Saturday, June 30, 2018

Deep & Underground Sounds | Superordinate Dub Waves | Techno/Minimal/Deeptech | Mixed By Johnny M

Digital Crate Digging Continues!!  this segment?  I like to call the Saturday Night Fever...

The saga / struggle continues as I like to say!! legitimate arguments are presented to a non- believer..

O-Zone? not an underachiever!! music will play and this good word is dropped; winning like Trump says he is?

Danger zone administrators will deceive another, meanwhile this brotha presents beats that bump! part of this breakbeat scientific business..

That's what the deal is!! listening to Deep and Underground Sounds | Superordinate Dub Waves | Techno/Minimal/Deeptech | Mixed By Johnny M 

Per the sound selector? it's almost two hours of deep, atmospheric, underground and afterhours sound; check out the playlist and the mix, to see what he's saying!!


01. Deeperwalk - Hirider (Original Mix) 00:00 

02. Nae Tek - Calibration (Twenty Three Remix) 07:38 

03. Nae Tek - Secure (Lanski' Empty Gene Remix) 14:24 

04. Subset - Skyline (Crispin Remix) 18:16 

05. Deeperwalk - One Day (dEEPoint RETAPE) 26:22 

06. Nae Tek - Encoding (Original Mix) 35:12 

07. Nae Tek - Wave 4 (Zoltan Ban Remix) 39:58 

08. Ekstendia - Salvia (Ray Saul Remix) 47:22 

09. Grisha (RU) - Random Memories (Original Mix) 54:15 

10. Twenty Three - Sporo & Duboko (Grisha RU Remix) 1:00:04 

11. Les Volga - Window Strains (Original Mix) 1:06:09 

12. Grisha (RU) - Everyday Is Different (Original Mix) 1:10:39 

13. NaeTek - A Beautiful Place (Last Of Me Remix) 1:15:40 

14. Nae Tek - G-Wave (Original Mix) 1:22:01 

15. Deeperwalk - Resetter (Jay Phonic Remix) 1:27:18 

16. Deeperwalk - Photons Resonate (Jenevesky Remix) 1:33:23 

17. R.Hz - Ice Cold (Original Mix) 1:40:00 

18. Nae Tek - Autonoesis (Asvajit Remix) 1:46:37

Friday, June 29, 2018

Board Of Directors - Hanging Tough

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the Flashback Friday / Friday Night Fever conjunction..

Trying to get down! the mothership crashed back down on earth, so we'll drop the funk son..

Mixing it up with a little jazz, so we won't spaz out here; might crank call Air Force One like Stuttering John..

Digging deep in the crates; jazz funk is found out there!! plus this good word is dropped by O-Zone..

Not dealing with these debates that lead nowhere, even though like the Board Of Directors we're Hanging Tough..

Flashback Friday / Friday Night Fever business is being handled!! it's more than enough...

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Barry White and His Orchestra - Don't Forget ... Remember

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday; it's going down like this...

Going back and moving forward, then we'll bring the sound to you like this...

Trying to use the sound as a vehicle, the sound is weaponized to fight this or that battle..

Some will be able to see what it do; these weapons surprised the enemy in the midst of the battle..

Knowledge is dropped by Barry White and His Orchestra  with a track called Don't Forget ... Remember

Knowledge? it needs to be done, check the insight so we won't come undone!! remember..

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The Soultrend Orchestra (feat. Groovy Sistas) - 84 King Street - DJ Meme Back to Paradise Remix

This  HumpDay Extravaganza edition of Digital Crate Digging is going down!! it's on!!

Getting over the hump using digital or analog styles,  plus this good word from O-Zone..

It's on!! we're not playing around we're just playing the sound that gets the masses moving!! the mission? we didn't abort!!

It's on!! rebuking plots and schemes like Trump and Republicans concerning Justice Anthony Kennedy's spot on the Supreme Court..

It's on!! visions of nuking like North Korea still working on their program? naw!! plus we didn't rock a slow jam!!

Check the scenario; listening to The Soultrend Orchestra (feat. Groovy Sistas)  - 84 King Street - DJ Meme Back to Paradise Remix; now this is the jam!!

What's The Business? PT. 2 (Another HumpDay Extravaganza)

What's the business? it's another HumpDay Extravaganza!! we're rolling down I-20 in Atlanta listening to Good Times by Chic; told you earlier about the perpetual motion! oh yes!! disco infernos are still effect.

What's the business? trying to get over the hump, understand a brotha? blistering hands heal after the lotion is put on them!! damn!! it was due to the blue collar effect.

