Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Playing This Thing Another Way

....they tried to play a brotha like I got here the other day.....

On the same page as a hater?...I doubt it....this brotha chose a different strategy.

Not mad at the player.... just the game.... staying on point when they holla at me.

In the league of extraordinary gentleman and a scholar...that's me...recognize.

Moving at a high velocity...I get with them..the skies get dark...the earth quakes..but I kept my eye on the prize.

Moves were to lock me and my people down...lies were told..even souls were sold..truth be told?...plots and schemes devised..stories fabricated.

Moves are made by O-Dog... he rocked the sound... mechanical engineering from the sonic foundry... product is fabricated.

Moves are made by O-Zone...the brother is borders or boundaries... elaborated with this prose.

Refusing to be a clone.....but I might build a surrogate..but I'm not like others...they were reaching comatose

Forgeting that the devil will oppose!! when you try to do the right thing...

Moving forward....but getting to the next level is rough...slow in the private sector...Donald Trump said your fired!!!..he didn't have anything to do with Jon though..

Larry King will ask him what it will he respond though?

O-Zone..a hoop king..driving to the hoop like Rajon Rondo...what it do? replacement referees missing the call?

In another zone..I'm playing this another way..haters said they'll be missing me when I fall!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Return Of The Hot Messenger PT.5

.........they said I was a hot me the hot messenger..

They tried to dis back in the day...still do..said this is a hot I see them trying to roll up.

Now they're back in the it a Hostile Takeover?..rolling up on the hot messenger.. like it's all good..but they were posing a threat..wanting me to give my soul up.

Check out how I roll hot style makeover...random thoughts are collected....once the crowd did.

....After automatic weaponry gunfire in the hood... it's similar to missiles being tested...some were acting Marines in Afghanistan...see what the few and proud did.

Others are acting random.... heard what the loud did..reckless abandon....running off at the mouth down south.. understand authorities did too.

Others come through with reckless abandon...not realizing what territories did to you.

What was the conditioning? hood thing...pray to God.. what are you petitioning?

Change is a good? they said I'm a hot mess me the hot messenger....turn on the air conditioning.

Not part of the natural process? gecko for the Geiko commercial? or maybe a tech geek running for office? please...were on a mission to bring this breakbeat science.

Stop this I had to tell haters!!! they were trying to break hearts, bodies, spirits and minds.

Enemy land mines are spotted... along with checkpoints and roadblocks...set up by authorities.

Doing the math.....the entity of a hater is soon as they approach our territories.

Befriend me?....but there's transparency...their aura is like a window.

End of me? End of the Road like Boyz to whatcha know?

As we go for what we know....message in the music...some is kept step ahead of one conducting a brain scan..

Word from the Hot Messenger..trying not to get caught out in the rain again...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sick With It...Slick With It...Revisited

................sick like it was swine flu...................

They were sick with it...slick with it...but not monitored by the center for disease control.

This is the antidote...breakbeat science....were kicking it... cease and desist order ignored....were on a roll.

Dangerous minds attack...test fire the hood thugs test fire pistols... prayed to the Lord to protect my troops are deployed to the frontline.

Chilling like a parking lot pimp or mack...others were swagga jacking...trying to front on mine.

In the front and in the back of mine...GPS tracking...knowing the coordinates.

Some slick with it...slacking like Fred Sanford not working... saying he coordinates.

Subordinates were tracking dirt into the palace...just trying to show off.

Wash your hands? is the water boiling? it gets hot...I see some show malice...I fall back.. needed a couple of months to cool off.

Anointing one to the spot.... slick with it ...large and in charge with ego tripping tendencies.

Appointing one to the they can live out Alice in Wonderland type fantasies.

Tentacles full of disease....sick with it... pandemic like the swine flu.

No justice no peace is the civil rights slogan...where can we find you?

Friday, September 25, 2009

They Were Tripping...........

