Sunday, May 30, 2010

It's All Game....They Even Said They Had Game!!

..................shady like grady...........

They bragged!! said they had game!! but like Phoenix Suns.. they lacked offense and defense!!

They swagged and surfed!! what's it all worth? it's based on visions they had!! looking on the other side of the fence.

Hope they weren't surfing in the Gulf of Mexico.. meanwhile a brotha continues to the ill circumstance? astro turf gave player players bad knees and the turf toe!!

Floating through the galaxy aka the stream of consciousness....the cosmic slop is like a cosmic bullet; I'm dropping funk on earth below.

A bruh has work to do!!! that's word from BP!!... plus word from the Isley Brothers.

Heard the word on the curb!! what are they trying to do to you? like Johnny Guitar Watson they had real mothers.

....For ya!! from The Gaza Strip to Florida!! haters even tried to hit up Times Square.

What it do? Florida from Good Times said Damn Damn Damn!! while Rick James busted out of L-7 square!

As we go there!! damn!! slick ones had games!! slick with it and sick with it.

Not an Easy Rider like Dennis Hopper!! Alarms go off!! security heightens...while a bruh enlightens!! but telling you..there's a trick to it.

Good word dropped!! funk kicked to it!! but that's business as usual.

"Aint no love" morale was low!! but Tom Jones said to be loved by someone is not unusual!!

Act like you knew a bro!! O-Zone is putting it down.

O-Dog launched the Sonic Assault!! due to the hell we caught!! now entering attack zones....bringing the sound.

Standing our ground!! authorities trump up charges!! they're litigating actresses and actors.

Knew what was going down!! did the math!! I studied the mitigating factors.

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Return Of The Hot Messenger..Once Again It's On!!

they said I was a hot me the hot messenger

Things were a hot mess!! what's up with this? that's word from the Gulf Of Mexico..things are chaotic..hectic!! but some were loving it.

....please!! I'm not trying to impress a critic or pundit!! spotted others pushing and shoving for it.

Told ya!!check the mosques attacked in Pakistan!! some are loving it!! the drama!! who stressed us? a fanatic!! they tried to assume authority.

But out of there jurisdiction!! other fanatics told them there's no room in the territory!

Pure or pulp fiction? ultimate contradiction!! who tells the story?

We bring the pure funk!! plus were kicking knowledge..but like the BP Oil Spill whose placed on hold? caught up in red tape and bureacracy.

West End Louisville was locked down during the Kentucky Derby..but heard its a democracy?

It gets way too real!!! who will recognize the hypocricy?

Plans are exposed for rocking me and my kinfolk!! trying to strand us.

Out here out there on the Titanic sinking did love abandon us?

Ain't no love!! no justice no peace!! it's like being attacked by Israeli warplanes in the Gaza Strip!! fanatics cause chaos and mayhem.

They're loving it!! the hot mess!! some get paid during the process! others lose money like banks closing...the rest of us are praying.

Not playing around with these folk!! this bruh wasn't feeling their spirit.

They tried to play a bruh like a joker!! even tried to play my folk..CIA drones fly!! but I stayed strong I didnt fear it.

A bruh went for broke!! beyond the hot mess!! but they said I didnt clear it with proper authorities.

Check this hot messenger with broken beats and english!! breaking you off proper when we tell these stories.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Checking Out The Climate.

The climate has changed!! slick like oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico? I expected technical difficulties.

Crimies havent changed!! banks fold!! slick with new and improved methods and techniques!! check the cults of personalities.

In spiritual warfare? fatalities are considered collateral damage.

Habituals go there!! greedy..going to the well for substinence? as we continue the internal and external scrimmage.

Hazardous materials were introduced into the atmosphere!! might even be a toxic mortgage.

What we have is spiritual!! our souls aren't on the clearance rack at Macy's and Walmart!! and they wont be mortgaged.

Knowing how this sport will get!! a veteran whose now coaching.

Like Phil Jackson the zen master!! Suns get one win!! Al Roker told you the storm was approaching! what it do? Al Gore told you about global warming but some think it's a scam.

Check the score!! O-Dogs Podcast spans the globe! to give folk a warning..but some think it's the jam!

