Monday, March 31, 2014

2-Hour Soulful Deep House Club Mix by JaBig

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out this 2-Hour Soulful Deep House Club Mix by JaBig....he always puts it down!! Check  out the playlist and the mix

Playlist Tracklisting:
Love Is Beautiful (Francois Dubois Remix) The Timewriter
Lovesong 28 [feat. Bobby] Jullian Gomes
I Might Do Something Wrong (Ethan White Raindrops Inst) [feat. N'Dea Davenport] Tortured Soul
Even Though Black Coffee
Warning (Rhemi Main Mix) Rhemi, Lynn Lockamy
Queen (Reelsoul Remix) N'Dinga ft. Scotty P.
Sending You My Love Nathan Adams
Circles 2009 (Tony Loreto & Jacko TJ Inc Vocal Mix) Mustafa feat. Natalia
My Heart Belongs to You (Distant Music Mix) Melba Moore
Rescue Me Masters At Work
How Deep Is Your Love (Danny Krivit Re Edit) Blaze
Shining Timmy Regisford, Mikey Dance
Watch Them Come (Dennis Ferrer Remix) Roy Davis & Peven Everett
Watch Them Come Roy Davis & Peven Everett
Obey (Jason B Edit) Dwele
All To All (Jamsteady Remix) Broken Social Scene
About Love (Sean McCabe Alt Vocal Dubbed) Groove Assassin, Kenny Bobien
Togetherness (Jeremy Sylvester Remix) Beppe Gioia & Thomas Toccafondi
Untitled (Kerri Chandler's Bigga Mix) Black Joy
Got to be DJ Steaw
Pennies From Heaven Inner City

GQ Podcast : Multi-Genre Mix & Flux Pavilion Guest Mix [Ep.129]

 Digital Crate Digging Continues...Once again it's on!!..were checking out the Going Quantum Podcast...with their Multi-Genre a Guest mix featuring Flux Pavilion. Check out the playlists and the mix..

00:00 Downlink - Rubber Bands (Protohype Remix) [Uplink]
02:13 Dodge & Fuski - Stop What You're Doing (feat. JFB) [Disciple]
04:28 KOAN Sound - Eastern Thug (Neosignal Remix) [OWSLA]
06:13 Disprove - ID [Unreleased]
07:32 Organ Donors & ASYS - We Call It Acid [Unreleased]
09:25 Habstrakt - Listen (Sub Antix Remix) [Disciple]
10:18 Mensah, Sukh Knight & Squarewave - Quad Bikes (Squarewave VIP) [HENCH]
11:28 Astronaut - Quantum (Spag Heddy Remix) [Monstercat/Disciple]
14:14 Astronaut - Quantum (Virtual Riot Remix) [Monstercat/Disciple]
14:47 Twofold - All Around [Free DL]

FLUX PAVILION GUEST MIX (timestamps coming soon)
Fox Stevenson - Tico [Circus]
Flux Pavilion - Exostomp (Jump Up High) [Circus]
Flux Pavilion - OneTwoThree (Make Your Body Wanna) [Atlantic]
Nezzo - Waffle House [Circus]
Lets Be Friends - Only Time [Circus]
Robots Can't Dance - Bada Bing [Circus]
Flux Pavilion feat. Steve Aoki - Steve French [Circus]
Cookie Monsta - Lets Get Wobbly [Circus]
Doctor P - The Sound of Science [Circus]
Flux Pavilion feat. Turin Brakes - Mountains and Molehills [Circus]
Doctor P - Shishkabob [Free DL]
Flux Pavilion - I Can't Stop [Circus]
Dead Exit feat. Dems - Love Me [Circus]
Flux Pavilion - Blow The Roof [Atlantic]
Mizuki - Plus One [Circus]
Odjbox and Port Limbo - Sloth [Circus]
Flux Pavilion & Dillon Francis - I'm The One [Circus]
The McMash Clan feat. Kate Mullins - Swing Break (Opiuo Remix) [Circus]
Mizuki - Damn Fucking Right (Odjbox Remix) [Circus]
Doctor P & Adam F - The Pit (Doctor P VIP Mix) [Circus]
The McMash Clan and Kate Mullins - Reqiuem [Circus]


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Jazztronik / Siesta

Sunday Jazz Continues..checking out this nice smooth Brazilian jazz style track from Jazztronik  called Siesta.

 Duh!! I guess it has that sound because it's from the  Brazilectro: Session 3: The Fall - Winter Edition compilation CD released in 2001. Check it out!!! 

Peace Orchestra / Double Drums

Sunday Jazz Continues...checking out the Peace Orchestra ..aka Peter Kruder....with a track called Double Drums....

Catch Phrases and Cliches PT. 6 / Keep Hope Alive

It's like the civil rights movement..check out the slogan keep hope alive! 