.............they should leave that stuff alone..

Dude was tripping like he was on schrooms...or maybe they're like Randy Quaid and his wife.. on an LSD flashback.

That attitude your flipping? no bailouts..G-20 wants they're money please..give the cash back.

Dipping to the Kiss 104 Flashback Festival earlier this summer....spotted G-Money in an old school polyester's all good...we're listening to old school funk.

Some of that I have in my stash.... the feedback? on the fast break? Lebron and them got the best of ya....they finished with a dunk.

ATLiens get crunk...but this week we got wet..the test?.. others flunk... it was all essay...not multiple choice.

Didn't know the Black National Anthem.... they didn't sing or lift every voice.

Structures were full of mold due to moisture... chemicals didn't balance...homie tried to use household ones....some mixed them like that on purpose.

So cold.. now the haz-mat team is called to the spot by the holy city of Qom...whose slacking?...didn't show a sense of purpose.

I went to the service desk.... returning my purchase...please...a brotha has seen and heard this..malice was shown by the representative.

Flagrant agents down with the establishment..but soon they'll be acting tentative.

Claws and tentacles will injure them....they were tripping.. that's what they get for playing around with the beast.

Spotted one as he now crawls into the temple praying to the east.

To the east my brother to the east word from X-Clan.

Lou Rawls said this is a world of trouble from the A-Town to Afghanistan to Iran..

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Hot Messenger Is Back!!

..............for a limited time only.............

It's like a special at Burger King or McDonald's..for a limited time only.

But they tried to say I was special...a Hot Mess...they didn't act like they know me!!

This is a special edition...The Hot Messenger is back...doing damage.

Eradicating spiritual malnutrition...feeding those that aren't already collateral damage.

Elaborating about the foul situation...said I was just holding on like Mugabe... I manage to survive..... dealing with drama royalty.

It's foul...but Im getting an education in the midst of the drama I spotted those showing loyalty.

Its foul....but Chavez couldn't smell sulfur.....what's up with ya? heard dude said he was screwed royally....when dealing with the apparatus.

Foul attitudes are shown...but brothas are gonna work it Willie Hutch said....well change the status.

Foul attitude? Judge Mathis doesn't play that!! neither does Judge Judy.

Please....I dialed up G-O-D showing gratitude...others like G-20 are all about that crude..but I noticed others like G-Money from the hood try to act brand new with me.

But that's not odd! it's business as usual..what it do? act like you we take care of business as usual.'s not odd..Dark Mystery Of Time & Space studied..Dark Side Of The Moon like The Police...others try to find my liquid...

It's not odd...Mechanical Engineering takes place...others try to make chemicals balance like The Chemical were they trying to kick it?

It's not odd...unless it's dude from The Odd Couple or Monk....displaying compulsive obsessive behavior..what will save ya?will clean hands?. when they go through their ritual.

A habitual punishment glutton pressed the button...then said I was a hot mess!

Just call me the hot messenger....but I stay humble not all that and this.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Climate Control...Colder Than A Polar Bear

hotter than July like Stevie said.. or a playa from the himalayas?

Checked it out...playing it like a weatherman...what's up man?..waiting on the dust to settle..forecasting on the weather channel.

Word from Al Roker!!! warming up like Al Gore told ya!! in the hood? white tees and Dickies replaced khakis Chuck Taylors and flannel.

Hood thing!! for those that told O-Zone we dont understand I play it like I Float On like Floaters.

Out There!!! where I kept running...for those who ask where you at like cell phone commercials???... but I know they're not voters.

Sweating these we float down the stream of consciousness.

What's up with the climate?...miserable ones try to start corporations...soon listed on Wall Street where a broker has no conscious.

As we come with this...spotted a shady one...mechanics weren't up to par.

Warm weather has some chilling under a tree..dogs bark under the wrong one...but for the course it's par.

Dirty dealing caused the need for the Hubble Telescope to spot it.