What's the business? emotions shown like Dennis Rodman in North Korea?   blues like Ben E King or even BB King? whose chasing the dollar or Euro but still getting no respect?

What's the business? notions a brotha has, so he pulls the plug out of the outlet; he'll disconnect.

Checked the scenario;  like Ben Jealous and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez winning Tuesday primaries or even this 90 degree Atlanta weather I noticed the heat was on!! Trump said we're supposed to be mad at the game not the player.

They said don't get jealous it's business not personal,  but I see what kind of work they do!! protect your aura with another layer.

In other words? take advice from the old school baptist preacher, say a prayer!! meanwhile we'll take care of business trying to work with ya.

What's the business? check the style, spiritual warfare is going down!! we were on the frontlines getting hurt with ya.

What's the business? check the style; like Comcast and AT&T bandwidths are throttled!!  Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein type of players find out that old methods no longer apply!! networks are full of snitches / glitches.

What's the business?  even though it's June per AT&T / NSA collaborations it's cold out here / out there!! but check these new and improved methods as we fool with this.

What's the business? Supreme Courts against unions?  per this Humpday Extravaganza / family reunion we'll drop this good word and a tune, check the elaborations!! 

What's the business? now Justice Anthony Kennedy wants to retire / resign after mission abortions check the situations...

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Grant Green - A Time To Remember (Osunlade Remix)

Terrible / Terrific Tuesday? that's what I call it because things can be good or bad, positive or negative!! 

It can go either way, let the music play!! still down for the cause, that's how we're trying to deal with it..

What more can I say? we'll just try to hook up a little something that'll speak for us....

What more can I say? we'll rebuke a crook that's  up in this piece trying to wreak more havoc on us..

It's on us!! like Grant Green A Time To Remember is reflected upon, good or bad..

This is the Osunlade Remix, breakbeat science we continue to kick!! it's rad...

Black Coffee @ Ibiza 2018 Tribute Mix by "The Man Who Creates Clouds "

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I call Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; things can go either way...

Counting my blessings not biting the hand that feeds me; seeds are planted by me, so I'll let the music play...

Let us play giving thanks, meanwhile  pulling rank is the strategy of others with the Trump Muslim Ban endorsed by the Supreme Court...

..set up by Mitch McConnell "it ain't hard to tell"; meanwhile beats will continue to bump as we keep hustling man!! O-Zone lets the team know about the complex sport..

O-Zone will not abort the mission, listening to Black Coffee @ Ibiza 2018 Tribute Mix by "The Man Who Creates Clouds "

It's on!! check out the playlist and the mix!! the mission? going off seems to be!! checking outthis sound that moves the crowds..

Pablo Fierro - La Palma (Original Mix)

 Frederick Stone - Lamentin (Original Mix) 

 Mario Bianco - Omnia Munda Munis (Original Mix) 

 Oliver Koletzki, Niko Schwind - The Flute Song (Original Mix) 

 Mario Bianco - Omnia Munda Munis (Original Mix) 

 Keinemusik (Rampa, Adam Port, &ME) - Operator (Original Mix) 

 Raidho - Dreamin feat. T.Etno (El Mundo Remix) 

 David Mayer, Floyd Lavine feat. Xolisa - Sondela (Instrumental) 

 Frankey & Sandrino - Wandering (Phonique Remix) Innellea - Escaping Nambaka (Original Mix)

 Keinemusik - Muy√® (Black Coffee Remix)

Monday, June 25, 2018

Pat Metheny & Joshua Redman "Wish" Quartet - Turnaround

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday..

I started out with a house music vibe, now the jazz will play...

Let the music play? that's the motto!! we follow through on that principle..

Let the music play? that's the motto!! this sonic assault will rebuke the so called invincible..

What's the deal?  check out Turnaround from Pat Metheny & Joshua Redman aka The "Wish Quartet"

Check out the players and the track as we bring it back!! we won't stop or quit!!

Pat Metheny: Guitar

Joshua Redman: Saxophone

Charlie Haden: Bass

Billy Higgins:  Drums....

"The Summer Soundtrack" (A Soulful House Mix) by DJ Spivey

Music Monday is underway! it's reflected in this edition of Digital Crate Digging...

Let the music play is the motto!! of course you heard that from me before!! we're doing the damn thing!!

We keep it moving like Harley Davidson leaving the US to avoid tariffs; damn!! did Trump think that thing through?

We keep it moving, misbehaving with this? others weren't fair with this and that so this is the rebuttal..