Check the score!! heard what was said!! the doctor was shown the door!! vaccine cause autism? some thinks it's the scam!! or it's part of the conspiracy.

Checked when I came through the door!! security heightens ..but it comes with the territory.

Fame and glory was not pursued!! a bruh was wise to the set up.

Reality shows had some glued to the TV!! were they Lost? ..please!! some of these folks won't let up!!

Supposedly funky fresh in the flesh!! all up in this piece.

Devil opposed to me!! for a bruh? there's no justice and no peace.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Just Tripping........Out Here and Out There....

out there like the space shuttle atlantis

Out there like the Space Shuttle Atlantis..soon on the way back..Listening to Donald Byrd..Places and Spaces I've been.

What's the Good Word? what was I chasing? calculated the races I lose..and the races I win.

What's the word? you heard Rand Paul talk that talk...the faces I'm in? genuine...or a mask worn like Zorro?

What's up with the cases I'm in? will I lose? will I win? man accused of shooting Dolla gets off..but authorities don't want me to see tomorrow.

Instead of wallowing in pain and sorrow a bruh will move forward.

Maintaining focus!! not reaching comatose..I Exercise Power like a forward.

Going harder than Dwight Howard!! gaining on and passing a coward!! in the last hour they were entering the mode of least resistance!! they fell into Babylon's trap.

...From dealing with Wall Street crooks to entering danger zones where the guns clap.

I'm going in!! I strap on the hardhat with the lantern on top like a West Virginia coal miner.

Rest in peace to those that were to the ones in heaven is where well find ya.

No justice no peace!!rolling seven and eleven up in the Louisville project crap game.

Too gully for Las Vegas and Atlantic City!! prosecution will object because I said it's all game.

Didn't fool me!! but I bear witness to those caught up in the game that's shady like grady.

They were fooled by the belligerence!! dude said it was all gravy baby!

Whose that lady by the Isley Brothers was heard in the background.

But it was the daughter of chaos..proving the theory so player players need to back down.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Breaking Off A Little Piece!!

Mind playing tricks on them like the Geto Boys!! song from back in the day.

Give them a piece of my heart like Janis Joplin...a peace of my mind? sources of illumination and clarification..was I back in the way?

Minds were on vacation!! were they on tropical islands? or taking a three hour tour like Gilligan?

Travels like Gulliver!! stranded like Robinson Crusoe's on once again!!

Dark Mystery unraveler!! that's what's up with a bruh!! like Smokie Robinson I will cruise!! though up in the hooptie.. listening to some old Public Enemy.

Winning some!! but will lose though!! it's all game!! Democrats and Republicans are mad at me.

Beginning some!! choosing to accept assignments!! though they said missions are impossible.

Defending attacks at the palace!! haters show malice!! the situation is critical ...haters will try to stop a bro!!

They see me going for what I know!! didn't accept the status quo!! moved on to to something else.

Internal and external stimuli was present!! meant to threaten my spiritual health.

Material wealth trapped some!! dollar and the euro are week! even though in these rough economic times the cashflow is needed.

The baptist preacher said we didnt need a whole lot of money to do what God wanted us to do!! during the pursuit of cash? progress is impeded.

Sense of purposes defeated? we were distracted!! others were weeded or drunk.

Check how we work this we dropped the good word and brand new funk.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Evaluated the sideways glances I received..was I the source of their problems?

Evacuated the premises!! dangerous like Bangkok?..checked it out..going up in flames? the style has been hated!! advances delayed? they said I contributed to the confusion!!

Debatable circumstances..being built or torn down? prayed for supreme courage and maximum strength.

They said I hurt my chances!! didn't do devil dances..said it's like the bank reform bill..didn't quid pro quo!! so I can't go the length!!

....At disco infernos!! who dances with the devil? or Carribean queens? or Commodore brickhouses!!

...Who works with this bro? dipping like Usain Bolt!! from Jamaica to here in Atlanta!! home of mini mansions!! aka one sided brickhouses.

Meanwhile expansion is this bruh's mission!! O-Dog is the beatbreaker!!! not a faker!! getting slick with house funk and hip-hop.

Also taking a rock beat and flipping it!! whose tripping with it? I couldn't quit ...I couldn't stop.