...As we try to get right with this movement...trying to cope with all the jive! 

As we show and prove it...another catch phrase / cliche..showing how we play like Russia in the Ukraine...

The New Moon in Aries will make us move seems all bets are off and contracts are null and void..but we're just trying to maintain..

Whose fair with these? answers?  get them right!! call, e-mail or feel free to tap on the shoulders of wannabe experts. 

Whose fair with these? answers were right in front of us..all we had to do was look up!!  then we can connect to the right networks. 

Anyway...keeping hope alive? that was the catch phrase / cliche per Rev. Jesse Jackson. 

Anyway... jokers were creeping!!  down on Boulevard in the Old Fourth Ward in Atlanta "youts" in v-neck t-shirts were selling dope!!  that's how they stay alive...they're down to plan Z!!  but you know it gets messy up in the action. 

Jokers must have been's hard on the boulevard!! ...from Atlanta to Chi-Town to Oak-Town..

Peeping game while West Coasting...San Francisco was thriving..while Oakland reminded me of was broke down..

Creeping up in this game? it's no joke when we put it down like this..were chilling out in the attack zone...

Please!! we're taking Jesse Jackson's advice..keeping hope we bring this back..once again it's on!!

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES - Official Trailer (2014)

I was reading an article that told me to embrace my "inner child" .....ok!! 

That movement went into high gear while chilling out with my grand son..a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan!! I'm chilling out in the lab / attack zone....when I ran across this TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES - Official Trailer (2014).....Release Date: August 8, 2014

It's Starring: Megan Fox, Alan Ritchson, Jeremy Howard, Pete Ploszek, Noel Fisher, Will Arnett, Danny Woodburn, William Fichtner .so now I'm back on my movie trailer game!! check this out!!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Freddie Cruger / The Hustle

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out this Freddie Cruger  with a cut called The Hustle..check it out!!

All Up In The Spot / Chilling In Attack Zones

We're all up in the spot chilling out..actually? were up in attack zones. 

Breakbeat science is spilling out from the crockpot...hopefully not overcooked like by the Tsarnaev Brothers..dealing with another's ongoing beefs!! earthlings have that knack in these zones! 

The fronts are local, national, international, and intergalactic;  these clones will put it down anywhere! 

Meanwhile a bruh hunts and gathers..but irrational ones delay progress like Malaysian officials and Flight 370 information!! I've told you it's rough out there!

Ear shattering gunshots exploded out there in the ATL!!  day or night...the situation is out of control! 

Egos?  jokers are bruising and battering them per Columbus Short!!  I told you earlier it's a complex sport..folk will run plots and schemes like the Taliban attacking in Kabul...nefarious is how they roll!!

Negroes , Latinos, Caucasians, Arabs and Asians were observed when we were on the scene...we noticed their various ways and means of operating..soon we'll be ready to roll...we might have to rebuke them...

Watching these earthlings and how they work things..I stay a step ahead of them..rocking the throwback number 20 Barry Sanders I know how to juke them...

Hole in the wall clubs and juke joints? I'll rock them...bringing this product from the lab...

AKA the attack zone...once again it's on..using the Sonic Blackjack for the smash and grab...

...Similar to these cats down here in the ATL using white day care and church vans to roll up and grab ATMs...

These Louisville sluggers swing bats...aka snares, 808s and obscure samples..O-Dizzle has the sonic mixture...O-Zone has the scripture like it's church man!!!  check out this attack zone by-product..we're not playing!!



Friday, March 28, 2014

Stressed Out Due To The Information Overload PT.3

Once again it's on!! breakbeat science is dropped!! some might even say its overkill! 

....Or that its information overload...what's the mode? some were saying we're like Russia in the Ukraine... running amok on the information highway!! contributing to the roadkill. 

A lot of traffic is on the road...I couldn't chill!! it's like I-285 in Atlanta. 

Some act erratic..they're out of control!! they're swerving over in my lane showing no respect!! all up in the spot? some act like they don't understand a bruh! 

Mathematics are dropped after observing the scene.. a bruh is in scientific mode. 

Intergalactic with it!! a bruh cosmic slopped!! going off into funk mode.

We're back with it..but the madness never stopped..the information overload has planes in the Indian Ocean looking for Flight 370.

We're back with transformation mode..I transcended...back in the day? listening to Billy Ocean What Is The Colour Of Love at K-Mart on Memorial Drive in Stone Mountain while mopping up spills on aisle the details is where the devil will be... 

We're back with transformation is a marathon; another level will be the destination..

Whats the deal with it? what's the transportation / mode? hopefully not in a GM vehicle recalled per a bad ignition switch..delaying'll be hard to reach our destination... 

Whose real with it? the information overload per a snitch similar to Edward Snowden can be positive or negative..