Listening to this good house music from "The Summer Soundtrack" (A Soulful House Mix) by DJ Spivey..

Check out the playlist and the mix!! the funky drummer is back with this good house music, showing you how all the way live will be!!

The Summer Soundtrack:

0:00:00 Could Heaven Ever Be Like This by Re-Tide, Moon Rocket

0:07:30 Summer Breeze (Raw Artistic Soul Remix) by N'dinga Gaba feat. Sahffi 

0:14:06 Clarity (Soul Addicts Original Vocal) by Tasha LaRae, DJ Pope, Sean Ali & Munk Julious

0:23:02 Ain't Nobody Like You (Jihad Muhammad Remix) by Lemel Humes

0:28:49 The Love I Lost (Main Mix) by Stacey Kidd 

0:35:19 All She Wants To Do Is Me (FUZION Club Mix) by Peabo Bryson 

0:40:17 Stairway to Heaven (Spen & Thommy's Direct Drive Re-Edit) by Randy Roberts, Richard Burton. DJ Spen 

0:46:55 Linda (AmFlow Mix Inst.) by House of Stone, K-Modi, AmFlow

0:52:13 Reflexiones (Unreleased David Harness 2018 ReRub) by Ovidio

0:58:17 Aquarian Voyage by Byron The Aquarius

1:03:48 Without Your Love (Spen & Thommy Heavy Vibes Mix) by Spencer Morales, Randy Roberts, DJ Spen, Thommy Davis

1:09:40 He Promised Me by Louie Vega, Bebe Winans feat. Tobbi, Tommi & Kiandra 

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Beats International - Dub Be Good To Me (Smith & Mighty Rmx)

Sunday Jazz Continues, what else besides gospel music should play on Sunday? 

I know, BET Awards are tonight but I took a different flight; I-20 in Atlanta was the runway...

I'm done playing around now I just play the sound and insight is dropped per this good word...

I'm done playing around, I just play the sound!! some were mesmerized like they smoked some good herb..

You heard? we're out here  listening to some Norman Cook produced  Beats International with Dub Be Good To Me (Smith and Mighty Rmx) 

Some jazzhop / soul jazz / dub will cook in the kitchen; traditionalists will snub!! no telling what O-Dizzle will put in the mix!!

This is a version of the SOS Band classic written and produced by Jimmy Jam Harris and Terry Lewis

We're working it out, something different!! of course some won't be fair with us, you know they'll act brand new with us..

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Upbeat House June 2018

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the Saturday Night Fever; it's going down like this!!

Jazz funk / jazz fusion played earlier, some were able to work with a brotha putting it down like this!!

We're moving on!! changing speed / changing gears / switching gears like we're in the switchgear room..

Blue collar / mechanical engineering was mentioned earlier, we had work to do!! the beats will boom...

We'll shake the room with this Upbeat House June 2018 mix courtesy of DJ Steve Adams

We'll shake the room!! check out the playlist and the mix plus the consensus; this cat is jamming!!

1. Soulsearcher - Can't Get Enough (Angelo Ferreri Extended Sweety Remix)

2. Jerome Robins - Groovejet (If This Ain't Love) (Earth n Days Remix) 

3. Mark Knight - Eighty Six 

4. Piem - Love Commandments (Alaia & Gallo Remix) 

5. Eddie Pay & Richard Grey - Professional Widow 

6. Candi Staton & Yuga - You Got The Love (Incognet Remix) 

7. Boris Roodbwoy - Is It You (No Hopes Remix) 

8. Till West & DJ Delicious - Same Man (Misha Klein & No Hopes 2018 Remix)

9. Simon Adams & Stefano Mango - If 

10. Nick Hook & Martin Sharp - No Turning Back 

11. Dennis Ferrer vs Privatti & Placencia - Hey Hey (Capo & Comes Edit) 

12. Block & Crown & Chris Marina - I Wanna Get Down 

13. Kevin Andrews - Start To Dance 

14. Antoine Clamaran, Agua Sin Gas - Made Me Funky

15. Ninetoes - Finder (Lizzie Curious Remix)

16. Scotty Boy & Lizzie Curious - Groove Is In The Heart (Club Mix)

Friday, June 22, 2018

Johnny Hammond - Rock Steady

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! real Flashback Friday business will be conducted....

Of course the saga / struggle continues, how will we play? unlike Trump supporters we won't be corrupted..

Of course the saga / struggle continues, but we know how the sport goes!! big ballers won't be picked up in the NBA Draft..

