we continue to fight that!

Haters front on mine...you know what the deal is...who'll act right with that? not a damn thing has changed!!

So these breakbeat scientists continue to do what we do,,the good word is dropped..the beats banged...

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Going Off On Them..As Usual!!

Chilling out up in souls kitchen; a chef like Emeril...preparing the elixir or broth! 

....Sonic and lyrical pot liquor as we get with ya!! these brothers are going off! 

All up on it!!  but like Herman Cain will tell ya..sometimes the timing is off; it's like Mercury is retrograde! 

All up on it; meanwhile the crimies in Louisville were going off on another escapade! 

...Dude dipped down Muhammad Ali Blvd in the Brown Bros Cadillac Escalade; he said business needed to be handled! 

Others still played the Sedan Devilles; sideways glances gave cold chills..its real when business get handled! 

..dealing with Mexicans With Guns..or the Sinaloa Cartel in Arizona?..auras get vandalized and tagged with more than graffiti! 

..word from Ernest Gonzalez...building Glass Pyramids..check the Middle East dynamics...bodies were on display at AD Porters in the Ville or at the market like Gaddafi!

This veteran in the sport is now coaching; who can stop me? I'm going off on them! 

God is blessing his people; I'm asking naysayers whatcha know about him?

Dropping this good word and brand new funk on them...some doubt him..like the Greek Prime Minister with his Referendum..

You heard? armchair quarterbacks were like Mitt Romney...they said they had a plan....but reality will get the best of them.. 

Meanwhile were going off on them...were dedicated to the truth..as we go there...we bring it back...what will the response be? you know there's not gonna be any rest for them and those..that's why peeps are going off on them at Occupy Oakland..

Check the style..the Sonic Assault will be unleashed...O-Dizzle will rock out...plus knowledge is dropped by O-Zone..

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Skyzoo-"Written In The Drums" Official Video

Whatcha know about Skyzoo? the cat "be spitting" ....check this out..

Still Asking Questions...

 I kept looking around; asking myself questions..I wanted to know; whats the deal?

Sometimes the questions answer themselves; maybe it's the cost of doing business like Herman Cain sexual harassment suits...it's letting me know whats real!

.....Plus time will reveal the bogus and the fake; I heard some are in pain after driving the baseline..met the killer...shots are penned on the backboard...some aren't on one accord...its evident!

.....Plus self fulfilling prophecies actualize; NBA Lockouts broken down to size? recognize the patterns and and even chains; whose benevolent? 

.....Plus the devil can get tricky; you should know he's a liar; might even get ripped off and divorced like Kris Humphries...the masses were geeked up! 

.....Plus you can "get got" like Gaddafi...winning and or losing streaks are up! 

Cartels are broken up like Sinaloa in Arizona..whats up with ya? whose subject to the authority? now they'll have to work it another way! 

Its not hard to tell; you'll succeed or fail..adjustments will need to be made; just like Tim Tebow..whatcha know? were just trying to work it out so we can make it to another day! 

A brotha will play the brand new funk while dropping science; after doing the knowledge!

..That's letting me and others know what the deal is; the mothership gets good mileage!

Dipping through the universe at a high velocity...with the speed you need...proton running and atom smashing like the Large Hadron Collider.. 

We fight back with the beat and a verse..word from God's Property..clashing with these earthlings..they're hating on these freedom riders...