Jimmy Carter said he would consider a Newburg? snitches were in ditches..nobody begged their pardon..that's not how Louisvillians / Louisvillains deal with it...


Thursday, March 27, 2014

All Up In The Spot / I Keep It Revolutionary

Were all up in the spot;  chilling out in the's where the hustlers hustle and the players play. 

Check the sonic assault ...I keep it revolutionary like a dread while wannabe macks and divas sway!  

The brand new funk will play while this good word is dropped! 

Playing it like Malaysian Airlines texting families about Flight 370?  ..naw!! O-Zone is blogging;  he never quit and never stopped!

Playing it like two occasions per The Deele with mine..Day and Night..24 /7 ...all day everyday..

Playing it right..a veteran in the game now coaching...using a Fresh View..Fresh everyway..

Dirty Harry types were like...make my day!! ..when some see you making progress they'll fire shots at you...

Freedom? it's not ear shattering gunshots exploded..the situation is out of control..soon the shot clock will expire on you...

I see them and wouldn't want to be them..I see how they roll...sending cocaine to the Vatican..

I see them and wouldn't want to be them...they were all up in the spot..over in Afghanistan..dealing opium with the Taliban... 

The situation is foul man!! jokers will play you sideways..soon your caught in a mudslide like in Washington..

Check the style man!! I'm all up in the spot chilling out..not like Chris Christie denying the scheme or plot..that's how politicians ride in Washington....

Once again? it's on man...where all up in the spot..keeping it revolutionary..

Once again? it's on...God is blessing us...a joker will mention intelligent design..saying it's evolutionary...


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Side Effect - Keep That Same Old Feeling

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out Side Effect - with their version of Keep That Same Old Feeling. 

This song was written and produced by  Wayne Henderson it was made popular by The Crusaders..a group  Mr. Henderson also produced.  Check it out y'all !!

Diplomatic Immunity Is Exercised

Whats up? like mass trials for Islamists in Egypt no justice no peace is the catch phrase....but in the ATL it's like..damn!!  I'm surrounded by the B.A.S. 

...That's bitch ass sh@t for those not knowing; check the seminar ...O-Zone will conduct the class. 

... Plus the podcast will blast!! during the ongoing total chaos?  check the steady bombardment of the enemy position.

...spraying rays of light like the Aries Sun up above..word from this son of God up above!! a bruh whose on a mission. 

Dropping math;  multiplication and division!! hipping the masses to the evil webmaster's plot or scheme to alt-shift delete..or divide and conquer.

..not stopping on this path;  plus diplomatic immunity is exercised ...this is word from our sponsor.

..not stopping on these path...I even dipped back to the community from time to time...spotted riding through Louisville / I take it back to the source..

..not stopping the wrath...even though Rick Ross said the Devil is a lie he stays busy...weapons of mass distraction are used to get us off course..

That's par for the course...Tiger Woods once stayed under par consistently..until he started pimping...

Of course diplomatic immunity can be's tight in these hoods...oh yeah!! we couldn't stand prosperity...we let it go to our heads per Grand we're getting what's coming to us; check out the karma...the sport is complex...this is not a simple thing...

Of course diplomacy didn't work with Russia per the seems catching up on their pimping or trying to put the Soviet Union back together is Putin's mission... 

Obama called them local / regional...meanwhile I'm seeing what it do...the drama is local, national, international and diplomatic immunity is exercised by these brothas...immune to bitch made antics!! ...I didn't chill at the communion with the demon deacons...looting the treasury was their mission...

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

3 Hour Deep House Lounge Music DJ Set by JaBig (HD 2014 Playlist) - DEEP & DOPE 223

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out this 3 Hour Deep House Lounge Music DJ Set by JaBig (HD 2014 Playlist) - DEEP & DOPE 223..he's always putting it work!! check out the playlist and the mix.. 

The Love Frequency Nick Holder
Different Horizons James Winter
Can't Help Myself Tony Lionni
I Got It Bad Kaytronik
Be Mine Lane 8
Les Belles Images Chris Gavin
Can't Get Enough Ross Couch
Leavin Guetezeichen
Don't Lose It Tommy Rawson
You And Me F89
Forever In a Daze Nick Holder
Love That You Need (Richard Earnshaw Remix) Cartier Fraser
Clouds Timmy Regisford
Slow Dancer (Josh Wink Interpretation) Shlomi Aber
Tantra IndySoul
Raul Deep (Sarcastic Deep Mix) Thulane Da Producer
Soft And Sweet Brooklyn's Own
Deep Down (Sean McCabe Main Mix) Robert Owens
Gardens Julien Jabre & DJ Gregory Present Soha
Needs Passion Dance Orchestra
Ten Bas Amro
Here I Am (Navet Mix) Lexicon Avenue
Echo Vibes Bicep
Trying To Believe (Nick Holder Remix) Terrace
Nightowl (Manoo and Francois A Remix) Justin Martin
The Drive Kerri Chandler, Dick Dickler
Loving You Tony Lionni
Big Fun (Filippo's Berlin Dub) Inner City
Detroit Moonstarr
Sexual Healing (Kygo Remix) Marvin Gaye

Rocker's Revenge..featuring Donny Calvin / Walkin' On Sunshine

Digital Crate Digging Continues...were checking this classic disco funk from  Rocker's Revenge  featuring Donny Calvin with Walkin' On Sunshine...Classic material cousin!! 