Of course the saga / struggle continues!! let me be the first to tell you it's rough out here!! bearing witness after we did the math!!

We stayed on course / stayed on the path, like this Aretha Franklin track worked out by Johnny Hammond called  Rock Steady..

Check out the players and the track, this is real Flashback Friday business as we continue to rock steady...

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

It's a Very Deep House ' Summer Mix 2018

The Humpday Extravaganza is underway!! this good word is dropped, plus this good music will play..

Getting over the hump with this digital crate digging continues!! breakbeat scientific with it!! what can I say? 

Juneteenth will morph into the Summer Solstice, as we roll up with this!! still out on I-20 in Atlanta..

Getting free and staying free!! the funky drummer rolls like this!! somebody will understand a brotha!!

It's a Very Deep House ' Summer Mix 2018 plays in the background as I type this!!

Check the playlist and the mix!! this is courtesy of LTB Music, observe the scene so you can see what the hype is!!

00:00 Cloudsteppers - Make Me Shine (Jon Silva's Soda Inc. Remix)

06:45 Deep Active Sound - Checked Life 

12:48 Addex - It Goes On

18:06 Joe Davis - Love Affair (Diamond Dealer Remix)

23:05 Marvin Zeyss - Nothing Lasts Forever

27:48 Rivers - Soft (Dani Zavera Remix)

32:12 George Pearson - Journey (Original Mix)

37:50 Mark Schubert - Butterflies (Addex Remix)

42:32 Aaron Und Pascal - 9 Is My Best Friend (Original Mix)

50:08 Addex - Saffron

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Housemechanix Featuring Marley Monroe - Fantasy (Jay Vegas Disco Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues! this is the Terrible /Terrific Tuesday segment...

Outcomes have been a little bit of both; work was still put in we didn't play it like a sloth, word from this sonic regiment!!

Pulled out drums plus this good word is dropped; the broth or elixir is served to our constituents..

Pulled out sums / products and other answers after doing the mathematic formulas, not high on opiates or barbiturates..

Fooled out there, seeing what the storm does? now listening to Housemechanix Featuring Marley Monroe with a track called Fantasy (Jay Vegas Disco Remix)

What it do / what it does? your all up in the house with these mechanics putting it down blue collar style when we get breakbeat scientific..

Genetic Funk Ft Mr. V - The Believe (Atjazz Remix )

Chilling out on a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; I call it this because things can go either way..

It's a a blessing to be here, on the cusp of the Summer Solstice; O-Dizzle the funky drummer told us to let the music play!!

Not stressing out here, but on the cusp of it; it's easy to get caught up!! the soul is under attack..

...along with the mind and spirit; who'll issue a demerit or two? act like you knew.we're under attack..

We're back!! digital crate digging continues as we listen to this good house music from Genetic Funk Ft Mr. V with  The Believe (Atjazz Remix )

Perfect for a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday or whenever; due to his genetic makeup O-Dizzle is a funky soul brother!! O-Zone tells his constituents to believe as he gets breakbeat scientific..

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Lou Donaldson / Bag Of Jewels

Sunday Jazz  Continues...damn!! still chilling out

...checking out this classic soul / jazz!!  next up?

Lou Donaldson with Bag Of Jewels ....check out the all star line-up and the track..

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Best of Nu Jazz - Funky Soul Music Vibes

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday; how will the work be? 

Blue collar style, with a touch of retro-futuristic principles; plus a dude is still hungry / thirsty..

Hunting / gathering soulful sounds from the past, present and the future; it's like the Inspector General looking at actions taken by James Comey..

..concerning Clinton e-mails and Trump / Russia; some feel the pressure per these jokers playing games,  homie! 

Ain't that a shame homie was what the George Clinton like veteran in the game told the rookie;  meanwhile beats thump as this brotha listens to this the Best of Nu Jazz - Funky Soul Music Vibes, courtesy of the Acid Jazz channel..

Check the playlist and the mix!! there are nice vibes going down!! somebody will understand a brotha..


