Sunday, September 19, 2010

Carolina Cruisin..Random Thoughts Edition

You'll have to assume the risk according to the fine print...

Part of the program for Temple Of The Doom resident..their version of the story..they're fine with it..

It's their story and they're sticking to it..even though they failed their first drug test like Lindsay Lohan..

Comes with the territory was the cliche heard...little homie in West Charlotte was heard asking you didn't know man?

Others will tell the story on Facebook..another form of snitching? said they're going for what they know man!!

Drama goes down when they're face to face with a crook..who'll get hit up? weapons and stolen vehicles they're ditching in the backwoods of North Carolina..who'll know man?

Who'll find them man? it's like that cult-like group in Palmdale California that's missing..

Old girl in Georgia asked what's it all worth?..heard her say "if you don't know you better find it" what's missing?

Plus old girl said "I know dats right" after the drama was like the Gaza Strip..

Some are waiting in the dark for answers..dodging therocks that are hurled..trying not to flip...

Meanwhile I'm trying to dip down I-85 in Charlotte..still Carolina Cruisin..

Please...things are all the way'll take more than ESPN of Fox Sports to tell you whose winning or losing...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Daily SMH: SC Senate President Dresses Up As Soldier With Slaves -

Daily SMH: SC Senate President Dresses Up As Soldier With Slaves -

Cam'ron & Jim Jones Diss Kanye Over "Runaway" Beat | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

Cam'ron & Jim Jones vs Kanye & Jay-Z

Cam'ron & Jim Jones Diss Kanye Over "Runaway" Beat | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

I was acting Random..

This brotha had to admit...I was acting these Thoughts are expressed...

...But another told me I had to commit to it!! bow down and kiss the ring..or I'll be stressed!!

What it do? the cold me will come out!! never affected by global warming like the Arctic ice... ...please be advised...

The old me is back!! like Mike I spanned the globe...brainstorming...similar to Hurricane Igor..check the winds, thunder and lighting...some are surprised..

Disco infernos were hot like the Mojave Desert..but plots and schemes are devised..

What did we learn? secret knowledge was gained..those waiting in the dark act surprised!!

This or that scenario can cause a returning the trophy like Reggie Bush.. ..premises are vacated..promises dessert after the full course meal..

It's like this and like that from the Gaza the barrio to the the ghetto..of course it's real!!

...Of course it's skill somebody will tell you!! but the Lord blessed them!!

..Of course it's real..after coping strategies fail you..after the board stressed them..

....Board of directors?..chairman of the board?... whistle blowers and snitches confessed to them..

In Iraq and Afghanistan? enemy defectors dress in US Army'll rain on them..who deals with karmic repercussions? there's no rest for them..

UN weapons inspectors had another test for them like Iran and North Koreans..what are they holding?

Districts sectors and territories are ugly and beautiful!! what are you beholding?

District attorneys are folding warrants and indictments....even though it's the last season..there won't be an Oprah makeover..

Brand new funk and random thoughts are dropped..our reaction to The Hostile Takeover..

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Amy Winehouse Sings Again on Quincy Jones Album

Amy Winehouse Sings Again on Quincy Jones Album

No Death Penalty For Cops Charged In Katrina Shootings | News One

No Death Penalty For Cops Charged In Katrina Shootings | News One

Al Sharpton: News Corp Spreading Lies About NAN Finances | News One

Al Sharpton: News Corp Spreading Lies About NAN Finances | News One

No Honor Among Thieves..

No honor among you know crooks are mad because they didn't get their cut..

No honors or medals given..if they are they'll be taken back like Reggie Bush's Heisman Trophy.. the system deceives...the whole game is corrupt..

The's all game!! but we're still working on a come dealing with bad breaks and setbacks..

Who's bad like Micheal Jackson's joint? whose appointed? situations enhanced by fakes..wanting us to get back!!

Back up in the action!! back up in the spot..whose pumping breaks? then they'll get back in the race..

All up in the spot!! rolling through torture chambers..haters were back in our face..

Things have gotten warming? in these danger zones..I'm Still Here like Joaquin Phoenix... who else is on the case?

The fabric will rot..too much sunlight? who has the tanned face?

Another is banned from the race..persuaded not to follow through..said they would never burn Qurans.. who can learn from this man? whose waiting in the dark for an answer?

Please..reality jammed weapons in our face...get on the ground!! get on the ground!! like an episode of Cops.. haters laughed at a dancer...

Actually? O-Dog jammed..a dancer just might they Transcend and Transform; during the ongoing storm knowledge is dropped..

During the police chase..authorities rammed the vehicle..using pit maneuvers..whose doing what behooves us? soon suspects are dropped..

Whatcha know? the madness never stopped...somebody mentioned conspiracy theories..whose posted up at ground zero?

Whatcha know? who came back with this and that drama? like they found a hero..

Whatcha know? who did the math? the equation equaled zero..what's the formula?

No honor among thieves? whatcha facing? who believes? who deceives? who receives? reality has another storm for ya!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Has America Forgiven Chris Brown? | The Urban Daily

Has America Forgiven Chris Brown? | The Urban Daily

CAPTION THIS: 50 Cent Face-To-Face With Jay-Z | The Urban Daily

CAPTION THIS: 50 Cent Face-To-Face With Jay-Z | The Urban Daily

The Jury Is Still Out...Deliberating...

What's the verdict? the jury of our peers were still our deliberating..

How will we work it? American like George Clooney? kinfolk arrived during middle O-Dog steers the Mothership towards greener pastures..what's the deal? is it artificial or astro turf? O-Zone is collaborating....

This is the ultimate combo for those Damon Wayans..My kids and My Wife in syndication..but facing confusion and heightens...the situation is critical..

Whatcha know? a shade tree mechanic tightens screws..lacking skills like Mr. Good Wrench.. now the outcome is pitiful..

Whose waiting in the dark? they were cut like Matt Leinart..please!! or not given a second chance like dude from Jet should know a shady fanatic wants us to get caught out there!!

Back in the day? waiting in Shawnee Park..up in Louisville..enjoying the car and fashion show..oh yeah!! we went there!!

...all up in the spot where I got my game from..if you want to blame one..

Like they do Obama...or even like they did George Bush...what's the deal? Ecstasy needed like T.I & Tiny?.. or maybe some dry Kush...what's the deal? not much has changed..I'm still the same one..

Whose trying to tame one? game on like the NFL!! whose a certified resident of the wild kingdom?

No shame shown by one...whose part of drama royalty? king? queen? whose the one?

I've had my shares of ups and downs like the line used by The Pips and Gladys Knight...

What's up? haters truth or dared folks get played 24/ Kid Cudi..Day and Night..

Wasn't scared them or those..did I play it right? whose second guessing? the jury is still deliberating..

Nobody shared with them or those!! please!!! some haven't stopped hating...

Others haven't stopped debating irrelevant issues..even talk about a grim outlook..deploying weapons of mass distraction..

What's the verdict? the jury is still deliberating..bear witness to how we work it..we're in the middle of the action...