 It's Produced, Arranged by Arthur Baker,  Written by Eddy Grant and  Mixed by Arthur Baker, John "Jellybean" Benitez...check it out y'all!!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Roy Ayers / Chicago (Extended UK Version)

Digital Crate Digging Continues..checking out this classic track from Roy Ayers  with Chicago (Extended UK version)....check it out y'all !!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Pep Rally

No justice no peace was the phrase heard at the protest / pep rally! 

We let the hustlers hustle and the players play; check us out.. revolutionary is how the style will be. 

Like US and EU sanctions against Russia thought and fashion police get foul with me..they're trying to play me the other way! 

No justice no peace was heard like at the protest at the Georgia medicaid expansion in Georgia?  Nathan Deal will play us another way.

Whats up with us? veterans in the game now coaching...soon running things like Phil Jackson...we've been here..we didn't get here just the other day...

Whats up with us? knowing how complex the sport or game is..nobody will stay undefeated per Wichita State and Kentucky; ...losses are part of the game...did you know another way? 

Whats up with us? another thought we wouldn't pray because we weren't at the praise and worship service...aka the pep rally...

Whats up with us? Sonic Assaults are unleashed...let the music play..a weapon used in the ongoing spiritual warfare..all praises due to the Lord up above!!...a personal relationship was established...that's how the style will be..

Hell was caught per Natalie Cole..prayed to the Lord to protect my soul..I see these folk aren't all love... 

Down I-20 in Atlanta we roll..the Black Ford Mustang came through swerving doing a 100...geeked up!! under an NBA basket when jokers push and shove...

Its going down..understand a bruh? I wasn't geeked up..I didn't need a pep rally..I just do my thing..multi-tasking per good word and brand new funk dropping...

Its going down...understand a bruh? the saga / struggle is a marathon..we kept on running...we weren't quiting or stopping...

Moodymann - I Can't Kick This Feelin When It Hits (Original Mix)

Sunday Jazz Continues....checking out some jazzy house music from Moodymann -with  I Can't Kick This Feelin When It Hits (Original Mix)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Dam-Funk / Searchin’ For Funk’s Nature

Digital Crate Digging Continues...I'm on a mission like Dam-Funk ....I'm Searchin’ For Funk’s Nature...check this out!!

Percussions and Repercussions

Check the karma;  at the end of the day?  some will get what's coming to them. 

In the meantime and between time?  O-Dizzle is funky drumming for them. 

It's all natural how we do this!! the vernal equinox?  the outback chronicles mentioned birds chirping.

It wasn't  natural how former royalty laid in the trap or  bluff..product exchanged after Nextel chirping.

Meanwhile God is working it out for me..back in the day? it wasn't nothing nice..but I'm a changed I move on to the next.. proceed and continue. 

Karma is a mother..please!! the sport is complex...I couldn't swag, front or flex..unlike Russia rolling up on the Ukraine..this bruh  backed away from the buffet!! I saw what's on the menu!

Johnny Guitar Watson said it was a real mother for ya!! some are lost like Malaysia Airline Flight 370..

What will the response? work is put in by these  brothas...percussions remind some of the repercussions...sometimes outcomes are heavenly...

What will be the response? work is put in..please!!! you can't tell me about hell being caught..we know about that!! back in the day strange fruit hung..

What will the response be? work is put in...Roland drums and Yamaha the Apple 5s is used for the good longer fooling with the Samsung..

What will the response be? whatcha knowing? Jordan Davis hung jury cases won't be the end of the story.. 

Check the message in the music...these percussions tell you about the repercussions..some will get whats coming to should know the story..



Thursday, March 20, 2014

Life Is Hectic Due To Glitches In The Matrix

What it do? this is a test and only a test of the emergency broadcast system. 

So what's up? blessed or stressed?  sometimes both at the same how are you living?

Life is hectic / chaotic....hustles? the system stressed..they'll knock barbarians were at the gate;  soon the arch nemesis is on the they're flipping out; ...things have gotten crazy! 

Toil and strife is ongoing!!  planes disappear like Flight 370 ...nefarious / robotic like moves were made by clones caught in the smoke and mirrors; its hazy!

We're all up in the spot dealing with technical difficulties / glitches in the matrix! 