 01. Lo Greco Bros, Flow Bop - Night Concert 00:00

02. Bossa Nostra - Home Is Where The Hatred Is [Remastered]. 06:21 

03. Rumba de Bodas - Not Falling in Love 11:51 

04. The Soultrend Orchestra - Fire 16:42 

05. Clan Greco - Broken 21:05 

06. Lo Greco Bros - Velvet 24:36 

07. Gazzara - Forever True 29:21 

08. Ltj Xperience - Slow Fire 32:37 

09. Papik - The Beauty of the World 38:26 

10. Redsolution - Gate 74 [I Still Believe] 42:27 

11. Capiozzo, Mecco, Santimone - Mr. Gospel 46:02 

12. Papik, Fabio Tullio - E Penso a Te 51:15 

13. Bossa Nostra - Serrado 54:54 

14. Jerome van Rossum - Truth 01:01:44 

15. DJ Rodriguez - Rain 01:06:14 

16. Orange Factory - Round the Way Girl 01:10:51 

17. 2 Men 4 Soul - Spread Your Sax [Remastered] 01:15:28 

18. Jestofunk - The Ghetto 01:20:43 

19. Mysterious Traveller - The Guitar the Drums the DJ 01:27:50 

20. Ltj Xperience - I Dont Want This Groove to Ever End 01:33:39

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

90's Underground Hip Hop Mix - Rare & Classic

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this segment I like to call the Humpday Extravaganza!!

Putting it down!! this sonic regiment is rolling up on jokers!! we're  trying to get over the hump, understand a brotha?

We've dropped that good word, listened to some house music plus some jazzhop...

Science is dropped, it's that the breakbeat variety when we're in the house; haters want us to spaz so we can quit / stop..

Your dude even  hip hopped, listening to 90's Underground Hip Hop Mix - Rare & Classic courtesy of Nicola Armellin

Dude did some serious crate digging!! that 90's hip hop is classic material!! check the playlist and the mix to see how he's dealing!!

Invisible Inc. - Pure 

Godfather Don - Do My Thing

Distortionists - Dope Compensation

K Mack - In Baltimore 

Ghetto Chilldren - I'm an MC 

Cipher Complete - Last Breath 

Mikst Nutz - No Hook

Sharpshooters feat. Four Fifths - Analyze 

Shrlock - For What It Was 

Rhetoric - Love Or The Loot

World Renown - Long Gev 

K-Otix - Do You Wanna Be an MC 

Reggie Reg - Presence Of The Past

 Emanon - Blind Individuals

What's The Business? PT.1 (HumpDay Extravaganza Edition)

Like pundits trying to analyze the Trump Kim Summit, this dude is asking, what's the business?

Oh!! I'm doing what I usually do, the good word and drumkit are deployed on some breakbeat scientific business..

The HumpDay Extravaganza is going down but Flashback Friday thoughts of "player players"  riding down Broadway up in Louisville in the Brown Brothers Caddie Sedan Deville came to mind;  jokers said they're moving on up like the Jeffersons

Getting over the hump?  please, we'll all  need to say prayers as the drama goes down everywhere!! from Louisville to the ATL to over in the Middle East;  just different sessions.

What it do? aggression is on the rise!! even though AT&T and Time Warner talk about a $85 million dollar deal the economy is jacked up!! oh!! the employment rate is down but wages are stagnant, so what's really going on? I noticed that the morale is low.

What's the business? we keep on pushing like Impressions!! we play through the Draymond Green type of flagrant fouls, we already know how policies implemented by the foul would go!

What's the business? during these sessions I'm observing the scene; the structure was falling apart!! it was just a shell of itself like Sears and K-Mart!  was it all just a lie?  so  whatcha know?

What's the business? during these sessions I'm observing the scene, soon I'll be ready to roll, so how far will the dial go? pushing the button / putting the money down / paying the price / paying dues; Triple Crown like Justify? win, place or show?

What's the business? will doing the mathematics qualify man for sanctification? any justification? now some sound like Florida from Good Times.

Damn Damn Damn is heard!! now interpreting symbols!! looking for good signs.

What's the business? Chic said these are the Good Times so I govern myself accordingly like an old school Baptist preacher would say..

What's the business? per this HumpDay Extravaganza we'll continue to get breakbeat scientific!! this good word is dropped and the music will play!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Arthur Blythe - Lenox Avenue BreakDown

What it do? Sunday Jazz, err I mean Digital Crate Digging Continues!!

Terrible / Terrific Tuesday is the time frame; things can go either way!!  the saga / struggle continues!!

Actually? things have been crazy, life is hectic!! nothing will be gained from a summit like Trump and Kim..

We still flex / exercise our weapons, hopefully they are provocative!! beats thump / O-Dizzle is rocking!!

We still flex / exercise our weapons of the sonic variety!! we're checking out Arthur Blythe with a track called Lenox Avenue BreakDown 

...named after that great street in Harlem now called Malcolm X Boulevard!! check out the players and the track as they go hard /  break it down!!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Detroit Emeralds - Set It Out

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Music Monday, but I'm playing it like it's Flashback Friday!!