Also taking a lot of heat!! threatened to cut off the power like Arizona vs Los Angeles!! due to immigration laws!! was it because I wasn't stopping? I kept Moving Forward.

All up in the spot!! rolling discrete!! low key...but don't play me like a coward.

All up in the spot!! coaching like Bill Cowher was with the Pittsburgh Steelers!!

All up in the spot!! down here in Atlanta!! but knowledge gained from Louisville and Newburg wheeler dealers.

Real dealers like Holyfield!! or maybe Sinaloa Cartels!! Mexico is where the fight is..

Cults of personalities sweat us!! what it do? these days they'll see where the light is.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dey No Worry Me....

dude said don't worry about it...

What's the deal? O-Dog puts work in!! what's up? now the funk is played.

Dey No Worry Me!! What's the deal? what's up? old girl pulled out the spray!! the Lysol and Glade.

Whose mad at a bruh? I exposed the masquerade like George Benson.

Whose mad at a bruh? martial law in Chicago? rights and priviledges soon under suspension.

Not Worried about them..seems they're worried about me though!! how's the weather? dark clouds of suspicion roll into this dimension.

Dude said whatever...wasn't worried about it... didn't believe Al Roker's forecast!! wasn't down with him.

Dey No Worry Me!! the attitude? I Sonic Assault them with the steady bombardment!!

They'be been rude with it!! from Reagonomics to the Great Recession!! the heart of it.

Whose part of it? the conspiracy..the new world order ...even skull and the illuminatti?

New American Century? what will the venture be? from Venezuela to Atlanta to Cincinnatti!!

Holla at me!! what will the deal be? the American dream? is it for my kinfolk?

Macro and micro economics manipulated by Wall Street!! but I've been broke.

Dealt with the next level dramatics!! been in on the inside joke!! but not laughing.

Next episode goes down!! it's like Thailand..audience wonders what it do!! they said I must be smoking Thai sticks..check the math I bring.

Street code is followed on this I bring this breakbeat science.

Not in the mode of least resistance..peeped game..all are suspects!! whose down with the dangerous minds?

In the danger zone! it's like European volcanic's similar to the Smoke & Mirrors land mines are planted!! plus roadside bombs!! that's what the deal is!!

But dey no worry me!! From Pakistan to Afghanistan to Atlanta is where the real is.


Dont Worry About It Mix by omanxl1

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Ambush

What it do? damn!! it's like the red shirt general in Bangkok,Thailand... a bruh rode right into an ambush.

What it do? what's up with your boy? wasn't like Wiz Khalifa..not even drunk!! or hadn't smoked that dry kush.

Mathematics studied..from the burning bush theory..even chilled in Area 51.

Fanatics continue to stay busy!! they want to see me come undone.

Whose the one casting spells? neighborhood witches and warlocks.

Heard the usual Tales From The Crypt ...but your boy slipped through the portal during spiritual warfare!! he still rocks.

The apparatus hasn't stopped hating!! still knocking the hustle!! the whole game is shady!! not a damn thing has changed.

We proceed and continue with the Sonic Assault!! the beats banged.

Rules, regulations and procedures were arranged so we'll be caught up in red tape.

But the bureacracy is not rocking me!! even though they tried the Information Overload..printouts with red marks on them..said we were in bad shape.

Where is the black box? what it do? even the drug overlord had some staying in shape!! blasting choppers during territorial disputes.

Some are running faster than Usain Bolt!! or talking faster than a corporate CEO!! the treasury one loots.

Testimonials given in congressional hearings!! but politicians neither confirm nor deny allegations.

What it do? some are wearing handcuffs..caught up in unpleasant situations.

We rebuke the ambush..funk demonstrations and seminars school them.

Everybody's not able!! they'll just let evil rule them.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Response..

No justice no peace is the cliche...along with others..that always comes to mind.

..Or justice was blind..especially for my family kind.

Some will stretch the truth...BP vs Haliburton?...those that believe in the truth? they carried the excaliber.

Drastic measures are taken!! aren't you feeling it? tension like Israelis vs Arabs..whose packing other weapons with a lot of calibers?