The plot or scheme is exercised / facilitated by
some of us are caught up in the system / matrix! 

Team members fake it; but I wasn't they're like fans at Ohio State after losing to Dayton...they jump off the bandwagon!

I couldn't take it / real with it ...I'm not playing;  please!! this bruh is not out in mamby pamby a chuck wagon! 

...Its more like enter the dragon per Bruce Lee;  were going in  / getting it in! 

Life is hectic...were not fronting / flexing / swagging like Putin..but were overcoming these glitches in the matrix;  were just trying to win!

Life is hectic..knowing that we'll win some and lose some..the science is not perfect...

Toil and strife is the nature of the game..but were still in search of the perfect beat per Afrika Bambaataa...that's how we work it... 


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

GQ Podcast : Electro Mix & TwoThirds Guest Mix [Ep.127]

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out the GQ Podcast : with their  Electro Mix & TwoThirds Guest Mix [Ep.127]...check out the playlists and the mixes...

00:00 Rocket Pimp - Red Mist [Big Fish]
04:11 Noisestorm - Surge [Monstercat]
06:40 Black Tiger Sex Machine x Dead Battery - Rapid Fire [Kannibalen]
07:12 Timmy Trumpet - Freaks [Hussle]
09:01 Lets Be Friends - Only Time [Circus]

13:25 TwoThirds - Origami [Monstercat]
+ Matrix & Futurebound - Control (Feat. Max Marshall) [Viper/3beat]
15:45 Champion - ID [Unreleased]
17:51 InContext - Just Believe [Velcro City]
20:23 Smooth - Calling [Viper]
21:49 TwoThirds & Feint - Starscapes Ft. Veela (Rameses B Remix) [DNBR]
22:57 Sub Focus - Endorphins (Feat. Alex Clare) (Sub Focus vs Fred V & Grafix Remix) [RAM]
25:01 TwoThirds & Priority One - Untitled [Unreleased]
27:04 Champion - ID [Unreleased]
28:32 Madeon - Icarus (Fred V & Grafix Remix) [Popcultur]
31:02 TwoThirds - Universal [Monstercat]
33:18 Fox Stevenson - All This Time [Unreleased]
34:23 Astronaut - Rain (Priority One Remix)
36:12 TwoThirds - Forever Summer [Unreleased]
38:00 TwoThirds - Waking Dreams (Feat. Laura Brehm) (Drum & Bass VIP) [Monstercat]


Comedians and Politicians

I'm focused man!! soon I'll drop these clearance rack epiphanies!

 But the bogus flop like Vlade Divac from back in the  some are back in the way...check the interference from those that question the abilities! 

The fake even introduced technical difficulties..whats up with those and these? talking crazy like Rand Paul...I told you they're bogus!!  just a bunch of comedians and politicians! 

Similar to ATL wannabe macks and divas fronting, faking and swagging..understand? I told y'all!!  but some are still impressed by the glamour and glitz!!  heightening their  ambitions! 

I told y'all !! who'll understand these? now some are stressed;  nefarious missions were exposed like Russia rolling up on the Ukraine!

They'll fold you and mutilate you in the machine;  they're going
postal!!  like Flight 370 families?..some of you will feel the pain! 

Whats up mane?  that's what the ATL  player asked me!! but I see he's down with third wheelers,... paymasters and even  handcuffers!

 I stay in my lane;  but when rolling through Vine City I spotted soccer moms in Subaru Outbacks dealing with the Bluffers! 

Whats up mane? force fields and buffers were on the compound!! but the arch nemesis made an entrance! 

The opposite of Superman leaving the building!!  jokers weren't they're a person of interest!

Composites match Rothschild or Rockefeller charging interest..other nefarious means and methods were exposed..

Composites?  this brotha matched God's child..I dipped through rocking Rocafella jeans and polo shirts..charging it to the game with interest..rebuking comedians and politicians..they were exposed...

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

DJ Krush / Deep In Ill-Usion

Digital Crate Digging Continues..checking out  some future jazz / hip hop from DJ Krush  with a cut called Deep In Ill-Usion. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

All Up In The Spot / Damn!! I'm Sick Of The Technical Difficulties

Were all up in the spot!! damn!! we're still dealing with these technical difficulties!

 Hot due to global warming?  cold due to the polar vortex?  a
little of both? damn!!  whats up with these? 

Whats up with these earthlings? they're throwing salt into the game!!  now some try to play me the other way! 

They're acting brand new!!  like I just got here the other day! 

The Brotha "O"  will play the funk while this good word is dropped! 

Were recovering from Mercury retrograde; damn!!  whats up man?  now Mars and Saturn flip the script while we cosmic slopped!

I forgot...Brotha O hip hopped plus jazz was played..even house music or drum and bass...