Meanwhile thoughts that were scattered are selected at random..special edition..time was alloted...

Hood Thing?...multi-cultural?...spotted Pedro and Hussien sharing a crack pipe....hope and dreams shattered due to the Mass Konfusion.

Influenced by the mass hysteria....blood clotted..from shady scenarios... whose winning or losing?

Whose spotted in the designated areas? spotted players from the Himalayas.

Fabrics rotted...due to hazardous material..repelled by these Mysterious Intergalactic Travelers.

Mystery Unravellers...the climate is not right...check the insight...fires sparked don't help the matter..

Meanwhile we put messages in the music...what's up? maybe someone will Transcend and the clouds scatter...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

All Up In The Spot...Hood Thing PT.4

...................all up in the spot...........

It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday... word from Boyz To Men.

Damn, Damn, Florida from Good Times... they tried to play a bro..lose my poise again?

O-Dog will jam....bringing the noise again...what did they expect?

This is the rebuttal...the Sonic Assault...why did they disrespect?

O-Zone...wasn't a guitar hero...disconnected the wire from the the system went down.

Please;I had a chance to get out of it; the deal wasn't right..I wasn't feeling things went down.

But I did get a lot out of it...knowledge is power is the cliche.

Now I Transcend and Transform...knowing how these jokers are going to play.

Big and little jokers I play in the spades I was in the student center at the University of Louisville.

Ignoring those who play a Hollywood or Bollywood role...they'll try to set you up like ACORN.....entrapment..I maintain control ..I knew the deal.

Using Diplomatic Immunity as I move forward..I blast off like public's easy to get thrown under the bus.

Moving Forward.. O-Dog will rock this..private or public transformation? we transfer this information..please.. it's easy get upset like USC...realizing there's no peace or justice.

Said it justice no peace is the actual catch phrase.

That's how it pirates Somalia there's still danger...but sources of danger can lie within rather than outside these days...

Actually..these days the drama can go down the weather in your neck of the woods? questions answered by Al Roker..

Plots and schemes exposed goes down worldwide..not just in these hoods..word from this Hot Messenger..and the beat broker...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

All Up In The Spot....It's A Hood Thing Pt.3

...........sick with the swine flu.........

Saw dude fronting in the Dodge Charger....with 24's on it..but all he has are Bills...but not like T.O. and Buffalo.

Plus the Wings are Detroit..or down with LT and the San Diego Chargers?...others became suspicious...trying to charge us.. but we already know.

As we flow down the stream of consciousness...noticed that the Smoke and Mirror show is in full effect.

Or is it just my imagination? heard Eddie Kendricks and The Temptations singing.. actually it's no Cheryl Lynn've got to be real with it.

Actually... using my Roc Raida...R.I.P.. what it do? beats are the english...that's how we deal with it.

Newports in the blue carton..and a 40 of Olde English 800 were placed at the spot where Johnny got blasted on.

Hood Thing...All Up In The Spot..old girl Mary said it might be a good thing to move.. to the eastside like Ramadan..the idea was prayed and fasted on.

Who'll be the last one knowing that the truth hurts!!! good and evil collide...during the Smoke and Mirrow Show.

This retro futuristic mystic prepares potions and elixirs to let you know.

Still waters run deep like The Four Tops said..dived into the stream of consciousness..deep end of the ocean..but not off the coast of pirate phrases will a brotha kick..

Being games played like Athletics South Africa..the who or what conflict..

Check these sacred scriptures...written by a brother whose in Conflict With The World.

O-Dog has sacred mixtures to steady bombard the enemy ...who are Sources Of Danger to this world.

Who faked the pictures? Adobe Photoshopped..T-Rex danced on top of the Ice Cream and Cake commercial by Baskin and Robbins...All Up In The Spot..scientist spot him..meanwhile O-Dog hip hopped and rocked out.