Checking calenders...Taurus is the time frame..similar to the weapon..also like the Desert Eagle.

For us or against us? played like Gilligan on a deserted island..documents weren't legal.

I see ya rolling through the Atlanta rush hour traffic!! in the hooptie listening to some old Mobb Deep.

Behind a Subaru Outback station wagon..that still has a McCain Palin sticker on it....haters still creep.

Some rush to the last hour!! others are asleep..others self medicating..the pain was intense.

....Caused by the adverse conditions...whose rebuking the hostile takeover or accepting the circumstance?

..Signals are interpreted....some might have a chance..but will they take advantage of it?

What was I working with little homie asked? told them my business? I manage it.

...Still minding and tending..taking care of business doing what I do.

Please!! my back is against the wall..acting like I knew.

..Haters wonder why I'm acting like I do!! its my response to the hell that's caught.

Works of wonder are produced...what it do? we come through with the Sonic Assault.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Answers In Front Of Me...But Some Still Front On Me!!

What it do? the answer was right in front of me!! all I had to do was look up.

Others thought they had it going on like Elvis!! they tried to front on me..but they're all shook up.

Dude said he had the hook up!! but he's like Nervous Melvin and The Mistakes.

Attitude is crazy!! like he's having withdrawals..he has the shakes!!

Bad breaks, setbacks and obstacles blinded them with science.

But we put poetry in motion!! had a notion to rock these and those!! dropping this breakbeat science.

The box didn't work for BP...but the pawn shop appliances were put to good use!! Yamaha and Roland keyboards are tapped on!!

Meanwhile ghetto or Wall Street stock brokers weren't a bunch of jokers..they collaborate with the drug overlord!! haters will get clapped on!

Meanwhile I strapped on the Hardhat With The Lantern On Top.

Slipped into the way..with highhats, snares, 808s, and intergalactic funk!! from Mars and Saturn ...also house and hip hop.

Act like you knew me!! like an old episode of Cops on Tru TV suspects had Afros and Mullets.

Diplomatic Immunity on the frontlines!! haters holla at these and those!! with box cutters and bullets.

Who dipped back to the community? locked out of the league!! uptown!! pulled this and that caper.

Pimping like Bernie Madoff and his sons!! what it do? made off with all the paper!!

But the Shape Shifter dealt with karmic repercussions.

CDs, cassettes, and MP3s lift my folk up!! built on percussions.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

...I Guess When The Economy Flopped..

When did snitching become fashionable? I guess when the cash flow dried up!! The Wall Street Slump...the economy flopped.

Whose pitching...elbow hurting like Lebron? and whose catching? fastballs..curves and sliders are dropped.

Whose switching strategies in the game? dropped a dome on the leak!! dropped the losing propositions?

Whose back atcha with these? check the steady bombardment of the enemy positions.

Please!! check us out now!! up in the heart of it!! but it's for a limited time only!

Like fast food spots!! all up in these spots!! here and now like Luther!! RIP..who sympathized with the lonely?

Please!! a lot of times it's on me!! "aint no love" ..easy to get victimized!! out here..out there!!

But dey no worry me!! diplomatic immunity exercised when we go there.

They never heard of me I was told!! they're caught up in glamour and glitz.

Some even told me I was cold misbehaving!! operating like a BMore Raven!! Ray Lewis with the linebacker blitz.

Down here in Atlanta..eating fish and grits at Gladys and Ron's ...chilling

Down here in Atlanta..whose down for the cause? whose snitching? spotted on Fox5..Eyewitness News...maybe already paid off by McGruff...

Down here in Atlanta..chilling..rolling in the hooptie..incognito..incognegro..listening to Roger and Rough...So Tough..

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bouncing Through...

Pimp limping!! bouncing!! staggering through!! they thought I was drunk like Boris Yeltzin...

...R.I.P. .....what's the deally? I'm on the road again!! like Wille Nelson.

Others were through dealing!! Euro not looking too good what's good? whose entering the mode of least resistance?

Reaching comatose!! old school baptist preacher told them the devil will oppose!! showing persistence.

Where you at? ecological ignorance will alter the fate!! didn't understand the nature of things.

Belligerence was heard..some are fronting and faking..just to get things.