The scheme or plot? O-Zone was hip to it...please!! it's just like sanctions against Russia were for show not for play...even though I felt the pressure..but I'm on the case...

Whose on my team? life is a marathon..we keep running the race..rolling like Kenyan marathon runners in the NYC..

Whose in my dream? part of the ongoing technical difficulties?  chaotic like Teddy Bridgewater's workout at Pro Day?

Check this veteran in the game now coaching; all up in the it a Love TKO like Teddy Pendergrass? needing a bridge over troubled waters like Simon and Garfunkel?  

I'm sick of all the technical jokers even question my abilities..aliens were trying to tell O-Dog how the funk should go...

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Quincy Jones featuring Bill Cosby / Hicky Burr

Sunday Jazz Continues...checking out this classic track from Quincy Jones  called Hicky Burr. This features none other than Bill Cosby on the track...being that it was once a theme for the Bill Cosby Show on NBC..check out the other players and the track...  


Observing The Scene / Peeping Game / Doing The Knowledge PT.2

I was chilling out in the hooptie.....parking lot pimping...I was doing what I do! 

Inspecting...observing the's like those  outback chronicles..I was just doing what I do! 

Saturday I-20 Chronicles went down...concepts were combined; now acting like I knew!!  but still messing up...inflicting internal and external damage!

 I'm trying to clean some of it up!!  some say its not repairable!! damn!!  spirits and souls were mined but scars are still open from the internal and external scrimmage! interlopers and highlanders interrupt the healing its not complete!

Wishers and hopers play games!! but they don't understand us...please!!  contracts were signed not to compete!

Wishing it was simple? please!! its not sweet...Chris Brown can testify to that after warrants were served...but that's how he tried to get down...

The ATL? this Louisville brotha will pimp / limp through...but its rough down here..some don't have a Lithonia? ...Christopher Brown burned the house down!! 

Its going down..observing the scene...peeping game...doing the knowledge...word from a veteran in the game now coaching...or running things like Phil Jackson with the New York Knicks... 

Its going down...observing the scene...peeping game...doing the knowledge...caught up in the action! let the healing process begin!  I have plenty of cuts, bruises, scars and nicks...

Its going down...feeling the pain...I didn't have to go to the Ukraine..I know whats up mane!! I wasn't sleeping in the game..the mothership gets good mileage..

Almost like Flight 370 from Malaysia...but I wasn't off course..please!! precise moves are made after observing the scene..peeping game...and doing the knowledge...


Saturday, March 15, 2014

I'm Trying To Make It Work For Me

Resources were scarce..jokers were fighting for them like the Russia / Ukraine Black Sea escapades!

Courses, classes and seminars are given...were fighting back..its about turning lemons into lemonade! 

...even though the old lemon / hooptie is next to Beemers Benzs and Escalades rolling through the ongoing parade down I-20 in Atlanta!

I'm making it work for me;  all praises due to the Lord!! for working it out for me per the Chicago Mass Choir!! understand a bruh? 

Where did the mothership land a bruh?  I'm down here with these earthlings after intergalactic journeys! 

A brother gets breakbeat scientific;  funk is dropped like Waffle House hash browns!! meanwhile down in Georgia and Florida crooked judges lash out at attorneys! 

Its rough on brothers per Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis; now check the Sonic Assault..lessons?  some learn these after the Sonic Blackjack swings!! but this is for the people like those attorneys Morgan and Morgan! 

Some don't learn!! they'll start shooting like Oscar Pistorius..they're hard headed / smoked out or drunk off that Captain Morgan!

Some don't learn..but I know what the deal is...that's why I put it down like this...

The world keeps turning..spinning on its axis..meanwhile I'm back with this...trying to make it work for I put it down like this!!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Reality Is A Good Teacher / Class Is In Session

Whats the deal? 1 was observing the officials worldwide looking for the Malaysia Airline Flight 370...I'm checking out the mess were in! 

Now I'm ready to I go there with mine...insight / knowledge is dropped..class is in session! 

Had the session on Blogster...they thought I was a I recognized where the fog was..due to smoke and mirrors..

Blessings from God continue..I stay's like Ukraine..out's no joke dealing with the horrors and terrors..
Using the sonic aggression to fight back!! please!!  I had to swing the blackjack! 

Whose messing with us?  now I'm sounding like the Beatles..get back jack! 

Whose stressing us?  Wall Street does!! along with G8 and G20 cartels! 

Whose blessing us? God is!! we rebuke the hate!! rolling down I-20 in Atlanta..up in the hooptie / tank with hard shells!

...a spirit or heart fails to process the stimuli properly...damn!!  now its broken! 

Demerits were issued to perpetrators as we continue to fight these haters!! using beats and English that is broken!

Whose fair with this? in love or war? nobody...reality should have taught that lesson well..