Meanwhile O-Zone shows that he has hops!! grabbed the rebound..even though he was blocked out.

Who'll get knocked out?'ll get rocky like that planet found outside the solar system..

All Up In The Spot....It's A Hood the end of the day..that's how we're living..

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Slick With It...Sick With It

sick like swine flu..

They were slick with it... they could neither confirm nor deny.

Sounded like a shady politician....they'll be quick to tell a lie.

Others are on a foul mission...spiritual malnutrition... what do they eat?

Meals are prepared by chefs in hell's kitchen... now they're facing defeat.

Meals are based on the recipe for disaster... can you think faster?

Joints are cased...O-Dog is playing it like The Blackbyrds... Doing It Fluid... it's liquid ...I'm trying to drink faster.

Hope is erased for some ..they'll blink faster..staring into the eye of the tiger.

Others get tasered, maced and dogs attacked them ...because they were a freedom fighter.

Joints are cased....Kanye even rolled up on Patrick Swayze's funeral...Michael Jackson's the best? ....meanwhile lighters and cell phones are in the air at concerts.

I'm shining Parliament's Flashlight... like security ...Old Otis on The Martin Lawrence show..the response? it hurts.

Spotted disco infernos.... burn baby burn...slogans used by Black Panthers.

Who will work with a bro? not pimping like ACORN...or an ex-con like Akon..just trying to get back to the the Carolina Panthers.

Listening to the Brown Panther's program on WLOU up in Louisville.. back in the day.

Now bringing you some brand new funk...Intergalactic...out from beyond our solar system...we're rocking it.. I'm not back in the way.

Check out how we play....full court press like Tarkanian at Vegas.. were triple teaming them.. with the O-Dog Podcast....The Funk Seminar and the Sonic Assault.

Flowing down the stream of consciousness...even hit them up with a Random Thought.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

What's The Prognosis? Questions Asked Once Again

................analyze the information.................
....sources of danger to the world....lie more within us than outside.

Whats the prognosis? where were the Sources Of Danger? what it do? Analyze the information.

Lethal doses taken? they said you need only one for H1N1..that's cool..but was Kool Aid drunk before the transformation?

O-Zone is not faking the funk.... it's booming in the trunk...stink stank stunk...It's A Hood Thing...the transportation? it's a hooptie.

Caught out there....but God is broke on the Number 15 bus to Decatur...not thrown under it by a hater...I was transported back to the what will the scoop be?

Caught out there? you didn't know? God is in the blessing business!!! truly!! recognize.

Caught out there!! we kept on running..but caught in the trainwreck.. prayed.. survived..not surprised.

Summed up the consequences...dude said no more apologies for the outburst..about as bad as the representative from Florida not wanting children to hear Obama.. I sized them jokers up..wise to the set up.

Jumped to conclusions....after sliding through Arctic Ice.. on the Northeast Passage....I didn't let up.

Middle Passage descendant..what's up with it?..Al Gore mentioned global warming..haven't thawed out from the Ice Age.. not able to burn bridges.

What's the prognosis? sensory overload...overdoses....for victims of circumstances that are debatable..being built or torn down? not just a global warning; it can be local...even white Mike was being chased by JSO's across bridges.

Dipping across the Arlington Expressway in Jacksonville, Florida.. in the stolen Monte Carlo.

Slipping through the portal... whatcha starting Duval County? like Park Duvalle projects were in Louisville...back in the day..way too whatcha know?

It's A Hood Thing...still going down in Iraq..even over in'll show

Where did Osama Bin Laden go?..meanwhile others look this way to see how things go...

Acknowledged the troubled trouble rolls back in the way referees don't want to act'll have to show out...

Bets doubled on dice rolls in project much will you play? It's A Hood'll have to go all out...

Without a doubt....Recognize The Pattern....what it do? Sources Of Danger lie more within us than outside...