The Brotha O is hip to things!! wise to the set up!! whose part of the conspiracy?

Who got victimized? you'll get hit up for things!! haters said it comes with the territory.

Bearing witness to the hostility!! "aint no love" ..the morale is low.

What is this? Georgia is a police state? that's why my profile is kept low.

Knowing these folk weren't right from the get go!! from the start.

Going with the flow? where did you go? I mean really..from the heart?

Let me know!! or was it a Love TKO!! word from Teddy Pendergrass.

Playing in the dirt again? plus the high weeds!! didn't see the snake in the grass.

..Player playing putting work in!! high off the weed and e-tablets.

..Playing this another way!! let the music play!! banging on Yamaha and Roland writing this Good Word on tablets.

Fighting the establishment!! the Sonic Assault is like a meteor shower caused by Haley's Comet..knowing they wont do right!!

In the darkness...that's where some were waiting...meanwhile we shine the light.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

On Some Other Other..

Chilling...meanwhile dude down here in Atlanta moved contraband up in the GMC Yukon.

Up in New York jokers try to use Nissan Pathfinders as weapons..whose operating like UPS..FedEx?..what's up man they ask me? wondering what I'm on.

I deliver messages in the songs..operating like doctors in trauma wards!! at University Hospital in Louisville.

.....Or maybe Grady in Atlanta..St Johns in's way too real!

Society will brand ya!! had to remember the way to feel!! no longer waiting on answers...remember how I do things.

....How I conduct business!! no ecological ignorance..acting like I knew things.

Conducting seminars...these random thoughts sonic assaults unleashed.

Healing emotional scars!! similar to under church steeples!! but heard how big homie preached.

...was it for promotional purposes? x-amount of dollars needed for the building fund!!

Getting emotional with the belligerence!! holla's atcha!! some will come undone.

Chilling!! but this is what the commotion will do!! as we come with the drum.

As we come through with the steady bombardment of the enemy position.

The system pitches curve balls and sliders delay is their mission.

Peeped the negative impression...morale is low..but some even tried to challenge authority.

.....That the Lord was granting us...he didn't abandon this hostile territory.

Haters said it's mandatory that I report to designated areas.

Please!! I'm not operating like that!! I continue to fight that..I'm about progressive liberation..on some other other scenarios.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

I Was Told To Pump My Brakes

Told to pump those brakes!! rolling into the darkness...some are there waiting on answers!! but it's hard to do with worn out brake shoes!!

Where's Manny Moe & Jack? shadetree mechanics allowed!!felt like jumping fakes!! they were cutting up!! interrupting breakthroughs.

A bruh is scientific!! I take clues and expound on them!! if my hunch was right all I had to do was wait!! answers were in front of me!! studied people, places, concepts and books.

A fanatic tried to front on me!! they were the ones acting out!! accused me of being down with the crooks.

Seeing how it's going down!! sideways looks and glances told the true story.

But still making advances..but its not about fame and glory.

Lighting the flame when I tell the story..carrying warm torches in the darkness where some were waiting... plus a bruh is wearing a hardhat with the lantern on top.

Similar to West Virginia and even Kentucky coal miners..R.I.P....It's all game!! so I approach this with a sword of truth!! the style is intergalactic!! out there like Russian Cargo Ships..just got back from Saturn...brought the updated cosmic slop.

But it's not space funk..meanwhile a fanatic was scattering forces!! but it comes to a stop due to the karmic repercussion.

Please!! mathematics are dropped when we bring this good word and the percussions.

Heard the discussions!! nothing but belligerence!! but haters said this was!!

Just interruptions..the Lord is trying to bless this!! were Taking Care of Business.

Corruption was bred due to ecological ignorance!! fate was altered.

What's up with them? they ask about us after they were Sonic Assaulted.

Caught up in it!! actually caught out here and out there.

Chilling on the frontlines!! waiting in the dark..soon collateral damage in spiritual warfare.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

What It Do? Some Are Still Waiting!!!

Some are still waiting on answers!! I saw what was up!! The Answer Was In Front Of Me..All I Had To Do Was Look Up!! Check This Out!!..............

The Answers Mix by omanxl1