..or maybe Throwback Thursday, going back like I'm hungry / thirsty backtracking to the point before I strayed.. course;  but of course I'll take it back to the future in need of a suture to close the wounds from time traveling...

Par for the course, maybe below like Tiger Woods in his prime but on the way back; we're mystery unraveling..

Digging deep in the crates; it's tight in these hoods so this is how we play!! back with this track from The Detroit Emeralds  called Set It Out..

Digging deep in the crates; it's tight in these hoods so this is how we play!! pulling out a gem / emerald; check it out!!

Robert Glasper Experiment - Day To Day (KAYTRANADA Remix/Audio)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Music Monday, as we proceed and continue...

The saga / struggle continues? of course it does!! bad meals were prepared by chefs in hells kitchen, just check the menu..

Whatcha been through? dealing with the madness? now some want to have a summit like Trump and Kim...

Whatcha been through? we're back with this!! we'll deploy the drumkit, it's on!! once again!!

Once again it's on!! we're listening to Robert Glasper Experiment with  Day To Day (KAYTRANADA Remix/Audio)

Casey Benjamin helped out with the vocals, word to the locals?  once again it's on!! we're trying to get a grasp on it per Music Monday / Monday Motivation!! somebody might understand a brotha, check the scenario!!

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Machine Drum - Gunshotta

Sunday Jazz Continues!! your dude is out here putting it down like this!!

Son is jazz funking, soul jazzing and jazz hopping;  we're putting it down like this!!

This is that music from out there in the grey area where the boundaries are blurred..

Oh yes!! a traditional jazz fanatic but grey areas scenarios affected the sound, after the drama occurred!!

It's going down from Louisville to Chicago with the shot spotters / to LA with predictive policing to NYC with Rudy Giuliani's stop and frisk...

It's going down, so what's the deal? Machine Drum with Gunshotta will play!! drum and bass and Sunday Jazz?  this is what I call electrojazz!! what will the repsonse be? naysayers will probably  say tsk tsk tsk...


Saturday, June 9, 2018

Were They Bulletproof? PT,9

Were they bulletproof? jokers were talking out of the side of their necks like Rudy Giuliani; Trump recollections keep changing so  they didn't know all the details.

Arrogant and aloof? per the Saturday Night Fever? digital crate digging continues as O-Dizzle peeps through record collections, meanwhile others were balking instead of pitching!!  another disrespects!! out into the galaxy?  this dude sails. 

The launching pad was I-20 in Atlanta!!  what's the dizzle? some say the train of thought ran off the rails like it was Amtrak. 

We're rolling like Justified winning the Triple Crown when the sonic assault is dropped while bewitching hours had others distracted;   damn!!  it had an impact. 

Justified for getting down like this?  oh yes!!  even though we'll admit we're not bulletproof!! we're switching between dropping this good word and a funky track or two; this is the business. 

No justice no peace? of course not, while we're on this earth we're not bulletproof!! wishing authorities weren't tracking us like the NSA,  or maybe like Cambridge Analytica was but that's the business. 

No justice no peace? still getting breakbeat scientific!!  I'm in the lab writing code and pushing buttons. 

Were others bulletproof? Trump and the G7 aren't united so we're trying to make a break for it;  reality is still  punishing gluttons. 

 Some will try to tell them what they're going through is nothing,  but everybody's level of tolerance is different.

All of us are going through it in one way or another,  we just have to deal with it. 

Still with it?  but these fanatics that think they're bulletproof will disrespect you and me!! they're empowered by Donald Trump type attitudes!!  it was shrewd how he played them. 

Real with it when we get breakbeat scientific?   how did they expect us to be? were they bulletproof? per the deep state some are  realizing that power is still maintained by the establishment in one form or another;  who prayed for them?

DJ Premier - The Premier Tape VOl.4

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Saturday morning; it was once prime time for this blog..

But life is hectic, if it's not one thing it's another!! that's word from the Brotha O-Dog...

Smoke / fog enhanced by mirrors?  another deceptive practice implemented by these thespians? 

Jokers danced with the devil, calling themselves trying to level up!! first responders restoring them!! default settings; I'm even on default settings listening to this hip hop from DJ Premier with The Premier Tape VOl.4...

It's courtesy of Nas Kingdom, check the featured songs!! missed on couple of episodes,  I'll catch up on my pimping;  going for what I know!!