Rolling in an Escalade or Saturn..rolling like Ronnie Laws with Friends or Strangers..What's The Prognosis?..analyze the are you gonna ride?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

All Up In The Spot..It's A Hood Thing PT.2's gotta be good..................

Hood's deep in my chromosones....refusing to be in denial.

Good thing or bad thing? depending on the areas or some spots? they'll try to fry a bro.

Good thing or bad thing? depending on scenarios involving clones and their reaction.

It's got to be good!!! when we bring this breakbeat science..check out the scenario...the interaction.

It's got to be hood? keep macking in the A-Town? I was told to keep it pimping player.

But actaully it's not just in that scenario..even international..check out Chavez...or even Mugabe..or maybe even Karzai..definition of a prime time player?

Like dude I spotted...player player!! in the old school Oldsmobile 98...cruising down MLK.

Multi-dimensional....Play On Player!! might have been spotted on Muhammed Ali Boulevard in Louisville..that's how they play.

Or cruising down Ezzard Charles in Cincinatti....Ohio Player with the Fire? or on Beatties Ford Road in Charlotte. Smokie Robinson....but due to the recession rolling solo...couldn't afford a harlot.

Avoiding those who are part of it....the conspiracy...grand wizards are anointed in Kentucky and Tennessee.

Times are hard....pundits trick those who are they waste time on Tea Parties...

Meanwhile I Dipped down Grand Ave in step ahead of a's hard to see me..

Dipped through like The Discovery...Passed Florida...landed in California..Intergalactic..why even start with me?

But some will start with me!!.....Said I Was a Hot Mess....when I Do this.. like I was on Candler Road in Decatur.

Just call me the Hot Messenger...with a strong message for ya like's gonna be rough for a thin ice skater..

Ignored a hater..I'm down in Georgia...I can hear Ray Charles or Willie Nelson.. singing Georgia on my mind.

Meawhile some are getting fired by Donald or some Trump up charges it's getting harder for my kind.

What's on my mind? these Random Thoughts are expressed..word from the Hot Messenger..

Back in these hoods with my kind...a Hood Thing...All Up In The Spot with ya..

Thursday, September 10, 2009

All Up In The Spot..It's A Hood Thing...'s gotta be's gotta be hood..

All up in the the village with idiots....trying to raise the child.

God bless the child that has their own....word from Blood Sweat and Tears...but things get wild.

Its hard work..blood, sweat and tears shed...while the hustlers hustled and the players played.

Gatekeepers stopped us at the gate..whistleblowers the end of the day?..You'll Get Played.

Hood thing...bullets sprayed out of the Chevy Impala...because someone dialed the hotline number... you'll get gaffled.

...During fireshowers... some dipped..others fouled off curves and sliders that were they're baffled.

In so called aisles or corriders of power...executives laughed at it's a joke.

But from Jax in Florida to Detroit... from NYC to the Bay's no joke.

Hood thing...hip to the inside joke ...ending up m-i-a in MIA or LA.. actually the drama goes down worldwide.

It's Gotta Be Good..not just a hood thing...but bring that personna with us...through different portals we'll slide..

Actually...this is Intergalactic...Out There...where stars and meteors collide..

Just got back from the International Space this time we can't we continue to ride..

Some acting erratic down here on earth..where good and evil coincide....all up in the spot.

Energy is transformed...what it do?..what it does? it causes us to Transcend and Transform...Al Gore said it was going to get hot.

Mechanical or social engineering creating the transformation? like an old Detroit or Pittsburgh foundry.

Nuclear winter approaching.....due to the cosmic epiphany?

..........check out the it's got to be good mix.............

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's A Hood Thing......Revisited.....'s gotta be's gotta be hood..........

It's gotta be good.... but now some say it's gotta be longer on the Eastside with the Jeffersons.

Back in these hoods...the preacher said it's all good...God is still blessing them.

In the spot...authorities are stressing them ..heard the ghetto bird flys high...others keeping an eye on them...but this is not Lancaster,PA.......or is it Compton California.