Who'll care about this? they're usually not checking for us but soon respecting we spin this tale...

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Jean-Luc Ponty / Egocentric Molecules

Digital Crate Digging was a rough day "on the grind"'s not the work it's the people you have to deal with. On this jazz rock track Jean-Luc Ponty   titled "Egocentric Molecules". You can visualize the sequence...Check it out!! 


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Local National International Intergalactic PT.3

Seeing what it do;  plus I heard what was said!!  jokers were trying to be funny like Obama and Zach Galifianakis..Republicans said they were wrong on so many levels!

 Local National International and Intergalactic? I knew what the deal is for a brother man; I'm dealing with so many devils! 

Plus their advocates; they'll rob you like Joel Osteen's  Lakewood church offering was hit up...some are fake in the hood...they're going off in this thing!! 

I'm back with it..but jokers found out I'm breakbeat scientific with opposition is met..check the deliberate falsehood.. because I'm doing the damn thing!!

I'm back with it! ...going off with it!! ..but I'm  not off course like Flight 370 from the Malaysia Airlines..but I deal with dangerous minds..they'll introduce the chaos theory! 

But I'm back with it; some play me the other way..other jokers might even say these remarks are inflammatory! 

Damned if we do or don't tell the story!!  we stand accused per Isaac Hayes! 

Once on top but falling off like Syracuse!! damn!!  they couldn't run their plays! 

Once on top!!  but prayers not answered..when actually they were! 

The Lord is still blessing them / maybe protecting them from what will occur! 

No justice no peace is the catch phrase... out here where the lines
blur in the grey area! 

The drama will be local national international or intergalactic;  dealing with irrational fanatics!!..check the scenario!

Monday, March 10, 2014

DJ Spinna featuring Heavy / We Can Change This World

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out DJ Spinna  featuring Heavy  with We Can Change This World (Club Mix) 

The Outback Chronicles / The Monday Blahs Edition

Check out these outback chronicles..the concept is not combined with I-20 escapades! 

Oh no!! not this time..chilling out..outside on my deck..relieving Monday morning blahs due to the ongoing charades!

 ATLiens were like Edward Snowden at SXSW...faking it!! deceiving some when they dipped in worn out Caddie Escalades and Jeep Grand Cherokees! 

Any justification? check the situation...they're out there in the mainstream of mathematics..qualification for santification? please!! aliens and usual residents weren't benevolent!! Adam Lanza's Pops didn't have an alibi...the drama is covered from all aspects ..even previous to the Trail of Tears per the Cherokees! 

Jokers sale drinks and beers to Cherokee and Biloxi gamblers
out for a fast like in Vegas they want to sue...meanwhile I raked leaves out in the backyard! 

Jokers tell outside and inside jokes to the "youts and blokes" were dealing with those thinking they're hard! 

Politicians skirt issues like Putin's reason for gaffling the Ukraine..but I was outside the box thinking hard!! that's per Eric B and Rakim's Master Plan! 

Paid in full or played like a fool per Omar Epps in a skirt? outside / outback on my deck I reflect... soon the Sonic Blackjack hits hard!!  that's whats up man! 

Disappearing like Malaysian jets..meanwhile I'm outside usual realms of reality cashing checks man!!  but not at the hood check cashing spot on the corner!  

ATLiens knew dude got his income tax refund...smashing and grabbing was the order!

...that was the order of we handle our business before it handles us...

Chilling out...I'm back on default settings ..I  had to hit the reset I knew where the handle was...

Local National International Intergalactic PT.2

It was like some back in the day type of stuff..jokers were on the corner / on the block harmonizing; They Wanted To Go Outside In The Rain..per Ron Banks and The Dramatics! 

Were out here on the corner / on the margin in this thing...hustles? haters knock.. per G20 and the banks!! were dealing with next level

...Plus next level fanatics were like Putin in Ukraine trying
to protect Russian Black Sea interests! 

..Plus these next level mathematics weren't disputing the truth;  were about that!!  unlike Rockefellers and Rothschild with the interest!

Rasputin had Salt Sea interest!! now you know the peace in the Middle East!

..Plus robbing, stealing and looting was the deally here in the ATL ..per smash and grabs..the Plan Z theory per that cliche no justice no peace!

..Plus more robbing, stealing and looting was on the way per ATL cartel meetings with Chris Christie and Nathan Shady Deal..

..Plus O-Dizzle is lobbing sonic grenades...Hazardous Material? naw..what we have is spiritual..thats whats up with me for those wanting to know the deal..

Whats the dizzle? charades continue to go down..its the usual routines, rites and rituals on local, national, international and intergalactic fronts...

The reign began with a whatcha know? irrational ones act erratic..making it rough for one who gathers and hunts..

The reign began with a drizzle..but soon the heavy hitter bunts..soon disappearing like Malaysia Airline Flight 370...