Out there....near the California wildfires... but gunfire is heard in Clayton and Dekalb County Georgia.

What's up with ya they ask me?... told them It's Gotta Be Good.

Dude was smoking backwoods and drinking Grey Goose...saying it's gotta be hood.

What hood is it? Gamblers Out For A Fast Buck had Wall Street jacked up.

What hood is it? playing the field.....scrambling like Randall Cunningham or Mike Vick... easy to get racked up.

It's Gotta Be Good.....O-Zone never slacked up...I kept Moving Forward.

Previous spot for Random Thoughts from a brotha was hacked up...they tried to play me like I was a coward.

Backed up the hooptie ....filled up the Relocated.

Slacked up? who me? like the other "O" tired of playing around..facing opposition..some still hated..

Backed the defender down to the hoop in the low post like Shaq or Dwight Howard..hitting free throws? sports analysts debated...

O-Dog tracked up loops that will be funky....O-Zone elaborated...

While others hated..told you I never slacked up..I was sliding through the portal..listening to the Beatles.......but I can't Let It Be..

Backed up the hooptie..unload the goods at the loading dock...where were we? us all up in the game...The O-Dog Podcast..or even the Funk Seminar..feel me..

Shacked up or married to the game? how's it going down in your neck of the woods?

Word from Al Roker!! at the end of the day a foul joker will give us respect in these hoods.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Return of The Hot Messenger PT.3

.........they said I was a hot me the hot messenger..

What it do? Coming Out Fresh With A Brand New Batch..due to the hell we catch...had our share...

Funky fresh in the flesh...bringing The Sonic Assault..bombs burst in the air..

Intergalactic..spotted the Discovery at the International Space spotted the rockets red glare.what it do?..used the Hubble Telescope to spot it...

Now I'm back with it....The Hot Message...Al Gore already told you how hot it'll get...

Didn't quit or forfiet..came back to win the game like Miami....hurricane season is in full effect? can Bill Gates stop it?

So what will you get? haters say it's a hot mess..but I didn't expect a fool to respect..mentioned earlier..they haven't stopped it..

Even disrespected the president..he had a hot message for school children..haters tried to throw water on it..

This brotha connected wires to the mixer..The Mysterious Box..I tap keyboards..IBM, HP, Roland, Yamaha..O-Dog hooked a track up..O-Zone has the spoken word..getting hotter on it...

Drama the Heavenly Father is on it! word from the Hot Messenger!!!

You heard?...staying connected to the Higher Power.avoiding the weapons formed would work!!....why were they stressing ya?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Return Of The Hot Messenger PT.2

they said I was a hot mess; but I'm just trying to work with ya

They wanted me to rack my brains to find a solution...while they chilled.

Told you earlier... gamblers are out for a fast buck..don't press your luck...check the cards that are dealt.

Trying to work with ya...the Hot Messenger...dealing with the's a hot mess...I'm surrounded by collateral damage.

Trying to work with ya.....this is a real game!! the season has started.... it's not an exhibition or a scrimmage.

Trying to work with ya!!! but the enemy was doing damage...others collaborated.

Trying to work with ya!! O-Dog dropped the beats...Message In The Music...a hot one.....while O-Zone elaborated.

It's business as usual....a hot mess..things heat up..Al Gore mentioned global warming.

It's business were taking care of..The Conglomerate...spanning the globe...actually the universe....were Intergalactic.. bear witness to the brainstorming.

Transmitting Live......from a remote outpost beyond The International Space Station... warning from this emergency broadcast system!!

This man is surviving...rough on others...humming and bumming at The Five Points Marta Station in Atlanta..dude was testifying...said he's a moving target...the drug deal went sideways..the gun blast missed him.

Others weren't surviving in Mexico...but was the mastermind caught?

All the way live like Lakeside is how we ride..when we bring this Sonic Assault..

Arriving on the Mothership in the heart of it..testifying...street gospel...not in District or Superior Courts..please..we kept on got lonely out there...nobody was checking for me.

As a brotha gets funky....Area 51 or District 9 style!! but this is not the Final Destination... busy moving through portals....The Hot Messenger!! whose working with me? the getaway vehicle? nobody's wrecking for me.

Day of reckoning for me? alarms go off...Security was checking the premises....looking for me and my kind.

Purity was the appearance of some...Beauty or Ugly? the eye of the beholder. but promises were broken...but no crooked thoughts are on my mind.

Trying to work with ya.... giving you the benefit of the doubt.

Trying to work with's The Hot Messenger.. hope you have stamina...because we're going all out.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Return Of The Hot Messenger

they said I was a hot me a hot messenger

Listening to Nas....bearing witness... can a brotha just breathe?

I continue to be down for the cause....taking care of business.. please believe.

Down the road some ease...Diana Ross....R.I.P Michael the Wiz..but whose deceiving the masses?

Told to keep it pimping player!!! a phrase used here in the A-Town..I stay down....O-Dog is conducting classes.

What's the opinion of this player? Random Thoughts are expressed...this is forensic rhetoric.

Some say its a hot mess..just call me the hot messenger..just got back from Mars....once again it's on..a brotha is back with it.

Wrecking it like I did my 76 Oldsmobile Cutlass....aka the Cut Dog...tried to getaway like Earth Wind& Fire.

Knowing the deal...O-Dog is a veteran of foreign and domestic frontiers..frozen cold with it...but now warming up.. but my player card didn't expire.

The roof is on fire from the disco inferno!!!....where's the haz-mat team?

Cosmic slop....cosmic epiphanies? listening to Martin Luther King's speech I Have A Dream.

Special deliveries from this hot messenger....haters said I had a scheme.said I was operating like Bernie..soon dealing with carmic repercussions.

Special deliveries .like FedEx..or UPS..check the hot O-Dog comes with the percussions.

O-Zone brings these discussions..Random Thoughts are expressed.

Not a clone with my behavior modified...that's the recipe for being stressed

It's on...word from the Hot I spit this math off..not trying to be sued like Ashcroft...I didn't front like the Earth Liberation Front...bringing down towers..

It's on...a Hot Message from the Hot got lonely out there but we kept running...avoiding the fireshowers..

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sleep Disorders....

wake the hell up!!!!

Old girl said wake the hell up!! she was from the country..she said wake up before the crows or vultures get you.

Drama will unfurl!! no carnival tilt a whirl or Love Roller Coaster like the Ohio Players..this by product of the culture is for you.

The bragger and boaster is dealing with repercussions...karmic epiphany?

Didn't watch his mouth like Pops liked to say... toasters and heaters blast on inner city streets.. like O-Dog's percussions..the cosmic slop will be funky.

What's up with me? just trying to chill...but the devil won't let me rest.

That's how it is in Babylon....wake up!!!.. someone will always put you to the test.

Leaving you stressed.... but O-Zone is refusing to accept the assignment.

This brotha will Transcend and Transform....the planets are in alignment.

Reason for the storms? Erika is seems like Jimena is too..maybe they should get drunk like Diane Sawyer..

Or maye like Anderson Cooper...what it do?..meanwhile more funk we'll loop for ya..

Spotted the player from the Himalayas...when he cut the corner...he was no longer in confinement.

Silk or rayon shirt....polyester slacks...Stacy Adams shoes...refinement?

Defining it.... the definition of a Roy Ayers...everybody loves the sunshine..might need to wake up.

Meanwhile I play my position...Spiritual Significance In This Operation..the time for the fake is up.

They'll break Beatles...I even spotted dude!!! he still had long hair... like John, Paul, George & Ringo.

Chilling in Mexico...needing to wake up!! Zetas think he's just another Gringo.