Now plans fizzle...was it due to ozone destroying chemicals in the atmosphere?..please O-Zone drops these subliminals..meanwhile God is shifting the atmosphere...the moves made are heavenly 




Sunday, March 9, 2014

What It Do? What It Does? Whats The Prognosis?

What it do? what it does? concepts are revisited like family reunions..when I was out in that's whats

What it do? what it does? per Flight 370 in Malaysia..inquiring minds should ask whats the prognosis?  lethal doses were
administered by the corrupt!

So whats up? the apparatus will play ya.. the devil and his advocates oppose this!!  but due to global warming they're skating on thin ice! 

Due to the polar vortex? it was enough to shutdown Atlanta;  understand a bruh!!  it "wasn't nothing"  nice! 

...Now the weather is nice;  70 degrees in March..check the madness..but not just NCAA...these jokers in the ATL walk down the street smoking Black and Milds!

..a hater said whatever!! ignoring six degrees of
poor whites, Mexicans and blacks pay high interest per Rothchilds! 

..and the Rockefellers..back in the day? I rocked with the goodfellas..Joe Pesci style..cut from a different cloth!!  this child of God is trying to find out what the deal is! 

Whats the prognosis? who can tell us?  lethal doses of the broth or elixir will make some find out how real it is!

The assignment?  I chose this!! but its no Mission Impossible..Ghost Protocal..

The alignment of planets affected the I land this on earth...dropping intergalactic funk, jazz and hip hop soul on y'all!!

Due to solitary confinement we couldn't "ball until we fall" ..please!! the arch nemesis was on the premises..they rolled up like Russia did the Ukraine.

Hostile territory scenarios are going down...whats the prognosis? we had to analyze the situation..its more mysterious than an X-File..but we'll maintain..



Maynard Ferguson / Over The Rainbow

Sunday Jazz Continues...I tell you ...this time change / daylight savings time has me in a dream like state...I'm like Maynard Ferguson ...looking somewhere Over The Rainbow...check out the players and the track...

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Final Call - Kenny Dope, Raheem Devaughn, FT.Rhymefest (Official Video)

Digital Crate Diggng Continues...checking out this epic video / track called Final Call - from Kenny Dope, Raheem Devaughn, FT.Rhymefest (Official Video)

The Jacksons - Let Me Show You (The Way To Go)

Digital Crate Digging Continues...cruising down I-20 in Atlanta listening to Youngblood on KISS 104...He put this classic on by the Jackson's... Let Me Show You (The Way To Go) sounded so nice I had to hear it twice!!

 Of course being the DJ I am I had to find an extended / remix version of it per Ruud Mixer  check it out!!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Robert Glasper Experiment / I Stand Alone

Digital Crate Digging Continues..checking out the  Robert Glasper Experiment  with I Stand Alone Featuring – Common, and  Patrick Stump

GQ Podcast : Drum & Bass Mix & The Prototypes Guest Mix [Ep.125]

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out the GQ Podcast : Drum & Bass Mix & The Prototypes Guest Mix [Ep.125] they put it down like this!!!! check out the playlists and the mixes...

00:00 Station Earth - Astral Walker [Liquicity]
02:12 Fliwo - Never Divide (feat. Charlotte Haining) [Audioporn]
04:25 LAXX - The Unknown (Emperor Remix) [Never Say Die]
07:01 Dan Dakota - Telecaster [Liquicity]
09:58 Flite - Featherfall (Rameses B Remix) [Sup Yo]

14:28 The Prototypes - Pale Blue Dot [Viper]
16:15 Dimension - Crowd Reaction VIP [CYN Music]
16:36 The Prototypes - Habitation [Shogun Audio]
18:21 Five Knives - Messin With My Mind (The Prototypes Remix) [Redbull]
19:46 Loadstar - Give It To Me (DC Breaks Remix) [RAM]
21:34 Mind Vortex - Gravity [RAM]
23:40 Audio - Head Room VIP [Virus]
25:26 Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Phantasm [Technique]
28:14 Hive - Neo (Audio Remix) [RAM]
28:58 State of Mind & Black Sun Empire - Unconcious [Free DL]
31:05 The Prototypes - Lights [Viper]
32:30 Original Sin - Screamers [Playaz]
33:34 Tantrum Desire - Nightmare [Technique]
34:36 The Prototypes - Abyss VIP [Drum&Bass Arena]
34:59 Skism - Elixir VIP [Never Say Die]
36:02 Wilkinson - Too Close (Frankee Remix) [RAM]
37:27 KG - Woodblock Riddim [Forthcoming Viper]
38:10 The Prototypes - Suffocate VIP [Free DL]
39:56 TC - Get Down Low [OWSLA]
42:00 The Prototypes - Just Bounce [RAM]